Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Meet & Greet Jenna and Tofu

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was published July 2, 2013.

Hey, it's Meet & Greet Tuesday time again. 

Have you met Jemma and Tofu yet?  Well, you should.  Go right over and say hello to these cuties.  They used to have their own Blogger blog but didn't have enough time to keep it up, so as of  last month (June), they are mainly a photo blog.

Jemma of Jemma Chihuahua & Tofu Kitty Cat Tumblr
Tofu of Jemma Chihuahua & Tofu Kitty Cat Tumblr

 Be sure to go by Jemma Chihuahua & Tofu Kitty Cat's Tumblr home and say hello.

We're just including the one blog this time.  We're still waiting on readers to get back to us with suggestions or promised information. Plus, yesterday was Canada Day and Thursday is the US 4th of July celebration, so we know you're all busy.  Have a good week / weekend.  See you next week..

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