Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stop the Pit Bull Ban

Anonymous left a comment on our recent post regarding the proposed pit bull ban in Ohio. Since we can't contact Anonymous to ask permission, we hope he or she won't mind if we borrow it to help make a point. Anonymous wrote --

I'm paraphrasing here, because I don't know exactly how the saying goes, but it's something like:

"They came for the Jews* and no one said anything; they came for the (fill in the blank), and no one said anything ... they came for ME, and no one was left to say anything."

We could easily fit "pit bull" in the blank section, and it would work. Then, "they came for Cats, and no one was left to say anything." could fit too.

This has to be stopped. How to we protest, and who do we send letters to, if we're from another state? (Good question. Anyone know the answer?)

* Nothing personal, this is just how I remember the saying.

Thank you, Anonymous, for voicing our own concerns. And on the precept that "great minds think alike," Jan had the same thought. And when Jan's brother read the proposed Ohio state law, he rewrote it to illustrate another example of the type of evil that can eventually arise from such a broad class death sentence.

Sec. (A) Beginning ninety days after the effective date of this section, no person shall own, keep, or harbor a person that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a senior citizen.

(B) Not later than ninety days after the effective date of this section, a person who cares for, helps, or harbors a senior citizen on the effective date of this section shall surrender the senior citizen to the old folks warden. Not later than ten days after receiving the senior citizen, the old folks warden shall euthanize the older person.

(C)(1) Beginning ninety days after the effective date of this section, if an officer has probable cause to believe that an older person is a senior citizen, the officer may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant. The court shall issue a search warrant for the purposes requested if there is probable cause to believe that an older person is a senior citizen.

(2) After obtaining a search warrant, an officer shall seize the senior citizen and surrender the older person to the older person warden. Not later than ten days after receiving the old person, the old person warden shall euthanize the old person.

We cannot permit people to get old and cause problems for this administration. We should not allow old people to wander about as they are a problem for this society and they take drugs.

Okay, this sounds outlandish, even funny because it seems so implausible. But is it really? We certainly hope this never comes to pass. After all, our Jan is older than any of us, so she must be a senior citizen by now. And where would we live if ...?

Breed Specific Laws do not protect humans or other animals from individual dogs that become aggressive and a danger to others. Punish the owners who train their dogs of any breed to be aggressive. Don't punish the pit bull "breed" for the few.

If there is one related lesson to be learned from the Michael Vick dogfighting case, it is that - if we remember correctly - only one of his pit bulls that had been trained to fight and kill was euthanized for aggression toward humans. The others were sent to various shelters for eventual adoption, although some suffered such PTSD symptoms, they will undoubtedly live the rest of their lives in shelters.

Labeling all pit bulls as dangerous or vicious is ignorant. Ignorant means lacking basic knowledge on a subject. We hope the Ohio legislation will decide to implement education instead of eradication.

You can read our original post on the proposed Ohio Pit Bull ban here.

*** Tesla's mom wrote an essay for her newspaper, The Extermination. Stop by and read it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fresh Step Expressions

A reminder: Oprah is rebroadcasting the show on Puppy Mills tomorrow, May 29. Check your local TV listing for time and channel. If you missed it the first time, it is an excellent and informative show.


A while ago we posted this picture of Percy examining a delivery of cat litter – Fresh Step® Fresh Expressions™ Lavender Valley™ Scoopable Litter, to be exact.

Jan has long wanted to try clumping cat litter but with so many animals and so few green papers, she didn’t think we would get to try it. That is, until Fresh Step sent her some clumping litter for us to test. She was really happy about this, although why she thinks washing litter pans and changing litter every 3 or 4 days is a chore is beyond us. She should be honored we allow her to wait on us.

The next time she changed the litter, she poured in Fresh Step Expressions instead of the usual litter. There didn’t appear to be as much dust as with our usual litter, which really made her happy. Until she started sneezing. You guessed it. She was allergic to the scent. We know this because she had sneezing fits until the scent subsided every time she added litter. But she agreed to try it for a month and she kept her word.

We, of course, had to immediately check it out and test it. Overall, we agreed with Jan. We liked it best when the scent diminished. It tickled our noses when it was fresh. We did, however, like that we didn’t have to stand in pee-stained litter. The litter formed a hard ball around anything liquid. But we did do a better job of covering our solids than we normally would, although we have no rational explanation for that phenomenon.

So, we liked it and we wanted her to try some unscented Fresh Step Expressions, but Jan went and did a Google search on clumping litter. She learned clumping cat litter contains sodium bentonite, a natural sealant. We aren’t going to go into the whole argument over whether clumping litter is safe or not because, although Jan has read so much about it (including information sent to her by Fresh Step) that her head is swimming, each cat’s human has to make a personal informed decision.

What we will say is that we liked the product and it certainly made Jan’s everyday job and litter change easier. But Jan hasn’t made a decision yet on whether or not she will try clumping cat litter again. Jan promised to post before June 1 and right now she is sick with some kind of a respiratory illness, so she's afraid if she puts this off, she won't be able to get back to it in time.

So we’re going to help her out by posting this and thanking the kind folks at Fresh Step for letting us test their product. We give it a thumbs up.

Oops. We must be catching Jan's fever. We meant to say, We give it a PAWS up!

(s) Crystal, Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty

Monday, May 26, 2008

8th of November

The Army of Four has posted a link to a YouTube video on another blog and we just have to post it here. This video is in honor of Jan's brothers - all Vietnam vets. Thankfully, they all returned home from the war. But many didn't.

The song is by Big & Rich.

The original Memorial Day post is below this one.

Memorial Day - Arlington

Never forget our military heroes at Arlington or elsewhere. The song "Arlington" is by Trace Adkins.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ohio Proposes Pit Bull Ban

We have a beef with the state of Ohio. Well, not a beef. We like beef. But we don't like what the Ohio state legislature is considering. Ohio House Bill 568, recently introduced by Representative Tyrone Yates of Cincinnati, seeks to prohibit the ownership, keeping, or harboring of a dog commonly known as a pit bull. If this bill is passed and adopted into law, all pit bulls will be seized and euthanized.

Excuse me, Ohio, but has power afflicted your leaders' brains? (If any of your humans write anyone in office in Ohio, please don't include this statement in your letter. It will hinder your case, not help it. Always be polite when writing legal idiots .... um those with the power but minus a brain .... no, that's rude too. We have it! Always be polite when writing so your letter will be read instead of deep-sixed.)

This is what they want to pass:

Sec. 955.111. (A) Beginning ninety days after the effective date of this section, no person shall own, keep, or harbor a dog that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog.

(B) Not later than ninety days after the effective date of this section, a person who owns, keeps, or harbors a pit bull dog on the effective date of this section shall surrender the dog to the dog warden. Not later than ten days after receiving the dog, the dog warden shall euthanize the dog.

(C)(1) Beginning ninety days after the effective date of this section, if an officer has probable cause to believe that a dog is a pit bull dog, the officer may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant. The court shall issue a search warrant for the purposes requested if there is probable cause to believe that a dog is a pit bull dog.

(2) After obtaining a search warrant, an officer shall seize the pit bull dog and surrender the dog to the dog warden. Not later than ten days after receiving the dog, the dog warden shall euthanize the dog.

(D) As used in this section, "officer" has the same meaning as in section 959.132 of the Revised Code.

From Petfinder: All concerned Ohio dog owners should contact their elected representatives and express their strong opposition to HB 568. To find your elected representatives, click here.

One question we have but don't have the time to research at the moment is, what does Ohio classify as a "pit bull"? There is actually no such breed. "Pit bull" is generally used to include: The American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. There are, however, 20-plus breeds mistaken for a pit bull, which might help to explain why it seems as if just about every canine mishap or attack involves a "pit bull."

Breed specific legislation is wrong! If a man commits a violent crime, he is tried and sentenced. He receives a death sentence or a prison sentence based on a personal guilty verdict. The legal system does not send his extended family to prison or give each member a lethal injection. That would be a miscarriage of justice.

So why would the justice system consider condemning to death each and every member of an extended canine family, including presumed family members because they bear similar features? This kind of canine "justice" is completely insane!

We hope Ohio House Bill 568 will be shot down without mercy and without delay!

Our dog rescuing friend Mark sent us a link to this video about pit bulls. Enjoy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, ML

Today is ML's birthday. Some of you might not know her but most kitties do. She has her hand in lots of pots and is usually quite successful.

But she flunked fostering - biiiiiig time! Well, actually, she passed, very tearfully, but she passed. Then little Faith Boomerang flunked shelter 101 and ML ended up with three of her foster babies back home. Hooray for flunking fosters!

Anyway, ML is very involved in the cat blogosphere and she helps a lot of kitties and their humans. We'd like to say thanks, ML, and give you your moment in the spotlight sans your crew. (Most likely you will have to click on the graphic to see the animation.)

Happy Birthday, ML!
From all of us here at JFF.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Molly the Shetland Pony

We received an email today with a wonderful story and photographs. We can't post it because Jan says we are supposed to use links, not use someone else's story/pictures without permission. And since so many emails are nothing more than someone else's work "borrowed" (a polite way of saying "stolen") without permission, they don't contain contact information or identify the source.

But this story is so good we just have to post it. So we did some research. First we went to and checked to verify the story is true.

Then we read several blogs and sites on the subject. We searched the videos at YouTube. And now we are ready to post the story.

Molly the pony was left behind during Katrina. Eventually, she was taken to a rescue farm. There she was severely injured when attacked by a rescued pit bull. She survived, but lost a leg. Have you ever heard of a 3-legged pony ... wearing a prosthesis?

You can read some of Molly's inspirational story on The Jurga Report. The Jurga blog entry announces the book, Molly the Pony, but don't let that deter you. It gives you some background on Molly.

When you have read a little about her and how extensive her initial wounds were, her story becomes even more amazing.

This is a video made by the LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine and Molly the 15-year-old Shetland Pony is the star. It is well-worth taking a few minutes to watch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I Go, Let Me Go

Cotton: Buddy, you're my brother and I love you.

Buddy: Thanks, it's nice to hear you say that.

Merci: We all love you, Buddy, but .....

Buddy: But? But what?

Percy: But if Jan ever decides to clone you, we're leaving home!

Buddy: But why? What have I done to you?

Cyndi: You haven't done anything to any of us, Buddy.

Crystal: You're unique, Buddy. One of a kind.

Samaritan: What about me? Am I one of a kind too?

Rusty: Of course you are! We're all unique. Look at us. We don't look anything alike and we're brother and sisters.

Cameron: Yes, we're all different. Can you imagine if we all looked alike?

Merci: Yes, that would be weird. Jan loves each of us. I don't think she would want us to be clones of each other.

Buddy: What's a clone? Is that where someone creates a fake me?

Cotton: Exactly! A fake Buddy. One "created" to look like you but isn't you.

Crystal: I read today that cats have been cloned and now dogs.

Cyndi: Why would anyone want a fake Buddy?

Percy: Yes, why? We like the Buddy we have, don't we?

Rusty: Well, I think it's sad that humans are actually cloning animals to look like animals that have died. That doesn't make any sense to me, especially when there are millions of animals being killed in shelters every year.

Cameron: Yes, Rusty, you and Merci were adopted from the shelter. You could have been among the ones who didn't come out of it alive.

Samaritan: Humans are hard to understand. Some of them treat us like throwaway trash and others can't let us go when we die. Death happens to all of us eventually.

Buddy: Yes, it does. And I hope when I die, Jan won't try to clone me. I want to be the only me - um, the only Buddy she ever rescued.

Samaritan: Me too. I mean, I want to be her only Samaritan. And I hope she loves me enough to let go when my time comes.

Buddy: Good. We're all agreed on this. So let's go watch the squirrels in the back yard.

Cotton: Good idea. Jan won't be interested in cloning any of us, so we don't need to bookmark Best Friends Again (NOT the same as Best Friends Animal Society) for her. And we don't want to let her know about the idiots, um, company offering to clone the dogs of the 5 highest bidders at an auction next month. She'll just get upset and use some words we aren't supposed to hear.

Cameron: Yes, my ears are burning just thinking about it. Let's go watch the squirrels with Buddy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Panther, Archi and a Trio

The other day things were looking very bad for Panther kitty, but amazingly he is improving. Panther lives in Malaysia. He had a rough start in life that left him disabled, and then he was hit by a car. You can read Panther's story and updates on CrizCats.


We were sorry to learn one of our favorite bunnies died unexpectedly Sunday. We hope you will stop by Archie's Antics and leave an encouraging message for her mum if you haven't already done so. She will leave the site up as a tribute to Archi Ann but she now blogs on Archie's Mum.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, no matter how careful we try to be.


This trio of animals is amazing. As the owner suggests, we should all get along so well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Totally Hip

We are honored that Abby, Rosie, Jackie, Gidget & Lola from The Cat/Dog Log gave us - correction, they gave Jan the Totally Hip Award because "Jan is always on the go helping rescued pets, and has taken in several adorable adoptees herself, and for this we think she is totally hip."

We don't know why anyone would give her such an award when all our readers know without us adorable adoptees to provide free kitty/doggy sitting and training, she wouldn't be able to rescue a flea. And the Funny Farm journal would be so boooooorrrrrring! But we accept this on her behalf, since this is our blog. (Hehehe.)

We would like to pass this on to Moki. This little guy is a fighter, and as his humans strive to learn more about his neurological problems and how to care for a special needs kitty, they share this information to help other animals.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Quick Pic

Jan was sitting at the computer when Samaritan started barking. She found Samaritan, Buddy and several of us kitties at the back screen door staring intently ahead. Can you see what held our attention? Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Jan ran to get her camera, and no sooner did she snap this photo through the screen door the chipmunk on the right, which had been pretending to be a statue since Samaritan scared it, and the squirrel on the left raced off.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fish School

We were under the impression fish are only good for one thing - dinner! But we came across a fish school website and just have to share it.

You can see more videos of Fish School on the website.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Merci is Tagged

Chance's woofie brother Shadow tagged Merci for a meme. Merci, mind you, because she's sooooo cute! "Sooooo cute" are Shadow's words.

We think it's about time some woofie noticed how cute she is, especially after that photo we've been posting for Deetz's Scary Eye Contest. (The contest ends tomorrow, so woofies and kitties, go vote.) Merci looks like an evil eyed, snarling, wild dog in the photo. But she actually has the heart of a pussy cat.

And now that we've embarrassed Merci by reminding everyone she's sooooo cute, we're going to turn this over to her to do her meme.

(s) Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Rusty & Samaritan


The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Jan says I'm about 5 or 6 years old, so I wasn't born yet.

2. Five Things on my to-do list today.

Eat. Walk Jan. Nap. Wrestle with Samaritan. Roll over for treats.

3. Three snacks I enjoy.

Lettuce, the water veggies were cooked in, and a dab of peanut butter on a chew bone.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Buy a great big house! So there would be lots of room to stretch out on the floor without getting stepped on. With a huge fenced yard so I could race around with Buddy and Samaritan and whatever animals Jan found/fostered that need a home. Buy Jan a car with enough room for Buddy, Samaritan and me to sit comfortably in the back seat together. Oh, and I'd make sure there is a driveway to park it in so she wouldn't have to drive over the curb anymore and park on the lawn.

5. Three of my bad habits.

I don't have any bad habits.

What do you mean, I do too, Buddy? Oh, okay.

When we walk Jan and I see a squirrel - and we see a lot of squirrels on our walks - I take off after it. This yanks her shoulder and she hollers.

When Jan tells us woofies sit, down or whatever, I don't do it because I know I am a good girl, so she isn't talking to me, just the guys. But she gets exasperated and yells, "You too, Merci!" So I guess Jan considers this is a bad habit.

I have excellent hearing, so I let Jan know every little thing that happens in the neighborhood. Even those she can't see for looking. She says this drives her crazy. Oh, well, if I become a billionaire, she'll have a larger car to take her wherever crazy is.

6. Five places I have lived.

I don't remember where I lived before coming here. I do remember spending 5 days in the shelter and any time I run into the shelter manager/animal control officer, I still growl at him. I've lived here ever since. Five years this July.

7. Five jobs I have had.

Jan walker. Treat taste tester. Kitten rescuer. Disciplinarian for Buddy when he was a woofie baby. Cat and dog toy pick up and return to den overseer.

Thank you for tagging me, Shadow. (I think you're cute too, even if Chance wants you to have your own yard so he doesn't have to share with you.) I'm supposed to tag 4 or 5, but we can't remember any blogs we haven't seen this on, so we're just going to throw it open. If you haven't and would like to do this meme so we can learn more about you, consider yourself tagged.

(s) Merci

PS - If you missed the premier of the CCSI III production "The Missing Mummy Caper," drop by Sassy's to view Part I and Part II. Our Cameron was Uncle Bill and he is quite handsome in his costume.

Friday, May 09, 2008

CCSI and Scary Eye

Momo, Publicity and Marketing Manager of CCSI, sent me (Cameron) and all the cast members of CCSI III, a gift basket of appreciation.

By Momo & SS

I would like to thank Momo, Sassy and all the other CCSI executives for the opportunity to participate. It has been such fun working with all the others.

"The Missing Mummy Caper" premiers May 10 & 11. That's tomorrow and Sunday at Sassy's. Be sure to mark your calendar.

The other Funny Farm residents can't wait! They don't know what to expect. I haven't given them any clues.

(s) Cameron

And, hey, all you kitties and woofies - yes, kitties and woofies - don't forget Samaritan and Merci are entered in Deetz's Scary Eye Contest. They are Photo N of the Very Scary Eye Category!

Even if you don't vote for us, do stop by, check out the photos in the different categories (there is one just for cats) and vote.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


The long-anticipated CCSI III, "The Missing Mummy Caper" is here.

Our Cameron is among the cast and he is so into his part of Uncle Bill, he has asked Jan if he has any nieces and nephews he could adopt. Jan said he undoubtedly has more than he can count, but his birth family's whereabouts are not known to her today.

The mystery - the CCSI mystery, not the mystery of Cameron's relatives - will run Saturday and Sunday, May 10 and 11 at Sassy's.


Detective Bucky Bun: DK
Detective Harry Moe: Mickey
Papa Adam Ball: Mr. Hendrix
Mama Patti Ball: Marilyn Monroew
Cleoctra Ball: Charlotte
Tonto Ball: Pablo
Mika Ball: Eric
Rudy Ball: Merlin
Ling Ling: Jessica
Mr. Doogle: The Devil Dog-Roxy
Peachy Pitt: Miss Peach
Catherine Pitt: Ariel
Uncle Bill: Cameron
Paramedic #1: Tyler
Paramedic #2: Derby
Nurse #1: Tamra Maew
Nurse #2: Zippy
Dr. Kieran: Dr. Tweety
Policeman #1: Rocky
Policeman #2: Maya

Dr. Tweety is one of the cast. Be sure to order some party eats from Dr. Tweety's Itty Bitty Cafe and invite your friends over to share the production fun.

Friday update: We have learned Dr. Tweety will not be able to attend the premier Saturday night, due to circumstances beyond his control. But his cafe will be open Sunday so you can all drop over there to watch the Missing Mummy Caper with friends and enjoy some paw licking good food.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Going Cruising

Charlie, Momo & Charlotte
Photo by Momo

Charlie, Charlotte and Momo crossed the ocean in the HiJinx and met us in the Butterfly Memorial Garden, a favorite picnic spot of Socks, Charybds and Scylla. It is such a lovely and peaceful place that we almost hated to leave. But we had a busy day ahead, so after a leisurely picnic and an invigorating nap, we went on to activity number two on our list - lunch!

Photo by Momo & Sassy

We had a small meal at Mary Mahoney's restaurant, which is close to where the boat was moored on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. (Well, we thought we were having a small meal until the long tables we'd moved together broke apart under the heaping trays of food.But, hey, there were 17 of us and we were hungry!) The weather was lovely, so we ate under the Patriarch Arch in the courtyard.

After lunch, we walked the short distance to the boat and piled on. What a luxurious boat. No wonder our Australian friends traveled by sea. We cruised around the Gulf of Mexico for a while, and then set a course to visit some friends.

Photo by Sassy.
Front of boat l-r: Socks, Momo, Sassy, Rusty & Opus
In pilot house l-r: Asta & Roscoe
Back of boat front row l-r: Karl & Ruis
Back of boat back row l-r: Emil & Mrs Oz
Scylla's up top with the net. She wanted to catch a seagull for an evening snack. Or even a flying fish. Anything fresh and tasty.

Our first stop was in Cocoa, Florida, where Zoolatry's Maggy & Zoey were patiently waiting to welcome us with a little wine, cheese, bread and grapes. There is something about water spray hitting one in the face that works up an appetite. The refreshments were a welcome sight and we enjoyed every bite.

Photo by Zoolatry

Our next stop was to see Daisy the curly cat. We all admire Daisy for her sense of fashion and she didn't let us down. She was wearing the cutest perky white sailor suit and hat.

Photo by Sassy.
l-r: Charlie, Charlotte, Charybdis, Pinot & Momo

Daisy waved good-by as we sailed on to Samantha and Tigger's in Daytona Beach, where the had a picnic prepared for us. We couldn't stay too long, though. We still had another stop to make.

All aboard!
Photo by Sassy & Zoolatry

We left Samantha & Tigger's and went on to our last stop of the day, Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping and little Gracie's in Northern Florida. I didn't know them very well, so it was great to meet them face to face and to get to know them as individuals.

At the end of the day, exhilarated but exhausted, we all needed a long nap.

Be sure to visit Charlie ... Sassy ... Momo ... Opus &Roscoe ... Karl, Emil, Mrs Oz ... Ruis ... Charlotte ... Asta ... Momo dog & Pinot ... Socks, Charybdis and Scylla ... and Rusty (That's me.) and read their versions of our cruise.

(s) Rusty/JFF

Friday, May 02, 2008

Scary Eye and Simon Cowell

All the photos are posted and the voting has begun on Deetz's Scary Eye Contest. The entries have been divided into 5 categories. Samaritan and Merci are in the Very Scary Eye division. You can find the rules on Deetz - Scary Eye Contest. If you haven't already, stop by and vote.


The other day we were sent a link to Which Celebrity Is Your Cat? We felines didn't want to answer the quiz for all 6 of us, so we drew orange hairs to choose just one of us to represent the club. (We plucked 8 long orange hairs from Rusty's coat and 1 short orange hair from Crystal's.) Percy drew the short hair, so we answered all the questions for him.

Now, Percy is a laid back, friendly kitty. But after we answered all the strange questions that offered us choices totally removed from Percy's personality, we were all flabbergasted to get the message .....

Oh, we hate to do this to Percy. It's so embarrassing.

Your cat is Simon Cowell!

Enterprising, brassy and not afraid to meowing what's on his mind, Percy is Idol-maker Simon Cowell!

There's no beating around the bush with Percy and flattery will get you nowhere. Percy calls it like he sees it, and stands firm on all fours behind his decisions. The cat definitely does not have Percy's tongue—some of his pals think he's bitter and confrontational, while others find him to be impawsibly hilarious. Percy's influence on those around him is remarkable, and he takes advantage of this fact and uses it wisely. Behind his no-nonsense mask, Percy is a perceptive sponge, taking in what he sees and hears around him, and then figuring out how to make it look, or sound, better.

Bitter and confrontational? Well, Percy is mortified and he's been wandering around the house wearing a disguise ever since. We tried to get a photo of him wearing his disguise but he wants to remain incognito until the shame wears off.

Well, we were horrorstruck. What had we done wrong? So we took the site up on its offer and took the quiz again to see if we got different results.

Your cat is Will Smith!

A fresh prince in the pursuit of happiness, Percy is megastar Will Smith!

Putting the jazz back in jazzy, Percy is always moving and grooving to the beat of his own internal drum. Not one to settle for second best, Percy only takes on projects that are sure to draw attention and improve his pawpularity in the pack. Percy's broad appeal across breed, age and gender lines means that his actions often lead to his being named best in show. Smooth, suave and debonair... he's the perfect pet to take home to Mommy. Not lacking in the looks department, Percy‘s toothy grin would send even the most furrocious group of alien invaders spinning helplessly back into space.

This is better but Percy believes he won't ever live down the embarrassment of being called a Simon Cowell.

If you want to try the quiz for yourself, you can take it at Which celebrity is your cat? There is also a quiz for dogs at Which celebrity is your dog?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Knock, Knock

Camie's Kitties is having a fundraiser for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris, Miss Laura's kitties who survived the fire in their apartment building. Camie's Kitties will donate $.50 for every blog that participates. All you have to do is post a knock knock joke with an appropriate picture (or more). Photoshopping (Cotton says there is no such word but we like it.) is allowed. Then stop by Camie's and leave a comment that you've posted.

Here's our joke.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Thistle who?

Thistle have to hold you until dinner's ready.

Thank you Socks, Scylla & Charybdis for reminding us today is the day we're supposed to do this post.

Chey & Gemini have commented that I'm a funny cat. I'm also clever. Notice, I have a whole bowl of crunchies to myself.

(s) Rusty

PS - We've only seen a few of the knock knock jokes posted so far, but we love the original one at the harmony kitties and Christina's.