Monday, March 10, 2014

Sniff Sniff Drip Drip

Merci:  We have been enjoying a couple of days of nice weather.  Too bad it won't last.

Cyndi:  But we've been encouraged, as we are every February, by blooming daffodils.  The weather has been crazy this year and they didn't come up until late February.

Rusty:  There's a story to these daffodils.  They were planted years ago by the elderly (as in older than Jan) gentleman next door and Jan loved them.

Cameron:  There were quite a number of them planted along the property line and every winter their blooms would cheer Jan.

Micah:  Yes, evidently they're magic or something.  They make humans think spring is coming, even though winter isn't over yet. 

Sam:  The elderly man had dementia which kept getting worse. A few years ago his wife died and he went to live with family.

Percy:  The daffodils stayed behind and Jan continued to enjoy them.  And then a grandson moved into the house and decided to put up a privacy fence between the properties. 

Buddy:  Jan was sad.  She would no longer be able to enjoy the lovely daffodils each year.

Marcus:  *sniff, sniff* *drip, drip*

Merci:  What are you weeping about, Marcus?

Marcus:  Oh, this is so sad.  Poor Jan.

Percy:  Get a grip, kid.  The story isn't over yet. 

Marcus:  *wipes eye with back of paw*  Oh, okay, but it better not be a sad ending.

Buddy:  To continue, one day the following February, Jan was out back with us.  And saw a long line of daffodil blooms - right smack up against the privacy fence.

Marcus:  And the sun came out, music played and Jan danced a jig?

Rusty:  What? You've been watching too much television.

Marcus:  But it was a miracle.  Wasn't it?

Buddy:  Could be.  There aren't supposed to be any in our yard. She doesn't care how they came to grow here, she's just happy they do.  She looks forward to them each year. 

Marcus:  *sniff, sniff*  *drip, drip*

Sam:  Oh, for crying out loud.  Now what are you blubbering about?

Marcus:  I can't help it.  We're so lucky.  We have a view of the neighborhood and of the daffodils.  But the neighbor's poor dogs  *sniff, drip* don't have any view because of the fence and they don't get to enjoy any daffodils on their side of the fence.

Buddy:  Ah, Marcus, you are definitely a Mini Me.  You even have my heart.

Cameron:  You can have Buddy's heart if you'd like, Marcus, but I wouldn't touch Jan's daffodils, if I were you! 


  1. Awwwww how lovely!! We think the daffodils missed you all and Jan so much they decided to visit!!

    So lovely to see spring finally springing up too! Take care

  2. Beautiful flowers, all supurr yellow and supurr sunny!!

    Spring has sprung :D

    Happy dayz and sunny rayz


    Basil xox

  3. ::Sigh:: Our human loves daffodils.

    We had yet another 10+ cms of snow overnight. No sign of spring here, daffodils might have to wait until oh, June. :-/

  4. Oh I love daffodils too, they make me smile...and yes, maybe even dance a little jig. I'm glad you've got them on your side of the fence.

  5. WE LOVE the Daffy Dills... they look lovely along the fence... We think that they just decided to move to the RIGHT side of the Fence... JUST FUR Jan.

  6. Our Daffy Dills have sprung so we guess it's Springs now :) WooooHooo xxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. They just knew on which side they would be more appreciated!

  8. I'm sure the elderly gentlemen was looking back down and had something to do with the flowers being sent to your side of the fence. : ) They cheer me up too. Such happy flowers! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  9. What pretty flowers those are!
    We still have a TON of snow here!!!
    So no flowers popping up here! BOL!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. The daffodils probably knew that you enjoyed them and wanted to be in your yard.

  11. These are the first ones we've seen from our blogger friends and they cheered us up!

  12. Beautiful flowers! We have daffodils springing up too. They are just so cheerful!

  13. We so glad the daffodil story had a happy ending! Daffodils were Mumsy's Daddy's favorites. So, she loves them a lot too.

  14. What a nice story. Those daffy dills are very pretty
    Lily & Edward

  15. guys.....nothin wrong with yur mom dancin a jig...thatz what ya due in march....N we gotta a gree with noe one eat theeze flowers !

  16. Nice story ! We have daffodils springing up too, and we love to sleep among it ! Purrs

  17. Somehow that man knew Jan would appreciate his daffodils and not the family member who was determined to put up a "privacy" fence. How fitting! Now Jan has her good memories and lovely daffodils each spring.

  18. Those flowers are so pretty. Nothing peeking out yet here but; we did have 50's today.
    Sue B

  19. Mom loves daffodils....she misses seeing them. Thanks for sharing yours!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. Now THAT is a story with a happy ending. Those daffodils are beautiful. We haven't seen any here yet, and we are supposed to have some more snow on Thursday. :(

  21. We have LOTS of Daffodillies in our back yard, and we love them. They are really good ta hide behind when watchin birdies an skwerls. TBT likes them fer the differnt colors.

    We are glad ya got some on YOUR side of the fence. They do spread a bit.


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