Monday, February 29, 2016

Round the Bend

MERCI::  I have to congratulate you, Micah.  You get more treats than any of us around here.

MICAH:  Yes, these fishy flakes are yummy!

MERCI: So why do you keep stealing Jan's food?  You've stolen chicken, cheese, half a sandwich, and I can't remember what all, and now, when she wants to scramble eggs, you've been stealing her breakfast.

MICAH:  It's a game.  Jan runs off to do something and I gobble up one of the raw eggs.  It's fun to watch her return and stare at the bowl, trying to remember whether she had cracked one egg or two.

MERCI: You're going to convince her she's gone round the bend if you keep that up.

MICAH:  Round the bend.  Is that where she buys the eggs?

MERCI:  No, that means she'll think she's losing more marbles.

MICAH:  Well, just as long as she doesn't lose them in my morning egg bowl.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Duck Waddle Race

MERCI:  Hey, Buddy, you keep looking around.  What are you looking for?

BUDDY:  Big Ears.

MERCI:  What's wrong with the ears you already have? They look plenty big to me.

BUDDY:  No, I don't want bigger ears.  I'm looking for Big Ears.  You know who I mean.

MERCI:  Oh, you mean Marcus.

BUDDY:  Yes.  Every time I try to move, he zooms by and nearly knocks me off my feet.  Jan should take that ball away from him before he beans one of us, maybe even her.

MERCI:  I know what you mean.  I was trying to *blushes* you know ...  when I had to leap for my life and Marcus didn't even notice the ball was suddenly wet.

BUDDY:  He probably thought it rolled through a mud puddle, even though the ground is dry.  Do you think we could be successful if we make a run for the steps?

MERCI:  I don't think so.  Look to your left.  There is Marcus preparing for another one-dog soccer inning. 

BUDDY:  Soccer doesn't have innings.  It has time.  I think this is a good time for us to move.  I'll race you to the door.

MERCI:  Okay, but we're too old to race.  How about if we duck waddle instead?

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Marcus Has A Fan

MARCUS:  A happy Thursday to everyone.  This is Marcus, keeping an eye on you from the privacy of my Private Dining Car.

MICAH:  Hey, it's not your turn to have your picture posted.

MARCUS:  Do you have one ready to go?

MICAH:  Well, no.  But it still isn't your turn.

MARCUS:  I'm here. The early bird gets to have his picture posted.

BUDDY:  Oh, let him have an extra turn.  If you don't he'll just photojack your picture.

MICAH:  Okay, but we need to make a schedule and hide his name until at least next January.

CYNDI:  That sounds fair to me.

MARCUS:  Not to me!  That wouldn't be fair to my fans.

MERCI:  You have fans?

PERCY:  Yes, in his mind he has many fans.  In reality, he has one fan named Dumbo.  Dumbo also has big ears.

TAYLOR:  I never thought of Marcus's ears being big, just his mouth. 

RUSTY:  Yes, behind those big ears and soulful eyes lurk the decibels of an emergency siren.

MARCUS:  Come on, guys, stop kidding around.  You are kidding, aren't you?  Guys ... guys ... come back!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cloudy and Bubbly

 MICAH:  We didn't have a chance to do much of anything yesterday, so we got caught without a post.

RUSTY:  We don't have to post this photos of me, though.  It isn't very good.  Jan only snapped it to check if the battery was charged.

MARCUS:  You don't believe that story, do you?  She hit the shutter button by mistake. 

MERCI:  I think you look handsome, Rusty.  I just love the peaceful expression on your fa .. uh, tail.   

PERCY:  Don't worry.  Everyone will recognize your ginger fluff!

RUSTY:  That's what I'm afraid of.

TAYLOR:  Have you guys noticed that Jan has been acting a bit strange lately?

CYNDI:  If you're here long enough, you'll realize that's the norm around here.  But to be fair, she has been under a bit of pressure lately.

TAYLOR: I don't remember her being afraid to turn on a spigot before, but lately she will reach for the handle and stop.

BUDDY:  I believe that's because she is afraid to turn it on for fear there won't be any water coming out of the spigot again.  (Pt 1 I Have A Leak, Yes..No    and    Pt2 In Your Dreams)

MERCI:  Yes, that is another strange norm around here.  We used to have water on demand.

PERCY:  We do again, but as of Monday evening it's cloudy and full of tiny bubbles Jan can only see with a magnifying glass.  She looked it up on the internet and it seems to have something to do with pressure.

TAYLOR:  Does that mean Jan is going to become cloudy and bubble too?

MARCUS:  That should be interesting.  Does anyone know how to work the camera so we can get a picture of that?

MICAH:  According to the article she read, the water is safe to drink.  Just set it aside for a minute to let the bubbles disappear.

NOTE:  Some of you have commented about the safety of drinking the water.  It really puts Jan off to see cloudy water but the water department insists the water is safe to drink.   They claim the bubbles will stop if she runs a lot of water.  Water in a glass does clear up as the teeny bubbles dissipate. 

RUSTY:  Yesterday Mr. Doug suggested she call the water department to be sure the water is truly safe.  She was told the new hydrant on our corner might need to be flushed.

TAYLOR:  A man from the water department came, said he had to go turn off the hydrant a block away and disappeared without flushing "our" hydrant - as far as we know.

PERCY:  And then the water project supervisor and an inspector showed up, talked to her for a few minutes, and went to chat by the meter in the yard.

MERCI:  She wasn't expecting a parade.  She only wanted to know if the water was safe to drink.  It's still cloudy. 

MARCUS:   Well, I'll be glad when this is over.  I can't fit in the bathroom any more when Jan is in there.  She has a bucket of water in the way.  Just in case.

 BUDDY:  And containers of water in the fridge. Would you call that paranoid?

CYNDI:  No, after the last week, I'd call that prepared. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Natural Balance Dental Chews

MARCUS:  Hey, Jan, are you going to pass those out or eat them yourself? 

MERCI:  I doubt she will eat any but if you don't stop drooling on her, we'll never get any.

BUDDY:  Did anyone see the bag?  I don't know what we have this time.  I hope they're good.

MARCUS:  February is National Pet Oral Health Care Month, so we have Natural Balance Dental Chews.  These are grain free Pumpkin & Chicken Meal Formula with Papaya.  Oh, I know why Jan picked these for us to review.  Pumpkin and papaya are good for us. 

BUDDY:  These grooves are supposed to encourage healthy chewing action while removing plaque and tartar.  Notice whose paws are behind me waiting for an opportunity to steal MY treat.  Marcus, go away!

MARCUS:  Go ahead and give it to me, Jan.  It is supposed to be formulated to support easy chewing and digestion. 

MERCI:  With Vitamin C for immune function, and accented with parsley and alfalfa for our breath.  They also come in Duck Meal, Fresh & Clean, and Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal formulas. 

MARCUS:  Ha!  I fooled Jan.  She thought she forgot me so I got a second treat. 

MERCI:  They come in three sizes.  Small, small/medium, and medium/large.  These are medium/large.

BUDDY:  Merci is under 20 lbs, so she is considered small.  But look at her tuck into that medium/large treat!  She's having such a good time Jan can't even get a non-blurry shot of her.  There's nothing wrong with that senior dog's teeth! 

MARCUS:  For me?  And I can eat it in my private dining car?  Aw, Jan, you kept your word.  It's another day and we're getting another treat.

BUDDY:  I have learned a few manners in my senior years.  Well, not really.  Jan just got lucky with catching a shot.  I, too, was crunching so fast I was a blur.  We all loved these Natural Balance Dental Chews, so we give them three paws up.

Disclaimer:  We received one bag of Natural Balance Dental Chews from in exchange for our honest review.  We received no other compensation and Chewy is not responsible for the content of this post.

Monday, February 22, 2016

In Your Dreams

Cyndi opens a muddy post.

CYNDI:  We hope you got a chuckle out of our Friday post (I Have A Leak, Yes...No).  But if you think that was the end of the story - in your dreams!

MICAH:  Friday morning began without water again.  We waited forever.  Finally, Jan walked 5 blocks to find two guys from the contract crew.  They said they hadn't turned off any water.  They walked Jan home, looked in both meter holes, searched for a leak, made a phone call, and suggested she call the local water company to see if they had shut off the water.

PERCY:  This is what the yard looked like then.  The old and new water meters to the left of the dirt mound.  The connection point close to the smaller dirt mound at the corner of the house.  The water company said the contract crew working in the area had turned off the water.

MARCUS:  I suggested a walk to kill time.  We set off and up the road we ran into a man who was working his way toward the water tower turning on valves.  He had not turned off any water. (Funny, no one turned it off but it sure wasn't working.)  Ten minutes after we got home we had water.  A half hour later he knocked on our door to check on us. Whoever you were, thanks.

MERCI:  About 8 PM Saturday Jan added water to our dinner bowls.  At 10, she went into the kitchen to wash dishes and we didn't have a drop of water again.  She spent 20 minutes searching for the cordless phone she had left on the desk.   The helpful man at the water company contacted the guy on call.

BUDDY:  Devon Slayton arrived.  The meter was spinning!  He soon found the problem.  Inside, we were dry.  Outside we were flooded, clear through and out the other side of the dog pen..  He dug in the mud at the connection site. Miss Uncoordinated held a flashlight in one hand and used the other hand to snap photos.  We're actually surprised any of them turned out.

TAYLOR:  I'm new here, but I understand Marcus loves mud and he is upset Jan let someone bail out buckets of water and shovel mud without letting him roll in it first.  He is jealous Devon gets to dig in mud for a paycheck.  Jan thinks Devon would gladly have let Marcus do the digging had he known there was a volunteer handy.

RUSTY:  About 11:30, Devon offered to bring Jan some water from his home to get us through the night.  He returned with Jan's container plus three bottles of drinking water.  She thinks this was such a wonderful thing for a stranger to do so I guess she has forgotten all the nice things we Funny Farmers have done for her.  For example, just Saturday night she had a pile of jumk on the desk and I cleared the desk off for her.

CYNDI:  Pssst, Rusty, stop talking before Jan realizes you're the reason she spent 20 minutes looking for the phone to call the water company.

MICAH:  Eerie picture, isn't this!  Those are the water lines that blew apart.  The old one (only 2 - 3 years old) is buried deeper than the 5" the new line is. 

MARCUS:  Sunday morning Buddy and I (Merci didn't want to go) took Jan for a walk and when we returned, Devon and Sean Ellington were just finishing. 

PERCY:  The old meter hole was still full of water and the new meter hole was still half full of water.  No one has been able to explain that. As we write this Sunday evening, we have water,

BUDDY:  Despite the leak-no leak-no water confusion of the last few days, the contract workers and the city water employees have been kind and helpful. 

RUSTY:  Jan was so happy Devon and Sean helped us get water again she promised she was going to say something nice about them in a post.  You know how forgetful she is.  She forgot this isn't her blog.

MERCI:: So we'll say something nice about them for her.  Hey, local water department, you have some courteous, helpful people working there.

TAYLOR:  If Marcus wasn't such a wild child, he could do well there.  Playing in mud is his dream job.

Friday, February 19, 2016

I Have A Leak, Yes ...No

RUSTY:  If you think the title is weird, you should have been here for the conversations.

MICAH:  In early December workers started tearing up sidewalks and making a muddy mess as a crew began to install new water lines.

PERCY:  The pictures below are along our side yard in December 2015.  

MARCUS:  Yesterday morning, Jan let me outside, intending to start a late day with a shower and then feed us.  I started barking and a heavily accented voice called out that he was connecting the new water line.

MERCI:  Jan hid behind the door in her pajamas as he explained he was hooking up the new water line. She couldn't shower without water, so she threw on some clothes and went outside to scoop poop.

PERCY:  The "voice" returned.  She asked how long before the water would be turned back on?  About 20 minutes was the response.  An hour and a half later the worker was long gone and still no water.  Jan put on a coat and as she walked by the hole with the old meter, it was full of water.  Not a good sign.

CYNDI:  She found the workers up the street and around the corner.  She arrived as a truck pulled up and a man with the air of a boss asked if he could help.  He stood in the street speaking good but accented English.

Boss:  The glue is drying.  Wait 5 minutes.  You have a leak. 

Jan:  I have a leak, or the city has a leak?

Boss:  You have a leak.

Jan:  Are you sure I have a leak? 

Boss:  Yes.  It's been leaking for some time.

Jan:  I do have a leak?  You're sure?  Were you going to tell me?  I have to let my landlord know.

Boss:  *rapid Spanish with a tall worker*  Go with him.

BUDDY:  Jan followed the worker back here.  He lifted the lid over the new meter.  The hole was half full of water.

Jan:  Where's the leak?

Worker:  No leak.

Jan:  But the other guy said there is a leak. 

Worker.  No leak.  *points to new meter*  Our pipes are good.  See, no leak. 

Jan:  *has no idea what the meter is or isn't supposed to be doing*  Are you sure there is no leak?  He said there is a leak.

Worker:  *leads Jan to hole near pen where new line is connected; ground is damp*  See, no leak.

TAYLOR:  Jan walked back to stare at the water in the meter holes. Worker walked to front of house and called her.  Led her to outdoor faucet.  Water was pouring out the spigot.

Worker:  See, water is on.

Jan:  Yes, but where's the leak?

Worker:  No leak.

BUDDY:  Jan came in and emailed our landlord to tell him the new water line was hooked up but she was confused as to whether there was or wasn't a leak.  He emailed right back that he was confused too; did we or didn't we have a leak?   Jan donned a coat and walked back to where they were hooking up another line.

Jan:   Hi, you told me I have a leak.  The other worker told me I do not have a leak.  My landlord would like to know whether I do or don't have a leak.

BOSS:  No leak. You had a leak BEFORE, but you don't have one now.

RUSTY:  And now if you will excuse us, we have to go comfort Jan.  For some reason, she has a headache.

BUDDY:  We can't forget to wish Mo who runs the CB (Cat Blogosphere) a very Happy Birthday!  Thank you for all you do to try to help cat bloggers keep up with each other.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Marcus the Menace

PERCY:  Imagine Jan's surprise when she was walking the dogs on Sunday (Valentine's Day) and Marcus stopped to look behind them.  Jan stopped to see what he was looking at and thought, "Oh, no, another loose dog."

MICAH:  And then she had one of those not again panic moments.  Buddy was strolling, nose to the ground, several yards behind them.  How long had he been wandering alone?

BUDDY:  This time Jan didn't drop the leash.  It snapped.  The camera she carries on walks died so she had to wait till we were home before she could grab a couple of shots. The brown blur on the left was Marcus trying to contain his excitement around a leash.

MARCUS:  Here let me sniff a broken end.  There may be a clue as to what was wrong with it.  Oh, by the way, the brown and white furry blob under my chin is not a misplaced goatee; it's the top of Buddy's head and ears.

CYNDI:  Monday - the very next day - the same thing happened, only this time it was Merci's leash that snapped. 

MERCI:  Jan made me pose outside.  I was so ashamed I tried to cower against the screen door.  I didn't do anything wrong but I just know she thinks I broke it.

MARCUS:  Don't worry, Merci.  I'll explain to Jan that it wasn't your fault.  The leash must have been defective.

RUSTY:  You'll explain?  I hope you  mean you'll confess.

MARCUS:  Confess?  I was leading the pack each time a leash broke. 

RUSTY:  Every time Jan takes the leashes down and tries to get you dogs ready to walk her, you run around biting on the leashes.  You're like a human baby, everything you see goes into your mouth. You grab leashes because you're excited, because the others don't walk fast enough, to try to turn them in another direction ... just because they exist.  Your name should be changed to "Drop It"

MERCI:  Jan has soaked the leashes in cayenne pepper, even sprayed bitter something or other on them, but nothing stops you from grabbing and biting leashes.

MARCUS:  Are you trying to say those broken leashes were MY fault?

TAYLOR:  They're not trying to say that.  They are saying it.  You have also been chewing on my toys and de-stuffing them.  Marcus, you're a menace!

MARCUS:  Aw, guys, I should be a hero.  If I hadn't been nipping at the leashes, we wouldn't have learned they were defective.

CYNDI:  We might as well give up, guys.  Marcus has sharp teeth and an insanity defense.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keep the Change

CYNDI:  Something has to be done about Jan's memory.  It's like Swiss cheese.

MERCI:  I know.  Did you hear about that conversation she had the other day with Mr. Doug?

CYNDI:  No.  What happened?

MERCI:  Well, Jan asked Mr. Doug if he would stop at Home Depot and pick her up another mat if they were still on sale.

CYNDI:  You must mean the new mat to collect mud on the inside porch.

MERCI:  Yes.  When Mr. Doug delivered it, she climbed into his van to go to Walmart and asked how much she owed him, and they had this conversation --

Mr. Doug:  You owe me half of $12.58. 

Jan:  *eyes wide, voice rising*  How much!  They doubled in price?

Mr. Doug:  I said you owe me half of $12.58.  See, here's the receipt.  I bought another one for myself.

Jan:  *looks at receipt.*  Mat is $5.88. Here's $6.

Mr. Doug:  Is this it?

Jan::  Don't worry, you can keep the change. 

Mr. Doug:  Keep the change?  You don't get it, do you?

Jan:  Get what?  You picked it up for me and it isn't that much over.

Mr. Doug:  I said you owe me half of $12.58.  I believe that would be $6.29.  You gave me $6.

Jan:  *light bulb goes on*  Oh, right, I just looked at the price of the mat and forgot about the tax.  Here's 30 cents.

Mr. Doug:  *tries to push it away*  No, it's not about the money.  I just wanted you to know what was happening.

Jan:  I'm sorry.  Here, take it.  And keep the change.

CYNDI:  You're pulling my paw, aren't you!  She really tipped Mr. Doug a penny?

MERCI:  I got it right from the penny-pincher's mouth.  Jan came home a bit confused and talking to herself about it.

CYNDI:  I hope you haven't told anyone.  We need to keep this story to ourselves.

MERCI:  Don't worry.  I haven't told another living furry or human.  It will be our secret, just between the two of us. 

CYNDI:  I'm glad you didn't tell the guys.  They would have laughed and blogged about it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sweet Sarah Day and Mousebreath

MARCUS:  Will someone please explain what is going on?  I am confused.  I thought we were supposed to post on a Mousebreath interview yesterday and do the Tiki cat food review today, but we reversed them and I don't understand why.  We missed today's Chewy review blog hop yesterday ... I mean, we're missing it today.

CYNDI:  Don't worry.  Everything will work out, Marcus.  We'll sign up for today's Chewy blog hop using yesterday's post and the Mousebreath interview isn't going to run away, so we will include that in today's post, too.

RUSTY:  That's right.  We switched things around because we learned today is Sweet Sarah Day and we just have to participate in that and sign up for her blog hop so she will know we care.

Graphic by Ann of Zoolatry.

MERCI:  We all know Miss Sarah from the Mona, Prissy and Angel Weenie blog.  She is active in rescue groups, puts together fun Smileboxes, and is a sweet friend to many.   She had a liver biopsy last Friday and is waiting to learn the results this Thursday.  We are all hopeful of good news.

BUDDY:  It has been hard on her and on her dogs to be living apart because of her health.  We hope they will be able to be back together soon. Today, we want to let her know we support her, pray for her and love her.

MARCUS:  Uh ... we support her?  Does that mean we have to send her the allowance we don't receive?

RUSTY:  No, that means we are united with the other bloggers to extend moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to Miss Sarah.

The blog hop is hosted at Oz the Terrier's blog.  Click on Blogville Tours and scroll down to enter.

MICAH:  We won't confuse you any more by explaining why we published the Mousebreath interview for the Board of Library Cats last Friday but are only now posting on it.  If you want a hint, we had to switch posts that day too; however, we figure we have befuddled you enough with the Chewy/Sweet Sarah Day switcheroo.

TAYLOR:  This is my first time announcing a Funny Farmer Feline interview, so please forgive me if I make a mistake.  We interviewed Toby, Simon, Jack and Bobbie Sue of the Board of Library Cats.  They also blog at Doggie & Kitty Caperz.

PERCY:  You can read their interview,The Board of Library Cats, at Mousebreath.  A severe thunderstorm moved into the area as we were finishing last night,so we writing this and we had to close down.  We would like to add that we hope you will go meet the kitties who also blog as Doggies and Kitty Caperz.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tiki Gourmet Carnivore

TAYLOR:  Is this something new?  I don't remember ever having this for breakfast.

MICAH:   This is what today's beef and liver luau breakfast looks like in the can.  The chicken and turkey luau was shredded.  We don't get very much beef around here.  And we've never had a luau before today. 

PERCY:  It's from the Tiki Cat Gournet Carnivore pack we received from Chewy.  It contains a variety of flavors, such as chicken and liver luau, seabass luau, chicken and duck luau, chicken and turkey luau ... Is Tiki Hawaiian. by any chance? 

MICAH:  Actually, the company is in Thailand, and Tiki is one of the high quality pet foods produced there.  The Gourmet  Carnivore flavors are:
  •      grain and gluten-free 
  •       made with whole meats
  •       carbohydrate, starch and flour free
  •        and have a zero glycemic index

CYNDI:  They are very tasty too.  We have loved each flavor we've tried.  The ingredients for each flavor are listed on The Cat Gourmet Carnivore page.

PERCY:  Each flavor contains broth so it isn't necessary to add water.  This looks watery because Jan adds water to our wet food anyway.   She claims it's out of habit but we would argue she's a bit strange.  But she loves us and wants to encourage us to drink enough water each day.

RUSTY:  Hello, hello, anyone on the other side of this camera?  I'm still waiting on my breakfast.  Taylor has been served in the bedroom.  Micah, Percy and Cyndi are chowing down in the kitchen.  Service in the living room on the bookcase now, please!  Thank you, over and out.

We were provided with the Tiki cat food.for this review by Chewy, but we were not paid to write it, and any opinions expressed are our own.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Pet Door for Lonely Pony

RUSTY:  We don't have cable TV, so we only get one major channel, one oldies station, and GA PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).

MICAH:  Jan does catch some TV programs online, but -

CYNDI:  Catch?  What does she do, chase them?

MICAH:  Virtually, yes.  She has to chase them before they disappear.  Now I've lost my train of thought.

MERCI:  I would guess you were going to say we don't see the same commercials online as viewers do on cable.

PERCY:  For instance, it was brought to our attention that we missed the new Amazon Prime TV commercial.  Have you seen it, the one with the miniature horse ignored by the bigger horses in the pasture?  It's short.  And cute.  Take a peek at the lonely pony with his own pet door.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

MICAH:  If Amazon has everything and Amazon Prime has one day shipping, can we order a miniature horse for the Funny Farm?

RUSTY:  I hope you're joking.  Jan keeps losing the poop bags, remember?

MARCUS:  The pet door Amazon Prime chose to use in the commercial was a Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door. I want one.  I could go in and out to my heart's content.  I could bring my muddy soccer ball inside and Jan couldn't stop me!  Oh, the freedom.

BUDDY:   It says on the box the door should install on an interior or exterior wood, metal, storm, or PVC door. It comes in four sizes and it's supposed to be easy to install.

CYNDI:  You know nothing is easy to install when Jan is doing the installation!  I think she reads instructions upside down. 

BUDDY:  To continue, it has a flexible soft flap with UV sun protection and a solid aluminum frame with a closing panel intended for heavy use in a multiple pet home.

TAYLOR:  We're a multiple pet home and Marcus would sure give a pet door a workout.  

MERCI:  Unfortunately, Taylor, Marcus is merely dreaming.  We can't install a pet door; we don't own this house. 

TAYLOR:  Oh, so that's why the package was addressed to the Upson Humane Society.  It isn't for us.

RUSTY:  No, since we can't use it and Jan is a member of the UHS, we requested a Petsafe Freedom Aluminum pet door be donated to them.  They can give it to someone with a need or Operation Straw might come across a home for it. 

PERCY:  That's great.  Some lucky furry will get a pet door.  Don't tell Marcus, though.

Petsafe can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

A pet door was donated to the local Humane Society, but we were not compensated for this review, and any opinions expressed are solely ours.