Friday, October 09, 2015

Bloopers, Winner and Cat Chats

MERCI: For those of you who marveled at how Jan could lose two of the three dogs she was walking the other day, (Packing Jan's Brain) without noticing any were missing, we just have to share this story.

BUDDY:  When Jan stood before the group to open the local Toastmasters meeting yesterday, she tapped the gavel on the podium and announced, "This meeting is adjourned."

SAM:  As soon as she said it, she realized she had just closed the meeting before it had even begun.  She saw shock, then laughter show on faces around the table. Yes, they were awake and caught the mistake.

MARCUS:  A momentary blip, a laugh, all is forgotten, right?  Wrong!  Her slip of the tongue is recorded for posterity, or at least for the Area Director to view. That meeting is on video.

BUDDY:  We have a winner for the Dogster's Ice Cream Style Treat coupons giveaway.  The winner is Jan - not our Jan - from the Poodle and Dog blog.  Congratulations.  We hope the dogs will enjoy the treats as much as we did.

MICAH:  As we have mentioned before, we are trying to streamline the Mousebreath interview process.

CYNDI:  So we have put out a call for new subjects to test the system. 

RUSTY:  We were going to post the instructions but decided not to do so.

PERCY:  Check out today's Mousebreath post, Cats, Chats and More Cats. And if we haven't already interviewed you, send us an email or use the comment form in our left sidebar.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Kangaroo Cards

PERCY:  It's Thankful Thursday so we want to share something beautiful we received from Australia. 

MERCI:  This is what was inside the cardboard mailing envelope.  Even though the package came from far away, everything was well packed and protected.

CYNDI:  Look how pretty it's wrapped with the little clothespin holding the card and note.

SAM:  We entered Fozziemum's giveaway of her kangaroo photograph cards and were among several who received a set of twelve. 

RUSTY:  Jan tried to take a photo of some of them but it was such a dark, dreary day (one of many lately) that the cards are not done justice!

MARCUS:  You can see the pictures better in Fozziemum's post.   Fozziemum has opened Opshots Photography and will be making up batches of Christmas and other cards for sale.

MICAH:  They are not cheaply made.  They are thick, high quality card paper.  The inside is blank so you can write your own message, which is really the best type of card to receive according to Jan. 

BUDDY:  We're not doing a review.  We just love the 'roo photos Fozziemum took and made into cards and wanted to say thank you.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Packing Jan's Brain

RUSTY:  What's this about you dogs needing to be sure Jan has packed her brain before you walk her?

MICAH:  I evidently missed something while I was in the kitchen snacking.

BUDDY:  Well, we took Jan for her morning walk yesterday and thought everything was okay.

SAM:  But about a block and a half from home, we stepped off of the sidewalk onto the grass for a young woman to pass.  Three or four yards past us the woman called out, "Do you have three dogs?"

BUDDY:  Jan thought it a strange question since she was so obviously walking three dogs, but turned and said, "Yes."

SAM:  "There's the other one," the woman laughed, as Merci came around the bushes dragging her leash.

MERCI:  We can't check out the bushes on the corner from the sidewalk, so when Jan dropped my leash, I  grabbed the opportunity to sniff around on my own.

BUDDY:  We arrived home.  Jan threw away our poop bags from the morning, carried sticks to the curb for pickup, and walked around the back of the dog pen to the opposite side of the house.

SAM:  We strolled across the yard and the sidewalk.  Merci whined her, "Oh, look, I see someone" whine.  Jan looked up and there was a strange dog coming around the bushes - the route we usually take.

PERCY:  Oh, this is my favorite part of the story.  I wish I could have been there to see this.

MERCI:  But then Jan thought the dog looked familiar, so she turned to count dogs and there were two of us and an empty harness attached to a leash. 

BUDDY:  Jan left my harness loose so I could be comfortable, but when it became too loose, she kept forgetting to tighten the straps. I can't believe it but Jan just walked off and left me behind.

MARCUS:  Oh, that sounds like fun.  I wonder why things like that never happen when I walk her?

CYNDI:  From what I've heard, Jan has to keep a constant eye on you.  And you tend to walk in front of her, not in back. 

MARCUS:  Oh, no wonder Jan continually tells me I'm such a good boy on our walks.

BUDDY:  Continually?  For real?

MARCUS:  Well, maybe not continually.  But at least she hasn't lost me ... yet.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kitten Versus Fawn

PERCY:  What happens when Miro the kitten finds a newborn fawn on the front porch?

RUSTY:  I don't know.  What's the punch line?

MICAH:  There is no punch line.  Just an inquisitive kitten. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

CYNDI: In case you missed our post yesterday - Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats-  our canines are giving away two free dog treat coupons.   They really enjoyed them but did not offer to share. 

The fawn was reunited with its mom in another video.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats

BUDDY:  Come on, Jan.  How long are you going to make us sit here before we can eat our treat?

SAM:  I should have brought a magazine to read.

PERCY:  Hey, guys, those treats might not be for cats but at least we get some entertainment out of this.

CYNDI:  Yes, you guys whine and whine and then when Jan says it's okay you complain that you want to switch cups with Merci.  Buddy, they're all the same!

MICAH:  So Jan switched your cup with Merci's to shut you up, Buddy.  And then -

RUSTY:  And then Merci refused to eat on the same step with you guys.  This is better than a movie.  We should have made popcorn. 

MERCI:  Hey, it's safer for me to eat alone.  Those guys are piggies with no manners.

SAM:  Does anyone know what we're eating?  This tastes like peanut butter and cheese.

BUDDY:  These are Dogsters ice cream style treats for dogs.  Jan says these treats can be found in the frozen section of  U.S. grocery stores.  Even Jan, who gets lost easily, should be able to find them.

SAM:  It's taken long enough for Jan to let us taste them.  The weather has been wet and chilly so much recently, it's been hard to find a day we'd want to eat a cold treat outside.

MERCI:  Sam is a large dog and has a large tongue so when he ate as much as he could out of the cup, Jan emptied it out of the cup for him to finish.

BUDDY:  The treats are low fat with no extra sugar or added milk, or artificial flavors or colors.  I guess that doesn't mean no taste. 

MERCI:  Will you guys slow down?  I'm smaller than you and I don't want you to steal mine.

MARCUS:  Finally, it's my turn!  I'm trying the Minte Kissably Fresh flavor here.

BUDDY:  If you notice, in the above picture of Marcus, he is not looking at the treat.  His eyes are locked on something above.  Can you guess what that something is?

SAM:  All I did was say if Marcus isn't hungry, I'd be glad to eat his too. 

MARCUS:  No, sirree, Sam is not going to eat my treat!  I am perfectly capable of eating my own!

BUDDY:  We have two free coupons for Dogsters ice cream style treats to give away.  (A list of the stores that currently sell this product can be found at  If you live in the US and would like for your dog to try the Dogster treats, please leave a comment in this post telling us you would like to win the coupons.  We will use to pick a winner on Thursday, October 8.

Dogster provided us with two packages of four cups to review.  Any opinions expressed are completely our own. 

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Blankie Drape

JAN:  Hey, which one of you ate half of the sausage in the pan that was intended for my dinner?

RUSTY:  It wasn't me, but if you intend to ask for the guilty party to return it, you might want to think twice about it.

MICAH:  What are you supposed to be, Rusty?

RUSTY:  I'm supposed to be warm but I'm cold.  This wet, chilly weather isn't comfortable.

CYNDI:  So why are you wearing a lampshade on your head?

RUSTY:  I'm not wearing a lamp shade; I'm wearing a drape.  Jan left it on the back of the chair and I appropriated it for a blankie, but it isn't very warm.

PERCY:  Is winter coming early this year or are we just growing colder ... I mean, older?

BUDDY:  Jan didn't use gates when I was a pup, but I can imagine the fun this Corgi pup had breaking loose. 

MARCUS:  I don't have that problem.  When I was very small, I climbed the gate Jan used to try to keep me out of a room.  And before long, I could jump over it.

SAM:  But this guy evidently neither climbs nor jumps.

MERCI:  But he is one determined - and noisy - little guy.  Enjoy our Sunday Smile video.

If the video doesn't play, click here.