Friday, April 17, 2015

Lou and Chevy and Da Tabbies

CYNDI:  By the skin of our teeth, but we have another interview to share.  We wish Cameron could be with us for it.  He loved doing interviews.

RUSTY:  Lou and Chevy from Live Love Meow shared their stories. We didn't know them very well so it was nice to get to get to know them better.

PERCY:  You can read Lou and Chevy, Gifts of the Universe exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats.

MICAH:  Oh, yesterday those wonderful trout-loving kitties from Da Tabbies O Trout Towne did a fun post on how YOU (kitties with a blog or a social media persona) can be interviewed on Mousebreath.  You don't want to miss this.  And thanks for sharing the message for us, guys.  You're the greatest. 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Hope and Bribes

MICAH:  It's blah and raining, so we thought we would post something pretty today. 

CYNDI:  Every year Jan looks forward to when the daffodils bloom along the neighbor's fence.

MERCI:  They're a symbol of hope that spring is coming. And we value them greatly because they are actually supposed to be on the other side of the fence where we wouldn't see them.

BUDDY:  Yes, spring comes eventually.  We just have to have faith that winter will end so we can stop freezing.

RUSTY:  And start sweltering.  Spring and fall don't seem to exist here in the South. 

MARCUS:  The flowers were so pretty but the rains and winds took their toll.  They weren't pert for long. 

PERCY:  Soon they were bent low to the ground and Jan said she could empathize with them trying to stand under the onslaught of life.

SAM:  They lived long enough to fulfill their purpose for 2015 and are gone now, but we're still here.  A bit bent and bruised, not posting as regularly, and missing one of our own, Cameron, but still seeking to fulfill our own purpose in life. Whatever that is.

BUDDY:  We would like to thank Dezi and Lexi  for passing on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to several bloggers, including us.  And shortly after, Katie shared hers with us.

MERCI:  We are supposed to share three things that inspired us in the last week.

PERCY:  After Jan buried Cameron, she washed his bedding and threw it into the dryer but the dryer wouldn't work.  Jan said we'd just have to do without one, but a very nice man who knew what he was doing came by Thursday, tested it and replaced the old cord so we have a working dryer again.  Thank you, Jimmy!

RUSTY:  All the weeds in our yard were growing taller and taller and Jan was getting concerned since we don't have a lawn mower.  Saturday she borrowed a lawn mower so the yard looks presentable now.  Not everyone would loan their mower to a neighbor.  Thanks, Joann and Jim!

SAM:  And when Jan came home from returning the mower, she found some goodies on the porch.  Someone was cleaning out their fridge because they wouldn't be home to eat the food in it and brought a big fresh salad with a few leftovers to Jan.  (We'd like to say "brought it to us" but Jan isn't big on sharing with us, not even spaghetti with sausage.) Thank you, Johnnie!

CYNDI:  All our blogging friends inspire us in one way or another, so we're having a problem singling any out.

MICAH:  I think you mean we're having a problem making a decision.  There are so many choices and we can't get a majority vote.

MARCUS:  There's nothing unusual about that.  Different personalities, different choices.  Personally, I think we should all vote for the ones who will bribe us with the most treats.  *waves paws*  Wait, wait, I'm just kidding!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Revenge of the Furniture

BUDDY:  We have just solved the mystery of Jan's aborted flying lesson on February 2 of this year.

MICAH:  And you aren't going to believe this.  It's like The Twilight Zone revisited.

RUSTY:  If you're too young to know what the Twilight Zone is, just ask your great-great-great-grandmother.

MERCI:  *elbow to Percy's ribs*  Shhhh, here comes Jan.  She has seen the Twilight Zone and she'll get very upset if you are telling readers she's from the mediaeval era.

PERCY:  It began in the early hours of February 1st.  Buddy got up and wandered around the room.  Jan wanted to sleep and when he didn't go back to bed, she took the thin lap robe Buddy uses for a blankie and snapped it in the dark.

SAM:  It caught the doorknob so she snapped it hard again.  It came loose, Buddy went back to bed, she covered him with his blankie, and that was the end of it.

MARCUS:  Only it wasn't the end of anything.  When Jan opened her eyes in the morning, this is what greeted her.  Now you know I didn't do that.  I'm a very good boy!

MERCI:  *cough, cough*  Sorry, I had a little *he he* spasm there.

CYNDI:  See, Jan didn't catch the doorknob with Buddy's blankie.  She caught the drawer handle and yanked out the drawer.  It made a nice nest for me.  Can you see me - the orange, white and black blob inside the dresser?  Ignore the brown blob on the right.  Marcus loves to have his picture taken but he gets so excited he can't stay still.

MARCUS:  I am not an excited blob.  I wanted to get in there too but I didn't fit.  You can't see Cyndi in the first picture because she was lying down.  But then she woke and started her morning bath.

CYNDI:  Excuse me.  A bath is a private ritual.  Please take the camera elsewhere.

MICAH:  Do you see?  What happened to Jan was the revenge of the offended furniture.

SAM:  Jan attacked the bureau first.  The next day Jan sprinted for the phone and one of our dog beds reared up to trip her.

RUSTY:  And the TV and stand ran interference on behalf of the Feisty Furniture team.

BUDDY:  I hope she learned a lesson.  Never snap my blankie at the furniture.  Furniture fights back!  And she really doesn't need any more holes in her head.

PERCY: By the way, the bureau said this morning it wants an apology from Jan or it will report her to the Federation of Battered and Fractured Furniture.  Who wants to be the one to inform Jan?

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Chicken is Swimming

PERCY:  We had a bit of a ruckus here Sunday evening.  It went something like this. 

CYNDI: *racing from the kitchen to the bedroom*  Run for your life, the chicken is swimming!

BUDDY:  What on earth are you screaming about, Cyndi?  We don't even have a chicken.

CYNDI:  Yes, we do.  Jan just tried to kill me with it.

RUSTY:  Calm down and help us understand.  If we don't have a chicken, how did Jan try to kill you with one?

MERCI:  Go get a sip of water, Cyndi, and start from the beginning.

CYNDI:   No, no water.  That's how it began.  I was getting a drink from the big bowl beside the stove in the kitchen.

PERCY:  Oh, good, she's somewhat rational.  The stove is in the kitchen.  Is that where the chicken was swimming, in the big water bowl?

CYNDI:  No!  It was in the big pot on the stove.  Jan was cooking it. 

MICAH:  Jan was cooking the chicken while it was swimming in the pot?

CYNDI:  No, Jan was lifting the chicken out of the pot to drain it and move it to a big bowl.  But suddenly it jumped back into the pot and caused a giant tidal wave which showered down on me and ... and ....  How would you like it if a chicken threw hot broth at you?

BUDDY:  So you were burned by a swimming chicken?

CYNDI:  Well, no, not burned.  *Licks her fur*  Hey, this tastes pretty good.  I guess my thick coat protected me.

MERCI:  I just checked on Jan.  The chicken didn't jump back into the pot.  It was well-cooked and it fell apart when she lifted it.

PERCY:  She got a bad burn on her wrist when the tidal wave hit her but she smeared coconut oil and tea tree oil over it and it's okay. 

RUSTY:  Where are Sam and Marcus?  Did they go into hiding?

MICAH:  No, they ran into the kitchen and cleaned up the pieces of hot chicken that landed on the floor. 

MARCUS:  I was drinking water like mad so Jan thought we burned our tongues.  Then she noticed the chicken fat floating in the water bowl and took it away from me. 

MERCI:  Hey, guys, better stay out of the kitchen.  Jan just made another mess.

SAM:  Does she need another clean up crew?  I'll volunteer.

MARCUS:  No, this time she was pouring what was left of the broth into a big bowl but she managed to pour half of that over the stove.

SAM:  Uh-oh, we better stay out of her way if she has to clean up another mess.

PERCY:  Yes, it went everywhere on the stove and down the stove.  She's taking things apart to re-light one of the pilot lights. I think we should make ourselves scarce for a while. 

RUSTY:  I think she should stay out of the kitchen.  Except to feed us, of course. 

BUDDY:  I hope Jan will give us some broth in our food.  Merci and I missed the clean up party. 

CYNDI:  I'm scarred for life.  I don't think I'll ever be able to eat chicken again.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

We are still in hiatus, but we want to wish all of you a Happy Easter.  Jan has all the energy of a drowned dish rag so her idea of making us a special graphic was adding a frame to our old one. Do you suppose she likes green?

We can't think of a video we'd rather include this Easter than this one - David Phelps singing "The End of the Beginning".  He also wrote the song and it's one of our favorites.  We hope you will take a minute to listen to the story he tells because we believe the day we are celebrating today was indeed the end of the beginning.  Thank you for the great song, David Phelps!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Check the Freezer

MERCI:  We didn't expect to be posting so soon.  We're supposed to be on a hiatus while Jan tears the house apart looking for her energy.  And her memory. Remember we mentioned she forgot to take a leash when she went back to the vet's office last week to pick up Marcus?  Well, when they got home she ran inside and grabbed his leash to bring him in but can't remember what she did with it then.  She has spent the last week looking for it. (The leash, not Marcus.)   

PERCY:  Has she checked the freezer?

MERCI:  The reason we're posting today is because Jan finally realized this is the last day of March and she hasn't helped us with our March Chewy review.  She put all the other dogs outside so I could do my taste test without them trying to steal my treats. 

PERCY:  But a treat is on the floor and you're not eating it.  It sure smells good.  Don't you like it?

MERCI:  Jan was just about to tell me I can have it and take my picture before you butted in, Percy.  If you move out of the shot, I can eat it.

RUSTY:  I smelled something edible and came by for a taste.  And some attention.

MERCI:  You aren't a dog either, Rusty.  I think you and Percy just came by to get your pictures taken.

RUSTY:  It worked, didn't it?

SAM:  Now that Merci has given the treats her seal of approval, it's our turn.  When Jan tried to come outside, Buddy and Marcus blocked the door.  Usually Marcus pushes Buddy down the steps to get inside first, but today Buddy ...

MARCUS:  ... Buddy pushed me.  He PUSHED ME out of the way and squeezed through the crack in the door.  But Jan fooled him.  She came outside so we all get some treats. 

BUDDY:  This month we have some natural grain & gluten free Merrick Kitchen Bites.  These are the Cowboy Cookout.  They're oven baked with real beef, potatoes and carrots. 

MARCUS:  I'm sitting nicely and waiting patiently, so where are my treats?

SAM:  Perhaps Jan is waiting for you to wash your face.  As usual, you're covered in mud.  You even have mud spattered in your ear today.

MARCUS:  I don't need a bath for my taste buds to work.  Here, I can tell you what's in them.  Deboned beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, organic cane molasses, canola oil, carrots, apples, flaxseed, cumin, gelatin, mixed tocopherals and rosemary.

BUDDY:  Your taste buds really do work better when you're muddy!

SAM:  He was reading from the package in Jan's hand.

MARCUS:  Mud doesn't affect my eyesight either.

BUDDY:  I think I need glasses, but my nose still works well.  You knocked my treat out of Jan's hand, Sam. 

We give the Merrick Kitchen Bites four paws up.  Although Percy and Rusty didn't actually taste one, they both came running when Jan opened the bag. provided us with a sample bag of the treats but we were not paid or influenced on what to say.