Friday, August 31, 2012

Daisy and Harley FFF Interview

We Funny Farmer Felines had a good time visiting with Daisy the curly cat and her brother Harley.  Harley is now best friends with our woofie siblings Buddy, Merci & Sam after a very profitable for the tummy introduction to Harley.  

If you've been blogging for a while, you undoubtedly are well-acquainted with Daisy and her younger brother.  But whether you're meeting them for the first time or consider them old friends, we hope you will go by and say hello today - after reading their interview, of course. Dainty Daisy and the Harleymaniac.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mouse Wrestling and Facial Wipes

 Hey, Sam here.  A little while ago Jan called me a chicken for trying to climb onto her lap for no reason.  Well, I had plenty of reason as she soon learned.  It was pouring rain outside and I could hear the crashing of thunderboomies long before she could.

Our weather is mild compared to what those along the Gulf Coast are getting, so let me speak for all of us as we send prayers, purrs and woofs to all those humans and furries in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

We've had some fun this week watching Jan in panic mode.  Monday the computer went crazy again.  It tends to do that when the humidity causes the mouse to stick and Jan tries to arm wrestle it across the desktop.  Things were popping up all over the desktop, opening, closing, and being totally uncooperative. Just in case, Jan ran a virus scan, then went online where our mouse collapsed and died of a massive heart attack.

A storm was threatening so Jan hot-footed it up the street and bought a new mouse.  The directions said to just plug it in to any USB port.  But the computer wouldn't recognize it and ... believe me, you don't want to hear this story! As we've mentioned a time or hundred, Jan is not a techie.

Then she figured out that this senile computer has to have a mouse plugged into the mouse port.  But the mouse port isn't USB.  She dug out the box of used computer parts and found the old converter. Desktop pandemonium TV ended.  The computer was working again.

Tuesday she went to the shelter and took photos, then was told the shelter computer was locked up.  So she and ACO Christi came here to use ours to post to Petfinder.  Guess what?  Yep, Jan's computer programs kept locking up.  This past week has been the most interesting in a long while.  We wonder what Jan will come up with next to entertain us. 

Be sure to come by Friday.  The Funny Farmer Felines will be interviewing Daisy and Harley.

I borrowed the computer to tell you Jan tried some Viva Dog Facial Wipes on us dogs  They are thin, soft cotton pads to be used as a washcloth to wash / wipe your dog's beard or tear stains, to clean his face after eating, or when you bath him so you don't have to use shampoo near his eyes, or just to refresh his face.  (Oops, sorry, Merci - or her face.)

When Jan opened the jar, she took a deep sniff.  She thinks they smell great!  Raspberry extract, aloe vera, whitch hazel with other herbs and cucumber melon fragrance  They don't smell like food or another dog's butt, so we dogs couldn't get excited over the scent.

The pads are very moist.  They feel good when Jan uses one on one of us.  We line up so she doesn't play favorites. 

A review was not mandatory to participate in this survey, but we liked the pads so we thought we would mention them..  Because they have aloe vera and other ingredients, Jan has also been using them to clean Buddy's itchy / allergy skin areas between baths.

The Viva Dog Facial Wipes must be a new product, as we don't see them on  But don't miss the video at the bottom of their page.  It's a Maltipoo grooming session in fast forward.

We were not paid to write this.  The company provided us with a sample jar of the wipes in order to answer survey questions.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Merci Forgets and Remembers

Oh, dear, oh, no!  We're all very upset to find we're getting more and more forgetful.  That's Jan's department!  We've been forgetting quite a bit lately.  If we keep this up, Jan will fire us instead of the other way around.   We can't have that. 

Oh, sorry, I forgot to remind you of who I am.  Or was.  I used to be Merci, but I might have forgotten and borrowed another woofie's name.I'm pretty sure I'm who I think I am, though.  If not, let's just pretend.. 

A couple weeks ago we interviewed ex-Presidential candidate Cheysulli for Mousebreath magazine. Her human trained to use those long acupuncture needles and she gave us some interesting information.  We put it in a new post form so we wouldn't forget to add it to our own post on the interview.  However ... sigh!

To put the information in persepective, the Funny Farmer Felines asked Chey -

Your mom has worked with Acupuncture. Has she ever used it on all of you? For any particular disorder … um, illness? And, Chey, in your case, was this before or after you began to have problems with the law? In other words, what affect does acupuncture have on the feline mind? We’ve heard it can relax one, so we figure this was a sneaky method of curtailing your adventurous side before you ended up in prison for the remainder of your nine lives.

You can read Chey's answer in the interview (link above). Chey's mom (the Woman) added -

Acupuncture can help people with mood disorders like anxiety and depression. It is not, however, a pill like Prozac that just takes it away. If there are issues to be resolved, they will still need to be resolved. If a person is anxious with good reason to be anxious, the acupuncture may make them more able to deal with the anxiety but it does not change the outward situation. A really great program called Acupuncturists Without Borders works with acupuncturists who travel to disaster areas and give treatments. In Haiti, after the earthquake, they were in a tent doing ear needles with people who had lost limbs and were dying. There was a lot of screaming and crying. After the needles were in, the tent was silent. Relatives who were caring for their injured family were saying this was the first time many of them had slept since the quake. It was hugely powerful and profound, and the healing went way beyond the expectations of the practitioners.

It's a small charity that does rely on donations, so if you are so inclined, they can use your support. They've been to tornado areas, they've been to Aurora CO and many major disaster areas. The idea was born of acupuncturists wanting to find a way to help after Katrina. In addition to sending people to disaster areas, they also help acupuncturists under their non profit status set up non profit centers for veterans suffering from PTSD, where they can give away their services or serve for donations only.

So yes, acupuncture affects the mind--but in a good way.

We think any group of humans who will volunteer their time to help others is worth a mention, even on a pet blog.  And thanks Chey's mom for this information.  There might be some humans interested in trying something new for stress or depression.

Prayer request: Katie is having eye surgery for a detached retina today.  We hope the surgery goes well and is successful.

And don't forget the Furriends of the CB auction for Zoolatry is still on.  Khyra and her mom donated a transport to be dedicated to the winning bidder.  Jewelry, clothing, cat items, Peggy's blankies, 40 Paws' ham-micks. Lots of good items to check out. 

Okay, I think that's all I need to post today.  If I forgot anything, don't blame me, blame Jan.  I just know somehow it has to be her fault!  We Funny Farmers all had a good memory till we met her.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Meezers and SweetFeets

Whew!  We survived an interview with the mischievous Meezers - Sammy, Miles, Nicky & Billy..

Fortunately, Sammy didn't ask to drive Jan's car.  (We doubt she carries enough insurance.)  But they did manage to pull a prank on Miles again.  He did survive the "shipping" and is safely home.  The box with the food that they shipped him in?  It didn't fare quite as well, but we all just brushed off the dirt and ate the slightly squished ham sandwiches.  Buddy, Merci & Sam got the leftovers.  They thought the dirt added flavor.

All in all it was a lot of fun.  But now we all need a nap.

We hope you will go by and read the interview - Sammy, Miles, Nicky & Billy Meezer – SweetFeets.

Oh, and in case you wonder why Billy is so keen on Dr. Buddy - you're a new reader or you've forgotten the story - stop over and enjoy Billy's Brain Surgery.   Dr. Buddy truly is an amazing surgeon and we Funny Farmers make a great surgical team.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vibrating Dog and Picasa

Hey, Merci, Sam & Buddy here.  The Felines are doing the Mousebreath interviews so we figure we need some computer time before you all forget what we look like.  We're the super intelligent, super duper obedient dudes and dudette
** Cyndi, stop snickering!**

First, we'll give you a chuckle.  None of us woofies like to be brushed.  So we're at a loss over this dog's funny reaction to being groomed. Maye he's standing on a live wire? Enjoy.

If the video doesn't play, click here

UPDATE:  The rest of this post is for Blogger bloggers.   As we have explained many times before in posts, if you are using a Blogger blog, you ARE using Picasa! We repeat, if you have a Blogger blog, you ARE using Picasa and this DOES apply to you!  And it is very important because one day you could go to post a photo and panic because Blogger "suddenly" tells you your storage is full and you can't post any more photos unless you buy more storage.  The time to learn about your Picasa account is NOW!

We've been helping a few bloggers who have run out of Picasa storage to reduce their storage so they don't have to pay a monthly or annual fee to continue posting photos to their blogs.  We decided it will be easier to do one big post on the subject and just refer bloggers here when they need the information.

We've posted a number of times that Google Blogger users need to become familiar with their Picasa account where Blogger stores their post photos.  You need to be aware of photo posting rules and storage limit so you can have all the photos you want on your blog but you don't fill your storage. Hopefully, you'll check your Picasa account today and become Picasa-aware because it does take time and effort on your part if you wait till Blogger says your Picasa account is full.

Only post photos 800 x 800 pixels or smaller!  Your header (and background, if you install your own). will be larger than this.  So learn to delete these oversize graphics when you are done with them and changed to new or temporary seasonal graphics..  If you want to reuse it later, reinstall it.  

If you don't have a photo editor on your computer to resize photos before you upload them, we recommend downloading the Picasa program to your computer.  From there (once you learn to use it) it's a snap - just pick the photos you want to use, click the export button, tell it which size you want, and those photos will be resized and sent to the Export file on your computer.  From there you just upload them from your computer to your blog as usual.

To check your current storage usage -

Log into your blog. 

Open another tab in your browser.
((or you can skip signing into your blog, just follow the steps below to reach Picasa and sign in with your blog ID and PW)).

Type into your browser.  

(at top) click "More."

(drop down menu) click "Photos."
This will take you to your Picasa online album.

Scroll to bottom of the page. You will see -
You are currently using xx MB (xxx%) of your 1024 MB. Upgrade Storage

How many mb (%) of your online Picasa storage are you using? 

If your storage is low, good work.  You're posting the correct size photos.  If it is high, you need to work on getting it down, starting with changing the size of the photos you post.

To get an idea of the size of the photos posted in Picasa online (the size can differ depending on a number of factors), pick some random photos in your albums.

Click on an album.  The size of the album will be in the upper right.  But xx mb in an album does not = xx mb in storage, so don't worry about this.
Click on an individual photo.
The size of the photo in Picasa will be upper right. Any photos over 800 pixels wide or tall are counted in your storage.

If you see an old header or background (not the one you're using now), DELETE IT! If it's in several times, delete all copies.  And from now on, every time you change your header and/ or add your own background, go into Picasa online and DELETE the old one. Sometimes more than one copy is added during installation, delete all the ones not in use. If you accidentally delete the one you're using, just reinstall it.

However, do NOT delete any duplicate photos.  There is no way to tell which is the extra one.  Or if the photo is used in more than one post.  And if you delete the photo in Picasa, it will be deleted in any post(s) it is included in.

So you've been posting oversize photos, eventually you will need to resize them to lower your storage usage.  It's not hard.  It does not need to be done in one sitting.  It can be done in your spare time.  How much time it will take will depend on how large your oversize photos are in kbs.  For example, a 1000 x 650 pixel photo might be 50 kb or it might be 1.5 mg.  You would have to resize more 50 kb photos than 1.5 mg photos to lower your storage.  But it can be done!

To resize your photos -

1) Open a photo.

2) "Actions"

3) "Edit in Creative Kit"

4) "Resize" (when CK opens)

5) Change largest dimension (usually width to the left) to 800 & the other will adjust itself accordningly. (Keep proportions is auto checked)

6) "apply"

7) "Save to my album" (upper right)

8) A box will open to confirm. It will have "replace" checked. Just click on "replace" and it will save it to new album.

9) Click > to right of picture to go to next one.

10) Click "MY Photos" to return home and go to next album. *You can also check your progress at the bottom of this page - "currently using xxx mb."

We learned / are posting this information to help our friends and we're happy to share it with you. We would hate for anyone to stop blogging or to lose all their blog photos after they stop because they can't afford to pay for storage. "It's only xx dollars" doesn't help if you don't have xx dollars. If you have any questions or this information isn't clear, let us know.

Sponsor a Leg Lap

Hey, it's me, Cameron.  I'm stealing ... um, borrowing the computer for a few minutes to do a quick post.  I have some news. 

Most of you know Khyra's mom has been doing dog transport for years.  She drives a leg (lap?  well, some human body part) to help rescued dogs travel to a new life in a Northern state.  A while back Khyra came up with the idea to donate a leg / lap to help others.  She has offered a one-time sponsorship to various woofie auctions and there have been bidding wars to be the lucky winner.  The woofie in need gets the entire donation and the winner has a lap / leg and the corresponding blog post dedicated to him / her. 

Well, Khyra the Siberian Husky / honorary cat blogger has generously put a sponsorship up for auction on Furriends of the CB auction (item #30) to help Zoolatry's Ann and Poppy Vic with overwhelming medical expenses. 

Be sure to stop by and check out the other items in the auction too.  Peggy has donated a couple of her wonderfully soft hairy blankies.  Forty Paws has donated a couple of their popular ham-micks.  There are books and jewelry and who knows what else will show up, as the list is growing daily. Ann has made so many free graphics for cat and dog (and other) bloggers over the years that every furry wants to give something back now that she has a need. 

Now we know the auction is for a kitty blogger, but woofies are welcome to bid.

So pass along the news to your friends. You just might be the sponsor of a woofie-saving leg / lap transport.  (Try and say that 3 times real fast.) 

Have a sunny Sunday. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hannah and Lucy Plus Zoolatry

Our special guests today are the lovely Hannah & Lucy from the United Kingdom. We asked Jan to make this special graphic before we sat down to interview them for Mousebreath.  So stop by to read Dainty and Darling Hannah & Lucy.  and meet the ladycats if you haven't already, or get to know them a little better.

We were a little late posting the interview today.  It's been a crazy week.  We haven't even had a chance to read all our email from Thursday yet.

For example, yesterday Jan didn't turn on the computer until late afternoon.  Yes, we could have pushed the buttons to turn it on ourselves, but now that we're older, we're not fond of being in the doghouse.  Well, Rusty is, but he thinks he's a dog, so we overlook this peculiarity.

Why were we computerless for umpity (or is that umpteem) hours?  Well, to start with, Jan learned a few days ago she had to be in court early as a witness.  So she got up an hour earlier, walked and fed the dogs, but didn't have the time to feed us kitties.  If we didn't have a bowl of crunchies handy, we would have all STARVED TO DEATH while she was gone.

She did get home in time to feed us a late breakfast because after sitting on a narrow, hard bench in the hallway for 62 minutes (yes, she timed it), she finally got to go in and sit down on a chair.  Less than five minutes later, everyone was excused because the defendant requested counsel.  So she'll have to repeat this too-early morning wake-up on another date when there will be attorneys present in court.  She better get up TWO hours earlier then so we cats don't DIE OF STARVATION while she's off having fun.

But even though she got home in time yesterday, did she feed us kitties a late breakfast?  No, she cleaned and "organized" the desks, then went off to lunch with friends and STUFFED HER FACE while WE STARVED! 

And when she came home, she spent the rest of the day working on graphics for Zoolatry's auction.  As you know, Poppy Vic has been very sick and went back in the hospital again Wednesday.  Ann has had to do a lot of distance traveling to and from hospitals and is deluged with extra expenses and medical bills.  So the CB is putting together an auction to try to help.  If you have anything you'd like to donate, contact ML or Marg.  Their contact info is in the Furriends of the CB auction sidebar right under this graphic -

The auction might start tomorrow. .  It will be announced on the CB.  If you'd like to help Ann and Vic now, you can use Zoolatry's Starving Artist Fund button in their sidebar.  

Jan is praying for Poppy Vic and Ann.  We're sending lots of purrs and pawhugs!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny Farmers Planning to Backup

Romeo's Staff requested some volunteers for a campaign she's working on and Jan stepped right up.  Remember the Bill Gaither fur-lebrity creation we fired Jan over?  She should have learned a lesson from that about volunteering.  And before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at us, please understand Jan would be the first to admit she's a techno-idiot.  What would she do without us to come to her rescue?

She couldn't access the site.  Yes, you read that right, she could not access the necessary site to do her research. When she'd click on the link, her antivirus would refuse to let her visit.  While she was still scratching her head, we googled the link and found it was a simple problem:  the http url automatically redirects to https, which means it is secure. The same thing happens with a PayPal link in email, but PayPal is well-known to our antivirus and SurDoc is a fairly new company. But our av thought this strange link was redirecting us to a different site. (This is protection we're really glad to have!)

This is our blog and we want to use the computer, so we pushed Jan out of the typing chair .. um, we suggested she have a late lunch, and took over the project so we can get this posted before Christmas. Here it is, furries!

SurDoc, an online document storage / backup company, has a marketing director who learned a lesson from a cat. We cats like to sit, sleep, walk, and on occasion hack up a hairball on a computer keyboard, which can result in a deleted file or more.  So the company would like to remind all of you to backup, backup, backup.  No, don't back up on the keyboard.  Backup your computer files.  And catproof your computer.

** If your cat doesn't type (unlike us), you might want to keep them away from the computer.  Give them a safe zone - a basket or a cat tower nearby.

** Turn off the computer when finished with it. This is to void the invitation a warm computer waves at a kitty.  This will not deter a Percy, though.  Our Percy likes to dump the DSL modem and camera and sleep on the tower even when its cold. 

** Use a keyboard drawer (preferably one that doesn't pop open like ours does cause the floor isn't level), stand the keyboard on end, or cover it with a long basket when you leave the room.  Otherwise, pick up the kitty and take it with you.

**Close CD / DVD drive and printer tray.

**Jan keeps a clean, soft paintbrush and a can of compressed air handy to dust the fans and components every few days before turning it on.. (We help by shedding profusely so these items do not go unused.)

** Don't party on the keyboard or invite your furry friends over to do this. All crumbly edibles and niptinis should be consumed on the human's pillow.

** Auto-save often!

Is your human like Jan? She has external storage but she'll get busy and forget to backup regularly.  External storage media can fail so a lot of folks turn to online storage sites.  We signed up (us, not Jan, she couldn't even find the site, remember!) and we're taking advantage of a special offer during this educate the humans to move the cats off the computer (as if!) campaign.

Jan has been hogging the computer again, but we hope to soon be able to do automatic backups of our photos and Jan's designs. We have over 15 gb of photos on the computer so we figure it's going to take a year to upload them to our new storage.  Yes, we're exaggerating but we've got a senile computer with slow internet so it will take a good while..At this time, Mac users need to upload their files manually.  Romeo's Staff says she did it and it was "easy peasy." 

We have been corresponding with a nice lady from SurDoc who has confirmed --
  •    When uploaded SurDoc converts files into visual files so they maintain their formatting. Your files are always uploaded unchanged. If you want to view and edit them online you will see them in our special "VisiDoc" format, however, for backup purposes, when you download them back to your computer they are exactly the same. 
  •    With the premium account you get with the code "catproof" there is no limit on file size so you can upload your biggest files.
  •    Once you have the SurDoc program installed on your computer, you can adjust the upload settings to tell it how much bandwidth you want it using. (This is called 'throttling.') You can lower the upload speed so it takes up less bandwidth and won't affect your computer. Yes you can upload files on your own.  You could also use the web upload feature instead, so you are uploading when you're not busy with other things.
SurDoc has 3 options: 50 gb or 100 gb storage at affordable prices, and 10 gb at our affordable price - free.  For a limited time our readers can use the code CATPROOF when you sign up and get 30 gb of free storage.  

Check it out at

Remember to use the code CATPROOF when you sign up to get 30 gb of free storage with SurDoc.

UPDATE: You would only have to pay if you wanted to purchase 50 or 100 gb, but the 30 gb is FREE with the promotion code. We were not asked for anything but our human's (Jan) name & our email address. We were not asked any financial information for the free account.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Chey with Gemini and Ichiro

It's time for another Friday with the Funny Farmer Felines. Our guests today are the inscrutable Chey and her housemates (she doesn't call them siblings), lovely Gemini and mischievous Ichiro.

We tried but could not crack the Chey mystique. We did, however, have a good time trying and we think you'll enjoy reading about the ex-Preseidential candidate and her roommates.  We hope you'll pop over to Mousebreath Magazine to read Meezer Star Chey, with Gemini & Ichiro.  And we're sure Chey would love to hear from new and old readers so you can click the link on Mousebreath to visit their .... um, Chey's blog. 

We are so glad to read happier news on Poppy Vic today! He gave everyone quite a scare.

{{{Hugs}}} and prayers, purrs and pawhugs, Ann & Poppy Vic.

We are having a bit of a giggle picturing Maggy and Zoey being schooled on how to act when Poppy Vic comes home later today.  We'd love to be a fly on the wall in that schoolroom.  Um, on second thought .... maybe we could just hide a bug (listening device) in the room.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jan is Delusional

Hey, we're all here today - woofies ...

and kitties.(Cotton was still with us when this was done.)

Today is Cokie's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  What are we thankful for today?  Each other!  What would we do without each other.  Oh, and Jan.  Guess we should include absent-minded, stingy with the treats ... delusional ... Jan.

Yes, we said delusional.  See, this is what Jan thinks she looks like.
Jan claims when she made her avatar there were no options for gray hair and wrinkles, but we are having a hard time believing her story cause she was using a mirror  to create the avatar.   We'll have to make some reality improvements when she isn't around.

Meanwhile, we are losing so many fbfs (furry blogging friends) and also human friends that we decided to take this day to be thankful for having each other.  Especially after Buddy gave us a scare this morning.  He doesn't do well in this humidity and heat.  

Can we do a group hug?  Come on, all you readers are invited too.  Cause we love you.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

World Cat Day 2012

Oh, dear, World Cat Day has sneaked up on us and we're stumbling around today in a humidity / heat daze, but we'll do a quick post. 

Uh, we're blank.  Four cats and we're blank.  Ah, saved by the World Cat Day graphic.

Oh, World Cat Day is simply a day to celebrate all things cat.  We can do that.  The best way to celebrate?  Sleep on it, have a snack, sleep on it some more, annoy Jan, eat her snack, sleep it off, clear Jan's desk items to the floor, trip Jan .... You get the idea.  It should be a fun day even though the weather is enough to even make the dogs sluggish.

Mom Paula of Twinkletoe Tails lost her mother yesterday.  Paula has written such loving posts the past few days, including My Mom is at Peace..  She and her mother must have had a wonderful relationship  What a blessing to be able to be a comfort for someone you love and to say the things in your heart..

It was an expected and peaceful passing, but losing one's mother is still painful.

And we're still praying for Zoolatry's Poppy Vic

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Hey, it's me, Cyndi.  You do remember me, don't you?  I'm the beautiful kitty, the only female feline now that Cotton is gone. I have a few minutes so will try to type fast to finish this before Jan sits on me so she can use the computer.  (She is absent-minded, you know.)

 We were very surprised to stop by Alasandra, the cats & a dog blog (Scylla, Socks, Artemisia & Fenris) and find we'd received the Thinking of You award from them. 

We're supposed to tell you 7 things we love and think about daily.   Hmmmmm.  In no particular order -

1.  Food.  We love to eat.  Is it time for dinner yet?

2.  Treats.  We seldom get any but we think about them anyway.

3.  Blogging.  We love blogging but Jan doesn't let us do enough of it any more.  Is there an award for being a computer hog?  If there is, Jan should receive it.

4.  Our friends - especially those that are sick and the families of those that leave for the bridge.

5. We woofies love to walk Jan.  Maybe we should get her lost and sneak off so we can use the computer while she's finding her way home. (Yes, we really do think of this and love the idea!)

6. I (Rusty) love to go outside and be king of my doghouse ... um, cathouse.  Please, Jan, open the door!

7. We all love to nap.  In fact, it's time for another one.

We're supposed to give it to 7 bloggers.

Gracie - Percy & Rusty say she should get this for starting the Tabby Cat Club, which they belong to.
Amber deWeenie - She always makes us laugh.
Puddles - She just about makes us laugh puddles.  Not a good thing, since Jan would have to clean up.
Frankie Furter - Mayor of Blogville and personal teacher for his brother Ernie.
Quill - He is young but he caught on to blogging quickly.
Katie Isabella - She stole her mom's broken heart.
Hunny Bunny -Quiet, pretty, understated.

Mom Paula of Twinkletoe Tails has become caretaker of her mother, with help from hospice.  Her mother has AML, or Acute Myeloid (or Myelogenous) Leukemia.  Please pray for Mom Paula and her family, as they gather to spend time comforting her mother - and each other.  

The Zoolatry Human, Ann, who has made so many purrs and prayers graphics for others can use yours now.  His Y90 cancer treatment was Monday and he has not done well since. Vic was admitted to ICU yesterday.   We can imagine Ann is stressed and worried.

Our thoughts and hearts are with Ann and Paula.

Mr. Emerson has not posted in months.  We had hoped he would resume blogging, but he has passed away.  We are very sad for his family.  We send them purrs and pawhugs.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Weekend Belly Laugh

Hey, this is Sam.  Remember me?  It's been a while since you've seen my handsome face but it's really me. Excuse me for lying down but we've all been rolling on the floor laughing and we just have to share with you.  

We haven't had time to really enjoy the pet Olympics going on around the blogosphere, so when a friend sent us a video this morning we agreed we just have to share it in the spirit of the competitions. Buddy, Merci and I might not be in competition shape but we can imagine participating.

This dog is a winner!  At something.  

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Thanks Rumbles & Diego

Wow, it's been a whole week since our last post.  We kept intending to post but our brains just wouldn't engage..  We're not as young as we used to be and this indoor heat / humidity really drains us kitties and woofies.  Jan isn't doing so hot either.  Wait ... that can't be right. Well, you know what we mean.

We Funny Farmer Felines have just posted a new interview at Mousebreath on our New Zealand friends, Rumbles and Diego called Rumbling Ham with Rumblepurr & Diego.  We hope you will go by and read it, then visit their blog and say hello..

We are very thankful for those friends who have participated in an interview (and those who will in the future). You've all been great to work with and we're looking forward to doing many more cat blogger interviews.  (We aren't discriminating against woofies. We love woofies!  It's just that Mousebreath is a kitty magazine.)  . 

We're a day late for Cokie's Thankful Thursday blog hop, but since participants can jump in any time during the week, here we go.
 And speaking of Cokie,  he's doing better but can still use your purrs and pawhugs.