Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carrol's Last Week

Heather has posted a new update on Carrol Crocker's dogs. The news is better but the clock is ticking. Only 3 days left. Help is desperately needed! Transportation. Donations. Can you help?

Heather has posted information on Hope 4 Dogs. Stop by. Read it. And pass it on!

Oh, and sorry we haven't been around lately. Jan has been swamped and this computer has been uncooperative. We don't understand it. Computers don't go through the Terrible Twos.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Here

Just letting you know we're still around, in case you're wondering.

Jan hogs the computer. We don't know why. She doesn't seem to accomplish anything with it. But we need her to keep us in kibble, so we're trying to appear patient.

She's sitting in a corner staring at the wall right now, so we figure it's our turn to use this. We -- actually Percy, since he's our typist -- aren't having any problem getting online or getting about.

Oops. That brought Jan out of her trance - temporarily. She mumbled something about, Of course, you aren't having any problems; I just spent two days setting this computer up so I can .... We couldn't catch the rest.

Yes, she in on another temporary computer. Mr. Doug is still working on hers. It's slow going because he has to fit it into his schedule so he can concentrate on what he's doing and if he needs anything, he has to order it.

Today is a holiday so the shelter photos were rescheduled to Friday. But the shelter staff was called to an important meeting, which made Jan late taking the pictures, and everything that could went wrong. When she finally got the photos downloaded and into an email, they came back as undeliverable, and she had to redo the entire project.

As glad as she is to have the loan of a laptop, it is slow and when she is trying to meet a deadline, things get a little crazy around here. Friday was not only crazy, we were subjected to emotional and mental abuse. How else can we describe watching our human, tears streaming down her face and fists waving, scream at the laptop, Move it, (*%@, M-O-O-O-O-V-E IT! And it wasn't listening.

Traumatic, folks, absolutely traumatic -- for us, not her. But that was nothing compared to the melt-down a few hours later, when her brother called to say he had just had an opportunity to look at her computer again and .....

Evidently things are looking a little better for her computer now, but her brother's friend loaned her an old tower to help make writing a column easier. Only she traded internet speed for a word processor she is unfamiliar with, and after two days of getting the computer online and figuring out where things were, she sat down to write the column and of course everything that could went wrong again. The column went out just before 4 a.m., so she missed her out of town trip today. Her sanity trip, as she was calling it.

The good news is that Jan is not sitting in the corner staring at the wall because she is depressed. She is just too exhausted to function right now. We need to get her moving in order to stay awake so she can sleep tonight. We didn't get to bed until 4:30 and she made us get up at 8:45. Can you imagine being so rude? As furbabies, we need our sleep!

But we'll forgive her because that column is dear to our hearts too. This old house is drafty and cold, but at least we have shelter. It's hard for us to understand how some folks can keep an animal and not provide it with any type of shelter! Not even when the temp drops into the teens. Whether this is an oversight, confusion over specifics of Georgia cruelty laws, or whatever, she would like to see this rectified in our town.

Since we can only access photographs already online, we will leave you with one photo to show you what we will all be doing today. Well, all us 4-footed furbabies, anyway. We need to rest up so we can catch up on our zzzzzs tonight.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only Two Weeks

As hard as it is for us to get around the internet right now, we do manage an occasional visit to the sick, those who have lost a furry, and those with problems. And one of the stories we try hard to keep up with is the story of Carrol Crocker and her dogs.

By now you might be tired of reading about them, but as time grows shorter, the need to keep reminding folks is critical. This is not a case of hoarding; Carrol took good care of these dogs. They were the abandoned and unwanted in a county with no shelter. If I understand this correctly, after her home was burned by an arsonist, she was cited with code violations by the city of Rainsville. Adopters, fosters or rescues have helped with all but 13 of the dogs.

The city gave her until February 9, then moved the date back to February 1. There are only 2 weeks left before the city confiscates the remainder of the dogs on her property. And they will not meet a merciful death.

So, please, if you can help in any way ...... We would if we could, but by city ordinance Jan is only allowed to have 3 dogs on this property, so she has her limit and can not even foster one.

Heather Ballance has been to Green Acres and photographed the dogs. She attests to their adoptability and posts updates on her Hope4Dogs blog. She has also written a short article for Best Friends/Atlanta. We hope you will check out both links and pass them on.

Monday, January 12, 2009

February 1st

It is hard to get around the internet and visit any blogs, let alone leave any comments, so we missed updates on Carrol Crocker's page and Hope4Dogs' blog. We are shocked to read that Rainsville, AL has moved the kill date BACK from February 9th to February 1st, allowing even less time to place these dogs.

There are 15 dogs left. Please, if you can adopt or help foster or transport to a rescue, speak up now. They have less than 3 weeks to move 15 hard to place dogs! These are good dogs. They just happen to be big, dark or shy. It would be horrible for Carrol and all those helping her to come so far, only to have these dogs taken and killed.

So, put on your thinking caps and ......

Carrol's page

Hope4Dogs' blog

As far as the computer situation, nothing has changed. We just can't stomach the thought of Carrol losing any of her beloved dogs to such a cruel group as the city of Rainsville.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking A Break

We're going to be gone for a while -- or permanently. We don't know which. But last Jan heard, things are not going well with the computer and as of Friday everything on it might have been lost. We don't know much about computers but our understanding is that if your opeating system goes, so does everything on it. So Jan is very discouraged. And even if she could afford a new computer - which she can't - she hasn't the heart to even consider starting from scratch again.

She has a borrowed laptop for the weekend but it is twice as slow as it was last month and it is just impossible to get around to visit or leave comments. We tried to keep up with the Tesla and Hans story yesterday but, aside from it being depressing, we were frustrated by how long it took to get anywhere. So we have given up trying.

We don't have any email addresses, so even though we'll try to access our email occasionally, we won't be able to communicate with any of you. We love you all and apologize for not being able to keep up with your emergencies or good news. We hope to be back, but have no idea if or when.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Oops. We said yesterday the animals are not at the shelter. Things were so confused when Jan was there Monday, so it didn't occur to her she never heard a single bark. That was a first. So she and others assumed the animals had been moved, but they hadn't. The dogs were outside -- but still, not a single bark. They are always barking.

And she learned today there were high flames outside from the propane burning that alerted a passerby to the fire. (The lightning hit the propane line.)

And it also hit the heating unit in the kitchen. It took out the internet and phone lines. Not just the outside line into the shelter but to poles out at the highway.

We are just so thankful someone saw it and reported it before it was too late.

As to the computer, Jan's computer is still having trouble associated with the hard drive that died. Some of her programs are still looking for photos on the other drive. So her brother has run into a confused computer and it looks like it might be visiting him longer than they thought it would. Jan is going crazy without a computer again, but we'll be back when we can. Soon!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back soon

Just a quick note. The computer went back to Jan's brother yesterday for some more work -- new batery, CD/DVD drive, etc. When he emailed, "As long as the shelter is closed, this might be a good time," Jan packed the computer and dropped it off for him. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow.

There was so much confusion at the shelter yesterday, Jan forgot to ask where the animals are. There was a limping dog being loaded in to the AC truck as she arrived, but she's forgetful. There were no animals there, so whether being boarded at a vet's or at another shelter ......

We'll be back soon. Our neighbor let Jan check her email.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Shelter Fire Update

Jan went to the shelter this morning and took some photos to post on her Humane Society blog. Since several of you expressed interest in an update, she gave us permission to use her Upson Pets post on JFF. We hope this doesn't confuse Blogger and Picasa any more than they already are.


During a thunderstorm late Saturday night, lightning hit the shelter twice. The smoke detectors went off and someone passing by called in the fire alarm. The cat room filled with smoke but none of the animals at the shelter were harmed. Because of the recent holidays, there were only about 15 animals there. The damage is estimated to be around $10,000.

County workers were cleaning up and working on repairs. The phone lines and internet are not working, but the shelter hopes to be back, at least in part, by Wednesday. Until then, they can neither take any animals in or adopt any out.

Shelter manager Smart Web at the site of lightning strike that hit the propane line and charred the fence.

Smart points out where lightning started a fire in the heating unit.

This is what the office looks like today. No phones, no computer, no paperwork, which is why the shelter will not be processing any animals in or out until further notice.

This is the office and reception ceiling.

This is the kitchen behind the office. the heating unit is in this room.

The door behind the man in red is the Isolation room, which was empty at the time of the fire. The 2nd door on the left is the cat room. And to the right front is the kitchen.

The door to the cat room is on the left and some of the dog runs can be seen in the lighted area.

Photos by Jan Price

The shelter was very fortunate that no animals were lost in this fire. They could have all died had not someone passed by at the right time. It's out in the county, not in town, so there isn't that much traffic late at night.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shelter Fire

There is nothing like bad news first thing on a dreary morning to jolt you wide awake.

The local animal shelter manager called earlier this morning to see if Jan had received his email. However, we're glad Jan turned off the computer just before the message was sent very early this morning, (12:14 a.m.) or none of us would have gotten much sleep last night for worrying.

Late last night the shelter was hit by lightning and the kitchen and office caught fire. The cat room, closer to the fire than the kennel, was filled with smoke but not burned. The fire must not have reached the door to the dog runs.

They will continue to hold the animals Jan photographed for the newspaper ad, but they will not be taking in any more animals for a while.

According to the shelter manager, none of the animals were harmed. Jan plans to go by tomorrow to help clean up the office, which was evidently badly damaged.

We hope none of the cats or dogs will have any stress or smoke related health problems as a result of the fire.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Last month Murphy was all over the news. Murphy's owner at the time (ex-owner now) is accused of bludgeoning the 9 year old Australian Shepherd mix with a sledge hammer and leaving him wrapped in a blanket to die in a park in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

He was found by Robert Kennedy who was walking his own dogs in the park that day-- his 60th birthday. Robert took him to a vet who said there was only a 10% chance Murphy could survive. Murphy had a fractured skull, a damaged eye that had to be removed and injuries to his stomach and esophagus.

But thanks to Robert, who determined to save Murphy if at all possible, even though the vet bills could (and did) reach $6000, Murphy is alive. Donations were made into a fund to help pay the vet bill. And Murphy is now living with Robert Kennedy and his two Golden Retrievers.

When we emailed Robert to ask about posting his links on JFF, we learned that Murphy participated in the Chick-fil-A Bowl Parade as an honorary Golden Retriever. What an incredible recovery this dog that was not expected to survive is making.

Robert's webpage has these links on it, but I am going to post them separately here because his page, unlike a blog, is continuous.

Pictures of Murphy in the parade.

MyFox Atlanta news video.

And we can't forget: Robert asked us to be sure to mention G.R.R.A.! We asked what that is and he said, Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta - where I got Charlie from -- they do things the right way! (We are happy to do such a small thing for one who so obviously has a heart toward animals. )

If you want to read more of Murphy's legal story, it is being followed on

Thursday, January 01, 2009

This is NOT a Collar

We're hoping one or more of our readers might be able to tell us what this "dog collar" is used for. Has anyone seen one before?

There have been suggestions from a control collar for something like a bait dog used to train fighting dogs. Or "a homemade collar that some heartless person put on her to keep her from getting through the cattle fences. " But no one has been able to find any information on what or why.

Local Animal Control says he thinks it is just "something cruel" and this might be the case. We all know there are more than enough cruel folks who like to hurt animals, but we're all wondering -- especially the folks who found the dog wearing this -- whether there is a particular reason for this type of cruelty.

You can leave a comment or email us at jansfunnyfarm at gmail dot com. (You know how to smoosh it together.)

A dog was found in the middle of highway traffic with this homemade PVC collar bolted around her neck.

It had been there awhile because the hair around her neck is all broken where it was. It had to be unbolted to get it off.

The whole pipe from end to end is 36 inches long. The bottom half hanging down is about 18 inches long. The top part that stuck above her head is about 10 " tall.

The pipe -- only 4 1/2" inside diameter -- was bolted around the neck of a dog of this size. It was a very tight fit. It was unbolted to take it off the dog wearing it and hung loosely -- unbolted -- with the ends not even meeting around the neck of this dog to give you an idea of what it looked like when used as a "collar."

If you have seen anything like this before, please let us know.