Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Is there good luck in multiples?  Then Happy New Year times 8.  That's how many times the above graphic finally posted.  We've been trying for 10 minutes to get just one to post and suddenly there were 8.  :)

We know 2013 has been a very hard year for many of you. A number have lost a close relative or friend - or more than one - or had a major illness in the family.  Some humans have been laid off from their jobs. So many cats and dogs have left for the bridge, including the beloved cats Skeezix and Ginger Jasper..

There have also been positive happenings:  births, travel, adoptions, rescues and other good news.  It has been a year of caring, sharing, uplifting and supporting one another. 

We look forward to 2014 and hope it will be a happy, prosperous year for all.

We weren't able to participate in the Cat Blogosphere's Secret Paws Christmas present exchange again this year, so we were quite surprised to receive this box from "A Truly Secret Paw."  We have no idea who sent it but so we are posting it in hopes the sender will know it arrived safely and we really appreciate it. 

Jan kept trying to keep us from it until she could take a picture (excuse the newspaper but the photo was taken on our dirty porch) but Percy kept breaking into it and stealing the feathery toys. Now that it's posted, we can have the contents.  Whoopee!

Puffy has been blogging since October and would love to make lots of new friends.  If you'd like to meet this cutie - sorry, this handsome tuxedo cat, stop by his blog, keep calm and catch a mouse-a day in the life of puffy.

And now, it's New Year's Eve.  Go party, but don't drink and drive, furries, or you'll get arrested.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bite to Open Option

Ooh, look at what we have.  A Natural Balance value gift pack for dogs.  It's currently on sale for $4.99. 

Sam, Puppy No Name & Buddy (Merci not shown)

Sam:  Here we are checking out the contents of the Sweet Potato and Chicken Formula Limited Ingredient Treats.  Made with sweet potato & chicken, without corn, soy or wheat.

Buddy:  This particular pack is for small breeds but Sam and I don't mind sharing them with Merci and Puppy No Name (now Marcus).

Merci:  Wait a minute, neither of you are a small breed, so don't act like you're sharing with us smaller dogs.

Puppy No Name:  I don't care what they're for.  I want some NOW!

 Puppy No Name with stolen can of chicken formula food.

Puppy No Name:  Okay, I managed to steal the can of chicken formula with carrots, brown rice and potatoes.  What do I do with a pop top?  Doesn't it come with a bite to open option?

Puppy No Name checking box and Sam looking exasperated with him.

Puppy No Name: Hey, where did all the goodies go?  There was a small roll of turkey formula with no BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin in here a moment ago.  Why didn't I steal that?  I could have used my teeth to open it.

Sam: *sigh* Jan took it out when you stole the can. Can't you behave for two seconds so we can get some more treats?

Merci:  Well, Little Puppy No Name has taken over the pictures.  I'm not in a single one.  I guess I'll finish this post so I get to participate a little.

The treats were good.  Very good.  And we each got a small sampling of the canned chicken formula and the small turkey roll.  They were tasty too.

We apologize to Chewy.com for being late with our post.  This is a holiday pack but it arrived the day before Little Puppy No Name did and life has been a whirlwind around here ever since. Little rest, no peace.  If you doubt, just read - or re-read - our Christmas Story by Micah post.

We enjoyed the samples we were sent but we were not paid for this post.  Any opinions expressed are our own.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Homeless for Christmas

We hope you are having a fun weekend.  With lots of good food.  (Want to share?  We'll eat most anything you want to put on your plate.  Or drop on your lap..)  A warm, comfy sunspot for a nap.  And happy memories of a Christmas spent with family and friends and even a few strangers.

Not everyone is so fortunate, for a variety of reasons. How do the homeless celebrate?  Or do they?

Christmas is over for 2013, but the Christmas spirit lives on, so we would like to share this video with you.

This is an actor in Poland where temperatures go below freezing in winter.  He is displaying the true spirit of Christmas giving.  This should give you a Sunday Smile.  Or perhaps a happy tear.

If the video doesn't play, click here

Friday, December 27, 2013

Casting Call Voting Parade

We hope you had a nice Christmas with family, friends and fun.  We had a quiet one.  Mr. Doug dropped by for about two minutes. We love him and want to see him but he never comes inside to visit.  We saw him about a week ago when we were headed off on a walk.  We got so excited we leaped and barked and scared Little Puppy No Name so much he was afraid to walk with us. Served him right, always nipping at our ears and tugging on our leashes. 

We did not do an interview on Mousebreath today.  We did another casting call instead.  Blogging kitties are encouraged to submit their name/blog. 

Our mutual friend Kjelle Bus really, really needs your daily votes.  He lives in Sweden but you do not need to read the language to be able to help him.  Neither do you need to give out any personal information or register.  All you have to do is VOTE!  And here is how ---

Click this link: http://royalcanin.se/kattensdag/fototavling/?orderby=votes   Kjelle is not in the group on the main page.  Above the photos, look for "sok pa ID- nummer"  and type in 26.  (26 is Kjelle's ID number.)  Then click "SOK" in the red box next to it.

This will take you directly to Kjelle's photo.  Below his photo will be his current vote count.  It will look like this but with a different number -- 1161 röster RÖSTA. Click on "ROSTA" in red and you have voted. The number count should change.

If the number doesn't change, you can verify your vote counted.  Click again and you'll get, "Du har redan röstat på det här bidraget idag. Det måste gå 24 timmar sedan du röstade på det här bidraget innan du kan rösta igen," it means "You have already voted for this grant today. It must go 24 hours since you voted for this grant before you can vote again."

If you want to check the translation of any words for yourself, you can copy/paste or type the words at Google Translate.   http://translate.google.com/

You are welcome to use the graphic to remind yourself or to ask others to vote for Kjelle..

Let's back up our friend Kjelle.  There's a year's worth of Royal Canin food involved here, so we know this means a lot to him. It would to us.  Thank you.

Rascal & Rocco are holding Pet Parade #21 today.  Be sure to go by and enter your blog..

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Story by Micah

Warm and cozy thoughts for your Christmas celebration.  We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with family, friends and fun.  And whatever your faith, we hope you will remember the reason for the celebration. 

We want to thank all of you for the beautiful cards of one type or another.(email, snail mail, Jib Jab, Jacquie Lawson, Smilebox, SloppyKiss, etc.).  We have enjoyed every one of them and are grateful for your friendship and kindness.  We have emailed several lists of bloggers the above card and hope you received yours. If not, grab the one above.  If you'd like a copy fit for print, we'd be happy to email you one.

Before we finish this post, Micah has a Christmas Eve story for you. 


Thank you.  I'd like to tell you something that happened last night. With Red aka Little Puppy No Name here, Jan gets up several times a night to put him outside to pee.  She opens the screen door, puts Red down, gives him a slight push and closes the door very quickly.  Red runs down the steps, takes a quick pee and races back up to be let inside.  For this, she doesn't even bother to put on a robe.

About 2:30 this morning, Buddy got up and made it clear he wanted to go out.  Jan got up, threw on her robe, went back to the bed, picked up Red who was curled up in a ball sleeping soundly, and proceeded to take him out.  Buddy detoured to the kitchen for a drink of water.

It was c-o-l-d!  Jan opened the door, put Red down, gave his butt a push, and heard yelping from the bedroom.  She had not put Red outside.  It was ME!

And I didn't want to be outside. I am the house cat someone dumped last fall and I do not want to be outside.  I didn't have to pee either.  At least not until the moment the cold air hit me and I realized I was outside - alone  - in the dark..

I ran down the steps and across the dog pen.  I didn't know where to hide.  Jan flew out the door and came after me, but I kept stopping and starting, trying not to panic. Finally, I was swooped up in Jan's arms and carried up the steps and deposited inside the door.  Jan couldn't come in with me.  You see, while chasing me in the dark, she'd stepped in dog poop.  So first she had to remove her slipper.  She hobbled inside on her heel so she wouldn't get the whole sock dirty, put the shoe down on newspaper, went into the bedroom to pluck Red from off the bed where he was screaming because he was alone, put him and Buddy outside, and went into the kitchen to clean the slipper over the trash.

Just as she reached the area of the trash can and cleaning supplies, her heel got soaked.  Yep, she'd stepped in cat puke.  Hooray for whichever kitty scored; I will be eternally in your debt.  '

I hope you learned your lesson, Jan.  Don't get up until you wake up!

Now back to our Christmas post.

We wanted a Christmas song to end our post.  We chose Cloverton's video of "Hallelujah, The Christmas Version."  We are sure at least some of you will enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Funny Farmers Read Chaser

Buddy:  Hey, it's the Funny Farmers mind-your-manners educational team here. Don't you dare call us "baby sitters!"  Who are we baby sitting ... um, we mean educating?  Why, Red aka Little Puppy No Name, of course!

Sam: Have you ever wondered how much your puppy could learn if you had hours every day to teach him? Well, first we'd like Red to learn not to steal our beds.

Buddy:  I can spend two whole minutes stomping my bed into just the right shape and before I can lay down on it, I'm bed-less and Red is snoring.

Sam: And he needs to learn not to try to steal our food just because he's wolfed down his own.

Merci:  And not to bite our ears.  Or leap on us when we're sleeping.  Or sing soprano when Jan puts him in the borrowed crate because she has to leave for a bit.  That hurts our ears too, which is why we sing along - to drown him out.

Why are we going on about educating Red?  Because we just finished reading a book titled Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words by John W. Pilley with Hilary Hinzmann.   It has taken us a while to get through it since we have to squeeze reading time into our schedule.  Usually, we take turns reading to each other in the pee/poop room.  (That's the dog pen, in case you don't have a canine to human dictionary.)

A couple of years after he retired this guy, Pilley, was given a Border Collie by his wife.  He spent hours each day training the dog, which he named Chaser, to learn words.  First the basic commands.  And some herding commands.  Yes, Chaser can herd sheep, as well as "herd" his mountain of toys, each with a distinct name.

Unlike the treat method of training many humans employ, Pilley used play-based methods to teach Chaser words, names and more.  Pilley is an intelligent professor/scientist and Chaser a willing student, but first and foremost throughout the training, Chaser has been a beloved pet and member of the family.

We really enjoyed this book. Pilley comes across as a man who loves animals and believes they - well, we're dogs, so we mean he believes WE are more intelligent than most men consider us to be.  What a relief to know someone finally understands us. 

Here's a short video preview of Chaser's story. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Buddy:  Believe it or not, the Funny Farmer Felines want to stage a protest because they believe they're every bit as intelligent as we canines and they want their own book and professional website.

  Oh, Chaser, what have you started?  We'll never hear the end of this.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poop, Pup and Precious

Miss Merci here today with a PSA.  Jan has been helping us with our Christmas card emailing and as you know, whenever she's involved it's really sloooooooow going.  So we're even more behinder than behind, which is where we usually are.  (Yes, I know behinder is not a word, but it fits.)  While Jan is picking up poop in the back pen, I thought I'd try to do a fast post.

Jan is furious at the person who has been going through our trash can.  She doesn't want a garbage/trash can any closer to the house than it has already been moved.  Someone used to drag our can from the street side of the pen, around between the neighbor's sheds, pull out the trash, and toss it back in.  On some occasions, the person has left poop bags on the neighbor's lawn.  She goes to great trouble to ensure the can is protected from any possible poop bag breakage because she doesn't want a reeking trash can and since the cans are swapped out, she doesn't want anyone else to have one either.  Why would anyone be interested in rifling through our poop bags?  Jan would gladly wrap them up and GIVE them to anyone who wants them! 

Little Red aka Little Puppy No Name gave Jan another scare yesterday.  It was such a nice day temperature-wise that we were all outside for a while.  Jan came to check on us and Red was OUTSIDE the fence.  He had moved the flowerpot and couldn't squeeze back through the gate opening.  So Jan ran for the front door and around the house.  Red was inside the pen.  He saw her and immediately squeezed back out of it.  He is hard to keep track of.  And Jan can't find anything large and heavy enough to block the gate openings.

We have a precious video for your Sunday Smile today.  These little kitties really understand what a mat is for - fun!  So join the fun and watch the ninja kitties conquer the mat.And then have a good day!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cyndi Is Ten

Oh, dear, we forgot to read the calendar again.  It's our Cyndi's birthday today and Jan says she doesn't have time to make us a new card so we hope you're all like Jan and have a bad memory and don't remember this from 2012. 

Cyndi is 10 on this her assigned birthday. She was a tiny little thing with so much soft, fine hair when Jan first saw her from a distance she thought Cyndi was about 8 months old.  But she was all floof to keep her from freezing to death. 

We're glad she came to live here.  She's not only beautiful, she's sweet.  When she wants to be. :)

Happy Birthday, dear Cyndi, from all of us.

If you missed Little No Name's news and our interview with Sammy Kimmell yesterday, click here.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sammy Kimmell and Red

Hey, Little Puppy No Name here.  The other furries said it's okay for me to post again since I have some good news.

It's a really dreary day and we got off to a late start on our morning walk - the one we've been mostly skipping for a while because it's been too cold or rainy for Jan.  (It wasn't noon yet so it counted as morning, didn't it?) 

We started off but Jan saw a neighbor across the street and we doubled back so she could ask if he knew of anyone looking for a little brown dog.  We were all jumping up and down and barking, trying to greet him.  The guy pointed to me and asked, "That one? Yes, he's mine.  He didn't even know how to eat or drink when I got him. I had to teach him.  He didn't play either."  (He added the last because I was busy tugging on Merci's leash.)

So now I have a name.  I'm "Red."  I'll be staying on for a while, though.  My owner takes care of his mother. He knows I'm safe and Jan will  continue working on my housebreaking while he builds me a crate  I don't know why she needs to work on it.  I'm already very good at breaking things. But, hey, if she thinks I need improvement, I'm game.

The Funny Farmers have been telling me stories of Jan. Today I got to see her in action.  In all the excitement, Jan suddenly noticed Sam's brand new harness (thank you, Miss Pat) was at the wrong end.  Instead of at his shoulders, it was unbuckled and sliding down his hips.  Jan was totally calm, cool and collected.  She immediately dropped all four leashes and grabbed Sam. 

When she realized we were loose, the neighbor stepped on two leashes and Jan managed to grab one.  They got the harness back on Sam.  A couple minutes later, it was around his hips again.  This time the neighbor tightened the straps quite a bit.  Jan is so grateful this didn't happen on our walk last night.  Or when Sam was being unruly because he saw a squirrel or motorcycle and wanted to chase it and there wasn't anyone around to help her.

And good thing Sam was secure because here came a medium brown dog and a good-sized Bassett mix the others called Luke the Pee Machine (you might remember him) with their owner trying to catch them  We did some more leaping and barking.  Then we went on our walk.

It's almost 1:30 now and Jan is finally eating breakfast while I post. She's not sharing, but we did eat earlier. 

I think that's all the news for today.  Oh, sorry, the Funny Farmer Felines have to do their regular Friday interview post.  I think I'll go nap now.

Little Puppy No Name - now known as Red

Thank you, Red.  We have been fortunate to interview some old friends, as well as make new ones.  This week we got to know a new friend better, Sammy Kimmell of One Spoiled Cat.  He's quite the character.

Stop by to read Sammy Loves Teasers and Worldwide Wildcats.  It is published at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats.

We are joining Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop #20..  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Puppy No Name Squeaks

Little Puppy No Name (Marcus):  Hey, remember me?  I'm little Puppy No Name.  I've been staying here for a week now, waiting for my lost owner to be found.  The weather was terrible last week and we nearly froze when Jan tried to take me out searching.  In between rainstorms.

Now that the weather is "warmer" and drier, she says I need to be in the public eye, so I get to walk with the big woofers now.  When I said I wanted to go on Monday, Jan thought she'd have to bring me back after a block, but I did their whole route!  Merci laughed at me.  She said they all walk their normal pace and I try to lead the pack with my little legs pumping like windmills.  But I keep up.

Meanwhile,in case you've wondered why we disappeared for a few days, Jan says we've all been keeping her extra busy since bad weather brings sick animals.  Merci wasn't feeling well last week and was very sick last weekend,   Merci is okay now but Jan says she's too pooped to think.  Percy says that isn't unusual, but not to mention that to Jan.  Okay, I won't.

Tuesday, we were in the back pen and Jan went out the front door to throw out trash.  I got upset because she wasn't in the pen with us, so she hurried in the front door and out the back to reassure me.  Only I wasn't there!  She ran for the front door to try to catch me before I got lost.  When she opened the front door, there I was, sitting on the mat, waiting.  She was so proud of me.  I got a big hug.  When she did the same thing later, I tried to go after her again but I couldn't slip through the gate.  She'd blocked the openings around the gate.

Oh, we won Ruckus the Eskie's giveaway.of a 3 month subscription from DoggyLoot Toy of the Month.  Buddy and Sam aren't much for playing with toys any more, but Sam still does.  So Jan signed him up. Our first toy was a Kyjen Invincibles Reindeer squeaker.  So Jan took us outside and laid the reindeer down, raised the camera and -

- she caught me sprinting away with it.  See it down in the lower left.  I took it right out from under Sam's nose.

Buddy watched me shake that reindeer and show it who is boss!  It squeaked and squealed and screamed for mercy.

When I was done with it, it had no fight left.  So I took off like a blur. Merci went over to see if the reindeer was still in one piece.  It was.

Buddy asked if he needed to resuscitate it, but I said not yet.  I was checking out the packaging, in case there were any edibles with it.  There weren't.

Oh, just for the record, these photos are just to share the fun of giving Sam "his" new toy.  NOT a re-view.  :)

We had a lot to be thankful for this week, so we're joining Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.

And also This 'N That Thursday co-hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Ruckus the Eskie.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Micah Is Innocent

Micah:  It's not fair.  I get blamed for everything.  I'm innocent, innocent, I tell you!  She can't prove it either.

What am I talking about?  Oh, last night Jan cooked some chicken drumsticks and left them to cool on the stove.  Later she found what was left of one in my breakfast nook area.  Just because some cat left it where I like to dine doesn't mean I was the culprit.  I'm deeply hurt she believes it was me.

I know, I should move on to this week's Sunday Smile.  You will enjoy it.  None of us Funny Farmers are this weird.  Well, Crystal used to be.  Cotton would occasionally tolerate a little.  Rusty used to enjoy this.  But to be honest, a cat's got to be tetched in the head to hug a vacuum.  Even the woofies run for cover when Jan gets ours out of the closet.

Some feline friends of this cat should hold  an intervention.  Or perhaps he could join VCA (Vacuum Cleaners Anonymous) This is just unnatural.  Here, it's short.  Check it out for yourself.

If the video doesn't play, click here. .

Oh, we want to apologize to Matilda's Journey.  We put the Shine On award in our To Post folder so we wouldn't forget it and ... uh, we did.   In case you aren't aware, we did a Meet & Greet on Matilda's blog on September 17th and Matilda hurriedly and unexpectedly had to leave for the bridge on October 6th.  The blog continues but Matilda is missed. We'd like to thank them for sharing the award.

I don't have anything else to add, so guess I'll close for now.  Oh, wait.  Let me take a quick look around.  No, I don't see Jan or any of the other furries.  So I would like to add, *whisper* Boy, was that drumstick delicious!

We're joining the Sunday Black & White blog hop at Dachshund Nola's

Friday, December 13, 2013

Puppy No Name and Truffles

Hey, remember me?  The woofers posted on me yesterday after I was delivered to their door unexpectedly.  I was a good boy and didn't bother the Funny Farmer Felines - in fact, I think Cameron likes me - so they said it is okay to help them post today.  My name?  I don't know my name.  Jan said she was thinking of calling me "Mickey Mouth" while I'm here but I have no idea why.

I have been very helpful.

I helped keep Jan up till 1:30 am Tuesday night.  Then she put me in a big cat carrier and went to bed but I didn't want to be alone.  So I sang.  I sang at the top of my lungs.  And the woofers joined me.  I sang and they howled until 2 am.  It was so much fun, but Jan wasn't very appreciative.  She kept yelling, Shut up!  Finally, she covered the carrier with an afghan and a towel so I couldn't see anything.  It was lonely and boring, so I went to sleep.

I slept until 6 am.  Jan said that was good.  She took me outside for a quick pee. I guess she didn't want me to sing again so she let me up on the big bed.  I only fell off twice.  I tried to get Jan to play but she wasn't interested, so I finally curled up and went to sleep.  It was so much nicer than sleeping alone in the carrier.

Merci doesn't mind the cold weather so she spent some time outside.  I followed her around and did whatever she wanted.  You can pick me out easily.  I'm the one wearing the red sweater.  Ms Pat sent it to Merci several years ago but it's too small for her.  It's a little big in the shoulder and chest for me but Jan was concerned about me getting sick after being lost, cold and hungry.  So Merci said it is okay for me to wear her sweater.

We played tag, we dug in the dirt, we ran around ... it was fun.  Sam?  Not so much.  He's so big but he's a scaredy cat.  (Don't tell him I said that, though.  He might step on me.)  Buddy is an old fogey.  He doesn't like to play.

See how well I match the leaves in the pen.  I helped Jan rake them.  I chased the mean ole rake every time it tried to attack her and gave it the ole bitey.  That was hard work!  After a while she let me go into the house and take a nap while she finished.  But she wouldn't have finished today if it hadn't been for me.

This is what I've been doing ever since.  It sure has been a tiring day.  But that's okay.  I'll be awake again tonight to sing Jan to sleep.

The Funny Farmer Felines interviewed a kitty this week by the name of Truffles from the Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & More blog. 

You can read the interview Not the Chocolate … Truffles the Tortie on Mousebreath, the ezine for kitties by kitties.  This is a must read, whether or not you are acquainted with Truffles.  She's fairly new to blogging but is doing a great job.

Little Puppy No Name (Marcus) signing out for the Funny Farmer Felines.

*whisper* Um ... how did I do, guys?  

Oh, and we're going to join Rascal and Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop today.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Intruder

Well, it's after midnight this morning and we're trying to do a fast post.  Wednesday was one of those days.  The computer wouldn't finish loading in the morning.  We spent the afternoon trying to download elusive Windows updates.  (Don't even ask!)  We never did get to the Christmas card emails we intended to send out.

By sundown we dogs hadn't even given Jan her evening walk.  But there was more to come - a knock at the door.  Two neighbor boys wanting to know if Jan was missing a puppy.  Nope!

Boys: "We've been asking around and no one knows who this puppy belongs to."

Jan:  "What are you going to do with it?"

Boys: "We'll have to take it home and knock on some more doors after school tomorrow."  (Good idea.  Not safe to go knocking on doors after dark.)

Jan:  "Which one of you is taking it home?"

One Boy:  "I can't."

Other Boy: "I can't either."

Jan:  "So what are you going to do with it?"

The conversation was longer.  We just hit the highlights.  It dropped into the 20s or low 30s last night and will again tonight.  The boys promised to go knocking on doors after they get home from school activities tomorrow.  Jan doesn't have much hope the boys will keep their word, but sometimes kids do the right thing.

Meanwhile, we've got an intruder here, sleeping on our beds, drinking out of our water bowls, and playing with our toys.

We're going to see if we can find some folks around here who will post his photo on Facebook tomorrow.  It's too late tonight.  We hope he has an owner because we can't keep him.

He spent the evening crying, trying to get us old timers to play, trying to steal Jan's dinner, tripping her and sleeping cuddled against her feet.  In between he played with some of our toys, including Mr. Squirrel.  Now that he's rested, we figure it's going to be a long night for Jan.

We hope the puppy is properly thankful Jan took him in temporarily and we didn't chase him out.  Jan will be very thankful when he's safely home.

   We'll be joining PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.

 And the This 'N That Thursday blog hop.co-hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Ruckus the Eskie.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Buddy Has A Wag Pac

Buddy:  I received a Wag Pac. Wag Pac is a new monthly subscription through DogTime, so new it isn't quite open to subscriptions yet, but it will be in time for Christmas delivery. 

A portion of the proceeds from my subscription will be donated to a shelter or rescue of my choice from DogTime's database of over 3,000 shelters and rescues.  I picked Green Pets America Rescue from Woodstock, GA because we had a good experience with their Executive director Kristen  this summer. 

Buddy & Sam checking out the Wag Pac
Here I am checking out the box as soon as it was opened.  Notice Sam the photobomber? 

Buddy & Sam.  Buddy is sniffing for treats.

Jan was a pain.  She kept making a mess trying to line everything up to get a photo, but this is my box and this is the proper way to show off the contents. 

There was an orange Alite Boa Lite dog leash included.  It has 2 small pockets for carrying small items, such as treats, a loop for attaching a key ring or a small light, a place for a poop bag dispenser, and a quick-release handle which would be useful any time there might be a need to take a photo without me yanking on Jan's arm. She could leash me to a post or fence. However, she would still have to deal with Merci and Sam.

Buddy & Sam

I'm not too interested in playing with toys any more but Sam is.  So he grabbed the long red squeaker toy.  Um, a dachshund?

Buddy & Sam

This is what I sniffed out as soon as the box was opened.  Jan put it in her pocket or they'd have been gone by now. They are Mrs. Petitbones natural dog treats from Thornhill Kitchen.


They come in different shapes and there are 4 flavors to the bag - liver, sweet potato, peanut butter and cheese.

Add caption
This is a waterproof LED Pet Blinker for a small breed, so this must be Merci's.  It can be attached to a collar or leash and when activated, can be seen for up to 1/2 mile.  It works on 3 AG3 batteries.


I can't forget the Fruitables skinny minis.  They're made with real bacon, sweet potatoes and apples. 

Sam, Buddy, Merci

The Fruitables are small.  Jan says they would be great for training.  I hope she's not getting any ideas. 

Sam, Buddy, Merci
Are the Fruitables tasty?  Just look at Merci licking her chops.

Between Jan trying to kill the camera by crashing it into the fireplace and the cement floor and the dismal, rainy weather, we had to wait a week to open my box.  It was worth the wait.  I love the natural yummy treats. Sam likes the squeaky toy and Merci says she can't wait to scare the daylight out of bikers at night with her new Pet Blinker. Jan thinks the poop bag stashing leash is a great idea for any human who is walked by her dogs.

The Wag Pacs will sell for:: 1 month=$29 per month; 3 months=$24 per month; 6 months=$19 per month.  The link to order is Wag Pac.com.

We were provided with a Wag Pac but were not compensated for this post.