Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a Blessed 2013

Our message is simple - thank you for being our friends.  We have enjoyed several years of blogging and hope to be around for many more, but as 2012 draws to a close, we thought we'd have some fun with rhyme.

It's hard to believe it's already New Year's Eve.
We've been blogging so long we've run out of song.
So we'll just post a banner cause Jan lost our nip nanner. 
(oh, sorry, our mistake - we never had one)
To friends far and near, we consider you dear.
Many blessings we purr and our woofies concur.-
At midnight we'll drawl, Happy New Year to all!

Oh, & we're at a party over at the Tabby Cat Club.  You don't have to be a tabby to come by and say hello.

Have a happy, healthy 2013!

Funny Farmers -
Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty, Sam & Micah
- and Jan

Friday, December 28, 2012

Whiskey and the Whisppy Felines

As you can tell from the graphic, our interviewees today are the cats from Furries of Whisppy. In case you're wondering about the Whiskey in the title, we're not celebrating early, though it's cold enough in here we'd like to give the computer a double to speed it up. Whiskey is the woofie responsible for Whisppy.  There are 7 of them - 8 if you count the woofie, (more if you count the other critters) but Whiskey was good and didn't interrupt.  We know you'll enjoy getting acquainted or learning something new about them.

So drop over to their Mousebreath interview, The Furries of Whisppy ... Cosmo, Link, Meow-Me, Boomer, Felix, Tutu & Coco.

It's so cold in here this morning, the computer is super slow and so are are typing paws, so in the interest of posting this today and not tomorrow, we'll wish you a happy weekend. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be Safe, Dry and Warm

Hey, Merci, Sam & Buddy here. The felines will be back on Friday, but we wanted to say we hope you all had a great Christmas with lots of family, friends, love and laughter.  Or maybe one like ours, quiet and cold ... we mean, cozy.

And we don't want you to forget what handsome dudes and a dudette we are. 

We're sorry we can't get around to visit as often as we like.  You know what a computer hog Jan is.  So we try to visit different blogs so we spread our handsomeness around.  But we are amazed at the number that are still turning on word verification.  Inevitably, we go by to leave condolences or well wishes and we can't leave a comment.

When humans invite other humans over to visit or to share a meal, they don't lock the gate and then issue an invitation, so the poor sucker ... um, guest has to climb a 6' fence to reach the door.  No, they want the guest to feel welcome, so they unlock the gate and throw open the door to greet them.
So how come so many blogs are inviting readers to come by and then when they click "publish," SURPRISE!!  Up pops word verification. This is one mean time consuming unwelcome mat!

We know we've said it before... and before ... and before.  But it bears repeating.  And as long as no one speaks up, Blgoger's illegible word verification will continue to spread.  So, if you have a problem with it, don't just battle through to leave a comment.  Help those who can't read it by speaking up against word verification when you leave a comment.  There are other ways to stop spam!

There is a lot of severe weather in the US, so everybody and their furries be safe, dry and warm!

Oh, and we almost forgot -

For those of you who enjoy poetry, we met a non-pet blogger the other day you might enjoy.  The blog is called Today Someone ... and it's written by Doreen Hardie of South Africa. She writes lovely inspirational poetry and articles but hasn't had many visitors.  It's a shame to let such talent go unnoticed, so we hope you will stop by and say hello.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to All

This is our card.  You can probably tell by our familiar faces.

This is Jan's card.  You can tell because there is NO face on it, familiar or otherwise.  Maybe we need to ask Santa to bring her a new face tonight, so she will let us take photos of her? 

Still, all of us wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  .

We were only able to send our homemade e-cards again this year.  We sent out more than we could count, so if you didn't receive one from us, check your spam folder, and if it isn't there, check your neighbor's - it probably got delivered to the wrong computer.  (We're kidding about the neighbor, but that's what happens with some of our snail mail, so we thought we'd throw that in.)  If yours didn't arrive, grab one of these.  They are small files for the internet.  If you like to print your cards, pop us an email and ask for a larger file copy.  We'd be happy to email it to you.

We received a lot of lovely e-cards and snail mail cards this year, which we'd like to share with you.  The snail mail are in 3 collages, but Jan balked at putting the rest in a collage.  Thank you, each of you who took the time to remember us.  We are grateful for each of you.

So, whoo whee!  We have finally gotten our cards together to post.  And since this is Christmas Eve, we're really pushing it to the wire. 

(Arty), Scylla, Socks & Fenris
Amber DaWeenie & Max da Odder Dog & da pack


Cat Chat, Caren & Cody

Charlotte, Angel Momo & SS

Cherry City Kitties

Today Someone blog

Eric & Flynn

Florida Furkids

Four Crazy Cats

Nicki & Derry


Hannah & Lucy

Islay (Charlie's Dog Blog)

JFF pixelated portrait by Ollie

Jelly Bean & fur siblings

Kwee Cats

Maggy May & Creek Cats

Abby & Manx Mnews

Bugsy & Knuckles of Max the Quilt Cat

Sammy & Moosey of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Mog & Meowza

Mumsy & Furkids

Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady

The Op Pack

Mr. Pip.

Tommie of Shelter Cats

Tabby Cat Club member photo pixelated by Ollie

Sweet Purrfections

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Wildcat Woods


Fur Everywhere / Ayla, Iza & Marley / Abby of Manx Mnews / Ginger Jasper, / Random Felines / Kwee Cats

Angel & Kirby / Baby & Lucky / Bugsy & Knuckles of Max the Quilt Cat / JB Bean / Mo & the Purries / Clooney (Claus) & Neytiri

China Cat & Willow / Maxwell & Tater Tot / Gentle Annie / Forty Paws

Have a wonderful Christmas!  And we hope you aren't so busy you forget we're celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cyndi Birthday and Junior, Orion and Sammy

Happy Birthday to our lovely Cyndi!

We're sorry we ate her cake.  We just couldn't help ourselves.  Jan made it from pureed beef to look like chocolate and it just reeked.  Um, we mean it just smelled so good.  .Who could resist?


Wednesday we posted a link to Cyndi dancing up a storm with the Mousebreath Dancers.  Stop by and check out Percy, Rusty and Cameron hotfooting it with Skeezix and Ichiro.  While you're there you can enter the drawing to Win A Gig With the Mousebreath Dancers in another JibJab Christmas video.


 Last Friday we interviewed Junior, Orion & Sammy.  The same day, Junior took ill, spent several days at the vet, and was helped to the bridge Wednesday, December 19. 

We were going to postpone publishing this interview because we feared it would bring more pain to his meowm.  But we decided to publish this interview in loving memory. of a handsome rescued Siamese blogging kitty named Junior. 

So we hope you will visit and read Junior's own words of what a great life he had with his Meowm and siblings - Handsome Mancat Brofurs ... Junior, Orion & Sammy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cyndi Dances and Farewell Junior

Hey, Merci here.  We almost didn't get to post our fun news today but Jan finally relinquished the computer.

Our quiet and introverted Cyndi has spread her wings and .... well, she can't fly.  But can she ever dance!  Yep, we were surprised last night to find our Cyndi has been keeping a secret.  Skeezix put together a holiday dance team and she joined without telling us

Stop by and watch her ... uh, we mean watch them.  Cause she's dancing with the famous Skeezix, Chey, Jeter Harris and Max (the advice column dood on Mousebreath).  So go watch them in a JibJab video at Happy Holidays from the Mousebreath Dancers.  (And dig those hairdos.  hehehe)

We were all hoping Junior would be home with his family before Christmas and whatever he had would be treatable.  But it wasn't to be.  Farewell, Junior.  {{{hugs}}}, purrs and pawtaps to your mom from all of us.

You're welcome to use the graphic if you want.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Memorial, Mickey and Mark

Hey, it's me, Micah.  Jan teases me that this is what I do 75% of the time - sit in front of an emptied food bowl waiting for a refill. I say she exaggerates!  It's only 65% of the time.

But I can't help it. I was hungry for so long and hiding under the bed from Percy takes a lot of energy.  Yep, Percy still hates me.  He doesn't attack me as often but he still hunts me.  Jan sometimes brings me out near the computer during the day, where I huddle or sleep till she takes me back to my room or Percy sneaks up and sends me back into hiding.  I'm not sure if he picks on me and Cyndi because Rusty picks on him, but Percy hasn't been very popular around here these last 2 or 3 months.  He definitely should get coal in his Christmas stocking!

We added this candle graphic to our sidebar Friday but would like to put it in a permanent post as a memorial to those who died in this horrific and evil mass shooting in Newtown, CT on December 14..  We can not begin to imagine the pain the living are going through today. So many young and innocent lives lost, plus the adults who tried to protect them from the shooter.  Our prayers are with them.

Here is a Reuters news story on How to help Newtown school shooting families.

We were sad to lose the handsome Mickey Mantle, beloved brother of Jeter Harris, over the weekend.  R.I.P., Mickey. 

We recently posted We Love Happy Stories  about Not Your Mother's Book ... On Dogs, co-created by Kathy Baker because our friend, Mark has a couple of stories in the book.  Mark sent us a copy for a Christmas present, and first thing, we read his stories. 

We can't wait to read the other 58 stories, but we know you will love the personal stories of "Big Red" and "Hunter,"  both written by our friend and Texas animal rescuer, Mark Crider. We cried happy tears!  or  Barnes & Noble .

Nope, this isn't a review.  Nor an ad.  We just think this book would make a great Christmas present for animal lovers of all ages. And be sure to read Mark's stories first.  :)