Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Temporary Apartment Two

Percy:  It's so dark in here the picture was black.  Jan had to lighten it. Where do you think I am?

If you remember, I've been apartment hunting (Temporary Apartment One) and I promised to show you some of my favorite potential living quarters.   

You probably can guess where I am by the bowls.  Yes, I am in a kitchen cabinet.  

I  thought this one had so much potential, I spent several nice days here, but the upstairs neighbors were annoying  Coming and going at all hours.  And the noise!  Thump, thump, crunch, crunch, slurp, slurp, thud! 

It's the small cabinet next to the washing machine where our food and water bowls sit.   My feline siblings leap up and down on the metal washer, have a snack, drink water, complain about the heat -   The thud?  Cyndi can't see and sometimes naps too close to the edge and falls off. 

That wakes her!  It also wakes me.  So I moved. 

I kept the key just in case the neighborhood improves, but then Marcus decided he's just a big cat at heart (The Intruder).  His weight could make the old cabinet roof collapse.

I turned in my key. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Funny Farm Hotel

Rusty:  Meet Puppy.  Yes, Puppy.  That's his name.  And he's the third guest to stay at the Funny Farm Hotel in less than a year.

Marcus:  I'm going to have to start charging for the use of my spare crate.

Rusty:  You do and you'll have to start paying Jan for digging it out, setting it up and breaking it down.

Marcus:  What about a tip jar in a corner?

Rusty: Puppy was a pretty cool guy.  Quiet, polite.  Nothing like you Marcus.  He never screeched once!  In fact, when we met at the back door, he lowered his head and I head-bonked and rubbed against him.  Not a good picture but Jan loves the memory.

Marcus:  I thought Jan said I was her last puppy.

Rusty:  You were, but a neighbor found Puppy at his back door Tuesday.  Puppy ate all the cats' food outside and went to sleep.  There was thunder and lightning from an approaching storm and the neighbor was afraid the pup would end up in the road hit by a car, so he called Jan.

Marcus:  Jan prepared his room and I gave him the house rules.  #1 - I am in charge!

Rusty:  I dare you to say that to Jan.

Marcus:  There's no need to mention that to her.

Rusty:  Jan took a couple of pictures and posted them to facebook.  Lots of helpful people shared her post and at 10:00 pm, she received a message from Puppy's owner.  He had gotten out that morning and wandered off.  

Marcus:  Jan played musical crates again.  Me in my room, Puppy with the run of the house for a while.  Then we'd switch.   He liked his room.  As you can see, the door is open here.  He went in on his own.

Rusty:  He was so neat.  When he peed his training pad, he'd fold it over and then wad it up.  Most of the time he went outside, though.

Marcus:  His owner had to work till 8:00 pm Wednesday, so Jan took advantage and spent time sitting out on the porch cuddling Puppy.  He had never worn a collar or been on a leash before but he did well.  Jan said good-bye to him at 9:30.  She enjoyed having him here for a day and a half, but she was glad he was able to return home to his family.  

Rusty:  When Jan asked the pup's name, she was told, "My daughter just calls him Puppy."  Although we had never met this neighbor, we did mention her house in our post Strange Plumbing Problems.  Life is full of humor. 

Percy:  We Funny Farmer Felines have a new interview for you this week.  Cleo from Peeballs and Poopblogs.  (Blog was named by her angel brother Orbit, not sweet Cleo.)

  Stop by Mousebreath to meet Cuddly Cleo. Mousebreath.com

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Temporary Apartment One

Percy:  If you remember, last Tuesday I mentioned I'm apartment hunting and showed you my latest choice. (Percy and Drake the Akita)  Jan then blocked the entry so I couldn't return.

I moved into the apartment next door to it.  Jan blocked that one too.  She claimed the shelves are old and rickety and I was knocking too many things to the floor.  My consolation is she piled so many items on both ends of that shelf to keep me off, she can barely dig out a comb without knocking things to the floor.

I am currently living in the bathroom, just waiting for one of those areas to be cleared so I can move back. While I'm waiting, I thought I would show you the first apartment I liked but eventually rejected.

As you can tell, I am up high.  (We have a high ceiling and that's the enclosed porch ceiling at the top of this picture.)  I love a penthouse view. 

See how happy I was!  Alone at last.

Something I really loved about it was that is was behind the bathroom door.  I love doors!  (Umm, Jan, you really need to climb up here and dust.)    It's such fun to lie on top of a door and nap.  So far I haven't fallen.

This soon became an undesirable spot, as Jan was continually invading my space looking for something stored on the shelves under me.  A mancat needs some privacy!  Jan needs to learn to knock.

For your information:  Vicat has posted a very important warning to keep cherry stems and pits from your cats.  Please take a moment to read I Didn't Know.   So many do not know this (we didn't until we read the original mention on Facebook) and you don't want your cat to get cyanotic toxicity!

Here is more information on Cherry Poisoning.  Toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. 

Friday, August 03, 2018

The Intruder

Marcus:  Hey, Cyndi, I heard there was an intruder Tuesday night.  What's the story? 

Cyndi:  We had a huuuuuuge, gigantic cat get into the house and it ate over two bowls of our cat food before Jan chased it away.

Marcus:  I hadn't heard.  That must have been scary.

Cyndi:  It was.  I'm blind, but I knew there was something reallllly big beside me on the washing machine where our food and water are kept.

Marcus:  How did it get up that high?

Cyndi:  It must have jumped.  Or perhaps it used the steps Jan put there for me to get up and down.  A short step and a high stool.

Marcus:  It's lucky I missed it or I would have torn it limb from limb.

Cyndi:  Don't brag.  You would have run for your crate and closed the door.

Marcus:  How did it manage to eat three bowls of your food?  I would think Jan would have figured there was a problem by the second bowl.

Cyndi:  She was a bit confused.  Our bowl was empty.  She filled it.  It was empty again.  She wondered why we were so hungry and licked up every crumb, but filled it a third time.  And then -

Marcus:  And then what happened?

Cyndi:  It was late at night.  Jan walked into the kitchen without turning on the light, but the the room behind her was lit .  She was thoroughly shocked to see the looming shape of a giant cat on top of our washer munching away.

Marcus:  Did she run?

Cyndi:  No, but it jumped down and ran away.  As it raced past her, Jan let out one loud and frightening shriek -


Marcus:  I still don't understand why Jan blamed me.

Cyndi:  The next time you want to play innocent, wipe the crumbs off your face first.

Taylor:  We interviewed another cat this week.  There were two - Emma and Buster - but only Buster responded.

Percy:  Cat got Emma's tongue?

Taylor:  Guess so.

Percy:  You can read Emma and Buster the Posey Cat at Mousebreath.