Friday, October 31, 2008

Brrrrr, Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Well, here we are. Finally. We're in London celebrating Halloween.

Our photos (2) by Sassy

Sassy's business card in case you want to make an appointment for next year's costume.

We sure hoped these costumes would be warm but we're still cold! And hanging around a spooky old London tower isn't helping any.

Photo by Eric

We're here at Asta, Eric and Lacie's Halloween party. There's so many attending, we figure they won't notice if we're all dressed alike.

Jan said there isn't any costume money in our budget, so she sent Sassy old sheets to make all our costumes. She told us to be sure to bring them home so she can hang them in the windows to help keep out a little of the cold. Brrrrr. We can't imagine how these flimsy things will help, but we are not to return home without them, so if you're at the party too, please, please, please don't let us leave without them!

Perhaps we had better find Sassy, Opus, Momo and some familiar faces. Oh, there's Socks, Scylla & Charybdis. They'll be sure to remind us.

Have a great day!
JFF - Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam

Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 Dogs Need Homes

We just read the latest post at Hope4Dogs. Pam of Forgotten Paws had a brain aneurysm last night and is in the hospital. She was one of those leading the rescue effort.

Pam, we send special purrs and tail wags to a dedicated rescuer who has done so much for Carrol Crocker and her dogs.

The race to save Carrol Crocker's dogs continues. Help is still needed. You can find more information and a list of what is needed at Hope4Dogs.

And photos of the remaining 31 dogs can be viewed at Forgotten Paws/Green Acres.

Remember, these are healthy and well-cared for dogs desperately in need of a home before Rainsville, Alabama officials seize and kill them. It you are thinking they will be taken to a shelter and put up for adoption, think again. Carrol's Green Acres Sanctuary used to be the unofficial shelter for the county. The animals will be shot or ..... inhumanely killed.

Even if you can't adopt, foster, transport, or donate, you can keep passing the information along.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ratchet, Criz and Monk

First, we would like to update yesterday's post. We mentioned our friend Criz in Malaysia and the medical bills his rescued cats have been racking up the last few weeks. They have been fighting the Calici Virus, and now Justin is severely ill with it and Jason now has the same symptoms his mother had.

If you can spare a dollar or two to help Criz and the J Family of cats, we would greatly appreciate it. And we know Criz would too. He has been having health problems of his own, but still he has had a houseful of sick animals to care for, and he has put them first. There is a Paypal "Donate" button on the left side of his blog.

(Jan here. Percy is usually the JFF typist, but it's too cold in here today for his little paws, so I filled in for this post. It's too cold for my fingers too, but Criz's situation is important. Buddy said he needed to go out, but I was intent on finishing this post. I said, In a minute. Call it temporary insanity, but I momentarily fogot when Buddy says he has to go, he means NOW! I finished typing and discovered what all the noise had been behind my back. Of all days, he had to pick this one to not be able to hold his poop. The area rug was littered with white fluff and small pieces of poop they'd slung around while playing tug of war with Buddy's bed. Yes, they are all still alive. Please, bribe their way out of the doghouse and donate some spare change to Criz.)

We're a little late posting this, but in case you want to read about Ratchet's arrival in Minnesota, here's a link with photos. Ratchet is the Iraqi puppy that created such a furor when he was confiscated by Gwen's commanding officer on the way to the Baghdad airport, where he was scheduled to leave on a rescue plane for Gwen's home in Minnesota. But he is safely home with Gwen's family now and will be waiting for her when she is released from her military duty.

Ratchet has arrived home.

We love this video of Monk the Kingdom Dog. Jan says she wishes she had given Buddy a name to live up to, as she did Samaritan.

Scroll down for the updates on Carrol Crocker's dogs or click here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Down to 34 Dogs

Carrol Crocker currently has 34 dogs in need of immediate rescue, foster or adoption! Earlier today the number was still at 42. (Scroll down or click here to read our earlier post.)

Please consider how you might be able to help. You might not be able to adopt or foster a dog, but you can keep help keep this message going out. You just do not know who might read it that might be able to step up and save one or more of these dogs. Every one of these dogs is precious to Carrol. She has done without many necessities to provide for them. And these dogs are worth saving!

You can view their photos on Green Acres Animal Sanctuary. You can view contact information on Hope4Dogs.

Can you help? You sure can. Pass this message on! Especially to anyone in the Alabama/Tennesse/Georgia area.

42 Dogs About to Die

The Supreme Court has upheld Rainsville and Carrol Crocker's dogs are in IMMEDIATE need of rescue!!!! If they aren't, they will be slaughtered.

If you live anywhere within range of Rainsville, Alabama and can adopt, foster or rescue even one dog - or if you know of anyone who can help - please speak up right away. There is no time to waste. The dogs will be killed at any time now.

Read Hope4Dogs for details and contact information.

There are 42 dogs left that are about to die. If you have been thinking about adopting or fostering, now is your last opportunity.

These loving dogs do not deserve to die. They deserve a chance to live!

And we would like to add a note about some cats in need. Our friend Criz lives in Malaysia and he has a heart for animals. We think he is very deserving of help and his record speaks for itself. He took in Mama and Papa kitty who added 4 kitty babies (the 6 Js), then before Mama could be spayed, she was pregnant with two more (now 8 Js) and then along came Jolyn (now 9 Js). He also feeds the neighborhood strays.

Many of you will remember when Criz assumed the vet bills for his mechanic's cat Panther when he was seriously injured. He and his cats have been hit hard with illness and vet bills these last weeks. 2 of the cats are still sick. Janice won't be released from the vet's until her bill is paid.

You can read some of his recent posts about his cats' illnesses at Criz Cats Sanctuary. And if you can spare a dollar or two, perhaps you would help him. Janice was the sickest of the group and required surgery and a vet hospital stay. He would really like to have her come home. He is evidently putting the 3 youngest Js up for adoption (read that on the Cat Blogosphere today), so we know he is really hurting -- and not just financially. There is a Paypal "Donate" button on his blog.

And our Southern Gentleman Cat friend Beau is in need of some routine vet care which his mom can't afford right now. Miss Peach is holding an auction on her blog for some of the bracelets her mom made special for Beau and to help pay to sterilize a couple of rescued cats. Stop by and do some early Christmas shopping.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mr. Milky Raffle Prize

We are so far behind we have threatened to post photos of our behinds to prove it, but we'd rather do a regular post instead.

Today we would like to post photos of the Artsy Casty raffle prize we won last month. We would like to thank Vampy Victor who first won the raffle but asked that it be re-raffled. Then Gypsy and Tasha won but asked that the prize be given to us. A special thank you from all of us to Gypsy & Tasha, Moki (who mailed the raffle prize) and ML (she knows what she did) -- and of course to Mr. Milky of Artsy Catsy.

The items are highlighted by 2 of our Gizzy Quilts from Millie's mom. (These didn't come with the raffle prize. We already had them.) She is making more Gizzies, so if you don't have one, be sure to check out her sidebar for information on how to order one.

As soon as the box is opened, Crystal climbs in to check out the contents.

He's thinking. (And keeping any other kitty out of the box.)

Crystal: My name is Crystal and I approve this raffle prize.

Today we pressure Jan to finally take photographs. Percy is the first to pose with the prize items. The big white cat is a birdhouse. (You can click on each photo to enlarge it.) Buddy offered to pierce Cotton's or Cyndi's ears - or one ear of each cat - but they both declined and so by unanimous decision, since Jan already has holes in her head -- uh, we mean in her ears, she gets the dangling cat earrings.

Percy: Wait, I see a four leaf clover. Is this for me?

Percy: Oh, what a cute kitty. And just the right size to play with. (This photo was taken just a moment before Percy grabbed the charm and took off with it.)

Now, Cameron checks out everything while Samaritan watches.

Cameron: Is one of these mine? Can I have the birdhouse? With a bird in it?

Samaritan: I don't smell any woofy biscuits, Percy. Do you?

Cameron: Hmmmm. No, Sam, there aren't any woofy biscuits, but this charm does smell interesting. Moki mailed the box, so he must have played with it.

Samaritan: Jan, these are all cat related. Where are the woofy items for Buddy, Merci and me? What do you mean, it was a cat raffle? Where's the cat?

Percy pounces and leaves a mess. The photo session is over.

We just couldn't resist this photo from I Has A Hotdog!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

42 Dogs to Go

We are so behind in everything! But we wanted to make a positive post about Carrol Crocker's dogs.

There are more applications pending, but as we type this, she has 42 dogs left to find a foster home, a temporary rescue home, or a forever home.

She is only interested in 100% committed adopters! She wants good homes for these dogs. So if you are interested, fill out an online application form ( see above link) and someone will call you. There is a $25 donation fee to help with expenses.

It must be hard for Carrol to part with each of these dogs, but knowing they are going to homes where they are wanted and will be cared for helps.

We are guardedly optimistic the remaining dogs will all have a new home before the city of Rainsville can seize and kill them. We all have our paws crossed and since it is very hard to walk or dig in the litter pan this way, we hope this story will soon have a happy ending.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tocks N Tocktober

Today is Tocktober and even though we're joining in at the last minute, we have a few tocks of our own to post. Jan obliged a bit but she drew the line at trying to photograph 9 backsides in one day!

Sam was up as soon as he heard the camera click on, so he lost his chance to participate. But Buddy knows a warm napping spot when he has one. Looks comfy, doesn't he?

Crystal is napping in one of the winter beds Jan fixed for us kitties yesterday.

Percy paraded up and down while Jan tried to get a pic of Crystal's butt, ruining one good effort with an extremely blurry close-up of his backside. That done, he claimed a bed for himself but instead of lying down in it, he posed. Jan got even with him for ruining Crystal's shot by cutting off the top of his head. But still, who can look at this tocks when those gorgeous green eyes are in the same frame?.

Rusty was lounging in his king size laundry basket bed. At least in this shot, he has a reason for closing his eyes.

Toctober 2008 is in Derby's honor. Today is his 5th birthday. We're headed over there now to raise a toast to the handsome ginger with a Meowgarita or three.

Happy Birthday, Derby!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ratchet is Rescued

Well, it's about time we all have some good news! We just checked and found an Associated Press story stating Ratchet is on his way to Kuwait and then home to Minnesota to await Gwen Beberg's return to the US.

On Sunday, a private security firm collected Ratchet from the small base, put him into a pet carrier and transported him to the airport on Baghdad's western outskirts.

Baghdad Pups coordinator Terri Crisp then took custody and boarded him on the charter.

Read the story here: Iraqi puppy adopted by soldier en route to US

Now if only some rescue(s) could take the remaining dogs at Carrol Crocker's so none will be seized and killed by Rainsville. Twelve dogs were adopted yesterday. Time is crucial for the remaining 50!

Whimpurrs Whim adopted Delilah from Carrol's yesterday. She just posted some photos of Delilah in her new home.

And River the Beagle's mom doesn't have room for any more fosters at the moment, but she signed up to transport any coming her way.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paintball Party

**If you are here looking for the post "Carol is Down to the Wire," click or scroll down; it is directly below this one. Her dogs are in urgent need of immediate rescue! Transport is needed from Rainsville, AL to Clanton, AL (south of Birmingham) on Thursday10/23. Details here. **

Happy First Blogoversary, Sassy!

Today is Sassy's First Blogoversary and she's throwing a party. You're all invited.

Were having a ball playing painball ... sorry, we mean, paintball with Sassy, Opus, Momo and some friends, including Karl & Mrs. Oz's new little brother Tintin. And here come some new participants. Looks like there will be quite a group playing today.

To tempt you a little, we have a few photos to share.

Opus, Percy & Momo (in the van)
Photo by Opus

Crystal (in case you missed HIS name in the picture. Sigh. We called him "her." Aaaaaaaaaaaaak! Thank you for pointing the typo out, Sassy.) Crystal, stop laughing. This isn't funny.
Photo by Sassy

Sassy & Percy
Photo by Opus

Holding our own!
Photo by Sassy

Stop by Sassy's for the story and more photos. She's serving refreshments, including a variety of special pizzas.

Oh, and Sassy always has a special gift to send home with her guests. This time it is Abstract Paintball Art.

We don't think we'll have any trouble remembering today's fun and excitement, but we thank you for this gift, Sassy. We'll hang it directly across from Jan's bed so she will see it first thing every morning .... to remind her we were invited to Sassy's party and she wasn't.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carol is Down to the Wire

We have posted several times about Carol Crocker's situation in Rainsville, Alabama. And we're going to post again.

We were going to post on her today anyway, but instead of writing our own message (who are we kidding, we always write a book regardless), we are going to print a copy of an email received from Heather Ballance, a photographer from Atlanta who has been to Carol's, met and photographed all her dogs. To have Rainsville kill even a single dog will be a knife in the heart of Heather and every volunteer who has been working with Carol to find homes for the dogs.

Heather wrote:
Most you know that I have been involved with helping this amazing woman Carrol Crocker in AL. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, several other rescues & people have been working even harder. Unfortunately its not enough. There are 62 more dogs to go. Per the judge - these dogs can be taken any day and destroyed and we are down to the wire!

This Saturday we will be hosting a open adoption day along with a clean up effort. Please if you are looking for a new furry friend or want to clean up please come, its worth the trip, I promise you!

Please if you can't help or adopt - please share the story. If we can get only 5 dogs this Saturday saved, then its 5 dogs less to die! Thank you!!

Best Friend's story here

Heather's blog here

If you follow the links, you can read more about the work party and adoption day they have planned for Saturday. They need more rescues and adopters to come forward before it is too late for all of these well-cared for and much loved dogs.

We would like to include a message for the "fine folks" of Rainsville, Alabama. You know who you are. You're the ones who are forcing Carol to part with these dogs under a judge's decision. You're the one(s) who set the fire that destroyed Carol's family home and killed a number of her cats and special needs dogs. You're the ones who give volunteers trying to help Carol the cold shoulder and refuse to give directions to her home -- oh, wait, she doesn't have a home; it burned down last November. Whatever happened to small town neighborliness and hospitality?

We don't believe in Karma, but we do believe that it's hard to shovel jackass poop without slinging some on yourself. So, if you fine folks are obtuse enough to shovel jackass poop on others, you're going to be wearing a lot of it yourself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rachet Released Too Late

Ratchet was finally cleared for release today ..... but too late to make the rescue plane.

SPCA International plans to make another emergency return trip to rescue Ratchet as soon as Sunday.

Everything that can be done is being done for this dog. Cross your paws, wag your tails, and/or purr your heart out that he will be kept safe until he can be rescued from our own military in Iraq.

Latest news on Ratchet

Scroll down for our first post on Rachet today. Or click here to read it.

Release Ratchet to Rescue

We want to update a recent post on Ratchet and Gwen. Gwen is a US soldier who has been stationed in Iraq. A few months ago she helped rescue a puppy from a pile of burning trash. She named him Ratchet and made arrangements to ship him to her parents' home so he would be waiting for her when she is released from active duty. Everything was taken care of and on October 1 Ratchet was on his way to freedom, when he was seized by Gwen's commanding officer. The military refuses to release Ratchet for transport to the US.

Ratchet then disappeared from Gwen's barracks and she has not seen him since. At one time, he was supposedly locked in a freezer. Exactly where Rachet is being kept is unknown. The military claims he is still alive but will not be permitted to leave the country, despite 10,000 signatures (presently 46,337 signatures, as Ben pointed out in comments) on a petition and the intervention of Gwen's congressman and others.

There have been at least 36 other animals destroyed that service personnel tried to save. It is hard to imagine the trauma of being forced to watch an animal you are bonded with and trying to rescue be shot in the head by your commanding officer. Of course, not all COs act this way. Some high ranking officers have rescued animals themselves.

But Ratchet was the first animal seized by the military on its way to the Baghdad airport. We haven't found a reason for this, other than it is against regulations. Rules are important, but there are some that just beg - no, demand - to be broken. And having a cold, murdering heart toward animals is one of them!

Living in a war zone would be tough enough without having to check your heart at the border. If this is how COs teach those under their command to act, is it any wonder we have a number coming back who abuse and kill animals, commit suicide or kill others? Many military personnel return suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). There is very little in a war zone to help relieve that stress, but it is a well-documented fact that animals can help.

We have no idea what is going on but the way this situation is being been handled makes us wonder whether confiscating Ratchet is not part of a personal offensive against Gwen by her CO. Why else would Ratchet be confiscated when he was already in tranport? Ratchet was not a burden to the military. He was not an expense either. So why is this non-terroristic animal being held prisoner by the US military?

There is still a small window of opportunity for Ratchet to be rescued and transported to the US on this next animal rescue mission. If the military will not release him, another dog will take his place.

The military might look down on Ratchet as "just a dog," but Gwen is a human who has served her country for longer than the 3 years she aniticipated. All she is asking the military for is a dog, her dog Ratchet. And all the military has to do is to stop playing games (this is not funny!), release the dog to the rescue group when it arrives and end this farce.

Two recent articles:
Ratcheting Up Support to Bring "Ratchet" Home -by Rebekah Price of American Chronicle. Ratchet the pup is alive - but where? --

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Microchip Scanners

You all came through for us when we asked for input as we upgraded and remodeled JFF, so we thought we'd see if any of you have a human who works at a shelter or for a vet or is up to date on microchip scanner info and can help us out today. Jan is trying to put together a column to encourage the county and the local shelter to get it's act together on scanning all incoming animals but she's running out of time to finish it and get it in before deadline. She finally understands the part about the ISO and the differing US frequencies and how the manufacturers won't work together to make a universal scanner for the differing frequencies, but she's having to wade through so much old info and news.

Does anyone have any up to date information on scanners? For example, does the Bayer universal really detect all frequencies, as it claims? Is there another universal on the market? Is there a way to get one donated to the local shelter of would the county have to purchase one? Any information your human might have would be helpful. You can leave a comment or email us at jansfunnyfarm AT gmail DOT com.

This is pretty important to Jan, so anything you can add to help would be appreciated. Thanks!

PS - Deadline is before Jan falls asleep at the computer tonight.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ratchet & Gwen

We just stopped over Ben Rotti's and followed the links to read the story of Rachet and Gwen. And after reading it, we're all primed for some butt biting!

Gwen has been serving in Iraq for over 15 months longer than her original commitment to the military. She is due to leave this month and her dream was to have Ratchet, the puppy she befriended, waiting for her at her parents' home. But as Baghdad Pups was transporting Ratchet to the airport, an unprecedented event happened to them -- Ratchet was seized by Gwen's commanding officer. The military refuses to release the dog and might shoot it in the head as it has done to other dogs befriended by servicemen and women.

Gwen is being investigated and could be court martialed for befriending Ratchet. Because she will be leaving Iraq soon, if Ratchet is not on the next Baghdad Pups transport, he will not make it out of the country to safety.

You can stop by Ben Rotti's and follow the links of the story or if you are pressed for time, you can go directly to the petition to release Ratchet in time to save his life. Under the photo in upper left, click on the button "view whole petition" so you can read the story and see the photos.

A link to this video about Jay Kopelman and his dog Lava is included on the petition site, but in case you are wondering why saving one dog is so important, we ask that you take a minute to watch the video. And then, please, go sign the petition. For Ratchet and Gwen -- and for all the military men and women who are serving their country.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Carrol's Best Friends

Carrol & friends.
Photo by Heather Ballance of Furry Paws Photo
Used with permission.

The story of Carrol Crocker in Rainsville, Alabama needs to continue to circulate. You can help. Post a link to JFF or email it to your non-blogging friends. We will be giving updates as we receive them. You don't know who might find Carrol in this manner and be just that particular person who can drive a backhoe or who can supply experienced transport for some of the dogs, or who might know someone within driving distance who can volunteer, or who can donate a few dollars to the cause, or ........... or who might see one or more dogs and adopt.

Oh, and these dogs are not being sold or handed out to anyone who shows up. Potential adopters must fill out an application and be approved, the usual procedure with a rescue. Carrol wants them to go to homes where they are wanted and will be cared for. But the need must be kept before the public. If the time runs out and the city seizes whatever number are left on the property, the dogs will be shot. So, please, keep spreading the word.

Read Carrol's story on the Best Friend's link. This version is the most detailed one we've read. There is a "how you can help" section. And several more links, including a must read, Hope4Dogs.

Best Friends

Forgotten Paws

Hope 4 Dogs

Also, we want to thank all of you who responded to our request for input on our blog this week. You were a great help! And a special thanks to Missouri Bill and Texas Mark, who hung in with us all week to let us know which changes worked -- and the myriad of ones that didn't work! -- on smaller resolution screens. And then they did the same for Upson Pets. We don't think viewers should have any trouble seeing the pet photos there now!

And a very special thanks to Zoolatry, who created the beautiful header banner, and to Criz Lai, who created the fun banner at the bottom of this page. Criz's cat Janice has been very sick for days and if you haven't already visited him this week, stop by and leave him an encouraging message.

Friday, October 03, 2008


We were stunned and shaken to receive an email yesterday with information on a deviation from dogfighting in a pit or on the street. We just can not fathom the cruelty of those humans whose humanity has died.

We're not going to beat around the bush or hide it. We're going to publicize it so that those of you who are not presently cognizant of this will become aware and report it if you ever suspect the next blasting music you hear to be a cover-up for this type of horror.

It's called trunking. And you can undoubtedly guess what that means. Two dogs, generally fighting pit bulls, are closed inside the trunk of a car. The music is turned up to cover the sounds of the fight. The car will either remain stationary or be driven around until the fight is over. After 15 to 30 minutes, the trunk is opened.

The dead or dying loser is tossed aside and the winner -- well, what does he "win"? His injuries are undoubtedly never treated. But eventually, if he survives a few more trunkings, he might end up in the pit with big money bet on him. After all, he has a reputation now.

We found a news video with several law enforcement officers being interviewed on the subject. It is worth a few minutes of your time to watch it. For the dogs. They need us to be informed and alert to help them whenever and however we can.

The next time you hear loud music, listen closely. And if you hear or suspect dogfighting, notice as much as possible about the scene. Then call your local authorities with whatever information you could safely gather: make of the car, license number, description of those involved, the location, date and time of the incident, etc.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cyndi Is 5

We have been so involved with trying to upgrade this journal that we completely forgot our lovely Cyndi's 5th birthday was yesterday, October 1st. Now, that's her guesstimate birthday. She's a rescue.

Jan just looks at a newcomer and says, You look to be about xxxxx, so as of now you were born xxxxxx.

And we just look at her, nod and say, Yes, Jan. If it makes you happy, we'll play along. Can we eat now?

Cyndi sitting in a cat bed lined with a Gizzy quilt.

We were plannng to tell you the story of how Cyndi came to live here but Jan says she's way behind in everything and needs the computer today. We can tell you we're glad Jan's brother rescued Cyndi and she came to live here.

She loves to weave around woofie legs and if we don't hold still when it's our turn, she just "roars" in protest, rears up and nips an ear. And we stand still!

We're not having a party for her. We just wanted you to know that our calico girl has turned 5.

PS from Cyndi - Thank you Gentle Annie for such a lovely card. I've never had a birthday card before. I look like a demur, mysterious princess.

And thank you, Chef. This was another lovely surprise.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We Need Your Input

Thanks to all who have responded in comments or by email. You've been a great help.

We have loaded the banner in what should be the correct size (900 w) and it is still causing some to have to scroll right to view page. We checked and see what an earlier comment meant about the sidebar being all over the place. We assumed it was because we copied and pasted old code and the pix were different sizes. But now we see that with the larger banner, the contents of the entire sidebar have moved right and out of alignment.

Okay, we're stumped. Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Jan's going bald and mumbling about a bottle. We think she needs to be walked. And quickly. So we're off. We'll get back to this problem later. Meanwhile, we apologize for the lopsided page. We're stumped for the moment.

We are still working on this upgrade and are about to just revert back to the old classic template and give up. We need your input.

What looks okay with our monitor's resolution might look terrible on yours. We found a stretch template but no matter what we do, the photo won't stretch from side to side. We've been told it isn't fitting into the space allowed on one computer because it is short on the one end.

We have seen that happen when we tried to stretch the old header, but we can't see it now. Can you? Is the header photo centered? Lopsided? Is everything viewable in the sidebar or has the sidebar dropped to the bottom on your screen?

We did fonts and colors yesterday and lost them all again today when we changed templates again. So we're not doing any more until we get some feedback so we'll know whether to keep this or revert to the old JFF.

Jan says getting the car running again, paying bills and cleaning the house are more important than spending time on redecorating a blog. Our journal time is important to us, so please help us win this discussion. Vote for or against the new blog look. And be honest. If the header is lopsided, say so.