Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend of Remembrance

We'd like to join with Three Tabby Cats in Vienna and other bloggers to light a candle in a weekend of remembrance for all the friends we've lost. Our handsome Crystal passed away January 2010 and there were others we lost before him, so we know how it is when they leave.

You can post this graphic in your sidebar or in a post, request they light a candle for you, and/or read more about this on Kashim, Othello & Salome's blog.

Friday, April 29, 2011

National Hairball Awareness Day

Hi, Percy here. Today is National Hairball Awareness Day so we have a fun ... interesting ... boring ... we have a related post.

We don't want to be mean but Jan is a flop at creating anything. So of course she agreed to make a Hairball Creature for today. It was simple. All she had to do was use the new FURminator on us kitties and make a creature from our fur. Simple, right? Ha!

She collected our fur in a bag and tried to make something. The next day she tried again and again. And this is what she made. (Don't laugh. **snicker** You'll hurt her feelings.)

See poor Sam over there with a "you're joking" look on his face, trying to distance himself from Jan's "art," as I go sauntering by and ... what is that???

Jan says it's supposed to be a cat or dog sitting on its butt. It has two front legs but no matter what she does, they just won't show in the picture.

Nope, it doesn't look any better close-up. It smells kind of familiar, though. Might I suggest it needs a grooming?

The first time Jan got up from the floor to download the photos onto the computer, she knocked over the metal background. It flattened her creature. She put its head and arms back on and sat it back up. The second time she got up, she knocked over the metal background and flattened it a second time. The third time she got up -- no, don't run ahead of me here. That time I flattened it with the metal background. Sorry, it was an accident. **snicker**

By then the creature's fur was a hard mass with no arms and a crooked head. So Jan combed out all the fur and separated it back into a loose mass. And then she decided to make the creature lay down and look pathetic.

This is Jan's submission. If any of you can figure out what it is, please clue us in. Even Jan has no idea what it's supposed to be, but its name is Shaggy.

Despite all the setbacks, Jan had some fun making this mess Fur Creature to help promote National Hairball Awareness Day 2011. Here are some FURminator tips on cats, hairballs and shedding.

Cast of creature contributors -
1) Cameron, 6-year old tuxedo, absolutely loves to be brushed, so he was the main contributor to the fur pile.
2) Cotton, a 12-year-old tortoiseshell.
3) Cyndi, a fluffy 7-year-old calico.
4) Percy, a handsome 6-year-old black & gray tabby.
5) Rusty, age 7, a long-hair ginger tabby. He supplied the eyes, ears and snout. has posted a gallery of all 23 Fur Creatures here. Or you can access them here. Furminator will be featuring the photos throughout the day on their Facebook page.   (You can view their FB page even if you don't have an account by clicking on the link.  You just wouldn't be able to leave a comment.) There are some interesting fur creatures, so be sure to go see them all. There are some creative artists among bloggers.

Romeo will hold a drawing next week. The winner gets a $500 donation to their pet rescue of choice and second place gets to choose Romeo's May FURpower organization.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Merci on the Storms

Hi, Merci here with today's post.

We want to post this lovely graphic Zoolatry made for bloggers to post in their sidebar for those affected by the storms that raged through the midwest and southeast United States yesterday. There were super thunderstorms that spawned a lot of tornadoes and a number of folks in several states lost their lives.

There were several deaths not too far from us and a tornado that went through the northern part of our county, which isn't very far from where we are. Jan made us get off the computer early and pulled the plugs on the computer equipment. She did watch the television for news of the storm's arrival.

She finally went to bed and lay listening to the severe weather radio beeping and giving alerts. We went from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. And then shortly after midnight, we all heard the tornado sirens go off. They are really eerie at any hour!

The local radio station was off the air. Their tower is located right in the path of the worst of the storm but we heard news from what might have been Griffin. Nothing like sitting in the dark with lightning flashes illuminating the house and listening to this kind of talk:

"It will reach *** in 3 minutes. .***, you have 3 minutes to take cover. If you're in a mobile home, get out NOW!  ^^^ the storm will reach you in 20 minutes.  ### you're directly in the path and need to take cover."   (Jan was having a hard time remembering where these places are located.)

Well, there isn't much we can do. The two little closets and the bathroom are on the side that would take the brunt of the storm if it hit us so Jan moved into the kitchen and sat at the table watching the window with shadows of tree branches blowing in the wind.

I sat beside her. Not that I was afraid, mind you. She would pat me on the head and tell me I am a good girl and great company. Cotton is afraid of storms so she was hiding. The other kitties were ... somewhere. Buddy and Sam were found sprawled out across the bed. Sound asleep.

We were very fortunate, and we are sad for those who lost a loved one in these terrible storms. So we thought it appropriate to put Zoolatry's graphic in a regular post and to pray for those who were not so fortunate.

Oh, and we want to add Precious to our post. She is in desperate need of a home and her time is running out. Please go by Brian's Home blog and read about her. Perhaps you can help, at least pass on the word about her if you can't adopt her. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cotton Meets Can Do

Hi, Cotton here.

We have a happy video for you. It's hard to believe this peppy, happy Jack Russell, appropriately named "Can Do" (possibly spelled differently - Kandu or ...?) was turned in to be euthanized because he would never have any quality of life.

UPDATE: Aha, we were right!  When we originally found the story and video on this dog, all we knew was his name is "CanDo " but no spelling.  We prefer Kandu and we have finally found that this is the correct spelling.  **Breathes on paw and wipes on chest to congratulate self**

This video is called "One Brave Little Dog." Personally, we all think "One Bouncy Little Dog" would be a better title. He's got as much or more enthusiasm for life as a dog with four legs.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rusty in Doghouse and Praline

Before Rusty does today's post, we all want to take a moment to say good-bye to an old friend. It's a sad day as another blogging legend has passed.

Sweet Praline had to be helped to the bridge this morning. We all knew this was coming, since she has been ill for a while and stopped eating Thursday. We decided to try our paw at making a graphic for her and as you can see, we have a long way to go before we even reach "fair" in the graphic department. And it's cropped a bit tight because some furry - and we won't even give you his initial but if we did it would be P - put the date as 20111.

Paula, our artwork isn't the best, but the sentiment is real.We're very sorry for your loss and have been tearing for days as Praline's time came. She will really be missed! You can visit her and leave a comment at Sweet Praline's blog.

Just as we were about to publish this, we learned Gabbi of the Dughallmor Beagles has passed. They haven't blogged in a few months but this is their blog.

And now here's Rusty with our scheduled post.

Rusty here. I am so ashamed because I am in the doghouse. Literally.

I've been relegated to the doghouse because I think if the dogs are allowed outside, I should be allowed outside. After all, I'm as big as Merci, just not as long in body. I investigate, eat grass, roll in the dirt and sun my tummy.

However, Saturday afternoon Jan came to let us inside and I wasn't there. She panicked, raced through the house, put Merci on a leash to help find me, and ran out the front door.

Buddy started howling because he wasn't allowed to go with them. Sam started barking because Buddy was howling. And when Jan came running around the back toward the alley, there I was trying to get in the screen door because the guys were making a racket and I'd been left behind.

Yesterday I got caught. Jan was outside with us. She turned around and I was missing again. And then she spied me in the neighbor's green plants - you know, the kind of things Jan kills with her black thumb - on the property line. She ran through the house and when I heard her coming, I scooted back into the yard and sat on the top step waiting to come inside.

But I waited too long to run home. Jan saw where I squeezed back through the fence and stood a cinder block there until she can figure out what to do. I know this because it was there this morning. As soon as I got outside today, I headed right to my once secret passageway. Don't worry, though. I haven't given up. We cats can squeeze through tight spaces and I'll find another one.

I'm so embarrassed I can't even look at Jan. But I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise. (I think.)

Ha! She forgives me. She falls for it every time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cameron with PCA for Ronnii

Hey, Cameron here with a PCA - Party Celebration Announcement - for tomorrow.

Asta asked all her friends to post this glitter graphic for Friday to remind everypup and kit that the birthday celebration for Ronnii & Richie is being held tomorrow, Saturday, April 23rd.

Glitter Photos

Richie had to leave for the bridge on Monday, just a few days before their birthday. But - "Now I has left strict instruckshuns dat Mine & Ronnii’s Birfday Pawty is to go ahead cos I wants yu all to celebrate my sistas speshul day and to celebrate the life I had wivs Da Momster & Da Popster." So let's honor his request and help Ronnii celebrate tomorrow.

The party will be at Ronnii's Ramblings.

Oh, and Asta will be rocking with her bass "geetar" and her group PawsBang. So be sure to stop by for the party tomorrow.

Our kitty friends Sweet Praline and Ginger Jasper are both eating very poorly and their humans are worried. So are we!

To enter the Saturday blog hop, click here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Merci with Correct Address

Merci here to help some who lost us to find us again.

Our correct url is Anyone who still has us listed anywhere in their records as jansfunnyfarmDOTcom, please delete that url from any of your records. Our blog remains but it's not forwarded from our own url any more.

In February of this year Jan lost two of her DotCom addresses. Jan's Funny Farm was one of them. She tried to use the same method she used for six successful years and her payment was denied. She was given excuses: it's the bank's fault, you've purchased too many products from us within a short period.... There was no problem with the bank. An annual renewal is too many products in a short period? After being given a runaround for more than a week, she was given a contact number to reach a human.

But first, she did her homework online and was already aware what would happen. Sure enough, she was read a script about how she does NOT have any bad history but if she'll just fill out one of the forms for the company that has to approve payments and submit it online, her payment MIGHT be accepted.

No company needs to know the kind of detailed financial information the company demanded on their form. Jan refused to be "bullied" into divulging so much personal information, especially to a company whose employee sold what little information they had of hers back in 2007.

The domain registration company called her to "help." They suggested she get a prepaid credit card for the exact amount of the fees and then cancel the card. She rejected that idea on several grounds, one being she would have ended up paying twice as much for the urls. She had tendered a perfectly good payment and it had been rejected, so they don't need her business.

The domain names were canceled and she waited to see what would happen. Two or three weeks ago she was contacted by a company offering to sell each of her domain names to her because she has blogs by those names. Recently, while changing the url in different locations, she found the old DotCom is now an advertisement page. Who knows what it could be tomorrow? There are those who buy up domain names for sites still posting current content to try to sell them for inflated prices.

So, please, do use Don't help the new owner of our old DotCom make any money off the domain name. And we hope those who thought we closed the blog when the DotCom address stopped working will find us again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leo and Riding Mower Unit

Hey, it's me, Buddy the Handsome Hound, with a heroic video for you today.

But first, we'd all like to thank a certain human hero and his accomplice helper. We won't embarrass them. They know who they are - the guys with the white charger riding mower who appeared suddenly and mowed our lawn, including the weeds so they aren't waving at passers-by any more.

Jan heard Sam and Merci barking (I was inside keeping an eye on Jan in case she tripped or something and needed me to dial 9-1-1.) and she suddenly remembered Rusty was also in the pen. He loves it out there and thinks he's one of us when the door is opened. When Jan went outside to collect him, she was surprised to see the cavalry. Well, the Riding Mower and Weed Eater Unit, anyway.

We're all so grateful since Jan has been using a weed whacker or sling blade or whatever you want to call it on the lawn. Fortunately, she rates our needs a top priority in the finance department.

We try very hard to help her swing less and breathe more by turning the dog pen into dirt/mud and trying to avoid watering our own lawn on our walks. Except for fire ant mounds. I really enjoy watering a fire ant mound. You should hear the swearing below ground when I do.

And now for our video. This is a news story from 2008 but heroism is always timely, so we're posting this video of Leo the Jack Russell Terrier that stood guard over 4 newborn kittens during a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. Leo and the kittens were saved when firefighters entered the burning house thinking there was a human unaccounted for and still inside. Instead, they found Leo standing guard over a box of four kittens. Leo stopped breathing and was resuscitated with oxygen and heart massage. The kittens were also treated and then they were all reunited so Leo could give them a bath.

We really had to search to find what happened to the mother cat but we did manage to find a comment on one site. ... the family was relieved to be reunited with their family pets, including the mother of the kittens, which had initially been lost in the incident.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cyndi and Who R U Video

Hey, Cyndi here for today's post. We had to shut the computer down early last night because of another tornado watch and "super cell" storms. That's what the weatherman called them on the TV last night.  We don't like thunderstorms and thought a thunderstorm is a thunderstorm, only differing in intensity.  But we googled "super cell" and learned a supercell is a thunderstorm with deep rotating drafts. (In case any of you are curious about different types of storm cells, we found an easy to read explantion.)

I have a cute American Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy video for you today. Puppies are cute to watch, especially when one meets itself for the first time. Lots of entertainment without an extra mouth to feed.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Rabbits are Taking over All Things Dog Blog today, so stop by, see some adorable bunnies up for adoption, and join the blog hop.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Percy Unveils Canvas Print

Hey, Percy here with a surprise we had made for Jan. Well, not really a surprise because we asked her to select the photo for it but it was a surprise up until then. It's a 16 x 20" photograph on canvas.

Wait, wait, just a minute here. Where am I in this canvas picture? No, I was not in Bermuda! I was on a shelf next to Buddy. I am perfectly striped. I don't have an ounce of flab. Am I not photogenic?

Oh, I am photogenic! Then why am I missing from the canvas? Just a minute, Rusty. You too, Sam. I want to hear Jan's answer.

Jan, come back here! You haven't answered .... Oh, wait, do I hear the rustling of a bag of treats? Um, just a minute guys, I'll be right back.

Ooomph, oom ... **swallow** Sorry, my mouth was full. I'm back. Where was I? Oh, yes. Here are two of the subjects posing with their picture. (Buddy snoozed through the photo session.) Jan hung it on her bedroom wall so she can see these smiling faces first thing every morning. Yes ... I know you can't see the dogs' faces but they were watching a chipmunk. Use your imagination!

To order one of your own photos on canvas, just go to Easy Canvas Prints and click on "Start Designing Now."

But before you do, you might want to consider which photo you'll want to print so you'll be prepared. You'll need a good quality photo with a resolution between 180 DPI and 240 DPI. You can use a PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, or a TIF file. Choose a size. And a wrap. We chose .75" for ours.

Oh, Jan asked how to take care of the canvas. Well, duh, Jan, we're furries, what do we know about cleaning? But we asked the nice lady at Easy Canvas Prints and we're printing her hints here, in case any of you will need them too.

To clean the canvas, remove it from the wall and tap it gently to get rid of loose dirt. You can use a soft dry cloth and lightly rub over the canvas to clean away any dust that settled. SUPPORT THE BACK with your hand, so that you don't put too much pressure and dent the canvas in. You can also use a lightly dampened cloth to get rid of any stains you see, just be sure to use a dry cloth after to remove wetness. Do this as often as you normally clean your wall hangings, and your canvas should keep it's luster.

In the meantime, dusting it here and there with a clean dry cloth should prevent dust from settling into the canvas.

Other small things:
Keep in mind that direct sunlight can fade the canvas, and drastic temperature changes or heat can warp the wood/canvas. Keep in a room temperature area for best upkeep. Try not to put in a damp, humid area. Canvas is pretty water resistant but of course, if you spill water on it, wipe it off immediately with a towel to avoid ruin

We were not paid for this review, but the sample photo on canvas was provided to us for this purpose. We are all happy with the finished product, although some of us are a bit miffed we weren't included in the photo.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cyndi Spins Flowers

Hey, Cyndi here with a video I just can't resist sharing with you.

Bur first I'd like to remind you that today is Shabby Chic Day when kitties are posting their decorating tips on their blog. It's hosted by Milo & Alfie on the Cat's Meow blog.

And now for the awwwwww post of the day. This makes us all almost want to run out and meet a dolphin. But we cats not too sure we'd be happy that close to the water. The dogs? They aren't worried about falling in.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We aren't getting much computer time to post again. Jan is working on more designs for our Zazzle store. It's pretty tedious to post them so it's slow going and she has a lot more work to do.  We'll be napping while she works, but we'll open one eye on occasion to check on her so she doesn't slack off.

This is her our Spinning Flowers design. What do you do with spinning flowers? Check it out here. She has at least one more design to do with this theme ... if she can remember what it is. You know her - she blinks, she forgets.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Buddy Introduces Valor

Hey, Buddy here. I've got a neat video for you today and I know you'll enjoy it. We Funny Farmers just love a happy outcome so I raced Cotton to the typing chair and won. She's pretty fast for an old um, I mean older furry. Of course, I have longer legs.

This is the story of Valor, a pit bull with a large tumor who was hit by two cars but was too scared to let anyone help him. He is now happy, healthy and looking for a new home. The humans who invest time and money in such rescues are definitely "angels of mercy."

If the video doesn't play, click here.

And if you missed our post yesterday on Widget the cat, we hope you will go by and read about her. The beautiful girl also needs a home. Perhaps you can help - at least help spread the word.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Can Widget Come Home?

Hi, Percy here, with an update on the lovely Widget we told you about a couple of months ago.

In January we posted about a cat named Widget who needs a home. You can read her story in the original post.

A quick overview is that she was dumped when she was still a kitten and trying to survive in a feral colony, but she wasn't happy outdoors and wasn't thriving. She needed to be inside before the worst of winter hit. And then her rescuer Tobin couldn't bear to leave her outside so he brought her from the feral colony into his garage with 4 other foster cats. She still needs a home.

Widget is a big, beautiful Maine Coon. Look at the long, fluffy tail on her.

Here she is in Tobin's own words -

Widget is now around a year old. I got her out of the feral colony before bad weather hit. She’s one of those in-betweeners; not feral, not truly domesticated.

She LOVES any & all cats, she’s living happily with all her fellow fosters. She is very good with familiar humans. With unfamiliar humans she is fearful at first. But warms up to be the most dedicated companion once she knows its OK to trust.

Widget is spayed, vaccinated, tested, Frontlined & wormed. She's totally 100% healthy. She’s impeccable about the litter box. And she’s BIG! She’s such a big beautiful sweetheart. She’s come a looooooong way from the scraggly abandoned kitten she was last spring.

Please help spread the news about Widget so she can get a home of her own. She is in the Canton, Ohio area.

Reminder: Do not post Widget or any animals in need of a home on Craig's List or any similar website! It is not safe for the animals! But please pass along a link to this blog post. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Good News on Patrick

Hey, Sam here. I really wanted to do today's post and Jan says when the coffee is ready, I'm going to lose the chair, so I'll get right to it.

Mayor Booker of Newark New Jersey has a birthday coming up on April 27th and his birthday wish is to help other animals in honor of Patrick, the dog who was starved and then thrown down the trash chute at an apartment building. (We want to be sure to mention that Patrick is doing as well as possible, eating and gaining weight.)  Mayor Booker has opened a Facebook Cause page and has begun fundraising. His goal is to raise $50,000.For those in the US, a donation is tax deductible. As we write this, there is $10,909 in the fund.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

For almost two years, my administration has been working hard to establish a state-of-the-art animal shelter in Newark. Thus far, we have identified and readied a site and have architects working on the design. This facility seeks to serve other New Jersey municipalities in Essex and Hudson counties that desperately need other options for housing and caring for homeless animals. By working to build a modern, state-of-the-art shelter through public and private funding, and by employing innovative policies to improve responsible pet care, decrease birthrates, increase adoptions, and help keep animals with their responsible caretakers, we believe that Newark’s animal shelter operations can become a model for the rest of the nation.

For my birthday, my wish is that you join our Cause to help spread awareness of Patrick’s story and animal abuse, and, if possible, contribute toward the construction of “Patrick’s Place” – the animal shelter which we hope to build in the coming years in Newark. Patrick’s abuser claimed she could no longer care for her dog – it is our hope that by providing this additional facility in our city, more animals can be rescued from unnecessary neglect and abuse. Any money we raise not used for this project will be donated to a local organization for the protection and care of animals.

Newark will be known as a city that cares not only about its people, but its animals, too.

You can read the rest of Mayor Booker's birthday wish here.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cotton Tells Sparkles Story

Hey, Cotton here. I told the others there is ham on the table in the kitchen so I could get to the typing chair and introduce today's subject.There really isn't any ham but I have control of the keyboard now so it's officially my turn.

A while back we promised we would post some photos of a special cat after her rescuer had some time to recover from a bull attack. (Yes, you read that right.)

The story goes back to late June 2010 when a black cat in a Georgia shelter was sitting on death row and folks from all over were frantically emailing, blogging, tweeting, and posting to Facebook to save her. If you're a new reader or you missed this story, it is worth a couple of minutes to go back and read from the beginning. Although the black cat was saved, our posts were on a "spinoff" about other cats who were rescued because of the hard work done by so many, including Sparkle the blogging kitty who was determined to save the black cat's life.

The beginning of the story is Black & White Rescues.

And continues as White Rescue Update.

Part 3 is Carolyn & Sparkles. Sparkles the rescued kitty is named for Sparkle the blogging kitty since Sparkle's determination helped save her life. (It also tells about the bull attack.)

And this is the famous Sparkles.

Sparkles not only sleeps on Carolyn's bed but she has her own pillow. Yep, she now has a life of comfort. Can you tell?

This is Music, one of Sparkle's babies.

And this is one of Sparkle's babies, most likely another picture of Music.

Of course, the babies are pretty much grown now and have homes of their own, but we thought you might like to see the photos anyway.

The photos were sent from Carolyn's cell phone last night while her area as well as ours were under a severe storm/tornado watch. A storm rolled through the Southeastern US last night and when it hit, the rain poured and the wind blew hard, and we furries decided the best thing we could do to keep Jan calm was to be brave and hide! Jan sat in the dark with her eyes closed and she could still see the rapid-fire flashes of lightning. It was not a night for sleeping, but it was definitely a night for unplugging the PC and hiding in a cupboard. Sorry there wasn't enough room for you dogs.

We'll throw in a couple of extra photos for you. The photos aren't very clear but these cats are also being spoiled. :)
This is Ziggy. He was a Christmas rescue.

And this is Ziggy with best friend Zoe. They were rescued together.

Sparkles, Ziggy and Zoe are Carolyn's cats, but her rescue does have cats and dogs available for adoption.You can check them out at All Creatures Are Truly Special. All C.A.T.S. is a licensed rescue, so there is also a donation page.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

New CB Volunteers

Retired auctioneer Gracie made this graphic which we posted on our blog early today.

Yes, the call went out through the blogosphere for a volunteer to help KC with the CB Auction Blog. Carolina of Happy Cat Family has been filling in for Gracie, who did such a fantastic job for the last year and a half.

A new auctioneer has been "hired. In fact, The CB has two new volunteers. We updated our blog post this evening and said that we'd let KC name them but KC said to go ahead and make the announcement.

Marg of Marg's Pets and Merceda of Forty Paws have graciously accepted the challenge and are already preparing to dive in and learn the ropes. Please drop by the CB and their blogs to welcome them. They will be working hard on your behalf.

And stop by the CB Auction. A lovely necklace in memory of Shell has been added. Shell's rescuer, MA, still has a large vet bill to be paid. The 2nd week of the regular auction will end tomorrow night. The 3rd week of Shell's auction will begin soon.

Cyndi with CB News

Hey, Cyndi here with a little news and a lovely video for a quiet Sunday.

KC needs help with the Cat Blogosphere Auction Blog.  The CB keeps her busy and she won't be able to continue with both jobs.  Gracie was a fantastic auctioneer for over a year but she has retired because of family commitments.  If you would like to volunteer to help KC and kitties in need, contact KC at the CB for details.

UPDATE Sunday 4/3: KC has two new volunteers for the CB Auction Blog. We won't tell you who they are. We'll let KC make the announcement.

We have a lovely video for your humans. "Dana Winner, the International Tourism Ambassador for the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, sings "Let the Children Have a World" while students from the Trans Oranje School for the Deaf sign the lyrics."

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rusty Reports News

Rusty here with today's news.We have some good news, some sad news and some news on Blogger you might not have heard yet.

This video shows one happy dog, rescued after surviving the tsunami in Japan and spending three weeks floating on wreckage at sea.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We are happy for the rescue of this dog, but very sad for those who have lost a human loved one or have one or more family members missing - and/or a pet or pets. There are so many missing and they are presumed dead.

As many of you are aware, the Cat Blogosphere has been holding an auction for Shell's medical bills. Sadly, her rescuer MA had to make the hard decision to end her suffering and let her go yesterday. She had a bad start in life but her last days were filled with love.

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who use Blogger and haven't yet heard, Google has signed an agreement to purchase Blogger. You can read about it here.

When Jan opened this blog she understood that Google already owned Blogger, so this news was a surprise.  After reading Kea's comment, we went back to Blogger and checked the About Us page.  And we found this posted there -

Things were going well again in 2002. We had hundreds of thousands of users, though still just a few people. And then something no one expected happened: Google wanted to buy us. Yes, that Google. We liked Google a lot. And they liked blogs. So we were amenable to the idea. And it worked out nicely.  Now we're a small (but slightly bigger than before) team in Google focusing on helping people have their own voice on the web and organizing the world's information from the personal perspective. Which has pretty much always been our whole deal.

So if Google bought Blogger back in 2002, how is Google buying Blogger in 2011? Don't ask us. We're just furries. We were hoping you might know. :)

(It was an April Fool joke.)