Monday, July 15, 2013

Double Giveaway Winners

Sam:  Hey, today is the day we get to announce the winners of our double giveaway.  We're excited.  How about you?

Micah:  First, we'd like to thank all of you who took the time to stop by and enter either the dog or the cat giveaway.  We're glad we don't have to choose straws to pick the winners. 

Sam:  Yes, we used to pick the two winners.

Micah:  And the winners are -

Cat categoryMr. Pip.    He wins -

Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials All Natural Chicken Treats.  An all natural high quality protein snack.  No additives, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy.

Dog category:  Cubby & Clifford from Florida Furkids win freeze dried Liver Treats.

They are all natural, high protein and low fat. They are excellent training treats or a good " I love you even though you can't touch your nose with your back paw"treats.. These are US sourced and manufactured from Green Pet Organics.

Micah:  Uh, wait a minute.  Mr. Pip is a dog.  Are you sure he won the cat category?

Sam:  Yep, Mr. Pip asked to enter the cat category, because, " If I win, I will share with the shelter kitties that my assistant volunteers with."

Micah:  Congratulations, Mr. Pip, and Cubby and Clifford..  We will be contacting you for your mailing information.

Many thanks to Entirely Pets for providing the giveaway prizes.  We love to give things away, so this has been fun.


  1. Yeowza! We won!!! What a great way to start a Monday!!! Cubby and Clifford are so excited!!!!! Thanks for having a fun giveaway!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!!

  3. Hooray for the winners! That was mighty nice of Mr. Pip!

  4. ConCAtulations to the winners !

  5. Congratulations every buddys
    Benny & Lily

  6. Big condogulations to the lucky winners!

  7. * woo hoo *
    Concats to all the winners!

  8. How pawsome a woofie shares wif kittehs! ConCATs to the winners.

    Fank yoo fer wishin me Happy Purrthday!

    Head butts,


  9. Concats to the winners! Or is that condogs???


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