Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cheese Please by George and Murphy

Buddy:  Hey, you cats just had a turn posting Friday.  Why are you trying to muscle in on today's post too?  We dogs should be doing this week's Sunday Smile.

Percy:  Buddy, if you had found a dog video for today, you could post.  But we found this cat one, so you'll have to wait till next Sunday. 

Buddy:  Oh, okay.  That sound fair.  I think.  But move over a bit.  You may be smaller than me, but you sure can hog the bed.

Percy:  Okay, now that we have that settled, we have a fun video for you today. 

George and Murphy want cheese.  They're so adorable when they beg.   So why aren't they getting any cheese?   

Hint:  We think their human must be related to Jan.  If you remember our food and treat reviews over the years, Jan is "famous" for making us wait to actually taste anything.   We can only hope these poor guys eventually got paid for their hard work.  If not, does any cat have the number of the Furry Labor Board handy?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Samantha and Clementine

The lovely Samantha and Clementine from Life From a Cat's Perspective are our interview guests today.  We remember when they used to sign their emails, "Your Florida Friends."  Today they are everyone's Texas friends.  We had to include Maverick in their graphic.  Even though he's a dog, he has always been a part of their blog.  And who can forget the handsome Mr. Tigger?  We still hold a tiny glimmer of hope that one day he will be found.

You can read Life From Samantha and Clementine's Perspective exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats and cat lovers by cats.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Skeezix Pink

Today is turn your blog pink Wednesday to honor Skeezix.  Our blog has been pink for a while, so we didn't need to change it.

On June 18 we wrote a Farewell Skeezix post and created an original graphic to go with it.

And we made another graphic in his honor for his Mousebreath Skeezix Interview last Friday.

So we've pretty well covered anything we would write for today.  Yes, we could write more, but there are so many tributes posted to him today, we suggest you visit and read their Skeezix stories.  Unless, of course, you haven't already read ours; then just click on either or both links to see what we had to say. 

We might have already mentioned this, but it won't hurt to repeat it:  Skeezix, you will not be forgotten. You are missed by so many and our hearts hurt for your Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Casey, Goathouse, Jolly Paws

Hey, it's Tuesday again, so stop by the Blogville Chronicle for our weekly Meet & Greet. This week we feature Casey & Cinderella from Legacy Chronicles, Goathouse Rescue, and Jolly Paw Prints.

And don't forget to send us your suggestions for coming weeks.  .

In case any of you have been wondering where we've been - sweltering!  We hope you're staying cooler than we are.     

Meet & Greet Casey, Goathouse, Jolly Paw

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was first published June 25, 2013.

Welcome to our latest Meet & Greet.

We will let Casey tell you about our first meet and greet of the week. After all, who would know more about the blog than the chief blogger?


Hey, Funny Farmers, you asked for folks to send in info about their blogs for your articles, so I wanted to tell you about the Legacy Chronicles. We're at, and we're the official blog fro Legacy Boxer Rescue, a boxer rescue located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in Texas.

I'm the chief blogger, Casey the Boxer. I'm a 5-year-old alum of LBR. I was rescued when I was about 10 months old and very sick with demodetic mange. I'd lost all my fur and was itchy and skeered. But LBR got me healthy, and after 5 months in foster care, I found my momma!! I live with my sissy Cinderella, a 12-year-old LBR alum, and my kitty siblings Scribbles and Pigeon.


At the Chronicles, I blog all about the goings on of LBR, so that I can share information about our pawesome dogs up for adoption and our fundraisers and events. I also share stuff about my life, 'cause face it, I'm pretty cool. :) I share stories about other LBR alums, and just generally try to share information about rescues and boxers and how totally cool both are.

Casey & Cinderella
Casey and Cinderella invite you to stop by the Legacy Chronicles.

We were going to include the Goathouse Refuge, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Pittsboro, NC, lat week but their internet was down at the time. They are “dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found.”

Goathouse Refuge

Why are we including a cat sanctuary? Well, why not? It just might turn out to be in your area and you or someone you know just might have a need for the information. Later, if not today.

Adopt, volunteer, become a sustainer, join their “Coffee Cats” (for those who are allergic or can not adopt a cat for whatever reason), or become a friend and tell others about them.

The Goathouse Refuge was suggested by Selina the Uniocular Kitty & star of the “One Eye on the Future” blog. Selina said, "They are SUCH a pawsome rescue, and we support them 100% just on our own. But they are small and could really use the exposure."

We would like to introduce Jolly Paw Prints. JPP isn't a pet blog in the usual sense, i.e. by or about pets. But it does feature occasional modeling by cocker spaniels Cocoa and Chanel. They are the inspiration behind mom Stephanie's custom-made, handmade pet collars. Your cat or dog would look very stylish in one of their dressy collars.

Jolly Paw Prints
If any of you have ever aspired to wear a mustache, you'll enjoy their mustache collar. The mustache is worn at the back of the head where all the girl dogs following you can see it best.

They are currently holding a photo contest with a nice prize. There's no mention of Australia-only, so we guess it's open to any cat or dog who'd like to enter. The deadline is June 30, so be sure to check it out today at Jolly Paw Prints.

And perhaps they could be persuaded to post photos of Cocoa and Chanel more often?

Send us your meet & greet suggestions.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Skeezix Interview

Thanks to his Food Lady, we were fortunate to be able to interview Skeezix the cat, a fellow Mousebreath columnist and an expert interviewer in his own right.  Skeezix ... Beloved Iconic Fashionista can be read exclusively at Mousebreath.  As always, he was positive and upbeat.

Our eyes have leaked as we published this interview.  As many of you already know, Skeezix joined a host of his friends at the bridge on Tuesday.  We posted  a tribute Farewell Skeezix Wednesday.  He touched so many hearts.  It will be impossible to forget him. 

For sometime we've been getting Google+ sign up blocks when trying to watch a YouTube video. Recently we noticed our Picasa storage usage jumped from 8 mb to 334 mband wondered what Google was up to this time. 

Well, today we learned Google is at it again, trying to force users to join Google+ against their will.  The past 2 years we've had to upload photos to Picasa by hand because of some glitch.  Today we were not allowed to access Picasa at all.  We were blocked by a demand to join Google+.  Is Google+ really so hard up for members they must use such tactics?  We do not want to join!  Jan does not want her personal information posted online for anyone and everyone..  Nor do we want to use Google + photo storage.  We deliberately post small photos and don't want them blown up for any purpose online.

If any of you find yourself in the same situation, we found a way in to Picasa  At least for now.  It sounds like Google is getting ready to close this too.  But read this article and save this link for when you need it or you'll be forever blocked from accessing your own photos in Picasa.  Oops, that is a related article.  This is the link.    But next time you sign in, they will try to force Google+ on you.

We have questions for those of you who use Wordpress.  When you uploaded your old Blogger posts, where did your photos go?  Did they stay with Picasa and Wordpress just picked up the links to them?  Or did Wordpress copy them into their own or some other photo storage?  Or don't you know?  If you don't know, you might want to find out in case there is ever a problem.  And even if it doesn't matter to you, we'd sure like to know the answers because we have blog photos in Picasa since 2005 and we'd hate to lose 8 1/2 years of photos on our blog.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Farewell Skeezix

Skeezix was an old buddy, one of those who helped establish the CB (Cat Blogosphere) back in the days when there were few cat bloggers..  We didn't meet him till a couple of years after we started blogging and we were hooked on his perfect spelling / English (smile), his escapades, his love of pink, his crazy fashion sense, his big muscles ... We just loved him. 

We never dreamed that one day we would work together.  He was a fellow columnist for Mousebreath.  In fact, his Food Lady is the managing editor.  He was the dance choreographer for those fun holiday dance videos.  He made us all look like we actually knew how to dance. 

We knew he was sick with cancer and might not have much time, but we were hoping he'd have much more time with his family.  He was special to them, not just an advertising gimmick.  A few months ago we felt incredibly sad for him.  A picture of Skeezix and his Food Lady was to be on a bag of Purina Cat food.  The day the photographs were taken he had goopy eyes (if we remember correctly) and Mao or Tripper (sorry, our memories are a bit defective at times but we think it was Tripper) took his place.  Until recently we had hoped he would get another opportunity.

We cried when we read the news on his blog Skeezix's Scratching Post yesterday.  Skeezix was a small kitty, only 8 years old, but he had a huge personality and was loved by more than just cat bloggers.  He will be missed.  And even though most bloggers are already aware, we wanted to post a memorial.  His family is in our thoughts.  Hugs for the Food Lady to share with Mr. Tasty Face.  

Farewell, Skeezix.  You will not be forgotten.

Note:  There are a number of graphics already being posted on FB and the blogs, but we wanted to take the time and effort to make one for our own post.  You can use this graphic if you want. We put our name on this type of graphic anymore because we would sometimes find them posted on other blogs with someone else being credited for them.  Not maliciously,  Bloggers just assumed someone else had created them..  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colehaus, Miley and Barn Cats

Stop by the Blogville Chronicle and catch up on our latest Meet & Greet.  We have some great guests.

Meet & Greet Colehaus & Barn Cat

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was first published on June 18, 2013.

Sparkle the Designer Cat suggested we include the Colehaus Cats because she thinks they're awesome.  We agree, Sparkle, so here they are.

Well, here's Maxx.  We hope they won't mind us borrowing him to be their representative for the day.

The Colehaus Cats are a big family – Maxx, Miss Newton, Tessa, Pia Bean, Olivia, Quint and Ruby.  Let's see, that's one, two … seven!  And what a handsome clowder of kitties.  Each with a distinctive personality., each one rescued and each one loved.

Drop by the Colehaus Cats blog to meet them.  We believe you'll keep going back.

We came across  Cattales from Barn Cat Mansion quite a while ago and really liked it, so we've pleased the Tabbies O Trout Towne suggested them.   If you have ever thought the life of a barn cat is boring, you will be surprised..

Stop by and meet the stars of the blog, from the top tom to the young kittens, and enjoy the daily glimpse into their lives.  Great photos and stories at the Barn Cat Mansion.

Miley & Maggie
Miley's Daily Scoop is a family friendly blog, which features Miley the golden retriever and Maggie the golden labrador.  They do reviews and giveaways, offer pet information, and post fun photos.  If you drop by at the right time, you might get to hear their dad sing.  Oh, and if you're ill, call Dr. Miley. (If he's busy, call our Dr. Buddy.)  Stop by Miley's Daily Scoop and meet the goldens.

Send us your suggestions for blogs to feature - new blogs, old blogs, perhaps a favorite rescue...

You can also suggest your own blog.  Perhaps you could tell everyone about the purpose of your blog – entertainment, meeting other pet bloggers, hospitality, rescue, reviews, educating pet parents ….????   And include a photo. Email us at jansfunnyfarm (at) gmail (dot) com.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tweetz for Funny Farmer Felines

We Funny Farmer Felines were recently asked to pick out a treat.  Did we get to pick?  Nooooo!  Jan intercepted OUR email and told we'd like to review the Salmon Formula.  Now, whether we would have disagreed on which flavor we'd prefer to taste test has nothing to do with the fact we kitties should have been able to take a vote on which flavor we'd like.  We could have arrived at a consensus of taste by ... say, July or August. 

These treats have no corn, soy or wheat, which makes Jan happy.  They do contain salmon, rice flour, barley flour, whole ground potato, maple syrup, chicken meal, tapioca starch, glycerine, cane molasses, natural flavor, cultured whey, brewer's yeast, canola oil, salt, phosphoric / sorbic / citric acid, mixed tocopherols (Vit E) and rosemary extract.  They have one calorie per treat.

We kinda stopped listening after "salmon," but Jan read us the entire ingredient list anyway.  We're cats -  what do we care past salmon, rabbit or chicken?  We would rather taste test.

 Micah: I tried them first.  Mmmmm, good.

Percy: I agree Micah.  I think I got gypped, though.  You had more.

Rusty:  I'm bigger than any of you.  I should have gotten the most.

Cyndi:  Excuse me, Percy, why are you eying my treats?  You had yours?

Percy:  You're a girl.  You shouldn't eat a lot of treats if you want to keep your girlish figure.

Percy: Here, let me help you.

Cyndi:  Doan tash mai tweetz!

Percy: Sorry, Cyndi, can't understand you.  You shouldn't talk with your mouth full.

Micah:  hehehe! Jan lost track of which of us got treats already. 

Micah:  But, Jan, I don't know why you would call me a pig.  You gave me the extra treats.  :(

Cameron: What are these?  Salmon?  I don't want salmon.   I have a taste for chicken today.

Uh, well, four out of five of us enjoyed our taste test.  And we ate Cameron's share.  We hope Jan didn't eat the remainder of our treats.  We're looking forward to seconds.  Maybe Cameron will join us then.  Maybe not.

We checked and Natural Balance also has cat and dog canned and kibble food with bison, venison, duck, fish or lamb. 

This is the second review we have done for (the 3 Droolateers did one last month) and we have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the product ships.  Receiving a product to review can sometimes take up to several weeks. provided us with the package of treats to review, but we were neither paid nor told what to say.  We enjoyed participating.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Interviewing Loupi and Zorro

This week we interviewed our first French speaking subjects from the Swiss Cat Blog.  Not that we speak French.  But fortunately, they speak English. So pop over to meet the Swiss Cats Loupi and Zorro, an exclusive on Mousebreath, the ezine for Cats and cat lovers by cats.  We just know you're going to enjoy reading about them.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Funny Farmer Funmobile Flunks

Last Thankful Thursday we posted on the illness - possibly unto death - of our decrepit Funny Farmer Funmobile.

Yesterday we received the sad news it's on life support and we're going to have to pull the plug.  It has a blown head gasket and even if we could find enough change hiding under the bed to help pay for very expensive repairs, the cost would be more than the car is worth.

It's had a long hard life, first as a company car (the old company name was still visible on the driver's door), and then with a new engine it transported one of Jan's brothers to Atlanta 3 times a week for dialysis.  He gave it to Jan when he entered the hospital for the last time.  So even though it's hasn't been a fun car to deal with, it has survived 14 years of being driven up and down a 5 1/2" curb.  Mainly, it has great sentimental value.

We're going to miss it.  Jan, especially.  She could transport us, 30 lb bags of litter, 30-odd pound bags of dog food, and she could unload them at just the right height to not cause a flare-up of  back and neck pain. Yep, we dogs are going to miss it.  The cats, not so much, since they didn't like trips to the vet.

Jan's says she needs one of those old-fashioned little red wagons so she can hitch up us woofies to it and let us run the errands.  Ha ha, Jan, get real!  Do we look like a little red wagon pulling Husky team? 

In case you've never seen such a sight, here's Halo the husky pulling her modified little red wagon.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Today we have decided to be thankful for the years the temperamental old guy served our needs. Farewell, Funny Farmer Funmobile.  We will think of you every time Jan hitches us up, pops the "reins" and hollers, "Move it!"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Charlie, Bama and Boise

Our second Meet & Greet column is published over at the Blogville Chronicle.  We hope you will pop over to read it..

Send us your suggestions for blogs to feature.  You blog, a friend's or a new one.  We'll include your blog url when you submit a blog.  And we'd really appreciate it if you'd write a few lines to go with it.  Chances are you know more about the other blog than we do.  .

Meet & Greet Charliepuss, Bama & Boise

We are moving our Meet & Greets to this blog.  This was first published June 11, 2013.

We came across a new-to-us blog called Charliepuss.

Charlie began blogging April 1st - April Fool's Day -  of this year. We figure the date was well-chosen as it seems his mudda's friend didn't believe he would actually become a cybercat.  Charlie is a really handsome 11-year-old, blue-eyed Ragdoll who hails from Australia and has a doggie friend named Whackie (Paddy Whacket).  Charlie has been having some health problems, but is doing better. 

We looked through his archives and can tell you, he's witty and fun, so drop by his blog Charliepuss and say hello.

From Twitter, we found these ginger cats Bama & Boise's blog.

Bama and Boise are battling for world domination but specialize in napping, so they are a pair to keep an eye or two on.  They have lots of fun photos on their blog.  Stop by The Shat Cast blog to meet them.

Since we found them via Twitter, we'd tell you their Twitter name but .... wait, we did save it - @ShatCast.  They have someone managed to make their Twitter profile pictures alternate.  Wonder if that would work for the 8 of us?

Sorry but we don't have a dog blog to include this week. 

A number of you have said you're happy to see a meet and greet  column, but if it is to continue, you're going to have to help with it.  We only get so much computer time, so we need some volunteers and some blog nominators, especially those willing to send us a photo and small write-up to post of blogs. So get busy and tell us a little about yourself and your blog - or another blog you fancy or is new. If you can include a photo, great.  If you can't, we'll look for one. 

So put those paws to work and send in a meet and greet blog we can include - a new blog, an old blog.  We'll include a link to your blog for recommending them.  

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday Smile by Rusty

Hey, Rusty here.  I was trying to snooze in the sunshine but Jan woke me up taking pictures.  Perhaps if I tell her a joke, she'll go away.

Hey, Jan,  why did the cat pour oil on the mouse? 

You have to be kidding!  What difference does it make what kind of oil?

Okay, you give up. But don't blame me when you kick yourself for being so .... um, how do I put this delicately?

The cat poured oil on the mouse ... are you ready for this?

Because it squeaked! 

Now go away and let me snooze. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Blue Eyes the Javanese

Her name is Blue Eyes because her eyes are beautiful. She is a 2 year old pure breed Javanese female, so sweet and litterbox trained.

She was rescued from euthanasia at the pound after her owner died about a year ago.  She is about 5 pounds and fully vetted.  She was previously an indoor cat but her rescuer has been unable to keep her indoors.  The little snuggle bug is unhappy outside and would really like a cozy comfy indoor home. 

She is in Corpus Christi, TX.  The rescuer is willing to work on transport.  If interested, contact us for further details. jansfunnyfarm AT gmail DOT com

Friday, June 07, 2013

Divas Truffle and Brulee

It's Friday, time to bring you another cat blogger interview.  This week our subjects are Truffle and Brulee the lovely cats from Sweet Purrfections. Just look at all that floof and pulchritude in small packages.. 

Many of you already know the girls but some of you have never met them, so be sure to go read Sweet Purrfections ... Truffle and Brulee, exclusively at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats..

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Funny Farmer Funmobile

Hi, Merci here, with today's Thankful Thursday post. You kitties might think this a bit strange but me, Buddy and Sam are thankful for our Funny Farmer Funmobile, even if Jan forgets to take us with her any more.  Other dogs will understand how much we love it.

This photo was taken before Sam came to live with us, the day Buddy tried to practice for his driving test so he could get a license.  I'm the little redhead.  Do I look nervous?  Well, I was!  You can tell how excited Buddy was by the look in his eyes?

This is what our Funny Farmer Funmobile looked like nine years ago. It's nowhere near that good-looking now since it's a 1987 model. Guess in car age, it might be older than Jan. (She's elebenty-hundred-six and creaky.) Well, it used to be when Miss Mother was alive and we dogs used to ride in style every day to visit her.  Sometimes a kitty would get to visit too.  We usually only get to go to the vet in it now, but Buddy, Sam and I have been trying to convince Jan she needs to start taking us out again on occasion so we can have some fun.
But when Jan started the engine yesterday, smoke poured out the exhaust.. The consensus of opinion is it blew a head gasket, which would cost hundreds of dollars more to fix than Jan has.  She says the entire car probably isn't worth that much.  A mechanic said he will come out next week to see if the problem really is a head gasket or something less expensive to fix.  All of us are hoping for the something less expensive. Much less expensive, please!  :)

So what is there to be thankful for after Jan tried to blow up our Funmobile?  Well, first of all that she didn't actually succeed.  :)  But mainly that if this had to happen, it happened in our front yard where Jan didn't have to have the car towed (yet), and she didn't have to hike home, with or without the groceries she was supposed to pick up for us.. 

Yeah, guess there's a silver lining even in an unexpected white cloud.  Just like there was one the day Buddy practiced driving without moving the car.  If he'd had the car key, he would have practiced for real.  And, you might not know this, but that dog is DANGEROUS!  Don't believe me?  Read The Driving Lesson for yourself.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Nose for News

Hey, Buddy here.  You might be glad to know I haven't had to wear this oversized collar for a while now.  In a way, that's a shame because evidently I look so pitiful while wearing it that Jan gives me extra attention and the other furries move out of my way when they see me coming.

Yesterday we launched a Meet & Greet column at the Blogville Chronicle.  We're looking forward to meeting / posting more pet bloggers, so be sure to send in those blogs you'd like to see included in the next issue. (We have a mailbox in our sidebar.)

In case you are wondering, yes, our Funny Farmer Felines will continue the Friday interviews at Mousebreath.

Something else we have been working on for some time and (barely made any progress) is a list of blogosphere / blogville news blogs.  We have just added it (check under our header for "Blogging Pet News Sites."  Like most of you, we're usually pressed for time and we forget to write them down when we come across them, so we have only a few.  If we're ever going to compile a list, we're going to have to ask for reader input.  If you are a blogging pet news site or you know of one that isn't already on our list, let us know and we'll add it.

*scratches head*  Um, I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to add but I've forgotten what it is.  If you think of it, shoot me an email.  (Hahaha.  That's what Mr. Doug did to Jan the other day.  He left the message, "I won't stop by if you aren't there, so if you aren't home, call me" And hung up laughing.) 

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Meet and Greet Launch

Well, we don't have any streamers, balloons, blinking lights, a buffet or whatever, but today we have launched our new weekly Meet & Greet column for The Blogville Chronicle.

It isn't any big deal.  We starting with two links - Gizmo Geodog and Sticky the kitty -  for the premier but we've worked our little paws to blisters and there will be more next week.  For now, we think we deserve a snooze. So zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  And when we're done, we'll need to take another snooze cause we're tired. 

Meet & Greet Gizmo & Stinky

The Blogville Chronicle does not appear to be reopening, so with sadness and thanks to the BC staff, for inspiring us to start this project, we are moving the first of our Meet & Greets here to our own blog. This was published on June 4, 2013.

Welcome to tour new Meet & Greet column.  We're your hosts the Funny Farmers..

We ("we" as in us and you, not just us) are all a bit pressed for time.  New blogs are springing up daily.  Hey, by the minute is probably more like it.  And we all have favorite blogs we try to visit regularly.  But sometimes we lose a link and can't remember the name of the blog. Or we wonder how to meet and make new blogger friends.

Well, you can come by our Meet & Greet each Tuesday where you can read a short description of a few blogs - old or new - and pop by to paw a greeting.  You just might meet your new best friend here.  So pull up a chair and we'll dive in.

Gizmo's Terrier Torrent (Gizmo Geodog)

Hi! I’m Gizmo…a handsome terrier-about-town with a distinct point of view. I write about whatever interesting things come across my desk, appear on my twitter feed @GizmoGeodog, or meet me out on the geotrails of Florida. I love to geocache cause it takes me to all the wild places & I can get back to being a real dog andI believe in being a fit dog so I'm part of K9 Kamp this year. I care about all my brofurs & sisfurs who haven’t found their own forever homes yet, & raise funds to help them whenever I can. My girl brought me home from the shelter & together we explore our world. I do my best to make her smile, & she does her best for me. We are a team.

Blog link:

Chasing Feathers  (Sticky the Kitty)

Sticky is a new blogging kitty who lives with unfurry people, loves chasing feathers, and has just acquired a new house panther brofur named Sylvester from a shelter.  They have their own Twitter accounts but share the blog.

Blog link:

Thank you, Gizmo, for bravely volunteering to be the first to send us a write-up about your blog. And thank you Abby of  Manx Mnews for sending us the link to Sticky's new blog.

Now that you have seen a sample of how easy it would be to send in a write-up on your own blog or info on one you'd like us to mention, we hope readers will participate. Blogging animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc. - are welcome to participate.  Send in the blog name and url, along with a blog description and photo, if it's your own blog or your human's..  If you're submitting one other than your own, please send us whatever you can about the blog.  It will get posted quicker if we don't have to research it.

Okay, we have finished the meet.  Now it's time to greet.  We hope you will stop by these two blogs, sniff around, and introduce yourself if you haven't already met.