Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tears to Laughter

RUSTY:  Why are we posting this picture again?  The Team Cat competition is long over.

SAM:  We needed a photo in a hurry and this is it.  Don't worry.  It isn't stalking you.

RUSTY:  Oh, okay, if you're sure. So why are we posting today?

SAM:  It's been a rough few weeks and Jan has been very discouraged since Thursday.  Friday we did the Remembering Bridge Angels post and then we were all down and discouraged thinking of those we're missing (just since we began blogging) as well as the ones our friends have lost. 

RUSTY:  Yes, the idea was that everyone would share their bridge losses and we'd all feel better.  But we cried and couldn't read other posts, so we really let our friends down.

SAM:  We decided we don't want to stay depressed and looked for something to make us laugh.  We'd like to share ours with you.  You might need a laugh too. 

RUSTY:  This chihuahua should come visit the next time Jan uses a gate to close you dogs in the bedroom.

MARCUS:  I don't need his help.  I just leap over the gate.

SAM:  *mumble, mumble*  What a braggart!

RUSTY:  I get the sense this chihuahua has been practicing his escape technique.  What do you think?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Remembering Bridge Angels

RUSTY:  Today is the first annual Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  It is the brainchild of Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey.

MERCI:  We have to be honest and mention we do not believe in the rainbow bridge but we have lost four feline siblings since we began blogging. 

CYNDI:  We have so many happy memories of each one, so we do want to join other bloggers in remembering our beloved furry angels. (One of the definitions of "angel" is "a kind, charming, lovable cat".  It actually reads "person" but this is a post about furries, not people, so we take a little literary license.)

MARCUS:  Cameron is the only one I met and he once told me a story.  It had something to do with waking the dead and all four of them were part of it.

SAM:  That was before my time, too, back when there was a Funny Farm Writing Club.  I remember reading the story (Waking the Dead). 

MICAH: Last week we announced we are retiring from the stress of the interviews, but we will finish the few that we had already sent.  This week we are pleased to introduce Josie, Renn, Tucker, Cammie and Noah from I Have Three Cats

PERCY:  You will have to read their story, Josie, Renn, Tucker, Cammie and Noah Speak, to find out why there are five names for three cats. The story is published on Mousebreath. 

BUDDY:  We announced yesterday that last Friday we also retired from co-sponsoring the Pet Parade as part of our plan to de-stress and Blog Without Duty, so don't panic if our name has already been removed.  Everything is fine.

UPDATE:  Aw, we didn't know Rascal and Rocco made us the Featured Favorite for the blog hop this week.  We will miss all of the hosts.

Tthe Pet Parade blog hop is hosted by by Rascal and Roscoe.  It is co-hosted by Bionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou and Love is being owned by a husky.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog Without Duty

MICAH:  We were going to wait until tomorrow to post the other part of our news but tomorrow is going to be a special day so we decided we should post it today.

MERCI:  Yes, it's going to be Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and we certainly want to remember our own beloved furries.  We have lost four feline siblings since we began blogging in 2005. 

SAM:  Last Friday we posted that we are retiring from the Mousebreath interviews.  (Hanging Butt Naked)  We have done 129 since we began.  That's a big investment of time - and we hope of at least a little talent.

RUSTY:  But don't worry, we still have three (possibly four) more interviews to publish.  They have been returned in a timely manner and we did promise to finish any that are pending. 

BUDDY:    Last Friday we also resigned as a co-host of the Pet Parade blog hop, so please don't get upset when our name is removed.  Everything is fine.  We just have not been pulling our weight for quite some time now and that isn't fair to the others who are.  Last week we were not only unable to visit blogs that entered but we totally forgot to post the code.  We will try to remember to enter.  Jan's memory isn't what it needs to be right now and we depend on her to remind us because we forget too.

PERCY:  Speaking of memory, do you remember Cotton?  She was a toritie (tortoiseshell) and she always had a "don't mess with me" look and attitude. So we decided to use her for our new blogging attitude graphic.  Yes, from now on we want to blog without duty.  We are not a business blog so there is no necessity to blog daily (thought we might on occasion) or on any schedule.  You can sign up to receive emails of our posts or add us to a reader or stop by frequently.  We will be here. 

MARCUS:  Hey, she looks like a drill sergeant!  Kind of scary.  Was she really as mean as she looks?

CYNDI:  No, Marcus, Cotton was a pussycat.  Unless she was telling you what to do.  Which she did quite often.  She was bossy and in your face.  So perhaps she was a drill sergeant.  But she wasn't mean.  And we still miss her.

MARCUS:  Oh, telling you what to do ... bossy and in your face - kind of like Buddy!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hanging Butt Naked

PERCY:  Hey, Merci, why are you looking so thoughtful?

MERCI:  Well, it's Friday and you kitties don't have an interview again.

PERCY:  I know.  No matter what we do, too many of our subjects just take their time getting back to us, or they respond so late in the week we can't get it together in time.

MERCI:  Surely not all of them!

PERCY:  No, not all of them!  We've had some who have responded so quickly we were in shock, since it takes others weeks or months, even with reminders.

MERCI:  That seems awfully rude. Cyndi is kind of bummed because you Funny Farmer Felines have been removed from the Blogville Calendar TWICE because there were weeks at a time when you didn't have an interview.

PERCY:  Yes,we haven't bothered asking to be reinstated since the second time.  There were times the computer was having major problems.  There were times Jan was in need of our help because she was sick or injured.   But mainly, we just get slow responses.  Our stress level is high trying to juggle a bunch of files and folders - on hold, questions sent, waiting on photos, etc - and it is frustrating to be left hanging "butt naked" so frequently!    

MERCI: It might be time you take a page from this video.  If something doesn't work, keep trying things until you find your niche.

PERCY:  Evidently trying to make others look good for free - sometimes even without a thank you - isn't our niche!  An interview requires interaction.  We can't do it alone and if our subjects want to earn a Cat Scout badge or get their name in Mousebreath without having to do anything to help or to do it in a timely manner, perhaps it's time to close the interviews.

MERCI:  The same thing happened when we started the Blogville interviews.  Great enthusiasm and responses for a while, then slow or no responses.  So we shut the interviews down.  But we had some fun interviews while they published.

PERCY:  We tried to make our Mousebreath interviews interesting and fun.  If we hear back from the ones in progress, we'll finish them and then retire.  As this short video reminds us, we are not all good at the same things and we need to find what we can do well. 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Don't Talk While Eating

SAM:  We didn't have a chance to write a post for today, but we came across the cutest "talking" kitty video. 

CYNDI:  This kitten is obviously enjoying her meal.  Guess the bigger kitty never explained she shouldn't talk with her mouth full.

SAM:  Jan said she's thankful you cats eat quietly.  

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pop A Top

BUDDY:  Hey, guys, we have a package here from Chewy.  Come help me open it.  There's a lounging scratcher for the cats to post on (A Pawicure and Mattress) and some canned food for us.

MARCUS:  Food in a can?  I can't.  I'm playing Canine Soccer.  I'll catch it when Jan pops a top on one.

SAM:  It's so nice and cool here in the dirt.  I think I'll wait for the open can too.

MERCI:  The food is Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Hearty Beef Stew. This is what the moist, meaty chunks look like from the can. The main ingredients are:  deboned beef, beef broth, beef liver, carrots, peas, dried egg products, sweet potatoes, natural flavor, dried potatoes, blueberries ... vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Key Benefits
    Carrageenan & Grain-free recipe.
    Low glycemic.
    No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
    No corn, wheat or soy.
    No ingredients from China.
    Made in the USA!

BUDDY:  I thought you weren't interested in the canned food.

MARCUS:  I am now that Jan has popped a top.  I'm first in line for my breakfast.

SAM:  You got too excited over food again and Jan put you in your crate to eat.

MARCUS:  You mean my private dining car?  I love to eat here.  None of you can steal my food. 

BUDDY:  I think you mean that you can't steal any of our food.

MERCI:  So how was it, Marcus?

MARCUS:  I cleaned my bowl.  I don't know how Jan managed to miss most of the bowl when she took the picture.  After all, the food is the main reason for this post.  Well, that and my good looks. 

SAM:  We have been enjoying it mixed with our kibble and give this Whole Earth Farms food four paws up. 

We would like to thank for sending us the cans to sample.  We were not paid nor influenced in what we wrote.  We always try to be honest in our reviews.