Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marcus vs Shopping Cart

Merci:  Marcus got into another fight yesterday and you won't believe with whom ... uh, with what.

Rusty:  He claims he took a chunk out of the other guy ... I mean his opponent, but I don't know.  The photos tell otherwise. 

Buddy:  But first we'd like to show you something that irritates the dickens out of Jan.  Take a look across the street.  What do you see in front of the tree?

Micah:  A shopping cart!  Not that I've ever met one but it sure look like something Jan has steered home a time or few.

Sam:  Right, Micah!  And we helped Jan put that shopping cart there on our morning walk.

Cyndi::  But why would you leave it sitting on the corner and not return it to its rightful owner like Jan usually does?

Cameron:  Because Jan didn't borrow it from the store.  She finds carts that someone borrowed to help walk their groceries home abandoned along the road.

Marcus:  But if someone borrows one and then abandons it, that would be stealing. So they are thieves?

Percy:  Yes, and Buddy says he's seen abandoned carts occasionally pushed into the ravine or the woods by kids.

Mercy:  And when carts are destroyed or never returned, all the store customers pay for them through higher prices. 

Cameron:  That's not fair to those who borrow a cart and return it.

Micah:  Borrowing a cart is a privilege, not a right.

Cyndi:  So Jan pushes the ones she finds abandoned back toward the store.  She can't push a cart up the hill while walking the dogs, so she will leave it on the nearby corner, hoping someone going that way will return it or one of the help will see it and come get it.

Percy:  Yesterday there were two carts along the walking route. She pushed one toward home on the morning walk and this one on the evening walk.

Sam:  With all the able-bodied humans who walk that route every day, I should think one would say to himself (or herself), Ah, I am young, my hands are free since I'm not walking dogs, so why don't I push this cart back to the store, especially since I'm going there anyway?

Rusty:  Better yet, why doesn't the one who borrowed it take responsibility for returning it!

Buddy:  The punishment for those who abandon the carts should be to have to walk it back to the store with Marcus helping.  That would teach them a lesson!

Marcus:  Why, thank you, Buddy.  I didn't realize you think so highly of the help I give Jan.

Buddy:  You might want to reflect for a while on what I said, Marcus.  I think you misunderstood. Here's some video evidence of how helpful you are.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Marcus:  I really herded it showed that cart who is boss, didn't I?  When it got unruly, I spun it around with Jan so fast she got dizzy and the cart almost fell over.  Or was it Jan that almost fell over?  But the cart sure behaved itself after that!

Note:  When we uploaded the video to YouTube, it said it detected our video was unsteady and did we want YT to fix it?  Well, what do we know about video?  So we said yes.  And when it "fixed" it, everything was bouncing so hard we got a bit seasick watching "Jan's Funny Farm" bouncing up and down and seesawing.  We tried to find a way to delete the video but before we did, YT asked if we wanted to keep the "corrections".  No way!

Marcus: We left these two carts to keep each other company until someone rescues them. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Confused by Unknown

Merci (& Marcus' ears)
Merci::  I just read a quotation by Unknown, and I'm confused.

Cameron:  What's the quotation?

Merci:  If your dog is too fat, you are not getting enough exercise.

Micah:  What's confusing about that?

Merci:  What if the human is too fat?  Are the dogs not getting enough exercise?  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playful Kitten Gang

Percy:  What are you doing, Cyndi?  You look like you're doing some kind of a rain dance.  Haven't we been enduring enough thunderstorms lately?

Cyndi:  I am not doing a rain dance, Mr. Smartypants.  I'm doing my version of a weekend happy dance.

Buddy:  Have you considered taking dancing lessons before you -  ... uh, before you throw Jan's shoe at me?  Never mind.  You're doing great.

Merci:  Well, I think Cyndi is a great dancer.  She's very light on her feet and she moves with grace.

Marcus:  Grace?  Who's Grace?  How come I haven't met Grace?  Can I have the next dance with her?

Rusty:  *shakes head*  You still have a lot of space between those big ears, Marcus. 

Micah:  Hey, this weekend is supposed to be about me.  Here I am in black and white.  You can read Saturday's post Dirt is not a Color to see the original, sepia and art versions. 

Cameron:  And we can't forget our Sunday Smile.  What could be cuter than a playful kitten? 

Marcus:  A playful kitten gang!

Cameron:  Hey, that was my line. 

Marcus:  But you asked the question.  I thought you didn't know the answer.

Sam:  Well, guys, I happen to think puppies are cute too.  But I have to admit these kittens made me smile.  Enjoy the video and the rest of your Sunday.

If the video doesn't play, click YouTube.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dirt is not a Color

Cameron:  It's good to be back.  We missed the art posts last weekend because Jan was playing games with our computer.

Merci:  No, she wasn't playing games, she was ... she was ... I don't know what she was doing and I don't think she did either but I do know she was not having any fun.

Rusty:  Jan recently took some indoor photos with her new camera.  She couldn't get any decent photos of us cats after her old camera flew across the room and dropped on cement,. 

Micah:  I feel like royalty.This weekend my picture is being featured.  How do I look in sepia?

Buddy:  For Caturday Art, Jan made a "cutout" from the sepia picture and then she framed it.  I'm not sure why it's called a cutout.  I don't see any missing pieces.  Do you?

Percy:  Here is the original photo. Well, part of it.  Micah posed nicely but he was right beside Jan's cleaning supplies, so she cropped them out.  That's okay, this is Micah's best feature - his face. 

Marcus:  Are you sure?  I'm kind of partial to his tail.

Cyndi:  That's only because you're always chasing his tail - our tails.  You think we cats want to roughhouse with you.

Sam:  Here's a preview of tomorrow's black and white version.  Micah is handsome in any shade of color.

Marcus:  I'm quite handsome in dirt.  It matches my complexion.

Buddy:  Marcus, dirt is not a color.  It's a state of mind.

Marcus:  Are you saying I have a dirty mind?

Percy:  No, Buddy is saying you are what you think ... so you're dirty.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mousebreath Texans

Rusty:  This has been a busy week and it isn't over yet!  Watching Jan stress out has made us realize how much we need a vacation ... from her.

Micah:  Yes, things are much calmer around here when she's not home, but she turns the computer off when she's not here.  Something about not trusting us.  Excuse me, do we look untrustworthy?

Cyndi:  Jan has been working hard to figure out some things on this computer.  Tonight (Thursday) she spent hours learning this new DVD set-up to save our work before she makes some changes.

Cameron:  We fell asleep, it was so boring.  At least we finally have a few minutes to do a quick post. 

Percy:  We hope you will pop over to read our latest Mousebreath ezine interview.  This week we tell the story, Texas Trio ... Travis, Crockett and Maurice

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snow on the Nose

Buddy:  Jan took this photo of me earlier this summer.  We went for a walk, just the two of us.  She sat on that concrete slab for a long time and talked to me.  It was the best day I've had in ages.  Well, except the time ... no, I don't think I should tell that story today.

Cyndi:  What story?  Did I miss something?

Rusty::  No, you didn't miss anything.  Buddy just doesn't want to tell the truth.

Micah:  What truth is that?

Marcus:  That he forgot what he was going to say.

Merci:  That's not possible.  Jan is the one with the bad memory.

Percy:  Yes, but we're all getting older and we sometimes have the same problem now. 

Sam:  Look at that snow on Buddy's roof.  No, that's not right.  Look at the snow on his nose. 

Cameron:  Buddy has more white on his face than Merci does. Your were born with a white face, Sam. .I wonder how you'll show your age in a year or two? 

Marcus:  I'm glad Buddy is still around. There's a lot he can teach me.  I already know not to steal his food!

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