Friday, September 28, 2012

Micah Update and Spitty Interview

Gracie stopped by this morning looking for an update on Micah, so we thought we'd publish one.

This is Micah trying to look cute so he'd get seconds for breakfast this morning.  It doesn't work for us but it did for him. 

This is Micah hogging the attention we should be getting.

In the middle of Tuesday night, Percy opened one of the bedroom doors with a 10 lb weight holding it closed and literally scared the crap out of Micah.  He likely came pretty close with Jan and Buddy too.  Micah isn't afraid of Buddy but now he's scared of everything. 

Percy did not do this.   Micah arrived with it.  He must have been cleaning his foot this morning, as it looks worse.  He'll be going to the vet next week.  Until then, Jan is trying to keep us separated so Micah can get over the shock of meeting Percy.

Oh, and by the way, this is what Micah thinks of Percy!

We just finished the above and were ready to publish so we could start on tomorrow's post - you know, tomorrow Friday.  And then it suddenly hit us, today IS Friday, so we had to rush to get our Funny Farmer Felines Mousebreath post ready first.  It's now up and ready for your perusing.

We're sorry for the delay.  This has been a crazy week.  So much happening.  But we'd like to invite you to read our feline interview, Spitty speaks .... and His Royal Subjects Listen.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Under the Bed Micah

Psssst, down here. It's Micah.  I'm UTB.  Can you see me?

Is this better?

How about this?

Okay, this is my first picture.  It was taken last night after I arrived here at the Funny Farm.

Can you believe my owner didn't want me any more and let me starve?  I'm handsome, I'm sweet, I purr, cuddle and make biscuits like any good kitty. 

Look at my loooong tail.

There's only one problem.  I have to keep a close watch.  Percy hates me.  He keeps jumping the gates and attacking me, so I'm a bit nervous.  That's why I'm UTB much of the 

I hope Percy will get used to me, even learn to like me.  Cause I think I like it here.  So hopefully you'll be hearing more of me in the future.

Condolences to Laura and family who lost their lovely Lilly Lu to cancer today.  This was so sudden!  Playing one day, sick the next, gone to the bridge the next morning You can leave a message on Lilly Lu's (and siblings) blog or on the CWB Facebook page.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Marg and Joe's Friend Jasmine

Remember Joe the donkey and these lovely kitties from the Bora Bora trip last year?  Well, they all belong to Marg.  She has two miniature donkeys, dogs and cats - including ferals she feeds.  She does this on a small retirement income.  She is also the volunteer auctioneer for Furriends of the CB auction blog, helping raise funds for others in need. 

Her dog Jasmine is in kidney failure and she could use some help with the vet bills.  If you could spare a couple dollars to help out, Marg and all the furries would be grateful.  Thee is a Chip In button in her sidebar.

Visit Margs Pets blog for updates on Jasmine and for the Chip In.

The post on Jasmine from the other day is here.  There was also an update today and there will be more coming.

And if you can't chip in, you can still help a kind comment and a prayer..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Abby and Fursiblings of Manx Mnews

This week we interviewed Abby, Boo, Gracie, Jinx & Ping from the Manx Mnews blog.  You might be old friends / visitors or you might be meeting them for the first time, but drop by Affectionate Abby & Fursiblings Boo, Ping, Jinx & Gracie to either learn about this quiet family or take a trip down memory lane. 

And then use the link in the article to go visit and let them know either you're happy to meet them for the first time, or glad they're your friends. 

Have a good weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Un-birthday, Pip

Hooray, it's Mr. Pip's UN-birthday today!  His birthday was actually on September 11th but what kind of a surprise is a party on the day?  hehehe.

Frankie & Ernie said everybuddy has to bring a covered dish.  Here's ours.

Oh, wait, were we supposed to put something IN the covered dish?

Well, we don't want to miss out so we went shopping and fixed  special treat for Pip. We'll just put it in the covered dish. 

 Roast chicken.  Yummy.

And everybuddy has to bring a birthday cake.

Pip, we love you and wish you the happiest of UN-birthdays ever!.

Stop by and visit the UN-birthday boy at Pip is in the Game blog.

He's going to be so surprised when he finds he's having a surprise party.  And Frankie Furter, Mayor of Blogville, will present him with a key to Blogville.  What an honor!  

Thursday, September 20, 2012


We are deeply saddened by the news today that Tamir of Florida Furkids (Friends Forever) blog has gone to the bridge.  We knew he was ill but thought he would have a lot more time.  We send prayers, purrs and pawhugs to Mom Sharon and his family. 

You are welcome to share Tamir's graphic, if you would like.  It's also in our sidebar.

We are very concerned about ML of the Cat Blogosphere.  This is the first day we can remember when she hasn't had at least a minimal post there.  We hope things are well with her and it's just she's very busy unpacking in her new home. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poppy Vic

Poppy Vic - husband, father, grandfather - fought a long, hard fight against cancer and now he's at rest.

We are sad for those left behind - Ann of Zoolatry and their family and their many friends around the world..May they find peace in the midst of their pain.  We send many prayers and {{hugs}}}.

You are welcome to use our graphic, if you'd like.    Or Gracie's.  Ann usually makes the graphics and Gracie wanted to be sure she had one this morning, so she reworked a familiar one. 

This is a special tribute post.  Click here for our regular post for the today.

Meow Or Woof Like A Pirate

Well, with so much going on around here that Jan can't match her shoes or remember her camera on a photo shoot, we haven't had time to do anything special for Meow / Woof Like A  Pirate Day.  So we're just going to re-post our graphic from last year. 

If the blog is still under a cloud of black with white dashes, please excuse it.  Our Template Designer is broken and there's nothing we can do.  We have to wait for Blogger to fix it.

UPDATE:  Whoo hoo, our blog background is back!  The Template Designer was totally broken and wouldn't let us do anything.  But it did allow us to start fresh with a new template design and one of their stock backgrounds.  And then came the REALLY scary part.  What would happen if we deleted the stock one and tried to install our own again?  Whew!  It worked.  And we have our lovely (to us) blog back.  We're doing a happy dance over here, but not too energetically since Jan hasn't fed us yet. 

Yesterday was so hectic we didn't get to post Karla's (Miss Peach's blog) lovely graphic for her friend Helen who lost her precious Scooter.  We all know how painful that is.  You can leave a message for Helen on her blog Creating A Likeness.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something Broke and Jan Forgot

Hey, thanks to all you who saw our comment on the CB and let us know what you see on jff when you visit.  At least we know this black nightmare background isn't our imagination.  It isn't our browser or antivirus either.  Our Blogger Template Designer is broken and we can't do anything about the blog till they can fix it.  At least we put in a "something is broken" in the Google Blogger group (used to be help forum) and hope they will fix it. 

Meanwhile, please bear with us.  We realize the blog is a bit hard to read.  At least we have begun to see a flash of our background when our blog loads before it disappears again. We downloaded a copy of our blog - in case. Let's hope it won't be needed. 

This has been a very traumatic day for us.  First thing this morning, the missing blog background reared its ugly head and cost us LOTS of time trying to find where / how to report it.

So Jan was running a bit late when the shelter called.  She said she needed half an hour at least (she was cleaning cat boxes).  She rushed and just as she was about to shut down the computer, there was some loud, impatient horn blowing.  They were 10 minutes early.  She grabbed her fanny pack / camera bag and rushed out the door.

(Now if you remember last week when Jan was rushing around, she tried to attend Bible study / pot luck supper wearing two different shoes.  Hereditary and Matching Shoes)

When they arrived at the shelter, she slid down and out (it's a H-I-G-H truck) and saw her camera bag flop open. 

Yep, the camera was home on the computer desk where she last downloaded photos.  The AC / shelter manager couldn't yell at her or say what he was likely thinking - he messed up last week.  But it was pretty embarrassing to have to be driven back home to pick up the camera. 

And now we've got to let Jan post them to Petfinder, so we'll make a couple of quick comments and sign off.

We continue to pray for Ann and her family.  Our hearts are too heavy to say more. 

Squashie has found two blood donors.  You can read about it on the TK & Squashie blog.

We're sorry Tamir is sick. He gave his mom quite a scare.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Squashie Needs Help

We've been posting this news wherever we could think to but ... oops, forgot our blog.

Squashie of TK & Squashie's blog has put out an urgent request for help!

If your cat has been blood typed, and is Type B (Rare but prevalent in Asian breeds,) we need your help.  Squashies is in desperate need of a transfusion. We can't find a Type B donor.

You can find the details by visiting their blog -

If we keep passing on the information, someone should see it who can help or knows of someone who can.

Purrs for Squashie and her family!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weird Winner Dance

Hey, Percy here.  I'd like to announce that Jan has officially lost her mind.  She is doing some weird happy dance. Why?  Because we are the winners of Brian's NVR Miss Litter Box Giveaway.  Yes, seriously, Jan is dancing around the room over a litterbox.  And last we knew, she doesn't even use one. 

She claims I shoot over the top of the litterbox.  Actually, she claims I shoot through the SMALL HOLES in the sides. Can you imagine the nerve of her telling everyone I - Percy, the handsome and fastidious - shoot for the hoop (Is that a basketball term?  If not, it should be.) every time I climb in to pee?

I would never!

Well, I might on occasion.

Okay, I admit it's fun to annoy Jan. 

Jan can't wait for the new litterbox to arrive.  Personally, I can't wait for it either, now that I've had time to consider it.  With that great big hole in the front, I won't even have to aim.

What's that, Jan?  Oh, no!  She says the beauty of this box is I will have to stand in it sideways. 

But what if I want to stand up and put my feet on the back of the box instead of stand sideways?  Hmmm, this will be interesting.  Jan, you're on.  I can't wait to test our new litterbox.

And Squashie of TK & Squashie's blog is not feeling well and has her mom worried.

We continue to remember Ann and Vic in prayer.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Eric and Flynn Interview and Ann

This week we have interviewed those handsome ginger brothers from across the pond.  Click to read The Ginger Gents, Eric & Flynn.

As most of you know, Ann of the Zoolatry blog was in the hospital with facial cellulitis last weekend, which she could have picked up visiting Poppy Vic at the hospital or while taking care of him at home.  She is home and doing physically better, but she is still under immense stress trying to take care of Vic and also herself.  Vic has been battling metastasized colon cancer and is not doing well.  

We wrote this post last night and this morning we learned Vic was taken to the hospital about 1 AM after he tried to get up, fell and injured his head. She has an update on Zoolatry. We send {{{hugs}}} and love to Ann and Vic.  We are holding them in our thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heredity and Matching Shoes

Hey, Merci here with today's post.

Some of you might have noticed we've been a bit forgetful lately.  Yeah, we've noticed it too.  But we have a good reason - it's hereditary! And to prove it, we'd all like to share a story.  (I'm just the only one brave enough to type this.)

Yesterday was "one of those days."  Jan ended up running around in circles at the last minute trying to remember what she was doing.  She barely got the spaghetti into a bowl and wrapped in a towel to keep it warm before hot-footing it out to the curb to be picked up by her ride.  She climbed in, took a deep breath and decided to take a quick look to make sure she was actually dressed.  Yep - shirt, jeans, shoes. 

Her friend laughed at this and asked, "Do your shoes match?"  (She was joking.)  Jan took a second look at her feet.  Well, you be the judge.

So remember, when we forget, it's not our fault, it's Jan's. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rusty and Percy go Fisheye

Hey, today's post is hosted by your  two favorite Funny Farmers - Rusty and Percy. 

**Oh, come on, guys, you don't have to throw Jan's stinky socks at us.**

Okay, we need to revise our opening.
Today's post is brought to you by OUR two favorite Funny Farmers, Rusty and Percy. 

**Low flying shoe. Duck, Rusty!**

Okay, Okay,  I'm Rusty, and he's Percy.  

We asked Jan to help us with today's event at the Tabby Cat Club where Kizzie is hosting a Fisheye Lens event. We never learn! Wait till you see what Jan did to our handsome faces at Fisheye Lens Percy & Rusty.

And check out the other strange-looking fisheye lens kitty photos at the Tabby Cat Club

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

Even though 9-11 happened before any of us furries were born, we believe what Jan says - Never Forget 9-11. She remembers it. The shock and horror Americans felt as they watched the news, wanting to help but feeling helpless.

At the time she was a volunteer with the local Red Cross chapter and folks went by with donations. Someone designed a 9-11 t-shirt for a quick fundraiser and a local shop printed a batch. But they were so popular that they couldn't be printed fast enough.

In honor of all those who died, those who survived and those who rescued, we re-post this short video because of all the tributes we have seen, this one says the most without saying a word.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

UPdate:  Oops, we knew we forgot to include something.  Stop by George the Duck's blog to check out the garage sale for Mini's vet bill.   If you're interested in jewelry,, there is a link to Mom Robyn's store where she is having a 20% off sale, if you use the code. 

Also, an auction to help Mini opened yesterday on the Furriends of the CB auction blog.  The badge is in our sidebar.  Check it out.  If you'd like to donate something to the auction or bid or just donate a few dollars, stop by.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mo Cats Day and Deb

Thanks, Derby & Ducky for reminding us today is Mo-Cats Day.  If we had to depend on Jan's memory, we'd be celebrating this on Thanksgiving.

We don't have a special post.  We just want to remind you that what this world needs is for folks to adopt  mo cats!  We're just so darn cute and cuddly.  And, humans, we make your life so interesting.

We help you exercise as you pick up all the items we whap off of anything and everything..

We encourage you to clean so your dust bunnies aren't mating with our kitty furballs.

We teach you economy as you alter your budget to replace the breakables we whapped off the high spots.

And we help you diet by stealing the food off your plate when you aren't looking.  (Sometimes when you are looking.)

You learn to distinguish pleasant odors from stinky ones when you scoop our poop box. Just for the record, our poop doesn't stink.  It has character.

You learn patience and how to apply a bandage at nail clipping time.

You learn humility when you try to make us walk on a leash when we don't want to!  .

You learn that blood really is red when you try to stuff us into a PTU for a trip to the unmentionable office.

And if you know what is good for you, you'll learn not to disturb us when we're sleeping.  (You can always sleep on the couch if you don't like your assigned spot in the bed.)

When you're down, we're there to cuddle and purr you encouragement.

We're irresistible, cute, clean... what more could you want in a roommate / companion / friend / humble (hic!) furry.  Yep adopt mo cats and let us loose on the "innernets!"

We were sorry to learn yesterday that Deb of the Taylor CatSSSSS blog lost her mother.  Purrs and pawhugs to the family.  You're welcome to use the graphic on your blog if you want.

Continued purrs for Ann of Zoolatry (facial cellulitis) and ML of the CB (infected cat bite).

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prayers for Mom ML

Baby Cat was scared Tuesday and bit Mom ML of the CB.  She has 8 puncture wounds in her hand / arm, all turning black from bruising.  She has had chills and fever and is on antibiotics.  She'll go back to the doctor on Monday. 

Meanwhile, she is not angry with Baby Cat, and we are not making light of the situation in our graphic. We just wanted to make her smile. (And we cleared it with Mom ML before posting.)  Feel free to use it on your blog, if you'd like. 

We hope she feels better and her wounds heal quickly.

We love you, Mom ML.  

And we love Ann of Zoolatry too.  We posted on Ann earlier today.  Scroll down or click the link for Ann of Zoolatry's graphic.

Prayers for Ann of Zoolatry

Dear Ann of Zoolatry is headed for the hospital for 2 or 3 days. She and Vic are both very sick.  She has arranged for care for Vic and now she needs care herself.  We are very concerned.  She has cellulitis on her face and neck.  As you know, this is very serious

Ann is loved by all who know her, so we know you will be praying for both her and Vic.  Feel free to grab the badge if you'd like to use it on your blog.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Nellie and Kozmo Interview

We are pleased to have Kozmo and Nellie from the Cat from Hell blog as our interview subjects this week.  They are quite an interesting pair.  Kozmo is the brave, competent hunter, but Queen Penelope rules the roost.  (A figure of speech.  They don't have any chickens, therefore they don't have a roost, but that doesn't stop Nellie from ruling it.)

We greatly enjoyed our visit and we hope you will enjoy the results.  After all, we're city furries and we braved the wilds of the country to obtain this exclusive interview to share with you.

We hope you will stop by Mousebreath to read Queen Penelope & Leisure Suit Kozmo.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Undigested Undie Return

 Merci, Sam & Buddy

We found a site that has us laughing cause these dogs are actually worse than we are. Jan suddenly realized we've been telling the truth - we are well-behaved.  She said she's so glad she has us instead of some of them.

Merci:  I was 1 or 2 years old when I arrived, so I didn't chew up anything. I was a good girl.

Sam:  I ate part of an antique chair and the corner of a bureau. I am a big boy.  I was also a big puppy, so I broke a spring in the couch from bouncing on it to play with Merci. I also ate a few stuffies and innumerable cat toys.

Buddy:  I ate part of an antique plant stand when I was a pup. And a pair of shoes or two. I ate many a huge bowl of cat food "up high, so I couldn't reach it."  I was a puppy climbing prodigy.

Compared to some of these guys, we were angels!

Visit if you need a laugh or two or twenty.

In case you wonder why Sam posted Monday and we're all posting today, it's because the Funny Farmer Felines get to post on Friday and we haven't been able to post daily.  We don't want you to forget what we woofies look like.  The FFF will be interviewing Nellie and Koxmo Friday.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sam Tickles His Funnybone

Hey, Sam here, with a laugh or two for you today.  There's too much stress going around so we thought we'd try to help de-stress you (and us) a little.  If this goes over really well, we'll pass the hat.  If it bombs, it's Jan's fault. 

This is a joke from our antivirus newsletter.

During a recent password audit by a company, it was found that an employee was using the password “MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofySacramento.” When asked why she had such a long password, she rolled her eyes and said, “Hello! It has to be at least 8 characters and include at least one capital.”

We don't have an automatic feeder. We just have Jan. But this is kinda like our house at mealtime. Except there are 7 of us.

If the video doesn't play, click here.