Thursday, November 07, 2019

Marcus BDay and Gotcha Taylor

It's time to do a little celebrating again, and as usual we are late posting on it.  Yesterday, Wednesday, November 6th was the big day.

Marcus celebrated his 6th birthday.

Taylor celebrated her 4th Gotcha Day with us.

Many thanks to Mom Ingrid, Pipo, Dalton, and Benji for the lovely graphic.  This is the largest it will post here, for some reason, but hopefully if you click on the graphic, it will enlarge in a new window.

We are thrilled Taylor is part of our family. She is such a quiet girl, although she did find her voice and started a screaming, howling riot when Jan took her and Micah for their rabies shot a month or two ago.  Sometimes we're not too sure about Marcus.  He hasn't slowed down or quieted down in the least.  They have totally opposite personalities.

This was a happy occasion, although overshadowed by sadness. You might not remember but Taylor spent the first five months of her life with Miss Teresa.  (Happy Marcus and Taylor Day)  Mr. Doug just happened to deliver Taylor here on Marcus' birthday.

Miss Teresa was family!  She and Mr. Doug were very close.  She died unexpectedly last Friday, November 1st.  She is very missed!