Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet & Greet Zoe and Ku

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 16, 2013.

We have fursiblings of different species as our guests on today's Meet & Greet. So pull up a chair while each introduces the other.

Zoe & Ku

Me-Ommmmm! Hello, my name is Zoe, but I am also known as Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda, the great and most beautiful feline Swami. But enough about most beautiful me! I'd like to introduce you to my little brother Kuruk (kooo-roook).

His name means Bear, but he's really an Alaskan Malamute pup. He had a very ruff start in life, but Ku's famous rescue from that horrible puppy mill in Alaska was the start of his pawesome journey! He's been in a video and is the poetic pup behind the blog Haiku By Ku. He's also working on a book about his rescue and healing journey, which will also include some haiku.

Mama says Ku was like a feral wolf went he first joined our pack, but now with my great yogic influence and zen guidance, of course, he's now a happy and blissful pup. I love to kiss and lick Ku's super fluffy ears. He lets me even though he says it tickles! Me-Ommmmm!


Wooooowooooo! Helloooowooooo! It's me, Ku. This is my kitty sistah Zoe. She's the oldest of our pack, at twelve years old, but she doesn't look a day older than two. Well, that's what she says, and that's what you should say. You should also be sure to tell her how beautiful she is. Every day. Often. I've been told that Zoe was raised by a Husky, so she thinks she's a snow pup. She sure does act like she ranks high in the pack. Sometimes she comes across as bossy, but that's just her Zen approach to teaching.

Zoe is very pretty and most wise. She practices yoga and meditation almost all day every day. She even wrote a book: Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat, and like me, she is going to donate some of the proceeds to animal rescue! Woooohoooo!

She also just started her own blog Swami Zoe's Yoga and Zen, where she shares some of eternal wisdom and pictures of her beautiful self. My sistah's wisdom and beauty sure helped me work through a lot of my emotional healing. Most of all she taught me how to relax and that resting is a productive activity in itself. Wooooowooooo!
Swami Zoe

Thank you, Zoe and Ku. It was a pleasure to meet you recently and we're so glad you agreed to participate.today.  We hope readers will go by to meet them if you haven't already.  Ku has quite an interesting rescue story and Zoe has much of interest to share.

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