Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Black and Gus and Navy

Merci:  It looks like I'm the only one that showed up to write our post for today so this will be a solo report.

In the same humorous vein as our recent story of Jan's strange footwear ( Imaginary Shoe Inserts), I heard a true story I'd like to share.

A man traveled occasionally for his job.  One day he found one navy sock under the bed where he stayed.  He took it home and put it in the laundry.  See, he wore only black socks and he knew his wife would go crazy trying to match the one navy sock; however, she didn't have any problem finding it a mate.

One day he noticed he was wearing one black and one navy sock.

Getting even with the jokester must have been such fun!

And by the way, that was not Jan's first mismatched shoes experience. Back in 2005, she wrote Black and Gus for her spiritual-minded Mercy and Percy blog. 

Just for the record, Black and Gus were not the names of Jan's shoes. They were two cows... sort of.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Boiling Weekend

Buddy:  You won't guess how we spent our weekend!

Cyndi:  Yes, I will.  I was here.

Buddy:  I wasn't talking to you.  I was talking to our friends reading this.

Cyndi:  Does that mean I can't tell them?  I mean, you asked the question; I should get to answer.

Buddy:  Oh, go ahead. 

Cyndi:  We spent the weekend watching Jan boil water and pour it into containers when it cooled.  We have water bowls and pitchers in the fridge, on the table, and even in the bathroom so Jan can brush her teeth and take sponge baths.

Buddy:  She "washed" her hair Saturday night with boiled (not boiling) water and apple cider vinegar - no shampoo.  Dishwater gets a few drops of bleach and dish soap and are rinsed with boiling water poured from a teakettle.

Cyndi:  So far Jan has managed to rinse the dishes and not her fingers.

Buddy:  A boil water notice for this area was put out by the city Friday morning because of a leaking water main but Jan learned of it by accident on Facebook Friday night.  So she boiled water and hoped our water wasn't affected since we had all been drinking it.

Cyndi:  Saturday morning a boil water notice was put in her door.  Soon she saw a man taking a water sample from the new fire hydrant.  He said they were sending in samples hoping for a one day turn around so the boil water could be lifted Sunday afternoon.  Yeah!

Buddy:  But wait!  Sunday morning the same line broke in a different place and was repaired. 

Cyndi:  It's hot and humid here.  Pots of boiling water make the house hotter and more humid.  This makes all of us more thirsty.  Thus, Jan has to boil more water to fill our bowls.

Buddy:  She's not complaining, though.  Not as long as there is any potential for contaminated water that could make us ill.

Cyndi:  You'd think she would build a fire in the dog pen, since there's no grass to catch fire, and boil the water outside.

Buddy:  That sounds like a great idea.  Let's suggest it to her!

Late Sunday night update -
Cyndi:  Whoo hoo.  Jan just saw on FB that the Mayor posted a message lifting the boil water notice.  The bacteriological survey showed our water is safe.

Buddy:  She'd do the happy dance but she's so tired she'd probably have to do it face-down on the floor. 

Cyndi:  That sounds like a good idea to me.  She can do the happy dance on the floor.  We'll take the bed.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bridge Remembrance Day

Taylor:  I'm not sure why we're doing this post today.  The only one of these animals I recognize is Sam.

Buddy:  The others are before your time, although you just missed Cameron by a few months.

Taylor:  But who are they all?

Buddy:  Beloved furries that have left us.  Grayce passed away two years before the blog debuted but she is still an honorary FF member. 

Cyndi:  Jenny and Grayce traveled here with Jan.  They were already seniors by then; not Jan's first cats, but the original Funny Farmers, even before we had a blog.  Crystal and Cotton were the first local cats to join them.

Taylor:  I thought Jan doesn't believe in the Rainbow Bridge, so why are we posting on it?

Cyndi:  We are remembering those who helped establish the Funny Farm.  They were a part of our family and we want to remember them with love and respect.

Taylor:  And who are all those in the collages below?  I recognize many of them because they have passed away since I moved here.  Cameron and Sam are even included.

Buddy:  Ann of Zoolatry has made a graphic for so many bloggers who have lost a furry over the years.  These are just a fraction of those.  We furries don't live as long as humans do and the losses among blogging animals are staggering - so many more friends than those below have been lost over our blogging years. 

Cyndi:  So Deb Barnes started the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  I believe this is the second one.

Buddy:  This is why we are posting on Sunday.  We want to remember those who came before and to join the blog hop.

Cyndi:  We are headed to bed and won't be able to participate until Jan returns from church because she won't tell us the password, but the blog hop is at Zee & Zoey Cat Chronicles.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Invitation For Lunch

Cyndi:  A little closer, Jan.  I can't reach the treat from here.

Merci:  You couldn't reach the treat on the front porch last week either.  Are you getting shorter?

Cyndi:  Of course not.  You're joking with me, right?

Merci:  Yes, I am joking but about a bird, not a treat.  The refugee from a thunderstorm on our front porch. 

Cyndi:  It was a bad storm.  I wonder why the bird was trying to fly in the wind?

Merci:  Maybe it was blown out of a tree?

Cyndi:  We'll never know.

Merci:  But it was nice that for a short time we could shelter a scared and weary bird.

Cyndi:  You know Marcus.  He wanted to invite it for lunch.

Merci:  I've never figured out whether he means "for lunch" as a guest or "for lunch" as the lunch.

Cyndi:  We'll probably never know that either.

We are joining the Pet Parade blog hop with hosts Rascal and RoccoBionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou and Love is being owned by a husky.