Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Bleeding Pumpkin 2016

Marcus destroying his Halloween costume.
Merci:  Taylor, have you ever heard the Halloween story of the bleeding pumpkin?

Taylor:  No, is it a good one?

Cyndi:  Oh, you better believe it's good.

Rusty:  You know that we don't do Halloween decorating.  Have you ever wondered why?

Taylor:  Actually, this is my first Halloween with you. I'd guess we can't afford to decorate.

Marcus:  Actually, before your time, Jan got a big pumpkin to carve for Halloween.  She figured if other people can carve one, she could too.

Our pumpkin patch by Nellie.

Micah:  So we all sat down to watch a spooky Halloween show on the TV while Jan sat at the desk with a large knife and carved a face on the pumpkin.

Buddy:  Just before the last commercial, there was a frightening scream behind us.  We all turned and there was the pumpkin with wide eyes and big teeth.  Blood was gushing out it's mouth and dripping from its eyes.

Percy:  I ran over and Jan's hand with the knife was inside the pumpkin/  Blood was spurting out of her wrist and through the pumpkin's eyes and mouth.

Taylor:  Jan cut herself with the knife?

Cyndi:  That's what we thought too, but Jan was screaming that the pumpkin bit her.

Taylor:  Bit her?  But pumpkins don't bite.  Er ... do they?

Merci:  That one must.  I dialed 9-1-1 with my nose for an ambulance.   An E.M.T. said he could see what appeared to be large tooth marks in her wrist. 

Rusty:  Jan was taken away to the Emergency Room to stop the bleeding.  After a while, two police officers came and read the pumpkin its rights.

Marcus:  They carried it outside, put it in the back seat of a squad car, and drove away.  We never saw it again.

Taylor:  I bet they made a pie out of it.  What about Jan?

Micah:  Oh, yes, we saw Jan again. She's been wondering the streets as a bag lady ever since.  Occasionally she stops by to say hello.

Buddy:   It was a traumatic night.   After that I never turned my back on another pumpkin. And we have never decorated for Halloween again.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Real Marcus Stands Up

Taylor:   You might not have recognized me in Wednesday's I Am Marcus post, but you all did really well in guessing that I am not Marcus.  He most definitely is not a cat.

There were a total of ten votes in our sidebar poll.  Picture #1: 5 votes.  Picture #3:  7 votes.  Yes, that means two of you voted for both dog photos. 

Some of you voted in the comments and we really enjoyed those comments.  Hopefully Angel AbbyGrace, who voted both for Marcus and for the President of the United States in the same day, did not mix up the ballots and vote for Marcus for President, although Marcus says he would promise when the leashes came out to not run around the White House shrieking with joy and body slamming the furniture. 

Yes, Frankie Furter, the real Marcus will now stand up. 

We have always kidded Marcus about his big stand-up ears, so those of you who guessed Picture #1 were correct.  This is the real Marcus.

Those of you, however, who guessed Picture #3 were also correct.

As Loulou said, "Well, DUH. One and three--you have on the same collar!!! Either that or it's a clone. Oh, boy, would Jan LOVE that!"  (Jan nearly passed out at the thought of a cloned Marcus.  One cyclone to a household, please!)

Meowmeowmans was alert and mentioned he didn't think Marcus's ear bends like that.

It didn't.

But earlier this month, Marcus spent some time playing in the dog pen by himself and when Jan took out the trash, she was shocked to see one of those beautiful ears was bent.  The area circled in orange in the picture above is the original site of an aural hematoma.  The area in green is how large it grew.

It's healing nicely and it could have been worse, but sadly, Marcus is having to rethink his desire to be a standup comic.  (Pun intended.)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Is Falling

Micah:  This preparing for winter is hard work!  I need a break.

Cyndi:  Why are you complaining?  Jan's doing all the work!

Micah:  Yes, but someone has to snoopervise to make sure she doesn't fall off the stool, or through a window.

Cyndi:  But she's the one moving furniture, stuffing newspapers in window cracks, hanging and rehanging drapes, and whining about aches and pains.

Micah:  You're a female.  You just don't understand how important it is for us males to have a job.  It feeds our eggo.

Cyndi:  It feeds your what?  Oh, you mean it feeds your ego. 

Micah:  Yeah, ego.  So Jan gave me the job of bodyguard until the winterizing is finished.

Cyndi:  Well, if you're her bodyguard, you had better hope her body doesn't fall off the stool and land on you.

Micah:  Don't worry, I'm not supposed to be close enough to take a bullet for her, only close enough to the phone to dial 9-1-1 should anything happen.

Cyndi:  It won't be long before the temperature will start dropping down to freezing at night.  Brrrr.  I hate being cold.

Micah:  If this is fall, why is this tree the only sign of the season the dogs see when they walk Jan?

Cyndi:  I have no idea.  The leaves might not be turning yet but they sure have been falling into the dog pen.  I hope you aren't planning to tell me you were sitting by the back screen door with a phone in paw in case Jan fell into the pile of leaves she raked.

Micah:  Of course not.  I sat by the back screen door with a feather duster in my paw to wave and cheer Jan on so she'd stay awake for the long, boring job. 

Cyndi:  Aren't you glad that's over!

Micah:  It's not.  Jan said leaves will keep falling into the pen until some time in January. How about taking over my cheerleader job for the season?

Cyndi:  Can't.  Energetic activity would invalidate my Medicat insurance.

Did you vote in our poll?  See yesterday's post (I Am Marcus).  The answer will be included in our Friday post.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Am Marcus

Marcus: I thought it would be nice to do something different today, so how about a quiz?   Let's see how attentive you are and how well you know me.

There are three pictures below.  Look at each one very carefully.

Which one is mine?

Picture #1:  I am Marcus.

Picture #2:  I am Marcus.

Picture #3:  I am Marcus.

Did you find me?

Are you absolutely certain?

How did you recognize me?

Since everyone doesn't have an account that enables them to leave a comment, I'm adding a poll at the top of the right sidebar so anyone who wants to can vote.

The results will be posted Friday.  If Jan reminds me.  You know how it is, when you live with someone long enough you pick up their bad traits. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zuke's Mobility

Marcus:  Hello, this is Marcus the Younger here to tell you about today's dog product review.  As you know, I'm healthy and spry but I live with two older dogs that complain of aches and pains and creaky bones.

What's that, Buddy?  Oh, I'm sorry.  Their bones don't creak; their joints do.

Fall weather has arrived and that means cooler temperatures at night, so this is a good time to review a creaky product.  I mean a product for creaky dogs.

Jan said they're not meant for me, but they're intended for mature or senior dogs.  What's she talking about?  I'm mature.  I am too mature, Merci!  I am not almost three going on six months!

Zuke's Mobility are grain-free chews that offer daily support for healthy hips and joints.  We have the peanut butter formula, which is great because we all love peanut butter.  There is also a chicken formula.  We would probably like that one too.  Which formula do you think you would prefer? 

According to Chewy, the key benefits are:

   * Grain-free, functional treats that are designed to support hip and joint health and are perfect for senior dogs and large breed dogs that may have trouble with stairs, getting up, sore after exercise, or just simply slowing down with age.

    *Loaded with natural, healthy ingredients such as calcium lactate, glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, MSM, EPA, and DHA.
* Formulated for bone strength, to help rebuild and repair tissue and cartilage, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation.

    *Tasty treat makes providing your pup with hip and joint support easy and enjoyable.

    *High-quality, fresh, healthy chew that's made in small batches here in the USA.

I thought you said these aren't intended for me, Jan.  Are you teasing me?   I can have one and only one?  Thank you.  I'll just take that before you change your mind.

Buddy:  I was napping in Marcus's crate and you woke me up to give me a treat, Jan.  Now you're complaining I ate it before you had a chance to take a picture?  Would you like me to open my mouth so you can get a picture of where the treat went?

 Merci:  Oh, thank you, Jan.  For once I don't have to get up to get a treat.  Could you pick it up and put it in my mouth so I don't have to move?  No, no, just kidding.  I have it.

Marcus:  I think those two are trying to take over as house clown.  We all tried the Zuke's Mobility treats and really liked them.

Be sure to follow the cautions on the package.  These are not intended for pregnant or breeding dogs. Give to a dog according to the dog's weight with or after a meal.

We received the bag of dog treats from Chewy for this review.  We received no other compensation.  Any ideas expressed are our own.

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Trash Mover

 Marcus:  (sung to the tune of ... I have no idea!)

Here I come walking down the street.
Leading Jan by the hand with two mismatched leash.
Throw it down, plastic bottle or can.
Take it back, I'll bite your hand.

I'm a trash mover, yes, a trash mover.
Whoo hoo, I'm a trash mover!

I can't believe how many people throw their trash down and keep going.  Our walks are a gold mine of trash - and broken glass - but Jan will only allow me to move a plastic bottle from Point A to Point B.  She said it keeps me out of other trouble.  I have no idea what she's talking about. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

National BOO Day

Taylor:  Whoa!  What's that?

Merci:  It's the Funny Farmer Pumpkin Patch.  Nellie made it for us.

Rusty:  There were too many of us for Nellie to put all our names on  one or even two pumpkins, so she made us our own pumpkin patch.

Merci:  Yes.  We're "The Funny Farmer Patch" over at the Nellie on the Edge blog.  She still has room for some other bloggers if they hurry.

Taylor:  We don't have to eat all those pumpkins, do we?

Merci:  No, they're for Halloween.  It will be here on October 31.  That's just over a week away.

Rusty:  Why would you think we'd have to eat them?

Taylor:  Jan feeds us a little pumpkin on occasion to keep us "regular".  A little goes a long way.

Merci:  Yep, you eat too much and Halloween could become National Poop Day.

Taylor:   I didn't arrive until last November, so I've never heard of Halloween.  What is it?

Rusty:  I guess you could call it National BOO!!  Day.  Hey, Taylor, come back here.  I was just joking.

Merci:  Too late, Rusty.  Taylor's digging in the litter pan.

Rusty:  Funny, that's the same response I had when Buddy screamed "boo!" at me on my first Halloween here.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Great Blackmail Material

Percy:  Wow, did you see that?

Marcus:  No.  What did you see.

Percy:  Nothing.  I didn't see anything either.

Marcus: Jan would be so relieved if she knew we didn't see what just happened.

Percy:  Do you think we should tell her we didn't see it?

Marcus:  No way!  Great blackmail material.

Percy:  Pssst:  Thank you, Yam Aunty!  You were certainly more awake when you read this than I was when I wrote it late last night.  She noticed I'm talking to Marcus - not Buddy!  Sorry, Marcus.  It's corrected.  :)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hearing Aid Alarm Clock

Merci:  I need a hearing aid.  Does anyone have an extra hearing aid?

Cyndi:  I don't think anyone who uses one carries a spare.  Why are you asking?

Merci:  I need one.   You know my hearing is pretty well shot.

Cyndi:  I sure do.  For some time now the whole neighborhood has been listening to Jan yell for you.  At the top of her lungs, no less.

Merci:  Well, at least she has figured out she either has to come touch me or give a high-pitched whistle.

Cyndi:  I like it when she tells you it's time to come in from the dog pen with a spray bottle.  I didn't realize a  bottle could spray that distance.

Merci:  It's not so neat when I'm standing around enjoying the quiet and suddenly water starts raining on me.

Cyndi:  You have to admit it's a better solution than Jan yelling late at night and waking the neighbors.

Merci:  She could come get me.

Cyndi:  You know how she hates those back steps, especially in the dark.  Plus, she could fall in one of those holes you or Marcus keep digging.  But why would you suddenly want a hearing aid?

Merci:  Because Mr. Doug was here Sunday and I almost missed him.  He was standing right beside me and I almost slept through his visit.

Cyndi:  He was only here a few minutes and he stood just a couple feet away telling Jan how to connect the new modem switch.   How could you sleep through Marcus's wild greeting?

Merci:  I didn't hear him.  Mr. Doug is my favorite person.

Cyndi:  I wouldn't announce that to Jan.

Merci:  You're right.  He's my favorite human other than Jan.  If he hadn't wakened me, I would have missed a rare opportunity to see him.  At my age, there might not be that many opportunities left.

Cyndi:  Hmm, what you need is a hearing aid alarm clock and it just so happens we have one of those right here in this house.

Merci:  We do?  Where is it?

Cyndi:  Asleep in his crate with the door open.

Merci:  You can't mean Marcus!

Marcus:  Hey, I heard my name.  Is it dinnertime?

Cyndi:  Not yet, but Merci needs a hearing aid alarm clock. With all the noise you make, you're perfect for the position.

Marcus:  Okay, but I hear overtime pays better so I'll work overtime hours first and then we can fit regular hours into my schedule.

Cyndi:  But you can't work overtime until ....

Merci:  Never mind.  He lives in his own universe.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Talking to the Heater

Buddy:  What are you doing back there, Micah?

Micah:  Just hanging out.

Buddy:  Any particular reason?

Micah:  No.  Just dark and quiet. 

Buddy:  Does it have anything to do with the thunder and lightning storm we're having?

Micah:  Maybe.  Would you think less of me if it does?

Buddy:  No, not really.  We all fear something. 

Micah:  What do you fear?

Buddy:  Jan. 

Micah:  Why?

Buddy:  Because she turns up everywhere with that camera. 

Micah:  You'd better go now.  I hear her coming and you'll give away my hiding place.

Buddy:  She'll never think to look for you there. 

Jan:  Who are you talking to, Buddy?

Buddy:  The heater.  I thought I heard it crying but it was just my imagination.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Percy's Blue Station Wagon

Percy:  Hello, anybody?  I'm trying to decipher Jan's handwriting. It's atrocious!  Can someone please come help me

Micah:  None of us can read Jan's handwriting either.

Percy:  I think this says to buy Percy a new car.  I want a blue station wagon so I can drive Jan to the store to buy our food and litter.

Micah:  Blue, why blue?

Percy:  I look good in blue.

Micah:  But you don't drive.

Percy:  Buddy can help me.  We've driven together before.

Micah:  I heard you had a lot of help and you never got off the front lawn.  In fact, I heard you crashed Jan's car - back when she had one - into the bushes.  (Farming Michael Vick.  And Farming Michael Vick Continued.)

Percy:  That was a minor setback.  We're older and more coordinated now. 

Micah:  But obviously not wiser. 

Percy:  I think I'll just curl up here and dream of driving down the highway with the wind blowing through my fur.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Did You See That?

Percy:  Did you see that?  What was it?

Marcus:  What was what?  I didn't see anything.

Percy:  It just flew by the door.  How could you have missed it?

Marcus:  My eyes can't be in two places at once.  I was looking at you.

Percy:  I cold have sworn it thumbed its nose at me.

Marcus:  I didn't know of anything that can fly and thumb its nose at the same time. Come to think of it, I can't think of anything that can fly that has a thumb.

Percy:  Well, next time it flies by, pay attention!

Marcus:  Next time it flies by, thumb your nose back at it.

Percy:  I just might do that.

Marcus:  And Cyndi thinks I don't live in the real world?

15&Meowing asked a good question:  What does it mean to thumb your nose?
 "If you thumb your nose at something, you reject it or scorn it."  (From Using English)

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did I Do That?

Marcus:  Did I do that? 

Cyndi:  Yes.

Marcus:  Are you sure?

Cyndi:  Positive.

Marcus:  When did this incident occur?

Cyndi:  Last April.

Marcus:  How do you know it was me?  It doesn't have my name on it.

Cyndi:  You were caught red-pawed.  Jan took out the trash and came in to find you with your rabies tag hooked in her stuffed chair. 

Marcus:  Oh, that.  I was scratching an itch when the chair attacked and held me prisoner. 

Cyndi: You don't live in the real world, do you?

Marcus:  Of course I do!  And I'd stay away from that chair if I were you.  It bites.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jan, Are You There?

Rusty:  Hello, anybody home?

Jan, are you there?

Where did you go?  You left the camera on.

Oh, there you are.  On the other side of the camera.  Asleep.

*rubs paws together*


Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Marcus:  This was not my fault!  Jan messed up, not me.

For once, Marcus is not exaggerating, and he's too embarrassed to do the review, so I will.

I leaped at the chance to try a product called Calmz anxiety relief system on Mr. Hyper, a.k.a. Marcus.  He is the most energetic, loudest screeching dog I've ever met.  If I pick up a sock, he goes ballistic and races around the house leaping at cats, moving furniture and screeching in a cat's face, "I'm going for a walk, I'm going for a walk!"  He is grabbing leashes and chewing and ... and ... and.  I'm exhausted just listening to him.

Merci tries to hide at walk time.  She's going deaf and blind, so when he leaps into her face screeching at her, he scares the daylights out of the poor old lady. 

Calmz is "acoustic and vibrational therapy".  It's intended for an anxious dog. Marcus has a lot of anxiety.   He was adopted out in the Walmart parking lot at the age of perhaps three weeks.  He wasn't even eating solid food yet.  He lived with a man who beat him for going potty in the house but neglected to take him outside to go, especially at night.  Two weeks after adoption, in wet and freezing December weather, the guy's mother threw Marcus outside in an alley to get rid of him.

He is terrified of being alone. 

He has been attacked on our walks so he is highly nervous in new situations, especially if there is a loose dog running around.   I was so hoping the Calmz would help calm him in the house and on our walks.  

These are the items that come in the box: a vest, batteries and the Calmz acoustic vibrator.  It uses 3 AAA batteries.

Marcus started off wearing just the vest.  He wears a harness so a vest was no problem; however, I quickly learned the vest and the harness with two leashes did not fit well together, so any "calming" would have to be done at home and not on our walks. 

Marcus was proud of his vest.

This was taken prior to adding the Calmz acoustic vibrator.  I found inserting the batteries a bit hard because I had to remove and return a tiny screw.  My fingers do not work well with tiny objects. 

This is after the device was inserted into the opening for it.  The device has 8 vibration settings from low intensity to high intensity. Some repeat in cycles.

The vest was a nice fit - at first.  But he is a contortionist and soon stretched it out of shape.  He did not mind the vibrations, only turned his head side to side at first as if he was listening.  I wanted to see if the Calmz would help him calm down around the house.  It did help him the night we had a thunderstorm and he became very upset.  I put the vest and vibrator on him and he went to sleep at my feet.

The batteries died.  I have grown old and forgetful.  I forgot to buy new batteries on shopping trips, then I forgot to change the batteries, and then I kept forgetting to put the vest on him first thing in the morning to see if it would calm him before our walks. 

And then the unthinkable happened.

The vest was sitting on a chair about two weeks ago and the Calmz anxiety relief system became a casualty of a two male feline territorial pee war.   The vest was washed and dried - twice.  I tested the Calmz.  It was dead.  I put in fresh batteries.  Still dead, but it began to grow hot in my hand.  I managed to get that tiny screw off, grabbed the hot batteries in a towel, ran out the door and threw them outside the dog pen. 

I apologize to the Calmz people for the "death" of the product before Marcus finished testing it.  It did work well on the thunderstorm stress.  If I were not so forgetful,  I might have found the right time and setting to use on Marcus, and it could well have helped him.

Or not.  I read a survey I was supposed to take when finished and it specified that one qualification for this review is there are to be no more than two dogs in the household.  There are two older dogs in this home.   There were three until Sam died early this year.

Check out the webpage for the Calmz anxiety relief system for a video and information on what it is intended to accomplish. This just might meet your needs for your anxious dog.

The Calmz anxiety relief system was provided to us in order to give an honest review.  We received no monetary compensation.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Micah is Dying of Hunger

Micah:  Where is Jan?  She's late again.  She is never on time.  She's always late feeding us.  We could die of thirst and starve to death while she is off gallivanting around having a fun time.  We all need to get together and give her a good dressing down!

Well, it's about time you finally showed up again!  There's no kibble in the dish or water in the bowl.  I've been waiting  hours for you to return home and refill them.. I could have had kidney failure from dehydration or starved to death from lack of food.  You need to think of someone besides yourself once in a while!

Jan:  What?  I just walked around the house to toss a bag in the trashcan.

Micah:   Okay, I'll forgive you this time, but make sure this doesn't happen again!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Rockabye, Buddy

Percy:  Rockabye, Buddy, curled up on the bed.
             Visions of chicken roll inside your head.
             When the alarm rings, you'll lumber outside.
             I'll get your blanket while you pee and poop.

I know that doesn't rhyme, but the truth is the truth!  By the time he finishes his morning bathroom routine, I'll be curled up under his blanket sound asleep.  I  hope he doesn't then decide to return and sleep on top of the blanket.

We hope all our friends along the Eastern coastline are coming safely through Hurricane Matthew.  We know many have evacuated and some are awaiting the storm in their homes.  You are all in our prayers. 

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.  

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Marcus Has A Plan

Buddy:  Well, here we are in the doghouse again.

Marcus:  Doghouse?  What doghouse?

Merci:  It's a figure of speech, Marcus.  It means we are in trouble again.

Marcus:  What did we do?

Buddy:  Merci and I were excited and rowdy.  You tried to take Jan out!

Marcus:  Out where?

Merci:  Out of commission.  As in down on the sidewalk being dragged.

Marcus:  Not me!  I've been an angel all day.

Buddy:  Are you denying when those two loose dogs came running across the street at us you went wild and started leaping around like a bull moose in a tub of seltzer water?

Marcus:  I certainly do deny it.  And I didn't see you two behaving yourselves either.

Merci:  Aha, so you do admit it!

Marcus:  I admit nothing.  Besides it all worked out in the end, didn't it?

Buddy:  Yes, because Jan used that psychedelic water pistol she carries to squirt them in the face with water and their owner was right behind to catch them and take them back to their house.

Merci:  He apologized that they had gotten loose and Jan said she hopes we never get loose because she can't chase us.

Marcus:  So what's the problem?

Buddy:  The problem is that you get excited and your brain goes on vacation.  You could have injured Jan!

Marcus:  She would have been okay.  We would have picked her up and walked her home.  Percy would have done a cat scan to make sure she hadn't lost any important body parts in the fall, and I would have licked her wounds so she'd heal faster.

Merci:  Oh, well, just so you had a plan.

Marcus:  Of course.

Buddy:  You do know Merci was being sarcastic, don't you?

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Rusty Is Blackmailed

Merci:  Are you laughing or crying, Rusty?

Rusty: Laughing.  I can't believe we did a post on a secret, everyone wants to know the secret, and there is no secret.

Merci:  Actually it was in-house secret gossip.

Rusty:  There's no such thing as secret gossip.  A secret is private and gossip is public.

Merci:  Well, if we tell everyone in this post, the secret will become gossip.

Rusty:  I haven't heard it yet.  Whose secret is it anyway?

Merci:  Yours.  It's about the other day when Jan took the photo of you -

Rusty:  No!  You can't tell everyone that story!

Merci:  But it's so funny.  Such a great story.

Rusty:  What do you want to not tell it?

Merci:  What do you have to offer?

Rusty:  How about a neck massage every day for a week?

Merci:  Great.  It's a deal.

Percy:  What about the rest of us?  Don't we all deserve a daily massage to keep your secret?

Rusty:  But I don't have the stamina to give seven massages a day.  *sigh* You might as well go ahead and tattle on me.

Percy:  Okay.  The other day Jan caught Rusty -  Oh, I can't embarrass him.  Merci, you go ahead and tell the story.

Merci:  Teasing him was fun but I can't embarrass Rusty either.   Sorry, folks, the secret gossip will have to stay in-house.

Percy:  *whispers*  Actually, there is no story, but Rusty doesn't know that yet.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Secret

Taylor:  He did WHAT? 

Merci:  You can't breathe a word of that.  It's confidential.

Taylor:  Why did you tell me if I can't tell anyone else?

Merci:  I thought you said you can keep a secret?

Taylor:  I can keep a secret, but this is gossip.  It just begs to be repeated. 

Merci:  No, you have to keep quiet or I'll have to -

Taylor:  Or you'll have to what?

Merci:  On second thought, you're right.  This just begs to be repeated.  That's why I told you.

Buddy:  What just begs to be repeated?

Merci:  Oh, you mean you haven't heard?

Monday, October 03, 2016

Asleep At The Keyboard

Cyndi:  Did you miss us?  Seriously, you didn't even notice we were missing?  But we didn't post two days last week.  Surely someone missed us!

Buddy:  Hmmm, guess not.  It was all Jan's fault.  She -

Cyndi:  Let's leave them guessing.

Buddy:   But it's really simple.  Jan kept sitting down in our computer chair last week and falling asleep at the keyboard. 

Cyndi:  And you know how we all like naps.

Buddy:  So we forgot about posting and joined her.

Cyndi:  It's that time again.  *yawn, stretch*  I think I'll just lie down here and ....

Buddy:  zzzzzzzzz