Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016, Welcome 2017

Merci:  New Year's Eve is tonight, so we're posting our old standby graphic to wish you all the start of a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Micah:  While we're posting, we thought we would join Athena's Caturday blog hop.  We added a drop shadow to the original.

Merci:  To that we added HDRish.

Percy:  What is an HDRish?

Merci:  I don't exactly know.  I think it might be High Definition Radiation. 

Percy:  What does that even mean? 

Merci:  I don't know that either, but you know how Jan is always telling us if we don't know something to use our imagination?

Percy:  So you just made that up?

Merci:  Well ... maybe.

Micah:  And to Merci's imagination, we added Sepia and then Warmify.

Percy:  Don't tell me.  There's a heating pad under the graphic to keep it warm.

Merci:  It would sure be a lot safer than lighting a candle under it.

Percy:  I think you two are pulling my tail.

Visit Athena's blog for more Caturday art.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Marcus Oink Oink

Taylor: Hey, Marcus, did you know you have a new nickname?

Marcus:  What is it?  Stud Muffin?  Handsome?

Taylor:  No, I heard Jan call you Marcus Oink Oink this morning.

Marcus:  Are you sure you didn't misunderstand?

Taylor:  No, but I think it has something to do with all those disappearing bowls of cat food and your expanding waistline.

Marcus:  I haven't seen any disappearing bowls of cat food.  Have you?

Taylor:  Actually, yes, I have.  That's our food, not yours.  Jan thought she had blocked you from the top of the dryer where our bowl is kept.  That is, until she caught you red-pawed standing on the dryer pigging out today.

Marcus:  Oh, that?  That was just a mid-morning snack.

Taylor:  But Jan can't afford to keep you in cat food and it isn't good for you anyway.  You have gotten fat on it.  Now she has to figure out where to move our food that you can't reach it and she's not happy about that!

Marcus:  There isn't anywhere she could move it I can't reach.  I'm athletic, you know!

Taylor:  That's what she's afraid of.  You're like an energetic bunny on steroids.

Marcus:  Mmmm.  Mr. Energetic Bunny would probably sound a whole lot more appealing to the ladies than Marcus Oink Oink.

Taylor:  Well, if you really care what the ladies think, Marcus, you need to eat more veggies like a bunny and less cat food.

Marcus:  You mean go on a *whispers* d-i-e-t? You do know diet contains the word "die"?  I'm too young to die.

Taylor:   You won't if you diet.  But there is the possibility, if Jan catches you stealing our food again!

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Spot of My Own

Rusty: *Yawn*  I've been sleeping so much better since Jan gave me my own pillow.

Cyndi:  She didn't give you a pillow.  She just put an extra pillow on the bed and you appropriated it.

Rusty:  Well, I'm very thankful for it.

Buddy:  So Rusty gets a pillow of his own and I can't even have a spot of my own.  Everywhere I go, there you are, Marcus.

Marcus:  Oh, you know you love having me around.

Buddy:  Well, if you have to hang around, could you please learn to turn around!  Here we are again with your head facing the other way and your butt facing me. 

Marcus:  It isn't possible for my butt to face you.

Buddy:  Why not?

Marcus:  Because my face is at the other end.

We have a lot to be thankful for as 2016 is being hustled offstage and 2017 is waiting impatiently in the wings.  We so appreciate friends and faithful visitors that encourage us and even laugh at our bad jokes when we post.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  

We are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Marcus's Best Feature

Marcus:  You see who gets to sleep comfortably on the bed.  I just get to hang out on the edge while Buddy gets to stretch out with his own blankie.

Percy:  Stop complaining.  You guys are blocked from the bed during the day but at that time the heat wasn't on and Buddy was cold so he was allowed to sleep on the bed.  And you're hanging over the edge because you wanted to squeeze in the picture. 

Buddy:  Hey, I'm just now seeing this picture.  Why is your butt in my face, Marcus? 

Marcus:  Because ... uh, because ... uh ...

Percy:  Don't look at me.  I'd like to hear the answer too.

Buddy:  Because it's your best feature?

Marcus:  Of course not.  My eyes are my best feature. 

Buddy:  You do know your eyes are at the opposite end of your body?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Petcurean Spike

Buddy:  We hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We took yesterday off to get some things accomplished and guess what?  Yep, this is all we got done for the day.  Jan is very, very tired and can't get caught up so we're having to do all the cooking and cleaning and ... Oh, hi, Jan.  We were just saying how thankful we are for all you've been doing lately.

Marcus:  Stop babbling, Buddy.  We've got a post to do and I've been waiting for Jan to get in here and give me my treats!

Merci:  We are taste testing some Petcurean Spike jerky treats today - Venison and Turkey.

Buddy:  There you go, Marcus.  Jan opened the turkey first. 

Jan:  There aren't any by-products, growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, and no grains, gluten or glycerin.  

Marcus:  There aren't?  Is there anything in them?

Jan:  Yes, they're made from turkey, pumpkin, molasses, whole chia seeds, pomegranate, kale and mixed tocopherols.  That's it.  

Buddy:  Hey, I get one too.  

 Merci:  For me? 

Marcus:  Okay, now we have to taste test the venison. The package says they are made from the same ingredients as the turkey treats. 

Merci:  Yes, if you take out the turkey and add the venison.

Buddy:  We all enjoyed the Petcurean Spike jerky dog treats.  Even though Jan says they are healthy.

Merci:  Is that your idea of humor, Buddy?

Petcurean provided the dog treats for this review.  We were not paid and Petcurean is not responsible for the content of this post.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Rusty:  Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.  We hope you have a wondrous and blessed celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Percy:  We've been working hard to email our card.  If you haven't received one, we might have fallen asleep at the keyboard and sent it to outer space.

Merci:  Pssst.  I think you mean we might have sent it to cyber space.

Percy: Seriously!  Our eyes might be permanently crossed from cross-checking lists and trying to read Jan's handwriting so we don't miss anybody. 

Rusty:  Thank you for the lovely snail mail and ecards.  There is so much creative talent among the furry bloggers.

Micah:  This is Rudolph the Candy Cane.  We have been blessed with superb mail carriers since we moved here and Miss Vickie continues the tradition.  We know some people leave a card or a gift for their carrier but this is the first time we have received a card and a gift from a carrier.  Isn't Rudolph adorable? 

Marcus:  This is embarrassing. Don't you dare take my picture wearing this thing! 

Jan, please will you take off these silly antlers?  What will my fans think?

Help!  I'm being dressed by a crazy human with no sense of size. It's too big.

Yes, this is where they belong, on the floor being stomped.

Buddy:  You should have shredded them while you had the chance, Marcus.  Now Jan wants me to look "cute".  How does a guy look cute with a broken antler?

Marcus:  I'm going to report you to the Society for the Prevention of Canine Humiliation, Jan! 

Buddy:  Oh, please tell me the S.P.C.H. won't make this public.

Marcus:  No, I will not sit up straight and pose.  I look ridiculous. 

I don't care if it is Christmas, I will not wear your scarf, Jan.  Take it off me before I shred it.

Merci:  We don't usually post on Saturday any more but since we are today, we are joining Athena's Caturday Art blog hop.  We used a cross process on our Christmas card and added a frame.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Cyndi Was 13

Micah:  Oh, no, not again!

Taylor:  Oh, no, what again?

Buddy:  Oh, no, we forgot Cyndi's birthday again.

Micah:  This is becoming an annual mistake.  Yesterday we were greeted on Facebook with this old memory from 2014 - Cyndi Turns 11.

Taylor:  Oh, dear.  Back in 2014, her birthday was posted a day late.

Buddy:  And this year it's two days late.  She turned 13 on the 21st.  I'm too embarrassed to face her and admit I forgot again.

Micah:  Wait!  I know how to save the situation.  We'll just re-post the old birthday post. It's still appropriate.

Buddy:  Okay, here is Cyndi's flashback birthday post from 2014, when Cameron was still with us.


PERCY:  *slaps Cameron in forehead*  Atttttttttgh!  How stupid!

CAMERON:  Hey, what did you do that for?  I'm not stupid.

RUSTY:  Did he really call you stupid, Cameron?

MARCUS: Yes, he did.  I heard him.  And he hit Cameron too.

MERCI:  Yes, you did do those things, Percy.  Why did you hit Cameron in the head?

PERCY:  I suddenly realized we've been so busy we totally forgot about Cyndi's birthday yesterday. 

BUDDY:  But if you suddenly remember something you forgot, Percy, you're supposed to hit yourself in the head, not Cameron.

PERCY:  Why would I want to hit myself in the head?  That would be ... well, stupid.

MICAH:  Never mind that now, guys.  We really did forget all about Cyndi's birthday.

SAM:  Cyndi, we'd like to apologize for being forgetful.  You are very special to us so we got you something special.

CYNDI:  Aw, thanks guys.  I really ...

BUDDY:  *whispers*  Pssst, Percy, if we forgot her birthday, when did we get her a present?

PERCY:  *whispers*  Uh-oh, we forgot to ...

CYNDI:  ...appreciate this empty box.

MERCI:  It's not really empty, Cyndi.  It's filled with ... with ....

CYNDI:  Air?

MERCI:  Love, Cyndi.  It's filled with our love.


Taylor:  We don't even have a box for you this year, Cyndi, and we didn't realize the cake in the kitchen was for you, so we ... er, nibbled on it, but we are sincere in wishing you the best of everything for your special day, even if it was two days ago.

Cyndi:  So I get a recycled birthday post, no cake, no party and no present?

Buddy:  *clears throat*  Yes, that about sums it up.  But the greatest gift is love and we've got lots of that to give you.

Cyndi:  Thank you. I appreciate that.  Do you suppose you could put it all on an Amazon gift card for me?

Note:  Today was going to be our Christmas post, but as you can see something came up and we had a change of plans.  We will be posting it tomorrow instead.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tower of Tracks Solo Flight

Micah:  Whoa, where did this come from? 

Rusty:  I don't know.  It just appeared.  I'll bet Jan put it here.  

Taylor:  She said it's a Petstages Tower of Tracks and left it here.  The box says it's 3 levels for 3 times the fun.  What fun?  I don't see it having any fun.

Percy:  Yes, it just sits there.  I don't see anywhere to plug it in.  What do you think we're supposed to do with it?

Taylor:  I think we're supposed to keep an eye on it.  In case it wants to run away.

Cyndi:  What do you think would happen if you touch one of those balls?

Taylor.  I don't know.  They look so tempting but Jan didn't say we can play with it.

Percy:  When did we ever listen to Jan?

Rusty:  You're right.  We can't eat it.  Perhaps we can play with it.  You go first, Taylor.

Taylor:  I'm not too sure about this.  I just know we're going to get into trouble if we touch this thing.

Percy:  Jan actually didn't think we older cats would be interested in playing with this much, so she mainly wanted us to review it to entertain Taylor.  Chewy lists several key benefits -

  •    Durable toy consisting of three levels of exciting play, each level includes its own circular track and ball.
  •     Spinning and rotating action of the balls entices cats to play.
  •     Great fun for a single cat or multiple cats.
  •     Measures 10" diameter x 5" high.

Cyndi:  Taylor is nervous about trying new things so it took her a day or two to get brave enough to hit a ball.  Once she did, she was hooked.

Rusty:  Now we hear Taylor playing with it at odd hours.  The rest of us are a bit ho-hum about toys any more, but Taylor is only a year old.

Taylor:  The Petstages Tower of Tracks has non-skid pads at the bottom.  However, it flew off the counter between the washer and dryer the other day when I was playing with it, so evidently it could use a bit more anchoring.  

Micah:  It sits on the floor now, so Taylor can play with it but it won't try another solo flight.  We hope Jan remembers it's there so she doesn't take a flight of her own.  She doesn't have an aviator license.

Update:  Last night Jan put the tower on a bureau in the bedroom so she wouldn't trip over it.  Taylor will not go into the living room, for reason unknown, so the choices are kitchen and bedroom.  This morning Taylor was playing with it - not rough and tough - and it started sliding.  A minute later Jan heard the crash as it hit the floor.  The top track popped off.  She picked up the ball and put the track back together.   She wishes it had bigger grips on the bottom but suspects it might not help in the winter when this old house is cold since others have not reported having this problem.

We were not paid for this review, but the tower was provided by Chewy. Chewy is not responsible for the content.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Funny Farmer Felines President

Percy:  Who's the kitty?

Buddy:  That's Marcus's new friend.  We've been seeing him on our walks the past couple of months.  We don't know if he's a feral that lives near the mill or someone abandoned him there.

Percy:  Marcus isn't planning on bringing him home, I hope!

Buddy:  No, but you know Marcus.  He says he tries to make friends with everything he meets.

Percy:  What do you mean, he says he tries?

Buddy:  You know how hyper Marcus is.  It's hard to take him seriously about making new friends when he's dancing about and making strange noises that he calls communication and I call gibberish.

Percy:  Well, that's one pretty kitty but tell Marcus if that cat steps one paw into this house, I will chase him out of Mayberry!

Buddy:  We don't live in Mayberry.  In fact, Mayberry was a fictional TV town.

Percy:  Well, chasing him out of town is my campaign promise and that isn't fiction, it's fact!

Buddy:  What are you campaigning for?

Percy:  President of the Funny Farmer Felines.

Buddy:  And what makes you qualified to run?

Percy:  I can beat up ... I mean, beat Micah or any other kitty that wants to run against me.  I also know how to stuff a ballot box.

Buddy:  What do you stuff a ballot box with?

Percy:  Kitty litter!  What else?

Buddy:  Oh, I don't know.  I was thinking ... votes?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Superfoods for Super Dining

Marcus:  Are we ready yet, Jan?

Jan:  No, Marcus, a few more minutes.

Marcus:  What's our treat for today?

Merci:  It's Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixer Superblends.  This is a good way to add some freeze-dried raw food to our diet.   The recipe we're tasting today is cage free duck duck goose.

Buddy:  Does that mean there's twice as much duck as goose? 

Merci:  Good question.  But it also adds freeze-dried nutrient rich superfoods for super dining to our diet. To supplement, just add one scoop (1/4 cup) to our regular food and mix.  You bigger dogs could have more but it's a small package for three dogs so Jan saved some for another meal or possibly two.

Chewy lists these key benefits:
  •  Adds a boost of real, freeze-dried, raw-food nutrition and taste to your dog’s kibble, with every scoop.
  •  Each batch starts with 95% raw poultry, bone and organs—with no added hormones or antibiotics—plus wholesome, 100% organic certified fruits and vegetables.
  •   Made without grains, gluten ingredients, fillers, or artificial preservatives or colorings.
  •   Every batch is crafted with care in their own USA kitchen, using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients, with no ingredients from China.
  •   Simply scoop and mix with your pet’s kibble to serve.
Buddy:  It's made with -  Duck With Ground Bone, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Goose, Turkey Gizzard, Organic Bananas, Organic Wild Blueberries ...   You can read the full list of nutritional ingredients at

Marcus:  So when do I get to taste it?

Buddy:  Why aren't you eating yet, Marcus?  You have to start so Merci and I can have  our breakfast too.

Marcus:  I'm waiting for Jan to say "okay".

Buddy:  She already said it.

Marcus:  I didn't hear it.  Are you sure?

Buddy:  Yes, there was a cough surrounding it but she definitely said okay.

Marcus:  Oh, I thought she'd forgotten the cue.

Buddy:  I hope it's good, Marcus.  Jan said she's going to feed us in the kitchen, so we'll see you after we finish.

Merci:  We all enjoyed our breakfast with the Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixer Superblends mixed in with our food and Jan said it has a lot of nutrition in it, so it was evidently a hit with her and all we canines.   

Chewy provided us with a bag of the meal mixer.  We received no other compensation.  Chewy is not responsible for the content. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Bop on the Nose

Cyndi:  This is the scene from our back steps last Tuesday as the sun went down.  Wet, foggy, but so pretty.

Buddy:  Pretty?  You can say that because you didn't have to go out in it to pee.

Cyndi:  Speaking of pee, why did Marcus come home from your walk tonight smelling like poop?

Buddy:  That's an unusual story.  Are you sure you want to hear it?

Cyndi:  Of course!  I think.

Buddy:  You know how hyper Marcus is.  He's such a baby, he always has to have something in his mouth, so he kept chewing up all our leashes on our walks.  Jan finally broke him of it and he hasn't bothered my new leash for two or three months.  She was going to replace Merci's duct taped leash next.

Cyndi:  That isn't answering my question.

Buddy:  Actually it is.  You've read what Jan posted on our blog Saturday about Marcus and those two dogs that tried to start a fight.  (Rescued)  Marcus puts on a brave act but he's actually timid and insecure, which is why he's crated when Jan isn't here.  He was so hyped and nervous on our way home that he ground my leash between his teeth and now my leash has holes in it.

Cyndi:  I still don't see any connection.

Buddy:  Hang on.  I'm getting to the point.  Marcus has reverted to his leash chewing habit. On our walk tonight, she caught Marcus grinding new holes in my leash.  She didn't have an extra hand to stop him, so she bopped (oops, I thought bop meant a light tap) him on the nose with something soft - the bag of poop she was holding.  Guess what happened?

Cyndi:  Oh, no!

Buddy:  Yep, the bag broke.  Marcus looked down at the mess, then up at Jan and said, "I didn't make that mess. I'm not cleaning it up."

Cyndi:  So who did?

Buddy:  Jan, of course.  That's what we pay her to do.

Cyndi:  I didn't know we pay her.

Buddy:  We don't, not in cash, but we keep her busy and give her lots of stories to tell her friends.

Cyndi:  I don't think she's going to be telling her friends the poop bag story.

Buddy:  Neither do I.  That's why we're telling it for her.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


The Funny Farmers don't post on weekends any more and they aren't posting today.  I'm stealing their blog and this is strictly my post.  I hope they won't mind, but I have the thumbs to open their canned food, so they better not complain.

While walking the dogs before sundown tonight (Friday), we were rescued by two white knights in a black pickup truck.

It started as a normal walk.  Marcus was so wiggly and excited, I didn't get his harness hooked to the leash, just to his collar, and he was almost out of the harness by the time we got down the front steps.  Otherwise, there was nothing memorable about the walk.  Until we got about a block from where we would turn around.

Two dogs on the other side of the street popped out from behind some furniture and came racing up the street barking.  Marcus is a good-sized dog and he annoys the daylights out of  Merci (and Sam, in his day), but he is not mean.  He will, however, defend himself, especially since he was physically attacked by one dog and threatened by so many other loose dogs on our walks.

When the two got close enough, I squirted them both in the face with my psychedelic water pistol.  That had always sent them running home.  This time they kept retreating a few steps and charging again, within a couple of steps of Marcus, who was leaping about and yanking on the leash.  Buddy and Merci should have been right behind Marcus trying to scare off the intruders; however, they were one on each side trying to hide behind me.  It was all I could do to stay on my feet.

When we first saw the dogs, I caught a glimpse of a black pickup coming toward us and stopping to turn left, the direction the dogs came from.  Then I was too busy screaming and trying not to be dragged face down on the cement into a 3 dog battle.  I was about to lose when I heard the truck whip around and come charging toward us.  It came to a stop between us and the other dogs.  They ran home.

I think they were the young man and woman who have stopped to admire Marcus on a few occasions but I was so terrified I couldn't even tell you what they looked like.  They got out of the truck to be sure we were okay and offered to keep an eye on us in case the dogs came back.  We turned around and started home.  Partway down the hill, I stopped to look back and the truck was still sitting there. Marcus was so hyped up he ground holes into Buddy's new leash.  We finished our walk closer to home.

I wish I had thought to ask that nice couple for their names, at least.  They sure rescued us from a bad situation!

But that isn't the end of the story. I took the dogs home, grabbed pen and paper, and with flames coming out my ears, I marched on shaky legs all the way back.  As I got near the house, a man greeted me. I asked him if those were his dogs that had been loose.  He said yes, they kept finding new ways to get out of their fence, and he didn't know what they had against my dogs. He explained what he would do to reinforce the fence so it shouldn't happen again.  

The couple in the black pickup had made sure we were safe and then had gone to the dogs' home and told the owner what had happened.  Whoever you are, thank you so much for all your help!

This is not the first time someone has intervened for us.  I remember a man "herding" a dog down the road on the far side of his car so the dog wouldn't notice us.  Or perhaps it was so my dogs (Merci, Buddy and Sam) wouldn't notice the other dog.  I don't remember the details.  But this was certainly the most dramatic intervention.

There are two reasons I am posting this.  One is to acknowledge the anonymous couple who rescued us.  And two, to say that if you ever see someone in trouble like we were today, please do something to help.  Even if it's just to stop and blow your horn.  A loose barking dog or two running at a dog on a leash can start a bloody battle, even if it/they are all the "friendliest" dogs in town.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Over te Horizon

Rusty:  Why are we posting this picture?

Micah:  That's what the sky looked like at sundown a week ago yesterday.

Rusty:  Oh, yeah, beautiful reds and yellow against black.

Micah:  Well, that's  how Jan said she feels today.

Rusty:  I'd hate to be the one to break it to her but she must be colorblind.  She's more apt to be black and blue than red and yellow.

Micah:  No, I don't mean she feels colorful.  It's been a busy week and she's very, very tired.  Something about at the end of the day the sun drops over the horizon and -

Rusty:  And Jan wants to drop over there, too?  You do know she's terrified of heights, don't you!

Micah:  Yes, I know that, but what she wants is to fall into bed for a good long rest.

Rusty:  You know what that means, don't you?

Micah:  Yes, it means she's turning off the alarm and we're all going to get some extra peace and quiet around here tonight.

Rusty:  I'll go check the status of the food bowls and then warm up Jan's pillow..  You can go organize the others to make sure Buddy's steps are beside the bed and his quilt waiting for him.  The dogs need to take a quick run outside.  And don't forget to make sure the night light is on so Jan doesn't fall over her own feet in the dark.  Did I forget anything?

Micah:  Yes, you forgot to say please.

UPDATE: Yes, we put Jan down for a long winter nap but she has already popped back up again. In our haste we misspelled "the" in the title.  (How does one misspell the?)  We are just discovering the mistake - 12 hours after it published - so correcting it would only cause a whole new set of problems.  Have a good laugh.  Your turn will come.  :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Petcurean Gather

Marcus:  Hey, Jan, I've been waiting 87 hours in this prison for my breakfast.  I'm growing older by the minute.  Is my grub going to be served today?

Jan:  Stop fibbing!  You haven't even been up for 87 hours and you put yourself in your Private Dining Car so don't insinuate I've locked you up.

Merci:  This is what we're all waiting to be served this morning.  It's the new Petcurean Gather cat food and dog food.  We've already been taste testing it and it's go-od, as Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry used to say.  Not that Mayberry was a real town but this kibble is real food.

Marcus:  The Gather line was introduced last month to pet specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada. It's "crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients."

There are three recipes for dogs and one for cats. We quote Petcurean.
  • Wild Ocean:  certified fresh line-caught cod blended with MSC certified krill, peas, lentils, chickpeas, organic flaxseed and other essential ingredients to provide a hearty, healthy meal for adult dogs.
  • Free Acres (a dog and a cat recipe):  certified organic free run chicken with organic peas, lentils, krill, organic flaxseed, blueberries and cranberries to provide dogs and cats with extra nutrition and extraordinary flavours.
  • Endless Valley:  certified organic pea protein and other pure and natural ingredients are crafted into a vegan certified recipe especially for dogs.

Buddy:  Jan liked the first two recipes so much she never read the third, so we want to mention that although we know some people are feeding their pets a vegan diet, Jan disagrees with that.  We certainly do!  Endless Valley is only for dogs - not intended for cats at all - but we dogs also want our meat protein! 

Marcus:  Speaking of meat protein, can we get to the photo session so we can eat?  I'm faint from hunger!

Merci:  I doubt that.  But we're testing the cod recipe, so you should feel like swimming soon.

Marcus:  See, I told you.  I don't even have the energy to stand up to eat.  But I think I can manage if I don't exert myself

Buddy:  I can't imagine what Marcus's problem is.  Merci and I have a lot of years on him and we're not having a problem standing up to eat. 

Marcus:  It's okay.  I think the food is slowly reviving me. Perhaps another bowl?

Micah:  Jan made us kitties our breakfast and sprinkled some of the Free Acres chicken kibble over it so readers can see how much we like it. 

Cyndi:  Yes, Jan has some crazy idea this will make better photos than a traffic jam at the kibble bowl. 

Rusty:  Personally, I think it's a good idea.

Taylor:  Yes, once in a while, Jan has a good idea.  Don't tell her I said that, though.

Percy:  Look at these little kibble pieces.  I've heard humans like biscuits and gravy.  I guess we cats are having kibble and gravy this morning.

Rusty:  I think we should tell her breakfast is a hit this morning.  Perhaps we can have a repeat before we run out of the Free Acres kibble.

Percy:  Great.  We can clean our plates, take a snooze, and then suggest the same breakfast tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure she won't have a clue what she fixed us this morning.

Buddy:  The new Petcurean Gather dog and cat food was a huge success here.  We all enjoyed the healthy fish or chicken protein.

Merci:  Don't forget to tell everyone that Petcurean bags are 1/3 plant instead of petroleum based..  How neat is that!

Marcus:  I would be so thankful if they made the packaging out of chicken.  Jan wouldn't have to open the bags and measure our food.  I wouldn't have to wait 87 hours to get served.  I think I'll suggest that.  Does anyone know their phone number?

The company provided dog and cat food for an honest review, but we were not paid.  Petcurean is not responsible for the content.

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