Friday, July 31, 2015

The Four Sisfurs

CYNDI:  Hooray, it's Funny Farmer Felines Friday and we're back on schedule again.

RUSTY:  Yes, today we have the lovely ladies from ... oh, wait, they don't have a blog. 

MICAH:  But they are Cat Scouts and they are earning a Merit Badge for telling their story.

PERCY:  Their story, Aspen with Sisfurs Willow, Mango and Tigger, can be found exclusively on Mousebreath, the cat ezine.  

And then you can visit any one or each of them at their Cat Scout Profile.

Friday is also time for the Pet Parade blog hop, hosted by by Rascal and Roscoe.  It is co-hosted by Bionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou, Love is being owned by a husky, and us (Jan's Funny Farm).

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Perfect Failure

MICAH:  We have been missing Cameron so we thought we would post one of his artistic photos for our viewing pleasure today. 

MERCI:  Today's post is going to be a little different.  As we have mentioned on a rare occasion or two over the years, Jan is old and falling apart.  She needs all the help she can find to take care of us, the house and the yard. 

CYNDI:  So Jan was thrilled when she unexpectedly found a Limited Edition Bissell Powerforce compact vacuum at Walmart Monday. The doors and windows of this old house leak dirt.  The last two or three months, Jan rolls out of bed in the morning and vacuums the whole house first thing.  

SAM:  She has a very lightweight vacuum that is versatile but it has poor suction and a very heavy upright with hose extensions and good suction that is hard to drag around.  Even though she had already vacuumed for the day, she tried the new one.  Wow, look at that dirt.  It sucked up a full load from the area carpet.  She would have done a happy dance, if it weren't for her ankles.  And the fact there was dust blowing out both sides of the machine.

MICAH:  The hose was nowhere near as long as it is pictured on the box, so it was really worthless for cleaning; however, she could easily lift the vacuum to clean our beds - top and bottom. 

RUSTY: When she went into the kitchen and popped out the container of dirt, dirt fell everywhere from the top filter area!  She cleaned everything up, washed the sink she'd rinsed the rag in, put everything back together and vacuumed up about 2/3 of another container in the rest of the house.  And then she took out the container of dirt and dirt fell out all over the place again.  On her, the dryer, the floor.  She washed everything again, including the sink and the floor.

BUDDY:  The container is upside down in the photo above to show how it was totally covered in dirt.  She tried to wash it out but found she could not reach the bottom.  She tried a toothbrush, a cotton swab, a rag.  She removed the black filter from the paper filter in the black bottom and tried to wash the parts.  She took the upper filter out, ran water through it and washed the plastic inside as best she could while loose dirt fell about. 

PERCY:  Tuesday morning she decided to give it one more try.  Nothing changed.  She cleaned up the machine as best she could with a dry cloth, cleaned up the loose dirt from the dryer, changed her shirt, wiped the floor with a damp rag and washed the sink.  And parked the vacuum, ready to pack up for return!

MERCI:  Then she decided to give it one more chance to act like a vacuum CLEANER.  And if it didn't, to take photos of how filthy the machine is after every use.  Jan has no intention of trying to wash it again before returning it to Walmart.  She grumbled about not paying to use something that takes twice as long to clean up after as it does to vacuum the whole house.

MARCUS:  Okay, can someone explain why Jan has been upset with me over a little spilled water when she has just spent two days spraying dirt around the house?  At least my mess was clean!

PERCY:  This is NOT a review.  Jan purchased this vacuum "cleaner".  If any of you are using a lightweight, full-service, not-too-expensive vacuum that works, would you share the name of the machine with us?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Crate Looked Friendlier

MERCI:  After the past few days, we thought we should take a moment to answer a few general questions asked or inferred about our latest posts.

RUSTY:  Yes.  First, there is no such thing as a tidal wave in Middle Georgia, so we were fine, although a bit waterlogged.  The wood floor, however is very old and not sealed so getting soaked is not good for it!

BUDDY:  Yes, we do miss the big water bowl in the living room.  It was not the first time it has been spilled but it was the most dramatic mishap to date.  The dual bowls on their side over three feet from where they were supposed to be and water clear across the room -- even on the computer desk!

Uh, Jan, you need some new photos of me.  Micah
MICAH:  Yes, Jan is very glad the coffee cup had a lid and did NOT contain coffee.  Watching a cup fly through the air gushing a stream of water across the carpet is a bit ... um, weird.

PERCY:  Oh, and by the way, Jan nearly had heart failure when she saw the cup flying and water spouting.  The desks are close together and this one holds computer equipment.

CYNDI:  Yes, Jan has washed the dirty towels from both water mishaps.  We are not expecting any new water accidents but around here one never knows when another wave will arrive.

SAM:  No, despite the recent water stories, Jan is not planning to raise fish.  We furries would enjoy catching our own snacks that but Jan says we'd find some way to overturn or smash the tank and she says we don't have enough towels for such a disaster.

MARCUS:  I know Jan means I would smash the tank and cause a flood, but I do behave!  In fact, when Jan told me to get out of her sight, I looked at her face and then at my crate and the crate looked so much friendlier than Jan's face, so I walked in to the far corner and lay down facing a bookcase.  Don't think Jan's perfect.  The bookcase needs to be dusted.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arc of Cold Water

CYNDI:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Guess who was yelling that Sunday morning?  Yep, you guessed correctly.  Jan

PERCY:  I want everyone to know it was NOT my fault.  It was an accident.  And it was Marcus' fault.  I'm usually very light on my paws.

SAM:  Yes, actually Marcus was his usual feisty self yesterday.  We had all been cooped up inside with no walks since Thursday because Jan couldn't walk on one ankle.

MARCUS:  She could have hopped.  If she had hopped along on our walks this weekend, I would have been exercised and this wouldn't have happened.

MERCI:  *haha*  Oh, sorry, Marcus, you're serious. But, remember, our friends read about our Tidal Wave in Middle Georgia last Thursday evening. 

RUSTY:  Jan fed us and started setting up at the other desk to eat her breakfast while doing her Bible study. She set a large coffee mug full of water down and was headed back to the kitchen when Marcus decided to chase Percy.

BUDDY:  Percy ran for the desk, leaped, and sent the coffee mug flying through the air.  It had a lid but since there was a hole to sip from and the lid was traveling at a high altitude and speed, there was an arc of cold water streaming ahead of the mug across the room. 

MICAH:  Jan was so upset with Marcus, she told him to get out of her sight!  So he walked into his crate and lay down at the far end with his back to all of us. It was quiet for the rest of the morning.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tidal Wave in Middle Georgia

BUDDY:  Here's a picture of me so you don't forget what I look like.  We canines are in the doghouse for something we didn't do and Jan just might forget to let us out for a while so we can post.

CYNDI:  Of course the dogs didn't do it.  *wink, wink*  While they were at dinner, someone must have opened the front door and -

MERCI:  A tidal wave swept through here.  *nods head*  Seriously, it was a complete surprise.  Especially to Jan.

SAM:  She's had a hard week trying to keep up with everything while her ankle pain and swelling spread till she can barely stand on either foot and hobble.

MICAH:  She can't even sit at the computer very long now, so she was going to feed us, heat some leftovers and go to bed early. And stay there.

RUSTY:  But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and Jan.  She fed us and walked into the living room ... and screamed.  The room was under water.

MARCUS:  Well, not quite under water, but there was water from one corner of the room clear across to the computer desk at the other end.

PERCY:  We had to cover our ears while Jan yelled words on the Do-Not-Use List and wobbled around the house digging out towels and t-shirt rags to try to stop the flood and soak up some water in the carpet.

BUDDY:  We have - or we had two huge stainless steel water bowls inside bigger plastic bowls to catch spillage.  One set was in the living room.  Has been for about ten years.

MERCI:  Both of those bowls were on their side about 3 feet away from where they were supposed to be.  Smack in the middle of the knee-high water.

SAM:  It was not knee-high water.  Don't exaggerate, Merci.

MERCI:  How do you know, Sam?   My knees are closer to the carpet than your knees.

CYNDI:  It's hot and we've all been drinking a lot of water so Jan has been keeping the water bowls filled higher than she usually does.

RUSTY:  Now we don't have one in the living room.  And it's all ... um, it's all because of a freak act of nature.  I mean, who could have guessed we could have a tidal wave in the middle of Georgia?

MARCUS:  Somehow this has got to be Jan's fault.  We furries are so good.  We never cause problems.

PERCY:  Marcus, your name is written all over this accident.  Don't press your luck.

Note:  Due to the tidal wave and Jan's health, there is no Mousebreath interview this week. 

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shot in Butt Present

CYNDI:  Hey, Merci, come see what came Special Delivery for you yesterday.

MARCUS:  You wanted a birthday cake yesterday (Merci is 13 or 14) and the Love is being owned by a husky crew sent one over.  But Jan is just telling us about it now.

MICAH:  You're lucky Jan was out with friends much of the day stuffing her face with pizza or there might not be any left for you.

MERCI:  Hey, this is great.  I've never had such a tall cake before.  There's enough for all of us and our readers to have some.

SAM:  So what was the best present you received?  A day of peace and quiet without Jan?  A new ... hey, she did give you a present, didn't she?

MERCI:  Thank you for the lovely cake and card, Jenna and crew.  I got my best present Monday when I went to the vet.

BUDDY:  But you went to get a shot in the butt.  What was so great about that?

MERCI:  *dreamily*  Mr. Doug. He carried me to the car and put me in the back seat himself.

CYNDI:  Yeah, he left Jan to haul my carrier on her lap.  Merci crawled up between the seats so she could be closer to Mr. Doug.

PERCY:  Cyndi, did he carry you when you reached the vet's office?

CYNDI:  Are you kidding?  He picked up Merci and left Jan to figure out how to get out of the van with a cat carrier.

MERCI:  And he held me while the vet poked a hole in my butt.  Jan said something about not letting me see the needle or I'd pee and poop in panic.  That wasn't a very nice thing to say in front of Mr. Doug.  Just because the vet suddenly appeared once with a gigantic needle in his hand and scared the ... um, crap and pee out of me, doesn't mean it's my normal reaction.

CYNDI:  Then the tech scooped up my carrier and ran off with me.  I was all alone when the vet poked me.

BUDDY:  I heard you hid under the bedding in the back of the carrier, Cyndi, and didn't come out until you were safely home.

CYNDI:  Jan put me in the back seat for the trip home and Merci sat on her lap.  Merci didn't take her eyes off of Mr. Doug.  In fact, when he parked and walked around the front of the van, Merci turned her body to keep her eyes on him.  She turned just a bit too far and fell off Jan's lap.

MERCI:  You couldn't see anything from under your bed in the back seat.

CYNDI:  I saw everything with one eye peeking out from beneath my cave.

MERCI:  At least Mr. Doug carried ME to the house.  He should have stayed.  We don't get to see him very often.

PERCY:  Cyndi has a birthday and is gifted with a cake and she's thankful for a shot in the butt?  I wonder what Sigmund Freud would make of this?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Merci is 13 or 14

RUSTY: Oh, nooooooo, not again!It's Merci's birthday/gotcha day and we forgot to prepare a post.

SAM:  Well, Jan has been distracted lately.  And if she's distracted, we all suffer.

RUSTY:  Yes, we're lucky she remembers to feed us when she has something on her mind.

MARCUS:  Does that mean she has a small mind?

CYNDI:  Probably.  She only has room for one major thought at a time.

MARCUS:  Can we order her a larger mind so she can worry and still remember to feed us?

BUDDY:  I don't think it quite works that way.  I've only heard of small minds and narrow minds being popular. Anyone know where to order a larger size?

SAM:  Ahem, does anyone remember why we are doing this emergency post today?

CYNDI:  Oh, right.  It's Merci's assigned birthday and her real gotcha day and she is ... um, she is ...

RUSTY:  She is a young and lovely 13 or 14 years old.

MERCI:  Gee, thanks, guys.  I hope Jan remembered a cake.  There is a cake, isn't there?  Jan never remembers the cake!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Private Dining Car

MARCUS:  Hey, Jan finally let me back in my private dining room again.  Perhaps I should call it a private dining car since it can be moved around.

PERCY:  Marcus is a little piggy and he can't wait for Jan to take pictures when the other dogs are in the same room with him.

MICAH:  But he loves to eat in his crate.  He gets special attention and he gets to eat his food before the others while Jan takes his picture. 

MERCI:  The reason for the pictures is we are taste testing the grain and gluten free Super Premium Evangers Beef Dinner with spinach and kale. Duck, chicken and lamb are also available.

RUSTY:  Jan is a bit annoyed because she can not read the back of the can, not even with a magnifying glass under a light.  So I borrowed her reading glasses and found she's right. The front is legible but the back is dark blue and reflects light.

CYNDI: According to the flyer that came with the food:

  •    It is made in the USA with no ingredients from China EVER.   
  •    50% of the ingredients are sourced locally, daily and used within 24 hours.
  •    Remaining 10% direct from American farmers or US-sourced suppliers. 

BUDDY:  As usual, Jan shares one can at a time among us and mixes the canned with our kibble and other goodies.  While you guys are chattering, I'll just go ahead and try some.

SAM:  It's about time Jan said we can eat.  We could have died of starvation waiting for our turn to get our picture taken.  Wonder how Jan would like staring at food without being able to taste it?

MARCUS:  Actually, I already finished my breakfast.  I just wanted to post another picture of myself.

We canines enjoyed the Super Premium Evangers Beef Dinner mixed with our food.  We give it four paws up for taste.

And we give eight paws up (canines and felines) on packaging food and treats to always arrive without dents or breakage.

Chewy supplied the food to sample for this review, but we were not paid, nor influenced in what to say. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sweet and Spicy Sisfurs

RUSTY:  Well, another week has flown by.  The heat and humidity have been good for nothing except napping.  The zzzzzs have been flying.

MICAH:  True, but someone gave Jan a shot of nip or something.  She's been running around like a house afire, swollen ankle and all.  Can someone find the STOP button on her so we can get some rest?

CYNDI:  We made some new friends and have a fresh interview for you this week, the lovely sisfurs from the blog Peaches and Paprika.

PERCY:  You can read their story, Sweet and Spicy Peaches and Paprika, exclusively at that wonderful cat ezine Mousebreath.

Friday is also time for the Pet Parade blog hop, hosted by by Rascal and Roscoe.  It is co-hosted by Bionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou, Love is being owned by a husky, and us (Jan's Funny Farm).

There are two parts to the blog hop - your blog url and social media, so be sure to sign up for both. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Foxy, Coon, Bird and Skip

PERCY:  Hey, why is Miss Doxie's picture posted here today?  I thought we were going to post one of us.

RUSTY:  We were, but we couldn't agree on which one of us to post and since Jan is antsy to shut down for the night, we grabbed the first picture we saw.

CYNDI:  But Miss Doxie (From Foxy to Doxie) only stayed with us for one night because her owner abandoned her.

MARCUS:  Okay, she's not one of us, but we need a picture and she fits the bill, so let's stop arguing and get to work.

MERCI:  Oh, I'm impressed.  Marcus just had a word of wisdom and it actually made sense.

MICAH:   Jan took this picture recently to remind her of a very nice old man who used to talk to her and the dogs on their walks.

BUDDY:  He nicknamed me "Coon", for coonhound. Sam was "Bird", the bird dog.  And Merci walks with a distinctive skip in her gait, so she was, of course, "Skip".  Yes, we will forever be Coon, Bird and Skip.

SAM:  One morning there was a U-Haul truck backed up to the house and we got there in time to wave good-bye to the old man as a young man who called him "Pops" drove him away, most likely to a nursing home.

MERCI:  He looked old and frail as he climbed into the car.  A few days later there was a huge pile of his belongings at the curb.  The cats he fed have disappeared.

BUDDY:  Today, we are thankful for a man, whose name we don't even know, but who helped us reunite more than one lost dog with his family.  Mr. Veteran, Sir, we salute you.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

YAM-aunty of Blogville

MARCUS:  Have we ever got an unusual post for you today.  In fact it's a first time ever post!  You aren't going to believe-

SAM::  What are you babbling about, Marcus?  We do interviews all the time.  What makes this one unusual?

MERCI:  This time we are not interviewing a furry (or three or ten).  We're interviewing YAM-aunty, a human from the My Take: Doses of Wild Yam - The Menomoirs.  And she has quite an interesting life.

BUDDY:  Perhaps we should call People Magazine, The New York Times and ....  Nah,  those big news sources wouldn't know who the Funny Farmer Canines are.  Guess we should just publish our post.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Most Blogville humans are pawrents of a four-legged furry.  You are a human affectionately known as "AuntiyYam" or "Yam-aunty".   Please introduce yourself and tell us how this title originated?

YAM-aunty:  Hari Om and thank you! I live on the West Coast of Scotland with a view 'doon the watter' of the Clyde.

As to the title... The tradition in India is to call some one respectfully, who is friendly and elder to you,  'uncle' or 'aunty' and it is generally said after the name.  My name is Yamini, hence YAM-aunty was my instinctive sign-off for comments.

Before moving to India in 2011, I had lived in Sydney for over 20 years and for 17 of those years had furkids; Jet the guinea pig, Jasper Cat and Jade Dog. I have had animals around me all  my life - from the sheep and cattle on my Grandad's small holding farm in the Scottish borders, to cats, bunnies, tortoises, fish, birds.  When I first found Blogville, I knew I had found a 'home' and, due to my sign-off, I was adopted as the general aunty to efurryone here.  Whilst I maintain standing in other areas, and run two other blogs (photo and also spiritual teaching blog), this is the place I love to play and relax. Blogville rocks!!!

Funny Farmer Canines:  Tell us a little about the area where you live.

YAM-aunty:  As mentioned above, I am in the Bonny Land these days. It is reached either by a very long but extremely beautiful road trip - or by ferry. This lends an other-worldly feel to the place. It might as well be an island! I can see the water, busy with all kinds of shipping, and out the other side of my window, are the hills. Much of the territory is covered in fir tree plantations, but there is also grazing for sheep and lots of gorse bushes. However, the key disadvantage here is the weather. It is winter and wet for about 95% of the year!

Funny Farmer Canines:  We understand you have shared your life with furpals but don't have one at the moment.  Do you think Blogville will be getting a new furry resident anytime in the future?

YAM-aunty:  Oh if you only knew how I keep tabs on all the adoption sites! However, despite the heart's temptation, the head must rule in the short term. Eventually there will be an adoption but for the moment I do travel a lot and I would not want to put any animal (or myself) through the separation anxiety. It is one of the reasons I am so involved in Blogville and sponsoring - and adopt stuffies.  Gotta have my fur-fix! One thing you can be sure of, when a furry MacLean does turn up, s/he will have their very own bloggy!

Funny Farmer Canines:  You sponsor two pups as a "default".  Tell us a little about them.

YAM-aunty:  Firstly, there is ISAAC, guide pup in training. I have always supported the Guide Dogs Association (here and in OZ), so when I realised I could contribute in this very direct manner by being part of a pup's journey from birth to active service, I knew I had to do it. Deciding which pup to take on was tricky though, so I put it to the vote.  Blogville overwhelmingly went for Isaac, so the good Blogvillagers also have an interest in his progress! Thankfully there are quarterly updates, which I share.

Secondly, there is ANGEL, the epileptic, who also has serious skin conditions. The PDSA is a vet subsidy type of charity, helping those who want and need pets but can ill-afford the cost of their care. I get regular updates for Angel also, though not too many photos, as her skin condition causes her to be shy.

Funny Farmer Canines:  You have a number of stuffies.  Could you tell us a little about them?

YAM-aunty:  Hehehe, where do I begin?  One of my darling old clients thought I ought not to be without a dog after Jade went to the rainbow, so gave me a small stuffed Rottweiler called Benedict. Benedict came with me to India. Sadly, he never made the return journey - gone astray in the great removals of the world. Once settled here, I started adopting stuffies, mostly rescued from the shelves of the Great Swedish Barn (aka the IKKY SHOPPE). They are not all here in the furmily photo - four went AWOL.  No hugs for them for at least three days. Little by little, they are making appearances on the MENO blog and each will have their story told as time goes on.

Funny Farmer Canines:  You have been training Eric to sheep wrangle at the Blogville rodeo.  He sounds like a well-trained stuffie.  How did he do at the rodeo?

YAM-aunty:  Oh no, no training from me.  He took it upon himself to tackle Orson the Ovine all by his lonesome. Orson taught him a lesson on that one and I grounded Eric as a result. Thankfully, no furs were damaged in his silly attempts, but it could have ended in tears....[geddit? tears('tairs').] Anyhoo, I needed all the help I could get keeping the entertainment stage flowing smoothly.  He was a great help behind the scenes; much more fitting for a Guide Stuffie in Training. (Eric came to me as a token for sponsoring Isaac.)

Funny Farmer Canines:  You run the Blogville Office of Wellness and Concerns (OoWaC).  What does this office entail?

YAM-aunty:  In summary, the OoWaC is;

  •  For general health guidance, whether two or four-legged.
  •  For general counselling and life coaching, with minor private specifics where required.
  •  For words of comfort and ether-hugs.
  •  For multi-national, multi-denominational d├ętente.
  •  For raising awareness of ecology, history and other matters which concern us.
  •  For spreading Love with the capital 'ell'".

I try to visit all Villagers' blogs, though I do not always leave my 'pawprints'.  (I'd never get anything else done!) When I don't comment, I will always click the +1 (though I guess not everyone will know it was me!) I certainly try always to reach out to those who are requiring POTP, even if I am not a regular on their blog.  That is part of OoWaC! I have a notebook filled with the names of those in need of prayer and blessing. I take that very seriously.

Funny Farmer Canines:  Your blog is not strictly a cat, dog or pet blog.  How would you describe the theme of your blog?

YAM-aunty:  The MENO blog is where I do all my Blogville stuff  as well as hang out all the other 'laundry of life'. Perhaps it might be classified as a kind of 'magazine', having a lot of variety. It began as a 'stress valve' for the mind and intellect as well as an outlet for the frustration of some pretty serious symptoms of 'menopolyxinaemia' (I have created my very own medical dictionary!)

Initially, The J's got a weekly focus and some of the ashram dogs got posts made about them. Now, I post at least three Blogville-specific items each week and the rest of the time the blog is filled with inspiration, irritation, light entertainment, serious and genuine concerns, technical meanderings, creative writings - and, intermittently, my autobiography. Something for everyone!

Thanks for your questions, Funny Farmers, it has been great fun attending this interview. Sending out Love, hugs, whiskeries, clackities, squawkkies and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Funny Farmer Canines:  Thank you, YAM-aunty.  We're not sure what "clackities" are but we send the rest right back at you.   Thank you for stopping by from My Take: Doses of Wild Yam - The Menomoirs.

NOTE:  YAM-aunty explained "clackities" in the comments --  Oh - clackities?... that is for the Crabby Girls at Sarge's place...and any other pinchy types who may drop by!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Marcus Act-Alike

MERCI:  It's my turn to post my picture in case you've forgotten what I look like.  You do remember all of us, don't you?

MICAH:  Personally, I think we're pretty hard to forget, but we're not around as much as we used to be due to circumstances of life named Jan.

RUSTY:  We're catching a moment online while she has her feet in a pan of Epsom Salts trying to get the swelling in her bad ankle down.

MARCUS:  She has a bad ankle?  Can she trade it in for a good one?  Or at least one the same size as the other? 

SAM:  You have nothing to worry about, Marcus.  She knows you have to be exercised daily and even of she has to waddle down the road listing to the right, she hasn't failed you yet.

CYNDI:  After a month in email hell, Jan has finally figured out the problem and spent part of yesterday and most of today setting up new Thunderbird accounts.

PERCY:  We can finally receive emails on the computer.  But Jan still has a lot of folders and files to "move"  before things are somewhat back to "normal".

BUDDY:  This is a video of a Marcus act-alike.  Not look-alike, act-alike.  This is how Marcus would react in a race. We have to admit the owner lost the competition, but, really, did the dog lose too?  We think not!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Cappella Riots

RUSTY:  What?  Not again!  This is our favorite day of the week and we don't get to mouth off ... um, I mean, we don't get to post a Mousebreath interview today?

SAM:  Doesn't look like it.  Unless you count a recycled audition poster as an interview.  Does it count?

MICAH:  Of course it doesn't count!  Well, maybe... at least Mousebreath won't be just a gigantic blank page again. Do stop by Mousebreath to read Attention All Kitties for information on how you can participate.

MERCI:  Let's think of something fun instead of being sad we don't have a real interview today.  I know!  We can tell the story about the local Toastmasters.

BUDDY:  That's a good idea.  The club year runs from July through June.  Yesterday the club had their first meeting of their new year. The theme was - you guessed it - Happy New Year!  Jan asked us if we could help her think of a New Year's resolution for herself.

CYNDI: We are all so perfect, we have no need of resolutions to improve ourselves, but we figure Marcus needs a bit of work so we wrote some for Marcus.  I don't think he appreciates our efforts, though. 

Our resolution suggestions for Marcus -

1) I will not incite a riot by running through the house screeching in terror every time Jan is on the other side of a closed door.

2)  I will not steal Jan's underwear and then dance all over the dog pen with it.

3)  I will not drink the juice from a can of beets so Jan thinks I am hemorrhaging.

4)  I will not roll my toys under the desk and then try to roll Jan's chair out of my way.

MARCUS:  Do not believe a word!   I have never done any of those things.  I am totally innocent and - Well, maybe not so innocent with number four.  And possibly a bit, just a bit guilty of number one, but I would hardly call getting the others to join me in a few choruses of an a cappella song "inciting a riot".  By the way, I sing high tenor, Merci is our soprano, Buddy is our beatboxer and Sam is our bass.

PERCY:  Jan said she couldn't really relate to any of those suggestions, but we did help her decide on a resolution.  She resolved to just be herself.  That's okay with us.  But then, who else could she be?

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Percy is 11

SAM::  Today is a special day.  Our feline brother Percy is turning 11.

MERCI:  It's a wonder he is with us.  I told Jan that chirping noise was a kitten but she insisted he was a bird and tried to make me move on.

CYNDI:  Yes, Merci rescued a tiny Percy.  His name is actually Perseverance because if he hadn't persevered with the chirping and crawled out from under the bush, he would have died there

RUSTY:  We're very thankful he survived and came to live here. Most of the time.

MICAH:  He hated me when I arrived and beat me up every day for a while.  We have never become close, but we haven't killed each other yet so guess that's a good sign.

BUDDY:  From all of us, a very happy birthday, brother Percy.  May there be many more to come.

MARCUS:  Haven't I seen that graphic before?  Is Jan recycling again?  Can someone motivate her to make some new ones before our friends start thinking we have to make do instead of make new?

PERCY:  It's okay, Marcus.  This is one of the few times she has read her calendar before a special day instead of after, so we should at least give her a P for Effort.   

SAM:  You mean an E for Effort?

RUSTY:  I think he means a P for Partial Diligence.  Right, Percy?

PERCY:  Uh ... yes, how did you know?

BUDDY:  Rusty just made a lucky guess.

Update:  Percy has received this lovely card from Love is being owned by a husky.   Thank you, Mika, Lexus and Koda.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Who Eats Weeds?

CYNDI:  Hey, remember me?  I'm the pretty kitty.  Well, the only female feline here.  We have all been watching Jan spending the day sweating. *covers nose with one paw* I believe she needs a shower.

MICAH:  She's sweating because she has been vacuuming and mopping floors today and it's H-O-T inside and out.

SAM:  She was trying to cut the grass again with a swing blade but spindly dandelions are about the only greens it chops off.

MARCUS:  So she finally checked the blade and fortunately for her, she couldn't cut herself with it if she tried.  She really needs it sharpened but no one knows where it can be done.

MERCI:  Please don't suggest she do it herself.  She's dangerous!  You would think she could mop floors without incident but when she moved a bureau "just a smidge", the beautiful vase her mother gave her bounced on the floor and shattered. 

BUDDY:  We were very proud of her. Oh, not for breaking it.  She deserves a klutz award for that. But immediately upon the crash, the phone started ringing.  She ignored it!  The shattered glass was more important.  Do you think she learned something from her trip/ fly/crash injuries six months ago?  No, not possible.  Guess she just didn't want us to get cut.

RUSTY:  Well, I had a nice shadebath this afternoon in the dog pen.  Until I was rudely interrupted by some noisy machinery.  The neighbors mowed and weed ate (who eats weed?) in their own yard and then came over and did the same in ours.  It made Jan happy but I was forced to come inside before I lost my hearing.

PERCY:  Micah mentioned mopping floors, something Jan H-A-T-E-S to do since the only mop she can use on our kitchen floor is a string mop and she has to keep wringing it by hand.  But the other day she found an O-Cedar MicroTwist ratcheting action for hands-free wringing mop.

MICAH:  Today was the first time she used it and she loves it.  It made the job sooooo much easier and faster.  And didn't leave behind too-wet floors.  (No, we're not reviewing it, just mentioning Jan liked it in case you have been wringing your mop by hand too.)

SAM:  Guess Jan has run out of steam and our entertainment has ended for the day.  We'll have to go see what mischief we can get into.

O-Cedar Microtwist mop

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Vornado and Desk Cats

SAM:  As you have undoubtedly figured out, we have not been posting daily or even frequently for a few months now. It's all Jan's fault!  Really, it is. 

MERCI:  Yes, ask her, she'll admit it.  We don't make these things up; we tell it like it is.  And it's been pretty boring around here for a while.  Unless you include Jan's obsession with getting caught up. 

MARCUS:  She will never get caught up, for reasons such as:  She worked very hard switching desks, then had to switch the computer back to the computer desk. 

BUDDY:  She cleaned out all the drawers and tossed pens that didn't work, rubber bands that had died, etc.  All the stuff that was on the desk is now sitting here and there around the house waiting for a home to be found for them.  But the desk was cleared for Bible study and other desk-type activities.

MERCI:  She was thrilled to find the desktop again.  So of course, the cats took it over for Bird TV and napping and she has to fight them for some space. Have you ever tried to move a comfortable cat?

SAM:  And the other day Mr. Doug brought her a special belated birthday gift. A vornado fan to circulate air in the living room since it is hot and humid in here even with AC.  (Have to keep the computer from having a meltdown.)

MARCUS:  However, the ONLY place to set the fan and plug it in is ... you guessed it - on the desk.  So Jan has not only lost the desk to the cats and the fan, but the circulating air has been blowing on her at the computer and has given her a stiff neck, stuffy nose and watery eye.

BUDDY:  We found a video to make her smile and thought we would share it in case you haven't yet seen it.  This is Chance with his human best friend. They are overcoming disabilities together. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Cat and Nugget

RUSTY:  Have you guys noticed we've been interviewing a lot of Cat Scouts lately?  It sounds like such a fun group.  Do you think we should join the Scouts too?

MICAH:  A few centuries ago Jan was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout.  Maybe Cyndi could borrow her old uniform.  No, it would be in tatters by now.

CYNDI:  I think you'd better change "a few centuries" to a few decades ago in case she reads this. Anyway, we are supposed to be introducing Cat Scout Cat (her name is actually "Cat") and her brother Nugget.

PERCY:  Cat chose the family she wanted to rescue her.  Nugget spent much of his life as a lab cat.You can read their story, Cat Scout Cat and Future Scout Nugget, exclusively at the ezine for cats, Mousebreath.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Talk to Our Paws

CYNDI:  Jan wants to tell you something but we don't want to set a precedent, so she has to talk to the paws and we'll talk to you.

SAM:  She would like to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes last Friday.  She wanted to get around to visit everyone who stopped by to leave a comment but there just hasn't been time. 

MICAH:  Yes, she has all of us us to take care of, she's trying to organize the house and she's outside every day or three trying to cut the weeds / lawn with a swing blade. Ever tried that?  It's fun to watch but evidently not fun to do.

MERCI:  Jan wrote on her Facebook page that she spent her day doing chores, wielding a swing blade and scrubbing the carpet.

RUSTY:  Someone said she really knows how to celebrate.  We have to admit we don't think she has the celebratory gene but she does know how to eat. And we have the pictures to prove it.  Well, not pictures of her enjoying the food, but a memento from each restaurant.

PERCY:  Jan has not been out of town for fun in years!  But Sunday, Teresa (she is the biggest part of Luke the Pee Machine/now Benny's rescue story!) took her to a buffet in Griffin.  Afterward they went to Big Lots and even though she didn't buy anything, Jan was thrilled to walk through a store that wasn't the local Wal-mart.  Other stores were not open.

BUDDY:  And Tuesday her old friend Johnnie treated her to a Mexican lunch at a favorite eating spot.  Because it was for her birthday, Jan got to wear the 20-pound sombrero.  Well, it isn't really 20 pounds but she said it sure is heavy!

MARCUS:  Guess the thoughtless part today is Jan losing her marbles over the email confusion. And the thankful part is the kindness of our on and offline friends.

NOTE:  After three weeks in Thunderbird/gmail/email hell, Jan doesn't know whether to scream, cry or give up entirely on the computer.  She has way too many hours invested in trying to figure out the problem and resolve it. No matter what, Thunderbird will still freeze the whole computer if Jan tries to download email from any account - either gmail or our ISP.  It started June 12 with having to upgrade to the brand new gmail butt-kissing version of Thunderbird.  Webmail sucks!  And trying to do the weekly interviews with emails in Thunderbird and in webmail has Jan complaining she's about to lose her last marbles.  If anyone else uses Thunderbird and has a clue what might be causing the problem, please share it with us.

PS: Our old blogging friend Baby Patches of Nip & Bones is having a 4th of July blowout sale.  Up to 50 items at 60% off.  Most online stores we'd like to order from only accept credit cards, but Nip and Bones also accepts Paypal, so if we had any green papers to spend, we'd make Jan sprint over there and order something for us cats and dogs.  (This is not an ad, just letting you know about the sale.)

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