Monday, June 30, 2014

Four Pees in a Pen

Buddy:  Marcus, I called you here because Merci, Sam and I need to have a talk with you.

Marcus:  Okay, but can we make this short because Jan promised to play soccer with me soon.

Percy:  Hey, why are you dogs huddled in the bathroom?  It's awfully hot in here.  Why don't you come out near the fan?

Sam:  We're holding a private meeting, Percy.  Just us canines.

Micah:  There's no such thing as a private anything around here.  Hey, Cyndi, Cameron and Rusty, come in the bathroom.  We're having a meeting.

Merci:  A private meeting.  Private!  You cats weren't invited but now there are so many bodies in here it's like a sauna.  I think I might pass out.

Rusty:  Don't hit your head on the tub if you do.  It could make a nasty bump.

Buddy:  Okay, we're not going to get any privacy, so let's all move into the living room.  Perhaps there's a little air moving in there.

Cyndi:  What's so important you dogs wanted privacy?

Sam:  If you don't mind, Cyndi, this is a guy thing.

Cameron:  Oh, okay, Cyndi and Merci, you can leave.  The rest of us will have a meeting.

Merci  I am not leaving.  This concerns me too.  And, Cyndi, don't you leave either, since the rest are staying.

Buddy:  As I was about to say, Marcus, you are growing up and we need to have a talk about pee -

Marcus:  Oh, I already know about pee mail and pee spam.  Can I go play now?.

Buddy:  Pee etiquette.  We need to have a talk about pee etiquette, Marcus!

Sam:  Do you remember how you used to follow us around and imitate whatever we did?   You were so cute then.

Marcus:  Thanks, Sam.  I appreciate the talk.

Merci:  Sit down.  We haven't started the talk yet. 

Buddy:  A month or so ago you began the transition from puppy pee-er to adolescent pee-er.  It was kind of cute.  I lifted my leg and peed ON the doghouse that all of us except Rusty hate.  Directly behind me, you lifted your leg and peed INTO the doghouse.

Rusty:  He did what?  He peed in my cathouse?  No wonder it stinks in there now.

Sam: My size prohibits me from lifting my leg, but one day while I was watering the dirt, you walked up to me, lifted your leg and PEED ON MY LEG!  That was the first time.

Buddy:  And you have done the same to me.

Sam:  It was bad enough to have a little squirt ... well, squirt us, but we understand that Sunday morning when Jan walked you and Merci together, you did the same to little Merci.  She's a GIRL.

Merci:  A gentlemen dog does not pee on another dog, especially on a lady dog.

Buddy:  Listen very carefully, Marcus, because I am about to impart one of the most important life lessons you will ever learn.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER PEE ON ANOTHER DOG!  Pee etiquette demands that you WAIT UNTIL THE DOG HAS MOVED BEFORE YOU TRY TO COVER HIS /HER SCENT WITH YOUR OWN!!!!!

Marcus:  Okay, I hear you.  Can I go play now?

Sam:  *sigh*  Yes, you can go now Marcus.

Merci:  It went right in one ear and out the other, didn't it?

Buddy:  I'm afraid so.  Evidently hearing isn't dependent on having extra large ears, as Marcus does.  There needs to be something between them.

Percy:  Oh, we almost forgot again.  We are trying to help a friend find a puppy.  Does anyone know a good breeder of AKC Yorkie or Westie or Toy Poodle puppies in the West Central Georgia area?  We would be much obliged if someone could help direct us toward one with good references, perhaps from personal experience of someone you know.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby Soothing Cat

Cameron: Everyone knows a cat is the best baby sitter a mom could have around the house.

Sam: I beg your pardon! Everyone knows a dog is the best baby sitter a parent could want for a baby.

Micah: Does it really make any difference which one is best? We don't have a baby around this house.

Merci: But if we did, we cats would be soothing and comforting and -

Rusty: Come on, Merci, you dogs would be waking the baby every time Jan took out the trash or checked the mailbox.

Marcus: Oh, yeah? And why would you say something like that about us?

Cyndi: *paw to lips* Shhhhhh, you'll all wake the baby with your arguing, just as you dogs would wake him with your howling and bawling like a colicky baby every time Jan walks out the door or the phone rings.

Percy: But we don't have a .... Never mind. Here's our Sunday Smile. Enjoy the video of the baby-soothing cat.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Buddy:  Yesterday we posted this photo of Sam and Marcus vying for a treat - the original, in sepia, in Bas Relief and in BR blue. If you missed them, click here.

We're heading over to Sugar's and to Nola's for the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Backup and Install

Rusty:  We're glad this is the end of the week.  It's been a busy one.

Merci:  And we've gotten way behind in everything.  We're going to have to work harder to catch up.

Micah:  It's been a good week, though, so we're not complaining, just letting you know why we might not have been by yet to thank you for remembering Jan on her Gotcha Day.

Cameron:  Jan's brother Mr. Doug came by yesterday with a new external drive to do a pickup on our computer.

Sam:  Backup, Cameron.

Cameron:  What for?  I'm not in your way!

Sam:  I'm not telling you to back up.  The new drive is to do a backup on our computer.  Not a pickup.

Cyndi:  Mr. Doug also installed a graphic card and setting up that took time.  When we finish this post, we're going to have to recalibrate our monitor 'cause now it's confused again.

Marcus:  Not nearly as confused as Jan was when she looked in My Pictures and there were nearly 700 folders missing.  

Percy:  The look on her face was priceless.  Fortunately, the files reappeared after a few clicks around the disk.

Buddy:  I, for one, am very glad we furries don't have to deal with those minor details.  We just let the humans do the setup and maintenance.  It's kind of entertaining to watch.

Merci: This is a Sepia Saturday copy of Sam and Marcus vying for the same treat.  Marcus nearly has his tongue on it, so we assume he won.

Rusty:  This is the original photo.  

Percy:  We don't know how this photo will look in your monitor, but for Caturday Art we used something called Bas Relief on it.

Sam:  And in case it's hard to see the detail, we added some blue.

Buddy:  Some of you participated in the Mother's Day Smilebox project put together by the mom from Mona, Weenie & the Mommy too. She is now putting together a Smilebox for Father's Day. 

Marcus:  This Smilebox was supposed to be posted Father's Day but the mom was in the hospital that weekend.  It will be published on July 4th instead.   The deadline to submit photos of your pet and his or her daddy is June 30th.

Percy: The pet blogging daddies are a bit more shy than the moms, so there aren't many entries.  A grandpa, uncle, cousin or male friend of your pet can be entered.

Cyndi:  Pictures of fosters or pets that have gone to the bridge can also be submitted.

Micah:  Send your photos to Include your name and the name of that man in your pet's life.

We are joining the Sepia Saturday blog hop hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.

And the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena and Marie.

We met some new friends today who stopped by and let us know we were welcome to add this post to Feline Art Friday over at Kitty Par-TAY.  To quote from their post:  "We would love to see your artwork, it doe not have to involve a cat and we would love to see your cat or other animal related post."  So we joined them.  How about you?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Claws to the Quick

Cyndi:  This has been an interesting week.  And a busy one.

Micah:  Yes, a lot has happened we weren't expecting.

Sam:  One of the interesting incidents happened when we sat down just after noon on Wednesday to put this week's Mousebreath interview together.

Cameron:  Percy was going to open the text document on our desktop, but there wasn't one.

Merci:  He went into the email folder for this week's interview subjects and discovered we had forgotten to write and email their questions.

Rusty:  It's a little hard to publish an interview when we know neither the questions nor the answers.

Percy:  We immediately wrote some questions so we didn't forget again and sent them off with a note to take their time, we wouldn't have an interview this week and it is entirely our fault.

Buddy:  Imagine our surprise when the answers were waiting for us when we opened our email Thursday.

Marcus:  However ...  Jan turned off the computer and disappeared for hours.  She said she didn't trust us to stay out of mischief while she was off stuffing herself with pizza.  Can you imagine?

Cyndi: Because these nice kitties made their own graphic and were quick to respond, we are able to bring you an interview this week.

Micah:  Please put your paws together and give the Colehaus Cats a warm welcome and thank them for today's interview.

Percy:  *clears throat*  Um, what about me?

Sam:  What about you?

Percy:  I stayed up late typing my claws right down to the quick preparing the interview for publication.  Don't I get paws and thanks too?

Sam:  No, that's your job.

Percy:  I'm getting paid?

Rusty:  Of course not! You ... we all do it out of love for the cat bloggers. 

Buddy:  We hope you will go by Mousebreath to read the Colehaus Cats' story, The Colehaus Cats, Your Typical Rescued Family.

Cameron:  Jan would like to thank everyone who helped her celebrate her birthday yesterday - in person, on FB, in our blog comments, in an email, or in a blog post.  We all appreciate your kind hearts.  Jan had a good day.  It will take some times, but we'll be around to thank all of you personally.   

Micah: There was, however, a typical Jan moment we just have to share. A friend sent her a lovely card.  After it played, Jan was asked if she would like to send a thank you card.  Of course!  She clicked on one of three, thinking she was CHOOSING which card to send.  She didn't notice the message box to the right, until too late.  So, yes, she sent her friend a blank thank you card.

Sam:  Sparkle, Binga and Boodie sent such a cute card we'd like to share it.

Friday is Rascal and Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop.  Be sure to stop by to see who this week's Featured Favorite blogger is.

There are no rules, so if you're a blogger, hop in.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Formal Barbecue

Merci: Although we always have much to be thankful for, we sometimes have trouble coming up with a picture to go with something specific. 

Buddy:  We were looking through some old blog photos and came across this one of Merci and Sam all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Sam:  We remember posing for this picture.  Merci in her bib -

Cyndi:  It's a kerchief, not a bib.

Sam:  Okay, Merci in her kerchief bib.  I mean, in her kerchief.  And I in my tie.

Marcus:  It's a bit small, isn't it, Sam?

Percy:  The tie is not too small.  Sam's chest is too big. 

Micah:  Sam's wouldn't look too big for his tie if Merci wasn't so tiny her kerchief covers her chest.. Sam looks naked in comparison.

Cameron:  I think the word is "petite," Micah.  Sam is extra large and Merci is petite

Marcus:  Micah, are we allowed to use the work "naked" in public?

Rusty:  Yes, we can use the word.  We just can't dress naked.  I mean, we can't undress.  Forget it.  Let's just say Merci is dressed for a barbecue and Sam is dressed for a formal. 

Marcus:  I hope no one ever invites me to a formal barbecue.  They don't look like they had a good time.

Merci:  We didn't actually go anywhere, Marcus.  We were modeling the kerchief and tie for Jan.

Marcus:  Oh, okay.  Then the next time anyone has a formal barbecue, I hope I get invited.  But  I don't want to dress up, if that's okay.

Buddy:  Today, Jan is officially six hundred elebenty years old.  She will be having lunch with a couple of friends.  We don't know what her friends will be eating, but Jan is planning to stuff herself with all she can eat pizza. 

Percy: I guess if we have to choose something to be thankful for this week, we are thankful we are still together.  Today, we won't think about when the time comes for Marcus to leave.  Today, we're family.

UPDATE: We wrote this last night and set it to auto post early this morning.  We came online to find a number of comments, a few emails  a mention in a post by Khyra, and this graphic posted on the Cat Blogosphere. We know this is the handiwork of Miss Ann from Zoolatry. Thank you, Miss Ann, and all of our blogging friends.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.  And the Thoughtless Thursday blog hop, co-hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a husky.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crumb Check

Rusty:  *sniff, sniff*  I'm checking for leftover treat crumbs.

Sam:  Rusty, our post is supposed to be wordless today.

Cyndi:  Well, if readers don't want to hear us speak, they can always stuff cotton in their ears.  We're chatterboxes.  It's in our genes.

Buddy:  Did I hear Jan call us to breakfast?

Micah:  Okay, now we're wordless.

It's the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at BlogPaws.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bow Wow Yippee Yo

Merci:  We're pretty proud of ourselves because we managed to get Jan a birthday present without any money.  Pretty good for a bunch of furries, huh!

Micah:  Jan's birthday is Thursday and we were stumped as to what to do for her.  We could have let her off the hook and not picked on her for one day, but she'd think we hate her.

Cameron:  So how did we manage a gift?  We entered a giveaway at RedSetter's blog (Pepsi Max Addict) and won Jan a bracelet. 

Rusty:  Before we show you what we won, we want to thank Magic, Red and RedSetter.  They offered three winners a  bracelet and candle tart but then made all the entrants a winner.  Isn't that generous? 

Sam:  We received a package yesterday, all the way from Glasgow, Scotland.  It also included a cat toy and a package of cat treats.  We would be envious but sometimes we get a package just for us dogs.  And, besides, we all entered the giveaway, so the bracelet is for/from all of us. 

Cyndi:  RedSetter asked for Jan's wrist size and made the stretchy bracelet to fit.  Jan's wrists are big.  She claims they're well-muscled from walking the dogs all these years, but *wink, wink* we all know differently.

Buddy:  We thought we would include a funny story in today's post.  Yesterday Jan received a box from her brother who lives out of state.  It was heavy.  There were more items in the box, but these are the fun items. 

Percy: Jan has never mentioned to her brother she likes nuts. For weeks, she's been checking out the nut section, looking at the small size of the cans and their high prices, and not buying any.  Suddenly, here is a 21 ounce can of cashews, almonds and pecans.  And made with SEA SALT! 

Merci:  And a 3 pound jar of peanut butter.  Jan has a bad habit of munching instead of fixing meals and she often eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a late dinner.  

Sam:  Do you think Jan will need a larger bracelet soon? 

Micah:  Let's see -  3 pounds of peanut butter and 21 ounces of Cashew Lovers Mix ... multiply by ... carry the double digit ... divide by ... add 300 lebenty for good measure .... and we've got ...  Uh-oh, we better make sure the next time Jan falls, she doesn't land on one of us!!!!!

Cameron:  The Funny Farmers always made fun of me when I was treasurer of the FF Writing Club because I count on my toes.  But where did you learn how to do math, Micah?   Does anyone here understand what he just said?

Rusty:  No, but I can't figure any better, so I think we should assume Micah knows what he's talking about and stay out of Jan's way next time she decides to try flying.

Cyndi:  To get back on the subject of something funny, Jan opened the box and pulled each item out.  When she opened the envelope, she assumed it was "heavy" because he'd stuffed a letter and other papers in it. 

Percy:  But when she opened the card, music blared and someone started singing, BOW WOW WOW, YIPPEE YO, YIPPEE YAH! It scared her and she threw the card with the letter and a strip of postage stamps soaring through the air. 

Buddy:  On December 1, 2013, her brother and sister-in-law went to the National Zoo for the Naming Ceremony for the 100 day old panda cub Bao Bao (pronounced Bow Bow).  Here's a link if you'd like to see her.  It was January 18, 2014 before the public could see her, other than by Panda Cam. 

Marcus:  Her brother cut several hours of video from several trips to the zoo down to 1 hour on a DVD for Jan.  So she's looking forward to viewing it. 

Marcus:  Oh, and here is a close up of my after delivery snack.  I ate the corner of the box.  I thought it would be tastier but it needed some peanut butter.  *hint, hint*

Monday, June 23, 2014

Soccer Ball vs Marcus

Buddy:  Have we mentioned Marcus has an addiction to soccer?  His version, of course, but, nevertheless, soccer, so Jan has been trying to find a soccer ball that could survive Marcus' teeth without breaking her toes. The ball they've been playing can supposedly be stepped on by an elephant without breaking.  This explains why it is still in one piece around Marcus. 

Merci:  Jan was thrilled we would have an opportunity to test a canine soccer ball. 

Sam:  And not just any canine soccer ball but a Planet Dog orbee-tuff sport soccer ball, advertised as "doggie-durable, buoyant, minty and bouncy."  We're not sure why it's minty but she neglected to sniff it before its first use. (Planet Dog donates 2% of purchases to canine service programs.)   Hopefully, it would be Marcus-proof.

Merci:  It's non-toxic, recyclable and washable. Jan thought it was great and used the hole in it to throw it like a bowling ball.  Imagine her surprise when she finally read the label and discovered the hole was for stuffing treats. 

Buddy:  Well, here we were with the perfect soccer ball for Marcus.  And guess what?

Marcus:  *raises paw* I know the answer.  I wouldn't play with it.

Sam:  That's right, Marcus, you'd watch Jan kick the ball around or toss it and all you would do is squeal and beg Jan to play soccer with your "real" soccer ball. Jan was stumped.

Merci:  Then one day she threw it hard.  It hit the back of the pen, bounced off the doghouse, and kept bouncing.

Marcus:  I chased it, leaped in the air, and it kept bouncing.  That was fun.  And I can pick this ball up in my mouth. 

Marcus:  Now I take it back to Jan, drop it beside my original hard soccer ball and wait to see whether she will throw this one or kick the other.

Buddy:  And don't think Marcus can be fooled.  He knows which ball is to be kicked and which ball is to be bounced.   Kick or throw the wrong one and he ignores it.

Sam:  Here is Marcus looking over both balls. 

Marcus:  Come on, Jan, let's play!

Buddy:  You can see how Marcus rates his new Planet Dog orbee-tuff Sport soccer ball?  So what do we other canines think of Marcus' new toy - aside from the fact it keeps him out of our fur?  We decided to have some fun and say it with a graphic. provided a soccer ball for this review, but we were not paid.  Any opinions expressed are strictly our own.  Well, actually any opinions expressed are Marcus'. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Friends Ralphee and Max

San:  Today's video shows how you walk when you've had too much nip, Percy.

   Percy:  No, this is how you imagine I walk when I've had too much nip!  I actually walk a straight line.

Micah:  Oh, I don't know, Percy.  You looked a little wobbly the other night.  Perhaps you shouldn't indulge in nip on an empty stomach?

Merci:  I thought Percy looked kind of cute with wide eyes and a touch of drool on his chin.

Marcus: I thought Percy was practicing a new dance routine.

Cyndi:  Quit picking on Percy, guys.  He's allowed to get a little wild and woozy once in a while. 

Rusty:  We like to post a little video each Sunday.  Perhaps we should take a video of Percy next time he indulges.

Buddy:  Have any of you kitties seen a video of yourself when you've hit the nip?  You're just as bad as Percy.

Cameron:  Buddy's right.  But we're just poking a little good-natured fun at Percy.  We still love him.  In fact, we'll let him introduce our Sunday Smile video.

Percy:  This adorable manx kitten is Ralphee and she has CH (feline cerebellar hypoplasia), a neurological disorder.  She has a friend and protector in Max, a cattle dog. She might wobble a bit when she walks but she is a playful kitten enjoying life. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Handsome Floofer Rusty

Micah:   * yawns*  Okay, guys, slap some ice water on your face. We have to stay awake long enough to finish this.

Merci:  Sam, you were supposed to slap some ice water on your face, not mine.   Watch what you're doing.

Cameron:  Don't fight.  We're all tired and fussing isn't going to get this post ready.  Let's just dig in.

Cyndi:  Marcus, that's just an expression. We're not actually going to dig a big hole in the dog pen.   


Marcus:  This is our handsome floofer cat, Rusty, resting on Buddy's quilt.  Since it's Sepia Saturday, this picture is in sepia. 

Rusty:  I have never been called a floofer cat before, but this is the original photo.

Percy:  This is the same photo with Accented Edges.  It looks sort of like a painting, doesn't it? 

Buddy:  We decided to throw in a black and white copy for good measure.  Marcus, why are you tapping on my shoulder? 

Marcus:  Because it's my turn to speak and I don't know what to say.

Buddy:  Say, "Good night, everyone," so we can all go to bed.

Marcus:  Thanks, Buddy.  "Good night, everyone, so we can all go to bed." 

Come join the Sepia Saturday blog hop hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.

And the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena and Marie.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Investigative Interviewers

Rusty:  It's Friday.  Time for another fun Mousebreath interview.

Micah: This week we visit with Georgia, Julie, JJ and Treasure from Mickey's Musings blog. 

Cameron: We've known these kitties for years but we learned lots of new information.

Cyndi:  And we share with our readers.  That's why we Funny Farmer Felines have earned the reputation of being -

Marcus:  Nosy?

Cyndi:  Marcus, you're just jealous because you're a dog and don't know how to do an interview.  I was going to say we've earned the reputation of being top notch investigative interviewers.

Percy:  Be sure to visit Mousebreath, the ezine by cats for cats, to read their story, Visiting Georgia, Julie, JJ and Treasure

Friday is also Rascal and Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop.  There are no rules and you can join any time during the coming week, so there is no excuse to not enter.  There's a new Featured Favorite each Friday.  Who will it be this week?

The hop is co-hosted by Bionic Basil, Barking from the Bayou, Love is being owned by a husky, and yours truly (Jan's Funny Farm).

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Old New Box

Merci:  Do you guys know today is Box Day?

Cameron:  Of course we do.  We read the same email you did.

Rusty: Uh, I don't think that was the correct answer, Cameron.  You were supposed to say "no."

Marcus:  Can I say it?  Jan says "no" to me all the time, so I know how to say it with feeling!

Sam:  It's Box Day.  Can't we just finish the post so we can all go to bed?

Cyndi:  Calm down, Sam.  We're almost done.  Who has the photo we chose?

Micah:  Here it is.  Percy was sitting in front of the monitor trying to hide it.

Percy:  I was not.  I was just ... um, I was just ... yes, that is what I was doing!

Merci:  I'm sorry, Percy, I didn't hear you.  What were you doing?

Percy:  I was sitting in what was then a new box.

Marcus:  Hey, that's a neat box, Percy.  It looks kind of familiar.  Have I seen it before?

Percy:  Yes, Marcus, you have seen it before.  It's a litter box.

Buddy:  I guess if we have to pick something to be thankful for after this last week, it would be that we haven't lost our sense of humor.  If you have lost yours, we have an extra litter box you can sit in.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.   And  co-hosts Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a huskie for the Thoughtless Thursday blog hop. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chocolate Brindle Cat's Meow

Happy Father's Day!

Cameron:  It's time for another Sunday Smile, but first ...

Rusty:  But first, a word from our sponsor.

Sam:  What are you babbling about?  We don't have a sponsor.

Rusty:  No, but I've always wanted to say that.  Okay, I got it out of my system. 

Cyndi:  Glad to hear that but you interrupted the story flow.  Cameron, what were you saying?

Cameron:  I think I was saying, but first ...  I forget.  Oh, yeah, but first our black and white blog hop entry.

Merci:  I don't think I fade into the background in this photo as much as the original.

Sam: Yesterday we posted the original, a sepia and a graduated green version of this picture.  I still can't get over how white I am here. No mud from Marcus, but no freckles / spots either.  Did Jan give me a bath and I slept through it?  No, not possible!

Marcus:  Is it my turn to preen now?  Because I think if I had a bow tie I would look like a cat's meow.

Micah:  Marcus, you have no idea what a cat's meow looks like. 

Marcus:  I certainly do!  A cat's meow looks like a chocolate brindle with a white bib and pointy ears.

Buddy:  *rolls eyes*  Marcus, you aren't even a cat.  Someone please take this youngster off our paws!

Percy:  Our video today is guaranteed to put a Sunday Smile on your face.  It was such fun to watch the running of the baby goats.  So, let's watch it again.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Merci:  Friday we posted on Rescue vs Breeder and asked for reader feedback. Thank all of you who responded via comments or email. You offered some thought provoking commentary.  We appreciate each one of you.

We are joining Dachshund Nola and Golden Sugar for the Black and White blog hop.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Say Yes, Sam!

Percy:  Since dog photos are featured in today's post, we felines are going to write the story to go with them.

Buddy:  That's not fair.  If dogs are featured, we should help write the story.

Micah:  No, sir!  We all have to share this blog, so share we will.

 Cyndi:  Here are Marcus, Sam and Merci (background) in sepia.

Marcus:  Oh, I love the color of dirt!

Cameron: Yes, Marcus, we are well aware dirt is your favorite color. 

 Rusty:  This is the original photo.  As you can see, there's lots of dirt in the dog pen.

Sam:  Look how white I am.  Marcus always wipes his mud on me when he plays.  I had forgotten how handsome I am in white.

 Micah:  For Caturday art, we added a graduated green tint.

Merci:  Good idea.  I'm practically invisible back there in the other photos.  At least now I'm noticeable.

 Percy:  Um, what is wrong with this blog post?

Buddy:  I don't see anything wrong with it.  What's the problem?

Micah:  The problem is you canines were supposed to let us do the talking today.

Marcus:  We were quiet.  We just added an itty bitty touch of commentary. 

Cyndi:  You horned in on our story.

Sam:  No, we didn't.  Honest.  We just added a little color to a bland ....  uh, I mean ...

Rusty:  A little color to a what??????

Merci:  Um ... To a bang up story line.  That's what Sam was going to say, isn't it Sam?  Say yes, Sam.  Now!

We are joining Ruckus the Eskie for the Sepia Saturday blog hop. 

And also Athena and Marie for the Caturday Art blog hop.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rescue vs Breeder

Rusty:  Friday is one of our favorite days of the week. 

Micah:  Oh, I don't know.  We seem to be partial to every day of the week, for one reason or another.

Cameron:  True.  But today is Funny Farmer Feline Friday and we post another Mousebreath interview.

Cyndi:  This week we interview Savannah and Sage from Savannah's Paw Tracks.

Percy:  Many of you are already familiar with their blog, but we're sure you'll learn more about them when you read Princess Savannah and The Kid Sage.

Buddy:  Now that the cats have finished their post, we'd like to be upfront on where we stand with Rescue vs Breeder.  This was thrown in Jan's face this week when a friend asked Jan to help "them"  with something.  (We'll use they or them instead of he or she because the person wishes to remain anonymous.)

Sam:  Jan posted this on Facebook Wednesday and had some polite suggestions on adopting from a shelter or rescue instead.

A friend is looking for a reputable breeder of AKC Yorkie or Westie or Toy Poodle pups. In Middle Georgia area. This pup would have a great home! But I'm not sure how to find a reputable breeder who has reasonable prices, so I thought I'd ask - *****  - and anyone else who would might be able to help. Thanks.

Merci:  Suddenly, Thursday a rescue we'd never heard of started leaving angry messages.  We have stripped off any identifying info and are only printing the exchange between Jan and the rescue, no one else.  Please bear with us.

Rescue: Why in the world would you be looking for a reputable breeder with so many Yorkies and Poodles being put down in shelters? We are cleaning up their messes.

Jan: Anyone who knows me understands I have a great respect for rescues and no kill shelters. Rescue is expensive, time-consuming and often thankless. So, in case no one has done so lately, I'd like to thank you for helping to save canine lives. I also wanted to say, that although I understand your position, I also understand that there are those who want a specific pedigree type for whatever reason and there is no reason to try to make them feel guilty for this.

Rescue: I am a Stae licensed Animal Rescuer for 28 years. I want them to feel guilty for this when there are dogs that they would love -if someone would point them and educate them into the right direction You are not helping rescue

Jan:  And you are not helping your cause. You do not have the right to decide what others can or can't do.

Rescue:   I have every right . I am the one as many other rescuers are that are taking care of the dogs Poodles/Yorkees that are being dumped . I am not trying to help my cause. I am trying to help the animals. You are looking for a BREEDER for friend??Help her to adopt one from a shelter.

Jan:  You are being rude and trying to start an argument. You aren't helping the animals either. Kindly back off and think about what you are posting. This is not your business!

Rescue: Save the dogs in the shelters and I will!! When someone is trying to help a FRIEND BUY an expensive dog when they can go to a shelter or rescue and find any breed they want for $40.00 . And other wise would be put down. I don't have to know them.. No one can defend this type of thinking and say they shouldn't feel guilty.  It doesn't matter whether a Breeder is Reputable or not. Their dogs are winding up in shelters also. And being put down. You are not getting the meaning here. You would be saving a Life!!!   Who cares about anyone being right?If you have helped with Rescue- you should know better!!!! You just don't get it!!!!!

Jan:   No, sadly YOU don't get it. You aren't the Gestapo but you are trying to act like you are. Please vent your anger elsewhere. Your brand of rescue isn't welcome here.

Rescue:  Where is here? Upson County where all the animals are dying Miss Scarlett??????  If trying to save as many animals from dying makes me a JERK- I want to be one!!!!

Buddy:  We know many of you are involved, some heavily involved in rescue.  We understand it is an up and down emotional roller coaster ride between tears for those that die and happiness for those that take the freedom ride. 

Merci:  We all stand solidly behind Jan and disagree with the rude, extreme and uninvited opinions expressed by this rescuer.  We are all for supporting a reputable rescue, but no one has the right or authority to demand, command, require (whatever word you want to use) others to adopt only from shelters or rescues.  Nor to try to shame or guilt another human being because their decision isn't the one you want them to make. 

Buddy::  Jan said this mindset / attitude turns potential adopters off to all rescues.  A local person agreed with the rescue, saying, "It's hard for any rescue to be a fan of breeders."  Rescues don't have to be a fan of breeders.  There are both good and bad breeders, just as there are good and bad rescues.  And it is not their choice to make.  It is the adopter's choice. 

Sam:  If rescues want respect, they need to stop bad mouthing all breeders (as this rescue did)  and adopters.  She was disrespectful toward adopters too.

Merci:  Rescue is about the animals.  We will continue to support animal rescue in ways as we are able.  We will also support potential adopters who want to adopt a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.  Whether anyone in rescue agrees with us or not!

Buddy:  Now you know our view on rescue.  We would be interested to hear your view, whether or not you are involved in it.

Marcus:  Garth Riley was our hero.  He stepped in and defended Jan.   Thank you, Garth.

PS - Buddy:  We want to add a couple of links to good posts appropriate to this subject.   Garth Riley's mom wrote anarticle on Want a Purebreed Puppy? 4 Things You Need To Know.    Last month Bailey posted I Love My Purebreed Dogs and I'm Not Afraid to Show It.  Yes,adopting rescue and shelter dogs is great but we advocate that humans need to offer and accept a balanced approach to rescue vs breeder adoptions. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Twice As Precious

Merci:  We love Thankful Thursdays because we get to tell something we're ... well, thankful for, of course.

Sam:  This week we would like to give a special thanks to our dear friends Miss Pat and her canine Satch who sent us a wonderful gift box.

Buddy:  Monday afternoon the mail carrier caught Jan just as she was leaving to pick up some food and gave her a very heavy package.  This is what she found when she opened it.  Can you believe all this came out of that skinny box?

Marcus:  Is this where I say I don't believe it?

Buddy:  Yes:

Marcus:  Okay.  I don't believe it!  How did she fit it all in?

Merci:  Miss Pat just knows how to pack a box.  All those cans are dog food.  We don't get canned food any more unless someone gives us some.  We love canned food mixed in our kibble.

Marcus:  So what are all those other items?

Sam:  Dog treats, hip and joint chews, some odds and ends Miss Pat threw in for Jan - tea bags, chewy bars, popcorn, even some postage stamps. 

Marcus:  Wow.  Is it Jan's birthday?

Merci:  Not for a couple of weeks. And even if it was her present, she'll share the canned food with us.

Sam:  Are you sure Jan will share?

Merci:  No, not really.  She does have an appetite. I hope she doesn't get the urge to snack in the middle of the night.

Buddy:  We are grateful for the package and it is twice as precious to us.  You see, that food was intended for Satch, but he hadn't been doing well for a while.  He and Miss Pat realized he wouldn't be able to hang around long enough to eat it, so they sent it on to us.  It arrived just a few hours before he was helped to the bridge.  (We posted Saluting Satch on Tuesday.)

 Merci:  Miss Pat took good care of Satch and we know it's a big adjustment to be without him now. 

Sam:  *removes his straw hat and places it over his heart*  We will think of Miss Pat and Satch as we eat the food they sent.

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