Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maw of Forty Paws

We hope the old adage is true - better late than never - because we're late getting this posted but due to circumstances beyond our control.

Things happened so quickly that we received the info to post at the last minute and this morning there were 12 photos.  We hated to pick and choose, so we threw them together into 2 graphics.  The individual portraits were done by Ann of Zoolatry and the subject of our meet & greet this week is Maw of Forty Paws and her wonderful, cats adore them because they're so comfy ham-micks.

Cyndi:  Ahem.  If cats adore them, how come Jan hasn't gotten us one?

Percy:  You know Jan.  She's cheap.  Um, I mean poor.

Cameron:  Yes, poor.  If she could she'd buy us each one.

Rusty:  And she'd put them where?

Micah:  Yes, I'm afraid if she bought us each one, we'd have to move into a bigger house and if she can't afford one ham-mick, who would pay for the extra rent?

Buddy:  Don't look at me!  I don't have any pocket money.  Or pockets.

Sam:  We don't have a couch so we can't poke for loose change.

Merci: Do you think Jan would mind if we go visiting in the neighborhood and poke in their furniture for lost change?

* Funny Farmers look at each other.  Simultaneously shake their head.  No way!*

Forty Paws

Stop by the Blogville Chronicles to read today's Meet & Greet

Forty Paws at the Bridge

K9 Katastrophe types the news for the Blogville Chronicle (above).  Sarge handles the news for the Blogville Community Calendar and Little Isis updates the Cat Blogosphere.

Meet & Greet 40 Paws Ham-Micks

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 30, 2013.

We apologize for not posting a meet & greet last week, but we were swamped and didn't have time to go looking for blog info on our own.  We really need some reader help, so get on your toes ... um, paws and send us some info and photos of your own blog or another one.  We realize you are busy too but have some fun, tell us a little about some kit or pup's blog.

Today we're going to introduce a new spinoff from an older blog.  Many of you know Maw from Forty Paws.  She doesn't blog as often as she used to but she's still donating a ham-mick or two to fundraisers. 

We asked her to tell us a little about themselves and her ham-micks.

We started the blog back in 2007. At that time, we had Forty Paws (10 cats) at our house.

Bow and Jenny were the first 2 of the Forty Paws.

Although none of them look alike, Obi, Reno, Smokey and Sally are siblings we fostered. They were so ill with diarrhea that would not go away. Plus, they all have feline herpes, which affected their right eyes and occasionally gives them colds. Weird how they each have problems with their right eyes. We ended up keeping all four of them.

Dorf and G.T. are brothers. We fostered a group of 8 kitties and we kept Dorf and G.T. out of the 8 kitties. Mostly because they stayed with us for so long, that we couldn’t let them go.

We fostered Annie, who was a bottle baby, and I couldn’t let her go because I was so attached to her. She was “my” little baby. We also fostered Gatsbi, and she had some type of cerebral issue and had difficulty walking and leaping onto things, so we kept her.

In 2009, we lost Bow to renal failure, but we brought Orinch in from the outside when we moved to Royse City. He lived on our roof, under the patio cover. We had to trap him to bring him out here because we had never gotten close to him. We had trapped him earlier to have him neutered and to have his shots given to him. Over the years while he was outside, he acquired FIV. We don’t worry about that. The other kitties don’t like Orinch too much, and chase him when they see him walking around. They hiss and spit, but they don’t really attack the poor guy. Orinch has asthma also, so he has an inhaler and has to take prednisolone daily. After a couple of years of living inside, Orinch got used to the humans and now we can pill him and give him asthma inhalers, and he sits on our laps.

We lost Gatsbi and Annie, both to cancer in 2010 and 2011. In May, we lost Jenny to old age and Obi to renal failure, so we are down to 6 cats at Forty Paws. We miss all of the Angels who have crossed over, including Davy, who was not of the Forty Paws, but was extremely important to us.

We started making Ham-Micks before the blog started. We had purchased some that were made with wooden dowel rods. Well, large kitties jumping onto hammocks with wooden dowel rods holding them together can break those wooden dowel rods. So, we purchased PVC pipe and put together PVC pipe hammocks. Then we found that we could purchase the 3 way smooth connectors on-line because Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t sell them. So we were set with the on-line purchases. And then we just kept expanding the fabric choices. I like to purchase my fabrics at JoAnn’s, and am about ready to go see what winter fabrics they have right now. It’s that time of year for winter fleece to hit the stores. Although it will be 102F here in Dallas this week, the winter fleece is in the stores.

I typically donate the money that I make from the Ham-Micks to kitties needing funds on the blogosphere. It just seems like that’s the correct thing to do. Sometimes I donate the money to IEFS (International Exotic Feline Sanctuary) which is just down the road from us in Wylie, TX. Unfortunately, they have been hit with canine distemper, likely from raccoons in the area, and have lost 5 large cats so far this summer to the distemper. Very sad. The cats are so sick, and don’t want to eat their food which has their antibiotics in it.

A lot of kitties have the Ham-Micks, and we hope that more of them will order them since Ann of Zoolatry designed the new blogs for us, and now we have kitty testimonials on the blog. The fabrics can be washed and dried tons of times. The kitties at Forty Paws love to have fresh, clean hammocks to flop into. Then they put their fur back on them again, and the process starts over.

Oh, and now I have Forty Paws Pet Sitting, which is my business. I go into other people’s homes and feed/water and let their dogs out, scoop litter boxes, etc. My petsitting website is www.fortypaws.net. So, Forty Paws has gone a long way on that name.

Maw has been very kind and generous to bloggers in need, so be sure to check out the  Forty Paws Ham-micks blog at http://fortypawshammicks.blogspot.com/.

We hope to be back next week. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Smile by Mudpuddles

Buddy: What's so special about boxes?  The only thing they're good for is to eat.  They don't even taste good.

Sam:  I sometimes wonder that myself.

Merci:  Okay, we don't care about boxes, but cats do, so why not let them enjoy their boxes while we go have our own fun.  How about a good roll in the muddy pen?  

Sam:  What a great idea!  Oh, Jaaaa-aaaannnnn, could you get the door, please?

Percy: Now that the big mudpuddles have left the building, let's enjoy watching these BIG cats have some fun with boxes.  Jan has a small box on the desk.  I'll have to empty them to the floor and then I can nap comfortably.  Enjoy our Sunday Smile video.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Merlin, Gris Gris, Domino & Odin

Percy:  In case any of you were awake, wearing your glasses and noticed, we FF Felines didn't do a Mousebreath interview post here yesterday. Well, we did an interview but ...

Cyndi:  We think our sibling Cameron is special so he was more important.  It was his 9th birthday. 

Rusty: Yes, the interview was live but it really wasn't like it had legs or anything and could go anywhere. 

Micah:  Yep, we checked.  It's still there, so we're posting on it today.  If you haven't read it yet, we hope you will go by and do so.
Cameron:  Hey, thanks, guys.  I sure appreciate being so important to all of you, including Buddy, Merci and Sam.  They aren't Funny Farmer Felines, but they are Funny Farmers.

This week we interviewed the cats of Cat Wisdom 101. These mancats are quite an interesting family.  Whether or not you've met them before, you can read about The Wisdom of Merlin, Gris, Gris, Domino and Odin exclusively at Mousebreath Magazine.  It's written by cats for cats and cat lovers.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cameron is 9 and Friends Forever

And MICAH too!

Happy 9th Birthday to our handsome tuxie Cameron.  He's been such a delight to have with us.  We're so glad he wanted to be an indoor cat and chose his friend Merci's home. 

Sorry, Jan didn't have time to make Cameron a new graphic.  This is from last year - before Micah's time.

Oh, and in case any of you missed it, Cubby and Clifford from Friends Forever (Florida Furkids) posted on the prize they won in our recent double giveaway.  They even did a YouTube video. 

Those doggy liver treats sure look yummy.  You can read about Thankful Thursday with Cubby and Clifford and watch the video on their blog.  It was really nice of them to mention us in their post. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Light Body Massage

Merci, Sam & Buddy, Jan's Funny Farm

Merci:  Hey, remember us.  We're the canine "half" of the Funny Farmers.(What we lack in numbers, we more than make up for in size.)  And we recently had the opportunity to try a new Viva la Dog Spa product.  Look at how pretty it was wrapped when it arrived.

Viva la Dog Spa French Moroccan Oil Treatment with Argon Oil
Sam:  Well, Buddy and I thought it looked a bit feminine so we assumed it was for Merci.  You know how girls are.  They like ribbons and frills and smelling pretty. 

Buddy:  It's called French Moroccan Oil Treatment with Argon Oil.  When Jan opened the bottle and called us, we guys ignored her.  But she insisted so we kind of shuffled our feet a lot, mumbled even more, and gingerly approached..

Viva la Dog Spa French Moroccan Oil Treatment with Argon Oil
Sam: I'm a big guy.  I don't need a massage.  Well, I don't need one, but it does feel kind of good.  Jan doesn't do it but once a week or so using only 2 or 3 drops at a time cause she doesn't want us licking off a lot of oil.  As big as I am, that's all it takes, though, 2 or 3 drops of oil in the palm of Jan's hand.  She rubs her hands together and .... ah, bliss.

Buddy:  I really like it when Jan gives me a light body massage with a little of the oil.  It's so relaxing.  Puts me right to sleep.  For some reason, Jan claims she can't take a photo while massaging me with oily hands, so I don't have any photos to share.

Merci:  My coat is super thick.  It looks so curly and bushy when Jan massages me with the oil.  And then she brushes me.I love the attention, but the guys hate being combed or brushed so they just get a light massage.

I love the scent.  And Jan loves it too.  She leaves it on her hands for a while afterward.  It makes her skin feel soft.

And guess what?  None of us have photos to show you.  Sigh.  Jan has got to learn to multi-task.  She says she's only got two hands and they're both oily at the time, but what's wrong with her holding the camera with her teeth so everyone can see how pretty I look all fluffed out?

Sam:  Don't tell anyone I said this, but the scent does kind of grow on you.  It doesn't seem so girly any more.  It's just a nice treat.

Buddy:  It's intended to repair a damaged coat, moisturize and protect. 

Merci: You can read more about the French Moroccan Oil Treatment with Argon Oil here.

Thank you, Viva la Dog Spa for supplying us with a bottle to test and review.  We did not receive compensation and any opinions expressed are our own. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Merci

Today we celebrate Merci's gotcha day as her birthday.  We don't know when she was born but we like to celebrate the day she came to live here.  No, actually she didn't arrive till tomorrow or Wednesday.  Today was the day she was sprung from the shelter and sent to the vet to be spayed.

We have to tell a tale on her.  She used to be so good-natured and gentle that even strange cats were attracted to her and followed her when she walked Jan.

Every so often a big dog will advance slowly to meet the pack.  They generally sniff and then Buddy, Merci and Sam bark to send him on his way.  But small dogs don't have any sense!  They advance at a dead run, barking and carrying on like they're going to tear our three to pieces.  What do they expect when they act aggressively - tea and biscuits?

What they do get is Buddy and or Sam rushing at him barking furiously and the aggressive-acting dog always does a back flip, scrambles to his feet and races around threatening to tear our three limb from limb.

Well, Friday a Jack Russell Terrier that always barks fiercely from across the road, raced across the yard, reached the end of his tether ... and kept on coming dragging his tie-down with him.  Before he crossed the road, his owner was racing after him.  Jan stopped and braced herself.  Sam went around behind Jan to stand on her other side, which meant if he had lunged at the dog, Jan would have landed on the pavement.

The JRT stopped, sniffed noses with Buddy and Merci, and before he could start barking again, little Merci lunged at him snarling and yelling at him to go away and leave them alone.  Jan was in shock.  The guys were supposed to be protecting little defenseless getting-on-in-years Merci. The JRT was so startled, he flipped on his back, jumped to his feet and as he started to yell not so nice words at Merci, his owner scooped him up.  He'd lost his shoes in the road and was sweating profusely..Huffing, puffing and looking a bit pale, he apologized.

Perhaps it's the practice she's had telling off Luke the barking, leaping, pain-in-the-butt pup.  Or a combination of Luke and the unrelenting heat and humidity.  But 10 or 11 year old Merci isn't so shy any more.  Buddy and Sam will never live that down, being protected by a senior lady sibling. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smile by Nonodontdothat

Hi, I'm Nonodon'tdothat!  AKA Luke.  Since I'm here temporarily, the Funny Farmers said I can do a guest post.  I don't think they actually want to share their blog with me today but they are hoping it will keep them out of their fur for a while.  Talk about old fogies!  The FFs have no sense of humor.  They claim it's the heat and humidity but I think they're just plain grumpy.

So even if you don't need a Sunday smile, I do.  I wouldn't mind a Sunday snack either.  Anyone have any treats handy?

I'd like to share a funny video.  This raccoon is obviously hungry.  Also very rude.  He just invites himself to dinner and .... Be sure to watch the end.  He's actually quite an accomplished thief! 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Well, I'm done here.  I think I'll go see what mischief I can get into now.   There might be an electrical cord I haven't peed on somewhere.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Katie and Waffles and Luke

We will have an update on the puppy soon. (This Intruder Chews)  For now, we'll just tell you his name is Luke and he is doing well.  Actually, he is doing much better than any of us, especially Jan!  It is unbearably hot and humid here, so we are all exhausted trying to avoid the little monster..  Impossible!  And up till today he has been a pee machine. .Fortunately, the heat and a vet visit have greatly slowed him down today and he is much less of a pain in the you-know-where!  Thankfully, he will be leaving soon so we can all rest.

We are excited to have Waffles Too and Miss Katie from the blog Glogirly with us today. (We're always excited to bring you an interview with a fellow blogger.) You can read their story The Boss Katie and Orange Menace Waffles exclusively on Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats.

We keep forgetting to mention this, but since Glogirly is a finalist in the Petties, we are finally reminded as we post.  You will find familiar blogs in the Petties finals.  Be sure to go vote every day at Dogtime's Pet Blogs Awards. Voting ends July 31st.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swami Zoe and Ku

Our special guests today are Zoe and Ku, two fursiblings of different species who have each written an introduction for the other.  They're fun characters and we think you will enjoy meeting them.  So stop by the Blogville Chronicle to read our Meet & Greet for this week.

K9 Katastrophe types the news for the Blogville Chronicle (above).  Sarge handles the news for the Blogville Community Calendar and Little Isis updates the Cat Blogosphere.

Meet & Greet Zoe and Ku

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 16, 2013.

We have fursiblings of different species as our guests on today's Meet & Greet. So pull up a chair while each introduces the other.

Zoe & Ku

Me-Ommmmm! Hello, my name is Zoe, but I am also known as Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda, the great and most beautiful feline Swami. But enough about most beautiful me! I'd like to introduce you to my little brother Kuruk (kooo-roook).

His name means Bear, but he's really an Alaskan Malamute pup. He had a very ruff start in life, but Ku's famous rescue from that horrible puppy mill in Alaska was the start of his pawesome journey! He's been in a video and is the poetic pup behind the blog Haiku By Ku. He's also working on a book about his rescue and healing journey, which will also include some haiku.

Mama says Ku was like a feral wolf went he first joined our pack, but now with my great yogic influence and zen guidance, of course, he's now a happy and blissful pup. I love to kiss and lick Ku's super fluffy ears. He lets me even though he says it tickles! Me-Ommmmm!


Wooooowooooo! Helloooowooooo! It's me, Ku. This is my kitty sistah Zoe. She's the oldest of our pack, at twelve years old, but she doesn't look a day older than two. Well, that's what she says, and that's what you should say. You should also be sure to tell her how beautiful she is. Every day. Often. I've been told that Zoe was raised by a Husky, so she thinks she's a snow pup. She sure does act like she ranks high in the pack. Sometimes she comes across as bossy, but that's just her Zen approach to teaching.

Zoe is very pretty and most wise. She practices yoga and meditation almost all day every day. She even wrote a book: Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat, and like me, she is going to donate some of the proceeds to animal rescue! Woooohoooo!

She also just started her own blog Swami Zoe's Yoga and Zen, where she shares some of eternal wisdom and pictures of her beautiful self. My sistah's wisdom and beauty sure helped me work through a lot of my emotional healing. Most of all she taught me how to relax and that resting is a productive activity in itself. Wooooowooooo!
Swami Zoe

Thank you, Zoe and Ku. It was a pleasure to meet you recently and we're so glad you agreed to participate.today.  We hope readers will go by to meet them if you haven't already.  Ku has quite an interesting rescue story and Zoe has much of interest to share.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Double Giveaway Winners

Sam:  Hey, today is the day we get to announce the winners of our double giveaway.  We're excited.  How about you?

Micah:  First, we'd like to thank all of you who took the time to stop by and enter either the dog or the cat giveaway.  We're glad we don't have to choose straws to pick the winners. 

Sam:  Yes, we used Random.org to pick the two winners.

Micah:  And the winners are -

Cat categoryMr. Pip.    He wins -

Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials All Natural Chicken Treats.  An all natural high quality protein snack.  No additives, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy.

Dog category:  Cubby & Clifford from Florida Furkids win freeze dried Liver Treats.

They are all natural, high protein and low fat. They are excellent training treats or a good " I love you even though you can't touch your nose with your back paw"treats.. These are US sourced and manufactured from Green Pet Organics.

Micah:  Uh, wait a minute.  Mr. Pip is a dog.  Are you sure he won the cat category?

Sam:  Yep, Mr. Pip asked to enter the cat category, because, " If I win, I will share with the shelter kitties that my assistant volunteers with."

Micah:  Congratulations, Mr. Pip, and Cubby and Clifford..  We will be contacting you for your mailing information.

Many thanks to Entirely Pets for providing the giveaway prizes.  We love to give things away, so this has been fun.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Intruder Chews

Well, well, well, look at the intruder that wandered into our pen.  We weren't going to post today but since we'll be posting some of these photos on facebook, we decided we'd do a quick post.

This little guy appears to be about 6 - 8 weeks old.  Likely a beagle or daschund mix. No, he isn't staying.  At least not longer than the weekend.  And, no, Jan did not bring him home.  Nor did he follow us home.

Jan was drinking coffee and talking long distance to a friend this morning when she saw a car pull over to our side of the road and slow down.  It stopped and a man got out carrying a puppy.  He asked if she recognized it.  Said he'd found it in the road in front of Walgreens and was looking for the owner.  When Jan said no, he looked disappointed, pointed across the street and said, "The lady over there told me there's a lady over here who would take it in and find the owner.  Isn't that you?" 


You know what Jan did, don't you?  She laughed, said, "Here, give him to me," and brought him into our home.  Can you believe that.  She sat down to finish her phone conversation and we dogs all rushed over to check him out.  So the little guy did his one good deed of the day.  He got even with Jan for us.  He peed all over her leg.

Other than that he's been a little pest.  He wants to play with us, not with toys.  We have to keep telling him we're older, it's hot and humid, and while he's staying here, he has to respect our boundaries. He doesn't bother the cats, though.

Sam, puppy, Merci
Not that he pays attention.  He's already taken over our pen.  And he's wearing Merci's brand new never-worm collar and using one of our leashes.  Jan walked him around the neighborhood and asked people if they have seen him before but no one has - so far.  She's going to keep trying.

Jan is petsitting for a neighbor this weekend, so she needs to be able to leave us all alone for short periods while protecting furniture and appliances from little chewpup. (He even chewed on the bathroom sink turn off valve.) The nice lady, Kay, from the Humane Society loaned us a crate for the weekend.  This should be interesting.

puppy, Sam
We know most of our readers don't live in our area, but we just really want to do whatever we can to find his owner ASAP before the animal shelter opens on Monday.  At least, we sure hope he has an owner and wasn't dumped. 

Update:  Jan named him Luke.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Kjelle the Swedish Rascal

Have you met the handsome Swedish mancat Kjelle Bus AKA Charlie Rascals?  Well, here's your chance.

Pop on over to read our interview, Kjelle Bus, Handsome... Swedish … Unattached, exclusively at Mousebreath ezine. And don't worry about a language barrier.  He has a Google translate button in his sidebar in case you don't speak Swedish.  Plus, he speaks English a whole lot better than we speak Swedish.

And then go visit Kjelle.  There's a link in his interview. He's so excited he's doing a happy dance in today's post.  For real!  And really cute.

Just out of curiosity, we used our Google translate button to see how our blog looks in Swedish.  Pretty nifty.  But we couldn't read a word.   Even though a translation isn't perfect, we are grateful to have access to one because then we can share blogging with kitties, dogs and humans from around the world.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Four Paws Thankful

It's Thankful Thursday again and, as always, we have much to be thankful for, including the rain that has been hanging around and causing the grass to grow faster than Jan can whack it with a swing blade.  Jan swears she can hear it growing.but we think she's just been sniffing too much nip.  Oh, wait, humans don't do nip. 

This week we cats got a package of Nature's Variety Instinct raw Boost minis to taste test. We thought we would try something new (at least to us), so we chose the duck formula instead of chicken. The treats come in a resealable plastic pouch.

Cyndi:  I was the first one to try the duck treats.  Mmmmf, nom, mmmmmnf.

Cyndi:  Hey, they're gone. Can I have some more?  *knocks papers to the floor as Jan lifts her off the desk*  No, not Percy, me!  Oops, sorry about hitting you in the head with the clipboard, Jan.  You shouldn't leave things like that lying around on the desk.

Percy:  These are pretty good.  Maybe I can get seconds?  Yikes, Cyndi's got things flipping and flying.  I better get out of here.

Micah:  Smells good.  How does it taste?

Percy:  Aha!  I hope Micah doesn't flip out and start knocking things over like Cyndi did.

Micah:  Hey, that's my last duck treat.  

Percy and Micah:  Oh, good, seconds.  Bet our readers never thought they'd see a photo of us two this close together without armor and a referee.

So far the natural raw freeze dried duck treats are a hit.  Jan likes them (for us, not for her) because they are natural and have no added ingredients such as " wheat, corn, soy, grain, gluten, by-product meals, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives." 

Cameron:  Um, good.

Cameron:  Good to the last morsel.

Rusty:  Hey, here I come. They smell so good. Where's mine?  *picks up a bite, spits it out, sticks out tongue*  Ew, this isn't chicken!  I thought duck would taste like chicken..

Rusty: Everyone got treats except me.  *looks sad*  sigh  *looks even sadder*

Well, the results are in.  The vote is 4 paws up and one tongue out.  Nature's Variety freeze dried duck treats for cats are good.  They are available at chewy.com in either duck or chicken formula.

We would like to thank Mr. Chewy for providing the treats for this review.  We were not compensated to write this and any opinions expressed are purely our own.

Oh, and don't feel too sorry for Rusty.  He did not go "treat-less." So he's thankful today too.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Percy is 9 and Sparky

Happy Birthday ^ to you ..... owwoooooo
Happy Birthday ^ to you ..... owwoooooo
Happy Birthday, ^ dear Percy ..... owwoooooooo
Happy Birthday ^ ^to you....   owwoooooo

Cyndi:  Thank you, Buddy, for singing backup.  Or ... whatever that howling was.

Merci:  And thank you, Jan, for providing comic relief with your high ^ squeaks.  You really need to take voice lessons before Cameron's special day.

Rusty:  Congratulations on reaching age 9, Percy.  There were times we weren't sure you were going to make it.  You've managed to get in almost as much trouble as Buddy has.

Cameron:  Yes, you definitely have to mellow a bit and stop trying to be top dog.  Er, cat.

Micah:  To be honest, you hated me so much when I came here, I didn't think I'd make it to your 9th birthday. But now you're my brother.

Buddy:  What can I say, pal?  You and I have long been the brunt of every cat and dog - and Jan's - jokes.  But that makes us the heart of this blog.

Sam:  Ahem!  Excuse me, but you've all been picking on me since I arrived.  What does that make me?  Buddy and Percy, stop whispering and speak up.

Buddy:  Um, well, Sam, Percy and I are guessing if we're the heart, that would make you the butt of the blog.  Sam ... uh, Sam, don't step on our paws, we're just kidding.

Percy:  Wow, I didn't realize you guys love me so much. Can I have seconds on my cake?

Cyndi:  Oh, Percy, I'm sorry; Jan forgot to get you a cake.  But you can feel honored.  At least she remembered your day and made you a new graphic.

Percy:  Well, no cake and no party.  Do I at least get to pop the balloons? 

Today is also Meet & Greet day at the K-9 Katastrophe's Blogville Chronicle.  Please stop by.  Spitty did an excellent write-up on Sparky Spitfire.  We hope it will inspire you dogs and cats to write a little for us about your own or another blog for us.

Sarge handles the news for the Blogville Community Calendar and Little Isis updates the Cat Blogosphere.

Meet & Greet Sparky Spitfire

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 9, 2013.

This week our meet and greet has been written by the very talented and imaginative King Spitty the Kitty.  We'll let Spitty tell you the story in his own words.

Sparky Spitfire
 I met the beauteous and clever Sparky Spitfire (whom I secretly call Cata-Hari, International LadyCat of Mystery) some time ago in a dark and dangerous Viennese alley, as together we plotted the overthrow of . . .Oh, wait. No--forget I said any of that! 

I met the darling Sparky Spitfire on her beautiful sunny blog one day last year. Yep, that's more like it. She and her devoted Human, Control--uh, no, I mean, Mrs. Whatsername--write engaging tales of Sparky's exotic adventures, from her very own back yard to the Old West to cloak-and-dagger missions across the world. Sparky is quick on the draw, quick to trap her prey and quick with the perfect comeback.

Sparky's one of my very favorite partners-in-crime, uh, I mean friends! And I know you'll love her too. You can visit her--if you dare--at sparkyspitfire.wordpress.com. I know she'll welcome you with open claws! Uh, no--wait, I mean paws!

Spitty, we're flabbergasted.   How could we possibly add anything to such a fine introduction?  We hope others will take note of your flair and try an introduction of their own.  It's fun, isn't it!  (Can you tell we had a lot of fun interviewing Spttiy for Mousebreath a while back?) You can find him at the Spitty Speaks blog.

Today is Percy's 9th birthday.  We hope you will come by to sing to the birthday tomcat.  And we're having a double giveaway.  You can read the details in Monday's post on Jan's Funny Farm.  Entries will be accepted until Saturday midnight.