Monday, March 03, 2014

Stuffie Killer Marcus

Sam here.  I'm feeling a bit sad and even a tad frangy!  (That's frustrated and angry in one word.)

A few months ago I was signed up for 3 doggyloot packages. One toy my size - large - per month.  Have I ever seen them?  Well, technically, yes.  I have SEEN them.  And that's all.

Notice who grabbed my toy #1?  Marcus.

And who grabbed my toy #2? 

So who do you think grabbed my toy #3?  He tried to steal it before Jan even got photos.

Jan had to take it to the front porch to take photos.  Isn't it cute?  A large toy for a large dog - me.

It's a Kong shaker.  It squeaks and rattles.  A touch center panel for vigorous thrashing indoors.  Designed for light/moderate chew sessions.  I'm not too sure about moderate.  I have big, sharp teeth.

Jan showed me my toy and Marcus jumped up and grabbed it.

He wrestled it away.

And he thrashed it all about.

Marcus got it dirty, so Jan took it inside. Marcus rolled and thrashed it about.

He wrestled with it until he got tired and took a nap. 

A little bit later Jan turned from the computer and saw this.  Notice Merci slept right through the horrendous murder.

Oh, this is so fun, Marcus laughed.

I am so happy with my new toy, Marcus crowed.

I couldn't believe my eyes.  What do you mean, your new toy? .  

Marcus looked at Jan with innocent eyes and said, Someone really made a mess, didn't they? 

Marcus sniffed the remnants and peered closely.  Maybe the killer left a clue.

And maybe Marcus needs a time out.  I can't believe it but, even with time out for a nap, my Kong Shaker didn't even survive for two hours around Marcus.  If you'll excuse me, I need a little grumble time with Jan.  This is all her fault!

This is not a review for DoggyLoot, but they do have some interesting and sturdy toys.  Sadly, this one didn't survive a 3 month-old menace.

The Kong Shaker was too young to die.  Does anyone know what kind of funeral is appropriate for a stuffie? 


  1. Oh Sam! Your poor toy!! I think Marcus DEFINATELY needs a time out. And YOU deserve a new toy. My cousin Lucy Dog does that to toys...2 minutes flat and they're gutted.

  2. NONE of us are toy killers BUT TWO of us are toy stealers, can you guess which two? Anyways we have never had to have a stuffie funeral, we do not have any advice on that matter BUT maybe when momma gets YOU a new toy, Marcus should go in his crate with his toys so you can enjoy it....???
    stella rose

  3. Oh Boy
    Oh Boy
    OH BOYeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Deading a stuffie is the BESTEST thingy EVER. We LOVE doing it. Ernie is a PRO.

    BUTT it isn't FAIR not to Dead one's OWN stuffie. Just sayin.

  4. sorry to hear you couldn't have it longer. My cousins Lolly and Jilly dead all their stuffies immediately. Doodle is a little more gentle, but only because MomFOD tells her to be. When she goes over there, though, it's too much peer pressure and she joins in. Sometimes, stuffies just don't have a chance. - Crepes.

  5. Oh a dead dragon! Maybe you should call Marcus St. George ;-0

  6. Oh no! It looks like you need to steal some of Marcus's toys, Sam! We are sorry that he tore your toy up. We hope you get a new one!

  7. Aww!!!! The poor toy!!! That's what Happens with a great toy like that though!!! Squeaks and rattles!?!?! Super cool!!! Looks like you got some great toys!!
    Btw Marcus you look like you've grown?!
    And a btw for Jan, love the new background colorful and eye catching I love it! Beautiful job!!!
    ((Husky hugz?)

  8. we say dunking it 3 or eleventy eight times in the human litterbox, followed by putting it under a pillow on the bed is a appropriate burial.

    now as to who's fault it is? Cleary it's the TOY's fault for not LOUDLY exclaiming "I AM A TOY SENT HERE FOR SAM, IF YOU ARE NOT SAM GET AWAY FROM ME"

  9. Definitely need a new toy of your own!!

    PS Mum says we blog at not the Mewsings page. Blogger has started to muscle in with Google+ which is a p.i.t.a. Head over to we are all good there.

    Harvey Button.

  10. Definitely need a new toy of your own!!

    PS Mum says we blog at not the Mewsings page. Blogger has started to muscle in with Google+ which is a p.i.t.a. Head over to we are all good there.

    Harvey Button.

  11. It does seem to have been handled rather roughly - though Marcus did enjoy his time with it.

    I want to thank you for your comments regarding Bear-Bear's passing. He was a wonderful little guy, and I wish he could have stayed longer. I will miss him greatly.

  12. Ohhhh how tragic! We're so sorry to hear of this indignity.

  13. Oh Sam we are sorry you lost your stuffie.

  14. Sam, we're really sorry to hear about the loss of your three toys ; we're specially impressed by Marcus killing the dragon ! We would like to tell you to steal one of Marcus' toys, but if they're all destroyed, we just can tell Jan : protect better Sam's next toy ! Purrs

  15. Aww that poor stuffie. Maybe mom can get you a new one and you can hide it.
    Sue B

  16. Sam that's not right he takes your toys like that! You could have had months of fun with that one!
    We don't know anything at all about woofies and their toys but goodness gracious they ought to make toys to hold up to an active pup!

  17. BOL - Marcus and Lightning must share some of the same genes:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Poor Sam...that is so totally unfair to you. We is sure you wanted to dead that toy yourself!

    Baby brofurs are sure pains in the ....aren't they?

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  19. Bentley thinks that your Marcus & our "granddog" Pierre need to attend Toy Killer Anonymous meetings! Stuffie toys die horrible mutilation deaths around here too!

  20. So glad you were able to enjoy that. Love that dragon! So cute. Too bad it died hahah


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