Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maw of Forty Paws

We hope the old adage is true - better late than never - because we're late getting this posted but due to circumstances beyond our control.

Things happened so quickly that we received the info to post at the last minute and this morning there were 12 photos.  We hated to pick and choose, so we threw them together into 2 graphics.  The individual portraits were done by Ann of Zoolatry and the subject of our meet & greet this week is Maw of Forty Paws and her wonderful, cats adore them because they're so comfy ham-micks.

Cyndi:  Ahem.  If cats adore them, how come Jan hasn't gotten us one?

Percy:  You know Jan.  She's cheap.  Um, I mean poor.

Cameron:  Yes, poor.  If she could she'd buy us each one.

Rusty:  And she'd put them where?

Micah:  Yes, I'm afraid if she bought us each one, we'd have to move into a bigger house and if she can't afford one ham-mick, who would pay for the extra rent?

Buddy:  Don't look at me!  I don't have any pocket money.  Or pockets.

Sam:  We don't have a couch so we can't poke for loose change.

Merci: Do you think Jan would mind if we go visiting in the neighborhood and poke in their furniture for lost change?

* Funny Farmers look at each other.  Simultaneously shake their head.  No way!*

Forty Paws

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Forty Paws at the Bridge

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  1. You are silly kitties! Me-Ommmmmm

  2. a nice meet N greet at de chronicles two day guys N we hope ya find lotz N lotz n lotz oh spare change !

  3. We will do just that!
    Thank you for your kindness and purrs for Abby.

  4. Very timely, my butt needs a new Ham-mick!

  5. We love the new look at Forty Paws! Don't worry, gang, we don't have any ham-micks, either! :)

  6. Well, if you find some spare change, drop on over and get some Ham-Micks! They are great to snooze upon. They are also great for playing under and on top and to the sides as well. It's fun to lose a ball under the Ham-Mick. Then you have to hunt for it.

    Luf, Us

  7. Thanks to introducing us to new furriends today Funny Farmers...They're quite the crew

  8. Hi gang! Long time no see!
    Mom sent a friend request for FB to you...just so you know who that strange lady is when you see it! -S&S
    I'm not strange, or am I? -Mom Lynne

  9. Me neither have a Ham-Mick , I use the sofa or mom and dad´s bed instead :)


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