Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My New White Ball

Taylor: Let's see. You had a new blue ball. A new new blue ball. (Inside Outside Talk) A new new new blue ball (not blogged). A new red ball. (Red Rubber Ball)  All within six months. Where did you get this white one?

Marcus:  I found it.

Taylor:  Outside in the dog pen?

Marcus:  No.  It was in a box, and then it was on the desk, and then, like magic, it was in my crate. 

Taylor:  I think you mean, then, by theft, it was in your mouth.

Marcus:  Exactly!  Wait!  How did you know?

Taylor:  I heard Jan yell, "You little thief!" 

Marcus:  Well, she shouldn't have turned her back for an hour.

Taylor:  Ten seconds.

Marcus:  Okay, for ten seconds. 

Taylor:  You didn't even wait for Jan to remove the tag. 

Marcus:  It was sent to me.  I saw my name on the box.

Taylor:  Your name is Jan?

Marcus:  No, but I know when Canidae sent the dog biscuits and the new white ball for Christmas, they were intended for me.  They just had one of those Jan moments and forgot my name.

Taylor:  So what are you going to do with your new white ball, hide in your crate with it?

Marcus:  Just until we bond.

Taylor:  You're going to bond with a ball?

Marcus:  Yes, bonding is very important to the mental health of a ball. 

Taylor:   Who told you that?

Marcus:  My new white ball.

Taylor:  And you believe it? 

Marcus:  Of course, I do.  It's never lied to me yet!

Taylor:  Today is Thankful Thursday and we're sure thankful the electric company came out Wednesday and cut down that "spider web" of branches twined around our power pole and power line. 

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Belated Gotcha Marcus

Angel Sam & Marcus
Merci:  Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Marcus!  We're sorry we're a day late, but we didn't post yesterday.

Cyndi:  You might remember this picture from 2013.  It's hard to believe Marcus was ever that small.  He looks even smaller next to our large Angel Sam.

Merci:  He was only about 5 weeks old when some neighborhood boys rescued him and brought him to Jan.  They had found him in the alley during freezing, rainy weather and none of the neighbors claimed him.  

Cyndi:  Jan tried hard to find his owner and when she did, she regretted it.  Marcus had been "adopted" at about 3 weeks of age in the Walmart parking lot and dumped in the alley two weeks later.

Merci: Then she tried to find him a home but the only possibilities were strange guys who wanted to "take him off her hands" because he looked like a pit bull mix.

Cyndi:  So we're stuck with him.  He wouldn't be such a pain if he was less hyper, but no one consulted us furries.  He just came to visit and never left. 

Merci:  He's our brother.  He's okay.

Cyndi:  Then why are your paws crossed?

Merci:  Because I can't cross my eyes.

Cyndi:  She's just kidding, Marcus.  Honest.  

Merci:  No, I'm serious.  I really can't cross my eyes.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Squeaker Speech for Dummies

Marcus:  Jan took my red rubber ball and hid it.  (Red Rubber Ball)  She had better not take my dinosaur away too.  As you can see, I'm watching Jan!

Rusty:  It won't do you any good.  You destroyed that dinosaur not long after that picture was taken.

Marcus:  I did?  Are you sure?

Rusty:  You chewed a hole and tore out the stuffing to get to the squeaker.  Of course, I'm sure!

Marcus:  No wonder I haven't been able to find it lately.  Maybe Jan will buy me a new one.

Rusty:   I don't think so.  She mentioned just yesterday how nice and quiet it has been around here since the dinosaur was dissected.  You need to learn to take care of your toys before you run out of them permanently.

Marcus:  Oh, that will never happen.

Rusty:  You'll never learn to take care of them or you'll never run out of them?

Marcus:  Both.  My mission in life is to de-squeak and destroy.all toys in memory of Buddy, the best de-squeaker and toy destroyer ever - until me!  I just know I'm making him proud.

Rusty: I remember Buddy in his prime.  He used to squeak the toy, then he would stop and talk to it.  I never did figure out what they were saying but they evidently spoke the same language.

Marcus.  Don't worry.  You can learn the language when I finish the book Buddy was working on, Squeaker Speech for Dummies

Rusty:  I think you should rename it Squeaker Speech by Dummies.

Marcus:  What did you mumble?

Rusty:  Oh, just that I can't wait to read the dummies book.

We did a post when Buddy passed on Sept. 28th. (Farewell Buddy)  This lovely graphic was sent to us by Meezers Mews  & Terrieristical Woofs. We intended to post  it; however, we were upset about Buddy and other things happening at that time, so it was a good while before we posted again, so we forgot about it until yesterday.

Thank you so much to MM&TW (Pipo, Dalton & Mr. Jack Freckles).  You are so kind to do this for bloggers who lose a furry, and your memorial graphics are greatly appreciated.

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat and Barking from the Bayou.  At least we hope we are.  Last week we included this and our computer disconnected our internet before we could and we never did get to join.  

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Red Rubber Ball

Micah:  I think we should decide what we're thankful for this week.  Whose turn is it?

Marcus:  It's mine!

Micah:  Again?  What is it this time?

Marcus:  Last month I got a new red rubber ball.  I was having such fun with it and suddenly Jan took it away and hid it.

Micah:  She must have had a reason.  What did you do to it?

Marcus:  Nothing!  I just carried it around.  Bounced it a few times around the house.  Played fetch with Jan in the dog pen.  It was a good, hard rubber ball.  I really liked it.

Micah:  I seem to remember something about you trying to eat the ball.  Did that have anything to do with why Jan hid it?

Marcus:  No.  I eat everything.  What's a little rubber in my tummy?

Micah:  A potential vet bill 

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