Friday, July 19, 2019

Marcus Meets Aggressive Shopping Cart

Percy:  Well, I see you have retained your passion for beating up shopping carts.  And Jan.

Marcus:  I have never beaten up Jan!

Percy:  Save your breath.  I witnessed it through the window with my own eyes this time. Plus you stomped her foot injury for the umpteenth time.

Marcus:  I had nothing to do with that foot accident.

Percy:  The original one, no.  She knocked a 19 ounce can of liquid off an overhead shelf and it bounced on her foot.  But for the past 5 1/2 weeks you have been keeping it from fully healing.

Marcus:  Wow!  I didn't realize.  Do you think I should order her a new foot from Amazon?

Percy:  I think you should let her walk on her own feet.  And what possessed you to attack the shopping cart Jan brought home yesterday with a couple of heavy items?  You didn't bother it last night when you two set out on a walk.

Marcus:  But this morning it got aggressive and growled at me. I couldn't let it get away with that.

Percy:  I didn't hear any growling.  Just a lot of screaming when you suddenly dived at a cart wheel and yanked the cart backward.  As Jan was jerked forward, you body slammed her in the shins, stomped her injured foot and tripped her with your body.

Marcus:  But she couldn't have been hurt.  She managed to stop her fall before her head hit the ground.    

Percy: Marcus, there are more ways to injure a human than splitting her head open.

Marcus:  There are?  You think that's why she was yelling at me?  I didn't think it was fair.  She wouldn't let me rush in for a second attack and she didn't take me for a walk either.

Percy:  She needed to rest so she could totter back with the cart before you tried to kill her again. 

Marcus:  Well, none of this would have happened if she had picked a non-aggressive cart to borrow.  A shopping cart must be submissive and not growl.

Percy:  Of course.  Why didn't I think of that?  It's not your fault.

Some of you might remember our original shopping cart post - and video! - from 2014. Nothing has changed. Marcus still loves to show a shopping cart who is boss, no matter what. You can view that post and video here.  Be glad Jan didn't try to film Marcus spinning/throwing the cart - and Jan - in rapid circles.  You would be dizzy too!

Many thanks to Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs for this lovely graphic for Percy Turns Fifteen.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Percy Turns Fifteen

It is so hard to believe dear Percy turns 15 years old today.  He was so tiny when Merci rescued him.  I thought he was a bird.  He chirped for a time, so he was temporarily named Birdie.  If he had not persevered until I believed Merci was correct and that chirping in the bush was actually a kitten, he would never have been rescued.  Perseverance was the perfect name for him.  Percy for short.

Happy birthday, from all of us.  You are still the same sweet, persevering cat we've always known to you be.

We were quite worried about you when you kept falling off the air conditioning unit, landing on the floor below, and determinedly going right back to lay there until you fell off again.  It was such a relief when you finally realized there is now an old desk by a front window where you can enjoy watching people and traffic without getting hurt.  We love you and hope you will have a good day lounging on your desk window perch. 


Our last post was in January and it was a sad one.  I was sick with the flu and a high temperature the day Cyndi left for the bridge and for the last months have been having back and health problems.  I have no energy.  But Percy is the last of the original Funny Farmers and he deserves a celebration post.

Some sweet bloggers sent cards for Cyndi and have never been acknowledged.  We would like to do so now.

                                                          By Ann of Zoolatry.

                                               By Pipo, Dalton & mom Ingrid.

                                           By Alasandra, the Cats and the Dogs (atcad).

Thank you, ladies, for the lovely cards in memory of our dear Cyndi.  We apologize for being so long in sharing them.