Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween Costume Winner

It's Monday.  Time to announce the winner of our Halloween costume giveaway.

Hey, Merci here, wearing my clown costume for the occasion.

First, all of us would like to thank those of you who took the time to check out the costumes at Entirely Pets and enter the giveaway.  We just know the winner will enjoy choosing a  prize. 

We wrote down all of the names of those of you who said you would like to enter.  There were 21.  Then we let select the winning number. It selected #4.

And #4 is ------

Benny & Lily of Two French Bulldogs.  We'll give them a couple of days to decide whether Benny will be a panda or Lily will be a Monarch Butterfly.  We'll be looking forward to an email from them. 

Congratulations, Benny and Lily!  We were rooting for all of the entrants to win (we can dream!), but now that the winner has been randomly selected, we'll mention that as many of you already know, Benny has been fighting the Big C.  He's been taking chemo and living by his motto:  Fight Like A Frenchie.  We're very proud of his grit and determination.

All the costume selections can be viewed here, along with directions on how to meansure for size. 

We would like to thank Entirely Pets for sponsoring this giveaway. They provided each of us dogs with a costume to model but we were not paid or directed what to say. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Smile with Cameron

Good morning, Cameron here.  Excuse me a moment while I finish my treats.

Okay, thanks for waiting.  The Halloween giveaway ended at midnight last night.  We will post the winning name tomorrow.

I have a video for you today I just know will give you a Sunday Smile.  It's short but full of cute and adorable kittens.

I think this must be the P Family. - Panda, Paris, Pikachu, Peter, Pavel & Persey.  

Enjoy the video and have a good Sunday.  I'm going to see if I can con some extra treats. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Percy is Painted

Yesterday we feared Rusty would get a swelled head because he was the only Funny Farmer Feline to have his portrait painted.  So HH very kindly painted Percy. for today  We all appreciate this.  Rusty is large enough without a swelled head.

 We love the portrait of our handsome Percy. It was done by Mom Lou from HH and the Boys (Bugsy & Knuckles).


Don't forget our Halloween costume giveaway ends at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced on Monday.

Jan says funny things happen as humans get older, their memory starts slipping, and they're rushed.  She whipped up this graphic for us Monday afternoon and didn't notice until Wednesday afternoon when she was posting it on Facebook, she'd written "Buddy as Sweet Pea."  And no one noticed.  Not her.  Not us.  Not any of our readers.

Yes, that handsome dude looking like a green court jester is Sam, not Buddy.  

Stop by and leave a comment on our Halloween Giveaway post if you wold like to enter to win a costume. 


If you haven't yet read this week's Mousebreath interview, Gracie, Bella and George Patrol, Protect and Pounce, we hope you will go by to read it and then go visit A Blip on the Radar's blog to say hello.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blip on Radar and Rusty

It's Funny Farmer Feline Friday again. We love getting to know cat bloggers better, so this is always a big day for us.  We hope you enjoy it too.  But we also have a couple of other exciting events going on today: Rusty is painted and we are featured. 

We had fun interviewing the farm cats from A Blip on the Radar blog.  They have a nice life, even if their mom isn't able to give them as much blogging time as they'd like - and being cats, as much blogging time as they deserve.

We thought it would be a good chance for our readers to get to know them better.  They do post on a variety of topics and are very generous about letting their mom "rattle on" about non-cat related subjects, such as sheep, cooking and spinning yarn on a spinning wheel. Not the kind of subjects discussed around our house, so we find them refreshing..

We encourage you to take a couple of minutes to read Gracie, Bella and George Patrol, Protect and Pounce, exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats.

Mom Lou of HH & the Boys (Bugsy & Knuckles) has painted our Rusty.  She has been working on another 30 paintings in 30 days and Rusty is #27. He sure is handsome but he doesn't look much like the painting at the moment.  He's wearing his short summer coat, but soon his winter coat will grow in and he'll be a huge ball of fluff again.


We know it's Friday, but we're thankful for so many things we're joining PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.


And we're also the Featured Favorite for this week's Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade.  You'll only see Cameron's handsome face, but he represents all of us.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet & Greet Noodle

Welcome to today's Meet & Greet.  We know you will enjoy our featured guest, Noodle.  Noodle is new to blogging and we've all been there so we know how overwhelming yet fun it can be.  He's been  making lots of friends and plans to stick around for a while. His blog is called Here Comes Noodle.

Here's Noodle to tell you a little about himself.



Hello! My name is Noodle and I want to state right at the beginning I am sooo new at this!

My people and I have only been blogging for about two and a half months so we ask your kind indulgence in our attempt to leap into the blogosphere.

About my name;  they were trying to decide on an appropriate name when someone noticed I was long and thin and floppy like a noodle thus I was named Noodle.

I was a feral kitty with five brothers and sisters. We were rescued by Friends Of Animals in Seattle. We were all living together in a tiny area in the shelter and one by one all of my feline family was adopted and I was left alone. One day some people who had just lost their sweet  cat came in and just as I thought they were going to leave, they picked me up and saved me!

I must admit I am a bit spoiled. I have tons of kitty toys. Truth be told I love playing with the toilet paper! In a pinch some paper towels will do.


We love blogging! And I am so grateful to all of the wonderful cats and people who have stopped by our blog.

This whole experience has been incredible, I can't wait to learn more and meet more new friends.

I hope you like our little blog. It's still in it's infancy as am I but together we will grow and flourish.

Many Noodle hugs to you all!


We think we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Noodle. Stop by to visit and say hello at  Here Comes Noodle.

Would you like to be featured in a Meet & Greet?  Email us a little about you and your blog and include a couple of photos.  Nothing fancy, no reason to be scared to contact us.  You know your blog best.  Tell the world  - well, at least our readers - who you are and what you do.  It will be fun.  Email us at JansFunnyFarm (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Oh, dear, we've been so busy we forgot Micah's birthday (assigned) is today.  He came to us one year ago.  We're happy to have him as part of the family.  Happy birthday, dear Micah and we're sorry Jan forgot about you.  You know we never would. 


And don't forget we are having a giveaway.  It ends Saturday midnight.  Details are in our Halloween Giveaway post.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Halloween Giveaway

Buddy:  Hey, friends, before we begin today's post and get to the giveaway, I ... we - Merci, Sam and I - would like to say we're innocent of everything except having fun picking on Jan. 

Sam:  It all started when Jan ordered us each a Halloween costume.  She knows we do NOT EVER let her dress us if we have to dress by lifting our legs.  She was careful to order costumes with velvro, never dreaming there would be leg holes instead of velcro leg straps.  She thought the costumes would be like my thundershirt - all velcro tabs. Surprise!

Merci:  Well, we're about to show you the photo bomb session of the century.  Buddy, Sam and I weren't the only uncooperative elements of the photo shoot, the sun refused to shine through the tree branches.  Enough said.  Let's take a look.

Sweet Pea Sam

Sam:  Hey, look at me. I'm Sweet Pea, all in green.  From this angle I look more like a court jester, but let's take a look at the rest of the costume. 

Sweet Pea Sam
Sam:  This is not how the costume should look.  It should fit.  Notice the leg hole to the right?  My ears go through the slits okay, but I refuse to let Jan put my feet through the leg holes. 

Sweet Pea Sam
Sam:  It doesn't look so bad from this angle because the leg holes don't show.. It's a  nice one piece costume. Thick, soft material and accented with 3 large poly-filled peas. It even has a leash hole.  We're not sure if this is machine washable.

Sweet Pea Sam
Sam:  Don't look at me like that, Jan.  I need a break from modeling... This is an XL Sweet Pea costume.and you can get a much better idea of how is is supposed to look when the model actually puts his legs through the leg holes by clicking here.

Pirate Captain Buddy
Buddy:  And I'm the swashbuckling Captain Buddy.  Don't I look fierce?

Pirate Captain Buddy

Buddy: Hey, Sam, I didn't laugh when you tried on the Sweet Pea costume.  This has a buckle (which brilliant Jan buckled underneath my belly instead of across the back, a sash and a cutlas so I can threaten the kitties with walking the plank.  (Just kidding.  I love the Funny Farmer Felines.) It is machine washable.

Pirate Captain Buddy
Buddy:  What do you mean, I have to stand up so readers can see the costume?  I'm a senior pirate.  I sit down between sea voyages.

Pirate Captain Buddy
Buddy:  Yes, I know the arm holes stick out, but I will NOT let Jan put my legs through.  Use some imagination.  You can see how this costume should fit by clicking here.

Clown Merci
Merci:  This costume that doesn't have leg holes, just velcro.  I'm even more senior than Buddy, so I get the privilege of sitting as I model too. This is an easy on, easy off two-piece costume. It is machine washable.

Clown Merci
Merci:  Here is a side and back of the head view.

Clown Merci
Merci:  Don't I look cute?  Very festive.  Don't you love the colors?

Clown Merci
Merci:  Are we done with the pictures yet?

Clown Merci
Merci: Al dressed up and ready for Halloween.  Hey, I don't have to keep this on until then, do I?  Whew, I get to take it off before then.

Clown Merci
Merci:  You can find this clown costume here. I wear a medium.

Buddy in pirate hat
Buddy:  Jan thinks I look cute in the pirate hat.  Back view.

Buddy in pirate hat, Merci & Sam
Buddy:  Captain Buddy reporting for plundering.  Merci and Sam will assist.

Sam in pirate hat, Merci standing guard
Sam: Hey, I look handsome in this hat.  Do you think any girl woofies will think I'm a catch?

Sam in pirate hat
Sam: Or do you think my head is too big and I look more like a cowboy in this hat?  Hats are fun.

Merci:  We did enjoy trying on the costumes, even if the guys are against wearing anything over their legs. Jan said she wishes she had dressed us up when we were young so we we'd be accustomed to it now.

Buddy: The nice folks at Entirely Pets said we could do a giveaway of our favorite costume,  but there are so many neat ones, we'd like to let the winner choose his or her own favorite costume.  The costumes are made for dogs, but it's possible the smaller sizes, especially the hats, could fit a cat, so cats are not excluded from winning.  We do advise cats check the size measurements before entering, though, to be sure it comes in your size.  The available costumes can be found here.

Sam:  Who can enter? Any furry from the US, UK and Canada. Just leave a comment on this post TELLING us you'd like to enter!  Be sure to leave some way we can contact you. We'll leave the giveaway open until midnight Saturday, September 28 and announce the winner chosen by on Monday, Sept. 30.

If you are unable to leave a comment to enter for some reason, email  your entry comment to us and we will post it for you.  In you do, be sure to include your name and your blog address, if you have one.  jansfunny farm AT gmail DOT com. 

Entirely Pets provided the costumes but we were not paid for this review and any opinions expressed are our own.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merci and Cameron Sunday Smile

Merci:  Hey, Cameron, I wonder if our readers have had a bath today?  We dogs had one the other day and we're not too fond of them

Cameron:  We cats hide when you get a bath, just in case Jan gets carried away and wants to start on us.

Merci:  Well, we have two short bath stories for our readers today.  This first one is of two mini dachshunds who can't wait to run upstairs and jump into the bath.

Cameron:  Do you think they're just a wee bit out of their minds?

Merci:  No, Cameron, I think they have a personality disorder.  Or is that an identity crisis?  Anyway, they think they're otters.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Cameron: And for equal time, here's a kitty that enjoys a bath.Wonder what his phone number is in case I ever need a stand-in?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

 Merci:  We've given you two Sunday Smiles.  Have a good rest of the day.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oui Oui, Julie, Carl and Mica Moo

Good morning, we Funny Farmer Felines are here to bring you another Mousebreath interview.  We know you will enjoy meeting the kitties of Twinkletoe Tails. Or, if you're already friends and fans,  you'll learn more about  them.  We learned some things we didn't know, such as is Oui Oui really her name ... how did the lovely Mica Minnie Moo get her name ... are Julie and Carl actually siblings?

Twinkletoe Tails by Oui Oui, Julie, Carl & MMM (Mica Minnie Moo) can be read exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats. 

See you next week when we'll bring you exciting news of ... um, we aren't sure who we will interview next week.  But it will be fun.

Friday is also the Pet Parade blog hop at Rascal & Rocco's.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Talk Like Thankful Pirates

We didn't want to miss Pirate Day again, and Jan said she didn't have time to make us a new graphic for Meow or Woof Like A Pirate Day so we are re-using the one from 2011.  But we are all sad because Jan had to replace Cotton with Micah.  Not that we're sad Micah is here. It's just that we're all sad Cotton left us last year four months before Micah arrived.

Guess that's what we're thankful for today, that we had so many good years with Cotton.  And with Crystal.  It's just so hard to replace them in headers and other graphics. Many of you have been through that at least once.

But we didn't want to miss Pirate Day.

So, Avast, Ye Hearties, let's break out a hogshead o' grog ta celebrate!


Swami Zoe, thank you so much for sharing the Super Sweet Bloggie Award with us. 

 We will have to answer the questions and pass it on later.  But we are honored and wanted to acknowledge it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet & Greet Matilda

Hey, thanks for coming by this week's Meet & Greet.  We're a bit embarrassed because we promised these nice dogs we'd do this post two weeks ago; however, when we went looking for our subject, there wasn't one so no M&G was posted that week.  Turned out a certain someone - and we won't tell on Miss Slip of the Fingers but her initials are J A N - deleted the file on us. We'd lock her in the doghouse but not only does it not have a door, but it's guarded by Rusty.  He keeps those Nutty Ninja Squirrels and the Cracked Nut Chipmunk Command on retainer.

Without further delay, we'd like to introduce you to Matilda the lovely greyhound and her siblings Livvia and Kes from Mathilda's Journey.  Their blog opened in January 2013 to chronicle Matilda's journey with cancer.


My name is Matilda, and adopted from Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. I am an older greyhound recovering from Lymphoma.  On August 28 of this year, I completed six months of chemotherapy and I'm in remission.

I have been a Therapy Dog, as well as a thrice-homed dog. Actually, I still am a Therapy Dog. My claim to fame is that I am Gandhi-like. I'm extremely peaceful and friendly, and have rolled with the punches many times.

Oh yes, I'm told that I am very beautiful. You can read about my travels on my blog.

My sister Olivia (Livvie), a rescued Rat Terrier, is  from Louisiana via a national rescue group, Ratbone Rescue. She is intense and extremely loving.  She writes a page called Livvie Lets Loose, which can be amusing since she has that Rat terrier intensity. 

Olivis (Livvie)
My brother Kessie, another rescued Rat Terrier, has been with us now almost a year. He is also from Louisiana and we got him from a local rescue group with a funny name - Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.. He is sweet and gentle, but fierce outdoors when we are on walks.  He writes about compassion in his column Kes Conjures Compassion.


We are all very close, and cuddle and play frequently.

People like to see what I'm up to, and how my health is. My mom started the blog when I was first diagnosed with Lymphoma, and was starting chemo. However, my journey is not only that of a cancer survivor and Therapy Dog who is a greyhound, but a way of living that is peaceful, compassionate and care-taking of other beings. Thanks.


You can read more about Matilda, Kes and Livvie on Matilda's Journey.  Their blog is set up quite differently than any we're used to.  In order to find their posts, you can click on one of 3 links in the sidebar - Recent Links, Archives or Categories.  There is no option at the bottom of the page to go to older or newer posts.

If you would like to be featured in a Meet & Greet, send us a short write-up about your blog and a photo or two.  Our contact information is in the left sidebar.   You can also send us a write-up on a friend's blog.

Just a reminder - not that any of our M & G subjects have had this on - but we would like to add, if you have word verification on, please turn it off, as it is a problem for many bloggers to read.  Check your settings! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Platefuls and A Giveway

Percy:  Well, we Funny Farmer Felines got to taste some Natural Balance Platefuls.  This comes in packets instead of cans. It has chicken, salmon and turkey in gravy, plus goodies such as salmon oil, ground flaxseed and dried kelp,.but  no corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, or colors. 

Cyndi:  We tried some of the Indoor Formula.  We're indoor cats, so that seemed like a good idea.

The first day Cameron ate the gravy and left the chunks.
Cameron:  Below is what the food looks like in a bowl.  Some of us like small chunks of food, some of us don't, so Jan fed us the first package in chunks.  Cyndi, Rusty and Micah ate all of their food, but I left my chunks and Percy ate half of his.  Percy and I mainly licked off the gravy.It was good.

Rusty:  The second day, Jan used the late Miss Mother's (we're mannerly Southern cats, so we call Jan's mother Miss Mother) food chopper.  Just look at the "teeth" on it. Jan says it is the best food chopper for onions or egg salad she's ever used.  She decided to see if it would "smoosh" cat food (we like our food smooshed) so we'd all clean our bowls.

Micah: Natural Balance calls it a "plateful of goodness,"  but a product isn't any good if we kitties won't eat it, so let's taste test the smooshed version.

Percy:  Mmmm, this tastes pretty good.  Jan did a good job of smooshing it with the food chopper.

Rusty:  I like to breakfast by the open back door.  I'd rather be served breakfast in my doghouse but Jan won't deliver my food there.  I believe the humans call it dining alfresco.
Micah:  I cleaned my bowl.  I volunteer to finish any leftovers.


Cyndi:  No leftovers here, Micah. 

Cameron, Percy & Rusty:  No, no leftovers here either. 

Percy:  We give Natural Balance Platefuls five paws up.  It tastes good and is Jan-approved as good for us. 

Rusty: is offers the full line of Natural Balance food and treats for both dogs and cats, delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Enter the Faces Of Chewy: End of Summer Giveaway

Post a photo of your Cat or Dog enjoying their favorite summertime activity for a chance to win!!  In under 50 words, tell us about your favorite summertime activity with your pet to win a special Chewy prize pack. Tag #teamchewy on Instagram and Twitter, or message us on Facebook to enter!

By sending a picture of your furry family enjoying the summer months, accompanied by a brief description, you’ll be entered to be a featured pet as well as entered into the raffle for a special Prize package. The contest will run through the end of September and the winner will be contacted the first week of October.

Click the link to reach the Rafflecopter Entry form. It will display the ways you can enter. -

AND - Mr. Chewy wants those of you who are not on Facebook, Twitter or other social media to also be able to enter. So readers not on social media can email your entry to us and we will gladly forward it for you.   jansfunnyfarm AT gmail DOT com (just put it in the correct format). 

We would like to thank Chewy for sending the packets of Natural Balance for us to review. We were not paid and any opinions expressed are our own.