Sunday, March 09, 2014

Shark Attack and Sam

Buddy:  First thing on our agenda today is to sing.  Are you are ready?  Falalalala.

Buddy:  Happy Birthday to Sam.  Owooooo!
              Happy Birthday to Sam.  Owooooo!
              Happy Birthday dear weird hat.  Owooooo!
              Happy Birthday to Sam.  Owooooo!

Sam:  Thanks, guys ... I think.

Percy:  Uh, what was that?  Did you actually sing "dear weird hat" to Sam?

Buddy:  What's wrong with that? He does have a weird hat for every occasion.

Percy:  I guess you aren't aware that Sam's hats aren't any weirder than you howling " Owooooo!" at the end of every line?

Buddy:  Are you criticizing my singing now?  I am a hound, you know.

Percy:  With all those "Owooooos" it would be impossible to forget.  Let's continue our post while Sam cuts the cake.  

Sam:  Hey, while you guys have been arg - um, discussing this, I have received a birthday card from our friends at Love is being owned by a husky.  Thanks, Mika, Lexus and Koda.

Buddy:  For those of you who have not seen this video yet, you are in for a big Sunday Smile.  Maybe even a chuckle.  Or a guffaw.

Sam:  This is one determined dachshund!

Merci:  Now this is what you call compacting a toy, if not completely "deading" it. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Cyndi:  It's Black and White Sunday, so  we have a B&W pic for you.

Rusty:  Here is an old photo of Buddy and I sitting companionably side by side looking through the back screen. 

Cameron: Those were the days when there was actually grass growing back there in the dog pen.

Micah:  Does any cat know how we can get grass to grow back there again?  Last year someone used a weed eater in our pen and TOTALLY killed all the grass and any more our house is filthy from all the mud and dirt tracked and blown in. It also keeps putting out the pilots on our space heaters.

Percy:  Even the computer fills with dirt and Jan can't keep it clean.  There has to be something that would cover the dirt in the pen!  It has to survive the dogs.

Marcus:  I guess this leaves me to tell you we're joining Black & White Sunday co-hosted by Dachshund Nola  and Golden Sugar.


  1. Happy birthday Sam ! We wish you a wonderful day filled with treats and love ! Purrs

  2. Happy birthday, Sam! We hope you have a terrific celebration!

    As for about artificial turf? LOL!

  3. Happy, happy big boy! Hey: your hat looks a bit like that guy who sings the song "HAPPY", how appropriate!

  4. Happy birthday, Sam! Enjoy your special day.

  5. Happy Birthday Sam.

    Is there anyway to move the pen so the grass will have time to grow back. Other then that we haven't got a clue.

  6. Happy Birthday Sam! We love your hat and we loved that video. That is one fierce little doggie! Mum almost snorted coffee out her nose!! As for your grass issue, Mum suggests an artificial turf. She watches a lots of HGTV and has seen it used in backyards where kids play a lot and kill the grass. They have new kinds out (turf, not kids) that look really nice.


    WE think that you look SUPER in All your hats. Hope you have a FANGtast day of super celebrations.

    PeeS... We LOVED that dachshund... What a super video.

  8. Shark attack, bowsers. Dog Dad's brudder was once bitten by a 90 million year old shark. Dad collected fossil shark teeth and his brudder was messing around and knocked the shark teeth on the floor. Needless to say, the shark tooth put the bite on him, while he was walking.



  9. Happy Birthday Sam!! Arrrrooooo <3
    That video has me laughing so hard. You could hear the shark's air escaping as he was dragged into the tiny kennel. Priceless!
    Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  10. Happy Birthday Sam!!! From one Sam to another I hope you have a super special day. More special than the dachshund who captured and deaded the shark even!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  11. Happy Birthday, Sam! And many morrrre!
    The determination of that dachshund is awesome. It should inspire lots of ideas!

  12. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!!!!!! Tell Jan to check her email if you don't mind pls and thanks! We have a surprise for you!!
    And that shark attack video--> hahahahahhaahahahahahahah!!!!!! thats was the best thing I have ever watched!! BOL I laughed through the whole thing! And especially every time you heard the little air squeaks coming from the shark haha!!! Thanks for the smile today!!!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Happy Birthday Sam! We thinks your hat is, MOL

    Mom is still laughing at the puppy and shark video.

    She says Jan could try some type of hardy ground cover. A local garden centre should have some ideas. In our yard, she's let the cat nip grow and it's filling in but maybe you puppies wouldn't like it as much as us kitties do!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy birthday sam!!! menny happy reeterns!!! and as for the dachshund and the shark let me just say weer gunna need a bigger crate!!! ha ha ok bye

  15. Happy Birthday Sam!!!! We loved that video!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. A very happy birthday Sam. We all think you got a very unique song for your birthday! tee hee

    How about some grass seed? Just throw it out there and it'll grow!!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Sam! We hope you're having a great day!

  18. Happy birthday, Samaritan! We love you AND your hats. :)

    Dachshund: 1, Shark: zero! MOL!

    We agree with Alice Marie ... is there some kind of artificial turf you can put in the pen? Grass seed might have a hard time getting established if you guys are out there a lot...

  19. Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you have a fun filled day.
    Sue B

  20. Happy Burrrthday, Sam. We hope you got of whatever it is woofers like for your day.

    As for the dog pen, maybe check with a local landscaper, or someplace like Lowes, or Home Depot could suggest some really tough ground cover. If nothing else, pea gravel or coarse sand might be better than raw dirt.

  21. Happy Birthday to you, Sam!


  22. Happy birthday Sam! And we thought sharks are scary...

  23. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Sam Happy Birthday to you xxxx

  24. Happy Birthday Sam!!! We don't think your hats am weird. You look very handsome actually... Plz tell your Mom thank you for helping with Lil Bear's Vet bills too... oh and could you tell us when Jan's birthday am??

    Purrz, Katie Kat.


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