Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Jemma and Tofu

Today's Meet & Greet at the Blogville Chronicle has been posted.  As you can guess from the post title, Jemma and Tofu are our subjects of the day. 

We are sorry for the demise of the Google Reader.  It was the best RSS feed reader around and it will be missed.  Actually, it has been missed ever since the announcement was made about it closing, as so many bloggers scrambled to find another reader to replace it.  It has been mass confusion, even thought we put in one entire day cleaning out old links and categorizing everything. And so far none of the others we've tried measure up.

We signed up with Feedly and ended up with 500-plus subscriptions in no particular order..  Actually, we only have 298 in our feed.  We COUNTED them!  So Feedly is a bust.

We then signed up with Bloglovin and it wasn't any better.  We had fewer subscriptions than we actually do and what did import are in no particular order.  Google Reader gave us the option to change the blog title and we took advantage of that.  We titled most of our feeds by the pet names, not by the blog titles and they matched the lists in our browser bookmarks. So there is no way we can coordinate the mess of proper blog names to find which Bloglovin imported and which it dumped.  

As a last minute salvage, we opened an account with Old Reader.  For the moment all our feeds are accounted for and the correct titles (ours) are listed.  We don't know how to use it yet, but at least our info is safe.

It was a sad moment using Google Reader for the last time last night.  R.I.P., GR. 

Oh, and don't forget to check the Blogville Community Calendar (not to be confused with the Blogville Chronicle) for current and upcoming events.  And send in your special events. You are all reporters for the BC Calendar.


  1. I am using Old Reader too and hopefully will get on all right with it. GR was still there this morning but disappeared about half an hour ago. I miss the next button as that helped get to the latest updates more quickly.

  2. I haven´t used Google Reader so I can´t miss it.
    I use my readinglist on my blog and I think that is enough for me and mom :)
    Shall jump over to The Blogville Chronicle and read about Jemma and Tofu.

  3. we didn't make any changes so hopefully everyone can see us and comment.
    stella rose

  4. We've not used Google Reader so we won't miss it but know many of our friends will. We think we must work in the same way as Kjelle Bus with our own reading list - we add and delete as we find new friends or as old ones stop blogging. It may not suit everyone but it works for us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We know you Jenma and Tofu!
    Benny & Lily

  6. veree nice ta meet jemma & tofu :) & we canna commint on de reeder coz frank lee we dinna even noe there wuz one.....ore what iz bee, then it like up and left and we wuz like

    oh kay then....

  7. We don't know Jemma and Tofu, so we'll hop over for a visit later today! :)

    Yes, the demise of GR certainly is causing a lot of confusion all over the blogosphere. :(

  8. We were very sad to see GR go. We recently saw an article that listed all of the things Google has killed over the past few years and list is extensive. WE hate that they decided to kill off something so useful. WE think it was the easiest Reader to use too. We really are trying to like Feedly, but it did not import every one of our feeds. And Bloglovin put everything in alphabetical order (we had folder for our blogs in GR) it is hard to know what is what as I don't remember each and every blog name. At least Feedly imported our folders but not all of our feeds. I guess we will find out slowly what we are missing.

  9. We've signed up for the same three readers but don't like them. We have a feeling there will be a lot less visiting and commenting for a little while with everyone getting used to them.


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