Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordy Wednesday 2009

We accepted Zoolatry's Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2009 and today is the big day when all the participants are posting their entry. Or, as in our case, entries. We entered Rusty to represent us kitties and Samaritan to represent us woofies. We think we made two very good choices. And Zoolatry made two beautiful graphics!

Be sure to stop at Zoolatry to see their entry and a list of the other participants. The hardest thing we had to do was to send photos. They made graphics for over 50 entries. Well done!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Email Address

Some of you have undoubtedly had emails returned to you from Jan's email address. If you have, we'd like to apologize for this. Her internet company changed quite a while back but she was allowed to keep the same address. A month or two ago she was notified all account addresses must be changed by May 15. Until then, any emails received would go into both addresses.

However, in early March, she could not send messages from her account. At 1 a.m., totally frustrated, she called to ask why. A guy who barely spoke English left her on hold and finally told her she still had the first company's name in her account and he had taken care of it. She had no clue what that meant, but the next morning, she had no mail. Nothing. Not even a single piece of spam.

She has called and emailed and gotten the run around for 3 weeks. A couple days ago it finally dawned on her he meant he had deleted the original account and that's why her friend (who fortunately had OUR address) kept emailing her his messages were bouncing back to him.

Jan was counting on having 2 months to reach all who emailed her at that address. Now she has been going through records and trying to figure out where online she needs to change her address. It is very frustrating.

So if you had another email address for Jan, please delete it and use ours. We don't mind. We read her mail anyway. Put it together first, though. jansfunnyfarm at

We're going to leave this post up top for a while to give you all a chance to read it and make the change.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honest and Friendly

We are really proud to have received the Honest Scrap award from The Fluffies, Memon and Jebat, last week. The rules are ---

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows who he or she is. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including ones who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on! "

Hmmmmm. 10 honest things.
1) Crystal: Jan would never make a nurse. She has a h-e-a-v-y hand with the brush. The thought of her changing dressings or doing stitches ...... Ouuuuuuuuuch!
2) Cotton: I like to be up high, so my favorite sleeping spot is on the fridge, where a cat can do her best projectile vomiting across the room.
3) Merci: I like to collect cats on our walks but Buddy and Sam scare them away.
4) Cyndi: Jan thinks I groom her hair because I like to. Actually, she should try it herself.
5) Percy: I am the best typist on the Funny Farm. And I'm not a bad driver either. Well, parking in the bushes doesn't count as bad driving. That was Sam's fault.
6) Cameron: I thought the kitty tent and hammock Jan put together was mine since it was just my size, but Percy and Cotton keep taking it over. And Rusty must sleep in it when I'm not looking. It's saggggggging!
7) Buddy: I don't know anything .... anything at all .... about what happened to the top slice of bread for Jan's sandwich. She probably just forgot she ate it herself.
8) Rusty: I miss Miss Mother. She had lots of time to give me special attention and extra treats. And she had a possum that came to play in the house with me after dark. I don't understand why Jan didn't move him here too.
9) I'm a handsome guy. So how come all Jan's pix show me with glowing coals where my eyes should be? Can I trade her in for another photographer?
10) We all think Jan needs a memory transplant. Anyone know a suitable donor?

We're not sure who has or hasn't had this award yet, so we're going to choose ....
(If any of you have already had this, don't worry about it.)
1) Bae Bae
2) Beethoven
3) Boy
4) Dino
5) Curly
6) Chef
7) Bumpass Hounds & Kitties

Our new friend Elin told us to stop by and pick up this Friendly Blogger graphic. We were very sad when Boody left for the bridge. This is what Elin wrote, and for this reason, we'd like to pass it on to all our friends, old and new, because you are all Friendly Bloggers. And you're all there when needed.

"Today, I create an award to deliver to all my furriends. All my furriends is very nice and very friendly, thank u furriends. They are very supportive and full with love. So, I would like to deliver this friendly award to all my furriends, especially those who purrrs a lot for our late Boody, and for those who always read my blog. Thank you for befriend with me, your far furriend. You can pass this award to any friendly blogger that u know/like." Elin

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Animal Owner Abuse

Even though we live in Georgia, our local animal shelter manager sent Jan an email on Texas Bill HB 1046 and since we read her mail (shhhh, don't tell!), we're going to share it with you. We know most of you don't live in Texas either but we can guess this type of animal owner abuse could happen in any state. And by extension, it is also a form of animal abuse. If you think otherwise, wait until this type of dishonorable animal confiscation affects you or someone you know. We are 100% against actual animal abuse -- and owner abuse!

John Stossel did a segment on the ABC News Documentary 20/20.

"Cruelty to Owners," Part 1

"Cruelty to Owners," Part 2

We hope you noted at the end a clear distinction was made between these independent SPCA groups and the ASPCA. The independents are not affliliated with the ASPCA, but whenever they make a highly publicized "raid," donations to the independent group go up.

HB 1046 allows for due process of the law and prohibits unscrupulous animal rights groups from denying the rights of animal owners in these cruelty cases. Many times these animal rights groups step way beyond the realm of cruelty as defined by Texas law in an effort to seize animals for their own financial gain or to satisfy their thirst for spiteful revenge. They prey on judges that are ill prepared to determine if cruelty has even been committed in an effort to get warrants for search and seizure. Unfortunately these animal rights groups portray themselves as experts in defining cruelty and convince the judges to go along with their suggested search and seizure.

There is currently no protection from the courts that allow the accused to prove his or her innocence. This is a shame and a disgrace for our judicial system. This leaves us with a one sided demon that opens the door for abuse at the highest level of our government.

Support HB 1046. Because as it stands right now in Texas, there is a hearing but not a trial.
1) If the judge turns animals over to an animal shelter or orders euthanasia, there is no appeal.
2) Judges are human and therefore imperfect. There needs to be a safety net.
3) The law requires an appeal bond to take care of the animals; therefore local governments will not be saddled with high appeal costs.
4) Hard to place animals (such as large dogs, older animals) have a high probability of being euthanized after the hearing.
5) If a cruelty case is strong and well documented, we should not fear allowing the defendants a chance to appeal.

HB 1046 is scheduled for a hearing in the Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee
2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, March 16, 2009
PLACE: E2.010, State Capitol, Austin

If you can't attend the hearing, you can still call Monday before the meeting -- it's too late to write! -- and let the members of the Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee know you do not support animal abuse, but you do support this bill to help protect both animals and owners from a gestapo-type seizure and disposal of animals that are not being abused. And you want them to support HB 1046! Please be brief and respectful.

Representatives Email add area code 512- PHONE/FAX
Todd Hunter (Chair) 463-0672/463-2101
Bryan Hughes (Vice-Chair) 463-0271/463-1515
Roberto Alonzo 463-0408/463-1817
Dan Branch 463-0367/322-9935
Will Hartnett 463-0576/463-7827
Jim Jackson 463-0468/463-1044
David Leibowitz 463-0269/320-0555
Tryon Lewis 463-0546/463-8067
Jerry Madden 463-0544/463-9974
Armando “Mando”Martinez 463-0530/463-0849
Beverly Woolley 463-0696/463-9333

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kreativ and Happy

We have received the Kreativ Blogger award from Goma, the Himalayan. This is very exciting since we think Goma is much more creative than we are. (And very handsome.)

The rule is that I have to list six things that make me (must mean us) happy.

1) Nip, nip and more nip! (Kitties)
2) Walking Jan -- when she behaves and follows orders! (Woofies)
3) Piling on Jan's bed when it's cold in the house. (Kitties and woofies)
4) Foooooooood! (Buddy & Sam - woofies)
5) Scratching the furniture so Jan yells but can't catch us. (Kitties)
6) Watching the squirrels and chipmunks through the back screen door. (Kitties and woofies)

We would like to pass this on to

Jeter Harris



Cheysulli, Gemini & Georgia

Sammy, Miles & Billy

Skeeter & Iza

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horse and Mouse

Jan is hogging the computer again, so our time is limited. But we have permission to post another video very quickly.

To be honest, our first thought was, how delectable that little mouse must be. But he's such a neat guy, we changed our minds. In fact, with flea season coming up, we -- including all of you -- might wish he was handy.

Enjoy! And thanks for the link, Bill!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unlikely Babysitters

We just love cute interspecies videos like this one. Enjoy!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Samaritan is 3

We have never seen Sam so handsome. Thank you, Zoolatry!

Today is Samaritan's 3rd birthday. We would be celebrating his Gotcha Day in July but back then we'd never heard of such a thing. So instead we're celebrating the birth date Jan assigned him. He found us just two months before Miss Mother (Jan's mother) passed away. Miss Mother missed her dogs, both of which had left for the bridge, and she really wanted Sam -- big as he was -- to stay with her and Rusty.

Samaritan, Happy Birthday!

And Sam -- Gypsy, Mollie & Annie sent you a birthday card. Thanks, GentleAnnie.

Sassy baked so many cakes last year when she threw a surprise party for you and Rusty that we found one still in the freezer. We know you have a big appetite but we're hoping you'll share a piece with us and your friends.

And we found a video for you, Sam. We hope you like it.

Your furry siblings,
JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy & Rusty
Oh, and Jan

PS -- If you haven't read yesterday's story on PK's yet, be sure to scroll down one post. Or click here.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rescued by Rescuers

This beautiful girl is PK.

Cold, hungry and in need of help, this smart kitty turned up at the door of a group of professional "rescuers" and asked for help. She got it.

First she was fed. But her rescuers couldn't allow her in their building without getting into trouble and perhaps losing their jobs, so they tried to find her a home among themselves. Only no one was able to adopt her. One doesn't like cats, one has allergies, one already has a few animals and can't take in another .... So they made her a bed where she could be comfortable and protected from the weather.

Then they discovered she had an infected wound on her abdomen. She needed to go to the vet, but who was going to pay for her medical? "There are enough of us here to chip in to pay the bill," one suggested. Off to the vet she went with two of her rescuers.

The cat needed a name and one rescuer suggested PK, short for (sorry, we can't tell you or we'll give away her rescuers and get them in trouble.)

"She's also pregnant," the vet announced. "But she's not too far along, so we can spay her while we're treating her wound."

The two rescuers agreed. "We hope it won't cost too much," they said. "We're going to chip in to pay the bill."

"Well," the vet declared, " you help so many people, so we're going to help you."

So now, thanks to her rescuers and a kind, generous vet, PK is spayed and healing well. Jan says PK is sweet and friendly. And very pretty.

In this day, when there is so much abuse in the news, it is refreshing that a group of professional rescuers rescued a stray kitty. And at a time when some vets have been known to hold an animal for ransom till the vet bill is paid in full that a vet has donated Miss PK's medical care.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Update Dog with Arrow

Jan took some new photos yesterday of the emaciated Lab mix that was found shot with the arrow February 25th. He had a second wound in a rear leg. Both were at least a week old at that time.

Gangrene had already set in, and he might need another operation, but the dog is expected to make a good recovery. Right now his shoulder is draining and he is on antibiotics.

Jan is with the Upson Humane Society (NOT the shelter), which took responsibility for all of the dog's medical expenses. Surgery and extended medical care are not cheap! So the Humane Society was going to have to do some fundraising. But Tuesday, the vet let them know he is donating the dog's medical. What a wonderfully generous thing for him to do.

He's not particularly fond of the camera, but Jan says he is a very sweet-natured dog.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Belated Thank Yous

We received this graphic in response to Sunday night's photos of our local snowstorm. Thank you so much, Annie, Mollie & Gypsy of GentleAnnie. We love it!

We would like to apologize to all of you who have given us awards for the past several months and have not been acknowledged on JFF. We have kept your emails, fully intending to do a post on them. We did mention recently we will have to go forward but we don't feel right not acknowledging your kindess. Many of you know we have been having computer problems for several months and we are still trying to get organized and get up to date. So we hope you will forgive us if we just list your names and not the awards.

And don't anyone think we must be some grand blog to get "so many." These go all the way back to September of last year.

River the Beagle, Katie & da Katz, Mini the Daschund, Billy of the Meezers, (to Buddy, Merci & Sam) Shadow at Chance's (to Buddy, Merci & Sam), Castle Pants, Karen Jo at Kitty Limericks, Lola & Apple Jack at The Bunny Lounge, Whimpurr's Whim, Milo at The Cat's Meow, Dino, Thoughts Fur Paws, Team Tabby, Maggie May, Forty Paws, ML & The Sherwood Bunch, Chancy, Jake, Babe & Ernie's Voice, Black Cat, The Cats & Alasandra (before Fenris).

Our thanks and apologies to each blogger on the list. We appreciate each of you! And we are trying to do better so we don't get behind like this again.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


This was our Sunday. It started with walking in a light snowfall that felt more like being pelted with ice.

This was taken at 10:41 AM. In the photo it looks more like rain than snow, but don't let appearances fool you.

11:28 AM. It's starting to look more like snow, isn't it?

12:28 PM. Big flakes. Really coming down now.

12:37 PM. Jan is muttering something about being really glad she doesn't have to go anywhere! There is only a 9 minute span between these last two photos. It was really coming down!

We know this will look wimpy to some of you, but we don't see many snowstorms in this area. We offered our snow to the Army of 4 today. Even offered to pay the shipping charges on it.

But then we -- meaning Buddy, Merci & Samaritan, woofies -- reluctantly took Jan outside about mid-afternoon. And what fun -- for one of us.

Buddy: I was chasing snowflakes. They're really hard to catch. I even ate some snow.

Sam: Yes, Buddy was diving in. Merci and I were wet and cold. Jan just tried to keep her feet dry.

3:09 PM. The sidewalks and roads are clearing themselves.

Buddy: And we really had fun on our evening walk.

Samaritan: This time it was fun. Buddy and I got good and wet, walking in the snow, sniffing for strangers, and wading through big puddles.

Merci: I'm short so it wasn't fun for me. Jan and I walked up the middle of the sidewalk, but there were some big puddles. Jan came home with wet feet and had to defrost her toes. But first she scraped the snow off her car so she doesn't have to do it in the morning. She's wondering if it's going to be slippery when we have to take her out again shortly.

8:22 PM. This is what is left of the snow.

Buddy: We can't wait to take Jan out before bedtime. Maybe we can go skating. We hear that's fun.

Samaritan: Or sledding. Anyone have a sled we can borrow?

Merci: Anyone have an extra newspaper? I think I'd rather stay inside and "read" -- **wink, wink** -- than go back outside tonight.

Rusty is 5

Get that flash box out of my face! I can't see anything!

Happy 5th Birthday, Rusty!!!!

In case you haven't guessed from the above clue, today is Rusty's 5th birthday. He's lived with us now for 2 1/2 years. We're really glad he came to live with us, but we're still sad because gaining a brother meant losing Miss Mother. (That's what we called Jan's mother. We have to be polite to our elders, you know.)

Crystal: We all knew her. Jan used to take us kitties down one at a time to visit.

Buddy: And we woofies went together and played in her fenced yard while Jan visited or ran errands. We miss Miss Mother -- and her yard. We haven't had an opportunity to run free since she passed on. We try to run Jan but she evidently flunked the Running Down the Sidewalk class when she was in high school. (About a kajillion years ago.) We asked her for an exercise pen but Jan said she can't afford one and we'll have to pay for it ourselves. So if any of you know of a good scheme .... uh, job, let us know. It has to pay well, with lots of potty breaks -- and free biscuits. We hear working give woofies an appetite!

Samaritan: And the Funny Farm Writing Club hasn't collected any dues in -- How long has it been, Cameron?

Cameron (club treasurer): We collected dues one time. And Buddy ate them. If you don't pay, you don't have anything in the kitty ... uh, in the purse.

Merci: So, Rusty, we're sorry but we couldn't buy you a present. But we did find an extra cake in the freezer. It's left over from the surprise party Sassy threw last year for you and Samaritan together.

And for a special treat, we invited a kitty over to play the Happy Birthday song.

your furry siblings -
JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy & Sam
Oh, yeah, and Jan

Update from Rusty-- Thank you, all of you for your birthday wishes. And Zoolatry, we love your song. Of course, we don't know how Jan is going to take the "Old MacJan" but we furries love it!

Old MacJan she had a farm e i e i o
And on that farm there lived a cat e i e i o
A birthday came and it was fun for Rusty and them all
So Happy Birthday Rusty Friend, we hope you have a ball!

And Gentle Annie sent me a birthday card. Thank you Annie, Gyp & Molly!

Purrsss and meowwwossssss you hamsome guy you &
Annie,Gyp and Mollie

Awww, Sanjee and the rest of the hotties (House of the Mostly Black Cats) made me a birthday badge for the CB (Cat Blogosphere). That is so cute. Had I known what would come of this photo, I would have insisted it be retaken so I looked my best!

Chey, at My Siamese
, our friend who lost the Presidential vote and is now reportedly losing the battle of the bulge, is also having a birthday today. But she's sad. Her mom evidently forgot her birthday. Stop by Chey's and wish her a great birthday despite her mom's absentmindedness. (Oh, sorry. Her mom isn't absentminded. Chey's birthday is February 29 but there is no Feb. 29 this year. )

And please stop by Criz Cats to leave an encouraging word for Criz. He's having a sleepless night (Malasia time) with Joey who has an eye emergency and there are no vets open until morning.