Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thankful Thursday Wednesday

Cyndi:  Hey, what are you doing?

Marcus:  I'm moving your Thankful Thursday post to Wednesday.  We didn't have anything planned for today anyway.

Cyndi: That doesn't matter.  You can't just change posts around without asking permission.

Marcus:  Please?  It's very important to me.  I have a special post for tomorrow.  *tilts head, bats eyes, bares teeth*

Cyndi:  That is the scariest pleading face I've ever seen.  But, okay.

Marcus: Thanks.  I owe you one.

Cyndi:  I thought we could share the story of why we didn't publish a Mousebreath interview last Friday.

Merci:  That's because the week was so hectic, we didn't get to use the computer to set it up.

Cyndi:  Yes, but Jan was going to let us post it first thing Friday morning.  She thought we would have time because the phone man wasn't expected until the afternoon.

Merci:  Actually, he wasn't expected until September 13th, but we were re-scheduled at the last minute.  Jan got up early and ran around like she'd lost something.

Cyndi:  And then there was a terrifying knock on the door.

Merci:  Terrifying?

Cyndi:  Yes.  It was only 8 a.m., Jan wasn't dressed and it was the telephone guy.   She threw on a robe and peeked out.  "Can you give me a couple of minutes to get dressed?  "I need a couple of hours outside," he replied.

Merci:  Whew!  Even Jan can manage to dress in two hours!

Cyndi:  By the time he finished outside, we'd all been fed, the dog pen was poop free, and the litter boxes had been scooped.  Then he came inside and gave Jan an even worse shock.

Merci:  We have rarely had a phone man in here but every time we did, he would look at Jan's phone/DSL setup and roll his eyes. This man didn't.  He looked at our lone, line congested jack and then at our computer and said, "You can't use those cords with the upgrade.

Cyndi:  "Those cords" were 50' long and draped over living room doors and around corners from one side of the room to the other and then finally to the computer.  The jack and modem are not supposed to be more than 12' apart.  We almost complied if one measured a straight line but the cords obviously missed the mark by some distance.

Merci:  There is one jack and only one place to put the computer and plug it in.  They just don't happen to be anywhere near each other. The guy picked up his stuff and started out the door.    "What am I going to do?" Jan asked.

Cyndi:  "I'm going to install a new jack," he announced.

Merci:  Jan's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped.  Ten years or whatever ago a new one was $70.  She was ready to panic.  The DSL upgrade was supposed to be free.  "Do I have to pay for it?  "No."

Cyndi:  Before long we had traded "those cords" for a brand new dedicated DSL jack, high speed modem and DSL line. 

Merci:  As he was leaving, he dashed all hope of posting a late interview. "I hope you don't need to use the internet for a while.  The new modem has to update its software and it will take at least a couple of hours."

Cyndi:  So we all took a long nap.

Merci:  Oops.  Too long a nap evidently.  We forgot to set this to auto post in the wee hours. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Swiss Cheese Theory

Percy:  We had a post in mind for today but we have forgotten what it was supposed to be, so we're going to wing it.

Marcus:  Speaking of winging it, my old friends the geese don't visit as often as they used to but they do still come to check on me every once in a while.

Percy:  They don't come to check on you!  They stop at the mill to rest and eat.

Marcus:  Oh, yeah?  Then why was their leader honking my name?

Percy:  I don't know.  Maybe one of his wives is named Marcia and you just mis-heard him  

Marcus:  I have 20/20 hearing and I do not mis-hear!

Percy:  I didn't know anyone has 20/20 hearing, but if anyone does, it would be you.

Marcus:  Thank you.  

Percy:  I do notice the geese are always moving but never moving toward you. 

Marcus:  That's because Buddy and Merci are with me - Jan too - and the geese are wary of strangers.

Percy:  They're always with you, so how can they be strangers? 

Marcus:  They don't speak goose.  If you want to make friends, you have to speak the language.

Percy:  If you are such an expert, why don't you teach them the language?

Marcus:  They're all too old to learn.  Once you pass a certain age, your brain turns into Swiss cheese and everything you hear falls out the holes in your head.

Percy:  Where did you hear that? 

Marcus:  I heard Jan telling someone that since she's gotten old, most everything she hears goes in one ear and out the holes in her head.

Percy:  And from that you got the Swiss cheese theory?

Marcus:  Of course!  Everyone knows Swiss cheese is full of holes.

Percy:  So is your theory!  Have you considered psychotherapy?

Marcus:  Yes, but sitting all day listening to everyone's problems doesn't interest me.

Percy:  I wasn't asking if you want to become a psychotherapist.  I was suggesting you be the patient.

Marcus:  Thanks for your concern but I don't have any problems.  And the geese are waiting for me.  Gotta run!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S., a day when we remember and honor those who have died in service to our country.

Big & Rich's song "8th of November" always brings to mind, not only those who died, but those who survived and live with the memories of their fallen brothers.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Zzzzz

Micah:  Well, phooey!  We didn't get to publish our Mousebreath interview today.  Instead we published Nap Time.  It's disappointing but it's been that kind of a week! 

Cyndi:  It's a holiday weekend in the U.S., so perhaps no one will notice.  We will be back next week with this week's interview. 

Funny Farmer Felines
Cyndi, Percy, Rusty, Micah & Taylor

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

My New Blue Ball

Marcus:  ♫ My new blue ball.  My new blue ball.
                    I luv, luv, lu-u-uv my new blue ball.

               ♫  I bite it and chew it and nudge it with my nose.
                    I hold it, then shove it, and follow where it goes.
                    I roll it and bounce it.  It travels everywhere -

Taylor:  Stop with the new blue ball song! I've heard it so many times today you have me singing it. Jan said if she trips over it one more time, she's going to make you eat it.

Marcus:  She can't!  It's for aggressive chewers and is supposed to be almost indestructible.  That's why she bought it.  Guess she'll just have to keep tripping over it.

Taylor:  If it keeps you from deflating another football or soccer ball or chewing up your other toys, I guess it was a good purchase.  But stop singing about it!

Marcus:  Okay.  Can I hum?

Taylor:  No!  Just chew.

Marcus:  ♫  *gnaw, gnaw, gnaw*  ♫

Taylor:  And no gnawing to the tune either!

Marcus:  This ball was a lot more fun when I could sing.  I wonder if I can bounce it to the tune while Taylor naps?

Jan:  This is NOT, NOT, NOT a review!!!  I purchased this ball on Amazon because it is supposed to be tough and contain no BPAs.  Anyone who has been reading this blog knows Marcus needs tough!  He has deflated more balls with his first bite than I can count.  He loves this.  I wish I could afford a second one, so we could play ball in the dirty/muddy dog pen because this ball is the right size for him to play with but not to choke to death on if I threw it and he caught it wrong, but it isn't possible, so he'll have to make do with one in the house.  (It holds his attention and keeps him from constantly annoying the cats.)

He did take it outside once and dropped it when he went out to pee and I had to tell him it is an inside only ball.  I think he's plotting how to get it past me again, but his outside toys are gross and not allowed in the house except in a special receptacle, even though they are washed first.

He really does love his new ball.  It's no wonder he can't stop singing about it.  :)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dirt Cloud Rising

Cyndi:  Why do you guys have to be such dirt collectors?  You bring that dirt in the house, you know, and we all have to deal with it.  *licks paw*  We girls don't like to be dirty.

Rusty:  Grass won't grow in the dog pen any more, so bringing dirt in the house isn't our fault.

Marcus:  Just because Jan claims every time I shake, I add another 2 inches of dirt to the layer in the house doesn't make it so.  She probably should wash her reading glasses more often so she can tell the difference between steam from the humidity and dirt from the yard.

Cyndi:  I don't wear glasses and I can see the dirt cloud rising when you two shake off in the house.

Rusty:  Well, since I'm sharing the blame, I might as well share the fun.  Come on, Marcus, let's roll!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Safe At Last

Buddy:  These two adorable Pomeranians are finally safe at the county animal shelter!  It has been a harrowing two weeks as Jan has waited patiently for due process of law to permit our Animal Control Officer to trap them before they were injured or killed.

Cyndi:  They are bonded, so it was exciting that they were trapped within about 1/2 hour of each other and they were able to go to the shelter together.  If they are not claimed within three days, they will go up for adoption or Miss Peggy will find a rescue to take such a handsome pair.  Hopefully, they will be adopted together. 

Buddy:  It's a complicated abandonment story and probably not one we should tell.  Suffice it to say that Jan slept well last night, knowing they are okay.  Thank you, Miss Kat (ACO) for being so kind and patient with them.  They were having too much fun - and "catered" meals - and did not want to give up their freedom!

Micah:  I guess I get to introduce our Mousebreath interview of this week.  As you can probably guess, his name is Biscuit.  Stop by Mousebreath for The Story of Biscuit.  I think you will enjoy it. 

*** Come on, don’t be shy. All kitties have a story to tell and we’d like to share yours. Leave a comment with contact information or use the comment form in our left sidebar. We would love to feature you! ***

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

On The Bright Side

Taylor:  Are you okay, Merci?

Merci:  Yes.  This is Thankful Thursday and we haven't posted much these last few weeks, so I'm thinking about something I'm particularly thankful for from last week.

Taylor:  And what would that be?

Merci:  That Jan is still in one piece and can still fix our meals and take us for walks and -

Taylor:  Of course she's in one piece and she always does those things. 

Merci:  But what if she got bashed in the head by a falling tree limb and her brains were scrambled?

Taylor:  I don't think we need to worry about that.  I haven't left the house since I arrived over a year ago and I haven't seen a single falling tree limb in here yet.

Merci:  Not in the house, silly!  In the yard,  Don't you remember last week when Jan was working on some of the bushes in the yard and she came inside to get a drink of water ...

... and returned to find this.  See how long that branch is!  And it came from up high in the tree.  Way high.

Taylor:  Oh, yeah, I remember.  Jan went to the neighbor for help moving their tree branch off our lawn.

Merci:  What if Jan had been standing there when it came down?

Taylor:  She would be shorter?

Merci:  Well, that too, but I was thinking about how forgetful she is already.  What if she couldn't remember to feed us?

Taylor:  On the bright side, what if she forgets she has already fed us and feeds us again?

Merci:  I'm glad we had this little talk, Taylor.  I feel so much better now!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quite An Impression

Percy:  What are you doing in your Private Dining Car, Marcus?  As soon as Jan served your breakfast, you picked up your bowl and left the kitchen. 

Marcus:  I heard Jan made quite an impression Sunday and I'm not sure she can be trusted around food now.

Percy:  Oh, it's about time Jan made a good impression on someone.

Marcus:  I said she made quite an impression.  The word good was not mentioned.

Percy:  Uh-oh, what did she do this time?

Marcus:  After church on Sunday, she went to lunch with Mr. M (Mr. Minister), Mrs. M, their three young children and Mr. MD.

Percy:  They took along a doctor?  Where did they eat?

Marcus:  No, not a doctor.  Mr. MD is Mr. Minister's Dad.

Percy:  Oh.  So how did Jan make an impression?

Marcus:  She ate Mr. M's lunch!

Percy:  She what?

Marcus:  She was halfway through Mr. M's lunch before the waitress stopped by to find out who hadn't gotten their food - their chicken chimichanga.

Percy: That's Jan's favorite Mexican meal.  A chicken chimichanga with salad, rice and beans.  With lots of (mild) hot sauce poured over it.  She must have enjoyed that.

Marcus:  Actually, she was disappointed.  No beans, but lots of rice.  And the taste just wasn't up to the usual standard.  She was thinking she wouldn't order one of those again.

Percy:  But if she wasn't eating a chicken chimichanga, what was she eating?

Marcus:  A shrimp chimichanga. 

Percy:  Oh.  So Mr. M got her chicken meal?

Marcus:  No.  The waitress took the half eaten shrimp plate and swapped it for the chicken one.  Jan enjoyed every bite of that meal.  

Percy:  Did Mr. M ever get anything to eat?

Marcus:  Yes, he did get a fresh shrimp chimichanga plate.

Percy:  So everything ended well.  That doesn't explain why you brought your bowl in the living room to eat in your PDC.

Marcus:  You don't really think I'd trust Jan around my food after hearing that story, do you?

Percy:  A good point.  I think I'll go guard ... er, nap by the kitty kibble.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Seven Cent Chinese Takeout

Micah:  I am reporting from deep within the special laundry basket for Lilliputians ...  or cats, whichever you prefer the basket to be.

Percy:  Whatever it is, I prefer it to be in another county, if you're in it.  Shall I call an Uber for you?

Micah:  No, thank you.  But I would like some Chinese takeout if you don't mind ordering some for me.  I think Jan left some change on the kitchen table.

Percy:  Oh, good.  I've got a craving for lobster.  Do you think the nickel and two pennies on the table will cover it?  Plus a tip?

Cyndi:  While those two try to resolve their dietary differences, I'll introduce Beau from Pets Overload.

Taylor:  He's quite good-looking.  If they have an overload of cats on his blog, he can always come blog on ours.

Rusty:  He's not looking to move, Taylor.  He's the subject of our interview this week on Mousebreath.  Stop by to read his story, All Around Amazing Beau.

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Friday, May 05, 2017

The Handsome Valentine

Rusty:  Now that we have finished our last three reviews, it looks like Friday will be our only posting day.

This is the handsome Valentine from Noir Kitty Mews.  Our interview, Valentine and Zombie Squirrelygigs, has published on Mousebreath. 

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Final Tylee's #Chewy Influencer

 Marcus:   Does this pose make me look fat?  Jan says I'm fat. 

Merci:  Not quite, but you do need to lose some weight.  It's a shame you couldn't stay on this Tylee's human grade no grain turkey recipe dog food.  Jan has been cutting back a bit on the amount of kibble she feeds us so you just might have lost some weight.

Buddy:  On the other paw, even though we have only been getting this food as a topper on our breakfast and dinner kibble, I have gained some weight.  Jan is really happy about that since I tend to be too thin in my old age. She thinks I can better digest this food. 

Marcus:  Merci, you're supposed to stay still while Jan takes photos.

Merci:  I can't stop now.  I'm checking to see if any crumbs fell out of my bowl on the way to breakfast.

Buddy:  This is what the food looks like when Jan takes it out of the freezer to thaw.

Chewy lists the key benefits as -

  •     Made with human-grade ingredients just like you’d find at the grocery store—real, whole foods you can see and identify, with nothing sourced from China.
  •     These recipes are easy to serve—simply defrost and add to your pet’s bowl. Tylee’s can also be used as a topper to make any regular bowl of kibble more enticing.
  •     Minimally processed ingredients retain all their natural flavors and valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s best health.
  •     Grain-free food for dogs can better suit pups with sensitive tummies. Plus, there are no fillers like corn, soy, wheat or by-product meals.
  •     Chia seeds, ground flaxseed and sunflower oil are full of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish your pup’s skin and help his coat stay shiny and full.

Merci:  You sure look like you're enjoying that, Buddy.

Buddy: I am. We've been enjoying this for a month and this is our third post on it.  It's too bad this food review has come to an end.

Merci: I know. Jan has enjoyed feeding it to us. From the first, it helped Buddy's stools, but it is kind of expensive, so she can't afford to buy it for us.

Marcus: Hey, where's my picture? There is always a picture of me eating inside my Private Dining Car, but there isn't one today.

Buddy: That might be because the last few days of the trial you pretty much stopped eating. You would eat some or most of it if Jan put you in your PDC for a while, but Jan didn't know if you were just off your food or off this particular food.

Merci: Well, I enjoyed whatever Marcus left of his meals.

Buddy: Yes, you were quite the scavenger. Marcus lost his appetite and you found it.

Marcus:  I enjoyed the new food for a while but it was good to get back on just the regular diet.  And I am content eating less kibble now.  I wonder if the Tylee's frozen human grade food helped Buddy and me curb our ravenous appetites?

Chewy provided us with a month's supply of Tylee's as a food topper since we're bigger dogs.  We received no other compensation and Chewy is not responsible for the content.