Friday, February 12, 2016

Pet Door for Lonely Pony

RUSTY:  We don't have cable TV, so we only get one major channel, one oldies station, and GA PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).

MICAH:  Jan does catch some TV programs online, but -

CYNDI:  Catch?  What does she do, chase them?

MICAH:  Virtually, yes.  She has to chase them before they disappear.  Now I've lost my train of thought.

MERCI:  I would guess you were going to say we don't see the same commercials online as viewers do on cable.

PERCY:  For instance, it was brought to our attention that we missed the new Amazon Prime TV commercial.  Have you seen it, the one with the miniature horse ignored by the bigger horses in the pasture?  It's short.  And cute.  Take a peek at the lonely pony with his own pet door.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

MICAH:  If Amazon has everything and Amazon Prime has one day shipping, can we order a miniature horse for the Funny Farm?

RUSTY:  I hope you're joking.  Jan keeps losing the poop bags, remember?

MARCUS:  The pet door Amazon Prime chose to use in the commercial was a Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door. I want one.  I could go in and out to my heart's content.  I could bring my muddy soccer ball inside and Jan couldn't stop me!  Oh, the freedom.

BUDDY:   It says on the box the door should install on an interior or exterior wood, metal, storm, or PVC door. It comes in four sizes and it's supposed to be easy to install.

CYNDI:  You know nothing is easy to install when Jan is doing the installation!  I think she reads instructions upside down. 

BUDDY:  To continue, it has a flexible soft flap with UV sun protection and a solid aluminum frame with a closing panel intended for heavy use in a multiple pet home.

TAYLOR:  We're a multiple pet home and Marcus would sure give a pet door a workout.  

MERCI:  Unfortunately, Taylor, Marcus is merely dreaming.  We can't install a pet door; we don't own this house. 

TAYLOR:  Oh, so that's why the package was addressed to the Upson Humane Society.  It isn't for us.

RUSTY:  No, since we can't use it and Jan is a member of the UHS, we requested a Petsafe Freedom Aluminum pet door be donated to them.  They can give it to someone with a need or Operation Straw might come across a home for it. 

PERCY:  That's great.  Some lucky furry will get a pet door.  Don't tell Marcus, though.

Petsafe can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

A pet door was donated to the local Humane Society, but we were not compensated for this review, and any opinions expressed are solely ours. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Female Cat Impersonator

RUSTY:  Taylor has been with us since November; however, things have been so hectic around here she hasn't had much attention on the blog.

MICAH:  Yes, we keep intending to include her or post photos, but she's been pretty much an invisible Funny Farm visitor.

MERCI:  Yes, she has been so invisible that when she does paticipate in a post, we receive emails asking, "Who is Taylor?"

PERCY:  She first appeared in Introducing Taylor.   She was the headless cat paws under the bed.  She had a head; she was just hiding it from all of you strangers.

BUDDY:  Today we are going to show you how adorable she is.  We have posted a picture or two of her (with a head) since, but we didn't mention what breed of cat she is.

CYNDI:  Do you notice anything about her that is different?  Come on, look again.  You aren't being very observant.  Would you like to borrow Jan's reading glasses?  (Not the ones she stepped on so the eye and ear parts go opposing directions.)

TAYLOR:  Here is a better photo.  Can you see how I differ from the Funny Farmer Felines?  I'm a bobtail!  A petite bobtail. 

MARCUS:  She arrived shortly before Sam became ill and died, so she had to adapt on her own during a chaotic time. She never talks and she never growls at me or whaps my face when I try to play with her.   Personally, I think she's a female cat impersonator. 

PERCY:  You talk way more than Merci or Buddy together, Marcus  We're thankful Taylor is quiet.

MARCUS:  Well, one of these days she's going to find her voice, and then, if you think I talk a lot ...

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


BUDDY:  Some of you think we are too hard on Jan for her memory - or, rather, her lack of one - but it's all true. 

MERCI:  When Jan got out the camera to take photos of us trying a new dog treat, she opened the bag and there was nothing inside it except crumbs.  Uh-oh.

MARCUS:  She immediately wrote an email to the company to explain the treats had been crushed during shipping.   They smelled heavenly and I begged for some.  She poured the crumbs into a cup and asked me to pose in exchange for a taste.

MICAH:  Who left this on the washing machine?  It smells yummy.  What is it?

CYNDI:  According to the bag, this is a freeze dried dog treat called Ewegurt.  It's made from healthy ingredients.  Sheep milk yogurt, sardines, kale, beets, parsley, organic coconut oil, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  I didn't realize anything with vinegar in it could taste good.

MARCUS:  Hey, those treats are for us canines.  You cats have your own. 

BUDDY:  A kind but baffled Miss Jennifer replied to Jan's email regarding the bag of crumbs.  "They are not "formed" because we do not use any fillers or binders. We felt very strongly that people would understand our goal to have a "clean" treat. It can be used as a food topper or given as a treat in a bowl by adding water."

MERCI:  Oh, yes, Jan had completely forgotten the Ewegurt would be topping and not biscuits.

MARCUS:  Jan claims I am super hyper and she is always looking for something that might calm me.  Ewegurt is supposed to be calming so she re-hydrated some in a bowl and waited 45 minutes to see if I relaxed.  Nope!  I was just as wired as ever.

MERCI:  Hyper activity isn't mentioned, but it is supposed to help with fear of thunder, separation anxiety, or fear of new situations.  Jan wishes Sam could have tried it.  He was terrified of thunder!

BUDDY: There are no artificial colors or flavors, artificial preservatives or hidden ingredients.  Ewegurt is reportedly good for a sensitive tummy, also good for pets on antibiotics, and it helps build immune defenses.

MARCUS:  Don't be fooled by the look of disinterest feigned by Merci and Buddy.  The moment Jan said they could dig in, they scarfed down their dinner mixed with re-hydrated Ewegurt and licked their bowls clean.

MERCI:  What's the matter, Percy?  You look disappointed. 

PERCY:  I am.  This Ewegurt smells so tempting but the package says it's for dogs. *sigh* 

Ewegurt provided us with a sample package for this review.  We were not compensated and any opinions expressed are from our own experience with the product.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Split the Difference

BUDDY:  I think we should fire Jan again.  She has clearly not learned a lesson from previous firings.

MARCUS:  Why, what did she do this time?

BUDDY:  I asked her to please take a photo of Merci miming STOP with one paw raised for a special post.

MARCUS:  Oh, that's what Merci was doing.  I thought she was trying to stop Jan from taking her picture.

BUDDY:  A simple photo to take.  But did Jan do it?

MARCUS:  Uh ... I'm guessing no?

BUDDY:  Anyone can see that Merci is short.  A human would have to get down to Merci's level to get a picture of her with raised paw.

MARCUS:  To be fair, Jan has creaky joints.  Perhaps she couldn't bend that low at the time.

BUDDY:  Don't defend her, Marcus.  She failed miserably.  Look at this picture and tell me you see Merci's paw.

MARCUS:  Do I have to?

BUDDY:  *shakes head* Of course not! 

MARCUS:  I think that photo is a lot better than the other one.

BUDDY:   There's another picture?  Perhaps we can use that one.

MARCUS:  I don't think so.  Jan cut off Merci's body and her nose.

BUDDY:  Yes, we should definitely fire Jan.  Or at least dock her pay.

MARCUS:  We can't dock her pay - we don't pay her.

BUDDY:  That's because we don't have any money.  If we did, we would pay her for all the things she forgets to do, wouldn't we?

MARCUS:  I suppose we would.

BUDDY:  Then what's the problem?  We'll just dock her what we haven't paid her.  She can't remember what she had for lunch.  She won't remember how much she doesn't get paid.

MARCUS:  How about we split the difference so I can order a new soccer ball?