Friday, May 27, 2016

Promotion and Raise Canceled

Rusty:  I did not say I want you to take my picture, Jan.  I said I want you to refill my breakfast plate.  Your promotion and raise are hereby rescinded.

Note: We try to keep the blog light and fun but this video about the coming " underhanded invasion" of pet food from China disturbs us.  We are going to have to start nagging Miss I Forgot To Check Where the Pet Food Was Manufactured.  She needs to watch for "Made In China". You might want your humans to do the same.

If the video doesn't play, click here

We will be back on Monday.

We are joining the Pet Parade blog hop with hosts Rascal and RoccoBionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou and Owned by a Husky.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Honkless Holiday

Percy:  So what's the story on your exciting walk last week?

Buddy:  We were walking and suddenly Marcus screamed - screamed, mind you - Hey, Minnie, hey, Mo!  You brought your family this time.

Rusty::  Who was he screaming at?

Merci:  Geese.  He thinks all geese are named Minnie and Mo. 

Percy:  So what did the geese say?

Buddy:  Nothing.  They just stared at us like we were weird.  Mo is a honker so I guess Minnie and Mo weren't present.

Merci:  Since the geese wouldn't talk to us, Marcus wanted Jan to run home to get his sign.  She refused. 

Percy:  If I remember correctly, Marcus speaks goose with a Southern accent and Minnie and Mo spoke Canadian.  What dialect you suppose these geese spoke?

Buddy:   Is silence a dialect?  They never made a sound.

Percy:  Oh, that's why Marcus came home all upset.  He came in muttering, Those stuck up out of towners!

Marcus:  *enters room*  Hey, guys, I just figured out why those geese wouldn't honk at me the other day.

Buddy:  Why?

Marcus:  It was a honkless holiday.  I think I hear the treat bag rustling in the kitchen.

Percy:  What's a honkless holiday?

Buddy:  I have no idea.  But this is Thankful Thursday.and I'm sure thankful you and Merci didn't ask him.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Squirrel Model

Merci:  Hey, look.  Another squirrel that isn't running from us.

Marcus:  He's across the street.

Buddy:  It doesn't matter which side of the street he's on.  This is the deaf section for squirrels.

Marcus:  The deaf section?

Merci:  That's what Jan calls it.  A few years ago we came close to catching a few squirrels because they didn't seem to know we were there until we got so close they could have been dinner.

Buddy:   Jan would even yell at them as we approached and they didn't react, so she called this the deaf section of our walk.

Merci:  The other day we stood and watched this guy across the street.  He sat so still.

Marcus:  Finally, I stomped on Jan's foot and said, What does it take for you to get out your camera?

Buddy:  Even the squirrels know Jan takes photographs. Often unusual photographs.  I mean, who takes pictures down a pipe to check on baby birds?

Merci:  Jan got out her camera and he turned his back to us. 

Marcus:  But when the camera clicked on, he turned and posed for us again.  The only thing wrong with this picture is that I am not in it.

Buddy:  No, the good thing about this picture is that you are not in it.  Not your ears, not your nose, not even an eye.  This picture is a Marcus-free zone.

Marcus:  And so is this room now.  I'm leaving.

Buddy:  Was it something I said?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Mystery Guest

Micah: There was a strange woman in our house taking pictures of us.  Who let her in and why was she here? 

Buddy:  Oh, that was our mystery guest.

Micah:  Her being here was sure a mystery to me.  I was napping.  And then I wasn't. 

Cyndi:  I know how you feel.  Percy, Taylor and I ran and hid, but the rest of you got caught napping and had to pose.

Buddy:  It's okay.  If you remember Jan had an email last month from Bacon's mom asking to come meet Jan and bring a mystery guest.  Jan had no idea who it would be until yesterday morning when she saw the news on Facebook. 

Marcus:  Well, I think she was a nice lady.  She took my picture.  A lot!  She's my friend.

Micah:  Anyone with a camera is your friend.

Marcus:  But she's special.  She had TWO cameras so she could take twice as many pictures of me.

Buddy:  Jan thought we would never meet any bloggers in the flesh since we live too far off the traveled trail and don't travel.  But yesterday Jan got to meet two.  

Merci:  I remember her.  That's Bev a.k.a. Fozziemom from the blog All Fur One and One Fur All. She lives in Australia and takes pictures of native wildlife.  She just lost her dear dog Forrest recently. 

Rusty:  Bacon's human June (and husband Jim) drove Bev and Fozziedad Phil here and took Jan to lunch. 

Buddy:  Bev brought Jan some presents.  A handful of her wildlife cards with kangaroos, birds, even a porcupine.  Also, a copy of the book, Kangaroo Dundee.  And chocolate bars.   I suggested at least one of those bars should belong to us furries, but Jan refused.

Marcus:  Here's a picture of June, Bev and Miss I Don't Want To Share My Chocolate Bars.

Merci:  After a leisurely meal and a Funny Farmer photo op, it was time to snap Jim and June's picture before the visitors headed North. 

Buddy:  Jan had such a good day with these humans, she appears to be walking on air.  We hope she doesn't trip up there 'cause it would be farther to fall and you know how she likes to fly and crash.