Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adoption for Doorknobs

Cyndi:  We always like to have a little smile on Sunday, so we looked around for something to share.

Sam:  We found this short video in our files.  

Cameron:  We're jealous.  We want Jan to install doorknobs like the ones in the video but she says no!

Micah:  She's a bit of a cheapskate, you know.  I mean, how much can a few doorknobs cost?

Buddy:  Evidently more than she has since she told us if we want them, we can pay for them.

Percy:  We reminded her she has never given us an allowance, so we don't have any money to spend.

Rusty:  She told us we'll get an allowance when she gets one!  Does that sound fair?

Merci:  Perhaps one of our readers would like to adopt all of us?  We won't need individual payments; we'll be glad to share one allowance.

Marcus:  We aren't asking for much, just a few hundred a month until the doorknobs are paid for and installed.

Percy:  Think about it.  And when you're ready you can reach us at 1-Fun- nyF- armers.

Buddy:  While you're thinking it over, here's the video.  The cat opens 5 doors to go outside.  Take a good look at the doorknobs so you can order the same ones after the adoption.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Sam:  This is so exciting.  There would be no stopping our adventures with those doorknobs!

Rusty:  Yesterday we posted my photo - in the original version, in sepia and in high dynamic range.  Today we present the black and white version.  Not bad.  You can see my tabby stripes.  But I  think I looked better in color.  What do you guys think?

Merci:  Now that we have made you smile, we'll join co-hosts Dachshund Nola  and  Ruckus the Eskie for the Black and White Sunday blog hop.


  1. Avalon could open doors as well, any kind. Even the fridge :(

  2. THAT is one AMAZING and Smart and very DETERMINED kitty.

  3. Wow! That is one cool kittie!!!!
    The photo looks great in black and white as well!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Whoa!! Super kitty MOL!

    Rusty, we think you look pawsome in all your photos, no matter the color!
    Have a pawsome day!
    ❀Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles❀Happiness is Siamese!

  5. Awesome! We had a cat at the shelter who could open the latch on his cage AND use those kinds of doorknobs. He'd bust out of his room, go to a separate room, and spring his buddy. They eventually got adopted together, and the owners had to change all the knobs on the doors that led outside. :)

  6. absolutely right - you should have those doorknobs - they are also good for humans too - much easier to grasp and turn. Go on strike until you get them!

  7. I don't think Jan would appreciate you getting doorknobs where you could escape. An allowance sounds great though!

  8. I just want to say, that cat looked really annoyed at having to open all those doors!

  9. I think you look great in both pictures! Happy B&W Sunday!

  10. Wait. Wait! Those doorknobs are the same as our front door's!
    Except the door doesn't open without a lot more tugging than I can do.
    Guess I have some strength exercises to do!!

  11. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is sum seeryus hard wurk opening that menny doors to git owtside!!! that cat must hav hidden thums!!! ok bye

  12. Yup. We open doors here. Especially Pungy, even cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator. Mumsy has had to put child locks on some of them, like with the cleaning supplies. She had to go through two kinds, and finally found one that locks with a key. Now, she figures if Pungy ever gets the key, she'll have that one open again too!

  13. Oohhhh... I'd like some of those doorknobs, too.

    On the other paw, I've always been quite partial to the kind of doors they have on Star Trek. You know the kind I mean?


  14. No wonder the kitty lay down when he gotted outside...that was a lot of work!

    Mom says we can't have those doorknobs either. Boo, hiss!

    Rusty we likes your picture in color best!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  15. That's a smart cat. Have a great Sunday.
    Sue B

  16. I’ll bet that cat was tired but the time he got out. I’m too lazy to do all that dumping and work to get out.

  17. Wow, that's pretty amazing, but he doesnt close them behind him! lol

  18. Going through doors is fun. :)

  19. Great video!

    Thanks for sharing...


  20. Rusty you and your fellow Farmers are all handsome and we love your pictures!
    Wow! That enterprising kitty is one smart cookie!

  21. Sadly, that WHY we dont have those kinds of doorknobs here...

    TBT is a bit of a control freak...


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