Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update Dog with Arrow

The dog with the arrow in his shoulder was operated on this morning. He also has an injury to a back leg. Since he was shot twice, we assume someone really meant to kill him. The wounds are about a week old.

We finally posted this story on and we're glad we waited. We only learned the following a couple of hours ago.

ACO/shelter manager Web is offering a $500 reward out of his own pocket for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this dog's injuries.

And we hope the perpetrator is caught and convicted!

We received a Star on the Hollywood Catwalk of Fame this morning -- from Anonymous. "Each of you is receiving an award. Because we thoroughly enjoy your blog... we enjoy you, your stories, your pictures." What a wonderful surprise. And we do mean surprise. We do post some grim stories and/or photos on occasion. (As the above dog with the arrow in his shoulder.)

We've been thinking and pondering and .... well, arguing .... over where we should send it. We finally agreed to pick just one one cat and one dog blog.

We would like to give this to JB's Small World. We always enjoy reading their posts. Sadly, they recently lost both PooPoo and Misty. Today they feature Bear and Dumplin' playing on (in?) the scratching post, but this will be our cat blog. Besides, Bear thinks he's a cat anyway.

With her khwick wit and khrazy spelling, Khyra's Korner always makes us laugh, so we're going to give this to Khyra as our dog choice.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dog with Arrow

We have an update on the dog mentioned in today's earlier post. We are all relieved to learn that in the confusion of the moment Jan misunderstood. All day we have had horrible visions of an arrow sticking out of this poor dog's eye. How she got eye out of shoulder is beyond us -- and her.

After several hours and a number of phone calls, Jan went to the vet's office to take photographs of the dog for -- and hopefully for the local newspapers. What she found is a sweet, scared, bony, Yellow Labrador Retriever mix with ice blue eyes.

To save time on updating you, this is what she'll post on UpsonPets:

The Upson Humane Society received a call from Animal Control Officer Smart Web Wednesday morning regarding a yellow Labrador Retriever mix with an arrow in its shoulder. "Despite the arrow sticking out, the dog is friendly, " Web stated. Then he asked if the Humane Society would be willing to help. The dog was taken to the Thomaston Animal Hospital for evaluation and will undergo surgery Thursday morning to remove the arrow. Anyone who recognizes this dog or knows who shot it, please contact the animal shelter at 706-647-5586. He will be available for adoption at the shelter after he recovers from surgery. Any donations toward veterinary expenses should be sent to .........

You can click on the photos to enlarge a little, but not much. Jan says we have to be tactful.

We don't have any other details at the moment. As AC said, it could be someone decided to use the dog for target practice or someone took the dog out there to kill it or ..... We hope someone saw something and reports it.

We received the Proximidade award again, this time from Sunny's Mommy. Thank you so much!

To lighten the moment, a friend sent this---

If you're like us, you're wondering what planet the writer is from.

Scroll down for the earlier post and the bird dancing video.

Feather Dancing

Jan had a disturbing call this morning. County Animal Control picked up a dog. Nothing unusual in that. But someone has shot an arrow into this dog's eye and despite the arrow sticking out, the dog was friendly and happy. ACO wanted to know if the local Humane Society wanted to help this dog. Fortunately, the HS agreed and the dog was to be transported to a local vet for evaluation. She's anxious to hear how he makes out.

We ran across this cute video. Another dancing bird. We're exhausted just from watching it. So, while you watch, we're going to go nap. Excuse us.

Zzzzzzzzzzz. Snort, snuff. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nigerian Scam and Teamwork

Jan hijacked our journal yesterday so today we're going to tell a story on her to get even.... uh, we mean.... no, actually we mean to get even.

Yesterday she received an email from a friend she has rarely heard from for a while. He's been having some health problems and she's missed his humorous correspondence. So she was glad to see a message from his fun email account. She never knows what to expect from his "alter ego."

I am sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to Nigeria for my business and personal reason's,and i forgot my little wallet in the Taxi where my money is, passport, documents and other valuable things were kept on my way to the Hotel.

The present condition that I found myself is very hard for me to explain.I am really stranded in Lagos,I am facing a hard time here because I have no funds on me. I need you to help me with the hotel bill of $800 Dollars and i will also need $200 to feed and help myself back home so please kindly help me with a sum of $1,000.I will appreciate what ever you can afford to send me for now and I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home.

I am sending you this e-mail from the city called London and I was giving only 30mins to write and check your reply , I will appreciate what ever you can afford to send me for now and I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home, you will send the money via western union money transferr. Please i want you to wire me any amount you can just for me to get home and as soon as am back i promise to pay you back asap!

Receiver's Full-Name:Motley-Hagan
Address:10Kings Hotel Building,Surulere,

Please Get back to me with this after you got it paid

Sender's Full Name:
Mtcn Number:
Text Qestion&Answer.
Amount sent:

Please Kindly wire me some money now!!

Thanks and God Bless You!

At the bottom was the signature her friend used on his regular email account messages.

Well, Jan knew her friend wasn't going to Nigeria and if he was, he wouldn't be emailing her to send funds, so she answered:

I too am sorry you didn't inform me you were traveling to Nigeria. However, I regret to inform you that since I seem to have misplaced my own wallet, I can not help you with funds. Let this be a lesson to you. Never, ever, ever go off without your wallet because no one will acknowledge knowing you or send you funds.

Best wishes for the rest of your trip. I fear you will be washing a LOT of dishes!

A few hours later, she received a message from her friend with the subject: new email address.

Due to a scam being perpetrated with my old email address, please note that I have changed email. In the event that you receive email containing my old e-mail address, please be advised that it did not originate from me. Thanks for making the change and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

You're kidding! Jan responded.

I'm serious, Jan, he replied. Will contact you later. I'm in the process of notifying all my contacts of the new email address.

Needless to say, Jan is in shock. Not that she received one of those notorious Nigerian scam messages. She has received a "ton" of them. But that someone got in her friend's email account and she answered a real scammer. She is curious whether the "Nigerian" got to read her message. If so, she wishes she could have seen his face.

But she feels bad for her friend. Having a stranger in your email would be like having a burglar in your home. It's personal! Someone got into another blogger's gmail account a while back and it cost her some money. And we know of a blog where strange posts appear on their blog that they didn't post.

So be extra careful!


And on a lighter note, we were sent a link to this video yesterday and enjoyed it so much we want to share it. This is adorable.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fake Hallmark Cards

I'm stealing ... uh, borrowing this blog from JFF today. They want to be able to visit some of you later and they need the use of this computer to do it. So, they don't really mind if I borrow their blog. Do you, guys? They're watching me, but none are shaking their head no.

I have always enjoyed receiving e-cards from Hallmark and a couple of other places I trust. I've received an endless stream of "e-cards" from various places that I've just deleted. A real card would tell you who it is from, not just that you received "a card from family or friend" I don't ever click on a card without knowing who it is from and if I have any doubt whatsoever, I email for confirmation the person actually sent it or I just delete it. I would far rather someone be upset with me for deleting their card than to pick up a virus for being too trusting.

I just received one with, "You've received a Hallmark E-card" as the subject. It was from: "postcards I was immediately suspicious because Hallmark always includes who sent one of their cards. One good thing about Outlook Express, it allows you to check out the properties without opening the message. I noticed it had an .exe attachment and lots of code. But out of curiosity, I went to Hallmark and searched for "postcard."

They have a good list of what to do and what not to do. I hope they don't mind I'm borrowing it. The link to the information is at the bottom.

Oh, and before I forget, I receive some cards others have received and they pass on the link to others. I really prefer not to receive a second-hand link to a card since the one forwarding it could be passing on a link to spyware or a virus without realizing it and there is no way I would be able to know until too late.

Yesterday I saw a post on a blog about an important Microsoft update. I assumed it came from a news source but when I googled it, I found it was from an email and if anyone clicked on the link in the message, the program downloaded would not be from MS. I'm posting this as a reminder to be very careful of what you click on! And what you download. Some gadgets and widgets appear to be fun but when downloaded can wreak havoc on your blog and/or computer.

Surf wisely and be safe!

Okay, guys, you can go visit your friends now.


Is Hallmark sending spam E-Cards?
Fraudulent E-Card appears to be from Hallmark
Hallmark is one of several greeting card companies being targeted via fraudulent e-mails that are flooding the Internet. These e-mails claim to have a link to an E-Card from a family member, friend or neighbor. Clicking on the link downloads a virus onto your computer that compromises personal data.
What you can do:

Delete the e-mail without opening it.

If you have opened it and want to forward it to us, send it to Due to the large amount of e-mail we receive at that address we will not be able to reply to your e-mail, but we will investigate. Then delete the e-mail from both your inbox and your sent folder. If you click on the link in the bogus e-mail, you will launch a Trojan virus. This virus installs an Internet Relay (IRC) chat client and causes the infected computer to connect to an IRC channel. Attackers then use that connection to remotely command your machine for the purpose of gathering your personal information. An example of this virus is the Zapchast virus.

If you use Windows XP and Internet Explorer you should visit to update your browser and operating system. Then you will be less likely to be affected by the virus.

Report suspicious e-mail to your e-mail service provider so they can take action.

File a complaint at
If you are unsure if you've received a legitimate Hallmark E-Card, don't click on a link in the e-mail. Instead locate the EG number in the e-mail and use our E-Card pickup.
What Hallmark is doing:

Contacting the Internet providers identified as the source of the spam requesting that they shut down the imposters.

Working with Microsoft to include the virus code in their phishing filter to protect consumers who use their web browser and e-mail client software.

Working with anti-virus software corporations to get the virus code added to virus definition updates.

Reviewing Hallmark’s E-Card notification and pickup procedures.

Educating consumers about how to avoid E-Card abuse.

How to tell if a Hallmark E-Card notification is real:
1. Hallmark e-card e-mails do not include any attachments. To be safe, if you receive an e-card notification with an attachment delete it immediately then empty your "trash" or "deleted e-mails" from your email client.
2. A legitimate Hallmark e-mail notification will come from the sender’s e-mail address, not
3. The sender's first name and last name will appear in the subject line. If you do not recognize the name of the person sending the E-Card, do not click on any links in the e-mail. Delete the e-mail.
4. The notification will include a link to the E-Card on as well as a URL that can be pasted into a browser.
5. The URL will begin with followed by characters that identify the individual E-Card.
6. Hallmark E-Cards are not downloaded and they are not .exe files.
7. In addition, will never require an E-Card recipient to enter a user name or password nor any other personal information to retrieve an E-Card.

E-mail Safety Tips
* Don't open e-mails you know are spam. A code embedded in spam advertises that you opened the e-mail and confirms your address is valid, which in turn can generate more spam.
* Don't open e-mails from unknown senders.
* Don't open attachments in e-mails unless you are expecting to receive one. If you receive an attachment that you are not expecting, even if it’s from someone you know, first read the e-mail and make sure the attachment is legitimate. If you're still not sure, call or e-mail the sender to confirm, but do not reply to the original e-mail.
* Don't click on links in e-mails that appear to be from financial companies (PayPal, banks, credit card companies, etc.) that direct you to verify or confirm account details. Instead, call the company if you are concerned about your account

Hallmark Answer link to the above information.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dusty Deserves Justice

Last night we came across information on the Cat Blogosphere. As much as we hated to, we followed the links to check out the story and we watched the videos. They made us feel sick and helpless, as we watched one teenage boy abuse a helpless cat while another filmed it. Can you believe that? These -- we're angry but we have to watch what we call them -- these deranged "boys" think it's funny to abuse an animal. And they're proud of it. So proud they posted videos of this abuse on YouTube.

This story has caused an outcry of outrage across the county, as well it should. There is no excuse for such behavior. It should never be encouraged or rewarded, so we're glad YouTube has removed the videos and deleted the account. They deserve a reputation of infamy, not congratulations from fellow abusers.

From the first frame, you can tell this is not the first time this abuse has occurred. The cat acts much like a human who has been beaten up or beaten down so many times, she or he (adult or child) knows resistance is futile and there is no escape. And not surprisingly a videotape was found of them abusing another cat. Both cats have been removed from the home and will soon be given an opportunity to have a happy life in a new home.

The teenagers involved are from Lawton, Oklahoma -- Kenny Glenn, the abuser, and either his brother Weston or a friend (depending on which version you read), the videotaper. They have been arrested and are being charged as juveniles. The phone number for the juvenile court handling the matter is, we've read, 580-353-3717.

What we want to know is where were the parents? How could they not know, or at least have suspected? Why were these boys not taught kindness to God's creatures as young children? Are they acting out their home life or were they just "born" angry and violent? We have a lot of questions, but no answers.

View Lawton's KSWO news story and news videos.

As of last night the Please Help Dusty the Cat site had a link to the original videos. We don't have the heart to check today to see if the links there are still good. We don't want to watch them again and we don't encourage you to.

We're glad those teenagers won't get Dusty or the unnamed cat back to abuse again. We wish they would never have opportunity to repeat this, but at 14 and 16, we're afraid they will never learn what it is like to give and receive unconditional love from a pet. Or a human.

PS -- Bogart's dad is on life support and needs all our prayers. You can click on the graphic to visit his blog.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Card, Award and a Prayer

Zoolatry sent this beautiful Valentine card. We know it's a bit late to post it, but it's so pretty. KC (Gentle Annie) sent us a beautiful card too but we couldn't save it to post.

We received this lovely award from Caspersmom recently. Thank you, Casper!

"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight kitties who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Passing on an award is always hard. There are so many good blogs and nice bloggers. It's just hard to choose. We're not sure who has already received one, so if this is your second, we hope you will enjoy it the second time around. We choose these 8.

Chance Bond -- We know Chance's blog is temporarily closed because his human lost her job and thereby access to a computer to blog, but we hope he will be able to receive it before long. We love his friendly blog and miss him.
Zoolatry's Zoey & Maggy -- They share their human's talent so generously with all.
Wicky Wuudler, Angel, Oliver and Gerry -- Whenever there's a need, Wicky and his siblings are spreading the word.
Karen Jo of Kitty Limericks -- She is always giving by writing about others' cats and dogs. And as hard as it is, she writes a good-bye limerick when they leave.

Buddy: Hey, wait a minute. These are all kitties. We should have picked at least one woofy.

Samaritan: Yes, I can think of a number of deserving woofies.

Cotton: But we all agreed on these 8. It wasn't deliberate. It just happened that today we happened to pick all kitties. Next time .... who knows, it might be all woofies. Or a hammy or a bunny.

We hope you will continue to pray for Pet of Pet's Garden Blog. We can't remember the medical term, but she still has infection in her spinal column!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Valentine

Since Ariel's contest ended today, we thought we would make our very humble entry our Valentine post. (As you can tell, we're not very artistic.) The card is for all of you. We hope you have a great day!

And check out the other entries posted on Ariel's Valentine's Day contest blog. There are some lovely ones there. Congratulations to the winner, Beethoven.

A Valentine Card

We tried to make a Valentine gift card on the computer but that was a disaster. So we made one by hand ... er, paw.

Cotton wrote the card for us. She has the best paw-writing. And then we tried to choose one of us to deliver it by picking kibble out of Percy's baseball cap. The one with the broken piece would pose. But Crystal dropped the cap and Samaritan inhaled all the pieces before Buddy even had a crumb. So, since Samaritan ate the broken piece too, technically he "wins," so we have to-- grudgingly -- let him present our card.

As you can see in the close-up, Sam started to lie down on it and wrinkled the card a bit.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us to all of you. And don't any of you touch the chocolates! They're bad for you! The candy and flowers are for your human.

(s) Jan's Funny Farm -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tail Chasing & Contests

We all joined Cliff & Olivia's Tail Chasers Club. We were given one membership because we named our tails "It." (We couldn't think of names at the time.) But today, after much deliberation, we each named our own tail so we could sign up individually. If you like to chase your tail, be sure to stop over and join too.

This is what each of us named our own tail:
Crystal -- Prey
Cotton -- Hello (as in, hello, I think I'll chase you)
Merci -- Fuzzy
Cyndi -- Flossy
Percy -- Omega (as in, the end)
Cameron -- Shadow
Buddy -- Waggin
Rusty -- Super Floof
Sam -- Magnum (Jan says my tail should be listed as a lethal weapon when it's wagging!)

(This was our original comment for the club: "That’s a neat club. We’d try to join but none of us have named our tails. Never even thought about it. That’s it– we each chase our tail, so we must each have a tail named “It.”

Today, we received this comment: "Thank you for joining TCC. You've all got your own membership. We think "It" is a cool name so we decided to leave it on the list."

We dropped over to Cliff & Olivia's and found this to be true.
(Member) "19. Remembering the illustrious tail named It."

Ah, our collective tails will live on infinitely. Or until become arthritic, whichever comes first.)

We would like to thank Thoughts Fur Paws for also passing on the Love Ya Award. We gave it out yesterday so we're not going to pass it on today, but we are grateful to receive it again. Thank you.

"LOVE YA" award winner... These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

And be sure to enter Ariel's Valentine contest before it closes at midnight tomorrow (Friday the 13th). Her mean uncle told her mother no one would enter, which made us angry enough to make the time to enter. We're not talented, nor planning to win, but we did have fun.

Skeezix's Valentine contest has been extended to 9 p.m. Saturday, February 14.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Ya

We are so ashamed of getting so far behind that we didn't get a number of awards posted for several months that we are posting this one before the same thing happens.

This is the Love Ya Award, passed on to us by the Orange Tabbies. Thank you so much, Pippin, Turtle & Little Tortie Sister, Ava Grace!

"LOVE YA" award winner... These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

We'd like to pass it on to the Bumpass Hounds and Kitties. In case you haven't met them, they're a family of dogs and cats and they number more than 8.

(Updated 2/12 -- We left this comment on the Bumpass blog today:

Oh, dear, we're so sorry. We did forget to give a reason why we gave you this award. We took the easy way out in just giving it to one blog, but we were rushed for time, so we counted 8 of you as one blog. :)

But we gave it to you because we love your blog and your big blended family.

We're really going to have to have a talk with Jan. Somehow, we've managed to inherit her bad memory! We really have to stop leaving things out and confusing bloggers.)

We would love to give you all an award, as we love you all -- cat, dog, bunny, hammy or .... -- and hope to catch up on all your blogs eventually.

And just as a reminder, Carrol Crocker is down to 5 dogs. We're hoping Rainsville holds off until they are safe. Carrol's Green Acres.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Chai

Remember Chai, the dog who had to have his tongue amputated because of a defective toy? Eventually, Four Paws recalled the toy and redesigned it. But how has that worked?

You can read Chai's story here. Just copy and paste the link to the videot into your browser. Or click here to view the news video.

PS -- Sammy, Miles & Billy left a comment, asking about Carrol's dogs, so we're adding a quick update here.

We don't know whether Carrol's request to the court for extra time was granted or what. But thankfully, Rainsville hadn't shown up as of yesterday. We're really purring those dogs all make it out of there.

They had gone back up to 10 for a few days because a rescue pulled out of taking 3, but they are presently down to 5. Carrol's Green Acres

We are really purring all those dogs are soon safe!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bella and Tara

We just love this story of Bella & Tara. As the news guy asks at the end, "If they can do it, why can't (our humans)?"

We have some good news. At least we hope it is good news and we're not dreaming this. But if you remember, Jan hasn't been able to work with photos since she got her computer back the second time. Both Picasa and a MS photo editor had to be un/re-installed several times. She finally got Picasa going but she needs the MS program. Some of you suggested using and she considered it, but she paid for the MS program and it has a specific purpose. So she kept at it, trying to learn the new programs her brother installed to help her. (We've told you she is not a computer brain!) And this afternoon, she figured out how to get MS to load the photos -- correctly this time!

We were going to celebrate since this means we should be able to post new photos, but Jan said we have to wait to be sure the MS photo editor doesn't actually have Alzheimers. If not, then she can sort and label all the photos she's taken since November.

We don't know what she did, but now our email, which has been slow and stubborn the past month, downloads really fast. So if you emailed us and didn't receive a response, your message might have entered oblivion with a few other pieces. (Maybe we should ask Daisy's Harley to investigate the case of the disappearing emails.)

Oh, and we're hoping Momo kitty and the other bloggers in Australia (and non-bloggers too) are okay. There are terrible brush fires over there -- some possibly deliberately set -- and a lot of humans and animals have died. We're all purring and Jan's praying for their safety.

Update 9/9 -- We've heard from Momo kitty. She and her SS are okay, but SS just lost her beloved aunt, so please stop by and leave a comment for them.

Also Shadow & Molly said
Vampy Vic, Gypsy and Tasha, and Forever Foster have checked in and are okay. We hope all other Australian cat, dog, etc. bloggers are checking in with their friends too.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wonderful World

We all need a little sunshine and we've got just the thing today.

Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World." And you pet bloggers will love what you're watching while he sings. Enjoy!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Frayed Nerves

Heather has updated her blog regarding the time on Carrol Crocker's dogs. Carrol and Fogotten Paws, the rescue group helping Carrol, must be chewing their claws -- uh, nails to the quick.

Among other help, they sure can use some transport and transporters! You can read the latest update at Hope4Dogs.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still Counting

It was really nerve-wracking, waiting to hear what yesterday would bring, as it was the final day before Rainsville was scheduled to step in and confiscate the remainder of Carrol Crocker's dogs. We haven't been able to get confirmation yet, but the Green Acres web page changed the number to 7 yesterday and there's no sign of panic. So we assume the request made to the court for a few more days was granted and the remaining dogs are still safe today.

We're hopping around with our paws crossed, waiting for really good news -- that all of Carrol's dogs are safely re-homed, in a rescue, or being fostered.

Carrol's page: Green Acres

Heather's Hope 4 Dogs

And for a quick update on our -- uh, Jan's computer, she is hoping she might be able to work with photos again in a small way, but she had to uninstall her MS photo editor because the program is determined there are 2 sets of photos on here (with the same file name and path, no less) and it locks up everything looking for them. If anyone has a clue how she can get it to reinstall (again!) without causing the same problem, let us know. Nothing complicated. We don't want to see her sitting here again, tears running, fists waving and yelling at a machine.

We haven't had much attention for a while because she has been spending days at this computer -- till the wee hours of the morning -- trying to figure out how this new av/anti-spyware/"Windows-Prozac" program works and why it was being so contrary every time she tried to do something as simple as retrieve her email.

Even though she thinks she's made progress and is ready to give photos a try today, it's going to be a long, long, super-long highway back to where we were in November. And we were behind then. So, we apologize to all who have given us awards in the last 5 or so months. We promised we would post them, but we're going to have to go back on our word. We hope you will forgive us, but except for eventually getting to a couple of special posts we've had planned for a while, we're going to have to move forward. Our thanks to each of you who shared your award with us. It was an honor.

And, as much as we hate to say it, this computer is not finished. Mr. Doug will be doing more work on it in the near future. We hope that will just be for hardware. He has invested a lot of hours already. In fact, the night Jan worked till almost 4 a.m. writing a column, her brother spent the same hours working on her computer. They're both a little old for all-nighters and this has really taken a toll on both of them. Jan is just getting back on her feet from it and hopefully Mr. Doug is too. We're really proud of Mr. Doug!

Buddy: I've always been proud of him! Mr. Doug saved my life.

Well, just in case you've forgotten what we look like, we're going to go into our online Picasa album and see what we can find. Ah, here's one from Karl's lizard BBQ back on April 15 of last year. That was a fun time!

photo by Sassy

JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam