Friday, August 30, 2013

Zoey, Zee and Six Siblings

graphic by Zee & Zoey

This week we interviewed the famous kitties of the Zee and Zoey blog - Jazz, Kismet, Rolz, Mia, Peanut and Harley, and of course, Zee and Zoey.  We invite you to go by Mousebreath to read Zoey, Zee and the Silent Six.

And then, please stop by their blog or their Facebook page to leave a note of support.  Mr. Jazz had to be helped to the bridge on Wednesday.  Mom Deb is brokenhearted and has not announced the news.  She might today, but she will post a tribute to him when she is able. 

We are beginning to feel like a jinx since several of our interview subjects have gone to the bridge right before publication but we hope the interviews are of some comfort and honor their memory.

We are joining Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop.  Join us there.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tasting the Tundra

Merci, Sam, Buddy

Hey, Merci, Sam and Buddy here to tell you about an exciting breakfast we had recently.  You don't think breakfast can be exciting?  Well, we usually get kibble with something "good for us" (Jan's words) mixed in and if we're really, really, really lucky, we get some canned meat mixed in with it.

Percy is attracted by the smell of food.
The day began like any other.  But then Jan got out the camera and opened a package.

Buddy:  Hey, Percy, get away from there.  That's for us, not you kitties.

Percy inhales deeply.  Hmm, smells good.

Percy:  Hmm, this smells good.  What is it?

Merci:  It's the Orijen Tundra dog food we're supposed to taste test for  It's called "whole prey diet" and that's why it smells good enough to eat.

Sam:  This is made with venision, elk, bison, quail and steelhead trout and it's preservative free. I guess that's because they figure it will disappear so quickly there's no need to preserve it.

Merci:  Could it be it doesn't need preservatives because it's freeze dried?

Sam keeps one eye on his breakfast.
Sam:  Can we stop the chatter and shoo Percy away so we can have breakfast before dinner today?

Buddy:  If we want to eat, we have to help Jan figure out how much to serve each of us.  You know how bad she is at math when there are fractions involved.  Let's see, there are approximately 12 medallions in a package.

Sam:  What's a medallion?

Merci:  Something you wear around your neck.  But I don't think we're supposed to wear these.

Buddy:  Quiet!  I'm trying to think.  Merci weighs about ...

Merci:  Don't you dare tell everyone my weight!  A lady never tells.

Buddy:  ...mumble, so she should have 4 medallions a day.  I'm about 35 pounds, so I should get 7. Sam is a Brick Butt so he should get 7 plus 1 1/2 for each 11 additional pounds which equals - Good grief, Sam should get about 13 medallions a day?  That can't be right.  I'm in charge here.  I should get the biggest portion.

Merci:  We eat twice a day, so I'll get two medallions for breakfast?

Buddy:  Right.  I'll get 3 1/2 and Sam will get 6 1/2.  That adds up to ... mumble, mumble ... 12.  So this package will feed us one meal.

Sam:  Now can we eat?

Buddy:  As soon as Jan soaks our portions in warm water to soften them.

Merci, Sam and Buddy wait impatiently for permission to eat.

Sam:  Come on, Jan. We have our kibble softened in water. How hard is it to press the camera button so we can eat our food? 

And Merci, Sam and Buddy dig in.
Did we like it?  Yes, we did!  We love good food and Jan loves food that is good for us.

Buddy and Sam licking their bowls clean.
Orjen is made in Canada and uses fresh regional ingredients.  We had some of their no grain freeze dried Ranch Raised Lamb treats a while ago and we really enjoyed those too.

There are three Orijen freeze dried dog food flavors: Tundra, Adult Dog and Regional Red

Thank you, Mr. Chewy, for providing us with a dog food sample to review.  We were not paid to write this, and any opinions expressed are our own.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitty Korner Koffee Klatch

We were glad to hear from our friends at the Kitty Korner blog.  They wrote a nice Meet & Greet for today.  So pull up a chair and grab a cup of nip tea because here they are to tell you about themselves.

Hi efurrybody, we’re the “S” kitties from the un-originally named Kitty Korner.


We is Sasha, Sami, and Saku and we lives with our beans, mom, sisfur and brofur.

Sasha – I is the first kitty.  I am thirteen years old and was adopted when I was about 7-8 weeks old from the Humane Society. I came with my name so I started the “S” names.  My favorite bean is my brofur though mom comes in a close second.  My best friend was my sisfur Silver but she went to the Bridge over three years ago.   I tolerate Sami and Saku and hide when they get really annoying.  Mom says I am very good at hiding!

Sami – My nickname is Squirt or Chirper-girl cuz I don’ts meow like other kitties, I squeak or chirp. I is twelve years old and I was adopted from the Humane Society when I was about 6-7 weeks old.  The beans there told mom I was found eating garbage from a bin!  I gots my name because Mom had Sasha and Silver then and said she couldn’t call me Bob.  My favorite bean is MOM!  I lubs Sasha too but Saku is a pest.

Saku – I’m the most handsome tuxie mancat – if you don’t believe me just ask me.  MOL!  I is five years old, and I came from a place far away and mom says I was part of an unwanted litter.  Seriously, how could someone not want me?  My bean sisfur was my mom then, but she sent me to live with my bean mom when I was just a few months old.  I’m named after a hockey player, that’s furry manly, right?  My favorite bean is the one who is feeding me or playing with me.   I likes to chase Sami and Sasha. 

 We used to share mom’s blog but after some major pestering purrsasion we convinced mom we needed our very own blog.  Our blog is about us and all the things we do.  At least it is when we get mom to tippy tap for us, sometimes she is furry lazy!  The best part about blogging is all the pawsome kitties (and woofies too) we gets to meet.  We’d love to have you come to visit us too!

We think Sasha, Sami and Saku wrote a great introduction.  And now that you've met them, be sure to go by their blog. You can find them having fun at Kitty Korner.

Just in case this post looks a bit wonky when it posts, when we tried to prepare a post Sunday night we couldn't post a photo and had to wait till Monday to add it and post it.  Last night we uploaded these photos and they disappeared. Poof!  They were in Picasa but they would not show in the "insert image" selection. We finally figured out we could find and add them using the HTML editor but what frustration!  Is anyone else having a problem posting photos to Blogger?  We went through this a long time ago and it is .... GRRRRRRRR! 

Anyway, if any cat or dog or other furry blogger would like to send us an intro to their blog, along with a photo or two, we would be happy to post it for a Meet & Greet.  So don't be shy.  Get those paws tapping.  If you can't type, prod your human to help you.  From now on, we'll only post a Meet & Greet if someone sends us a write-up on their own or another blog. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Friends

This has been a weekend of sadness.  Saturday night Jan learned of the loss of an old friend (human) of 25 years. First thing Sunday morning, we read of several deaths and illnesses, and then our old friend Dr. Tweety's mom Madeline emailed that Dr. T is headed for the bridge this week. He has rarely blogged in recent years, but his handsome face and humor have been missed.   R.I.P., Dr. Tweety. 

Dr. Tweety
We stopped posting on sad news a while ago.  We, like many of you, are having a problem handling the steady stream of illnesses and deaths.  But after this weekend, we decided to do this one post in honor of all  those we've lost over the years.  This year alone we said good-bye to old timers China Cat and Willow, Eric, Charmee of DaisyMae Maus, Andy, Au, Skeezix, Thunder, Rose (human) and Marigold, Junior, Grrreta, Abby of Manx Mnews, Homer the Blind Cat, and ... and ...

That's a lot of tears we've shared with other bloggers. So without further comment, we will share this graphic Jan made for her blog Mercy and Percy

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Furry Plays Golf

Hey, Buddy here.  I'm scoring a treat.  Be right with you.  *Crunch, crunch*

Okay, thanks for waiting.  I have a funny video for you today.  We love any video of a young animal having a good time..  Be it elephant or fox. (Hint, hint.)

Oh, you must be psychic.  Yes, this is a video about a fox.  Enjoy another Sunday Smile.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Oh, and we keep forgetting to post this, but we won the I Could Chew on This and also I Could Pee on This books.  They were written by Francesco Marciulian.  The giveaway was held by Merlin, Gris Gris, Odin & Domino at Cat Wisdom 101.  Jan can't wait to read them. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Cat On Her Head

Percy:  Hey, before we get to our regular Friday news, we just have to tell you.  Miles is shipping himself around the country with his brother Sammy trying to catch up to him in a mail truck.

Sam:  Yes, perhaps this will teach him to stop mailing Miles out of state.  But I doubt it.

Cyndi:  The man in the blue shorts - well, actually, it's a lady in the blue shorts that delivers our mail.  Miles shipped himself here and the lady in the blue shorts delivered him to our front porch. He's really good-looking, you know.  Too bad his heart is with Angel Sanjee.

Cameron:  Yes, we all got to meet him.  And he's fun.  He likes to sleep upside down too.

Buddy:  He complained about the taste of dog treats, though.  What kind of cat complains about dog treats tasting weird?  They're delish!

Merci:  Well, his mom doesn't have any dog treats at home, so this was something new.  You know how fussy cats are about their food.

Rusty:  We have lots of cat goodies around here, so he didn't starve.  He just got to try something new.

Micah:  We haven't had any company since I moved in last year, so it was neat to meet a foreigner.

Percy:  Um, Micah, Miles isn't a foreigner.  He's from New York.

Micah:  Oh.  I've never been to New York.  Do you think it would cost much to ship ourselves up there for a visit?

Buddy:  Yeah, that could be fun.  All we'd need would be a large box and we can search the house for loose change to pay the postage.

Cyndi:  Uh, excuse me, guys, but I don't think there's enough loose change in the state of Georgia to ship all of us including Sam Brick Butt

Merci:  You're right.  Maybe Sam can sell donuts to pay his own way.

Cameron:  Nah, he'd eat them. 

Sam:  Did you say we have donuts?  Are there any left?  I'll just go check.

Rusty:  You can read about Miles' visit at Meezer Tails.

Hey, we're all excited because it's Funny Farmer Friday for us felines over at Mousebreath again.  This week we interviewed all the kitties from The Cat On My Head.  There are 8 of them.  Let's see if we can remember all the names - Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

Their mom is a Cute Head.  She signed up with Cute Transport Network at Your Daily Cute to help transport kitties to their new home or a rescue. The drivers are called Cute Heads. 

Stop by Mousebreath to read Every Cute Head Needs A Cat … or Eight.  We think you'll enjoy it.   

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Old Texas Grouch

Sam in thundershirt

Hey, Sam here. We've been having some thunderstorms lately, so I've been wearing my thundershirt again.  I'm so grateful Khyra shared this part of her prize with me a while ago because this has helped. Over time, I've become less frightened but I still stick to Jan like glue before and during a t-storm. I've stopped shaking like a vibrating cement block, though. (A little humor there.  My nickname is Brick Butt, you know.)

But I'd really like to share a happy ending adoption story with you today.  Our Texas rescue friend Mark posted it on facebook and he said it's okay for us to share it with you for Thankful Thursday.  He's helped a LOT of dogs, including the vetting of little Luke, the lost puppy who stayed with us for five weeks.  Luke went home last Friday.

I'll let him tell the story in his own words. 

Last Friday, after having lunch together, a friend and I went by a rescue org I used to go to every day to give treats to all the orphans in the kennels - before I had the stupid hemmorhagic stroke when my blood pressure went through the roof from being involved in a cruelty case that wasn't moving fast enough. GRRRR!

Anyway, while we were getting out of the truck, there was a lady I knew with her little girl.  They had been visiting the orphans. I asked if they saw any they liked, to which they replied, "Yes, a kitten and a young lab male."

 I asked if they wanted to adopt them and the woman said they were short ten dollars, to which I replied I could get that much discounted. We went in and I made it happen. The kitten and the young lab went home where they will be inside and loved the rest of their lives. Makes you wonder why, or how, timing happened like this. Is He keeping an eye on me again?

That is the cutest kitty. Blue eyes, silver and white fur, with a loud yowl when it's not being held. The pup will whip you to death with his tail. LUVIT when things go like this.

Yep, Mark Crider, the Old Texas Grouch is coming back.

It's been a long, hard journey but nothing - not even a stroke can diminish the love Mark has for the orphans, as he calls the homeless furries. Welcome back, you old Texas grouch. You continue to make a difference.

Enter your Thankful Thursday post in Pepi's blog hop.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mom to Rascal and Rocco

Well, we asked you to tell us about your blog (or a friend's blog) for M&G.  We do this for blogging cats and dogs and rabbits and ... but this week we are doing this a little differently.  It's the story of Rascal and Rocco as told from the perspective of why their human helps them blog. 

I began blogging about Rascal and Rocco simply as a way to keep my sanity! I am only a slave to their every whim. They do not come and curl up on my lap (unless they decide they want to and then I am to comply or else!), or purr and love against my leg.  No, they demand food, attention, and the opening and closing of doors at their bidding.

They agreed to let me blog about them only because they believe they are the most fabulous looking beasts in the universe and they couldn’t wait to have their pictures plastered all over the internet so everyone could agree and admire them.

In fact, further proving their vanity, they’ve started the Pet Parade to show off in front of everyone and march their glorious paws all over the internet. They’d love for any and all pets and animals to follow in this weekly procession, so don’t be shy, join in!

I truly believe they are plotting to take over the world, but don’t tell that I’ve warned you!

They act like kings! If they so desire to nap in a particular place, anything in their way is shoved to floor without a second glance and I left for me to pick up. Not that’s they’d care if I just left it, but I would like my house to stay somewhat clean! I have never known such demanding cats as these! I might live in complete fear of them, if it weren’t for the comic relief they provide.

They are huge, but I don’t think they realize this. They try to squeeze into places where they don’t fit, boxes, bags, lunchboxes… and yes, have actually gotten stuck! They are also not so nimble as other cats I’ve known. They trip over things, misjudge a jump, or most often leap with an arrogant nose in the air, but rather than landing gracefully on the counter or what have you, paws will go every which direction like a cartoon character, and they’ll slip and fall to the ground! Then dash away with a wounded pride!

I find them sleeping in the oddest places, too, such as in the dish rack or a pizza box (when empty, but still warm). They constantly crack me up and rather than always sit here shaking my head in disbelief myself, I was compelled to share these stories with others who might enjoy, at least crack a smile, and possibly even sympathize with me, a slave to two obnoxious felines.

And now I have an adorable little dog, Max, who his wiggling his way into the blog as well.

Keep up with all their crazy antics at

Leah Mastilock is the creative mastermind behind the Rascal and Rocco blog. She loves all animals and nature and is passionate about doing her part to make this a better world. She also blogs about her other passions: art, kids, family, and homeschooling on her personal blog: Sandy Toes Creations.

Connect with her and the boys on FB: RascalandRocco,  Twitter: @RascalandRoccoG+: RascalandRocco,  and Bloglovin: LeahMastilock.

Be sure to go by to meet Rascal and Rocco the kitties, Max the dog, and Leah their human. 

And send us a write-up on your blog so we can post it here.  Click the mailbox in our sidebar.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Throw the Dinner Roll Winner

Today's the big day when we announce the winner of our giveaway.

Luke went home Friday, but since he's the reason Jan twisted our paws to give away Fizzion, we're posting the Pee Machine's photo here too. 

We made a list of all those who wanted to enter the giveaway and let choose the winner. 

And the winner is .... sorry, we don't have an audible drum roll, but we do have a leftover roll from Jan's dinner last night.  Perhaps we should throw that? 

The winner is Stella Rose Long. from the Three Little Pugs.  Be on the lookout  for an email from us, Stella.

Thank you, Entirely Pets, for sponsoring this giveaway.  We do appreciate it.  And since the Pee Machine has left the premises, Jan will be giving Fizzion a workout on the stains he left behind and then writing a review. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Funny Farmers Rule

Excuse us while we finish breakfast and then we'll give you a Sunday Smile.  Okay, now we're done.

We have a funny video for you today.  It's a cat video but we live with cats, so we figure no one will notice we're dogs introducing a cat.  A bossy cat telling his humans not to raise a hand in his presence.  And he gets away with it.  He wouldn't dare do that around here or he'd get a big paw swat on the rump.  Dogs rule!

Buddy:  What was that, Percy?

Sam:  Percy said to move things along, he's getting bored.  And cats rule!

Merci:  Okay, I'm a female.  I can talk faster so I'll finish.  The Funny Farmers united rule ... er. rule something or other.  Enjoy the video.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Luke is Home

Luke resting with a small portion of his toy pile and shredded papers.
We weren't going to do a post today but we have an exciting story we want to share.

Luke arrived unexpectedly for a weekend and stayed for 5 weeks.  It has been a time of mixed emotions.  He's been cute, he liked to cuddle (for half a second), he's been fun, he's been a pain in the butt, he's kept Jan busy cleaning up after him, he's been destructive ....

He was found early one Saturday morning playing in the street.  A concerned man rescued him and when he couldn't find an owner, a neighbor suggested Jan.  She accepted Luke rather than let him run loose and be hit by a car.

Jan couldn't locate an owner either.  He seemed to be just another young animal abandoned in this area. So she borrowed a crate from the local Humane Society.  A few days later she contacted  an out of area rescue coordinator who found a rescue to accept him.  The rescue located a foster. But transportation didn't come together.

Meanwhile, he needed to be vetted. Enter Mark the gruff Texas rescuer with a soft heart.  This Thursday, thanks to another ride from kind neighbor, Luke had his boosters and rabies vaccination, etc. 

Friday morning, Luke was alone in the back pen when he ran for the gate and stared, tail wagging.  Jan couldn't see whoever was passing.  A few hours later there was a knock at the door.

Luke's family had only had him for a few days when he went out to do his business and disappeared.  A neighbor told him about the woman walking the dog around the neighborhood trying to find an owner, but he'd lost the phone number and couldn't remember where Jan lived.  They had given up hope of ever seeing him again.

Until Friday when they just happened to be walking by and saw Luke in the back yard.  He sure looked like their puppy, although quite a bit bigger.  (Luke is a bassett hound mix and he has grown!) So the man and his oldest son came over to ask about the dog.

After a lot of questions to be sure this wasn't a hoax, Jan brought Luke outside.  He was so excited to see the guy, he peed on the porch.  And when the guy's mother (Luke had been a gift to her) came walking across the street, Luke took off to greet her.   Later the man came back to return our leash and introduced Jan to his wife and two younger children.  They were all thrilled to have their puppy back.

As you can guess, his name is not Luke.  Jan gave him that name for his medical records.  She thought he was lucky to be rescued but she didn't think Lucky suited him.  Luke did and he answered to it from the first.  When she looked it up recently, Luke means Light and a nickname is Lucky.  He will always be Luke to us.

And Jan finally understood why Luke was still here after five weeks.  So he could go home!

There are several people who helped with Luke in one way or another: Kay, Chief Greathouse, ACO Bobby, Peggy, Connie, Mark, Cindy, Pat, the rescue and foster who were willing to take him in (Luke going home opens a spot for another dog in need).  Did we leave out anyone?  Oh, yes, Mr. Doug.  He took Jan to the store today to buy another bag of Puppy Chow. 

We should all sleep well tonight!  Luke has been harassing all of us old fogies to play with him.  It will be nice to not be barked at or have our ears pulled.  On the other hand, it's going to be too quiet around here for a while.  We've kinda gotten attached to the little monster. Guess we'll miss him.  sniff ... sniff ... Anyone have a tissue handy?

PS - If you haven't read this week's Mousebreath interview, you'll find the link in yesterday's post.

PPS - Our giveaway ends at midnight tonight.  Anyone in the US, UK and Canada can enter.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The PDX Pride Speaks

This week we interviewed the PDX Pride - Rori, Heimdall, Carbon, Tabby, Starla, Missy, Freya and Little Bit.  We're sorry Miss Marble had to run off to the bridge during the interview process. She was still young, only about two years of age. We would have liked to get to know her better. 

Stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats, and read Flying High with the PDX Pride.  You'll enjoy learning more about the adopted siblings.

Oh, in case you wonder if there was a Mousebreath interview posted last Friday, there wasn't.  We juggled like crazy to have one for you, but roadblocks happen - illness, vacations, visitors, you name it, we run into it.  We decided to not stress out over it and just take it in stride.

Well, we won't mention the bald patch on Cyndi's tail.  We told her not to stress, that no one would notice.  She stressed anyway. 

Our giveaway ends tomorrow night, so if you live in the US, UK or Canada, go enter. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful for What Is IT

Hey, Percy and Micah here with today's Thankful Thursday.  It was kind of a surprise to suddenly realize Thursday has arrived and we're not prepared.  We've been so busy time just got away from us.

In fact, Jan looked at the calendar yesterday and realized her friend Mark was right when he emailed last week it was time to take Luke back for his shots.  Either she can't count (a distinct possibility) or she lost a whole week somewhere and needs to find it ASAP cause she really needs the time.  Last week she was really determined to finally learn SOMETHING in a program she's been trying to figure out for several months.  And she did.  Sort of.

If you ever figure out what it is, please let us know.  Actually, it isn't edible so we don't really care, but Jan would sure like to know.  It's her test drawing in a really old program. 

So we can be thankful Jan finally got past that mental block.

And we can be thankful, even though it's pouring rain, the temperature has dropped considerably.  Jan has a terrible heat rash and she's been miserable to live with. 

On this note, we will join the Thankful Thursday blog hop over at PepiSmartDog.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet & Greet Susie and Sidebite

It's time for our weekly Meet & Greet. We finally posted a link from the Blogville Chronicle to last week's post.  We'll try to remember to post a link in a more timely fashion this week.  We've just been so danged busy that Jan forgets to remind us that we've forgotten we didn't remember to do something.  See, it's all Jan's fault!

On a less confusing note, we have two good-looking, mischievous Scotties, Susie and Sidebite, today.  We'll let them introduce themselves.


Hi, Blogville, we are Susie and Sidebite, best known as “The Mad Scots.”  Why?  Because we are.  So are our Mom and our really Mad Scot Dad!

Our blog is mostly about the Adventures of ME, Susie, nut case Bites and our Dad. See, I was a very badly abused puppy mill rescue who was just about to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge, when they came along and I saved them. Heeheehee.  It took a very long and hard year for ME to become a real Scottie with the help of my bubby Sidebite, who taught me how to be a Scottie and my pal Shadow who showed ME the ropes and fun of being a dog. Now I am know as “Little Sweetie Petunia,” or as Mom calls me, “Little Miss Stubborn.” Well, after all I AM A SCOTTIE! Now life has become a bundle of happy all day long! My job is to guard the back yard.  I like protecting MY yard, barking and sleeping with Mom at Night.

Now about that Sidebite, AKA “Dude."  He really is a true Scottie from tip to tail.  See,he is an AKC registered Scottie with a real pedigree and a Krazy name of Sir Duffy Carbon “Sidebite” Bean. You would not believe he is a Sir, or AKC.  He told Dad right off that he was not a show dog and not taking training.  Nope, no way, not ever gonna happen so don't even try! His big thing in life is playing with his collection of 40 tennis balls with Dad, and taking naps in his chair with Dad, Ohhhhh, and doing zoomies with lots of BARKING!

Bites, is my real close bubby, we do everything together in the back yard, except when Dad is around and he tries to act like he doesn't know ME, but I know he loves ME. See the nut sleeps in front of MY dog house unless he can con ME into letting him in, and more than not I do! I Loves MY Bubby!

You can read more about Susie and her bubby Sidebite on their blog.  It's titled ... um, let's see, what is it called?  Oh, yeah, Susie and Sidebite.

Who would like to volunteer to be our next meet & greet blogging furry?  Send us something about yourself or a little information on a blog you enjoy - new or old.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Luke the Pee Machine

We love giving things away.  This time we chose -- well, we should say Jan talked us into choosing a product your humans will want to win.

The reason for twisting our legs is because of little Luke.  (How could that adorable face cause so much extra work?  Not for us!  Cleaning is Jan's department. )

He's been a pee machine since he arrived and although he is doing better, he isn't perfect.  His departure was delayed but he might leave this week or perhaps next. When he is gone, Jan will have a lot of cleaning to do!  So for Jan's sake, we chose Fizzion.  We know some of you are already familiar with this product. 

If you aren't familiar with the product, you can find more details about it at its home site,

This is also supposed to clean vomit and other stains, so since Luke is visiting us and not visiting you, you most likely don't have to worry about pee stains.  Oh, wait, accidents do happen in the best of homes.  And what about cat or dog vomit stains?  Yes, you definitely do want to win this for your human!

Entering is easy.  Just leave a comment saying you'd like to win.  If your human tried the product already, tell us how she (or he) liked it.

If you live in the US, UK or Canada, you can enter between now and midnight this Saturday, August 17.  We will use and the winner will be announced on Monday, August 19. Be sure to enter and to tell your friends.

Jan is optimistic this product will help clean up after Luke's accidents, so we will also be doing a review of Fizzion in the near future.

Thanks to Entirely Pets for sponsoring this giveaway.

UPDATE:  Hey, we found there's a Scoop That Poop blog hop today.  And since Jan is an expert at poop scooping with all of us including little Luke, we asked if we can join it. (Cleaning up pee stains is related, you know. Distant cousins, perhaps, but in the same family as scooping poop.)

The blog hop is hosted by our friends Garth Riley, Golden Sugar and Gizmo. Stop by and check out their scoop the poop giveaway.  You could win a year's supply of poop bags.  So check out the three hosts and the other participants.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Compilation of Cats

Hey, it's me, Cyndi.  It's been a while since I've had a chance to host a post on my own.  I sure hope you remember me.  Please excuse me a moment so I can scarf down these treats before Percy steals them.

I have another Sunday Smile for you today.  The video will make you laugh, but first I picked out a joke for Jan.  (She doesn't have an iPad so she likely won't get it.) This is why seniors still need newspapers.

I was visiting my daughter last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

"This is the 21st century," she said. "We don't waste money on newspapers.  Here, use my I Pad."

I can tell you this:  that fly never knew what hit him.

UPDATE:  I just earned AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles included a link to JFF in today's A Sunday Drive . It's always nice to be thought of. Thanks, Jerry. 

And now for the fun, a compilation of cats.  Enjoy.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

B is for Buddy

We thought we would feature Buddy today on Thankful Thursday.  Mr. Buddy, Journalist, was the inspiration for Jan's Funny Farm.  He was the cutest reporter to ever wear a writing hat, even if it was too big for his head.

Later, he became the famous Dr. Buddy, brain surgeon.

And he is still our clown.  As a puppy, he used to chew on a squeaker toy, then carry on a conversation with it.  After a long hiatus from play, just today he was seen and heard chewing on a toy and offering to operate without charge on its squeaker that little Luke broke.

Buddy, we love you.