Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

We hope all who celebrate have a fun family and friends Christmas, but please don't forget the reason for the season.

Cyndi turned 14 Thursday and Pipo, Angel Minko, Dalton and Mr. Jack Freckles sent Cyndi this lovely card.  Thank you, Mom Ingrid, for helping them.

Jan has been sick the past few days.  The good part of that is she can't yell at Marcus since she has laryngitis.  (You won't believe this, but Marcus is being good.)  The bad part is poor blind, almost deaf  Merci can't hear Jan calling her to meals.  It's been interesting around here.  And noisy.  If Jan isn't sneezing, she's coughing.  We hope you all stay healthy for your celebration.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cyndi Turns 14

Click pic to read captions.

Our adorable calico Cyndi turns 14 years old today.  She has come a long way from the tiny, stray kitten with the massive amount of fur living in Mr. Doug's engine hiding from Tippy, his dog.  Her long fur was twice as thick as she was wide. (It was early February and the weather was freezing.)

She is not as spry as she used to be, but she still purrs at the drop of a hat and is just as feisty.  We are thankful she is still with us to celebrate.

Merci:  What are you doing on top of the old computer, Rusty?  The party is down here.

Rusty:  Cyndi wants to know who ate her cake and I'm staying up here on the bookcase until she finds the culprit.

Merci:  She knows it wasn't you.  You're too polite to steal someone's birthday cake.  And we know it wasn't Marcus because he would have eaten the whole cake.

Rusty:  Then who ate it?

Merci:  You see how neatly that last piece has been sliced?  I suspect there is only one here who could do that.

Rusty:  Who would that be?

Merci:  Jan.

 Rusty:  Are you going to tell Cyndi?

Merci:  No, she'll figure it out when Jan brings a knife to divide the last slice between the rest of us.

Rusty:  Whew, what a relief!

Merci:  So, are you coming down now?

Rusty:  No, I like it up here.  Jan can deliver my crumbs to the top of the big bookcase after she finishes apologizing to Cyndi.

Marcus:  By the way, last week I was thankful for My New White Ball.  I hate to tattle on her, but I think Jan ate it.  I haven't seen it since and I've looked everywhere!  Under, over, in, behind ...

Jan:  You have that backwards.  I think YOU ate it!  And I am the one who looked under, over, in and behind everything in the house without success.   I think you need to pay for your next new ball yourself.

Marcus:  Okay.  Can you loan me a couple hundred dollars?

We're joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Percy Solves Tech Problem

Taylor: Percy, what are you doing?

Percy:  Just a minute.  I think I figured out what the problem is here.  The right cord is plugged into the left doohickey, which makes the right whatchamacallit too short to work the whateveritis without sparking. I think if I just chew through this wire in the middle, the right and left doodads will stop shorting out and become friends.

Taylor:  They will?  How do you know that?

Percy:  I did what any self-respecting  human would do to solve a technical problem.. 

Taylor:  How did you do it?

Percy:  I used my brain and talked through my ear!

Taylor:  I don't understand what that means. 

Percy:  It means I feigned intelligence and made it all up.

Marcus:  Last Monday was my 4th Gotcha Day (Belated Gotcha Marcus) and our friends over at MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs sent me this lovely graphic.  Thanks, Pipo, Angel Minko, Mr Jack Freckles and Dalton.  Your mom did a great job helping you. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My New White Ball

Taylor: Let's see. You had a new blue ball. A new new blue ball. (Inside Outside Talk) A new new new blue ball (not blogged). A new red ball. (Red Rubber Ball)  All within six months. Where did you get this white one?

Marcus:  I found it.

Taylor:  Outside in the dog pen?

Marcus:  No.  It was in a box, and then it was on the desk, and then, like magic, it was in my crate. 

Taylor:  I think you mean, then, by theft, it was in your mouth.

Marcus:  Exactly!  Wait!  How did you know?

Taylor:  I heard Jan yell, "You little thief!" 

Marcus:  Well, she shouldn't have turned her back for an hour.

Taylor:  Ten seconds.

Marcus:  Okay, for ten seconds. 

Taylor:  You didn't even wait for Jan to remove the tag. 

Marcus:  It was sent to me.  I saw my name on the box.

Taylor:  Your name is Jan?

Marcus:  No, but I know when Canidae sent the dog biscuits and the new white ball for Christmas, they were intended for me.  They just had one of those Jan moments and forgot my name.

Taylor:  So what are you going to do with your new white ball, hide in your crate with it?

Marcus:  Just until we bond.

Taylor:  You're going to bond with a ball?

Marcus:  Yes, bonding is very important to the mental health of a ball. 

Taylor:   Who told you that?

Marcus:  My new white ball.

Taylor:  And you believe it? 

Marcus:  Of course, I do.  It's never lied to me yet!

Taylor:  Today is Thankful Thursday and we're sure thankful the electric company came out Wednesday and cut down that "spider web" of branches twined around our power pole and power line. 

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Belated Gotcha Marcus

Angel Sam & Marcus
Merci:  Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Marcus!  We're sorry we're a day late, but we didn't post yesterday.

Cyndi:  You might remember this picture from 2013.  It's hard to believe Marcus was ever that small.  He looks even smaller next to our large Angel Sam.

Merci:  He was only about 5 weeks old when some neighborhood boys rescued him and brought him to Jan.  They had found him in the alley during freezing, rainy weather and none of the neighbors claimed him.  

Cyndi:  Jan tried hard to find his owner and when she did, she regretted it.  Marcus had been "adopted" at about 3 weeks of age in the Walmart parking lot and dumped in the alley two weeks later.

Merci: Then she tried to find him a home but the only possibilities were strange guys who wanted to "take him off her hands" because he looked like a pit bull mix.

Cyndi:  So we're stuck with him.  He wouldn't be such a pain if he was less hyper, but no one consulted us furries.  He just came to visit and never left. 

Merci:  He's our brother.  He's okay.

Cyndi:  Then why are your paws crossed?

Merci:  Because I can't cross my eyes.

Cyndi:  She's just kidding, Marcus.  Honest.  

Merci:  No, I'm serious.  I really can't cross my eyes.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Squeaker Speech for Dummies

Marcus:  Jan took my red rubber ball and hid it.  (Red Rubber Ball)  She had better not take my dinosaur away too.  As you can see, I'm watching Jan!

Rusty:  It won't do you any good.  You destroyed that dinosaur not long after that picture was taken.

Marcus:  I did?  Are you sure?

Rusty:  You chewed a hole and tore out the stuffing to get to the squeaker.  Of course, I'm sure!

Marcus:  No wonder I haven't been able to find it lately.  Maybe Jan will buy me a new one.

Rusty:   I don't think so.  She mentioned just yesterday how nice and quiet it has been around here since the dinosaur was dissected.  You need to learn to take care of your toys before you run out of them permanently.

Marcus:  Oh, that will never happen.

Rusty:  You'll never learn to take care of them or you'll never run out of them?

Marcus:  Both.  My mission in life is to de-squeak and destroy.all toys in memory of Buddy, the best de-squeaker and toy destroyer ever - until me!  I just know I'm making him proud.

Rusty: I remember Buddy in his prime.  He used to squeak the toy, then he would stop and talk to it.  I never did figure out what they were saying but they evidently spoke the same language.

Marcus.  Don't worry.  You can learn the language when I finish the book Buddy was working on, Squeaker Speech for Dummies

Rusty:  I think you should rename it Squeaker Speech by Dummies.

Marcus:  What did you mumble?

Rusty:  Oh, just that I can't wait to read the dummies book.

We did a post when Buddy passed on Sept. 28th. (Farewell Buddy)  This lovely graphic was sent to us by Meezers Mews  & Terrieristical Woofs. We intended to post  it; however, we were upset about Buddy and other things happening at that time, so it was a good while before we posted again, so we forgot about it until yesterday.

Thank you so much to MM&TW (Pipo, Dalton & Mr. Jack Freckles).  You are so kind to do this for bloggers who lose a furry, and your memorial graphics are greatly appreciated.

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat and Barking from the Bayou.  At least we hope we are.  Last week we included this and our computer disconnected our internet before we could and we never did get to join.  

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Red Rubber Ball

Micah:  I think we should decide what we're thankful for this week.  Whose turn is it?

Marcus:  It's mine!

Micah:  Again?  What is it this time?

Marcus:  Last month I got a new red rubber ball.  I was having such fun with it and suddenly Jan took it away and hid it.

Micah:  She must have had a reason.  What did you do to it?

Marcus:  Nothing!  I just carried it around.  Bounced it a few times around the house.  Played fetch with Jan in the dog pen.  It was a good, hard rubber ball.  I really liked it.

Micah:  I seem to remember something about you trying to eat the ball.  Did that have anything to do with why Jan hid it?

Marcus:  No.  I eat everything.  What's a little rubber in my tummy?

Micah:  A potential vet bill 

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Five Directional Dogs

Cyndi: It's been boring around here this week, Marcus. We need some excitement.

Marcus:  Perhaps you do, Cyndi, but it's been an overly exciting week for me and Jan. And now we have to look at least five directions when we're walking.

Cyndi: Five directions? I've only heard of four - north, south, east and west.

Marcus: No, left, right, ahead, behind and underfoot.

Cyndi: Underfoot?

Marcus: You mean you haven't heard of our run in with the short dog with the big mouth?

It happened Wednesday when we reached the end of our first lap. A yappy little dog across the street and down a few doors started yelling at us and then he charged. I could have stomped on him but Jan wouldn't let me. She kept trying to turn me around to retrace our route, but every time we started to turn, the dog charged, and he was close. When we turned back toward him, Jan would use the spray bottle she carries. He would run back in the street. Cars would stop. We would start to turn and he would charge again. I begged Jan to let me chase him home, but there we stood with the dog charging and running into traffic until someone blew a horn and scared the dog away.

Cyndi: Wow, that was a bit of excitement. I'm glad I missed it.

Marcus: Oh, that was just the beginning. The next day, Thursday, the great dane mix the neighbors from hell keep tied in their back yard got loose and came over to taunt me. He wouldn't leave, just kept rushing my dog pen barking and then he would stand and watch me race frantically back and forth trying to chase him away. Jan tried to stop me and I ran headfirst into her shin. He finally moved on.

Cyndi: Yes, that was the wrong kind of excitement.

Marcus: There's more. A couple hours later Jan and I started a walk. We didn't get past the porch before Jan saw a black dog walking across a lawn across the street. Guess who owns two black dogs that size? Yep, the neighbors from hell. Was that one of theirs? We'll never know because Jan rushed me back into the house. I didn't get a walk Thursday.

Cyndi: I'm sorry, Marcus. I know how much you need your walks.

Marcus: I'm not done yet. Just before sundown Friday, we set out on a walk. We crossed the street and stopped. Jan gave me my treat for being a good dog. (As in, not stopping to play tug in the middle of the intersection.) She started to unwrap a peppermint for herself. I gave a low rumble of warning to let Jan know there was something behind us. She spun around so quickly she hurt her back.

There was the neighbor's great dane mix. We barked insults at each other. I tugged at the leash. He kept coming. Jan squirted him in the face with the water bottle. He stopped. Jan pulled me back a few steps. He started forward again. We were almost nose to nose yelling at each other. Jan squirted him again in the face and he stopped, then started forward. A car crossed through the intersection, stopped, and the driver leaned on the horn. The dog turned and left.

Jan was shaking so hard I had to lean against her to hold her up. She needed to sit down but she was terrified to come home since that's the direction the other dog had gone. We had to walk away to find somewhere to rest, then we went home on the other side of the street. We didn't get a walk that day either.

Cyndi: I guess the reason Jan was shaking was because she thought she was about to be in the middle of a dog fight?

Marcus: A dog fight? Oh, in the heat of the moment that never occurred to me. I think I need to sit down for a while. My knees are shaking.

Cyndi: Well, this week has to be better. No more scary encounters.

Marcus: Want to bet? We started on a walk Sunday afternoon. We got to the corner and stood there watching a man walking what looked like one of my relatives come into view from around the curve. No, he wasn't walking his dog; he was jogging with his dog. Oops, they weren't jogging; they were running. The guy was chasing the dog,

Jan whipped around and we started walking as fast toward home as she could manage. As soon as we reached our lawn, I stopped to poop. I'm sorry but when nature calls, I need to answer. Jan turned to see how close the dog was. She was just in time to see the guy capture the dog at the corner. That guy is probably still walking bent over since he walked the dog away holding onto the collar, and it was at least several blocks to home.

Cyndi: You must be exhausted after all that in just a few days.

Marcus: I am! I think I'll just stretch out here and rest. Wake me for dinner.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Supawstars Spotlight Vs Reality

Taylor:  I'm so excited.  I just got my first blogging award.

Percy:  You mean we all got a blogging award.

Taylor:  That's what I said.  I just got my first.  Since I was the last to arrive, I was implying this isn't your first one.

Percy:  Oh, for a minute I thought you were taking all the credit for the blog.

Taylor:  There isn't actually much to take credit for any more.  We have become erratic in our postings and -

Percy:  And it's all Jan's fault. 

Taylor:  That's eerie.  You read my mind.

Percy:  It wasn't hard.  It's always Jan's fault.

Taylor:  I wanted to write a Thankful Thursday post but Jan hogged the computer to piece together her part in a meeting.  She could have waited until after we'd finished our post!

Percy:  You know Jan, she has become an early to bed wannabe.

Taylor:  I think we should thank Kittyclysm for giving us one of five Supawstars Spotlight Awards handed out this month. We're in good company with those other bloggers.

Percy:  It lifted my spirits to read their comment - "Full of warm, happy, and heartwarming stories, Jan’s Funny Farm is where you might go after a long day at work to get a smile on your face in an instant."

Taylor:  That's been our goal, to make readers smile.

Percy:  Hey, that was Jan's theme for the meeting notes she put together - "smile, smile, smile".  She thinks everyone needs to give and receive a smile.

Taylor:  It isn't exclusive to us, but this award made us smile.  We may have been missing in action a lot these last months, but we're evidently not dead and buried!

Percy:  Do you think we should tell Jan about the award?

Taylor:  No, it's our blog.  What does Jan contribute?

Percy:  Oh, I don't know.  The computer?

Note:  We plan to resume the Mousebreath interviews after the holidays.

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat and Barking from the Bayou.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Our Tasty Thanksgiving

Micah:  As mentioned in a previous post,  we Funny Farmers all got a special treat for Thanksgiving.  And as usual, when the food was being prepared, Marcus was on top of it.  Literally on top of it!

Marcus:  I was not on top of it.  I was just taking a good sniff of our Thanksgiving meal.  We canines had kibble topped with turkey stew for breakfast. Jan didn't have a special meal.  We offered her some of ours but she declined.

Cyndi:  Who are you kidding?  You wouldn't offer your own mother any of your meal!

Marcus:  Okay, so I didn't offer, but it did occur to me.  Fleetingly!

Click pic to enlarge.

Taylor:  We felines also had turkey stew.  Jan mixed it in with the freeze dried nuggets she's been crushing in our morning pate.  I hated the nuggets and wouldn't eat any!  But I have been eating them mixed with the new food we're sampling.  And I'm fussy!

Percy:  Petcurean kindly asked us to try some of their newest product for the holidays, NOW FRESH stew and pâté recipes for dogs and cats,  It's grain free with meat or fish and bone broth .  Can be used as a treat, as a meal, or as a topper. 

Rusty:  It comes in recyclable pouches.  Jan's hands didn't work too well with opening the pouches, but she quickly learned to pop the sides and use scissors to cut the narrow strip from the top.  The boxes are convenient - just fold the top, drop the sides down, and pop it in the refrigerator.

Click pic to enlarge.

Marcus:  Leave it to Jan to mix up the pictures.  Bottom right is me waiting for my food to be served in my Private Dining Car.  Starting from upper left, I am waiting for an "okay" to begin eating, eating, and bowl cleaned.  I sure did enjoy my Thanksgiving meal.

Merci:  In case you missed my picture, it's not here.  I wasn't feeling great, but I cleaned my bowl too; however, I didn't want to pose.

Cyndi: We all enjoyed the tasty Petcurean Now recipes.

The cat and dog food was provided by Petcurean for our honest opinon.  We received no other compensation.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

For all our US friends who celebrate Thanksgiving today, we hope you will take time to count your blessings and thank God for them.

Jan loves a Thanksgiving turkey meal, but she won't be having any today, however, she said she has a special treat for all of us furries for breakfast.

This is Jeannie (not Jan).  Jeannie was headed to a nursing home Saturday dressed as a turkey.  She found a young volunteer to model her turkey hat,  We imagine there was a lot of laughter and fun at the nursing home while she was there.

Cyndi:  Hey, let's not forget to join other bloggers in saying what we like about Blogville. 

Merci:  Oh, yes, we can't forget to do that.  We love the way Blogville gets together to wrap their paws around those pets who are ill . 

Micah: And also around those families who have lost a beloved furry.  Oh, and we can't forget the furry with a sick human. 

Taylor:  Thanks Blogville is having their 3rd annual blog hop and we want to thank everyone for the times they have encouraged us.

Percy:  Hey, Marcus, what are you doing here?  I thought Rusty ... I mean, I thought the White House invited you to Thanksgiving dinner.  (A Quiet Thanksgiving)

Marcus:  When I arrived, I was told I was not expected and the door was closed in my face.

Rusty:  But you only left the house three minutes ago.  You can't possibly have traveled to Washington, DC and back already.

Marcus:  Washington?  I thought I was invited to the big white house across the street.

Even though we won't get the quiet day we hoped to have with Marcus at the White House, we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.

And the Thanks Blogville blog hop can be found at Da DB Boyz blog.

*** We're going to go ahead and post this tonight (Wednesday) since we aren't planning to be online until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving! ***

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Quiet Thanksgiving

Rusty:  Hey, turn off the light.  I'm trying to sleep.

Micah:  I can't turn it off.  That's sunlight. Besides, you don't want to sleep away the day.  We have things to do.

Rusty:  Such as?

Micah:  Well, eat, for one. 

Rusty:  And then?

Micah:  We can think about that.  There's no rush.

Rusty:  I've been thinking a lot about Buddy lately.  Yesterday would have been his 13th birthday.  It still seems strange he's not with us.  Especially when the phone rings.

Micah: Yes, he did love to howl when the phone rang.  He taught the other dogs to do the same, but they stopped when he passed away.

Rusty: It's been pretty quiet around here since.  Or it would be if Marcus would lower his volume.

Micah:  I would have thought his voice would have dropped a few dozen octaves during his four years.  How much longer do you think we'll have to listen to his his hyper screeching?

Rusty:  I don't know.  I've heard a human boy's voice usually changes in his teen years. I fear we'll all go deaf before Marcus reaches thirteen. 

Micah:  We should add that to our list of things to be thankful for - most of us still have our hearing.

Rusty: .Jan said we're having a quiet Thanksgiving.  And I happen to know Marcus won't be here.

Micah:  Why not?

Rusty:  I emailed him an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner at the White House.  He accepted.


Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Cricket Goes Home

Merci:  Well, it's about time!

Rusty:  It's about time for what?  We've already had breakfast.

Merci:  It's about time our guest left so I can have my private room back..

Rusty:  That's not your private room.  That was our guest room for the past few days.

Merci:  Well, it's mine now!  I'm going to take a long nap.

Rusty:  I hate to spoil your plans, but you had better make that a short nap.  Jan is planning to break this dog crate down today.

Merci:  Then get out of my bedroom so I can enjoy some privacy.

Rusty:  Privacy?  You really think a room with bars is private?

Some of you have asked about our guest since we mentioned one in yesterday's post.  Here she is.  She was picked up on a country road on October 29th by a young woman who reached out for help to vet her from the local humane society (not a shelter!) because the dog has an injured eye.  She could not keep the dog there too long, so last Friday this old lady came to stay with us while we searched for her owner. 

It has been an interesting few days.  As any regular reader of this blog is aware, Marcus is not a gentle soul.  He is hyper and a bull in the china shop.  We all know to keep out of his way when he's excited but this dog was old and small (6 lbs when she arrived and 8 lbs yesterday).  She would be easily injured. 

So Jan spent the time playing musical dog crates.  When Marcus would go in his crate to nap, Jan would let the guest out.  When she went back in her crate to nap, Jan would open his door.  And then there were all those trips to the dog pen at all hours for pee/poop detail.  Marcus and the guest did meet on a few occasions, with Marcus checking her out doggy style.  The times when Marcus would go hysterical because he was about to go for a walk, or eat, or go outside to play fetch, he would wake her up and she would eventually give one high-pitched yelp that to Jan sounded very much like "SHUT UP"!

Merci slept in her bed against the outside of the guest crate, but she really, really, really wanted to move in!  Jan had to keep shooing her out.

Yesterday Jan and Kay (both with Upson Humane) started a serious Found Dog campaign on Facebook and the pictures/info were shared, shared, shared.  Jan shut down about 10 pm.  At 1:30 am, the owner suddenly saw her dog "all over facebook".  Barbara, the owner, called Jan this morning. 

Jan immediately called Kay and as she was telling her the news, that quickly the daughter-in-law Michelle was at our door, with Barbara on her cell phone.  Our guest responded to her voice.  There was no doubt those two were family!  Kay "flew" here for the reunion, too. 

Cricket the dog is a Reindeer Chihuahua and is older than we thought, about 20 or 21.  She had just wandered off and her family, fearing she was dead, had been frantically looking for her. 

Now you know who was visiting with us and why.  Michelle and Kay (above) are ecstatic Cricket is safely home. We are, too, and so are a whole lot of people on Facebook.

Merci: Will you guys please type quieter!  I'm trying to nap before Jan kicks me out of my room again.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Celebrating Marcus and Taylor

Cyndi:  Oh, Marcus and Taylor, we're so sorry we're late getting your Birthday and Gotcha days post up. 

Micah:  It's all Jan's fault again, isn't it!

Cyndi:  Yes, it is.  She can't remember what she's doing or where she put anything..  That means we get less time on the computer and more time helping her find her glasses so she can read what's on the screen.

Micah:  Well, let's get this party started.  Marcus and Taylor, we're so glad you two were born or gotcha'd ...

Cyndi:  Wait, I don't think you mean born or gotcha'd.  One has to be born first, then gotcha'd.

Micah:  Oh, right.  We're so glad you were born, Marcus, and you, Taylor, were born and gotcha'd. 

Cyndi:  Wouldn't it have been easier to say, Happy 4th Birthday, Marcus, and Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Taylor?

Micah:  Yes, it would have been easier but everybody says that.  I wanted to be different.  

Merci:  Since that has been resolved, you might want to apologize to Jan.  You know she wouldn't misplace her reading glasses as often if you cats didn't keep hiding them on her. 

Cyndi:  Okay, once, maybe twice, I covered them with my tail so she couldn't see them.  But we're late today because she's been spending too much time lately playing a game.

Micah:  What game is that?

Merci:  I think Cyndi means "Musical Dog Crates".

Micah:  That sounds like a dumb game.  There aren't any cats in it?

Merci:  No, we cats don't get to participate.  Just Jan, Marcus and our temporary guest. 

Cyndi:  Should we tell our friends about our weekend guest who will be staying longer?

Merci:  No, that's another post.  

Micah:  Stay tuned and don't change the channel.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Farewell Buddy

Buddy, my shadow and walking companion of almost 13 years, left us at 6:10 pm today. 

He was abandoned at Mr. Doug's when he was only 3 or 4 weeks old.  It seems fitting he has returned there for burial, hopefully near Sam.

I can't think of any words other than good-bye, dear friend.  You are already missed!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Happy Gotcha Birthday Micah

We are so out of touch with everything these past 5, almost 6 weeks, we forgot today is Micah's 5th Gotcha Day and 6 or 7th /assigned Birthday.  We remember him coming to live here as ML, the dear lady who used to run the Cat Blogosphere was preparing to move across country with her cats.  (We still miss her. as do many of you, and hope she is doing well.)

Happy Gotcha Birthday,Micah.  Is there a particular present you would like for your special day?

Micah:  You mean I can have anything I want?


Micah: I'll pack his bags and a tuna sandwich if Percy will move out!

Sorry, not that.

Micah:  Then can I rub my tummy and wish Percy elsewhere?

No.  Percy was here first.  How about if you two call a truce and enjoy your day?

Micah:  Can I have an extra piece of chicken and birthday cake if I let him stay and don't push him off the desk?


Micah:  Okay, then Percy can stay.  For now.

Micah:  Hey, Pipo and Mr. Jack Freckles (and their mom) made me a birthday card.  Thank you!

(Alasandra the Cats and the Dogs left a comment on our last post today or Micah's day would have gone unnoticed.)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Down for the Count

Marcus:  Jan says I have been a good boy this past week.


This past week has been very hard on all of us and I am proud of Marcus.  He has so wanted me to play with him for weeks and I just didn't have the energy, but I did try to walk him and Buddy every day possible.  (I walk Merci by herself if she wants to go.)

I wasn't going to do this post but Loulou's sweet mama is concerned that we haven't been posting.  It's easier to type this once so we told her we would try to do a post.  This has been a hard summer.  I have been sweating buckets, cutting the lawn with a grass whip, and tottering around in exhaustion.

Last Monday I tried out my new electric lawn mower with a 100' cord that should make my life easier.  Six hours later about 3/4 of the lawn was done.  (There were a lot of breaks in there where I collapsed in a chair on the porch or over the trash can near the side yard.)  Then I wobbled up the street with the two dogs. 

Tuesday evening I set out with Marcus and Buddy for a walk.  We made it as far as the public sidewalk next door. Without any warning I was yanked sideways and back with such force the chest pain was excruciating and I was  screaming.  My feet were flying and I almost fell over Marcus and one of the dogs from next door when they both stopped.  Some distance away the neighbor kids were playing basketball in the alley.  I screamed for them to get their dog on a leash and they just stared.. 

There was another hard yank in another direction and I was face down on the lawn, still screaming in pain.  Bless the woman driving by who saw it happening and stopped to help..  She was there right away, wrapped the leashes in one hand (I had a death grip on them) and told me the dogs were okay. (I wasn't thinking straight and neglected to get the name of the kind woman.)  I couldn't see anything but I could hear those kids approaching.  From beginning to end, there was no sound from any of the dogs except one low growl from Marcus - his "I'm in trouble" growl.  One second he was walking, then he was playing, then I was on the ground screaming and there were all those kids coming at him.  He is timid and I knew he was scared. 

I spent a long time face down on the lawn listening to the mouthy teenager who doesn't believe the leash law applies to her.  And when I was finally able to get up. things got worse.  She told me to GO HOME (complete with arm gestures) or WALK THE DOGS ACROSS THE STREET but to GET OFF HER PROPERTY (meaning the entire side of the road).  No remorse, no concern that her off leash dog caused the violent take down (not a fall) of someone. 

Injured or not, I still had to take care of the Funny Farmers.  By Saturday, I HAD to get out of the house so I set out with Buddy and Marcus on a slow walk.  Buddy stopped to poop.  I cleaned up after him. turned around and there was that dog racing onto the sidewalk at us.   She will not put it on a leash!  The fact the dog is friendly and wants to play isn't the point. I don't know if Animal Control has been in contact with the family yet.

So, things are not going well around here.  The Mousebreath interviews are postponed.  I don't know for how long.  We won't be posting to the blog either.  I am taking a break from everything to recuperate.

I wasn't joking about Marcus being a good boy.  I don't blame him for what happened, nor the other dog.  I blame the defiant teenager and her parents.  He was going stir crazy without his walks, so he was so happy they resumed.  Tonight - Monday- Marcus stopped on our walk to make friends with a man in a wheelchair who has had a stroke and was frustrated because he couldn't convey to me what he wanted to say, but he and Marcus communicated just fine.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Today's Post

*Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll*

Cyndi:  Hey, today's post is missing.  Where did it go?

Merci:  It didn't go anywhere.  We didn't write one.

Cyndi:  We did post an interview on Mousebreath, didn't we?

Merci:  No.

Cyndi:  Did we do anything for today?

Merci:  No.  You know Jan has been doing hard labor these last months in the heat and humidity and to say she's been creaky and crabby and running way behind on everything would be an understatement.

Cyndi:  Isn't that what we pay her the big bucks for?

Merci:  We don't have any big bucks!

Cyndi:  Okay, I got a bit carried away, but we don't have opposing thumbs so we can't clean up after ourselves or whip this yard into shape with a skinny weed eater, so maybe we should order some braces for her tottering legs and a scarecrow rack to keep her upright. 

Merci:  Have you considered how impossible it would be for Jan to feed us or change our litter with her arms sticking straight out in midair?  Why don't we just have a quiet weekend and stay out of her way so she doesn't fall on one of us.

Cyndi:  Well, it was mean of her to wait until 10 p.m. to tell us if we wanted to write a post, we had better be quick about it.

Merci:  And then there was that big bolt of lightning and she turned off the computer before Percy could even sit down at the computer.

Cyndi:  To be fair, it was too late for us old furries to start weaving the pieces of an interview together. Percy would have fallen asleep on the keyboard and we know from past experience what havoc that can wreak!

Merci:  Today was shot because Jan had something important that had to be done on the computer!

Cyndi:  Hopefully, next week will be easier and we will post  another Mousebreath interview. *scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll*  Jan needs to get her act together so we have more computer time.  Everyone is going to forget us because we are rarely posting any more.

Merci:  Don't worry, Cyndi, we'll always have Marcus's friends the geese.

Cyndi:  I didn't know geese read blogs.

Merci:  Well, surely if geese hold recitals and singalongs (Late for a Recital)  they have a channel on YouTube..  And while they're online, I'm sure they stop by to read about Marcus, their biggest fan.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Late for a Recital

Mo:  Look who's coming this way!

Minnie:   Oh, no, it's that dog that thinks he speaks goose.

Mo:  Has anyone told him all geese are not named Minnie or Mo?

Minnie:  I doubt it.  He has a hearing problem.

Mo:  How do you know that: 

Minnie:  Listen to this.  "HONK, HONK!"

Marcus:  Hey, Buddy, did you hear that?  Minnie just yelled, "Hey Marcus, good to see you again."

Buddy:  Are you sure?  I just heard, "Honk, honk."

Marcus:  Of course, I'm sure.  I speak fluent goose.

Mo:  "Honk, honk, hoooonk!"

Buddy:  If Minnie is so glad to see you, why are all the geese waddling off in the other direction?

Marcus:  Mo said they're sorry they have to go, but they're late for a recital.

Buddy:  They're late for a what?

Marcus:  A recital.  Or did he say they're late for a singalong?  The two words are very similar in goose, you know.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Do Mice Play (When Cat is Away)

Micah: We are glad to still see some of our posted badges in our travels around the blogs.  It's the "I Was Featured by the FFF" badge for those we have interviewed for Mousebreath.

Rusty:  We were pleased to add Taylor when we resumed the interviews this year, but we sometimes feel a bit sad for those we have had to remove from the badge over the years:  Cameron, Cotton, Crystal.

Cyndi:  We were the fuor "C"s.  I'm the only one left.  I hope we don't have to leave alphabetically for the bridge.  Not that any of us are in any hurry to go.   

Taylor:  Or chronologically, since you're the oldest of us felines.  I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said that, should I?

Cyndi:  No!  You should have said we have a new interview this week with two cats we met recently.

Taylor:  Do the mice really play?

Micah:  What?

Taylor:  Tessa and Kajsa are from the blog When the Cat is Away.

Rusty:  Oh, you want to know if the mice play when the cat is away?

Taylor:  Yes.

Micah:  You'll have to ask Tessa and Kajsa.

Percy:  If you haven't met them yet, you will enjoy the introduction.  You can read their story,Tessa and Kajsa from Helsinki, on Mousebreath.  

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hitting the Haystack

Percy:  All right, crew, let's get cracking on tomorrow's post so we can hit the haystack before midnight.

Taylor:  We can't crack anything; we don't have a haystack.

Rusty:  We have a nutcracker in the kitchen drawer, but I think he was referring to hitting the hay. 

Cyndi:  Well, if we're going to sleep on hay, I hope none of you peed on it first.

Micah:  It's too hot and humid to crack anything, but we do have a post to write, so let's get it done.

Percy:  We enjoyed interviewing Jasper, Jose, Huggy Bear and Maggie.  Jasper is one of the old-time bloggers who started before we did.  Drop by Mousebreath to read their story, Jasper McKitten-Cat and Siblings.

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.   

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Bed Saga

Cyndi:  This past winter we did a whole series of articles on beds.  Dog beds, cat beds, purloined beds,shredded beds -

Buddy:  Miss Pam crocheted Percy his own cat cave bed because his favorite sleeping place was taken over by Micah.  (A Cat Cave for Percy)   

Cyndi:  So then Miss Pam crocheted a new bed for Percy because Micah took over his cat cave.  (Percy's Cat Cave Part 2)

Buddy  Miss Pam knitted Percy a new bed.  And guess who claimed it before Percy even had a chance to see it?  (Percy's New New Bed)  Good guess.  Yes, it was Micah.

Cyndi:  Miss Pam then crocheted three more new beds - a total of five, one for each kitty.  She hoped Percy would get at least one of them.

Buddy:  But it got hot early this year and none of the cats wanted a warm place to sleep, so Jan put the beds aside for next winter; however, when she went to photograph them so the cats could thank Miss Pam, Jan couldn't remember where she'd put them.  She tore the house apart - twice!

Cyndi:  She did finally find them.  By accident.  She kept forgetting to take photos.  Now that it's late July and we're sweltering, we finally have a photo of our lovely, warm, new, unused beds.  Never fear, though, they will be used when cooler weather arrives!

Buddy:  Yes, they will be used.  The question is, even with one bed per cat, will Percy finally get to sleep in his own new bed or will some unnamed cat claim two for himself?  The saga continues.

Cyndi:  We want to thank Miss Pam for thinking of our comfort and for the work she put into gifting us with such beautiful winter beds.

Buddy:  And the cats would also like to thank Jan for finally finding the beds she put safely aside so they wouldn't get lost.

.We're joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home