Friday, March 14, 2014

Luke Visits, Cats Nap

Buddy:  Hey, it's Friday.  Does this mean we get to nap till Monday?

Sam:  No, it means we better do a Friday post.

Buddy:  Do you have any idea what we can post on today?

Merci:  I do.  Luke came by to visit us for the day on Monday.  We said we would post some photos.

Buddy:  Yes, but that was before we saw the photos she took.


Merci:  Yes, they aren't very good.  She tried to sneak up on us and take photos through the screen door of us sleeping.  See, I was keeping watch for her at the door. 

Sam, Luke & Marcus
 Sam:  As soon as she snapped Merci's photo, we were all up and heading for the door.  We wanted inside. 

Merci (tail), Sam, Marcus

Buddy:  Jan couldn't open the door because we would have all charged inside. I was inside napping so they didn't knock me over with their roughhousing.  Merci knew they weren't getting inside and went down the steps.  But look at those pathetic let-me-in faces.  Their conversation went something like the following.

Merci, Sam, Marcus

Sam:  Hey, guys, where are you going?  I thought we wanted inside.

Merci:  We do but Jan won't let us in until it's time for Luke to go home.  Something about being rude to our guest.  

Marcus:  Yeah, we might as well go back to napping.   But I don't understand why Jan won't let us back in our own home.

Merci:  It's because of Chewy.

Marcus:  Who's Chewy?

Sam:  That's what Luke is known by now because he chews up anything and everything.  Jan has work to do and she can't keep her eyes on Luke so he doesn't chew up things.  That means we have to keep him company outside.

Marcus:  But what if we have to go?  Doesn't she have to let us in then?

Merci:  Nice try, Marcus, but if we have to go, we  would have to come outside.  We're already outside.  We might as well hunker down for the afternoon.  Good thing it's nice out today.

Percy:  Today is supposed to be Funny Farmer Feline Friday at Mousebreath, but none of our interviewees are available this week, so we're taking a nap in order to be ready for the next one. 

Cyndi:  We can always use more names for our list.

Cameron:  Yes, life intervenes and interviewees sometimes have to postpone until a later time. We hope some kitty will be available for next week.

Rusty:  If you are a blogging kitty and you'd like to be interviewed, let us know.  We know we haven't reached all the blogging cats.

Micah:  There's a contact form in our sidebar.  Just don't send smoke signals.  We can't read them.

Percy:  Why would any cat send smoke signals?

Micah:  I don't know.  Maybe he doesn't have email?

Percy:  Then he can leave a comment on our blog. 

Micah:  Good idea, Percy.  You want to tell them that or should I? 

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  1. Woo hoo, great post today!!!

    Happy Friday my furriends :)

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  2. Happy Furriday dear furriends. All of you look so good and happy out there. Jan had the right idea about your company, Don't wanna seem rude. xoxox

  3. Mommy sticks us outside when Who is here because he isn't house trained. We do believe we missed the arrival of Marcus. Nice to meet you.

  4. Happy FRIDAY..... OMD LUKE/AKA CHEWY is visiting???

    What did you do??? TWERK on him? WE do that to each other ALL the time and WE Love it...
    We don't see why you have to stay OUT when Luke gets to stay IN... You should get to TRADE SPACES.

  5. Happy friday! We're sorry y'all are stuck outside like that but sometimes it works out that way.

  6. How nice to have Luke visiting, even if it means napping outside for longer. Have a great weekend! ~Rascal and Rocco

  7. Hey my funny farm pals! I am sorry to say I was unable to join up to link up to the parade this week. Once a month I join the WOOF support blog hop, but I will be there next Friday for sure!
    We have kitties but our blog is 90% huskies so, that probably wouldn't work for you interviews BOL!!!!
    Have a pawsome weekend!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Happy friday and weekend to you too :)

  9. Hee-hee, you could always have to come in to go out! :-) You guys are great fun.
    Happy Friday!

  10. if ewe dawgs lurned ta use a cat box....well, then ya could go outside N bee outside N do outside stuff with out goin outside ta use de toy wheat huh !!
    heerz two a wild whitefish N walleye week oh end !

  11. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sue B

  12. Bentley is a firm believer in looking precious until the camera turns on and then he moves too! Y'all stretch out and relax this weekend! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  13. O whee deu lubbs the name LUKE!!! And whell, I guess I can relate teu the name Chewy... so whee lubbs him already!!!

    wif much lubbs for yeu all from Little Reufus

    PS I need teu remember the blog hop!!!


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