Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hatitude of Gratitude

MICAH:  We were going to just post a Sunday Smile video today but first we would like to observe a Hatitude of Gratitude moment.  

CYNDI:  Today we realized we don't say thank you often enough.  Thank you for reading our blog and leaving comments or popping off an email, even when life is hectic and we aren't able to get around to leave comments as we would like.

MERCI:  Thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for all the graphics and emails to let us know when a furry or human is ill or has gone to the bridge.  That is an investment of time and talent.

RUSTY:  And thanks to those who administrate the Blogville Power of the Paw blog and the memorial blog Our Rainbow Friends that is published on the 15th of each month.  We have shed a lot of tears at both sites.

MARCUS:  We try to visit Our Rainbow Friends each month to leave a comment for all those that passed away the previous month, even if we didn't know them.  A couple of days ago we went by because we couldn't remember visiting in July.

BUDDY:  And we hadn't.  Ann was busy and forgot to send out a notice.  But, even without a reminder, the Tabbies O Trout Towne had visited on the 15th of July and left condolences on each post.  We wanted to say a special thank you to the Tabbies and their mom for being committed to be there for others. We might have a bit of a problem understanding their accent at times, but we always understand their warm heart.

PERCY:  And in honor of this observance, Sam has removed his hat.  Well, he didn't actually remove it.  I accidentally knocked it off his head, but it's the same end result.

SAM:  Yes, I was just sitting here wondering what Micah meant about Hatitude and suddenly I realized I was completely bald.

PERCY:  Sam, you are not bald.  You are hatless.  They are not the same thing.

SAM:  Well, they feel like the same thing.  The air conditioning might not cool the house sufficiently but it sure does make my bald head cold. 

MICAH:  Here is our Sunday Smile video.  This husky pup has a lot to say.  I think he's telling a joke since the lady is laughing so hard.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Four Sisfurs

CYNDI:  Hooray, it's Funny Farmer Felines Friday and we're back on schedule again.

RUSTY:  Yes, today we have the lovely ladies from ... oh, wait, they don't have a blog. 

MICAH:  But they are Cat Scouts and they are earning a Merit Badge for telling their story.

PERCY:  Their story, Aspen with Sisfurs Willow, Mango and Tigger, can be found exclusively on Mousebreath, the cat ezine.  

And then you can visit any one or each of them at their Cat Scout Profile.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Perfect Failure

MICAH:  We have been missing Cameron so we thought we would post one of his artistic photos for our viewing pleasure today. 

MERCI:  Today's post is going to be a little different.  As we have mentioned on a rare occasion or two over the years, Jan is old and falling apart.  She needs all the help she can find to take care of us, the house and the yard. 

CYNDI:  So Jan was thrilled when she unexpectedly found a Limited Edition Bissell Powerforce compact vacuum at Walmart Monday. The doors and windows of this old house leak dirt.  The last two or three months, Jan rolls out of bed in the morning and vacuums the whole house first thing.  

SAM:  She has a very lightweight vacuum that is versatile but it has poor suction and a very heavy upright with hose extensions and good suction that is hard to drag around.  Even though she had already vacuumed for the day, she tried the new one.  Wow, look at that dirt.  It sucked up a full load from the area carpet.  She would have done a happy dance, if it weren't for her ankles.  And the fact there was dust blowing out both sides of the machine.

MICAH:  The hose was nowhere near as long as it is pictured on the box, so it was really worthless for cleaning; however, she could easily lift the vacuum to clean our beds - top and bottom. 

RUSTY: When she went into the kitchen and popped out the container of dirt, dirt fell everywhere from the top filter area!  She cleaned everything up, washed the sink she'd rinsed the rag in, put everything back together and vacuumed up about 2/3 of another container in the rest of the house.  And then she took out the container of dirt and dirt fell out all over the place again.  On her, the dryer, the floor.  She washed everything again, including the sink and the floor.

BUDDY:  The container is upside down in the photo above to show how it was totally covered in dirt.  She tried to wash it out but found she could not reach the bottom.  She tried a toothbrush, a cotton swab, a rag.  She removed the black filter from the paper filter in the black bottom and tried to wash the parts.  She took the upper filter out, ran water through it and washed the plastic inside as best she could while loose dirt fell about. 

PERCY:  Tuesday morning she decided to give it one more try.  Nothing changed.  She cleaned up the machine as best she could with a dry cloth, cleaned up the loose dirt from the dryer, changed her shirt, wiped the floor with a damp rag and washed the sink.  And parked the vacuum, ready to pack up for return!

MERCI:  Then she decided to give it one more chance to act like a vacuum CLEANER.  And if it didn't, to take photos of how filthy the machine is after every use.  Jan has no intention of trying to wash it again before returning it to Walmart.  She grumbled about not paying to use something that takes twice as long to clean up after as it does to vacuum the whole house.

MARCUS:  Okay, can someone explain why Jan has been upset with me over a little spilled water when she has just spent two days spraying dirt around the house?  At least my mess was clean

PERCY:  This is NOT a review.  Jan purchased this vacuum "cleaner".  If any of you are using a lightweight, full-service, not-too-expensive vacuum that works, would you share the name of the machine with us?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Crate Looked Friendlier

MERCI:  After the past few days, we thought we should take a moment to answer a few general questions asked or inferred about our latest posts.

RUSTY:  Yes.  First, there is no such thing as a tidal wave in Middle Georgia, so we were fine, although a bit waterlogged.  The wood floor, however is very old and not sealed so getting soaked is not good for it!

BUDDY:  Yes, we do miss the big water bowl in the living room.  It was not the first time it has been spilled but it was the most dramatic mishap to date.  The dual bowls on their side over three feet from where they were supposed to be and water clear across the room -- even on the computer desk!

Uh, Jan, you need some new photos of me.  Micah
MICAH:  Yes, Jan is very glad the coffee cup had a lid and did NOT contain coffee.  Watching a cup fly through the air gushing a stream of water across the carpet is a bit ... um, weird.

PERCY:  Oh, and by the way, Jan nearly had heart failure when she saw the cup flying and water spouting.  The desks are close together and this one holds computer equipment.

CYNDI:  Yes, Jan has washed the dirty towels from both water mishaps.  We are not expecting any new water accidents but around here one never knows when another wave will arrive.

SAM:  No, despite the recent water stories, Jan is not planning to raise fish.  We furries would enjoy catching our own snacks that but Jan says we'd find some way to overturn or smash the tank and she says we don't have enough towels for such a disaster.

MARCUS:  I know Jan means I would smash the tank and cause a flood, but I do behave!  In fact, when Jan told me to get out of her sight, I looked at her face and then at my crate and the crate looked so much friendlier than Jan's face, so I walked in to the far corner and lay down facing a bookcase.  Don't think Jan's perfect.  The bookcase needs to be dusted.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arc of Cold Water

CYNDI:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Guess who was yelling that Sunday morning?  Yep, you guessed correctly.  Jan

PERCY:  I want everyone to know it was NOT my fault.  It was an accident.  And it was Marcus' fault.  I'm usually very light on my paws.

SAM:  Yes, actually Marcus was his usual feisty self yesterday.  We had all been cooped up inside with no walks since Thursday because Jan couldn't walk on one ankle.

MARCUS:  She could have hopped.  If she had hopped along on our walks this weekend, I would have been exercised and this wouldn't have happened.

MERCI:  *haha*  Oh, sorry, Marcus, you're serious. But, remember, our friends read about our Tidal Wave in Middle Georgia last Thursday evening. 

RUSTY:  Jan fed us and started setting up at the other desk to eat her breakfast while doing her Bible study. She set a large coffee mug full of water down and was headed back to the kitchen when Marcus decided to chase Percy.

BUDDY:  Percy ran for the desk, leaped, and sent the coffee mug flying through the air.  It had a lid but since there was a hole to sip from and the lid was traveling at a high altitude and speed, there was an arc of cold water streaming ahead of the mug across the room. 

MICAH:  Jan was so upset with Marcus, she told him to get out of her sight!  So he walked into his crate and lay down at the far end with his back to all of us. It was quiet for the rest of the morning.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tidal Wave in Middle Georgia

BUDDY:  Here's a picture of me so you don't forget what I look like.  We canines are in the doghouse for something we didn't do and Jan just might forget to let us out for a while so we can post.

CYNDI:  Of course the dogs didn't do it.  *wink, wink*  While they were at dinner, someone must have opened the front door and -

MERCI:  A tidal wave swept through here.  *nods head*  Seriously, it was a complete surprise.  Especially to Jan.

SAM:  She's had a hard week trying to keep up with everything while her ankle pain and swelling spread till she can barely stand on either foot and hobble.

MICAH:  She can't even sit at the computer very long now, so she was going to feed us, heat some leftovers and go to bed early. And stay there.

RUSTY:  But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and Jan.  She fed us and walked into the living room ... and screamed.  The room was under water.

MARCUS:  Well, not quite under water, but there was water from one corner of the room clear across to the computer desk at the other end.

PERCY:  We had to cover our ears while Jan yelled words on the Do-Not-Use List and wobbled around the house digging out towels and t-shirt rags to try to stop the flood and soak up some water in the carpet.

BUDDY:  We have - or we had two huge stainless steel water bowls inside bigger plastic bowls to catch spillage.  One set was in the living room.  Has been for about ten years.

MERCI:  Both of those bowls were on their side about 3 feet away from where they were supposed to be.  Smack in the middle of the knee-high water.

SAM:  It was not knee-high water.  Don't exaggerate, Merci.

MERCI:  How do you know, Sam?   My knees are closer to the carpet than your knees.

CYNDI:  It's hot and we've all been drinking a lot of water so Jan has been keeping the water bowls filled higher than she usually does.

RUSTY:  Now we don't have one in the living room.  And it's all ... um, it's all because of a freak act of nature.  I mean, who could have guessed we could have a tidal wave in the middle of Georgia?

MARCUS:  Somehow this has got to be Jan's fault.  We furries are so good.  We never cause problems.

PERCY:  Marcus, your name is written all over this accident.  Don't press your luck.

Note:  Due to the tidal wave and Jan's health, there is no Mousebreath interview this week. 

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