Saturday, July 27, 2013

Merlin, Gris Gris, Domino & Odin

Percy:  In case any of you were awake, wearing your glasses and noticed, we FF Felines didn't do a Mousebreath interview post here yesterday. Well, we did an interview but ...

Cyndi:  We think our sibling Cameron is special so he was more important.  It was his 9th birthday. 

Rusty: Yes, the interview was live but it really wasn't like it had legs or anything and could go anywhere. 

Micah:  Yep, we checked.  It's still there, so we're posting on it today.  If you haven't read it yet, we hope you will go by and do so.
Cameron:  Hey, thanks, guys.  I sure appreciate being so important to all of you, including Buddy, Merci and Sam.  They aren't Funny Farmer Felines, but they are Funny Farmers.

This week we interviewed the cats of Cat Wisdom 101. These mancats are quite an interesting family.  Whether or not you've met them before, you can read about The Wisdom of Merlin, Gris, Gris, Domino and Odin exclusively at Mousebreath Magazine.  It's written by cats for cats and cat lovers.


  1. Hope all is well at your house! We enjoyed the Cat Wisdom 101 interview and it was great learning a bit more about the boys! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang

  2. Thanks Jan for this pleasant surprise and for awesome job interviewing our boys!

  3. I read it yesterday - it was a great interview!

  4. It was a great interview. Loved learning new stuff about the boys!

  5. We LOVE those mancats -- and their human Layla, too! We will go and check out what is sure to be a great interview. Thanks, FFF!


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