Thursday, September 26, 2019

Micah's Belated Gotcha Birthday

Taylor:  Oh, Micah, we're so sorry you were overlooked on your special day Tuesday.

Marcus:  Yes, we are.  It's that Jan.  She keeps the special day calendar in a file drawer and forgets to mention such occasions when she sees them.

Percy:  I think that's because she forgets.  You know, she forgets what she read on the calendar, she forgets what day it is, she even manages to forget where she left the calendar.

Taylor:  Do you suppose we could find her a job where forgetting things would be an asset?  That way she could earn some money at something at which she excels.

Percy:  We are very grateful to Pipo. Dalton & Benji and Mom Ingrid.  They sent us this lovely graphic Tuesday.  In fact, for quite some time, these sweet bloggers have been making occasion graphics for many blogs!  (You can visit them at Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs )

Marcus:  They really gave Jan a scare when she opened their email and found she'd forgotten another important day.  We wanted to do a post immediately but Jan is not only forgetful, she's falling apart and we have to keep our eyes open in case she starts losing parts here and there.

Micah:  Well, I know Jan still can't sit at the computer very long and all our computer time is limited, so I'm just going to say thank you all for caring.  And for remembering.  It was a terrifying day when I was dumped and had to spend a night in the crumbling mill building by myself.  The next morning Jan brought me home where I was safe, so I forgive her for being forgetful.

Taylor:  Hey, Percy, I found a spring on the carpet.  Do you suppose this fell off of Jan? 

Percy:  I don't know.  Perhaps it belongs on her foot.

Marcus:  What?

Percy:  Maybe this is the missing spring in her step. 

Marcus:  Oh, right.  Let's try to screw it back in her foot after she goes to sleep tonight.