Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ice Fishing

Cameron:  Jan said we're shutting down in five minutes so we better make a quick post.

Cyndi:  She was gone for hours and now she rushes us?  Pooh!  

Marcus:  This is the black and white picture from this weekend's art.  We just love stately old buildings like this courthouse on the square.

Merci:  If you missed the other versions of this picture, check out yesterday's post, Bridge to Tuesday.

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Buddy:  Our Sunday Smile is a short video of a cat ice fishing on a backyard pond.  Well, it's more like the cat is trying to ice fish.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bridge to Tuesday

CAMERON:  It's time for weekend art again.  Two of our favorite days of the week. 

MICAH:  Every day is your favorite day, Cameron.  That's what confuses us about you.  Don't you at least dislike Monday?

CAMERON:  No.  If there were no Monday, how would we cross the bridge to reach Tuesday?

MICAH:  I don't know.  Maybe we could pay a toll?

MERCI:  This is our sepia photo for the week.  It's an old photo of our courthouse at Christmas. 

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CYNDI:  Jan used the drawing feature in Picasa on the photo.  We like this.

PERCY:  Then she tinted it.  This makes us think of an old fashioned post card. 

MARCUS:  We thought we would use the two drawings for our Caturday Art project.

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RUSTY:  This, of course, is the original.  Jan remembers the day she took this with a chintzy camera.  A grand old building even Jan couldn't make look bad.

BUDDY:  A sneak preview of tomorrow's black and white version for purposes of comparison.

SAM:  Hey, how come I don't have a photo to describe?

BUDDY:  Because we don't want you barfing on any  When you feel better, you can describe a photo, okay?

SAM:  Okay, but don't forget.  I get dibs on a photo next weekend.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sam Is Befuddling

Rusty & Buddy
BUDDY:  Okay, so I'm totally confused.  Are we or are we not going to do a post today?

RUSTY:  Yes, I have the same question.  Are we going to do a post today?

MERCI:  Of course we will do a post today.  It's the Mousebreath interview we are postponing.

MARCUS:  Okay, got it.  No mice are being interviewed today because they all have bad breath.

PERCY:  Where did you get that idea, Marcus? You've been here long enough to know Mousebreath is an ezine for cats.

CAMERON:  I think Marcus has been eating too much stuffing from the bed in his crate.  It's affecting his brain.

CYNDI:  We did do a holiday post at Mousebreath today.  It just is not an interview.  We will resume those in 2015.  Right now everyone is running around headless.  

MICAH:  I think you mean everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

CYNDI:  Why would I ever say that?  It sounds kind of gross.

MICAH:  And running around headless doesn't sound gross?

SAM:  It's Christmas.  Can we be less bloody and more cheerful? 

BUDDY:  Of course we can.  How about if we talk about how fortunate it was we confused our days and finished our Thursday post Tuesday because  we thought it was actually Wednesday?  (If you missed it - Today Is Wednesday.)

CYNDI:  Yes, that was fortunate.  Because on Wednesday the computer went berserk again and ...

SAM:  We have no idea of why but Jan connected the backup drive so she could do a backup.  Sorry, I don't mean we have no idea of why Jan connected the backup drive.  I mean, we have no idea why the computer went berserk.  As she was preparing for it, things got strange.  No, she wasn't preparing for the computer to go berserk.  She was ...

CAMERON:  Never mind, Sam, you're just becoming more befuddling.  Jan thought rebooting the computer might help, but when it started to shut down, Windows got confused and crashed.

RUSTY:  Then nothing worked.  All she got when she tried to start was the message a hard drive failure was imminent, to back up her work and replace the drive.  How does one back up work when Windows won't load?

MERCI:  Jan was just about to panic when she realized the message was not for the new hard drive.  (Our original one failed in October and was replaced. We were offline for a week.)  It was the backup drive with the problem.

MICAH:  It was a scary afternoon, but after she disconnected the backup, she was finally able to get Windows to repair itself and reset itself to an earlier time.

MARCUS:  So we were back up and running but Jan spent the next hours backing up unsaved data on DVDs.  

PERCY:  Yes, we were very happy we had a post already written.  Sometimes getting your days confused works out for the best. At least in this case it did.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

We Are Blown Away

Cameron:  We are absolutely blown away by the sheer number of Christmas cards we have received this year.

Sam:  Speak for yourself.  I'm too big to be blown away.  I think you mean amazed by the sheer number.

Cyndi:  However you put it, we really are.  We signed up for the Cat Blogosphere and Blogville exchange lists.

Rusty:  Since we are only able to send our homemade ecard, we assumed that's what we would receive - email cards.  We send ours from the heart, so receiving in kind was fine with us.

Micah:  We haven't counted them but we can tell you we have a kazillion more cards than Jan has.  And most of them have arrived by snail mail.

Marcus:  There are a number of email and ecards too.  And a nice package of goodies for the cats.  I think it's highly unfair they don't intend to share.

Merci:  Would you share with them if the situation were reversed?

Marcus:  Of, course ... er, maybe.  *hangs head*  Okay, no I wouldn't.  I'm a bottomless pit.

Buddy:  A friend emailed to ask if he could have a copy of our Christmas card with our names on it, so Jan revised our original card.  I figure he's forgetful like Jan is and needs to be reminded who is who around here.  That's okay.  Jan often forgets who is who around here too. 

Sam:  This is our original card.  Jan made me wear the Santa hat this year.  I wanted to wear my chef's hat again.

Percy:  Jan made a different card for her friends.  We don't know why she didn't put her face on it so her friends would recognize who the card is from but Jan is a human and humans are strange.

Merci:  We have been emailing cards till our paws are raw but, friends,  if yours was lost in cyberspace, please accept whichever card you prefer from us - or all three of them, if you'd like.

Buddy:  We were going to tell a story about the snail mail cards today but we got a bit chatty, so we will tell that story another day.

Cyndi: This is Thankful Thursday so we did want to be sure to say thank you to the our old and new blogging friends for taking the time to share with us.

Percy:  We do want to encourage you, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, to Save those stamps for Millie and Walter of Bird Brains and Dog Tales.  Your stamps can help the Retired Greyhound Trust in the UK.  It's easy and it's free.  Details are in their post. 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today is Wednesday

MARCUS:  Uh, hi there.  Guess you're expecting a post today, aren't you?

CYNDI:  Of course they are.  Why else would readers be here?

MICAH:  Well, we have a confession to make.

MERCI  And it's all Jan's fault!

CAMERON:  It is?  I thought it was Percy's mistake.

PERCY:  It was not my mistake.  It was just a momentary lapse in memory.

RUSTY:  Yes, you thought today was Thursday so you typed a Thankful/Thoughtful Thursday post for us.

SAM:  Only today is not Thursday.  It's Wednesday.  And it's already midnight, so it's too late to come up with a post now.

BUDDY:  So we hope you will forgive us for making you stop by for no reason.  We will have a post tomorrow, though.  We promise.  Unless Percy hits the delete key by mistake. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Mini Horses Amble

SAM:  Hey, Rusty, did you hear about the two miniature horses that ambled into a hosptial?

RUSTY:  No, I didn't.  What's the punch line?

SAM:  Punch line?

RUSTY:  Yeah, everyone around here has been trying to tell a joke lately.  What's the punch line?

SAM:  There is no punch line.

RUSTY:  How can you tell a joke without a punch line?

SAM:  But I'm not telling a joke.

RUSTY:  You got that right, Sam!  It isn't funny without a punch line.

SAM:  But I'm trying to tell you a story.

RUSTY:  Right.  And when you remember the punch line, be sure to not wake me from my nap.  

SAM:  But I'm trying to tell you a TRUE story!

RUSTY:  A true story?  You mean ...

SAM:  Yep, two miniature horses ambled into a hospital in Chicago.

RUSTY:  And they got arrested?

SAM:  No, they were welcomed.  They're therapy horses.  They make the sick kids smile.

RUSTY:  Oh, why didn't you say it's a true story?

SAM: I did.  You can read it here - Horse trots into hospital: It's therapy, no joke.