Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Meet & Greet Sparky Spitfire

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 9, 2013.

This week our meet and greet has been written by the very talented and imaginative King Spitty the Kitty.  We'll let Spitty tell you the story in his own words.

Sparky Spitfire
 I met the beauteous and clever Sparky Spitfire (whom I secretly call Cata-Hari, International LadyCat of Mystery) some time ago in a dark and dangerous Viennese alley, as together we plotted the overthrow of . . .Oh, wait. No--forget I said any of that! 

I met the darling Sparky Spitfire on her beautiful sunny blog one day last year. Yep, that's more like it. She and her devoted Human, Control--uh, no, I mean, Mrs. Whatsername--write engaging tales of Sparky's exotic adventures, from her very own back yard to the Old West to cloak-and-dagger missions across the world. Sparky is quick on the draw, quick to trap her prey and quick with the perfect comeback.

Sparky's one of my very favorite partners-in-crime, uh, I mean friends! And I know you'll love her too. You can visit her--if you dare--at sparkyspitfire.wordpress.com. I know she'll welcome you with open claws! Uh, no--wait, I mean paws!

Spitty, we're flabbergasted.   How could we possibly add anything to such a fine introduction?  We hope others will take note of your flair and try an introduction of their own.  It's fun, isn't it!  (Can you tell we had a lot of fun interviewing Spttiy for Mousebreath a while back?) You can find him at the Spitty Speaks blog.

Today is Percy's 9th birthday.  We hope you will come by to sing to the birthday tomcat.  And we're having a double giveaway.  You can read the details in Monday's post on Jan's Funny Farm.  Entries will be accepted until Saturday midnight.

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