Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Lion Screams Tonight

Marcus:  Ice cream away.  Ice cream away.
                Ice cream away.  Ice cream away.
                In the jungle, the mighty jungle,
                a lion screams tonight.
                Hut, hut.

Cyndi:  Whoa, Marcus, what are you singing?

Marcus:  A Lion Screams Tonight.  I heard it this morning and it's now my favorite song.

Cyndi:  No, no, in that song the lion sleeps.   Why is your lion screaming?

Marcus:  For ice cream, of course.  You remember - I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Even the lion.

Cyndi:  Suddenly I have a headache. 

Marcus:  That's what happens when you eat ice cream too fast.  You get an ice cream headache.  Don't eat so fast next time.

Cyndi:  But I didn't eat any.  *mumbles*  You gave me the headache.

Here are The Tokens with the original - the correct - version.

If the video doesn't play, click here

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Modern Miss Muffet

Marcus -

I know that yesterday was officially June Tattle on Jan Day, but I just have to add my two kibble worth to the tattle.

No, it's not revenge because Jan put me in my Private Dining Car to eat my dinner.  I actually LOVE my PDC.

Do you remember the nursery rhyme of Little Miss Muffet from Mother Goose?
Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider, who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Jan is terrified of bugs.  A spider is a bug.  (In case you don't believe it's a bug, click here.)

Saturday night Jan sat down in front of the tv to eat her dinner.  She picked up her fork and -

public domain spider photo

A spider rappelled from the ceiling and plopped onto her food.  No, not the spider in the picture.  We never met him.  Hers was a very small spider.

Jan almost threw the plate across the room.  But instead - since she only has four plates - with rapid reflexes, she used her fork to toss food across the room.  Not just any food.  Messy food.  Potatoes au gratin to be exact.  On the carpet.

Oh, did she regret that!  She had to clean it up.

The next time Jan wants to throw food, she should make sure it's cool enough for me to eat.  I would have helped her clean it up but, after all, I didn't make the mess.  This time.

Monday, June 27, 2016

June Tattle on Jan Day

Rusty:  It's June Tattle on Jan Day.

Micah: Seriously, there's a special day for it now?

Rusty:  No, I'm joking.  But it would have been ungracious of us to post this yesterday.

Micah:  You mean because it was her birthday?

Rusty:   Yes.  We've written about a couple of Jan's Toastmasters club bloopers (Blooper Soulmate) in the past.

Micah:  Do you think she has learned anything from her mistakes?  Wait ... you don't suppose that's the purpose of the club, do you -  to make mistakes?

Rusty: If so, Jan is in the right club!

Micah:  At last Thursday's meeting, Jan completed her year-long presidency of the local club.

Rusty:  Many of you are aware Jan frequently forgets to read her calendar and thus forgets our birthdays and important blogging dates.

Micah:  Are you also aware she can't read a calendar properly when she does look at it?

Rusty:  For example, she has been known to announce the wrong date for the next meeting. Or even the wrong month.

Micah:  This is what ensued when Jan was closing Thursday's meeting. The exchange included several club members.  Jan is in bold font.

Our next meeting will be held on July 11 at -

No, no, it's not the 11th.

Are you sure?

Yes, that's my birthday.

Anyone have a calendar?

Feel free to celebrate my birthday if you want.

Just a minute, I'm looking it up.

The 11th is not a Thursday.

Here it is. July 14th.

Okay, our next meeting will be July 14.
*gavel tap* Meeting adjourned.

Rusty:  In case you're wondering, there is a meeting on the 11th -- of August!

Micah:  And so Jan's presidency ended with the same confusion that has been her trademark.

Rusty:  Way to go, Jan.  Leave them laughing, even if it's accidental.

(Ignore the reflection in the star.)

Micah:  During the meeting Jan was surprised with a trophy.  Even after all the mistakes she's made.

Rusty:  She also received a nice card signed by everyone in attendance.

Micah:  As soon as the meeting was over, she grabbed her trophy and ran before they could remember all her bloopers and take it back again.

Rusty:  She did not.  But she did say if they want it back, they'll have to wrestle her for it.

Micah:  Oh, good.  We can sell tickets.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Not All There Selfie

Marcus:  Hey, I know we don't post on weekends any more, but Jan never remembers what day it is so we are sneaking in two posts for this weekend.

Merci:  We had a number of pictures to post for Sunday Selfies but we never could find the time to get around to posting them.

Marcus:  Today we're digging one out from 2014.  Our handsome Sam was still with us and vying for center stage as we show off my new crate. 

Merci:  I didn't make it into many photos after Marcus arrived.  He and Sam were both photo hogs and it was a competition with them.  Thanks for finding one of the three of us, Marcus.

Marcus:  No problem.  I thought it only fair to include you too.

Merci:  I appreciate it since you are usually pushing me out of the frame.  And -- hey, wait a minute!  You said this is a picture of all three of us.  My face is missing.

Marcus:  I said I found a picture of the three of us.  I can't help it if you aren't all there.

Merci:  Just because my head is missing, Marcus, does not mean I am the one who is not all there!

Photo of Sam
Yesterday Jan was tearfully surprised to receive a painting of our Angel Sam.  All the way from France!  Yes, France. Thank you, Suzanne - Loulou's mom - for the time and talent invested. What a thoughtful and caring present.  It is hanging on a wall near the computer where we can all enjoy it.  

We are joining the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.