Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Good Dirty Picture

Percy:  Whose turn is it to post today?

Cameron:  I think we all get to post today.

Sam:  So let's get to work!  It's already getting hot and humid in here. 

Percy and Marcus

Cyndi:  For our Sepia Saturday entry, we picked this shot of puppy Micah headed from the dryer to the counter where our bowl of cat food sits.

Micah:  Percy, why were you just sitting there watching Marcus?  Why didn't you defend our food bowl?

Percy:  If you saw Marcus coming toward you with all the determination of a Sherman tank, what would you do?

Micah:  Call the National Guard?

Merci:  This was supposed to be our artistic entry for Caturday Art.  It looks so neat on the computer but when we uploaded it to the blog, it looks like Jan sat on it.

Marcus:  Why would Jan sit on me and Percy?

Buddy:  She didn't actually sit on you. That's just a figure of speech. The artwork was a recessed frame but Google flattened the graphic in their Picasa photo storage.   

Marcus:  Google flattened us?  We're just little guys and Google is a giant. Isn't there a law against flattening furries?

Percy:  I don't know, offhand ... er, offpaw.  There must be one on the books somewhere.  You could write your Congressman and ask.  *winks at Buddy*  That project should keep him out of our fur for a while.

Buddy:  Jan made us a new art entry.  This is Poster Edge.  We did one of those with Sam's head a while ago and we liked how it turned out.  This one we did with Photoshop Elements instead of Picasa.

Marcus:  Wow, a dirty picture of me.   I love this.  I didn't know I'm a mud dalmatian.

Buddy:  What in the world is a mud dalmatian?

Marcus:  I look like I'm covered in mud spots. Which one of you splashed mud all over me?  I could kiss you!

*shuffling feet, "not me" mumbles, and a mass exodus from the room*

Marcus:  The problem with my siblings is they just don't appreciate a good dirty picture.  I look fabulous in mud!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Egg Beater Whisk Tech

Sam: Does anyone know what's on our agenda for today?

Rusty:  Of course!  It's Funny Farmer Felines Friday, the same as it is every week.

Sam:  Oh, sorry, I forgot today is Friday.  I'll go take a nap in the shade and keep out of your hair ... er,  fur while you write your post.

Micah:  Thanks, Sam.  We'll get back with you dogs on tomorrow's art post.

Cameron:  The graphic.  Did Jan make us a graphic?  I can't find a graphic for today's interview.

Percy:  Don't worry, Cameron.  It's right here.  Jan just misfiled it. 

Cameron:  Misfiled it where?  I looked all over the place for it.

Percy:  Evidently you didn't look in the correct file.

Cameron:  Yes, I certainly did look in the correct file.  A half a dozen times I looked in the correct file.

Percy:  But it wasn't in the correct file.

Cameron:  You just said it was.

Percy:  No, I said you didn't look in the correct file.  Not the correct correct file.  The correct file is the file I found it in.  The real correct file was an incorrect file today.  Or should that be -

Cameron:  Huh?  Never mind!  *paw to head*  I have a doozy of a headache now.  I think I need a good whiff of nip.

Cyndi:  Are we finally together and ready to start the post?

Rusty:  Yes, we're ready.  Um ... after all that, I've forgotten what we are posting today.

Micah:  An interview.  Our Mousebreath interview of the week.

Cyndi:  We had such a good time interviewing Nerissa from the blog Nerissa's Life.  He (yes, Nerissa is a boy) has several feline siblings but except for Seville, they don't blog. 

Percy:  You can read Nerissa's story, Nerissa the Whisk Tech, exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine written by cats for cats. 

Cameron:  We recommend it.  In fact, we recommend all of our interviews.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marcus the Temp is Hired

Merci, Sam, Buddy

Buddy:  We have been thinking about what we are thankful for this week and we agreed ....

Marcus:  *tap, tap*

Buddy:  Not now, Marcus, I'm talking.  We agreed we should mention how thankful we are for ...

Marcus:  *tap, tap*

Buddy:  Let me finish, Marcus.  We are ...

Marcus:  *tap, tap*  Buddy, it's important.

Buddy:  *sigh*  Okay, Marcus, what is so important?

Marcus:  The picture.

Sam:  What about it?

Marcus:  I'm not in it.  Why aren't I in it?  I do live here, don't I/

Merci:  Yes, for the moment, you do.

Marcus:  Then I should be in the picture.

Sam:  You're right, you should be, but we couldn't find a photo of all four of us together.  There's you and Merci, you and me, you and Merci and me, or you and me and Buddy.  We have a lot of photos of your ears photobombing the rest of us, but no picture of you and me and Merci and Buddy.

Marcus:  I don't have a vote?

Buddy:  We're sorry, Marcus.  We just assumed you wouldn't mind if we posted a photo without you in it today since you've had so many solo posts.

Marcus:  But if you don't include me, readers will forget what I look like before I'm even gone.

Merci:  I doubt that, Marcus, but since we don't have time to pose for a group shot, how about if we post a photo of you by yourself?

Marcus:  Okay, that will work.  Which photo do you want to post?

Buddy:  Preferably one where you aren't talking.


Sam:  Are you happy now?

Marcus:  Yes.  *tap, tap*

Merci:  Now what:

Marcus:  I just want to say thank you for including me.   

Buddy:  You're welcome.  Now, as I was saying, this week all of us cats and dogs are thankful for our readers.  We appreciate that you keep returning to read our blog and occasionally to leave a comment.  We wish you all a great Thankful Thursday.

Marcus:  *tap, tap*

Buddy:  I thought your problem was resolved.

Marcus:  Well you added my picture to the blog header and labeled me a "temp."  I know temps don't make as much as regular employees, but when do I get paid and how much do I make?

Buddy:  *loud groan*

Sam:  I got this, Buddy.  Marcus, as of this moment, you're no longer a temp, you're a regular employee and you'll get paid the same amount as the rest of us..

Marcus:  Oh, that's great.  You guys are finally going to take me seriously.  How much do you make?

Merci:  Nothing, Marcus.  Not a penny.

Note: For the record, Marcus has been officially "hired" for no pay.  He has not been adopted, although we would dearly love to adopt him.  We don't want you to be confused.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Moment of Remembrance

Memorial day is a Federal U.S. holiday what has been set aside as a day of remembrance for the men and women who have died in our Armed Forces.

In 2000 the National Moment of Remembrance was passed. We hope you will voluntarily, at 3 PM, stop for a moment of remembrance and respect for the fallen who served us or to listen to "Taps".

This year we would like to widen our tribute post to include those who served and survived but returned home with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

We have great respect for our military men and women, past and present.  The two men in this video have bad memories but a positive attitude.  The song on PTSD is "A Soldier's Memoir" by Joe Bachman. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jan Being Herself

Rusty:  We have a little fun for Sunday Smile today, but first we want to take care of business.

Marcus:  We have a business?  When do I get paid?

Merci:  No, we don't have a business.  We just need to take care of it.

Marcus:  But if we don't have a business, how can we take care of it?

Sam:  Go ahead and explain it to him, Merci.  We'll go ahead and take care of ... um, we'll finish the post.

Buddy:  Yesterday we posted an original photo with a copy in sepia and a photoshopped copy for our art subject.

Cyndi:  Since today is Black & White Sunday, this is the same photo of Marcus and Sam in black and white.

Micah:  And for fun we have the disappearing roadblock prank.  It shouldn't need an introduction, so we'll just let you watch it.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Cameron:  I'm a bit mystified as to why we were given this certified pawticipant graphic for Jan.  It's for a house trashing party at the Kwee Cats and Art blog.  But why would Jan need to go trash the Kwee mom's home when she is already doing such a great job at trashing this house?

Buddy:  Why are you looking at us?  We're neat freaks.  We NEVER make a mess.

Percy:  Well, it wasn't just for a house trashing.  While the Kwee Cats went to the Philippines with the Cat Souts, their mom was lonely, so some of the bloggers kept her company. 

Cameron:  Oh, now I understand.  The bloggers were being nice.  The house trashing was just Jan being herself. Good thing she didn't take us along.  We're so neat we'd have picked up behind Jan.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Marcus and Sam Art

Cyndi:  Hey, it's Caturday Saturday again.  That means it's the weekend and the weekend means fun.

Micah:  Yes, we love Saturdays.  And Sundays.  And just about any day of the week.

Rusty:  So let's start the weekend off with Marcus' favorite color:  dirt.

Sam: Hey, I resent being called dirt.  I'm liver and white.  Marcus is dirt. 

Cameron:  This isn't actually called dirt. With Marcus any brown is dirt. This is sepia.  There's a lot of brown in this photo to begin with and turning it sepia makes the browns blend well.

Buddy:  This is the original photo of Marcus and Sam.  See how different the browns actually are. 

Percy: And for Caturday Art, Jan slapped a hat on Marcus and removed the dirt.  Who knew there was actually blue underneath?

Marcus:  *eyes wide*  You mean if I keep digging in the yard, I'll find a layer of blue under all that dirt?

Merci:  *wink, wink*  Of course, Marcus.  Jan used Photoshop Elements for the photos and added the matching frame in Picasa.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Problem Humans

Rusty:  Woo hoo, it's Friday again.  Time for another interview.

Micah:  And this week we have the very talented advice columnist for cats with human problems, George from the blog George Online Cat. 

Rusty:  I think Micah meant George is an advice columnist for cats who have problem humans.

Cyndi:  If Micah means a problem human, he must be referring to Jan.  We got to read his book One Hundred Ways For A Cat To Train Its Human.

Cameron:  We hope Jan doesn't find it.  If she reads it, we're all in trouble.  She'll learn our secrets and we have enough trouble with her now.

Percy:  We hope you will stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats written by cats, to read George's story, Human Agony Aunt George.  Yes, his story is as intriguing as the title.  :)

Buddy:  The Funny Farmer Felines won't let us help with their interviews but Friday is also Pet Parade day so they can't keep us dogs off the post.

Merci:  Yes, the blog hop has no rules and is open to any pet blogger.

Sam:  We can't wait to see who is the Featured Favorite this week.

Marcus:  We had this post all ready to go as soon as we added the Mousebreath link, but we  had a frightening experience this morning.  We tried to sign in to our blog and it kept telling us our name or password is incorrect.  No matter what, we could not sign in to our Google account.  We finally found a means to ask for information and received an email.

Buddy:  Now try to figure this out.  We could not sign in to our Google account to access either our blog(s) or our gmail.  BUT our email program could sign in to pick up our gmail.  So obviously, our ID and PW worked.  And we were able to receive the message; however, if we only used gmail online, as many do, we would have been unable to receive help since we couldn't sign in to access our gmail.  Are you confused yet?  Because we are.

Sam:  Anyway, there was a list of blogs our account is associated with.  Yes, yes, yes ... WHAT?  We aren't associated with hollyzacandtheiradventures.  At first, we thought we'd never heard of it, but we just realized it might be one we used to have permission to VIEW when it closed except to invited readers only.  That was a few years ago.  But suddenly it wanted us to sign in to that too.

Merci:  For some reason, we were finally able to sign in to our account and access our dashboard.  There is no hollyzacandtheiradventures listed, of course, since they aren't on our account.  Or at least, not supposed to be.  We tried their link again and now that we were signed in, we were told the blog is open to invited readers only and we don't have permission to view it.

Marcus:  Does anyone have any clue how we would go about telling Google there's a screw-up on their end and getting this straightened out?   We were really scared for a while that we were permanently locked out of our own account and with no means to find out what the problem is. 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Extra Pile For Me

Sam:  We figure Jan should be thankful for this post.

Buddy:  Why?

Sam:  Because she might never catch another shot of us lined up like little angels waiting for our treats.

Marcus:  You notice Merci and I had our eyes on Jan, waiting for the word.  Buddy and Sam couldn't take their eyes off the treats.

Merci, Marcus, Buddy, Sam (l-r)

Merci:  Notice there are four piles, one for each of us.  But when Jan said, "Okay," Marcus went for the pile in front of me, Buddy grabbed the one in front of Marcus, Sam ate his own and then figured - hey, there's an extra pile, must be for me.  Yep, Sam ate two shares.  Me? I knew if I moved forward, I'd be trampled by the guys, so I sat and waited for the pigs ... um, my brothers to finish and Jan to give me some they couldn't steal.

Buddy:  The treats were Halo's Liv-A-Littles. which are 100% freeze-dried wild salmon.

Percy:  Fortunately, the treats are for both dogs and cats, so we all had some. 

Cyndi:  It makes a good protein snack or it could be crumbled over our breakfast.

Cameron:  I was napping on top of the fridge when Jan dropped some off for me.  I didn't even need to get up to taste test them. 

Micah:  Percy tried to steal mine but I chased him away. 

Rusty:  In case, you haven't noticed, the dogs all had their treats on the back steps.  But we kitties were each served in a different spot of our own choosing.  Poor dogs, they just don't know how to properly train Jan.

Marcus:  How do we do this, guys?  Do we take a vote?

Cyndi:  Not exactly.  We just tell everyone what we think of the product.  We all enjoyed the Halo Liv-A-Littles, so that's 9 paws up.  And it's -

Marcus:  9 paws up?  But Sam had a double portion.  Wouldn't that make it 10 paws up?

Rusty:  No, Sam only gets counted once, even though he hit the jackpot in the treat department.

Cyndi:  As I was saying, it's a healthy snack so Jan approves.

Rusty: provided the sample for us to review, but we received no compensation and any opinions expressed are our own.

Buddy:  We wanted to post this earlier in the week but weren't able to, so we apologize for the timing.

Percy:  No need to apologize, Buddy.  It's Thankful Thursday.  We're all thankful for the treats.  And it's Thoughtless Thursday.  We can post on anything we want.  So we're good.

Thankful Thursday is hosted by Pepi Smart Dog

Thoughtless Thursday is co-hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a huskie.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Well Trained Human

Buddy:  Welcome to our Sunday Smile post.  It's a beautiful day.  We hope it is, anyway. We're preparing  this Saturday night, so we don't actually know what Sunday is like yet, but if Jan is moving at more than a crawl and in one piece and our internet is working, it's got to be a good day.  

Cyndi:  Ignore Buddy.  He's just feeling a might frisky tonight.  In speech, anyway.

Cameron;  We have a funny video for you today.  This cat really trained his human well and he's waited on fang and paw. 

Merci:  Notice when he's had enough treats, he pushes away the bell and commences bathing.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Micah::  We were thinking of trying to train Jan to do this, but we realized she'd have a nervous breakdown trying to keep up with the woofies' demands.  They're big eaters, you know!

Percy:  On the other paw, we could use one of these bells to start ringing early in the morning.  Maybe if we annoyed Jan enough with one, she'd get up before 3 AM and feed us earlier.  

Sam:  You're joking, right?  Jan is nonfunctional at 3 AM.  Heck, I'm not too interested in being functional at that hour either. 

Rusty:  Today is Black and White Sunday, so we need to post the last photo of Marcus' set.  

Marcus:  Yesterday we posted a sepia and an artistic copy of this photo.  I think I look best in the color dirt.  I like what our friends Frankie and Ernie commented  --

OMD you are SOOOOOO right.... DIRT is a MARVELOUS COLOR. We do NOT know why the Crayola Company doesn't offer it in the 64 count boxes. THEY SHOULD.  Let's hear it fur D I R T . it would make ANY Art... more ARTFUL Esp. if you had a CARTful.

Marcus:  It's great to have friends who understand my love of dirt.  Those guys have great artistic taste. 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

We Starve for our Art

Micah:  Well, this is sure a long-awaited post.  Just as we were about to prepare it yesterday, our internet went out.

Rusty:  And stayed out.  We gave up at midnight, but it's finally back and breakfast is delayed until we finish.

Cameron:  Oops.  I'm sorry.  That was my stomach rumbling.  It's empty.  I'll just pop in the kitchen and grab a quick nibble.

Merci:  No, you won't!  If we starve for our art, we all starve together.  So sit back down and help.

Marcus:  It's my turn to be the star of the post.  This was me as a real little guy.  This photo is for Sepia Saturday.

Sam:  And you're wearing your favorite color, Marcus.  You're in "dirt."

Marcus:  Yes, I love dirt.   It's the best color there is.  It's so pretty I can almost taste the real thing. 

Cyndi:  This is the original photo. Anything with Marcus in it starts out looking pretty much like dirt.  I think it's because he rolls in it.

Cyndi:  To brighten it up a little, Jan tried something on it called "Orton-ish" in Picasa.  I'm not sure what that means, but it looks like Marcus has been rolling in Georgia red clay.  Maybe he was.  We have a yard full of it.

Buddy:  This looks familiar.  Oh, yes, it's about the color the carpet was this winter with all the mud we tracked in.  Jan added a frame for our Caturday Art picture.

Cameron:  Now can I go eat?  It's already lunch time and I'm about to pass out!

Buddy:  Not yet.  We have to finish up here.  Percy, roll the credits.

Percy:  What?  Oh, you mean to sign off?  Here goes.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Sassy Sushi

Rusty:  Ah, today is our favorite day of the week - Friday.

Micah:  Yes, we Funny Farmer Felines post our Mousebreath cat interview of the week.

Cameron:  This week we interview sweet Sushi from Sushi's Diary blog.  She lives in the Philippines.

Cyndi:  She isn't my twin but she reminds me of myself - petite, with lots of soft fur.

Percy:  Whether or not you've met Sushi, stop by Mousebreath to read Sassy Sushi Belle and then drop by her blog to let her know you enjoyed her story.

 And don't forget to enter Rascal and Rocco's weekly Pet Parade blog hop.  We can't wait to see who has been selected as the Featured Favorite of the Week.

The hop is co-hosted by Bionic Basil,   Barking from the Bayou,   Love is being owned by a husky   and all of us Funny Farmers (cats and dogs). 

There are no rules.  Any pet blogger can participate, so there is no excuse.  Grab the badge, enter your blog and make some new friends.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Straw Hat Cyndi

Cyndi:  Thursday, May 15 - that's today - is Straw Hat Day 2014 and I offered to model a straw hat and represent all of us.

Buddy:  I was going to join her but I couldn't make up my mind on a hat in time.

Cameron:  We think Cyndi is lovely with or without a hat.

Rusty:  Iza from Mark's Mews is this year's official mascot.

Merci:  It's also Thankful Thursday.  I guess we should be thankful Jan is still in one piece.  Sort of.

Micah:  She's been having a hard time getting around or doing anything, including typing, since Marcus' Mother's Day eve present. 

Rusty:  Because of that she couldn't wear shoes, only soft slippers for several days.  The tree over the dog pen is worse at reading the calendar than Jan is since it thinks it's the fall season and is shedding its leaves.  Jan came down the steps into a pile of leaves with a rock underneath and badly bruised her arch.

Marcus:  That wasn't my fault.  It was NOT my fault!

Buddy:  No one said it was.

Marcus:  But I get blamed for everything that happens around here.

Sam:  Only when you're responsible.  And you were the one who nailed Jan's sandal to the floor and knocked her into the gate so she flew and crashed.

Marcus:  So you're going to blame me that she broke the gate and knocked the tray with all those things on it into the litter box?  I had nothing to do with any of that.  She did those things totally on her own. 

Percy:  Marcus, it's the domino effect.  I know you're young but you don't think about what you're doing, just about what you want.  This was one of those times you started a chain reaction that nearly took out Jan and half the bedroom.

Marcus:  That isn't a good thing?

Merci:  No.  We're lucky Jan has been able to do the basics to take care of us.  You have to learn to be more careful or you'll terminate the Funny Farm. 

Marcus:  Okay, I'll try.

Percy:  You'll try what?  To terminate the Funny Farm or to be more careful?

Marcus:  I'll be more careful.  I promise.

Cyndi:  *sigh*  If he's anything like Buddy and Sam, he means he promises to be more careful until the next accident.

We are off to join Pepi Smart Dog for Thankful Thursday.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and grandmothers.  In honor of this day, Mona & Prissy & Angel Weenie put together a Mother's Day Smiley Box on their blog with photos of hu-moms and their furries..  Please go by and check it out at Mona, Weenie and the Monnny too! bog. We can't wait to see it.

And, even though Jan has a strict policy of no posted selfies, we convinced her to help us enter a photo of her with one of us. 

Buddy:  And since I was the only one whose head could be seen in any of the photos, I got to submit my photo for the Mother's Day Smiley Box.  Rusty would only show the back of his head.  And Sam ... well, let's just say, he has a great eye.  Doesn't matter which one, since all we could see was one eye or the other or the top of his head.  but me, I look royal .

Marcus:  Royal?  You look snooty.

Buddy:  No, Marcus, I do not look snooty!  I look like a Royal.  I need only wave a paw to complete the effect.

Sam:  I don't know about that.  I think you look more like you could use a tissue.

Merci:  We will forgo our usual Sunday Smile video to tell a story.

Cameron:  What happens when a pup nails a walking human's sandal to the floor for just a split second?

Marcus:  I don't know.  What happens?

Micah:  The human flies through the air and slides across the floor.  Flying without wings must be a new Olympic event since Jan keeps training for it.

Rusty:  How could you not know what happens, Marcus?  You're the pup who nailed Jan's sandal to the floor yesterday morning while you were trying to squeeze past her at the bedroom door. 

Marcus:  I did not! Oh, you mean when I stepped on her sandal as I passed her?  She sure made a mess when she sent everything in the area flying.  She really should learn to be less messy if she expects me to learn to be neat.

Cyndi:  You must have known the accident was your fault, Marcus.  You can't be that dense!  Oh, wait, you can.  You asked her what she was doing on the floor.

Marcus:  I did check her over and tried to lick her wounds, but she kept screaming at me to go away.  I told her to get up but she said she was comfortable on the floor.

Merci:  No, she said she couldn't get up from the floor.  There's a difference.  She has lots of swelling and bruises, and a sprained thumb, big toe and possibly knee.  What kind of Mother's Day gift do you call that?

Marcus:  I don't know.  An unexpected one?

Cyndi:  I'm not sure whether we should give Jan a Mother's Day or a We're Glad You Survived Another Accident card.  

Cameron:  After the last couple of weeks, I suggest we skip the former and stock up on the latter.

Percy:  Yesterday we posted the original of this photo, a sepia copy, and two Caturday Art versions.  This is the black and white copy.  My stripes look pretty good in any color, don't they!

We are joining the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop co-hosted by Dachshund Nola and Golden Sugar.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bird in a Hat

Cameron:  Welcome to our Saturday post starring my handsome brother Percy.  You might remember this photo.  It is from a post on Percy watching a bird dancing video.

Micah:  Look at him posing next to the bird.  He loves to show off his bold stripes and mancatly physique.  Percy is such a ham.

Marcus:  Percy is a ham?  But I thought ham is supposed to be edible.

Sam:  Ham is edible, Marcus.  Unless it's Percy.  He's a non-edible ham.  

 Percy:  This is the original photo. I'm taking a break here.  It tired me out to watch that crazy bird dance.

 Merci:  Here he is all dressed up for Sepia Saturday.

Rusty:  The poor bird looks so naked next to Percy, so we asked Jan to please dress him.  So Jan put a hat on him for Caturday Art.

Buddy:  And then she turned the now-spiffy bird and the always spiffy Percy into a cartoon.    

Cyndi:  Wow, look at Percy's stripes now.  It's okay to swoon, girls. 

We are joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.

And also Caturday Art hosted by Athena cat goddess.