Friday, November 29, 2013

Carmine, Milita and Jewel

Our special guests this week are the lovely kitties Carmine, Milita and Jewel from the Fur Everywhere blog. 

It's great to see Jewel enjoying her now-permanent senior years home.  All the kitties are loved and happy, as every kitty and dog should be. 

You can read their story, Purrs and Fur ... Everywhere, at Mousebreath, the ezine by cats for cats and cat lovers.

We hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Jan brought us home turkey crumbs.  We think she's fibbing and she's eaten the turkey and we get the crumbs as an afterthought.  Yes, she would do that.  We'd share with her, but does she reciprocate?  Nooooooooo! 

So we're about to have breakfast and we are definitely NOT sharing our canned roasted turkey with her.  Not even if she begs.  (Well, if she begs, she might get a moist crumb.) 

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

And Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends. 

Note: We hope Blogger put the correct photo in this time.  It wouldn't let us change the photo last night and we can't tell if it has the corrected size or not today.  So if there is suddenly a big blank space where the graphic should be, blogger has posted the deleted graphic and it has gone POOF!  But know, we do wish all who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving!

And to everyone else, a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weruva Rap

PeRuCaMiCy?  MiCaPeRuCy? No, we aren't stoked on nip. We were trying to see what we could make from the first two letters of our feline names.  We tried different combinations but none of them make a word - or even any sense.  But Stacie and David  put the letters of their rescued cats' names together (WEbster, RUdi, VAnessa) and named their cat food Weruva. And we got to taste test some of Weruva's Cats in the Kitchen food.  It's made in a human food facility  Did we like it?

Cameron (Note to Blogger:  Cameron is NOT a purple tuxie.  He is black!)
Cameron: Ood?  Yef, lishus.

Oh, sorry Cameron:  Guess we should have waited till you finished eating to ask.  But we think you said,  "Good?  Yes, delicious."  Is that correct?

Cameron: Mmmf.

We'll take that as an affirmative.

Weruva Mack, Jack and Sam

We had an opportunity to taste test some Weruva Mack Jack and Sam grain, gluten and BPA free cat food in a pouch.  It has salmon, mackeral and skipjack tuna for high quality protein, in gravy.for hydration.

How does it taste, Percy?

Percy:  Ask me later.  I'm busy eating.

Okay.  Cyndi?

Cyndi (Blogger, SOBER UP! What have you done to Cyndi's lovely coat/color?)
Cyndi:  I think the fish is great.  But look at what Blogger did to me.  Jan doesn't take the greatest photos but I don't look like this and  Cameron isn't purple.  We have  uploaded the two photos several times and each time we look weird.  Halloween is over, Blogger! 

Rusty: This fish is really good.

Micah: I'm cleaning my bowl.  Do we get seconds?

Sorry, there isn't any left.  But it sure was good.  We all liked it and ate every bite.

And after we finished eating,we laughed over their video, "Weruva Rap - Keep It Simple, Keep it Safe"

If the video doesn't play, click here has a variety of Weruva cat food.

We were provided with sample pouches to try but we were not paid to write this post. Any opinion expressed is our own.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flowers for Buddy

Percy: You might remember Buddy had a birthday last Wednesday. Jan came home Thursday afternoon to find the man in the brown shorts (we hope he's wearing long pants now - it's cold!) had delivered a big box of flowers - not for her, but as "A belated happy birthday, Buddy" present.

Percy checking out Buddy's flowers

Buddy:  This is the first time I've ever received flowers.  This is what they looked like before Jan stripped off most of the leaves and put the flowers in water.

Percy:  Buddy thinks he has a secret admirer, but I know who sent those.

Buddy:  Who?

Percy:  I'm not supposed to say.  Jan figured it out, but she said that since he or she didn't sign the card, we shouldn't tattle.

Buddy:  I would like to thank the person responsible.  Since Jan has a black thumb, we're more likely to be holding a funeral for flowers than admiring them in a vase.  Yep, we sure don't see many live flowers around here.

Percy:  We're not seeing much of these.  Jan has them high on a shelf so we can't reach them.  I know; I tried.  We're only allowed to admire them from afar.  She wouldn't even let me taste one. 

Buddy:  To change the subject, we have a Sunday Smile for you.  Faline the fawn and Boots the kitten are best friends and cuddle buddies. Enjoy.  And have a good day.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Snoring for Zzzzs

We keep sending out interview questions so we can bring you a new cat blogging interview at Mousebreath each Friday.  Sometimes we don't hear back from any cat in time. That's where we stand this week, so we are without an interview to post.  We did, however, make a small post for the coming Thanksgiving holiday.  Stop by Mousebreath for Taking A Nap.

We'll see you next week on Mousebreath.  Happy weekend..

Percy:  Um, just for the record, we're taking a nap from Mousebreath, not our blog.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Most Thankful Birthday Ever

 Micah:  Hey,  I'm hungry.  The cat treats are gone.  Is there any birthday cake left? 

Sam:  Mmfff, niff.  Gulp.

Micah:  That would be a no.  Right Sam?

Sam:  Um, actually it would. 

Micah:  I knew I should have stashed a piece under my bed last night.

Sam:  Well, the cake is gone but there are plenty of other things to be thankful for today.

Micah:  Like what?

Sam:  Let's see ... We're together.  We don't have a car, it's cold in the house, but we're still a family.  That's something to be thankful for.

Micah:  You're right, Sam.  There is always something to be thankful for.  Sometimes we have to look hard to find it, though.

Sam:  I wonder what our readers are thankful for?

Percy:  Oh, speaking of readers, if any of them are wondering what was in the big surprise box we gave Buddy for his birthday yesterday, it turned out to be an even bigger surprise than we imagined. (You can read the story here.)

Sam: After Buddy knocked himself out when he fell from the stool, the rest of us gathered in the kitchen to eat Buddy's birthday cake.  (We did give him the first slice, even if he wasn't aware of it.)

Micah: We weren't in the room when the gift box was opened, so we'll let Dr. Buddy's good friend Billy Sweetfeets Norton Gingersnap from Meezer Tales tell you what happened when the gift got tired of waiting and popped out of the box..

Billy resting after his trip.
Billy: *jumps out of box*   TA-DA!! um where is efurryone? isn't this mine Dr Buddy's purrfday party? ME hadded to go from NOO YORK to WHISKERKONSCIN to get in the box.

BUDDY?? BUDDY??? Paging Dr Buddy - HELLO? Happy Purrfday?  *sneaks plateful of cake out from under Buddy's paw*  um, you gonna eat dis?

Cyndi:  And that is the rest of the story of how we accidentally gave Buddy the best birthday present he's ever had.

Cameron:  A concussion?

Rusty:  No, Cameron, a visit from his old friend Billy.

Merci: It was a good day, wasn't it?

Buddy:  I'd like to thank all of you who came by yesterday to wish me a happy birthday.  It was the most excitement we've had around here in ages. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buddy is Nine

Buddy:  Why do I have to sit here on a stool with this stupid dunce cap on my head and my eyes closed?

Percy:  Hold on.  We're setting up a surprise.

Buddy: You know I don't like surprises. 

Micah:  Unless you're giving them.

Buddy:  Yes, that's true. 

Merci:  We know, but you'll like this one.

Rusty:  At least we hope you will.

Cameron:  Don't worry, Rusty, he will.

Cyndi:  Ta da!  Open your eyes now, Buddy.

Buddy: Oh, it's my birthday? And you got me a present?

Sam: Of course we got you a present. You're 9 years old today.

Buddy: Wow! No wonder you had me wait on the stool. This is a big present. What could it possibly be?

Percy: Um, we're not really sure.  We collected the change out of Jan's wallet last month and sent it off to a place in Whiskerconsin and told them we'd like the best gift our money could buy.

Cyndi:  We thought it could only buy you something small. Go ahead . Open it.  We'd all like to see what you got.

Buddy:   Okay.  Sam give me a paw unwrapping it.  Oh, guys, you shouldn't have.  Sam, I can't quite reach the bow.  Aaaaaah!  *crash*

Merci:  Oops.  Poor Buddy.  He's out cold.

Cameron:  We forgot Buddy is a klutz.  We should have known he'd get excited and fall off the stool. 

Rusty:  Perhaps we should have skipped the stool and just had Sam open the gift for him. 

Micah:  Shouldn't we call someone - Jan, 9-1-1, the police, an ambulance?

Sam:  How about we put a pillow under his head and a blanket over him and cut his cake?

Percy:  Sounds like a plan to me. 

Funny Farmers: Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TeLing and Lady

We met TeLing and Lady a few weeks ago and asked if they would like to be featured on our blog.  So guess who our guests are today?  No, you guessed wrong.  Try again.  We gave you a b-i-g hint!

Okay, you got it right this time: TeLing and her pit bull Lady from Dogs Give Us Their All.  This is their story - the short version .


My name is TeLing.  I grew up with dogs, but until I adopted my first dog, Lady, I didn't realize the nonsense that pit bull owners put up with.  Lady is featured in many of my posts.  In fact, she is the inspiration for the blog.

I adopted her from the Berkeley Humane Society in 2010. Three months later I got her certified as a Canine Good Citizen and  she is in process of being trained as a therapy dog.

TeLing and Lady

Lady is one of the most patient and mellow dogs I've ever met.  She's had little kids literally dog pile on top of her.  An 18 – month - old threw a fistful of sand in her face.  I accidentally hit her in the head with my car door.  And yet she still loves everyone and wants to be friends with anyone she meets.  She is only fazed by squirrels and kittens.

I volunteer for Hopalong and Second Chance Animal Rescue, where my favorite things to do are to intake puppies and come up with names for litters   Here I am cuddling 2 puppies from Hopalong.

TeLing and 2 Hopalong puppies

I don't blog to make money or to make a name for myself. The main goal of my blog is to educate people about pit bulls and to help dogs find good homes.  The rest is icing on the cake.  I'm doing this for free and refuse to put any sort of advertising on my page.

Family is a big part of what makes me who I am:

My paternal grandfather was an ambassador to the People's Republic; therefore, a lot of my dad's and uncle's stories begin with phrases such as, when I was in Iraq.  A lot of our family stuff belongs in a museum

My uncle was watching the news when JFK was assassinated.  He burst into the room where my grandfather was meeting with other diplomats to announce the news. The room quickly cleared out, with everyone dashing to make phone calls.

Richard Nixon has sat at the table which is in my living room

I have no formal writing or advertising experience; it just comes naturally to me.  This is due to the fact that I majored in psychology, which runs in my family.  My mom got her Ph.D. in Psychology at age 60.  My sister and I majored in it in college.  My grandfather was a psychiatrist and my grandmother was a social worker.


You can find TeLing - when she's not at Hopalong or at work - and Lady at Dogs Give Us Their All blog.   Stop by to say hello if you haven't already met them.  You never know what you will find posted there.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 Pee Cees in Bees

Cameron: Our object for today is to show you how to give kittens a free toy that will give them hours of playtime fun and give you hours of fun taking video.

Merci, Sam, Buddy with chew sticks.
Buddy:  Hey, wait a minute.  It's our turn, Cameron.

Cameron:  Well, you guys were so focused on getting a chew stick, I thought you needed some help.

Sam:  No, we don't need any help.

Cameron:  *mumbles*  Sheesh!  You think I'd get a "thank you" for trying to help them.

Buddy:  Hey, before you go, what kind of title is that?  Is "6 pee cees in bees" some kind of code?

Cameron:  It's simple, Buddy.  It means 6 P cats (Panda, Paris, Pikachu, Peter, Pavel and Persey) in boxes.

Buddy:  *shakes head*  You're right. It's so simple I don't know why that didn't occur to me.

Merci:   It's always good to start the week with a laugh and we know this video will at least make you smile.

Buddy: If it doesn't, I'm sure Cameron will volunteer to sing and dance for you.

Sam:  Not after that remark he won't.

Merci:  How about if I just introduce our Sunday Smile for the week?  Here are the 6 pee cees being adorable and having a blast showing off the finer points of jack--in-the-bees ... I mean, boxes..

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Selina and Siblings

We had fun interviewing Selina and her siblings from One Eye On The Future - Boudicca, Peppers, Morticia, Sasha and Oliver, plus the two newbies, Ray and Rachel.  A very interesting family and a prime example of how "special need" cats, as well as black cats, make wonderful additions to a home.

Stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats, and read their story: Selina and Sibs of the Carter Clowder.

We're linking up to Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade Blog Hop.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lots to be Thankful For Thursday

Merci, Sam & Buddy

Merci:  We missed Thankful Thursday last week, but we have a story for you this week..

Sam:  A couple of nights ago it was cold and windy, so when we walked Jan, she was rushing to get home and she got in too big a hurry and lost Buddy.

Merci:  We tried to stop to eat some - Jan calls them berries, a neighbor calls them seeds.  Whatever they are, they drop off a tree and they're tasty, so we try to stop to eat some but Jan usually keeps us moving.  That night, it was already dark and Jan said we had to keep moving so we didn't freeze.

Sam:  So we did.  We tried to tell her something was wrong but she just kept walking faster.  For some reason when we reached the corner a block from home, Jan suddenly decided she wanted to do another short lap and did a rapid about face.

Merci:  And got a good scare because there was a loose dog just a block away following us. She tightened her grip on our leashes and realized one of them was missing.

Sam:  It was too dark for her to see what the dog looked like but she took off as fast as her old legs could carry her, yelling, "Buddy ... Buddy ... Buddy!"   We covered half the distance before Buddy raised his head, looked around and asked, "How did you guys get lost?  It's a good thing I found you."

Merci:  And he came trotting toward us, bawling Jan out for wandering off while he was eating.  And Sam kept repeating, "I tried to tell her.  She wouldn't listen."

Buddy:  I don't know what Jan's problem is but she gets in more trouble when I'm not around.  I thought we'd all stopped to eat.  Next thing I knew, Jan had wandered off with Sam and Merci and gotten lost.  But I saved her.  Sam and Merci too.

Sam:  Oh, pish tosh, we didn't need saving.  Well, Jan always needs saving.  She's a human.  But Merci and I were fine.

Buddy:  You tell the story your way, I'll tell it mine.  In the end, we're all thankful Jan is okay.  What would she do without us?

Rusty:  Okay, so you dogs are thankful Jan was lost and found again, but we're ALL thankful Jan didn't blow up the house last night when she turned the gas space heaters on by herself.  She needs help to light the pilots at the beginning of the season, but with the temperature expected to go down into the twenties again tonight, she got brave.  We're not sure who was shaking more, us or her.  But we have heat.  And we all survived.

Cyndi:  You might remember a couple of months ago Lou from HH & the Boys (Bugsy & Knuckles) painted a portrait of each Funny Farmer Feline.  There is more to the story now, but we'll let her tell it. 

Percy:   We were so happy we were teary when we learned what happened with the portraits.  Lou is a talented painter.  Take a moment to stop by and read about her surprise.

 Cameron: We're the feline part of a family, so we're glad we're all staying together and our handsome faces are making someone happy.

Micah: Stop by HH & the Boys to read Funny Farmer Felines are a Big Hit in New Hampshire.  (Aw, gee, we always hoped we'd be a big hit somewhere.)

We're joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at PepiSmartDog.  And while you're there, check out the new look of his blog.  It's looking good.

And the This 'N That Thursday blog hop at2 Brown Dawgs Blog.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peanut Butter, Cheese and Fun

This week we would like to introduce you to some new friends we found on a blog called Peanut Butter and Cheese.  How could you not love furries with such an interesting (and tasty) blog name?

We'll let MJ herself tell you about their blog.


Zozo & ML

My name is MJ.  His name is Zozo. I'm a PitBull/Catahoula Leopard Hound mix, an' Zozo, who we call Doodle, is a Border Collie/Some-Kind-of-Retriever mix.

Mama has been writin' about us in her blog, Peanut Butter and Cheese, for about a year.  She writes about our adventures as rescue doggies, learnin' about our world an' the humans who love us.  An' those who seem to be afraid of us.  Sometimes, Doodle an' I dictate posts to Mama an' Daddy to type for us.  Sometimes, they insist about writin' about The Cat,Athena, instead.  Athena has a lot of catitude, which makes it hard for us to "play nice" with her.  We're workin' on it.


We love makin' new friends, givin' kisses and gettin' our sniffs on during adventures.  We also occasionally get up to no good.  Wanna play?


You can find MJ and Zozo - and Athena - hanging out at their blog Peanut Butter and Cheese.  Do stop by to say hello.  You'll enjoy your visit.  And while you're there, check out the Stand Up For Pits page with the video.  MJ makes a quick appearance among all those happy, playful pits. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Buddy: Today is Veterans Day in the US.  We're very late posting our tribute but it's all the cats' fault.

Percy:  Whoa!  What do you mean it's the cats' fault? 

Buddy:  Well, Jan was waiting to post pictures until after today's local Veterans Day Observance.

Percy:  And?

Buddy:  And when she downloaded the pictures from the camera, she discovered there were no pictures, only videos.  Mostly of her hand, the keys hanging around her neck, upside down people ... things like that. 

Percy:  Guess that explains why she was mumbling about the camera acting weird today.  But how is that our fault?

Buddy:  Because after Jan found she could only capture very small stills from the videos,  she declared the day a CATastrophe.  And we don't have any pictures to post today.

Percy:  Okay, so you can spell.  But this is not our fault.  It's Jan's.  Totally Jan's.  Unless you dogs want to take the blame.

Buddy:  Oh, no, we didn't have anything to do with it.

Percy:  Yes, you did.  When Jan checked the camera, there was only room on the card for 2 more shots, so she changed the setting in order to delete them all.  She didn't realize she'd changed the setting to video. 

Buddy:  There are no dogs in that story, so we're innocent.

Percy:  No.  She jumped up to answer a phone call about her ride and then let you guys outside to pee before she left.  You distracted her. 

Buddy:  Oh, well, it looks like all us dogs and cats are completely in the clear then.  The evidence proved it is all Jan's fault we have no photos to post today. 

Percy:  In that case, why don't we just have a verbal post today?

Funny Farmers & Jan: A big thank you to all our veterans for their service.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cats Want Pet Mouse

Sam:  Well, the cats are complaining again.  They think they should introduce this post but they had a turn Friday.

Merci:  Psst, Sam, it's not polite to look for crumbs when you're talking to readers.

Sam:  Oh, yeah, sorry.  We picked out this video the other day.  Some of you have already seen it but some of you haven't, so we're going to post it because it's cute.  

Buddy: We hope you all have a chuckle from our Sunday Smile video.

Sam: Well, we had a chuckle, even if readers don't.

Buddy: Yes, but that was because Percy suggested the cats should get a pet mouse and you started running around howling, "Mouse? MOUSE? Where is it?  Get it out of here!"

Sam: Tell the truth, Buddy. That wasn't me shrieking. It was Jan.

Merci: Let's just watch the cat and mouse video, guys, and then take a Sunday snooze.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We're going to join the Black & White Sunday blog hop at Dachshund Nola's.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Crepes in the Fridge

This week we interviewed Crepes, a cat who has a blog with an interesting title, Cat in the Fridge. Some of you know where the name originated, but you should still stop by Mousebreath to meet the family and read Crepes' story, Crepes in the Fridge With a Sweater. You just might learn a thing or two you don't know.

Today is Rascal & Rocco's  Pet Parade Blog Hop, so be sure to go join.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Farewell Rocky & Jasper

Update: We are saddened to learn our old friend and the beloved UK blogging legend Ginger Jasper has gone to the bridge today.

graphic by Zoolatry
We send Mom Carol and Dad Barrie love and hugs.  Other than that, we have no words, only tears.

And now to our regular post for today.

Buddy, Merci, Sam

Merci: Since I've known Rocky the longest, I thought we should do a memorial post for him. Well, I've never actually met him. I would see him sometimes when I walked Jan. We always seemed to be walking our humans on opposite sides of the street and our humans would converse (translate as holler) back and forth.

Buddy: Yeah, it might sound like a strange way to get acquainted but it worked for them. Jan walked Merci, then Merci and me, and Rocky and Bailey walked their humans, Cindy and Joe.

Sam: Then I came along. Two or three years ago Bailey died and as Rocky aged and slowed down, his walks got shorter, but we still ran into him once in a while.

Merci: This summer Jan finally got to meet him when she watched him and his feline siblings for a few days, but we never did meet him face to face.

Buddy: Rocky's humans were good to us this summer. Cindy drove little Luke to his vet appointments while he was here and Joe mowed our weed field .. oh, sorry, Jan, I mean our lawn several times. We even got to meet Cindy up close and personal more than once.

Sam: We ran into Cindy as we were walking home last night. She said early yesterday morning, while sleeping in their bed, Rocky quietly and peacefully left for the bridge. He was fifteen.

Buddy:  Rocky had a long, happy life.  This post is for his mom and dad.