Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marcus Has A Blankie

Marcus:  Really, Jan, you think this is funny?  Stop laughing!  I can still hear you in the kitchen.

Cyndi:  I think you look cute.  You remind me of one of those pictures of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

 Marcus:  No, this is not any better.  I am not a butterfly.

Cyndi:  I hear you complaining but I haven't heard you saying thank you for the lovely gift.  By the way, how did you rate a special gift all your own?

Marcus:  Stella Rose, Angus, Maggie and their mom think I deserve something special for being such a good boy all the time.

Cyndi:  I hope you don't think anyone is going to believe that.  Why don't you tell the truth? 

Marcus:  Okay, but I like my version better!  She explained it in a blog comment yesterday.  "Dear Marcus, we are so happy you liked your new blankie. We sent that to you to cos mom read a post where you could not find yours. Stella Rose"

Cyndi:  She must mean the post where you were wailing about losing your blankie.  (Since I Lost My Blankie)   But you didn't lose your blankie, you lost your bedding - except you were sleeping on it at the time.  So, actually, you got a new blankie under false pretenses.

Marcus:  That's okay, I still love it, just not when Jan makes me pose wearing it.  Thank you so much to the Three Little Pugs for giving me such a nice blankie of my own. It was a nice surprise.

Cyndi:  It worked for you.  Do you think it would work for me?  I guess it won't hurt to try.  I really loved my nip nanner and I really miss it.

Marcus:  You never had a nip nanner! 

Cyndi:  You never had a blankie either!

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Basketball for Marcus

Marcus:  Jan bought me a basketball Saturday.  I loved it!

Percy:  For all of 30 seconds and then you figured out how to sink your teeth into it. 

Marcus:  Isn't that what balls are for, to chew on?

Percy:  No, that's what chew toys are for.

Marcus:  But that was such a great chew toy.  I thanked Jan for it.

Percy:  Yes, you did.  You thanked her by deflating the basketball.  And after you did that, you thanked her by biting her toe - right through her shoe. She's not happy about the hole in her shoe or her toe. 

Marcus:  I said I was sorry, but it was her own fault for sticking her foot in my mouth. She knows my teeth are razor sharp. 

Percy:  She did not stick her foot in your mouth.  You two were playing soccer with a deflated basketball ... By the way, doesn't that seem a bit strange to you?

Marcus:  No.  It seems perfectly normal to me.

Percy:  If you say so.  To continue, you two were playing soccer with a deflated basketball and when she kicked the ball, you tried to block it, but missed and bit Jan's toe.  How is that her fault?

Marcus:  If she wanted to keep all her toes, she shouldn't have let me deflate the ball. 

Percy:  How was she supposed to stop you? 

Marcus:  She wasn't, I guess.  I just opened my mouth as wide as possible and sank my teeth into the ball.

Percy:  So when the time comes to write your obituary, whichever one of us is still around can tell everyone your best feature was your big mouth?

Marcus:  Yes.  NO!!!  Don't tell anyone that.

Percy:  Okay, I won't tell anyone.  *mumble*  Except in this post.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Da Tabbies Flaky Flounder

Rusty:  Well, here we are again.  What's on the agenda for today?

Micah:  Flounder.

Rusty:  Do you mean we're floundering or we're fishing?

Micah:  Fishing.  But first we want to update a post from last Thursday. (Buddy and Merci Trees )

Rusty:  Jan and the dogs checked out the trees after last Saturday's frightening storm.

Micah:  The Merci tree shed small branches around a pretty good sized area of the ground but despite standing alone without cover, it still stands tall. 

Rusty:  The Buddy tree also made a big mess, mainly in the road, but it too endured.

Micah:  Just like our two older siblings, one of these days those trees will fall or be cut down.  Meanwhile, they endure.

Rusty:  Da Tabbies O Trout Towne left a request to be compared to a tree.  "dood....we think yur ann nal ogeez iz awesum....we wood likez ta bee compared ta one oh yur treez!!"

Micah:  We asked Jan if she could find us a tree for Da Tabbies and she said they are well-known for their grilled fish.  In fact, their favorite foods are  ----


Did we really expect her to find a tree that reminded her of fish?

Rusty:  Of course we did!  Then she walked the dogs and the first thing she noticed was a flounder tree.

Micah:  We think she needs glasses for more than reading but she insists it's a flounder tree.  

Rusty:  She hasn't had flounder in centuries -

Micah:  Decades, Rusty.  Don't say "centuries" around Jan.

Rusty:  In decades.  It was flaky and -

Micah:  Are you calling Da Tabbies "flaky"?

Rusty:  A little.  Dipped in batter and fried with fresh lemon and tartar sauce, flounder was the only item on the restaurant menu she would order.  She loved it!

Micah:  Oh, you mean our friends Da Tabbies have to be a bit flaky - as in unconventional - to be who they are and that's what we all love about them?

Rusty:  Exactly!  When Jan ate at a particular restaurant, she knew flounder would be on the menu.

Micah:  And when anything is going on around the pet blogs, we all know Da Tabbies will be there to leave a kind word, or make us smile, or lend a helping paw.

Rusty:  You know they would be a lot happier if Jan had seen a trout tree.

Micah:  I know, but flounder is fish so I don't think they'll mind.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Only Sibling Teaser

Marcus:  Hey, Buddy, are you awake?

Buddy:  Of course I am.  Who could sleep through that racket?  I thought it was you.

Marcus:  What are you talking about?  I do not snore!

Buddy:  You're entitled to your opinion, but I can attest to the fact you do.

Marcus: If ... and I said if!  If I do snore,  it must have something to do with my crate because Merci never snores in her own bed.

Merci:  I do NOT snore!

Buddy:  Aha!  You sure woke up quickly when we were talking about you.  If you heard us, you can hear when Jan calls you.

Merci:  I hear but I choose to ignore her.  Age has some advantages. But I do not snore!

Marcus:  We know you don't.  We were just teasing you.

Merci:  On the other paw, Marcus, you do snore.

Buddy:  I guess today we're thankful we have each other.  Who does an only sibling tease?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tiki Cat Luau

Rusty:  Mmm mmm good, that's what a grain free luau is, mmm mmm good.

Taylor:  What's a luau?  Is that what Jan adds to our breakfast every day?

Rusty:  No, that's water.  A luau is the dance Jan does when she races from room to room with our plates.  Or is that the hula?

Micah:  We're supposed to be talking about our review.  We've been taste testing the Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety Pack Canned Cat Food and have mixed results.

Cyndi:  This is the sardine.  Most of us enjoyed it but Taylor and Percy didn't.  They like sardines so Jan was surprised.

Percy:  I ate the mackerel and sardine.  Taylor only ate half of her portion, though.  

Micah:  There are several flavors, which is why it's called a hula ... I mean, a luau.

Cyndi:  There is a can of Ahi tuna with crab in tuna consomm'e.  Also, Tuna in crab surimi  consomm'e.

Taylor:  What's crab surimi?  Is that a crabby crab?

Rusty:  I don't know.  Here, let's do a search.  Oh, evidently it's very common to substitute other fish for the more expensive crab.  In this instance, it's ocean whitefish in crab broth, and that is stated in the ingredients list. 

Percy: We all loved the tuna and tuna mixes. 

Taylor:  Yes, I do like tuna.

Rusty:  Jan doesn't like to feed us too much fish so she has been alternating these fish flavors with other wet food.

Micah:  This is the mackerel and sardine.  It smells pretty tasty to a cat.

Cyndi:  Chewy suggests the key benefits of this food are --

    Don't let your kitty get bored with her food, give her a different recipe every day of the week!
    Gluten, carbohydrate, starch and flour-free recipe for a biologically appropriate diet.
    High in protein but low in carbs to keep your kitty cat fit.
    Tiki Cat formulas contain whole human-grade shredded or sliced meats and seafood. Each formula is carefully prepared with a healthy broth to mimic the moisture of live prey.
    Zero glycemic index.

Rusty:  Uh, Percy, are you going to finish that?

Percy: Yes, I am.  Are you going sit and stare while I do?

Taylor:  Check out the Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety Pack Canned Cat Food.  There are 12 2.8 ounce cans in a case.  The ingredient list for each flavor is listed under "Nutritional Info".

Cyndi:  I guess we give it this food a four out of five paw review since 

The cat food was provided by Chewy.com.  We received no other compensation and Chewy is not responsible for the content of this review.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet Tess and Jake

Marcus:  Hey, I don't like this one bit.  I'm supposed to be the center of attention.  Why are we featuring strangers today?

Cyndi: This blog is not all about you.  You have to learn to share.

Marcus:  In that case, I'm going to collect my toys and hide them, especially my soccer ball, until after the strangers leave.

Cyndi:  They aren't actually here, Marcus.  You don't have to hide anything. We're just sharing a little blog time with some pups today.

Marcus:  Are we getting paid?

Cyndi:  No, we're just being neighborly.  Put a smile on your face and help me introduce them.

Marcus:  Okay, I'll help, but I want to get paid, so you need to knock down that open bag of treats on top of my crate after we finish.

Cyndi:  If you do it out of the goodness of your heart, you'll feel so good you won't need treats.

Marcus:  All right, I'll try. This adorable little puppy is Tess.

Cyndi:  Wait!  This could be Jake.  I'm not sure.

Marcus:  How could you not know which pup is which?

Cyndi:  Because there were no names with the pictures and every pup needs a name, so I picked two just for this post. 

Marcus:  Oh, great.  So this is Jake ... or Tess. Do you know anything about them?

Cyndi:  Yes.  There are seven puppies looking for a good forever home.  They are a Lab/Weimaraner mix.

Marcus:  A what mix?

Cyndi:  Everyone knows the happy, energetic Labrador retriever.  A Weimaraner is a gray hunting dog.

Marcus:  So we're asking if anyone is looking to adopt a dog that will collect all the tennis balls in its path as it hunts the human's dinner?

Cyndi:  Something like that.  A playful working dog. As I said there are seven pups, in various shades of chocolate.  Two Tesses and five Jakes.  They were six weeks old last Friday.

Marcus:  The pups are in Upson County, Georgia.  If anyone is interested in adopting one, email us your information and we will pass the information on to the puppy's human.  There is a contact form in the left column of this blog.

Cyndi:  Thank you for helping me, Marcus.  Here's the treat bag you asked for.

Marcus:  But it's empty.

Cyndi:  You asked for the treat bag.  You didn't mention wanting something in it. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Be Safe and Sleep Well

Micah:  Oh, hi, you caught me just as I was about to settle in for a nap. 

As some of you are already aware, the Southeast has been having bad storms mixed with tornadoes this weekend.  We don't have time to say much on the subject as we need to get offline before the next storm arrives. 

We are sad for all those who have storm damage and especially for the families of those who lost a family member.  There are at least two more storms headed our way as we write this early Sunday evening, so we hope there will be no damage and we will still able to access the internet.

If not, you can at least view my handsome face and meet my favorite box - before Jan throws it out.  Sometimes she has no sense! 


If you'll excuse me, I think I need a nap.  It will help tomorrow ... er, today arrive faster so we'll know whether we will be writing a new blog post for Tuesday or searching the house for a deck of cards. to beat boredom.

Wherever you are, be safe and sleep well.

Taylor:  Shhhh, don't clap or yell or anything because you'll wake Micah, but we seem to have been given a reprieve from the storms.  It's too late to write a new post for today, though, so we'll see you tomorrow.  Unless something else happens.  You know how full of surprises life is.  That's one reason we furries take so many naps.  Speaking of which, it's past my pre-bedtime snooze.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

December Furry Friends

Sam:  Yes, it's me, Angel Sam.  I just dropped by to remind everyone to visit Our Rainbow Friends.  And while you're there, if you can, please leave comments; they mean a lot to the families. 

Tributes to the December 2016 furry angels - Treasure, Fiona, Sammy, Bhu, Bogart, Hunter and Emma - were recently posted.  Ann of Zoolatry always sends out the announcement on the 15th but she's enjoying a much-deserved vacation in Florida with family and friends.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Polite Pee Mail

Cyndi:  Psst, I'm up here.  You should have known I would be up high.  I'm pretty feisty for an old lady cat.

Marcus:  Is feisty a word?

Cyndi:  Of course it is.  It means spunky.

Marcus:  Why didn't you just say that?

Cyndi:  Because it's good for you to learn new words so you don't make stupid mistakes like you did the other day when you told Jan to drop "a bomb" instead of a balloon.

Marcus:  I guess it was a good thing she didn't listen to me. 

Cyndi:  We want to share some photos Jan took on the 16th, just a few days ago.  We weren't expecting any rain and we didn't get anything but an almost perceptible mist in the area of the clouds, but look at those clouds.

Marcus:  There hasn't been any demolition or cleanup work done at the mill in almost a year.  The mess makes a great backup for the threatening clouds.

Cyndi:  And just barely to the right, here is more of the same.

Marcus:  And just barely to the right of that photo, the sky was clear and beautiful.  Jan loves to watch the clouds on our walks.  We dogs prefer to read pee mail.

Cyndi:  And from what I understand, you love to leave your own for other dogs to read.

Marcus:  That's only polite, but if the last dog left a political statement, the proper thing to do is to kick dirt over it.

Cyndi:  There's a lot of thunder booming and rain expected, especially this weekend.  We're sure thankful we have a home where we can stay dry when the weather is bad.  And our internet has stayed on for a whole week now.

Marcus:  It blinked yesterday and Jan said it nearly gave her a heart attack.  That was so nice of our ISP to give Jan a free health checkup.

Cyndi:  A heart attack is not a free health checkup.  If she'd had one, it might have been a checkout.

Marcus:  Well, if she checked out, I hope she kept her receipt.

Cyndi:  I think I need a nap.

Marcus:  You're going to need a double nap when you realize we just finished our Thankful Thursday post for today.  Thursday was yesterday.  Today is Friday!  

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buddy and Merci Trees

Percy: Did you know you're like a tree, Merci?

Merci:  I'm like a what?

Percy:  A tree.  In particular, the tree in the distance on the right.  That's one of Jan's favorite trees.

Merci:  I'm not anything like a tree.

Percy:  Of course you are.  We don't know what kind of abuse you survived before you were picked up as a stray and landed at the county shelter back in 2003.  Or what abuse you might have suffered at the shelter.  To this day, you are afraid of your shadow and terrified of moving feet.  And over the years since Jan adopted you, you heard the (now ex) shelter manager's voice twice and both times you did some serious growling and shaking.

Merci:  That doesn't make me a tree.

Percy:  Ah, but this is what the tree looks like in the summer. Notice the lush green leaves with dead and broken branches sprouting here and there.  It's seen a lot of heat, cold, wind and rain over its lifetime but it still stands strong and beautiful.

Percy:  And this is Buddy.  Tufts of green leaves in the middle of winter amid the many broken branches.  He was dumped when he was three or four weeks old and he's faced a lot of adversity in his own life - seizures, allergies, skin problems - but even in the worst of times, he still shows signs of life.  No big holes in his trunk, but lots of grit.  He still loves his walks and he still voices his opinion on everything, whether or not we want to hear it.  In other words, he's a survivor too.

Buddy:  Did I just hear you call me an opinionated tree?

Percy:  Uh, not quite.

Buddy:  Then what did you say about me?

Percy:  I was just saying Jan loves these trees.  They aren't perfect but when she looks at them she sees beauty.

Buddy:  So I have holes in my trunk and naked branches but I'm beautiful?  Have you been hitting the nip again?

Percy:  No!  It's just an analogy.  You don't actually look like a tree.

Buddy:  I notice you didn't include a picture of what I .. of what that tree looks like in summer.  Are you insinuating I run around naked all year long?

Percy:  Yes ... I mean, no!  I mean ...  I need to think ... I mean I think I need to find a litter pan right away.

Merci:  It wasn't nice to pick on him like that.  He was just trying to be kind.

Buddy:  I know, but it was such fun. I was just voicing my opinion whether or not he wanted to hear it.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blue Southwest Skillet

Marcus:  Oh, boy, it's that time again.  I get to try something new. 

Merci:  This is what Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet with Beef & Egg looks like in the cup.  Kind of blah. 

Buddy:  It's pate.  Pate always looks blah.  It's how it tastes that matters.  At least to us.  Jan seems to think nutrition is important too, but she doesn't eat it, so what does she know!

Merci:  It's grain free and it's supposed to be packed with beef, eggs and nutrition.  Jan said it's packed in rubber.

Buddy:  She did not.  She said it is a bit too rubbery for her taste.

Marcus:  But Buddy already said Jan doesn't eat it, so who cares?  And speaking of eating, hellllooooo, I'm sitting in my Private Dining Car waiting.  Can you drop the bomb now, Jan?

Buddy:  Balloon, Marcus, I believe you mean balloon.  And we don't have a balloon around the house.

Marcus:  That's okay.  She said "okay", so I can eat now.

Merci:  She did?  I didn't hear it.

Buddy:  Of course you didn't.  You don't hear very well any more, remember?

Merci:  My taste buds still work.

Buddy:  Guess they just work a bit slower since it takes you longer to finish a meal.

Marcus:  Helllloooo, warden, you can let me out now. They're done enjoying their Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet in kibble.

Chewy provided the dog food for this review.  We were not paid and we are solely responsible for the content. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Since I Lost My Blankie

Marcus:  ♪ ♫ Since I lost my blankie.  ♪ ♫  Since I lost my blankie.

Percy:  What are you wailing about now, Marcus?

Marcus:  I'm singing The Temptations' old song "Since I Lost My Blankie".

Cyndi:  I never heard of it.  Are you sure there is such a song?

Marcus:  Of course there is!

Percy:  So where did you lose your blankie?

Marcus:  Right here.  It used to be inside my crate but now it's outside.

Cyndi:  I hate to say this, but that's not a blankie, it's your bedding.

Marcus:  Okay.  ♪ ♫  Since I lost my bedding.  ♪  ♫  Since I lost -

Percy:  You have not lost your bedding either.  You pulled it outside your crate and wadded it up.  if you want it "found" again, just drag it back inside.

Cyndi:  Oh, and by the way, The Temptations never sang a song called "Since I Lost My Blankie".  It was "baby", "since I lost my baby"!

Marcus:  That's just plain silly!  How could they lose a baby?

Percy:  I don't know.  How did you lose your bedding while sleeping on it?  

Cyndi:  If you don't believe us, here it is.  Baby, since I lost my baby.

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