Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Lump in the Middle

Marcus:  Jaaaaaaan!  Percy didn't get up.  He's still in bed.

Jan:  No, he's not still in bed.  And stop racing around the bed screeching.

Marcus:  Yes, he is.  See the lump in the middle?  That's Percy.

Jan:  Well, that's okay.  He's an old cat and he's staying warm.  Let him sleep.

Marcus:  That's not fair!  You make me get off the bed when you get up and you don't let me go back to my bed the rest of the day.  You even put a couple of gates across it to block me.

Jan:  That's my bed, and you usually manage to find a spot to perch regardless of how I block you.  And if you remember, you have a comfortable bed of your own.

Percy:  Hey, you two, this lump in the bed is trying to sleep.  Wake me when breakfast is served.

Tomorrow is Halloween, so we thought we would post a couple of non-edited "Halloween" photos from our front porch.  Yes, that is our friend the spider from Open Invitation to Marcus.

Thanks to all of you who assured us this is a good spider.  Except on Halloween.  Come visit it if you dare.

 Happy Halloween.

Oh, and before we forget again, we won the washable piddle pads from the giveaway over at Dezi's World.  Thank you, Dezi and Raena.  Jan says they are really nice and handy to have around with older cats.  Uh, wait, who is she calling old?

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Talking To A Mop

Taylor:  Marcus, sometimes I wonder about you.  What kind of a foolishness was this?

Marcus:  It wasn't foolishness.  Jan got me a new toy and when I tried to take it from her, she whacked me on the nose with it.

Taylor:  She did not whack you.  She wrestled you for it. You look like a maniac with a death grip on it. 

Marcus:  It was my toy.  I had a right to it.  She was just being selfish.  I think she wanted to keep it for herself.

Taylor:  Of course she wanted to keep it for herself.  It's a special mop.  When she washed the suv, she nearly fell off the stool because she had to climb on shaky legs so many times.  Next time she washes it, she shouldn't have to climb more than twice, hopefully.

Marcus:  Well, anyone else would have let me enjoy my new toy and bought another one for herself.

Taylor:  But it wasn't your new toy!  Oh, never mind.  I might as well be talking to a mop.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Open Invitation To Marcus

Marcus:  This is me lying casually on the back seat being brave.

Taylor:  Of course you're brave.  The car isn't moving if Jan is taking your picture

Cyndi:  And this proves it!  Jan would never drive with you parked between the front seats.  You're klutzier than she is!

Marcus:  I didn't say the car was moving.  I said I was being brave.  And I was.  I used to cower on the floo-  Uh, I mean before I got my moving suv balance down pat, I used to have to sit in the back on the floor.  Now I'm so relaxed, I could lie on the seat and take a nap.

Cyndi:  And how many naps have you taken in the car?  While it was moving.

Marcus:  Well, none, but I haven't ridden that many times and I want to see the scenery.

Taylor:  What kind of scenery have you seen so far?

Marcus:  Trees, buildings, and more trees.  But I'm going to see some real scenery soon.  I'm going to visit the UK to drive.  And not just as a back seat driver.  I have an open invitation from the B Team at Bionic Basil to -  Here, read the comment they left for me for yourself.

"Marcus anytime mew want to drive anything, let us know and mew can come to BB HQ anytime, we have a tank, hummer, unimog, atv's etc in the bunker... dude, whateffur mew want to drive no purroblem at all! MOL"

Cyndi:  Oh, no!  He's going to be driving like the gas pedal is stuck and there's no brake.  Does the B Team really know what they're getting into?

Taylor:  I can see him now driving like he races through here screeching at the top of his lungs with excitement, except then he'll be racing in the wrong direction, scaring those poor cats and sending them running for their lives.

Cyndi:  Do you think there's some way we can convince them to rescind their invitation before it's too late?

Taylor:  I doubt it.  You know how those cats love to adventure.  Except for Marcus' hyper fits of excitement, I imagine he will fit right in.

Cyndi:  I hope they have super duper insurance coverage. 

Question.  Does anyone have any idea of what type of spider this could be?  It took up residence on our front porch last week and Jan doesn't want to kill it, in case it's friendly.  Not as in pet friendly but friendly in the sense it kills things we don't want here.

On the other paw, if it's a threat to her or to us, she wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Sorry the picture quality isn't that great but the spiderweb is high above Jan's head and this was taken with the zoom.   

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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Aggressive Fridge

Micah:  Hey, it's me, the iron skillet sitter.  We had a post planned for today but it gets written the night before and we had a sudden change of plans.  Jan was cleaning the vegetable bins in the fridge when she was attacked.  Yes, smacked on top of the head by an jealous shelf she didn't clean.  Whacked hard.  At present she is sitting in a chair with a frozen bag of green beans on her head.  Marcus is in the kitchen growling at the fridge.

Cyndi:  Why is he growling at the fridge?  He already had his dinner.

Micah:  He's practicing in case he doesn't get any breakfast tomorrow.

Cyndi:  Leave it to Marcus to think first about his stomach.

Micah:  Well, he's supposed to be Jan's protector and he feels he fell down on the job.

Cyndi:  Yes, but who expects a refrigerator to be aggressive?

Micah:  Obviously, not Jan!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tickled Pink

Taylor:  When did Jan turn pink?

Micah:  What?

Taylor:  She's been wandering around since yesterday saying she is tickled pink. She doesn't look pink to me. 

Micah:  That's a human expression.  It means she is very happy about something.  And if you hadn't been in hiding from the two strangers in the house yesterday, you would know why she thinks she's pink.

Taylor:  But I thought bad things were happening to her.  Why would she be happy?

Micah:  Oh, you mean things like Thursday morning she was bitten on the back of the hand by something, possibly a spider, and the itching and burning has been driving her crazy?  And Sunday morning at 6 a.m. she rolled over and tried to sit up but she was on the very edge of the bed and fell off, scraping her forehead as she hit the corner of the bureau and slid down  And when her head hit the floor, the rest of her rolled off the bed twisting her back?

Taylor:  Exactly.  And then first thing Monday morning she was petting you, when you turned around, slipped on some papers, and left claw marks just below Jan's eye.  

 Micah:  That was an accident, just as the knob popping off the front door a week and a half ago was an accident.  She asked her landlord for help..  His nephew and another guy came over yesterday to replace it.  Such a change from the ugly old brown set.

Micah:  And while they were here, the outdoor bulb under the roof was replaced so she can see inside the dog pen when she has to go out at night, the toilet valve was replaced, the heaters were blown out with compressed air so they can be turned on when the weather gets colder - and a most welcome surprise.

Micah:  They built her a sturdy railing for the back steps.

Taylor:  Is that why Jan thinks she is pink?

Micah:  Yes!  Put on your rose colored glasses and let Jan be pink for the day.

Taylor: I don't have any rose colored glasses.

Micah:  That's okay.  A little pink nail polish on a pair of Jan's reading glasses will do the trick.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

New Pillows for Percy

Percy:  It was nice of Jan to buy me my own pillows.  These two are so nice and soft.

Cyndi:  You are aware, aren't you, those are not pillows!  Those are Jan's new slippers.

Percy:  Slippers.  Pillows.  What's the difference.  They are soft, padded and comfortable, and I have sweet dreams with my head on one.

Cyndi:  Don't get too comfortable.  Those slippers are so padded there isn't room for Jan's feet.  Since putting her feet in them was the sole purpose of buying them, she will be returning them as soon as possible.

Percy:  If she does, she'll have to return me with them.

Cyndi:  That would make Micah very happy.  Do you really want to make Micah happy?

Percy:  Do you think if I leave them where Micah sleeps, Jan will return him with the slippers?

We are praying for those impacted by Hurricane Michael which lashed Florida so hard a couple of days ago and has traveled north as a tropical storm.  It is hard to see the pictures and videos of homes and businesses destroyed, just as it was recently for Florence and all the other hurricanes and tornadoes that have done so much damage.

It was not as bad as expected when it arrived here Wednesday.  A lot of rain and wind, tornado watches and warnings and a siren scare.  We woke Thursday to a beautiful day, hoping all of you are safe.

Thank you to the friends and family who called or emailed yesterday to check on us.   

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Promoted to Back Seat Driver

 Marcus:  I have the sads.  Jan says I have to keep riding in the back of the SUV. 

Percy:  I can see you have something.  I hope it isn't contagious! 

Marcus:  I am ignoring Jan.  She let me into the front seat but she still says I can't drive.

Percy:  I don't blame her!

 Marcus:  She gets the back of disgust.

Percy:  You need to learn anatomy.  That's your right shoulder, not your back.

Marcus:  Did I hear Jan correctly?

Percy:  Probably not.  You hear what you want to hear.

Marcus: Jan said if I'm a really good back seat passenger, she'll let me become a back seat driver.

Percy:  Oh, good, you might have found your niche, Marcus.  I bet you'll make a great back seat driver.  Perhaps you could even become a back, back seat driver.  You know, ride all the way in the rear with the groceries. 

Marcus:  I hope Jan gives me my own ignition key.

Marcus:  So much as happened since September 25th when we posted Locked Door Motor Running.  We're sorry it has taken two weeks to post the answer to the locked door mystery.  You probably need a quick reminder of how Jan got locked out of her vehicle.  Go ahead.  Click the link to review the post.  We'll wait.

We left you with Jan standing outside a vehicle with locked doors and the engine running.  The spare key was in her purse on the passenger seat.  She was alone in the country with no cell phone.  How did she break into the car without doing damage?

We left you clues and many of you assumed the window was rolled down and Jan just reached in to unlock the door.  If that had been true, Jan wouldn't have been so upset and there wouldn't be a mystery.  By the way, I wasn't in the car, so I didn't rescue her by stepping on the button.  I only posted my picture to remind you how handsome I am.   

We mentioned Jan is not accustomed to air conditioning and likes open windows.  Just as she reached Mr. Doug's driveway, she turned off the ac and rolled down the driver's window.  Just a little.  As it turned out, just enough to stick her arm in the opening - below the elbow - and wave at the passenger window.  It didn't wave back and the open part of the window was above her head.  No way to reach the buttons.

She didn't think of it at the time but if worst came to worst, she could have searched for someone with a cell phone to beg a ride home to get her spare, spare key.  Meanwhile, it was panic time!

Then she had an idea.  What surrounds you in the country?  Trees!  She started searching for a particular type of branch on the ground.  Long, thin but sturdy, and with a distinct backward bend.  She found the perfect one, stripped the leaves and little branches off it, and finagled it in the window and down to the button.  She was successful on the second try.

That mystery has been solved, but why anyone would design a vehicle that locks the doors when the driver steps out is still a mystery.

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Friday, October 05, 2018

Hug Those You Love Often

Hey, Marcus here.  I want to remind you to hug your furries and all the humans you care about as often as possible because you don't know what tomorrow (or even today) holds.

A number of years ago, way before my time, there was a doxy (dachshund) on the  route Buddy and Merci walked Jan.  It ran loose and believed it owned quite a bit of territory going up the hill.  It was always carrying on, even crossing the road to snap and growl.  Jan took to carrying a golf club as suggested by a neighbor (he even provided the club) to protect herself but golf clubs were not intended as weapons.

A woman (not the owner) used to come collect the doxy and walk it back to her place to confine it inside their fence so Jan could walk in peace.  One day things reached a dangerous level.  The doxy was circling them, snapping at their heels with anger.  Jan was trying to stay on her feet and not be tangled in Buddy and Merci's leashes.  They couldn't move on, only try to hold their ground.

A boy from that house heard the ruckus and started to run toward them.  He was unsuccessful in getting the doxy's attention.  A man came from that house carrying a baseball bat.  He came a short distance, then returned home.  Jan believes he was coming after her dogs with the bat but saw which dog was the aggressor and changed his mind.  The boy finally captured the doxy.  It was never seen again.  Either they adopted it and kept it penned with their own dachshunds, or --

Now imagine Jan's surprise Tuesday evening when she learned the polite, friendly young man she has been talking with on our walks for a couple of years or more lives in that house.  Yes, the boy grew up and likes to practice tricks on his bike.  I like to get attention from the guy and growl at his bike.

Before sundown Tuesday, we learned the young man's family was in process of moving to his late grandfather's house. He and Jan laughed about the angry dachshund.  He said we would still see him around but not as often.

Wednesday morning there were sirens - fire trucks, police cars, ambulances speeding past.  Something came up and we didn't get to walk that day.  Early Thursday we heard on the local news the young man's home had burned.  We walked up the hill and this is what we found.

The young man's dad had just left.  He smelled smoke and tried to put out the fire with a hose.

 He was able to save one dog.  Two others died in the fire.

When the fire department arrived, flames were already through the roof.  The cause is unknown.

 It was just a year or so ago another house on our walking route was destroyed by fire.  There is an empty lot there now.  Soon this lot too will be empty.

It only takes a moment and lives are forever changed.  Furries or loved ones are gone.  So be kind and hug those you love often.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Thanks From Angel Rusty

Cyndi:  We want to thank all of you who have left a message regarding Rusty - on our blog, on Facebook or in an email.  We appreciate each one.  We want to respond but haven't accomplished much this last week.  

Percy:  Last week we posted that Rusty left us on Wednesday.  (Farewell Rusty)  Two days short of a year since Buddy passed and three days short of three months since we lost Merci, and later we realized it was almost to the day when Rusty came to live with us twelve years ago. 

Cyndi:  His death has sobered things up around here.  The other day devoted enemies Percy and Micah met at the kibble bowl and touched noses instead of trying to kill each other. 

Percy:  It has sent Marcus deeper into separation anxiety.  We're not sure if he's afraid he is going to disappear next or if Jan will, but he is not just "under her feet" and tripping her any more, he is actually under her feet and walking under her feet.  When she sits down, he crawls between the chair and her feet and when she walks she can't always avoid stepping on his paws..  He will not go outside by himself and Jan has to go with him. 

Cyndi:  I can't blame him.  He will turn 5 years old in November.  In the past 3 1/2 years of his life, five of our crew have left - Cameron, Sam, Buddy, Merci and Rusty.  He wasn't around for the other past members.

Percy:  That's what happens when nearly all the crew grows old at the same time.  It means extra  work for Jan.  You and I are the last of the old timers and we've slowed down.  Oh, and Jan.  She's an old timer too. 

Cyndi:  I hope if something happens to Jan, we won't be expected to bury her.  She couldn't even make a dent in the dry ground and she has opposing thumbs to handle the tools.  Mr. Doug offered to take care of the burial (THANK YOU, Mr. Doug!) and Rusty now rests near Merci.

  Percy:  This card is from Mom Ingrid, Pipo & Dalton.

 Cyndi:  And this graphic was made by Ann of Zoolatry

Percy:  The Eastside Cats honored him with a post.   (https://eastsidecats.blogspot.com/2018/09/farewell-angel-rusty.html)

Cyndi:  As did Loulou.   (https://www.livingwithloulou.com/adieu-rusty/)

Percy:  Thank you, dear friends.  We'll return soon.

Cyndi:  I hear Jan trying to coax Marcus outside again.  Let's go watch the show.

Percy:  No, I'll pass.  I hate re-runs.