Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Card

Sam: Someone who doesn't have a computer or a blog asked Jan how she got us to pose so nicely together.  She blinked hard with one eye and said, " What can I say? I just asked them to get together for a family portrait and they did. They're just the perfect furry family, an inspiration to human furry lovers everywhere."  That really made our day!  How nice to know we're really appreciated.

Cyndi:  Uh, Sam, Jan was winking, not blinking hard with one eye. 

Sam: So what's the difference?

Cyndi:  Well, if she blinks hard, she has something in her eye.  But a wink means she's ly- uh, she's not telling the tru-  um, how can I put this?  It means she's making a joke at our expense. 

Sam:  Oh, I like a good joke.  What's the punch line?  

Cyndi: We are, Sam.  Think about it. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bhu, Empire Opurrator

This week we interview the handsome Bhu from the Pattyskypants & Bhu blog.   He was not originally  intended to be a part of the blog, but he's just so darn cute, he quickly became  the S-T-A-R. You can read the in-depth interview exclusively at Mousebreath, Bhu, V..P. for Empire Opurrations

We'd like to add a couple of links for bloggers.

1)  We have written a number of times about the frustrations of word verification, so we were glad to see this story on The Real Blogger Status - If you Use CAPTCHA .. Try Publishing a Comment as a Guest.

2) If you have ads or write reviews on your blog, you need to be aware of and follow the latest FTC regulations.  They've made the rules stricter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brr Shiver Shake Sniffle

Zzzzzz, shiver, shiver, snort, shiver, zzzzzzzz .....
We figured today is a good day to be thankful we don't live outdoors.  The calendar might say "spring" but spring seems to be on vacation.  It's cold in here!!!  So we're all shivering and snuggling. And Jan is sniffling. But we're grateful we're not outside where it's even colder and the wind is gusting. Seriously, we are. 

Some of you have been having snowstorms and worse weather than we've had.  We hope you are all warm, safe and dry.  

And now if you'll excuse us, we're going to try to huddle for warmth. Spring has to arrive eventually. Uh, it does, doesn't it?

Today is Pepi's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  Maybe all that hopping will keep us warm.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheesecake Loves Doxies

Hey, Cameron here. I want to share some interspecies bonding fun today.

*Buddy: Hey, they already know we Funny Farmers cats and dogs have bonded.*

No, not us.  I mean species other than cats and dogs bonding.  For example, in this very short video, Cheesecake the capybara has mothered daschund puppies someone locked in a plastic container and dumped.  They are quite happy and healthy, thanks to Cheesecake.

Here, see for yourself.

If the video doesn't play, click here

Rather than try to contact all the blogging cats we've interviewed since we changed the badge a few months ago to add Micah, we're just going to post a message here.  We have emailed every cat from 2013.

If you were interviewed and received the above badge to post with a link to your story in your sidebar, please contact us so we can email you the correct one.  Your should have received the badge that reads: My blog was featured in an interview by the Funny Farmer Felines on Mousebreath.

Sorry for any inconvenience.  The interviews will continue on Friday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Micah Shushes Kids

Shhhhh, Micah here, hiding under the bed for a very hush-hush post today.  If Jan finds out I posted her picture, I'll be in big-time trouble.

First, remember this recent picture of Cynthia holding Daphne, the two-day old baby goat? She was 2 weeks old on Friday. 

Well, Cynthia and Jan went back Thursday to see two new goats born the day before.  This is Jan holding one of them. 

There were also two newborn goats there, not even an hour old.  This is the talkative one with mama Nanny to the right..  She wasn't due till this week but guess she was jealous of all the attention the other two mothers were getting.

All five of the kids, including Daphne, were girls so they will grow up to be milk goats.

Oh, and Jan said young goats in a barn aren't much different than dogs and cats in the house.  The day-old goats were busy checking out our smell on her clothes and then we checked her out when she came home.


Jan finished the graphics Friday night for the Furriends of the CB auction for ML . ML has done so much over the years to help many of us.  Her auction will begin tomorrow, Monday.  This is the matching badge for your sidebar or a post.  The link is -

Even after the auction has begun, you can email Marg ( margaretmsa AT gmail DOT com) about any items you would like to donate.  Send her a photo of the item(s ), include a description and a suggested opening bid for each.  She also needs to know whether shipping is included, as well as whether you will ship domestic only or also international.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Cottage Critters

This week we cats have interviewed the felines from Critters in the Cottage.  If you haven't met Levon, Leo, Esme, Tulip, Malou and Mitalee yet, or you want to learn more about them, be sure to go by Mousebreath and read their in-depth interview, Colorful Critters in the Cottage.

Well, this year the first day of spring hit a detour and got lost.  Instead, winter took what we hope is its final thrust at making us feel cold and miserable.  Surprisingly, we were expecting sleet and even possible snow flurries last night.  We don't know what we got since we slept through it but it was wet outside this morning.  For those of you who are still getting snow, sleet, ice or brrrr temperatures - in other words, winter - we hope spring gets its GPS fixed so it can find all of us soon and thaw us out..

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lights, Phone, Safety

Hey, Cyndi here.  I'm the only female feline now so I have to scowl and meow fiercely to get a turn at the computer.  It's Thankful Thursday and I want to tell you something I ... something we are all thankful for this week.

This is part of the view from our front porch.  The building on the left is Walgreen's Drug Store.  It's on a corner with traffic lights. 

Monday night a bad storm moved through the area.  Our lights went on / off / on / off and finally decided to stay on.  But just across the highway at the traffic light, the electricity went off for 3 hours.  In some areas of the county, it came back on at ten p.m.  Places on our side of the road - such as Dairy Queen, Hardee's, Walgreen's and Rite Aid were open and doing a booming business.  Other businesses - such as  Wal-mart, gas stations, Burger King, McDonald's, etc.- had to close since they could not pump gas or use their registers.

We were sure glad to have our electricity stay on.  The wind was gusty and Jan decided to keep busy cleaning to take her mind off the storm.  Sam did a LOT of panting and screeching.  The panting was from fear.  The screeching was because he was glued to Jan and as she moved around, she kept stepping on his paws or tripping over him.  He should be getting a Thundershirt soon and we are all hoping it will help his anxiety.

Update: We had a comment asking what is a thundershirt.  We were aware they have these for dogs, but we now know they also have them for cats.  You can read about each by clicking on the appropriate link, but you can buy them online or in stores such as Petsmart.

We asked recently if anyone has had experience with Charter's phone and internet service.  Jan decided we won't look into it any further.  A friend who has both Charter services lost her phone and internet Monday night when the electric went out.  She didn't get the cable services back until Wednesday afternoon.  In an emergency, a phone could be a lifesaver, so we think we'll stick with a landline, since Jan doesn't have a cell phone for a backup.

We are most thankful for being safe through the storm.  

Visit PepiSmartDog to join the bloghop. (Click on the first link below to find Pepi.)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rusty Dances, Rusty Snores

Zzzzzzzzz, snort, zzzzzzz, snort, snort ....

Our Rusty has been doing a lot of this today.  It took us a while to find out what made him so tired.

It seems Rusty wanted to surprise us - and he did.  But he's been too tired to tell us what he did so we only found out by accident.

Remember Skeezix and the Mousebreath Cat Dancers?  Well, Rusty is in another video with them, only this time for St. Patrick's Day.  That was yesterday, so imagine our surprise to stop by today and watch the video, thinking that looks like our Rusty. But it can't be.  Can it? 

For such a big guy - as big as Merci, just not as long - can he ever dance! Go, Rusty, go!

Pop on over to Mousebreath and watch Rusty dance in the video.

You might also stop by Skeezix's blog and see his Happy Muther's Milk Day video with Tripper, the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face.

While you do that, we'll join Rusty in a nap. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lookin A Liddle Green

Whaddaya mean we're lookin a liddle green around the gills?  Have you looked in a mirror today?
Percy and Sam and all the rest of us Funny Farmers would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh, in case you aren't aware, Bogden's Morning Scratch has been posting again for a while.  He turned off word verification yesterday.  We're glad he's back.  Hope you'll visit.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Prancer, Pip and Puddles

This week we have the cats from the Prancer Pie blog as our interview guests.  We're sure you'll learn some things about them you didn't know - or have forgotten.  Stop by Mousebreath to read their story, The 4 Ps ... Prancer, Princess, Precious and Princeton.

As many of you know, Princess left for the bridge very unexpectedly last Saturday, so this - her last interview  - is dedicated to her. 

Prancer will be visiting the vet Monday and his mom is very nervous after losing Princess last Saturday when she took her to the vet, so purrs would be welcomed.  

Today, March 15, is a very special day for the Dynamic Duo of Puddles and Pip.  They have brought so much joy (and mayhem) to our lives that Blogville's Mayoress Madi has declared this Pip and Puddles Appreciation day.  And they are being awarded the following Blogville honors- Pip will be bestowed the title "Blogville King of Cheeseburgers"  and Puddle with the title "Blogville Queen of Merriment and Mayhem."

We are so happy for both of them, knowing full well they deserve this honor - and more.  For example, Puddles should have her driving privileges restored in North or South Carolina (or both?) and anywhere else she's currently only licensed to walk, not drive.

Pip and Puddles, we will never forget the day you came to visit and we had so much fun (and only caused two accidents).  Riding the rails at Six Flags Over Georgia, speed-boating down the Flint River with the wind blowing Buddy's ears, pigging out at an all you can eat catfish buffet, and sharing Cheetos with the feline Funny Farmers (who had enough sense to not ride in a sports car with Puddles driving).  Sometimes we go back and read 6 Flags and 5 Fruitcakes again.  We don't ever want to forget that perfect day. And we only received 3 letters of complaint after you left.  That's probably a record for you two.

Mr. Pip and Nurse Puddles, thank you for being our friends.  We will always treasure your friendship.

Enjoy your special day.  Tomorrow Madi will send you a bill for the party damages to Blogville. :)

Today is another special event at the Tabby Cat Club -  Beware the KittIDES of March!!!  Hosted by Sparky.  Stop by and check it out.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just My Size Thankful Thursday

Hey, Merci here with our Thankful Thursday post.  When Jan came back from reporting our phone and internet outage Tuesday, she found two large, heavy boxes on our front porch.  This is what happened as soon as she opened one.  Yep, here came Percy and Sam to check it out and to hog the photographs. 

Percy:  Hey, Sam, look at what we got.  Munchies.

Sam:  Oh, good.  Is it time to eat yet?

Percy: This can't be right.  There isn't anything here except bags of dog food.  Where are the bags of cat food?

 Sam:  I don't know, Percy, but these bags all say "Small & Toy Breed" on them.  When did we start feeding our toys?

Merci: While Percy and Sam ponder their questions, I'd like to say a fervent thank you to the donor.  What Percy and Sam haven't quite figured out yet is that I am a small dog who has always eaten whatever the big guys eat. So, thank you, you-know-who-you-are, for the just-my-size Science Diet bags of food. 

Join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kid Daphne

Well, now we all know what Jan was doing Sunday afternoon.  Yep, hanging around with goats.  That's 2-day old Daphne being cuddled by Jan's friend Cynthia.  And behind her, pretending to look the other way but actually keeping an eye on her baby, is mom Cherry. 

No, we weren't invited.  And actually neither was Jan.  She invited herself so she could meet the little kid and take her picture. 

Jan wanted to hold Daphne and get her picture taken with her too, but ... well, we all know how quickly Jan forgets what she's doing ... or where she's going ..... or what she was talking about.  But if Buddy should happen to swipe her morning toast with butter and jelly (2 pieces) 2 mornings in a row, that she remembers.

We were going to post this yesterday but we lost internet for a short time in the morning and then it went dead in the afternoon.  When Jan tried to report it, she found we had no dial tone.  She went to a neighbor's house to use their phone and  they were getting their service switched from the local phone company to Charter and they had no phone service.  But they did have a cell phone.

And as we said, Jan forgets.  Don't believe us?  When the auto message told her to give the phone number with the problem, she started tapping in her brother's phone number.  Why?  Well, I never dial my own number

When the Charter guy came inside, they asked him if he'd done anything to kill our phone and he said no, he'd just disconnected something or other for their phone.  But when Jan came home after a while, our phone and DSL were working again.  

Coincidence?  Jan is now thinking about checking into changing our phone and DSL to Charter.  Do any of you have Charter phone and internet service?  Is it reliable?  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Waiting for Breakfast

Cyndi, Micah and Rusty waiting for breakfast. What are they all staring at?  Why, Percy, of course. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Jan gets excited over the strangest things.  For example, this morning she got all excited because Micah showed up for breakfast.  Now the rest of us showed up too, but did Jan care?  Nooooooo!  She says we show up every chance we get, whether it's time to eat or not.  So what was so special about Micah?

Micah spent 4 1/2 months living in abject fear of Percy.  He hid everywhere - under the bed, under the desk, under the keyboard, etc.  He has only been wandering the house on his own for less than a month and every morning Jan had to take his food to wherever he was, even if he was curled up in a dishpan bed under the microwave or on a chair under the table. 

But today when the dishes started rattling, she found him sitting on the stool between the washer and dryer.  From there he climbed onto the dryer - even though Rusty was already sitting there - and turned his back to Rusty.  Wow!

And if that wasn't enough to get Jan's knees creaking with the urge to dance, Percy was sitting next to the fridge right across from Micah.  There is still an occasional squabble, but Micah and Percy seem to be adjusting to sharing the same space at last.  When it's cold, Micah lives in the kitchen (by choice).  If we have a warm day, he comes out and sleeps on the cat tower near the computer.

We are thrilled that all the Royals are safely home now.  Emily arrived in UT on Saturday.  Kevin of the Animal Shelter Volunteer blog drove the last transport leg last night and handed Marigold and Brutus to Laura who has started the Heaven Sent To Me blog for them.  It's also the new home of Iris and Maxie, as Lilly Lu's blog has closed since she left for the bridge.

They could still use some prayers, as Laura's landlady has become - shall we say, not so nice? - since Friday.

Don't miss Part I of the Royals' rescue story on Savannah's blog.  She will do the rest of the story over the next 3 Mondays.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Smile

Buddy:  What?  Do I have my ears on backwards?  Jan said Sunday is a day of rest.  I'm resting.  Stop gawking.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sam is 7

A big Happy Birthday shout to our extra large handsome guy with the great sense of hat fashion. 

We couldn't do this blog without your humor, Sam.  So take the day off and have some fun.  You need to report back to work first thing in the morning.  

Friday, March 08, 2013

The Blues Brothers Speak

These handsome mancats are Bugsy and Knuckles from the old Max the Quilt Cat blog.  We Funny Farmer Felines interviewed them and they kindly gave us an exclusive on the future of their blog.  Today is the unveiling of their new blog name and a new direction for their blog.  Be sure to stop by Mousebreath to read The Blues Brothers, Bugsy and Knuckles.

Graphic by Zoolatry 

If you haven't heard yet about Zoolatry being Scroogled, you can read her post here. The Zoolatry Human has been sending out a weekly email on our interviews for quite a while, plus she sends out graphics and news of illnesses, losses, special events, etc. around the pet blogosphere, so we are a bit upset this has happened to her..  We are grateful she is so helpful to so many, including us.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Almost Thankful Thursday

Hey, Buddy here with an Almost Thankful Thursday report.

See, yesterday Jan splurged and bought a small frozen pizza for her dinner.  (Key word here is "her."  We furries weren't invited to the pizza pig-out.)   I went and sat next to her, telling her I had to go out.  So, leaving one slice on the plate ...

... she went to open the door for me.  Only I didn't come.  She looked back and the plate was empty.

She screamed.  I ran.  The pizza slice had a big tear in it but I didn't get to actually eat any of it.  Thus, today is Almost Thankful Thursday. 

Well, come to think of it, I'm still in one piece, so perhaps this really is Thankful Thursday, after all.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Merci and the Royals

Hey, Merci here.  Do I look cold to you?  I feel cold.  I'm so glad winter will soon be over.   The wind is really blowing today, but at least it isn't snowing, as it is in some areas.

Buddy asked me to tell you he's feeling much better that he was, even though he was stabbed ... uh, vaccinated Monday.  His skin is healing well.  He does have the occasional itch and scratch or chew, but nothing like what he was going through!   Buddy was even playing with a tennis ball the other night, something he hasn't done in 6 years. He was only two when Miss Mother (our name for Jan's mother) died but he grieved - and aged.

We love good news and this definitely qualifies!  We are so glad the Royals will soon be safe and headed to their new homes. 

You can read the update on them - CB Update on Emily, Brutus and Marigold.

We'd sure love to hear some news of how ML is doing and any progress on Rose's final arrangements.  She's had two falls so news is scarce.

And speaking of the Royals, this was posted by Dorian Wagner on Facebook.

UPDATE:  Sorry, we forgot to post this update yesterday. The last leg was filled when two drivers offered to drive an extra hour each.  Bless them for this generous gift to all the kitties riding the transport Sunday.  But drivers are always needed.  Sign up today, if you would like to participate.

Anybody know anyone around here? We need ONE little leg covered for an insanely fabulous kitty-saving transport this weekend -- that includes The Royals! ♥

**Savannah, GA to Manning, SC - Saturday, March 9 in the afternoon**

Please share far and wide! Ask them to fill out this form if they can so I see:


This is the link for the form to fill out -

They can always use a reliable transport driver and the Royals are very dear to the CB's heart.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Buddy Stabbed, Video and Bridge

I got stabbed today.  My reward is I get to do today's post.

Have you ever seen a Scottie Pinwheel?  Well, you're in for a treat, just as they were. Because these Scotties are going to demonstrate the proper way to drink goat's milk.Watch closely and learn!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Oh, Jan says I have to stop exaggerating cause I did not get "stabbed."  I got a rabies vaccination.  SHE didn't get stabbed, so SHE can afford to be blase about it.  But I should know.  I'm the one that got STABBED!  

I wanted to share that first to make you smile, as the rest of the post is not a really happy one.  Four friends have left for the bridge within just 3 days. We are sad it came their time to go, but we are glad we had the opportunity to know them through their blogs.

And although most of you are already aware of these new bridge members, we want to do this as a small memorial post.

The lovely Grrreta.

The handsome Au of Katz Tales.  At this moment, there is still no post up for him but comments can be left on the blog regardless.

Chica, the heart cat of Wildcat Woods.

And today, the handsome and loveable Remington of The Life and Times of Remington.. 

We know there are a lot of tears being shed around the blogosphere.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Smile

Oh, yes, have we found the perfect song for Jan.  It's for aging, ancient, decrepit humans.We're sharing it because some of you readers might know someone else it will fit.  And even if you don't, at least you will get to know Jan better. 

The song is called Green Side of the Grass by Libby Allen.  And the next time Jan spends half the night yelling, "Shut up!" at Sam because he's standing at the bedroom door crying in the rain .... um, no, we mean crying inside while it rains outside cause he's terrified of thunderstorms .... we'll just remind the old, gray, cranky lady that, okay, you didn't get much sleep last night, but you woke up on the right side of the grass this morning.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Calypso & Zazou, Rusty and Dr Seuss

We don't believe a lot of you have met our interview subjects for this week, so we would like to introduce you to Calypso and Zazou.   These girls are beautiful ... and funny, as well.

Your Funny Farmer Feline reporters have once again asked the hard questions. When they began their blog in 2009, their goal was to take over the world.  How are they accomplishing this?  You can read this, and other responses in their Mousebreath interview Calypso & Zazou Take Over the World.  Don't miss it.  

Today is Rusty's birthday.  We're so excited that Jan actually read the calendar and made us a graphic ahead of time.  (She wasn't happy about the "cheapskate who won't spring for a cake" part, but, hey, the truth is the truth and we Funny Farmers always tell the truth..

It's Dr. Seuss' birthday in the blogosphere and we took the Dr. Seuss Day Challenge.  Not sure what that is, but we took it.  Or tried to.  None of us could stop laughing at Sam. 

Poor Sam.  He has more trouble getting a hat his size.  And it doesn't help that we played a prank on him.  (But, oh, did we have fun doing it!)