Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Foraging for Food

Percy:  What's the red arrow in the photo for?  Is that where Jan lost her memory?

Merci:  I wish.  It would be nice if she could find it, but that's where our new friend was foraging for food when Jan FINALLY snapped a picture while we were walking her Monday. 

Buddy:  I can't believe she is so slow.  Our friend the armadillo was only about 2 yards from us - on our side of the street - foraging for food.  

Merci:  We started to move in for a closer look and Mr. A (excuse us if you're a Ms.) wandered into the street, u-turned to avoid a car, came up on the sidewalk, and then started across the street again.  That time he kept going.  And yet, he was almost to the trees before Jan managed to snap another shot.

Percy:  Marcus said you were all frozen in place watching Mr. A walk in front of a moving car.

Merci:  Yes.  The driver stopped and Mr. A continued on as if he were in a crosswalk and had the right of way.

Percy:  Do you think he might have been trying to hotfoot it away from Buddy doing his urp-urp-urp seal  impression?

Merci:  Good point.  For once, Marcus was quiet.  Tugging and dancing, but quiet, and Buddy was the noisy one.

Buddy:  I believe it took her so long to take the shot because she wanted a picture of our ears in the same picture with Mr. A and Marcus was so into his dancing, he kept moving out of the shot.

Percy:  Seriously?  She wanted a picture of your ears?  Why aren't Merci's ears in the picture too?

Buddy:  Because she likes to keep her distance from Marcus.

Merci:  We also saw Mr. A on our evening walk on Thanksgiving.  Marcus hollered across the street and invited him to dinner but he just kept going.  He must be deaf.

Merci:  Or smart.

Percy:  I'll vote for smart.

Just for fun:  In case you've never seen an armadillo, this is what they do to forage for food - what Mr. A is always doing whenever we've seen him.  Not very exciting but they are so fun to watch.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Canine Thanksgiving Dinner

Marcus:  Uh, Jan, I'm glad I get to eat in my Private Dining Car again, but you forgot to top my breakfast with the food we're reviewing.

Jan:  I did not forget!  I told you to Sit and Wait.  You grabbed your share off the top of your breakfast, sat down while you swallowed it, and now you're playing innocent.  It won't work!

Marcus:  But I am innocent.  I distinctly heard you say to Hit the Plate, so I did.

Jan:  Do you need your ears cleaned?

Marcus:  No, I just need some of the Merrick grain free Thanksgiving Dinner in my bowl for the taste test. 

Buddy:  But you've already tasted it.  Look at those pieces of deboned turkey, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, granny smith apples, peas ...  (A full list of ingredients can be found at

Merci:  It comes in two sizes.  We have the 3.2oz size.  There is also a 13.2 oz. case.  It sure does look tasty.  And it smells good too.

Buddy:  You want me to WHAT?  To cover myself since I'm unsuitably dressed for public dining?

Merci:  Just because Jan covered you with a star, Buddy, does not make you the star of this post!

Buddy:  Stop griping and dig in.  

Marcus:  Jan, you dressed Buddy with a star.  Won't you dress my breakfast with another spoonful?  Or three? 

Merci:  Ignore Marcus.  He's not starving.  We all loved the Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner

The food for our review was provided by Chewy.  We were not paid and Chewy is not responsible for the content. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Autumn Has Fallen

Merci:  Not too long ago we mentioned the only sign of autumn we would see on our walk was one small tree.

Rusty:  Saturday Jan suddenly realized that autumn has truly fallen, as we now have signs all around us and snapped a few pictures.  Don't you just love the beautiful red of that tree?  It's almost as lovely as our red-headed Merci.


Cyndi:  It seems strange that last weekend we had freezing nights and this weekend we're having the same type of temperatures.

Merci:  But it is warmer this weekend.  Last Sunday morning it was 52F in the house.  This Sunday morning it was 54F.  (A little joke, in case you missed it.)  Nope, we don't have our heaters on yet.  Waiting on someone to come blow them out with a compressor so they can be started.

Rusty:  While Jan was admiring the trees, a flock of small birds flew over, circled around and headed across the street and up the hill. The flock was much larger but Jan had to zoom in to get any in the frame.  You have seen previous samples of her zoom aim.  For instance, the headless hawk.  So we're very happy she actually captured some birds in the picture.  We could be posting just a blue blank for your viewing enjoyment.

Cyndi:  We thought they were airplanes in the sky when we first saw the larger version of this picture.  That was a bit scary because why would there be a host of planes in the sky unless we were under attack.  Jan said a synchronized poop attack would be the worst we'd have to worry about from them.

Merci:  And this was their landing destination.  We hope all the flocks of birds flying over at this time of the year will arrive safely at their winter home.

Cyndi:  Let's just hope Marcus doesn't decide to invite them all to lunch.

Rusty:  Wait a minute.  That actually sounds like a tasty ... I mean, a great idea!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Musical Beds

Life on the Funny Farm.

If you remember, Merci de-stuffed the dog beds recently. (Miss Messy Destuffs)   It got cold here for a couple of days and it will soon get colder, so Jan took pity and bought two new dog beds with her share of our grocery money.  Marcus didn't need a new bed because the "dust mites" left most of his bed intact.  (Dust Mites Exonerated)

So why is there no photo of Buddy is his new bed?  Buddy's old legs were having a hard time climbing onto his puffy bed that first night.  Jan was concerned and forgot to take photos. He doesn't have any trouble now, except he has to go get Jan to come remove Merci so he can sleep in his own bed. 

Just for the record, there is nothing wrong with Merci's new bed.  She just prefers Buddy's bigger, softer one.  That cost three times more than hers.  

And now perhaps you understand why Jan blames us for the loss of her marbles.

(Click on the two graphics to enlarge.)

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us on Jan's Funny Farm. May your day be blessed and filled with gratitude.

We are thankful for every furry and human who visits.  We hope - at least most of the time - you leave with a smile when you do.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate?  We will be spending a quiet day at home watching Jan try to play catch-up.  Believe it or not, she's still trying to get this old house "winterized".

It is also Thanks Blogville Day over at Dory's Backyard.  We're supposed to tell why we are thankful for Blogville.  Why wouldn't we be?  It's a warm, happy, accepting community where we make friends and have fun.  Just as in the Cat Blogosphere, we laugh together, encourage one another, and share tears over losses. 

And, as is our custom, we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home. Any day is a day to be thankful, but today is a special celebration.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Marcus Meets Armadillo

Taylor:  What is that strange looking thing in the photograph?  Is it wearing armor?

Buddy:  Yes. That is an armadillo.  We used to see this one before sundown when we walked Jan.  Had we known then what we know now about them, we would have allowed Marcus to introduce himself to it.

Rusty:  Why?

Buddy:  Because we were just reading that when an armadillo is startled, it leaps straight up in the air.  That's one reason we sometimes see them dead in the street.  You just don't leap in the air underneath a car..

Taylor:  But what does that have to do with Marcus?

Buddy:  You know Mr. OverlyExcitedMarcus.  He sees something and he wants to drag us all over to meet it.  In fact, he tried his best to do so.  But had he succeeded in reaching the armadillo, he would have done the same thing he does to scare Merci.  He would have leaped into its face and given that shrill screech that scares Merci every time, and the startled armadillo would have leaped into the air and scared the poop out of Marcus.  It might have taught him a lesson.  Or not.

Rusty:  But how would Marcus ever get close to it?

Buddy:  It has poor eyesight so it wouldn't see him coming and it would be so focused on finding bugs to eat, it wouldn't hear us, even though they have good hearing. In fact, it was so focused on running around searching for food, it didn't know Jan, Merci, Mr. FranticallyPullingOnTheLeash, and I had approached and were standing there watching it. 

Taylor:  Wow, that must be one deaf and dumb armadillo if it didn't hear Marcus.

Rusty:  Or hungry.  Deaf, dumb and hungry. Marcus invites everything he meets to lunch.  Do you think he wanted to invite the armadillo to lunch?

Buddy:  I doubt it.  If Marcus invited it to come to lunch as a guest, he'd have a hard time feeding it.  If Marcus invited it to lunch as lunch, he'd have a tough time eating it.

Rusty:  Okay, I understand why Marcus would have a tough time eating it, but why would he have a tough time feeding it?.

Buddy:  Because Jan doesn't keep a fresh supply of bugs in the pantry.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Feline Thanksgiving Dinner

Rusty:  Hey, what is this?

Percy:  It's the Merrick Grain Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner we're going to review today. 

Cyndi:  I think Jan is hoping we don't like it.

Taylor:  Why?

Cyndi:  Evidently the cans are hard to open.  They're pop top but the top doesn't pop easily.

Taylor:  Do you suppose it's because she's old?

Cyndi:  She claims it's because the cans don't want to part with the contents.

Rusty:  That's possible.  This Thanksgiving Dinner is good.  I wouldn't want to part with it either.

Percy:  You do know cans don't get attached to their content, don't you? 

Micah:  Did anyone check out what's in it?

Rusty:  Yes, I did.  It has deboned turkey, turkey broth, deboned duck, chicken liver, peas, dried egg product, natural flavor, dried potato, sweet potato, carrots, cranberries, organic alfalfa -  A complete list of vitamins and minor ingredients can be found on Chewy's Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner Minced in Gravy Canned Cat Food page.

According to Chewy, the key benefits are -

    Grain-free recipe.
    Added vitamins and minerals.
    No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
    Great for all life stages.

Both the 3 oz cans and the 5.5 oz cans are on sale at Chewy's now.

Taylor:  Why does it have vegetables in it?  Are we vegetarians?

Cyndi:  I'm not!  Humans are always telling children to eat their vegetables.  Maybe they think we're kids.

Percy:  This tastes pretty good.  Just don't tell Jan we're all eating our vegetables. 

Micah:  Yeah, she'll freak out.

Percy:  There are lots of little chunks in gravy.  Jan doesn't mind us eating this gravy because it just has a little gravy, not gravy as half the can contents.  Do we have any of this  Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner Minced in Gravy Canned Cat Food left for Thanksgiving day?

Rusty:  Yes, Jan said she is saving some for us so we can have a turkey dinner too. 

Cyndi:  Let's ask Jan for seconds on Thursday so she can have extra fun popping the stubborn tops.

The product we tasted was provided by Chewy, but we were not paid for our review.  Chewy is not responsible for the content.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Birthday Buddy is 12

Percy:  Oh, Buddy, we're sorry we're a day late posting about your special day, but we don't post on weekends any more.  And ... uh, Jan forgot to read her calendar again until last night..

Merci: It didn't even come up on the CB this year although you're still on their calendar.

Cyndi:  Sunday was your 12th birthday.  Jan didn't have any money to buy you a present but she did do something special for you.

Merci:  Yes, the temperature dropped significantly Saturday night and it was 52F in here yesterday morning.  It warmed up enough for you to walk Jan in the afternoon but then it started back down toward freezing again.

Percy:  And we don't have our heat on yet.  Mr. Doug asked who was whimpering on the phone last evening.  Jan said it was you because you were cold and she was tearing the closet apart to get out the small electric heater so you wouldn't get sick.

Cyndi:  It doesn't help him any that Merci ripped the stuffing out of all the dog beds. (Dust Mites Exonerated)

Merci:  Don't blame me.  I don't control the weather.  I was just looking to see if Jan dropped any loose change in the beds so I could buy Buddy a sweater with velcro tabs for his birthday.

Percy:  Did you find any?

Merci:  No, Jan drops everything else, but I guess she keeps a tight grip on her change.

Cyndi:  Are you aware humans check around their couch cushions instead of destuffing their mattress to look for change?

Merci:  What can I say?  It was a long shot. At least Jan covered him with the hairy knit blankie you kitties were gifted a few years ago.  (Surprise from KC)  And he gets covered with his own blanket on the big bed at night.  He should survive until we get some heat.

Percy:  Here he comes.  All together now -

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Buddy.
Happy birthday to you.

We love you and are glad you are our brother. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Doxies in White Coats

Percy:  We have solved the question of why, in her old age, Merci is has taken up digging all the stuffing out of all our beds.

Buddy:  This is a picture of Merci in her younger days.  She's so pretty and dainty.  Many people have made a comment over the years about the fact she's a little long for a dog her size.  Not overly long but a little.

Percy:  We have long wondered if she doesn't have a little dachshund in her family tree.

Buddy:  We found this short video and sent it to Frankie and Ernie. Then we got to thinking.  Merci digs with as much enthusiasm as these doxies do.  She just mainly does it to bedding now.

Percy:  As humans age, they forget what they had for breakfast but they remember where they were and what they were doing when they were three minutes old.

Buddy:  Nobody remembers anything from when he was three minutes old!  But I can guess.  Crying!  The doctor has just slapped him on the bottom.  Try three years old.

Percy:  Three years, three decades ... what's the difference?  The human can remember things from childhood, perhaps for the first time. 

Buddy:   Dogs can grow senile as they age too.  What if Merci has reverted to puppyhood and suddenly remembered her great-great-great grandfather was a red doxie who loved to dig in the dirt and she is trying to follow in his pawprints?  She sure has a good-sized  cave dug beside the back steps.

Percy:  And she has dug the stuffing out of all the dog beds.  There must be a stuffing factory underneath the floor, as all the beds are flat but the stuffing keeps coming and coming.

Micah:  I've been lying here in my bed listening to this conversation and I can't figure out if you two are serious.  If you are, there are probably doxies in white coats carrying a straightjacket coming for you.

Buddy:  If they are, we'll send them to Frankie and Ernie's.  Those guys have a large fenced yard.  Our back pen is a little small for a community dig.

Micah:  Think about it, Buddy.  Doxies in white coats would not be here to dig up the yard!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pancake Breakfast

Click on picture to enlarge.

Cyndi:  Thankful Thursday is the perfect time to post a collage of pictures from last Saturday's fundraiser for the local Humane Society.  You might have guessed from all the flags in the picture that it was the day after Veteran's Day.  The two-hour pancake breakfast fundraiser was hosted at Chili's by Miss Pat, a manager there.  Jan said that Miss Pat was as nice as could be.

Percy:  Jan was both looking forward to it and dreading it, as the Humane Society folks were going to play both hostess and waitress. Jan hasn't served tables since before the Stone Age and she was a bit concerned she'd either fall down on shaky legs or spill coffee on a donor.  

Cyndi:  But instead of having to run around the restaurant, all she had to do was to stand at the door and help collect tickets and cash.  The local high school Beta Club -  a pre-creaky, still energetic group of young people - came and did the running around.  They did a great job and everyone survived.  Even Jan.

Percy: And Coco's Cupboard brought two kittens and a tail-thumping dog to greet everyone entering the restaurant.  There will be another fundraiser held in a few months and the plan is to have more adoptable animals present.

Cyndi:  Jan has been with the Humane Society for many years.  It isn't as active as it used to be because the members are aging, but they do what they can.  They provide help for people where they can  - emergency pet food, help with spay/neuter cost, etc. - and try to encourage adoptions at the county-run animal shelter.  During the entire month of October, the Humane Society paid half the adoption fee for all dogs and cats adopted there.

Percy:  Have you noticed a pattern here, Cyndi?  Jan said she had a pancake breakfast while she was there, but she didn't even bring a crumb home.  She never brings a crumb home when she eats elsewhere.

Cyndi:  Can you imagine the pandemonium if she did bring home a crumb?  How would she split a crumb eight ways?

Percy:  With a sharp knife!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Castle for King Rusty

Rusty:  You might remember how much I love my cathouse.  I stand in the doorway and survey my domain.  It makes me feel like a king.

The sun feels so good on my body, especially when the weather is cooler, as it is now. I cant explain what a joy it is to know I am in control of my life.  Until Jan comes outside and carries me inside for the day.

Recently, I found a much larger realm.  I invested some paw power to open it up to the sun, waltzed in and sat surveying my new domain and imagining the other Funny Farmers bowing before my throne.  What a terrific new castle.

And then, suddenly, Jan looked outside, saw me enjoying myself, sped down the steps, scooped me up and took me inside.

The next day I strolled outside with the dogs and found she had closed the castle door and barred it with a set of flower pots. I went to work and opened it again.  Jan came outside, scooped me up and carried me inside.

I returned to my castle the next day and discovered the castle door was now blocked with my cathouse.  I can't move the clubhouse.  Jan can barely move it, but she did and locked me out.  I want in!  It's my new kingdom.

Jan:  Rusty, you can't go under the house.  That's the crawl space.  I can't crawl under there to reach you but snakes can.  There could be a snake under there.  Possibly giant rats.  Or a crazed chipmunk.

Rusty:  Oh, come on.  When is the last time anyone saw a crazed chipmunk running around under the house?  What does she mean by last week?  She's just jealous because I fit under the house and she doesn't.
Wait!  Did she say snake?  I think I'll abdicate!

Mr. Doug came by yesterday and spliced another fan into the power supply.  There's going to be a pitter patter of furry feet racing around trying to catch up with what we've missed. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dust Mites Exonerated

Buddy:  Do you remember this photo from Thursday's post?  (Miss Messy Destuffs)  I didn't make that mess.  Merci made the stuffing mess. But I don't care how messy the bed is as long as it's comfortable, so I'm the one caught sleeping in it.

Next day I got caught sleeping in a bigger mess.  This is what Jan woke up to on Friday morning.  I did not make this mess either.  (The basket and pile of tapes was pushed to the floor by Percy and Micah.)  When I was a puppy, I destuffed my toys. Merci has always been such a good girl and now that she's in her second puppyhood, she's so messy! 

Jan couldn't figure out where the white stuffing was coming from since the dog beds had dark stuffing. Saturday morning she discovered it was the pillow she had zippered inside after she had removed the original stuffing to wash the bed. 

Marcus:  Do you also remember this photo from the same post?  I tried to tell all of you I did not destuff my own bed.  Giant dust mites attacked it.  And they were all named MERCI!

Buddy:  Oh, come on, the bed is in your crate and you're trying to blame Merci?

Marcus:  I don't have to blame her.  Jan caught her inside my crate digging in what's left of my bed Sunday night.  So I have a witness!  I am innocent!  Don't you all want to apologize?

Buddy:  Okay, just as soon as you apologize to the dust mites.

We are waiting for when Mr. Doug can come install a new power supply fan.  Until then, we  are just on and off the computer as soon as possible.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Missing Green Gloves

Rusty:  I have a short story for you.  A true story.

Weeks ago, Jan lost the green gloves she likes to use to "brusth" us because we like the massage and it's less work for her than brushing us.  They were here.  She could very distinctly remember the last place she saw them.  It was in a tray on her desk.   In her mind's eye, she could see one of those green gloves sticking out from under some papers.  The image was as clear as glass.

She checked every container of any kind.  Took everything out of each.  She went through our storage containers on the porch.  Several times!  She crawled under the desk, checked the closet, moved furniture, even looked in the fridge. They were here.  But where?

After about three weeks she gave up looking.  She must have moved them and just couldn't remember where she put those green gloves.  They had to show up eventually - she hoped.

Now they were not just any green gloves.  They are not a pair.  They are actually two separate right-hand gloves.  She'd just turn the one on her left hand around so she could "brush" us with both hands.

Then one day a couple of weeks ago, she moved something on the shelves beside the cat tower.  And there were her green gloves.

However, she had one minor detail wrong

Yes, these are her green gloves.

Oh, and I just gotta tell you those new dog safety collars work.  hehe

Yesterday Jan dug out the winter coats for the older dogs Merci and Buddy.   She put Merci's new harness on her and tried to snap on the leash through the small hole.  It didn't reach.  So she reached inside the coat, grabbed Merci's collar and attached the leash to the D ring.

They were quite a way up the road when Marcus yanked hard on the leash and Jan pulled him back.  But something didn't feel right.  She turned and there was Merci some distance back sniffing in the grass.  She looked down and the leash was still attached  to the collar.  Merci's hearing is bad so she just kept strolling and sniffing.  Jan walked back and tried to snap the collar back on.  That's when she realized which collar Merci was wearing and it had TWO D-rings. 

Jan has no idea how far they walked with Merci wandering on her own, but she figures it was a good distance, most likely from when Marcus suddenly tripped Jan and almost sent her sprawling.  So, you can tell your moms the safety collar does work.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Not Me!

Percy:  Uh-oh, look at what I found in Jan's photo albums.  Which one of you guys did this?

Micah:  Not me!

Mercy:  Not me!

Marcus:  Whatever it is, definitely not me!

Percy:  But I haven't even shown you what happened yet.

Micah:  That's okay.  It wasn't me!

Percy:  Well, this is in with Jan's photos.  One of us did it and it most definitely was not me!

Merci:  It had to be one of you.  I'm in trouble for destuffing dog beds. (Miss Messy Destuffs)   Glasses are not my thing.  No stuffing!

Marcus:  Don't look at me.  I'm innocent.  The dust mites went on a rampage and destuffed the bed in my crate.  You and Micah knocked all those stuffed animals and VCR tapes to the floor, Percy.  One of you must have done it.

Percy:  Not me!

Micah:  Not me!  We'd better find out who broke Jan's reading glasses before we're all in trouble.

Merci:  How do we do that?

Micah:  Democratically.  We take a vote and the winner takes the blame.  I vote for Marcus.  He's usually the guilty party.  All in favor of Marcus, raise a paw.

Merci:  That's it.  Four votes for Marcus.

Marcus:  Wait!  I didn't do it. And how can there be four votes for me if there are only four of us voting and I didn't vote against myself?

Percy:  I'm sorry.  I got a bit carried away and raised two paws.  But you still won, Marcus.

Marcus:  But I don't want to win!  It isn't fair!

Cyndi:  You won something, Marcus, and you don't think it's fair?

Marcus:  We don't know who broke Jan's glasses, so they voted me guilty..

Cyndi:  Oh, is that what this little conference is about?  I know who broke them.

Merci:  Who?

Cyndi:  Jan did.  They were on a TV tray she knocked over and something heavy landed on them.  That was a couple of months ago. 

Marcus:  I was tried and convicted without any proof.  Do any of you have anything to say to me?

Percy:  Yes.  We're sorry the dust mites went crazy and destroyed the bed in your crate.

Graphic by Zoolatry

Today is Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada and other countries.  It is a day to honor and celebrate all our veterans.  Without their service and dedication, our lives would be very different. 

Note:  Our power supply fan is on it's last "legs", so w probably won't be around much until after the power supply fan can be replaced.   

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Miss Messy Destuffs

Marcus:  This is the new bed Jan bought to replace the bed Merci destuffed last month.

Here is Merci sleeping in the new bed.  Take note of the VCR tapes on the shelves to the rear. Percy wants you to also take note of his handsome self on "his" cat tower.

Oops.  Here is one of our other beds.  I ... er, may or may not have helped destuff it while Jan was shopping last week. 

Merci:  Marcus, you were the only one in the crate while Jan was gone.

Marcus:  Well, it could have been dust mites.

Marcus:  Besides, look at what happened to the new bed before it had time to become used to its new home.  And I certainly had nothing to do with that mess.

 Merci:  I know.  You don't need to rub it in.

Marcus:  Now here is Merci sleeping in the big dog bed.  Notice the stuffing.pile in and outside the bed.  And remember those VCR tapes on the shelves with the stuffed animals in a basket on top?  Half of them are now on the floor.  That's a Percy and Micah story.  Merci isn't responsible for that part of the mess.

Jan had a clue the mess was worse when she let Merci and me outside really early yesterday morning and Merci had a long white beard.  No, Buddy didn't do it.  He was sleeping in the bedroom at the time, but he's a male and you know we males aren't concerned with sleeping amidst a mess.

Little Miss Messy dragged what is left of her new bed as far from what she had created as possible.  Please take note I had nothing to do with any of this.  I, Marcus, was a good boy!  I'm not responsible when dust mites go on a rampage!

Mr. Doug was here yesterday to check the noisy fan in the power supply.  He said Merci is acting like an older human who has reverted to childhood.  Merci has always loved to dig outside in the dirt, but she was not destructive in the house.  Now she seems to forget where she is sometimes and digs holes in the bedding.

In case anyone noticed we didn't post yesterday, we have a good excuse.  We forgot.  :(

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