Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Electrical Surgery

Sam:  Psst, Sam here.  I heard a nasty rumor that Jan ate the dog food for our review.  Do any of you know anything about that?

Marcus:  WHAT?  Jan wouldn't do that.  She doesn't like dog food.  Or does she?

Buddy:  Are you sure she ate it?  I heard a whisper that she fed our food to the cats. Why would she do that?  They have plenty of food.

Merci:  I heard it had something to do with crossed eyes.

Sam: I didn't know Jan has crossed eyes.  Did any of you notice that?

Merci:  No, Percy's eyes are slightly crossed but I don't think Jan's are.

Buddy:  No, I haven't noticed Jan having crossed eyes, but I have noticed she has been wandering around with crossed wires lately.   

Merci:  Wires, that's it. Crossed wires.

Marcus:  Should we call a doctor?  An ambulance?  Does she need electrical surgery?

Merci:  No, Marcus, crossed wires are in the brain.  I don't think she has an electrical circuit.  If she did, she's lost it.

Sam:  We don't need to call an ambulance.  If Jan needs a surgeon, Dr. Buddy is the best brain surgeon around.

Marcus: *wide-eyd*  Buddy is a brain surgeon? 

Buddy:  Of course.  A few years ago I operated on Billy Sweetfeets (Part 1 and Part 2 - uh, we advise you to visit the human litterbox before reading these posts) and he is doing well.

Marcus:  That's great.  But what about our food.  Did she feed it to the cats or not?

Merci:  Here it is.  The cats not only ate our food but they posted a review on it yesterday! 

Sam:  Isn't this against the Cat and Dog Treaty of 2008, subsection 124 of Section 29A?  There shall be no cross posting ... Oh, wait, it actually says, there shall be no cross-dressing between cats and dogs. 

Marcus:  Why would I want to dress as a cat?

Buddy:  I have no idea, but after this, I think I need a nap.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cats Write Dog Food Review

Percy:  Hey, what's this?  It's something new for breakfast.

Rusty:  I don't know, but how come you were served first?  I'm the biggest.  I should go first.

Percy:  I was the closest to the food table. 

Rusty:  This is pretty good.  I think it's the new food we're supposed to taste test.

Micah:  Yes, it's the Merrick Holiday grain free canned food..

Cyndi:  Sure is good.  I wouldn't mind having this every morning. 

Micah:  Yes, tasty, very tasty.  I'm glad Jan volunteered us to try this.

Cameron:  Well, we've been eating this new food for several days now.  I wish they had sent more for us to taste test.

Rusty:  Yes, I don't even mind eating it cold and you all know how much I hate food after it's been refrigerated.

Cyndi:  I wonder what's in it that makes it so tasty.

Cameron:  The first one said "Forever Home" on the can.  Let's see, it's got beef, chicken, yukon gold potatoes, red delicious apples and peas with added vitamins and minerals.

Micah:  The "Homecoming Holiday" is  chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and butternut squash in gravy.  I love gravy.

Percy:  "Venison Holiday Stew" has venison, red jacket new potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas and red delicious apple.

Cyndi:  Wait a minute!  Hounds and pups?  Vegetables? This is dog food!  We've been eating dog food.

Cameron:  No, it's not.  It can't be.  Jan is feeding it to us.  We're cats.

Percy:  Well, you know Jan has been a bit stressed and forgetful lately.  It's just possible she got her eyes crossed again.

Cyndi:  I think you mean she got her wires crossed again.

Rusty:  Do you think we should tell her she's feeding us the dogs' food?

Micah:  She's going to be embarrassed if she finds out.  Not that this will hurt us.  We've also been eating cat kibble, so the dog food hasn't been our sole diet lately.

Cyndi:  I wonder if this will be a first - cats writing a dog food review.

Percy:  Well, we have been fortunate and feasted well for a few days. Shall we cats rate the Merrick Holiday grain free dog food A+?

Cameron:  Good idea.  Now which one of you wants to tell Jan she's been feeding us dog food?

Rusty:  Oh, and let's not mention this to the dogs.  

Place your first order with Chewy.com and Chewy will donate $20 to PAWS, which coincidentally is the same no kill shelter we have been asking you to vote for in the Vetericyn giveaway mentioned below.

Chew provided the samples, but we were not paid for this review.  Any opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Percy Butts Cyndi

Cyndi:  Nooooo!  This is so not fair!  It's my week to do a Sunday Selfie and my picture is ruined! 

Buddy:  I don't see a problem.  You look beautiful, Cyndi.  What's the matter?

Cyndi:  How can you not notice?  That big butt in the picture is not mine. I am dainty and feminine and I don't have stripes.  I was photobombed by a butt.

Percy:  Hey, that's me and I resent being called a bit butt. I'm a pretty lean mancat.  

Cyndi: Jan, where is the camera?  I need a redo. 

Merci:  Wait, Cyndi.  Look at that beautiful face.  You are startling in black and white.

Cyndi:  Well, yes, but the picture is still ruined with Percy in it.

Cameron:  No, it isn't.  You can just pretend you don't mind sharing the spotlight with Percy's ... uh, hindquarters and you'll come across as a great sister and a good sport.

Marcus:  Here, we'll throw in a sepia version.  You know how we dogs love dirt.

Cyndi:  Are you saying I look dirty in this picture?

Marcus:  No, no.  I'm just saying I love sepia because I love the color of dirt and you look good in sepia.

Rusty:  What do you say, Cyndi?  Can we go ahead and post your lovely photo so we can all go to bed and this can auto post in the morning?

Cyndi:  Well, okay, as long as readers understand that is not my big butt!

Sam: Thanks, Cyndi.  Now we can get on to our Sunday Smile.  We love this short video with the dogs in wheelchairs.  They don't see themselves as any more disabled than the other dogs on the walk..

Micah: This is such a happy, encouraging video.  Notice how excited the dogs in wheelchairs are as they chase a stick together.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Daily Reminder until October 15:  And please help PAWS Norwalk, CT to win the Vetericyn giveaway.  Voting is so easy.  No apps and no sign-in. You can vote once daily through October 15.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Black Market Dirt

Marcus:  Hey, I remember this photo.  I was a pup and you were teaching me how to dig a proper hole in the dirt, Sam.  We look pretty good together in sepia.  You'd look a lot better if you were wearing more dirt, though.  White is just begging for me to wipe muddy paws on it.

Sam:  The world does not revolve around dirt, Marcus!  I like being clean once in a while.  You should try it sometime.  Jan helped us do the photo in watercolor for Caturday Art.

Merci:  Here is the original photograph for comparison.  You look like father and son working on a project together.

Sam:  I am not his father!  Big brother ... reluctantly.

Buddy:  Here is a preview of tomorrow's black and white version.  You should be ashamed of yourself for teaching Marcus to dig a hole in the pen, Sam. 

Sam:  Me?  You're the one who started the hole.  I just took over when you finished.  I know if Jan hadn't interrupted us, I could have dug up something valuable. 

Marcus:  You mean like a big clump of dirt, Sam?

Sam:  Yes, exactly.  If you find a big enough clump of dirty dirt, you could sell it on the black market and become rich.  Then you could move into a home of your own and we could have some peace and quiet.

Merci:  Hey, that sounds like a good plan.  Buddy, do you want to help?  We're going to go dirt hunting so Marcus can move out.

Buddy:  No, you don't need my help.  I'll just take a nap and dream that when I wake up Marcus has moved into his new home.

And please help PAWS Norwalk, CT to win the Vetericyn giveaway.  Voting is so easy.  No apps and no sign-in. You can vote once daily through October 15.

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3.Click "Vote".

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Everything happened so last minute and we have had so much going on we forgot to mention that if PAWS wins, since we nominated them, we would receive a Vetericyn pack. We could use this for Buddy's skin condition. Even without this incentive, we would very much like to see PAWS Norwalk, CT win! They are a no kill shelter with wonderful blogging volunteers such as Kevin (meowmeowman) from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life. So, GO PAWS! And readers, please vote!

Sepia Saturday is hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cindi Lou and PAWS

 Rusty:  Where  has this week gone?  Has time actually learned to fly?  Can we clip its wings?

Micah:  We made it .  Just barely and we can hardly keep our eyes open as we type this Thursday night.

Cyndi:  But we have a last minute interview with the cats from Through Squirrel Eyes-  Cindi Lou, Adam, Spooky, Big Boy, Vincent, Marky, Bandit, Georgia and Gloria. 

Percy:   Be sure to stop by Mousebreath to read their interview, Cindi Lou and Her Kitty Krew.  We're so glad we've had the opportunity to get to know them better. 

Cameron:  And please help PAWS Norwalk, CT to win the Vetericyn giveaway.  Voting is so easy.  No apps and no sign-in. You can vote once daily through October 15.

1. Click on this link.  bit.ly/1qVZSBi
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3.Click "Vote".
Please share with your friends to help PAWS Norwalk, CT win.

If you aren't familiar with Vetericyn, it's a safe for cats, dogs and other animals wound and skin care product.  We know this from experience because we have used it.

This week's Featured Favorite is posted on the Pet Parade host blog, Rascal and Rocco.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marcus is Thankful

Marcus:  I get to pick what we're thankful for today and I choose a tree.  This tree is in our back yard.

Cameron:  Why would you pick a tree?  Is it edible?

Marcus:  No.

Micah:  Can you play with it?

Marcus:  No.

Sam:  Can you pee on it?

Marcus:  No.  It's outside the dog pen.

Buddy:  Have you tried?

Marcus:  No, it's too far away.

Merci:  Well, I'm surprised you aren't practicing, seeing as how you've peed on everything else out there, including me and Buddy and Sam.

Percy:  I'm glad we don't go outside if that's what goes on out there.

Cyndi:  Hey, enough!  I'd like to know why Marcus picked a tree for Thankful Thursday.

Marcus:  Because it has shaded the back yard all summer so I could go outside and play. 

Rusty:  I think you made a wise choice, Marcus.  I appreciated the shade, too, when I spent time outside on the back steps with you.

Marcus:  So you think we should get Jan to make an award for the shade tree?

Sam:  Naw, just pee on it next time we walk by it.  It'll appreciate being watered.

PAWS needs your vote!  Many of you know Kevin from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life blog.  He and his wife Tracey do a lot to help the PAWS cats find homes.  We talked him into entering PAWS, Norwalk, CT in the Vetericyn Loves Animals Charity Giveaway 2014.  We would like to see PAWS win.  Please, could you spare a minute of your time to vote for PAWS - Daily through October 15th.

You might not be familiar with Vetericyn but it is a product Jan used to use for us when we had a cut or scrape, for wound debriding, or when Buddy's skin problem flared up.  It is safe for both cats and dogs.  The only reason we haven't used it in a while is because we haven't been able to afford it.

It is a great product to have on hand for emergencies and the winning non-profit organization will receive a year's supply.

UPDATE:  Cathy Keisha has found an easier way to vote but the original directions will remain on here in case something doesn't work at some point.  Thanks, CK!

1. Click on this link.  bit.ly/1qVZSBi
2. Click on "Click here to vote for a small animal organization". PAWS, Norwalk, CT will appear.
3.Click "Vote".
Please share with your friends to help PAWS Norwalk, CT win.

For emergency use only - :)
To vote for PAWS, Norwalk, CT on the Vetericyn website:
1. Click on http://vetericyn.com/charitycontest/.
2. Click on "Click here to vote for a small animal organization".
3.Click on "View Entries". 
4. Type "paws" in the search box on the right (above entries).
5. Click on "Paws
Norwalk, CT" should be the second from top left.  (letters "aw" showing")
6. Click on "Vote". 

We don't know why they have made it so difficult to vote but please share and help PAWS win.

They also have a Facebook page but it will send you to their webpage for voting, so we won't list it.

Micah would like to thank Jenna & the Sibe Tribe for this lovely graphic for Micah's birthday and gotcha day yesterday. 

You can join the Thankful Thursday blog hop by visiting Pepi Smart Dog.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Micah is 3 or 4

Cameron:  Readers might remember that last month Jan panicked and got ahead of herself.

Cyndi:  Yeah, it's not bad enough she forgets to read the calendar, but she forgot how to read a calendar.

Merci:  It was funny to watch her, first thing in the morning before a walk or coffee, trying to put together an emergency graphic.

Rusty:  Only there wasn't an emergency.  She just read the special events for September instead of August.

Sam:  *sigh*  What are we going to do with Jan?  Anyone have a suggestion on how we can better train her?

Buddy:  Well, at least she left us prepared for today's post.  It's Micah's assigned birthday since he was Gotcha'd on this date.

Percy:  How old is he now?  Cameron, do you remember how to count on your toes?  Never mind.  The vet said he would have been 1 or 2 then, so Micah would be 3 or 4 today. 

Micah:  Thank you, Jan, for making my graphic on time - even early.  And thanks, you guys, for wanting to celebrate with me.  I'd especially like to thank you, Percy, for not beating me up every time you see me now.

Percy:  Think nothing of it, Micah.  It's my new leaf.  I strive to only beat you up once daily instead of thirty-kazillion times a day.

Micah:  Thanks, pal.  But, Marcus, I'm a bit confused as to why you're in my graphic.

Marcus:  I've been accused of photobombing most of the pictures around here, which I heartily deny!  But you can't blame me for this. Jan did it.

Buddy:  The question is why did she do it?  I would guess it's because she's so accustomed to seeing those big pointy ears in most of our photos.

Rusty:  But there's always cropping.

Marcus:  *claps a paw over each ear*  Noooooooo! 

Micah:  He meant the pictures, silly, not your ears. 

Happy Birthday, Micah!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paralyzed Squirrel

Percy:  We had a little excitement around here yesterday. 

Cyndi:  Merci, Marcus and Sam were outside barking nonstop.  Buddy was inside barking.

Buddy:  Well, of course, I was inside barking.  You don't think being inside is going to stop me from participating in important canine business, do you?

Micah:  So what were you all barking at?  I was too busy hiding behind the heater until I was sure the thunder boomies had passed for good.

Merci:  We were barking at a squirrel hanging onto the neighbor's privacy fence as if his life depended on it.

Rusty:  One of the neighbor dogs was trying to tear the fence down to get to him, so, yeah, his life did depend on it.  

Cameron:  So the squirrel was paralyzed with fright.  Jan didn't think he moved at all, but then she saw the photos and realized he did, but barely.  Just one paw a little to the left or right.

Sam:  Jan came out trying to find what we were carrying on about.  She ran back into the house to grab a camera.  He was so still that for a moment she thought he'd died there and wondered how he still managed to hang on. Then she started at him until he finally blinked. Or winked? 

Marcus:  Right after this Jan fixed breakfast and for the first time since he arrived Micah didn't appear.  She couldn't find him and feared he'd slipped out when she flew in to grab a camera and went out in a downpour calling for Micah.  Percy finally gave him away when he stood on the mantel staring below. 

Percy:  Are you upset with me for giving away your hiding place, Micah?

Micah:  No, not this time.  I was served breakfast behind the space heater.  It was kind of like dining at a fancy restaurant except the view was a bit obstructed. 

Cyndi:  You've never been to a fancy restaurant.  How would you know what it's like?

Micah:  I've seen a few on the internet.  You can see anything on the internet, sometimes whether you want to or not.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Flamingo Feather Dance

Cyndi:  Okay, Percy, this package arrived earlier this month and you promised you would explain why we received it.

Sam:  Yes, I'd like to know too.  What does "you just got perk'd" mean?  Are we supposed to write a review or something?

Micah:  No, the way I understand it ... well, to quote from the enclosed card:  You are receiving the perk because you are influential and have authority on topics related to the perk.  You are welcome to tell the world you love the perk, you dislike the perk, or say nothing at all.

Merci:  Isn't that strange?  We don't know anyone who thinks we are influential.  A bit amusing perhaps, but we don't even have enough authority to convince Jan to give us an allowance. 

Cameron:  I know, it's a practical joke.  Someone wants to drive us crazy trying to figure out who is responsible.

Rusty:  It could be a mistake.  Someone intended to send it to the Funny Fanners and misspelled the name.

Buddy:  And who would the Funny Fanners be, a dance team from the Flamingo Feather Farm?

Percy:  Well, maybe one of our readers knows the answer.  Have any of you received a Perk'd package?

Marcus:  Well, I like to eat so I want to thank the Flamingo Funny Fanners for unwittingly sharing a bag of noms.  Do you suppose they posted a flamingo feather dance video on YouTube?. I'd like to learn it.

Percy:  To answer your original question, Cyndi, when I do figure out what and why, you'll be the first to know.  

Marcus:  Are you going to tell me too?

Percy:  Not if you're feather dancing!

PS note from Buddy: Aw, how sweet.  We just found out how we got the package and we would like to thank the Flamingo Funny Fanners (a pseudonym) for sharing with us.  What a delightful surprise.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Marcus Takes a Selfie

Cameron:  We were so exhausted from watching Jan work around the house Friday, we didn't get our weekend art done so we didn't have a post yesterday.

Cyndi"  We have one for you today.  But since we didn't do the sepia and Caturday art, we won't do a black and white today.

Sam:  We almost did but Marcus' idea of a selfie would make you dizzier in black and white than it does in color. 

Marcus:  I'm so excited.  I volunteered to be first and Jan set the timer on the camera for me.  How do you like my selfie?

Rusty:  You look like an alien from outer space ... or inner space ... or the bedroom closet.

Micah:  You're supposed to stay still while the photo is taken, Marcus. 

Marcus:  You are?  I wonder why Jan didn't mention that when I posed?

Buddy:  She did, Marcus.  But you didn't listen. The more I look at it, though, the more it looks exactly like you.  Your mouth is always moving and your head is always flashing back and forth.   Actually, you did good, kid.  Your first selfie looks natural.  I can almost recognize you.

Merci:  Wee can't forget our Sunday Smile.  You'll enjoy watching this adorable kitten having fun exploring shoes, lots and lots of shoes.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Stop by The Cat on my Head (Kitties Blue) and join the Sunday Selfies blog hop.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Buddy:  Hey, guys, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day, better known among us furries as Meow or Woof Like A Pirate Day.

Cyndi:  Are we prepared or has Jan been sleeping on the job again?

Micah:  Believe it or not, we have a new old graphic to post.

Cameron:  What's a new old graphic?

Sam:  It's the graphic Jan made us for Frankie's Pirate Day a few months ago.  She added.Percy.

Merci:  Oh, right.  Marcus wore two eye patches back them.

Rusty:  Well, at least he's only wearing one this time!  It's a wonder he didn't fall overboard wandering around like that.

Marcus:  Okay, I misunderstood and made a mistake.  But it made you laugh so it wasn't a total disaster.

Percy:  You're right.  You did make us laugh.  But as for today, I don't think you understand that "shiver me timbers" doesn't mean the timbers are cold. 

The Funny Farmer Felines do not have a Mousebreath interview to publish this week. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Click Pix with SnapLeash

Cyndi:  Hey, why are you guys lying down on your walk?  You can't exercise unless you're moving, you know.

Buddy:  Oh, we walked earlier.  Jan only took us someplace she could take our picture.   She was walking me on a SnapLeash.

Merci:  See, we're hooked to a chain link fence support so Jan can test the leash's capability.

Sam:  Jan had some crazy idea the best way to test it was to leash us all together to something sturdy so she could have both hands free to take pictures.

Rusty:  Right, she has complained many times that you guys won't stay still and you bounce the camera around.

Merci:  I don't know why she would say anything like that.  Do we look like we're bouncing her camera?

Cameron:  No, but that's only because Jan is standing a few feet away and her hands are leash free.

Buddy:  See, we can move around - sit, stand, lie down.  Jan left Merci and Sam's leashes clipped to their respective harness and just snapped them to the grommets on my leash.

Merci:  She learned the hard way I should be the one on the far end because I am the shortest and you guys could accidentally strangle me.

Micah:  Oh, they would never deliberately strangle you, Merci!  They love you.

Percy:  Marcus, however, is a different story.  We have all been tempted to strangle him.  He will grow up one day, won't he?

Marcus:  Hey, I resent that.  And why wasn't I invited on this picture taking trek?

Buddy:  Seriously, you need to ask?  You have chewed up how many leashes on walks since you arrived?  Jan said you aren't even allowed in the same room with this leash!

Sam:  Hey, Jan, the sun is kind of bright and we didn't bring our sunglasses.  Can we go home now?

Sam:  Jan switched my leash with Buddy's and I'm now wearing the SnapLeash.  It looks different than the other two with the holes for adjusting the length or fastening us to the fence.

Merci:  Jan loves the reality of being able to adjust the length of a leash without having to wrap it around her hand and she was thankful to finally be able to take photos during a walk without us yanking her around.  She said we have done well at standing still much of the time but there is always an itch to scratch, a squirrel to want to chase, or a skateboarder to threaten with immobility.

Buddy:  Jan gets very upset with me when I decide to sniff Merci's butt and jerk her arm just as she clicks the shutter.

Sam:  Here are several features the company believes make the SnapLeash unique.  They tempted Jan to test the product.  
  • Acts as a tether so you can secure your pet quickly "Easy as a Snap!" without tying knots!
  • Walk your dog in multiple lengths. Fully adjustable from 3 feet up to 6 feet using the strategically placed grommets up and down the leash.
  • Hands free leash around your waist, shoulder, or snap directly to your belt loop for running, jogging, walking, and hiking
  • Walk 2 or more pets at the same time by using the snaphooks on both ends and also attaching carabiners to the grommets
  • Use as a double handle Traffic Lead by creating a handle on each end and connecting to the pets collar
  • The SnapLeash comes in Black, Blue, and Red and in two convenient sizes: LARGE Pets > 40 lbs (1 inch x 6 feet) and SMALL Pets under 40 lbs (5/8 inch x 6 feet)
  • Its 7 Leashes in 1 and Its the only leash you will ever need!
Buddy: We dogs don't get excited about things like that but Jan thinks they're great features. 

Merci:  And if your human thinks so too, there's a short video on the website's home page, where Ted, the company president, explains about the product and that it has a Lifetime Quality Guarantee. 

Sam:  Well, I think that about covers the SnapLeash.  All that posing tired me out so if you'll excuse me ...

SnapLeash provided us with a leash to test but we were not compensated.  Any thoughts expressed are our own.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.

And the Thoughtless Thursday blog hop co-hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a husky.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cart Herder Video Response

Sam:  This is our response to Marcus' show-off video post yesterday.

Buddy:  Hmmmph!  A shopping cart herder, indeed!

Merci:  You would think from that post he's the only one of us who ever herded a cart before.

Percy:  Wait a minute.  If you have a problem with Marcus's video, why didn't you say something yesterday?

Sam:  What, and ruin today's post?  No way!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marcus vs Shopping Cart

Merci:  Marcus got into another fight yesterday and you won't believe with whom ... uh, with what.

Rusty:  He claims he took a chunk out of the other guy ... I mean his opponent, but I don't know.  The photos tell otherwise. 

Buddy:  But first we'd like to show you something that irritates the dickens out of Jan.  Take a look across the street.  What do you see in front of the tree?

Micah:  A shopping cart!  Not that I've ever met one but it sure look like something Jan has steered home a time or few.

Sam:  Right, Micah!  And we helped Jan put that shopping cart there on our morning walk.

Cyndi::  But why would you leave it sitting on the corner and not return it to its rightful owner like Jan usually does?

Cameron:  Because Jan didn't borrow it from the store.  She finds carts that someone borrowed to help walk their groceries home abandoned along the road.

Marcus:  But if someone borrows one and then abandons it, that would be stealing. So they are thieves?

Percy:  Yes, and Buddy says he's seen abandoned carts occasionally pushed into the ravine or the woods by kids.

Mercy:  And when carts are destroyed or never returned, all the store customers pay for them through higher prices. 

Cameron:  That's not fair to those who borrow a cart and return it.

Micah:  Borrowing a cart is a privilege, not a right.

Cyndi:  So Jan pushes the ones she finds abandoned back toward the store.  She can't push a cart up the hill while walking the dogs, so she will leave it on the nearby corner, hoping someone going that way will return it or one of the help will see it and come get it.

Percy:  Yesterday there were two carts along the walking route. She pushed one toward home on the morning walk and this one on the evening walk.

Sam:  With all the able-bodied humans who walk that route every day, I should think one would say to himself (or herself), Ah, I am young, my hands are free since I'm not walking dogs, so why don't I push this cart back to the store, especially since I'm going there anyway?

Rusty:  Better yet, why doesn't the one who borrowed it take responsibility for returning it!

Buddy:  The punishment for those who abandon the carts should be to have to walk it back to the store with Marcus helping.  That would teach them a lesson!

Marcus:  Why, thank you, Buddy.  I didn't realize you think so highly of the help I give Jan.

Buddy:  You might want to reflect for a while on what I said, Marcus.  I think you misunderstood. Here's some video evidence of how helpful you are.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Marcus:  I really herded it showed that cart who is boss, didn't I?  When it got unruly, I spun it around with Jan so fast she got dizzy and the cart almost fell over.  Or was it Jan that almost fell over?  But the cart sure behaved itself after that!

Note:  When we uploaded the video to YouTube, it said it detected our video was unsteady and did we want YT to fix it?  Well, what do we know about video?  So we said yes.  And when it "fixed" it, everything was bouncing so hard we got a bit seasick watching "Jan's Funny Farm" bouncing up and down and seesawing.  We tried to find a way to delete the video but before we did, YT asked if we wanted to keep the "corrections".  No way!

Marcus: We left these two carts to keep each other company until someone rescues them. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Confused by Unknown

Merci (& Marcus' ears)
Merci::  I just read a quotation by Unknown, and I'm confused.

Cameron:  What's the quotation?

Merci:  If your dog is too fat, you are not getting enough exercise.

Micah:  What's confusing about that?

Merci:  What if the human is too fat?  Are the dogs not getting enough exercise?  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playful Kitten Gang

Percy:  What are you doing, Cyndi?  You look like you're doing some kind of a rain dance.  Haven't we been enduring enough thunderstorms lately?

Cyndi:  I am not doing a rain dance, Mr. Smartypants.  I'm doing my version of a weekend happy dance.

Buddy:  Have you considered taking dancing lessons before you -  ... uh, before you throw Jan's shoe at me?  Never mind.  You're doing great.

Merci:  Well, I think Cyndi is a great dancer.  She's very light on her feet and she moves with grace.

Marcus:  Grace?  Who's Grace?  How come I haven't met Grace?  Can I have the next dance with her?

Rusty:  *shakes head*  You still have a lot of space between those big ears, Marcus. 

Micah:  Hey, this weekend is supposed to be about me.  Here I am in black and white.  You can read Saturday's post Dirt is not a Color to see the original, sepia and art versions.

Cameron:  And we can't forget our Sunday Smile.  What could be cuter than a playful kitten?

Marcus:  A playful kitten gang!

Cameron:  Hey, that was my line. 

Marcus:  But you asked the question.  I thought you didn't know the answer.

Sam:  Well, guys, I happen to think puppies are cute too.  But I have to admit these kittens made me smile.  Enjoy the video and the rest of your Sunday.

If the video doesn't play, click YouTube.

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