Friday, June 29, 2012

Hedda Hopper of Cat Blogging

Our Funny Farmer Felines' interview with Nicki & Derry of Fuzzy Tales is now published.   Stop by and learn more about these two handsome mancats. 

We feel like the Hedda Hopper of the cat blogging sector.  For those of you who don't recognize the name Hedda Hopper, she was a famous Hollywood gossip columnist.  Of course, we never gossip; we just get the news.  And no humans are allowed to read Mousebreath, so any secrets revealed remain with the furries.

ML 's Aunt Dorothy  had a stroke Tuesday night and is in guarded condition.  ML traveled there Tuesday to check on her aunt who had fallen and possibly broken her arm.  Even though her aunt is confused and doesn't recognize her yet (see CB comments), we imagine ML is very glad she arrived in time to be there for her aunt.   ML, you and your Aunt Dorothy are in our thoughts and prayers.

The other day the famous khanine Khyra asked on her blog if there would be khake for Jan on Tuesday.  Well, there were going to be little tuna and nip cakes for her but we couldn't find a can of tuna.  Seriously, there wasn't a single can of tuna in the house.  So we took a nap instead. Serves Jan right.  We would have made her a cake without any carrots in it.  Sure Jan loves, loves, loves carrot cake, but no self-respecting cat would eat it.  The woofies, however, are a different story.  They'll eat anything.  Even carrots.

So Wednesday night at a pot luck before Bible study, Jan had a cake.  Jan says we should thank Karen for her.  (Seriously, do we look like Jan's secretary?  She's supposed to be waiting on us.)  But, thank you, Karen.  Jan really appreciated it.

But next time we hope you will make it from tuna and catnip instead of carrots and fruit so we can have some too.  Yum, tuna and nip cake.  Anyone know a good bakery nearby where we can pick one up and bill Jan?  Typing this has made us hungry.
Jan said she hasn't had a birthday cake since she was 21.  Let's see.  She's 106.  Subtract 21.  That equals ... wow, at least two centuries!  No wonder there are no lighted candles on the cake!  The building could have burned down.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks to You and to Connie

We had a good day yesterday, despite Jan running off so she wouldn't have to wait on us.  We did a lot of this.

And a little of this.  Well maybe a lot of this too. Except the poor dogs.  They don't get to graze; they get meals.  Unless they can snatch something to make a snack.

And then Jan came home and did a lot of typing to make a list of photos and info from our local Petfinder site for Connie the coordinator to send to rescues. Most of our shelter animals have very limited time.

Fortunately, she did not come home to this.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Note from Jan:  Many thanks to ML and Zoolatry for their sneaky planning - and to each of you who stopped by yesterday to leave a birthday wish.  I will be around to thank each of you individually, but it might take a while to work through the list.  :)  Special thanks to ML for remaking our graphic to remember Cotton.  She is so missed!   I'll give the Funny Farmers back their blog now.

These are our latest local shelter pets on Petfinder.  So if you're a rescue or just an individual looking for a new pet anywhere in the Georgia area, there are some sweet adoptables on the list.  We are so happy that Connie continues to coordinate with rescues and do whatever necessary to move some animals to a new life.  She has managed to find a place for a number of cats and dogs in the few weeks she's been coordinating with Upson.  And she lives 2 1/2 hours away.  Awesome job, Connie! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KC 6, Jan 106, RIP Mondo

We got this lovely card from Zoolatry today.  Well, we didn't, Jan did, but anything she has automatically belongs to us too, so we did get this lovely card too.   The Florida Furkids said they hope we're doing something special for Jan today.  We are.  We're letting her go to the shelter to take pictures of other dogs and cats.  Since she won't be available to wait on us (as if!) we figure such a sacrifice on our part qualifies as a gift. 

And this lovely card from Gracie. She calls Jan her technical support. Little does she know Jan knows less than we do about Blogger. 

And we were very surprised to find a couple of graphics on the Cat Blogosphere today.
 Ann of Zoolatry has turned our header into a birthday card and she's added a heart to Cotton's picture.

KC and Mom ML added a background and hearts to turn our graphic into "Remembering Cotton."  How sweet. 

Thank you, Ann and ML - and any of you who left a comment or posted on your blog or on FB. Jan will be around to thank you in a day or two since shelter picture day is long and super tiring.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, even if you did make Jan teary.  (How is she going to see to feed us if she's springing leaks?)

KC turns 6 today so be sure to stop by the Giggleman Gang's blog to help her celebrate.  Mom ML is leaving or has already left on an emergency trip to see her Aunt Dorothy who fell and broke her arm, so please keep her in your prayers for a safe journey. 

There is a note of sadness today.   Mondo of River the Beagle's blog suddenly became so ill he had to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday..  We send hugs, purrs and pawhugs to Steph and Mondo's family.

Jan was trying to sneak through today without any fuss, so we got caught without even a card for her.  But we do wish her a Happy Birthday, especially if there is food involved.  Maybe we can fix her a tuna and nip cake or two while she's at the shelter.  But it's past our breakfast time and we dogs still haven't walked her yet, so we'll wish you all a good day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday at Funny Farm with Brian

The Funny Farm Felines' interview with Brian of Brian's Home and Forever Home Wanted blogs is now on Mousebreath.  We called it Bubbling with Brian because we think you'll find it exciting to read.  Be sure to stop by.  You might just learn a thing or three you didn't know (or had forgotten) about Brian and his family.

Today Zoolatry is celebrating 5 years of blogging.  Stop by and wish the Zoolatry girls a Happy Blogoversary.  They have certainly done a lot to spice up the blogosphere with their lovely graphics.

There is probably more we should be posting but if so, we hope it isn't important because we've forgotten it.  Things are still crazy here and we're sad.  Tomorrow would have been Cotton's 13th birthday.  She is the tortie in the Funny Farm Feline graphic at the top of this post.  Have a good weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ginger Jasper and Cotton

We Funny Farm Felines were kind of proud of Jan for finally finding the courage to make our first Mousebreath post so Skeezix's Food Lady wouldn't have to do it for us.  And then we saw the final result.

Percy:  Um, Jan ... where's the picture?  Isn't there supposed to be a picture?  What am I saying?  Of course there's supposed to be a picture!

Rusty:  What do you mean you don't know where it went?  Are you trying to tell us it ran away?

Cameron: : Don't cry, Jan.  Just go back and correct the post - add the picture.  One day you'll laugh about your first attempt to post to Wordpress.

Cyndi:  Guys, she has drops in her eyes and she can't see what she's doing.  Please don't tell her to go back and correct the post.  The whole interview might disappear.  Mousebreath itself could disappear.

When she could see a little better and find a little courage, Jan went back and managed to figure out why there was a photo in the post that disappeared when published.  But since she managed to create chaos, she's been demoted from column poster to column pest.

This week we interviewed someone most of you already know.  But stop by to read Freckles and Floof with Ginger Jasper anyway.  You just might learn something new.

This interview was scheduled for posting last Thursday, but we lost Cotton Wednesday.  Thank you, GJ and Mum and Skeez's Food Lady (editor of Mousebreath) for being patient and giving us some breathing space.  We were just added to the Mousebreath header when Cotton passed and instead of removing her, she was given "a rainbow heart to commemorate her journey."  That is so appreciated, Karen!  We really miss our sweet girl.

And speaking of Cotton, we FF Felines, woofies and Jan would also like to thank all of you who stopped by to leave a kind comment. We made the graphic above, but Alasandra of  SSA& F sent us the lovely one below.  We appreciate it.

We're sad and sorry SS had to say good-bye to Momo yesterday.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Farewell Cotton

I will miss my dishwashing companion of nearly 13 years.  She usually sat on the washing machine next to the sink, leaned against my arm and purred while I washed dishes.

Good-bye, sweet girl.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Jourdan's Lovely Smile

We haven't been posting much in a while for a variety of reasons, including health and transportation problems.  Guess you could call it a discouraging time.  But two weeks ago Jan was asked to come back to the shelter to take photos for Petfinder one afternoon a week.  Last week a woman came in to pick up 2 Beagle pups for rescue and Jan took on another volunteer job, that of mailing out the photos she takes.

Our local shelter is high-kill and it's been hard for rescuers to get a foot in the door to pull dogs in the past.  But things appear to be changing  

This is where the woman Jan met last week enters the picture.  Her name is Connie and she is a rescue coordinator who lives about 2 1/2 hours from here.  She networks with rescuers, emails out photos and information, drives long distances to shelters to pick up for rescues, takes animals to a vet - whatever is needed. 

Most of the animals at the shelter have no name, so Jan uses the random name feature on Petfinder to "name" them.  She was amazed to find Connie knew the name of every dog on the shelter Petfinder site. That's how hard she works to find a place for them; she'd memorized their information. 

Jan had to be at the shelter today for something unrelated and was fortunate to still be there when Connie and a rescue friend arrived in separate vehicles to pull some animals.  This was a day Jan had thought would never come.  Multiple animals of various breeds (4 dogs, 2 cats and 7 kittens) at one time left the shelter alive for a better life.  She came home feeling happy but teary.

"Placid"  - young English Bulldog

"Road Rash"  -  young Lab. He wanted his photo taken on his back, so it was.

"Saquera" - adult Lab

"Dot" - Dot is actually 2 female Siamese and their 7 kittens with goopy eyes.

Plus a young husky mix. Jan would have taken his photo tomorrow but now she won't need to.

Now if only someone would adopt "Jourdan" of the lovely smile   ...

the adorable flappy ears of "Freeze" ...

the wistful charm of "Snowdrop" ...

Any of our local dogs or cats on Petfinder would make a great pet.  We hope, with Connie and however many will be helping, that more of these great animals will find a home.  They offer unconditional love in exchange..