Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adoption for Doorknobs

Cyndi:  We always like to have a little smile on Sunday, so we looked around for something to share.

Sam:  We found this short video in our files.  

Cameron:  We're jealous.  We want Jan to install doorknobs like the ones in the video but she says no!

Micah:  She's a bit of a cheapskate, you know.  I mean, how much can a few doorknobs cost?

Buddy:  Evidently more than she has since she told us if we want them, we can pay for them.

Percy:  We reminded her she has never given us an allowance, so we don't have any money to spend.

Rusty:  She told us we'll get an allowance when she gets one!  Does that sound fair?

Merci:  Perhaps one of our readers would like to adopt all of us?  We won't need individual payments; we'll be glad to share one allowance.

Marcus:  We aren't asking for much, just a few hundred a month until the doorknobs are paid for and installed.

Percy:  Think about it.  And when you're ready you can reach us at 1-Fun- nyF- armers.

Buddy:  While you're thinking it over, here's the video.  The cat opens 5 doors to go outside.  Take a good look at the doorknobs so you can order the same ones after the adoption.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Sam:  This is so exciting.  There would be no stopping our adventures with those doorknobs!

Rusty:  Yesterday we posted my photo - in the original version, in sepia and in high dynamic range.  Today we present the black and white version.  Not bad.  You can see my tabby stripes.  But I  think I looked better in color.  What do you guys think?

Merci:  Now that we have made you smile, we'll join co-hosts Dachshund Nola  and  Ruckus the Eskie for the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Young and Dumb

Rusty:  Hey, guys, thanks for letting me have a turn posting pictures today.  This should be fun.

Buddy:  It is, believe me.  You'll get to see sides of yourself you never dreamed you have.  

Rusty:  Okay. This is one of my old photos.

Merci:  Yes, you sure are a handsome dude, Rusty.

Rusty:  And this is me after Jan changed the color for Sepia Saturday. 

Marcus:  This picture reminds me of ....

Percy:  Marcus:  If you say Rusty looks like dirt, you'll be evicted from the room.

Cameron:  Yes, we had enough of you and your every-picture-reminds-me-of-dirt last weekend.

Marcus:  But I wasn't going to say Rusty reminds me of dirt.  I was going to say this picture reminds me of lazing in the summer sunshine.

Sam:  How would you know anything about lazing in summer sunshine?  You weren't even alive last summer.

Marcus:  There's always sunshine on TV.  Well, except when it rains.  But any day can be summer on TV.

Cyndi:  And here is our Caturday Art picture for today - Rusty in High Dynamic Range.  He sure is colorful, isn't he!

Micah:  Yes, he is.  It looks like a painting.  *reaches out with paw*

Rusty:  Don't touch that, Micah!  You'll smear my image.

Micah:  *quickly withdraws paw*  I'm sorry.  I just wanted to touch it to see if the paint is dry.

Marcus:  Well, just in case it's not, I'll blow on it and that should dry it. *takes deep breath*

Buddy:  *looks at Sam and shakes head*  Were we ever that young ... and dumb?

Sam:  I wasn't, but since I'm younger than you, I can't vouch for you.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Prison Attire and Shackles

Buddy:  Oh, dear, look at that face.  Marcus is unhappy about something.

Cameron:  Yes, his feelings have really been hurt.  Trampled on, even.

Cyndi:  What's the problem?

Micah:  Haven't you heard all the grumbling Marcus has been doing the last few days?

Cyndi:  Marcus is a puppy, so he's always yipping and yapping and mumbling.  What is it this time, Marcus?

Sam:  Marcus is too upset to even look at Jan.

Rusty:  So what did Jan do now?

Merci:  She made friends with Luke's owner, Miss Teresa.  She brought Marcus a present the other day.

Marcus:  Yes, and I hate it, hate it, hate it!  She must hate me too.

Percy:  What makes you think she hates you, Marcus?

Marcus: Miss Teresa bought me this evil front lead easy walk harness and now I can't walk properly.

Buddy:  I have to admit I would have hated one of those when I was your age but I'm older now and I don't mind wearing one.  I don't feel the need - or have the energy - to drag Jan down the road because I want to live life on the fast sidewalk.

Marcus:  But I want to drag Jan down the road ahead of you, Sam and Merci.  I want to shove off with all 4 feet at the same time and try to make you all run.  It builds my neck and shoulder muscles and it gives Jan a good workout.  She doesn't need to join a gym because of me.  And I'm young so I'm supposed to be in charge on our walks.

Cyndi:  But if you ask Jan, she'll tell you she's old so she's supposed to be in charge of your walks. 

Cameron:  Guess it's a matter of perspective, Marcus.  You might hate it, hate it, hate it, but Jan has been seen staring at your new harness and mumbling, "I love it, I love it, I love it."

Merci:  Why don't you surprise Jan and nicely thank Miss Teresa for the generous gift?  It does fit well and it looks good on you.  Under your breath, you can grumble.

Marcus:  You mean it?  Under my breath I can say I hate the prison attire and shackles and no one will get upset with me?

Sam:  Yep.  If you don't let anyone hear you, you can say anything you want. 

Marcus: Okay.  Thank you for the practical gift, Miss Teresa.  It makes Jan very happy on our walks.   (But it makes me miserable.  Why couldn't you buy me something nice, like a dozen soccer balls or a side of bacon?)   *big sigh of relief*   There, I feel so much better. 

Sam:  Well, you really blew that.  You were supposed to say that last part under your breath!

Marcus:  You mean Jan heard it?

Rusty:  Kid, you're in deep trouble now.  I think everyone heard it! 

Percy:  We don't have a cat interview for you again this week.  I take that back.  We do have one.  We just haven't had a chance to put it together because Jan has hogged the computers  In case you don't know why, you can read yesterday's post, Jan has Information Leak.  We hope she isn't contagious.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jan has Information Leak

Buddy:  It's been a long week around here.  If you think we've complained about Jan hogging the computer before, we have a double gripe lately. Jan has been hogging not one, but two computers and we haven't had anything but the occasional few minutes on one of them.

Cyndi:  For those of you who guessed from Buddy's comment that we have a new computer, you are correct.

Micah:  We've had it for about a month but Jan has had a problem finding big blocks of time to work on it - sometimes for a week, so as of Saturday, she just dropped everything and went to work.  Turn on one computer.  Turn it off.  Switch keyboard, mouse, ethernet, sound.  Turn on other machine.  Turn off.  Switch keyboard, mouse, ethernet, sound.   Every time she did, she had to move the heavy things she used to keep Marcus from reaching the computer cords.

Rusty:  We got tired just watching her.  We napped.

Percy: And also we had to wait on a new software program.  Jan has waited years to be able to get a new Photoshop Elements program.

Cameron:  Our old computer could only handle PSE 6 but we have PSE 12 for the new one.  Jan has no idea how to use it yet since she hasn't had more than enough time to take a quick glance and groan.

Merci:  We hope this means we will be getting more graphics for our blog, but it might be a while since Jan is kind of old and slow and has a leak somewhere in her head.

Sam:  Jan has a leak?  Do we need to get a mop?  Call a doctor?  Find a cork?

Rusty:  No, it's not that kind of a leak.  She keeps complaining everything she tries to learn goes in one side of her brain and out the other, so ... ergo, she has an information leak.

Percy:  We would like to thank her brother, Mr. Doug, for the gift.  Our old computer is still running Win XP and in a couple of weeks it's going to fall off the desk and break.

Buddy:  What?  Where did you get the idea the computer is going to fall and break?

Percy:  Jan said it's operating system will no longer be supported. 

Buddy:  *rolls eyes*  You're right, Percy.  Perhaps you could keep an eye on it so it doesn't fall?

Cyndi:  Our emails didn't transfer to the new one for some reason but Jan found them and now we have our Mousebreath interview folders again.  It was really scary when they wouldn't install and we thought we were going to have to start from scratch.

Marcus:  Well, if Jan found the lost emails and gave them back to us, does that mean she'd be a genius if her head didn't leak?

Rusty:  I doubt that, Marcus. But be glad she has an information leak.  Otherwise she'd remember all the trouble you get into on a minute by minute basis.

Buddy:  You're off the subject again.  We are supposed to be thanking Mr. Doug for giving us something we really need.

Marcus:  This is a really nice computer.  Should we thank Jan for working so hard to get it ready so we could post?

Sam:  Why should we thank her?  She's our human.  That's what she's supposed to do. 

Micah: Please forgive us for being absent a lot for a while.  This is a big project for Jan and there's more to do.  Her idea of being techie is plugging in the toaster. 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Favorite Dirt

Cyndi:  Do we have anything planned for our Sunday Smile post this week?  I missed the planning meeting due to  ... well, due to the fact I needed my beauty sleep.

Saturday's tinted art photo

Cameron:  Yes, we have a fun video.  We can't let Jan see it, though.  She'll wonder why you dogs aren't as well-trained as this video star.

Sam:  It's not easy to be that well-behaved -

Percy:  *snicker, snort, wheezing laughter*

Sam: As I was saying, it's not easy to be that well-behaved when Jan isn't around.  Sometimes a guy just needs to kick up his heels.

Merci:  I hope Percy isn't laughing at me.  I would never!

Micah:  Of course you wouldn't, Merci.  And neither would our male canine siblings.  *cough, cough*

Buddy:  I resent the innuendos flying about.  We are perfectly well-behaved dogs, whether Jan is present or not.

Marcus:  I have no idea what any of you are talking about.  Have I missed something?

Rusty:  Yes, Marcus, you were too busy tearing the squeaker out of a brand new toy to take note of today's video subject.

Micah:  Perhaps we should just let everyone view it.  Some might have already seen this, but we think it is definitely worth posting.  This is how ... *Cyndi, don't giggle!* ... a dog ought to behave while the human is away.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Percy: You can probably guess from the pre-video snickers that this is a familiar scene around here.

Sam: It is not!

Buddy: I would never!

Merci: No comment.

Marcus:  What's the problem? 

Cameron:  It's also Black and White Sunday.

Rusty:  Yesterday we posted Obsessed with Dirt and showed you 3 versions of 3 photos - color, sepia and enhanced.

Micah:  Today we'd like to share the same 3 photos in black and white.

Cyndi:  We posted the originals Friday as signs of spring because some trees are budding and colorful.

Marcus:  Wow, I love it.  It really looks like my favorite thing in the world - dirt..

Marcus:  Wow, I love it.  It really looks like my favorite thing in the world - dirt. 

Marcus:  It's okay, but there isn't enough dirt in it.

Percy:  Enough with the dirt, Marcus!  If you don't be quiet, I'll make sure you get nothing but a bowl of dirt for dinner.

Marcus:  Wow, I love it.  It looks like my favorite thing in the world - dirt.  Uh, will there be seconds?

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Obsessed with Dirt

Percy:  Ah, it's Saturday/Caturday again.  What can we do to get into mischief today?

Micah"  Well, we could hide Jan's purse under the bed and watch her look for it.

Sam:  I think Percy meant what mischief can we get into on the blog.

Cyndi:  Let's have some fun with the spring photos we posted yesterday.

Merci: Good idea.   It's Sepia Saturday so we can start with turning them sepia.

Buddy:  Don't forget it's also Caturday Art.  We get to make any changes to a photo we want.

Marcus: You mean, like make a tree grow out of the back of your head?  Uh, sorry, Buddy.  I guess you don't like that idea.  What else is there?

Cameron:  Here is the original color photo.

Rusty:  Here it is in sepia.

Marcus:  It's pretty.  It looks like dirt.

Rusty:  Doesn't the blue tint make the scene appear icy and cold?  Brrrr.  Just looking at it reminds me of the ice storm we had last month. 

Cameron:  Three artistic views of the same photograph. 

Merci: Here is the wisteria in the pines original.

Micah:  Taken on a nice, sunny day.

Sam:  Doesn't look like such a nice day in sepia, does it?

Marcus:  I like this.  Those branches look like they're covered in dirt. I feel like I could stand below them and take a dirt bath.

Percy:  We boosted the colors in this version to make it appear more vibrant.

Cyndi:  This is the tree on the corner.

Marcus:  I don't like this one as much.  It looks bland..

Buddy:  You mean this one doesn't remind you of dirt?

Marcus:  It does.  But it doesn't look as if there is much dirt in it.  

Rusty:  Dirt must be a canine thing.  We cats would rather roll in grass.

Rusty:  We inverted the colors in this version.  The brown sky kind of looks like the picture was taken in an alien world, doesn't it?.

Marcus: I think it looks like we were all digging, throwing dirt into the air,and the sky is covered with dirt.  *grin*  And it's all going to fall on us.

Sam:  Marcus, I'm starting to think you might need counseling.  You're obsessed with dirt.

Marcus:  Yes, I am.  That's why I like you.  You've got all that dirt on you, Sam.

Sam:  Those are spots, Marcus.  Spots and freckles.


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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Makes House Calls

Buddy:  We decided to post some signs of spring today.

Micah:  Spring is coming, isn't it?

Cyndi:  Yes, it will be here just as soon as Old Man Winter moves his butt out of the way!

Marcus:  Cyndi, I've never seen a spring.  What does it look like?

Sam:  It looks something like this tree.  We see it every day on our walks.

Marcus: How come you've seen it and I haven't?

Buddy:  It's because you're a Mini Me.  When I was younger, I was always in a big hurry and sped down the road with my head down.  I missed so much along the way.  Now I walk slower and notice more. 

Sam:  This is a tree on the corner.

Cameron:  I'd like to see spring too but I don't get to help you dogs walk Jan.  Does spring make house calls?

Merci:  It would be more inclined to do so if Jan had a green thumb.  But we do have the oak tree beside the dog pen and lots of oak trees surrounding us.  Before long everything will be coated in yellow, Jan will sneeze and be grumpy.

Marcus:  Jan is allergic to yellow?

Buddy:  She is when the yellow is pollen.

Merci:  I always love to see the wisteria wrapped around the tree branches. The big stick to the right is what is left of a pine tree after the top half snapped off during the ice storm last month.  There are a lot of broken pines in that area.

Rusty:  We are honored to receive the Sunshine Award again.

Marcus:  You better not post this.  Jan will start sneezing and be grumpy.

Percy:  No, Marcus, this isn't yellow pollen,   It's a yellow flower.

Cameron:  We received it from Happiness is a Siamese.  And we knew we better post it right away or we'd forget.  *hangs head*  We're sorry we've been bad about forgetting.

Micah:  Actually we've been too good about forgetting.  That's what's bad.  We just haven't been able to keep up with everything going on in life and around the blogs.

Cyndi:  We'd like to thank Mikko and mom for the award and also what they said about us and our blog.  *blush*

Sam:  We're supposed to tell you 10 things about ourselves and pass the award on to 10 other blogs, but if we don't finish our post and let Jan have the computer so she can work on her important project, we're going to all be in big trouble, so that will have to wait. 

Percy:  Today is the day we Funny Farmer Felines publish a cat blogger interview at Mousebreath, but we haven't heard from any of the potential interviewees again, so we'll nap for another week.  Things have been very hectic around here so we're not complaining.  We'll be back when we have an interview to post.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tongue Loose Dr. Seuss

Hey, Percy here.  I was just walking along minding my own business and almost tripped over Buddy's step stool.

Who left it here?  It belongs in the bedroom so Buddy can climb in and out of bed, not out where one of us could trip over it. 

And look what is on it, a copy of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.  We celebrated Sam and Dr. Seuss Day a couple of weeks ago.  Where did this come from?  No footprints.  No paw prints.  

Buddy:  Psst.  Marty was going to send it, remember?

Oh, that's right.  We've never actually read a Dr. Seuss book, so our friend Marty offered to send us a copy of his favorite.  I guess it has arrived. 

Marty said we should read it out loud.  Is he serious?

And here's a new trick, Mr. Knox.
Socks on chicks and chicks on fox.
Fox on clocks and bricks and blocks.
Bricks and blocks on Knox on box.

You need a loose tongue to read Dr. Seuss. I'm glad I don't have a speech impediment.  Still, it takes concentration and making faces as I enunciate each word so I don't make a fool of myself, in case anyone overhears me.  I wonder what Mr. Fox is up to besides confusing Mr. Knox?

Ben's band.  Bim's band.
Big bands. Pig bands.

Okay, now he's confusing me.

I have to think about this for a minute.  What does it all mean?. It can't be the answer to the mystery of life.  It must be a code.  But what could the code be for?

I've got it!  It's a new weapon of mass instruction.  I've deciphered the warning inside the front cover: Take it slowly. This Book is DANGEROUS!

I figured it out.  I broke the code.  I have to tell someone.  Anyone.  But where is everyone?  Any other time I'd be thrilled to have some time to myself.  But I'm going to burst if I can't share this intelligence with someone now!  Come on, come on, come on, someone come by.

Cyndi:  ** shakes Percy's shoulder**  Percy, you better wake up and come into the kitchen before all the treats are gone.

Wake up?  You mean I was dreaming?  But everything seemed so real.

Cyndi:  Oh, by the way, where did you find the Dr. Seuss book on the stepstool?  Jan says her friend Marty sent it to her and it disappeared before she could read it.

Well, I hope she doesn't read it out loud!  I think I've had enough Dr. Seuss to last me until next year. Unless the book really does contain a code. Perhaps I should actually read it - and stay awake this time.

**shakes head**  No, it was just a dream, a figment of my imagination. But I'm thankful there are some real treats waiting for me in the kitchen.

(This is obviously not a book review.  It's a just for fun post to thank Marty for the fun book.  In case any of you have a loose tongue and would like a copy of Fox in Socks, a Dr. Seuss book of tongue entanglements,  it's available on

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