Thursday, July 31, 2014

Surprise Package

Cyndi:  We always have so much to be thankful for, but sometimes it's hard to think of something with pictures for Thankful Thursday.

Micah:  This week, though, we wanted to share the surprise package we got from last week.

Cameron:  Yes,a great surprise.  It made our day but Jan wouldn't let us touch anything until she got pictures.

Rusty:  As you might guess, her name is not Speedy and it has taken her almost a week to take pictures.

Percy:  Last minute pictures.  She was rushing in order to give Buddy a bath before sundown, so please forgive her ... um, not sure what to call them ... strange pictures?   

Sam:  Do I look happy?  I'm not.  Jan stuck these sunglasses on me and made me look at her.  I look ridiculous!  The sun and shade streaks make for one dark lens, one brown lens with an eye.  It doesn't help that Marcus is standing behind me laughing.

Merci:  I wasn't part of the sunglasses shoot, so I guess I'll narrate this picture. This is what was in the box. Jan gets the towel, mug, sunglasses and minors.  We get the majors -treats!  Cat treats ... dog treats.  Yum, yum. Can we open them now, Jan?

Buddy:  I look even stupider than Sam did in the glasses.  At least they sat on his nose.  My nose is so much thinner they have to sit on top of my head to stay on.  But look at the difference in the size of our heads.  Merci didn't even have to try them on.  She'd have had to wear them on her hips.  No, Jan, we're not saying you have a big head.  We're saying Merci has a small one.

Marcus:  Hey, dudes and dudettes, are ya ready to par-tay?   I think these glasses were made to fit a bulldog head.  They fit me and Sam like they were made for us.  What do ya think?  Uh, no, Jan, I didn't say you have a bulldog head.  I just said .. oh, I think I better plead the fifth.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Dare You

Flashback.  Cotton had tortitude, an I-dare-you-to-try-it glare.  She claimed this pet house Ginger Jasper sent us a few years ago and none of us dared argue with her.  She and GJ are both over the bridge now.  :(

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Size and Colors

Merci:  Since we blog, we'd like to talk about blogging today. 

Cyndi:  Yes, we can make our blog be anything we want it to be.

Cameron:  And that makes us happy.  But we also have to consider our readers and make them happy too.

Micah:  Blog readers are like guests in our home.  We want them to feel at home and be comfortable.

Percy:  Oh, Jan says to tell you, if we're going to invite you all to visit our blog, to remind you to wipe the mud off your paws before you enter.

Sam: We all try to make our blog as inviting as possible.  A fun thene, an interesting background, lots of photos, and so forth.

Rusty:  But sometimes we overlook something important and discourage readers.  Your choice of fonts and text colors are every bit as important as an eye-catching blog banner and background.

Buddy:  Yes, sadly, we have visited a number of blogs where we struggle to read the very small text or the fat, light color whirly font, or the small gray text that fades into the background and is sometimes impossible to read, even with a magnifying glass, or .... You get the idea.

Marcus:  I happen to have great eyesight, so I don't have any problem yet.  But the Funny Farmers are older and can't see as well as I can.  A number of other bloggers are older and have vision problems. Even some of the younger bloggers do.

Percy:  A reader doesn't feel very welcome and might not return when, for whatever reason, he (or she) can't read the blog post you worked so hard to publish.

Buddy:  We don't have any particular blogs in mind as we write this.  We just know we've been running into more we can't read. Too small, too light text is a visit-breaker. The colors you choose for all of your fonts, including the hover and visited links, can mean the difference between your posts being legible and being unreadable.

Cyndi: And even if a visitor has good eyesight, he could have eyestrain from too many hours on the computer trying to make a living.  Help him relax and enjoy his visit on your blog.  Take an honest look at your blog and imagine yourself as a visitor.  How legible is your text?

Cameron:  If we haven't visited your blog as often as we once did, please don't assume this is why.  There are currently nine of us to wait on and provide for and Jan isn't getting any younger.  It takes her longer to do anything, and we only get "leftover" computer time.Many days she is on the computer from early morning until late at night and we barely get an opportunity to do a fast post.

Rusty:  We have been trying to make our blog a happy, fun place to visit.  We hope you will keep coming back. And if you ever have a problem reading our text, let us know.

Marcus:  To close with a smile, here's a recycled photo of Jan photographing some treats before giving them to us dogs.  And there I am photobombing the shot - again.  Jan used to find my eyes and ears in most of the photos she took. I really am photogenic, aren't I!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Sam:  Do you see what I see?

Sam and Marcus
Marcus:  Yes.  I've already tried to snitch them but Jan is tight-fisted.

Sam:  You're lucky she didn't catch a picture of your tongue.  You've been licking your chops repeatedly.

Buddy:  Those are medium to large grain free Natural Balance Dental Chews.  We got the pumpkin & chicken meal formula with papaya.

Merci:  They're made with pumpkin, potato starch, chicken meal, glycerin, papaya, natural chicken flavor, lecithin, beta-carotene (color), parsley, alfalfa, sorbic acid (preservative and a long name (source of Vitamin C).

Marcus:  They are supposed to help reduce plaque and tartar, freshen breath and be easy to chew and digest.   Did you see the ridges in them?  Neat, huh?

Marcus, Sam and little Merci

Sam:  So do we get to try one?

Merci:  Don't forget me back here behind the guys.

Buddy:  Why don't you come up here and sit with the rest of us?

Merci:  Because I have more sense.  You'd run me over and squash me when the treats are distributed.

Merci, Sam's tail, Buddy, Marcus

Merci:  You don't have a very good aim, Jan.  You missed me and Marcus sprinted for it.  He's eating my dental chew.

Sam:  The rest of us are closing in for a grab and run, if necessary.  Notice my tail is wagging so fast it's a white blur.

Buddy:  It's about time!  Munch, munch.

Merci:  Grrrrrrrrowl!  You get away, Marcus.  You already stole one from me.

Sam, Marcus

Sam:  Crumbs.  Did Buddy leave any crumbs? 

Buddy, Sam, Marcus, Merci (steps)

Merci:  Hey, guys, the bag is over here on the steps.

Sam:  I'm on my way!

Marcus:  I don't care if the bag says we're not supposed to get more than one a day.  I'm a growing boy.  I need edibles.

Buddy:  Jan wanted us to try these because they are supposed to help support healthy teeth and gums.

Marcus: sent us a bag to review --

Merci: I think you might want to clarify that statement. did not send us a bag to review.  They sent us a bag of Natural Balance Pumpkin & Chicken Meal Formula with Papaya Dental Chews for review.

Sam: We were not paid for this post.  Any opinions expressed are purely our own. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hammock vs Bean Bag

Percy:  We are just going to do a quick post to make you smile today.

Buddy:  Last week we posted the 2 videos of the cat with his new hammock.

Cyndi:  This week we have a short video with two bear cubs in a hammock.

Merci: Can they make it into the hammock without a mishap?

Micah:  And can they stay in it?

Rusty:  Watch the fun and don't be afraid to laugh.

Marcus:  Hey, guys, why don't we ask Jan if we can have a hammock.  They look like such fun.

Sam:  You think you're so smart jumping over the gates Jan uses to keep us out of the bedroom.

Cameron:  I'd sure like to see you leap in a hammock and fall out the other side like the cat in the video did. 

Marcus:  Oh, I forgot about that.  How about a bean bag instead?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Yesterday was Cameron's birthday and Mika, Coda and Lexus and their mom from Love is being owned by a husky sent him a card today.  (It's never too late to keep celebrating, is it!)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Dance for Cameron

Cyndi:  Yeah, we're all doing the happy dance today.

Merci:  Aren't we going to tell everyone why?

Sam:  Well, I'm not doing a happy dance.  I'm too big and lumbering.  But I'm doing a happy dance in my head.

Micah:  But why?  Aren't we going to tell readers why?

Rusty:  Of course we are.  It's just so much fun to make everyone wait.

Marcus:  We're just having some fun because twice this month Jan has forgotten a special day.  First Percy's birthday on the 9th and then on the 22nd, Merci's birthday/gotcha/sprung from prison day.

Buddy:  We can't believe it but after 2 misses in one month, Jan finally looked at her calendar and remembered that today is a special day too.  And she prepared for it. 

Percy:  Yes, it's Cameron's 10th birthday. He was born inside the house next door, just 2 weeks after tiny Percy was found abandoned at the mill by none other than our own Merci.

Cameron:  Thank you, all of you, but, Percy, you might want to make it clear I was not abandoned by Merci; I was rescued by Merci.

Percy:  Yes, yes, of course.  We wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand.  Clear communication is so important.

Buddy:  Because Jan has an ear infection and ran out of steam, we're going to use Cameron's birthday graphic as our Caturday Art picture.

Merci:  Jan loves to play with colors.  If you can't say anything else about her idea of art, you must admit it's colorful.

Cyndi:  Also, we'll use it as our Sepia Saturday picture.

Rusty:  And as our Black and White Sunday picture.  This is the vivid landscape style.

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