Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Farewell Percy

Our dear Percy (Perseverance) left us early yesterday morning, December 17, 2019.  Ir was not unexpected but he was a great loss.  Not only because he was greatly loved, but because he was the last of the original Funny Farmers.  The house seems so quiet.  Even Marcus the Mouth is subdued.

Back around 2003 - 2006, the FFs arrived here, one by one, from a variety of sources.  They grew old and passed away, one by one.  Each one is missed, as is Percy!  I was greatly blessed to be able to have them in my life.  They were a handful and a lot of work, but they sure could make me laugh.  I hope they have given you some smiles and laughs over the years, too..

Marcus, Micah and Taylor started arriving about 2013.  That's a big age gap from the original FFs.  They are just as precious and loved.

I, too, have aged and sitting at the computer to type or to visit has become harder and harder because of back and neck pain, especially this year, 2019.  That's why there have been so few posts and visits from us.  I don't know what 2020 will hold, and I seem to have lost the "voice" of the FFs.  Oh, there might be an occasional post.  "Withdrawal" is tough! 

Buddy started blogging in early 2005 when he wasn't even 2 months old yet,.  I'm grateful for the few who have kept in touch despite our absence. 

We did post on Marcus's birthday and Taylor's Gotcha Day earlier this month because Ingrid sent us a lovely graphic for it.  Mom Ingrid, Pipo, Dalton, and Benji also sent a beautiful graphic for Marcus' Gotcha Day, which was December 11.  We are late posting it.  Thank you, Ingrid. 

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Marcus BDay and Gotcha Taylor

It's time to do a little celebrating again, and as usual we are late posting on it.  Yesterday, Wednesday, November 6th was the big day.

Marcus celebrated his 6th birthday.

Taylor celebrated her 4th Gotcha Day with us.

Many thanks to Mom Ingrid, Pipo, Dalton, and Benji for the lovely graphic.  This is the largest it will post here, for some reason, but hopefully if you click on the graphic, it will enlarge in a new window.

We are thrilled Taylor is part of our family. She is such a quiet girl, although she did find her voice and started a screaming, howling riot when Jan took her and Micah for their rabies shot a month or two ago.  Sometimes we're not too sure about Marcus.  He hasn't slowed down or quieted down in the least.  They have totally opposite personalities.

This was a happy occasion, although overshadowed by sadness. You might not remember but Taylor spent the first five months of her life with Miss Teresa.  (Happy Marcus and Taylor Day)  Mr. Doug just happened to deliver Taylor here on Marcus' birthday.

Miss Teresa was family!  She and Mr. Doug were very close.  She died unexpectedly last Friday, November 1st.  She is very missed!

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Marcus the Fiction Writer

Marcus:  ... and then he fell over backwards and had to dig through his backpack looking for an extra pair of underwear. 

Percy:  Jaaaaaaan, can you come here for a moment? 

Jan:  What do you want, Percy?

Percy:  The truth!  I don't believe a word Marcus is telling me about some imaginary incident last week when he supposedly scared some poor guy half to death. 

Jan:  Oh, I know the incident you mean.  It wasn't imaginary, but I'm sure Marcus' version of it is.

Percy:  So what's the real story?

Jan:  I was sitting beside the mill steps resting on our walk.  A young man, probably in his 20s, stopped and asked if he could pet Marcus.  Since Marcus was beaten by his owner between the age of 3 and 5 weeks, he has been skittish around strangers, especially males, and will growl if someone raises the voice or makes sudden movements.  He loves Mr. Doug and other men who are quiet around him.  This young man seemed okay, so I agreed.

     He knelt down.  Marcus went right over, checked him out and sat down.  You know what an attention-hog he is.  Everything was fine until the guy started to get up, lost his balance and threw up his right arm to keep from falling.  The moment that arm started to move, I knew Marcus would react, but before I could pull him toward me, he shot straight up in the air like someone had lit a firecracker under his butt.  His mouth opened wide and a thundering bark erupted. 

     The guy, pale and visibly shaken, found his voice.  "Don't worry, I've been bitten before."  

     "You were never in any danger of being bitten," I responded, "but you sure scared the dog!"

     The guy was facing me and Marcus was facing to the guy's left, but I can imagine how unnerving it had to be to be to watch a dog Marcus' size rising with him, right in front of his face, and those great jaws opening wide.  He probably feared he was a goner.  He walked away slowly.  I don't think he'll ever ask anyone if he can pet a strange dog again, which is a shame.  He seemed like a nice guy..

     When I stopped shaking, I had to laugh at Marcus' unexpected response.  I asked him, "Why did you do that?"  He just looked at me and innocently asked, "Do what?" 

Percy:  I knew Marcus' version was untrue.  He should be a fiction writer!

Marcus:  Well, you have to admit that living with me is never boring.

Percy:  Living with you is never quiet either. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Micah's Belated Gotcha Birthday

Taylor:  Oh, Micah, we're so sorry you were overlooked on your special day Tuesday.

Marcus:  Yes, we are.  It's that Jan.  She keeps the special day calendar in a file drawer and forgets to mention such occasions when she sees them.

Percy:  I think that's because she forgets.  You know, she forgets what she read on the calendar, she forgets what day it is, she even manages to forget where she left the calendar.

Taylor:  Do you suppose we could find her a job where forgetting things would be an asset?  That way she could earn some money at something at which she excels.

Percy:  We are very grateful to Pipo. Dalton & Benji and Mom Ingrid.  They sent us this lovely graphic Tuesday.  In fact, for quite some time, these sweet bloggers have been making occasion graphics for many blogs!  (You can visit them at Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs )

Marcus:  They really gave Jan a scare when she opened their email and found she'd forgotten another important day.  We wanted to do a post immediately but Jan is not only forgetful, she's falling apart and we have to keep our eyes open in case she starts losing parts here and there.

Micah:  Well, I know Jan still can't sit at the computer very long and all our computer time is limited, so I'm just going to say thank you all for caring.  And for remembering.  It was a terrifying day when I was dumped and had to spend a night in the crumbling mill building by myself.  The next morning Jan brought me home where I was safe, so I forgive her for being forgetful.

Taylor:  Hey, Percy, I found a spring on the carpet.  Do you suppose this fell off of Jan? 

Percy:  I don't know.  Perhaps it belongs on her foot.

Marcus:  What?

Percy:  Maybe this is the missing spring in her step. 

Marcus:  Oh, right.  Let's try to screw it back in her foot after she goes to sleep tonight.