Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marcus Chews

Micah:  We're not anywhere near back to blogging or anything yet but we're going to try to make a quick post.

Cyndi:  Jan is working on trying to reconstruct our data for October so we can do a backup before something else goes wrong.

Buddy:  At least Jan had not deleted any of the photos from either camera, and she has finally finished recovering  and sorting them.  It was slow going, starting with trying to figure out which ones survived the crash and which ones were added after the last backup date.

Cameron:  She hasn't been feeling up to par so progress is extra slow.  We'd nip at her heels to get her moving faster but you know how that would go.  She's break a finger or something. 

Percy:  Today is Thankful Thursday so we thought we'd let Jan pick what we're thankful for today.  She picked this photo of a broken leash.

Marcus:  Wow!  I'm touched.  She's thankful I chewed through Buddy's leash while we were walking her last week.  I'll have to do that again.

Sam:  I wouldn't advise it.  Jan is NOT thankful you chewed through Buddy's leash before we even reached the sidewalk.  She's thankful Buddy didn't run off but stayed with us until she noticed he was walking without a leash.

Merci:  I wouldn't be proud of chewing up leashes, if I were you, Marcus.  Or for chewing up the pot holder tonight.

Marcus:  But it smelled so good.  Like food.  I know she left it on the counter for me to taste test her dinner.

Buddy:  We're also thankful for the friend who surprised us with a 35 pound bag of dog food and a 7 1/2 pound bag of large dog biscuits tonight.    

Rusty:  We cats won't have a Mousebreath interview again this week.  Jan needs to get our data updated ASAP.  After whatever changes Microsoft made to our backup, we don't even have the old one to fall back on if the new disk fails.  So sorry but we aren't visiting or participating for a time.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Breaking Windows

Old pic of Buddy wearing cone while ... um, springing a leak.

Marcus:  I don't always agree with Buddy but this time I think he's right to pee in public.

Cyndi:  It's never nice to pee in public unless you're a furry, so I guess it's okay to post this.

Cameron:  Well, it's more polite than what Jan said about the weekend.  She didn't say pee.  It sounded more like ... um, can I say crap?

Merci:  Whoa!  Just because Jan said it doesn't mean we should repeat it.  That's on our bad word list and she'll wash your mouth out if she hears you repeat it.

Percy:  Actually what she said referred to windows, not the weekend. 

Marcus:  What's the matter with the windows?  Did Jan break them?

Buddy:  No, not the windows, Marcus.  Windows, our computer's operating system.

Marcus:  Our computer has windows?

Sam:  If it does, it won't if Jan sees them.  She'd probably put a rock through them.  They belong to someone named Microsoft and Jan isn't happy with him either. 

Rusty:  Dare I ask what Microsoft did?

Micah:  As you know, our hard drive crashed and we were offline for a week.  Mr. Doug came over Wednesday to install a new one and Murphy's Law kicked in.  It was quite a pain, but he got the backup image drive copied to the new drive and we got to post Thursday and Friday. 

Rusty:  I remember that.  I still don't understand why we haven't posted since. 

Sam:  Because when the hard drive died, we lost all data that wasn't on the backup image drive, so Jan has to remember what we've all done since October 2nd and recover it from here, there and wherever it's hiding. 

Merci:  She waited two days to be sure the computer would act nice, then she installed the 18 important updates Windows kept telling her we needed.

Percy:  Everything went well.  Windows was finishing the installation.  Jan walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and returned to find a black screen telling her to pick from a boot list it wouldn't let her access. 

Cyndi:  She called Mr. Doug in a panic!  He knows how to access the forbidden regions of the computer.  Our hard drive was there, it was working, but Windows refused to recognize it and it would not let us access our operating system.

Cameron: I got a bit dizzy watching Mr. Doug go around in circles trying to find a way to access our hard drive again.

Buddy:  He finally found a way, but it took a repair disk and reconnecting the backup image drive to reach our new one.  He again set it as the default.  And before disconnecting the backup image drive again, he ran a new backup.  Windows, however, says it did not make a backup, it reverted to earlier settings and the backup image is no longer any good.  We actually have no idea what Windows has done where.

Micah:  Jan was so stressed, she couldn't sleep Friday night.  Is this going to become a regular thing whenever she has to do a Windows update?  She hasn't done anything this weekend, didn't even have the energy to dress yesterday morning.  And she didn't want anything to do with the computer!

Percy:  Mr. Doug sent us a link today.  Evidently some have had a problem with four of the latest 18 updates and one non-security one. (Link included in case you are interested -   

Marcus:  Jan just finished breakfast at 2 pm Saturday when Mr. Doug dropped off half a pepperoni pizza on his way home. Did she share it?  Nope!  She ate it for breakfast "dessert".  It sure smelled good, but all we got was a little piece of crust each.    

Buddy:  Jan is still wiped out but she did turn on the computer so we can do a post.  This doesn't make up for her pigging all the pizza, though.  I think one of you should tell her that!

Marcus:  Why don't you tell her, Buddy?

Buddy:  I ... uh, she ... Mind your own business, Marcus!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oven Incident

Merci:  Uh-oh, who are we giving the Fractured Paw Award to this time? 

Micah:  You need to ask?  Who do we usually give it to?

Rusty:  Someone klutzy.  Who do we know who has been klutzy this time?

Sam:  I'm surprised you need to ask.  Jan, of course.

Percy:  So what did she do this time?  Or should I ask what particular accident deserves this award?

Cameron:  I know.  It has to be for Wednesday when Mr. Doug told her to set up his old monitor with her old computer in case he needed it when he worked on the new one.

Buddy:  Oh, yes, I remember that.  It was stored on a table in a corner with a sheet over it.  It weighs a ton, but she picked it up, backed up through the room, maneuvered around to put it on another table and realized the monitor needed to be on the filing cabinet where the printer was or no one could see it.

Cyndi:  Since the computer was down, she was moving things around and cleaning, so there she was wandering around with this heavy monitor trying to figure out where she could set it down.  She finally set it on our typing chair on wheels but it was too big for the chair so she rolled the chair up to the desk and used furniture to keep it from rolling while she moved the printer.  .

Marcus:  And then Mr. Doug arrived and asked if it was hooked up.  She said no and he said, "Good, I won't need it."

Merci:  But she didn't break the monitor so why does she need this award?

Rusty:  It was fun to watch her stagger around with the monitor, but that wasn't klutzy, so it can't be for the monitor incident.

Marcus:  Is it because Jan dropped the bucket of cat toys and all the balls went rolling around the room?

Cyndi:  No.  That's klutzy, but not award winning.

Micah: I know, it was the oven incident. 

Cameron:  Yes, that has to be it.  Jan tried to roast a chicken a few weeks ago and not only did the chicken start turning black before it was cooked, but the smoke detector went off.  She hadn't used the oven all summer and at first she thought it was burning off dust, but the oven was way hotter than it should have been.

Buddy:  When she tried to use the oven Monday, she thought it was way too hot again, so she tried to balance an oven thermometer on the rack using a pair of tongs so she wouldn't burn herself.

Sam:  Only she isn't all that coordinated and she bumped the top of the overheated oven with her hand.  A number of tea tree oil applications stopped it from blistering, but it sure has been painful.

Percy:  The stove is so old we don't think the landlord will be able to fix the oven even if he wants to spring for a new part, so there goes all hope of eating hot roast beef or ham or turkey.

Buddy:  We didn't get roast beef or ham when the oven worked.  Why are you mourning it now?

Percy:  Because now all hope of ever eating any is dead. 

Rusty:  So let's take back the award.  If Jan hadn't burned herself, our oven wouldn't be broken and we could at least dream of succulent meals.

Merci:  My head is spinning.  Your logic defies ... logic.  I think I need a nap. 

Percy:  We apologize but there is no Mousebreath interview this week.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peace and Quiet

Cyndi:  Wow, if you want to be humbled, just disappear for a week and a half and then discover no one has noticed you were gone.

Buddy:  Yes, sad to say, the only ones who missed us were two non bloggers.  We must be doing something wrong.

Micah:  Perhaps we should start passing out peanuts with each post.

Merci:  Peanuts, why peanuts?  Furries don't eat peanuts.

Percy:  Well, how about candy?  We could pass out candy?

Sam:  Yes, I can see it now.  Come read our post and we'll give you your choice of -   Wait, furries don't eat candy either. 

Cameron:  What about cat treats?  And some old soft shoe for entertainment?

Marcus:  Not unless you pass out dog treats too!  Hold it.  Why would we hand out soft shoes?

Rusty:  No, not soft shoes, some soft shoe.  Dance.  You do know how to dance, don't you?

Marcus:  Yes, but I'm not going to dance unless there are peanuts and candy and pet treats being passed out .. to me.  I'm still a growing boy, you know.

Buddy:  It's been a strange couple of weeks.  First Jan was flat on her back demanding to be waited on by us poor overworked furries, and then last Saturday we finally found out why our computer has been having fits for a while.

Percy:  Yep, we had a bad hard drive.  Barely six months old and it dropped dead.  Yesterday was a long day but Mr. Doug installed a new one and got us back up again.

Cyndi:  Jan is going to be very busy for a while, though.  She needs to rebuild three weeks worth of lost data and we all know how keen her memory is.

Cameron:  If you have sent us anything of importance since Oct 2nd and you haven't received a reply, you might want to re-send it.

Micah:  If you know of any good jokes, you might want to send them too.  Laughter is good for the memory.

Sam:  It is?  Perhaps we should tickle her while she works.

Merci:  I don't advise that.  She's liable to hit the wrong key and delete everything we've done.

Rusty:  How about some soothing music?

Merci:  How about some peace and quiet so she can think?  We'll nap while she works.

Buddy:  Sounds good to me.  Let's practice.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Marcus Flashes

Rusty:  We just have to tell this story on the devil dog.  Oh, sorry.  On Marcus.

Merci:  The things this pup finds to get into often curls Jan's hair, even when the humidity is low.

Cameron:  Here is Marcus posing as if he is checking out a cat ball toy and actually behaving himself for once. 

Cyndi:  Doesn't he look innocent?  It never lasts, though. He'll do anything to get his picture taken.  Even behave.

Buddy:  Saturday morning Jan was talking to Mr. Doug on the phone.  Marcus walked up and opened his mouth a little.

Micah:  In case you aren't aware, it is dark in there.  In Marcus' mouth, I mean.  .

Sam:  So when Marcus walked up and opened his mouth, Jan almost freaked out.

Percy:  "Cause from this dark cavern bright colored lights started flashing. 

Sam:  After a slight scream and a second to blink, Jan reached in Marcus' mouth and pulled out that innocent little cat ball toy in the first photo.

Buddy:  See the cat toy flashing in the picture now that Jan has turned it on?

Percy:  It has a little button.  When pushed, colored lights flash.

Rusty:  Jan is working on deep cleaning the house, so no telling what else will show up, but Marcus found the lost toy somewhere. 

Micah:  And when he closed his mouth, he pushed the button.

Marcus:  So what's the problem?  I found the cat's ball so I should get a reward.  Instead you call me "devil dog".

Cyndi:  Marcus, you eat everything you can get in your mouth.  What if you had swallowed the ball?

Cameron:  You would be walking around flashing colors until the battery died.  Or you had to have surgery to remove it, whichever came first.

Marcus:  But I could have walked Jan to and from the human litter box so she didn't kick another door in the dark.  

Merci:  Right this moment, I'd give most anything for a video of that!

Marcus:  I would too.  I could have been an internet celebrity. 

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

B&W Selfie Smile Winners

Cyndi: Happy Sunday to all our six of our readers.

Rusty: Are you serious, we only have six readers?

Merci: No, Cyndi is exaggerating. We actually have seven.

Micah: I thought exaggerating meant inflating the numbers, not deflating them.

Camreon: I think you mean depreciating the numbers, not deflating them. Unless someone stuck a pin in the numbers.

Sam: That would likely be Jan. She's in such a crabby mood since she started deep cleaning the house and cut a chunk out of her hand. If there are any numbers floating around, she's more likely to stick a pin in them than to dust or vacuum them.

Buddy:  Well, I guess we better get right to our post before she sticks a pin in that too.  This is our black and white version of a photo we published yesterday.  To see it as our Saturday art in sepia, the original, and HDR-ish, visit Today We Are Ish.  Go ahead.  Click on the link.  We'll wait.

Marcus: We promised to announce the winners of our Howloween ... um, Halloween costume giveaway today.  We used to pick the winners.  Congratulations to -

Miley from Miley's Daily Scoop.
Dory from Dory's Backyard

Please send us your shipping address ASAP and Entirely Pets will send you both a costume.  Be sure to include the costume you would like from the Entirely Pets link and the size. 

Percy: Our Sunday Smile is a very short video of a cat using sign language to ask for food from his human.

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