Friday, July 29, 2016

Acupressure Nap

Cyndi here in the TV studio with the latest Funny Farm news.  Stop heckling, Percy.  This is my TV studio if I want it to be!

I thought I would show you Jan's new "torture chamber", otherwise known as an acupressure mat and pillow.  She froze at a meeting yesterday which caused some scary problems with her neck and shoulders, so we're all going to be laying low for a few days while she recuperates.  You know how it is when you have a human to take care of.  They demand your full attention. 

One thing is certain.  You won't find any of us furries joining her for an acupressure nap, even though Jan says it is relaxing.  We prefer to nap on a soft bed. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Decorating Nightmare

Marcus:  Hey, look, our new typing chair.  It's taller than the old one, so you shorties can reach the keys easier.

Cyndi:  Wonderful.

Buddy:  What was wrong with the old chair?

Marcus:  You know Jan was always complaining she felt like she was sitting on a metal bar even with a pillow or cushion.  This Serta chair has "comfort coils". 

Cyndi:  Buddy, you're sitting behind the chair.  If you wanted to pose, you should be sitting in front of it.

Buddy:  I'm not in the picture.  *peers closely*  Oh, yes, I am.  Barely, over there on the left. 

Percy:  That's a good looking chair, isn't it!  And Jan says it is so comfortable; the first chair she has actually been able to sit properly and comfortably in for many years.

Cyndi:  That must be why we haven't been able to spend much time in it since Mr. Doug came over and put it together Monday.

Buddy:  It was a belated birthday gift from Miss Teresa, the nice lady who saved Luke the Pee Machine (now Benny) from ending up at the shelter after we returned him to his owners (owners, not "family").

Marcus:  It was a nice looking chair, so why does it look like this now that Jan is using it?

Cyndi:  Mainly because a certain kitty used to stand on the back of the old chair and use it for a scratching post.

Percy:  Why are you glaring at me?  I never!

Cyndi:  Then why is the old chair is in the background with a towel protecting it?

Percy:  I have no idea! 

Buddy:  I think the sheet is to protect the chair back from He Who Shall Remain Anonymous's claws, but the towel across the seat and the wash cloths on the arms are because Jan has been sweating so hard in the heat and humidity she was sticking to the chair.

Marcus:  I wish she hadn't done that.  I was thinking of betting on how long it would take before she slid out of the wet chair.

Percy:  I'd probably have been blamed for that too.

Cyndi:  Even if Jan has turned it into a decorating nightmare, we are celebrating the comfortable gift for Thankful Thursday.

Buddy:  Hey, before we close this post, we have some fun news.  Our own handsome mancat Rusty was interviewed by Bacon for Spotlight Thursday.   Hurry over there to read Rusty's interview.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog and friends for the Thankful Thursday blog hop. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do I Look Wet?

Taylor:  Buddy, what happened?  Get caught in the rain?  You look a bit wet.

Buddy:  Jan tried to drown me.

Taylor:  I find that a bit hard to believe.

Buddy:  Seriously.  She turned the hose on me and tried to drown me.

Micah:  I think he means Jan gave him a bath.

Buddy:  Yes, that's what I said.  Jan tried to drown me.  Don't I look like a drowned dog?

Micah:  Not really.  If you're walking, talking and whining about the water, you are definitely not drowned!

Buddy:  I heard her say you're next, Micah.

Taylor:  Where did he go?  I didn't know Micah could move so fast.

Buddy:  Jan isn't really going to give him a bath.  It was payback for what he said.  You don't think I was whining, do you?

Taylor:  No, not me!  I believed every word.

Buddy:  Good.  As I was saying, Jan tried to drown me, but I survived.  And I paid her back by using the canine towel to dry myself.

Taylor:  You shook water over her?

Buddy:  Yes.  It was such fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alligator in My Bowl

Marcus:  Here I am in my Private Dining Car waiting for the dinner whistle to blow so I can dine.

Buddy:  You are not!  You're in your PDC waiting for Jan to give you the word so you can dig in.

Marcus:  Same thing.

Merci:  So what are we taste testing today?

Marcus:  Can you believe we're eating alligator and catfish today?  It's the Blue Wilderness Bayou Blend

Buddy:  It looks like regular dog food in the can.  You're joking about the alligator, right?

Merci:  No, he's not.  I'm reading the label and the ingredients are:  alligator, chicken broth, chicken, potatoes, water, whitefish, chicken liver, turkey, catfish, pea flour, dried egg, pea protein, shrimp, guar gum, sunflower oil, salt, and vitamins and minerals.

Key Benefits from
    Exotic bayou blend of alligator, catfish and shrimp
    100% grain-free and gluten-free diet
    Filled with high-quality unique proteins
    Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
    Formulated for adult dogs
    No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
    No corn, wheat, soy or chicken/poultry by-product meals

Marcus:  Jan said to dig in to my kibble topped with a good helping of Bayou Blend, so I'm digging!

Buddy:  Hello, Jan?  Merci and I have been patient.  Can we dig too?

Merci:  Hey, this is really good.  I wasn't sure I'd like alligator.

Buddy:  I like it fine as long as it's in my bowl and not in the bathtub.

Marcus:  We seem to be in agreement here.  This Blue Wilderness Bayou Blend dog food is tasty.

We received the product for this review from Chewy, but we were not paid. Any opinions expressed are entirely our own.