Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jan has Information Leak

Buddy:  It's been a long week around here.  If you think we've complained about Jan hogging the computer before, we have a double gripe lately. Jan has been hogging not one, but two computers and we haven't had anything but the occasional few minutes on one of them.

Cyndi:  For those of you who guessed from Buddy's comment that we have a new computer, you are correct.

Micah:  We've had it for about a month but Jan has had a problem finding big blocks of time to work on it - sometimes for a week, so as of Saturday, she just dropped everything and went to work.  Turn on one computer.  Turn it off.  Switch keyboard, mouse, ethernet, sound.  Turn on other machine.  Turn off.  Switch keyboard, mouse, ethernet, sound.   Every time she did, she had to move the heavy things she used to keep Marcus from reaching the computer cords.

Rusty:  We got tired just watching her.  We napped.

Percy: And also we had to wait on a new software program.  Jan has waited years to be able to get a new Photoshop Elements program.

Cameron:  Our old computer could only handle PSE 6 but we have PSE 12 for the new one.  Jan has no idea how to use it yet since she hasn't had more than enough time to take a quick glance and groan.

Merci:  We hope this means we will be getting more graphics for our blog, but it might be a while since Jan is kind of old and slow and has a leak somewhere in her head.

Sam:  Jan has a leak?  Do we need to get a mop?  Call a doctor?  Find a cork?

Rusty:  No, it's not that kind of a leak.  She keeps complaining everything she tries to learn goes in one side of her brain and out the other, so ... ergo, she has an information leak.

Percy:  We would like to thank her brother, Mr. Doug, for the gift.  Our old computer is still running Win XP and in a couple of weeks it's going to fall off the desk and break.

Buddy:  What?  Where did you get the idea the computer is going to fall and break?

Percy:  Jan said it's operating system will no longer be supported. 

Buddy:  *rolls eyes*  You're right, Percy.  Perhaps you could keep an eye on it so it doesn't fall?

Cyndi:  Our emails didn't transfer to the new one for some reason but Jan found them and now we have our Mousebreath interview folders again.  It was really scary when they wouldn't install and we thought we were going to have to start from scratch.

Marcus:  Well, if Jan found the lost emails and gave them back to us, does that mean she'd be a genius if her head didn't leak?

Rusty:  I doubt that, Marcus. But be glad she has an information leak.  Otherwise she'd remember all the trouble you get into on a minute by minute basis.

Buddy:  You're off the subject again.  We are supposed to be thanking Mr. Doug for giving us something we really need.

Marcus:  This is a really nice computer.  Should we thank Jan for working so hard to get it ready so we could post?

Sam:  Why should we thank her?  She's our human.  That's what she's supposed to do. 

Micah: Please forgive us for being absent a lot for a while.  This is a big project for Jan and there's more to do.  Her idea of being techie is plugging in the toaster. 

 We are joining Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.

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  1. My Mommy's XP puter is running just GREAT....not a problem in the world. And all her great photo editing programs work great on it too. BUTT she just ordered a new puter yesterday and will use the XP just for photo storage. SHE HATES CHANGE!!! But she loved her XP puter!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on the new computer! We need a new one very soon as well!
    Look forward to the new graphics you will be doing for your blog as well!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us today!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. A new computer ALWAYS causes SO much WORK...

    PHOTO SHOP..... that thingy KICKED our Mom's A$$ ummmm... BUTT... Totally. She NEVER EVER did figure it out... WE laughed at her.. pulling her furs out and Crying and saying HBO words that even HBO would BAN.

    Congratulations on the NEW Computer.

  4. A leak? A cork? Too funny. This farm cracks me up. Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday!

  5. It may take a while but it's be easier and we know all about those brain leaks LOL. Btw, heard from the petbox peeps. There was a delay and they're shipping on Monday.

  6. leest yur food serviss purrson can plug a toaster IN....

    noe commint bout de food serviss purrson heer in trout towne...knot til de food dishes haz been filled any way

    conga rats on yur new computerz :) !!

  7. Mom still has PhotoShop on this computer and doesn't get it. So we have a Mom with leaks too. Glad you got your new computer up and running.

  8. Concatz on your New puter guyz!!
    owr mom got a "new" puter a while ago.... and it sure took her Furefur to get us up & running ^..^ ( it takez her furefur to do mucha anythin deze dayz! )and True , it iza heart stopping moment when you thinkz you haz to start everythin frum de beginning! But even tho it might take awhile we sure dat Jan will have thingz up and running before de year iz up! ^.,^ hehehehe......

    Fankz fur stopping by and wishing Angel Penelope & de dad a Happy Birthday!

    Purrz & Headbonkz all around!
    ^.,^ x5

  9. Hilarious as always! Photoshop Elements is the program that my husband uses to work on my photos. It takes a bit of learning but he loves it. Congrats on new computer!

  10. Sounds like a big job. I am not very good with computers either. Congrats on your new computer.
    Sue B

  11. Yay! A new computer
    Lily & Edward

  12. At least your Jan will try. Our mom just hollers for our bean brofur and bean sisfur.

    Leaks seems to be a common thing about beans.

    Rusty, we thinks you had the right idea...a nap! MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. So glad you've got a new computer before that old one falls! Doesn't sound safe at all. She'll get the hang of that newfangled one before she knows it. Glad she has you all for comfort. Sounds stressful! ~Rascal and Rocco

  14. That sure was nice of Mr. Doug, and we are thankful that Jan was able to get everything up and running. :)

  15. That is a huge task for sure! But congratulations on the new computer and the new Photoshop! I really do feel your pain, as I have that leak from one side of the brain to the other as well. At least you can operate the toaster. I am basically banned from the kitchen altogether.

  16. PepiSmartDog: Oh dear! I hate it when things go wrong with computers. *scream* Hope Jan gets things fixed real soon, other wise you may have to turn the toaster into an "itoast."
    Thanks for joining Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again. Really appreciate your support each week and love reading your posts. Psst: *whispers* I zipped back in time and left last weeks comment as well*
    *bouncer chest bumps* :=o)


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