Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sending Red Ball on Vacation

Cyndi:  What are you grumbling about, Marcus?

Marcus:  My ball.  My new red ball.  Or it was my new red ball when it arrived.  Jan took it outside to play catch with me right after it arrived and stopped after a couple of tosses.  I wasn't done playing!

Cyndi:  You're never done playing!

Marcus: I need my exercise!  She did say I could play with it by myself in the house but within two minutes she had taken it away and hasn't let me play with it since.  It's MY ball!

Cyndi:  And your teeth.  The ball was supposed to be hard but not rock solid hard.  That thing is so heavy and hard it could break your teeth and then what would you do about eating.  *holds up paw*  Never mind.  You'd just gum your food to death.

Marcus: It wasn't breaking my teeth when she took it away.

Cyndi:  Maybe not, but you were chewing up the ball and about to eat the pieces.  Rubber isn't good for you, even though you do have a cast iron stomach.

Marcus:  Most of it is still intact.

Cyndi:  It was supposed to be "virtually indestructible".  "Most of it is still intact" doesn't count.

Marcus:   It isn't fair.  It's my ball and instead of letting me play with it, she's sending it on a vacation.

Cyndi:  She's returning it to Amazon, just as soon as she figures out how she can get a label printed and get the ball in the mail. by Wednesday.  She didn't realize she can get back her money until she wrote a review of the prodict on Amazon.  The return time is almost up.

Marcus:  I'd rather have the ball.

Cyndi:  I think you can convince Jan to trade the ball for a treat.  Why don't you ask?

Marcus:  A peanut butter biscuit?

Cyndi:  Yes, there are still some peanut butter biscuits left.

Marcus:  Okay.  I'll go ask but if she wants to send my ball on vacation, I think I deserve a lot more than one!

This is the ball purchased that will hopefully be returned.  We were very disappointed with it!  (Well, Jan was, Marcus wasn't.)

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Interviews Return

Cyndi:  Why are we reposting this old photo of me taking a bath in the bureau and you doing your I'm-innocent-innocent-I-tell-you dance.

Marcus:  Well, I was innocent.  Jan pulled out the drawer herself in the middle of the night when she caught the drawer handle with something.

Cyndi:  True.  One of those rare times you actually were innocent.  But why are we posting the picture?

Marcus:  We are trying to get back to blogging on Tuesday and Friday.  Today is Friday and we don't have a single idea of what to post.

Cyndi:  How about the good news we announced on Tuesday?

Marcus:  We had good news on Tuesday?

Cyndi:  Yes.  Weren't you paying attention?

Marcus:  Probably not.  You cats can ramble on forever sometimes.

Cyndi:  Percy, can you remind us of the good news and make it short and sweet?

Percy:  I sure can.  We are finally able to resume interviews, starting with the Cat's Eye Boyz.  You can read The Cat's Eye Boyz Tell All .on Mousebreath. 

We are joining the Pet Parade blog hop with hosts, Rascal and Rocco, Bionic Basil, and Barking from the Bayou.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Flying Feline Ego

Merci:  Oh, no, I see the Funny Farmer Felines are returning.  Guess they'll be running around here again with swelled heads.

Marcus:  Yeah, there was a lot of flying feline ego around when they were posting Mousebreath interviews.

Rusty:  Come on, guys, you know that isn't true.  You're just jealous because Mousebreath is only for cats; no dogs allowed.

Micah:  It wasn't our idea.  We would let you join us if we could.

Taylor:  Yes, we like you guys.  Most of the time.  Marcus is a little rowdy at times, but as a general rule, he's okay.

Cyndi:  The interviews will resume Friday, but we need some volunteers who would like to tell their stories.  There is no way we can find all the Cat Scouts, social media cats, blogging cats, etc. on our own.

Percy:  We apologize for the long break between interviews but Jan just kept ruining our plans and we had to keep our nursing skills honed for her.  You wanted the Mousebreath interviews to return, so step up and help us locate new interviewees. 

Merci:  Well, so this post isn't a total loss for we canines, Marcus has a joke for you.

Marcus:  A guy was admitted to the hospital with eight plastic horses in his stomach. His condition is now stable.

Merci:  You consider that a joke?  Next time you better run it by me first.

Marcus:  You didn't catch it when it  just walked by; what makes you think you could catch it if it runs by you?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Visit Your Rainbow Friends

Hey, Cyndi here.  No, we're not back yet, but I wanted to talk to all of you for a moment.  First, though, Jan has not been idle.  One can evidently only stand accomplishing nothing for so long.  She is returning to the land of the busy with lots of sit down breaks in between.  Marcus has been waiting for his next walk since Dec 21st when Jan took sick.  At least he is now getting exercise chasing a ball in the dog pen. 

Aside from laundry, cleaning and other boring house jobs that are way behind, Jan has just finished the last 9 - yes 9! - months of the 2015 blog posts that lost their photos when Picasa switched to GPhotos.  That was a project she never wants to do again! It was complicated and time consuming but at least the last nine were "easier" than the first three once she learned how to not lose her place every time a post republished.

But what I want to talk to you about is the Our Rainbow Friends memorial blog.  Ann, the Zoolatry human, generally sends out a mass email on the 15th of each month, or sometimes just posts on Facebook because of the hassles that can come with a mass mailing.  For whatever reason, we haven't received or seen a notice since the September memorials came out in October.  And as you know, Ann is presently on vacation, so not doing any notifications.

Amber da Weenie's mom Linda is the lone, hard worker behind the scenes for that blog.  She knows it means a lot to one who has lost a cat, dog, bird or other loved pet to have a memorial bridge post.

We were thinking it would be great if current bloggers would participate in helping Linda keep up with the losses.  (If you don't already have the badge, grab the one above.)  If you are a blogger who just lost a furry or know of a blog that just lost one, let Ann or Linda know.  When the previous month's memorials are posted on the 15th, share the information with friends and readers, then visit and comment (even for those you don't know).  It doesn't take long to say you care about someone's loss.  There are those such as Golden Pines and White Dog Army that take in older dogs and have more than normal losses, but each one is loved and missed.  A virtual hug would be welcomed.

We have long depended on Ann to keep everyone informed and not everyone realizes the hassles she has frequently gone through with gmail.  Linda deserves a medal for her dedication to this project, despite an outside job, intermittent internet, a home and her canine pack to care for.

So, as busy as we know you are, we're suggesting we all step up to help publicize each month's memorial posts, as well as visit.  Those are our rainbow friends - yours and mine.  Those are our blogging friends, old and new.  Let's show our support! 

The December losses have been posted at Our Rainbow Friends.

We hope to learn some new jokes while we're on hiatus, so stay tuned.  And we still have a few more interviews to finish.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Be Back When We Can

Rusty:  Hey, do you remember us?  We've been missing for what feels like forever.

Micah:  We stopped by to let you know we're going to be missing for a good bit longer. 

Rusty:  It's all Jan's fault!  She is under strict order to never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, NEVER visit anyone and sit under a rotating fan again!!!!!!  Especially in the winter.  But she should never sit in a draft at any time- period! 

Micah:  Aside from getting a bad respiratory illness, her pain level went through the roof and she almost couldn't move her arms or turn her head for two weeks.  Trying to sleep in a chair and take care of us, even minimally, wore her out. And poor Marcus.  Loud, rambunctious, energetic Marcus had zero exercise for two full weeks.  We cats were ready to lock him in the closet and hide the key.  He is getting a few minutes of ball chasing outside the last few days

Rusty:  Mr. Doug kindly brought her things to help her get better, but we also need to thank Jan's friends Johnnie and her husband James for bringing her some food now that Jan is trying to eat again.  And Miss Suzanne, thank you so much for the Christmas smoked turkey that Jan couldn't open until New Years. 

Micah:  It's freezing here and we're all hunkered down trying to get through this horrible weather, which is worse in other parts of the country.  The house is drafty and the floor is frozen.  If you enjoy camping in the winter, come visit us, you'll feel right at home.

Rusty:  Jan has been sick since Dec 21st.  We tried to get our Christmas e-card to everyone on our list and to respond to everyone who sent us either a snail card or an e-card, but we know we missed some.  Please accept our heartfelt apologies.  No oversight was intended.

Micah:  Jan has been trying to check facebook occasionally for those that are sick or have lost a furry, but we're really out of the loop, so feel free to email us to let us know of any such news.   We will be back, but we have no idea when. 

Rusty:  Meanwhile, keep smiling so no one knows what you are plotting.