Monday, December 30, 2013

Bite to Open Option

Ooh, look at what we have.  A Natural Balance value gift pack for dogs.  It's currently on sale for $4.99. 

Sam, Puppy No Name & Buddy (Merci not shown)

Sam:  Here we are checking out the contents of the Sweet Potato and Chicken Formula Limited Ingredient Treats.  Made with sweet potato & chicken, without corn, soy or wheat.

Buddy:  This particular pack is for small breeds but Sam and I don't mind sharing them with Merci and Puppy No Name (now Marcus).

Merci:  Wait a minute, neither of you are a small breed, so don't act like you're sharing with us smaller dogs.

Puppy No Name:  I don't care what they're for.  I want some NOW!

 Puppy No Name with stolen can of chicken formula food.

Puppy No Name:  Okay, I managed to steal the can of chicken formula with carrots, brown rice and potatoes.  What do I do with a pop top?  Doesn't it come with a bite to open option?

Puppy No Name checking box and Sam looking exasperated with him.

Puppy No Name: Hey, where did all the goodies go?  There was a small roll of turkey formula with no BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin in here a moment ago.  Why didn't I steal that?  I could have used my teeth to open it.

Sam: *sigh* Jan took it out when you stole the can. Can't you behave for two seconds so we can get some more treats?

Merci:  Well, Little Puppy No Name has taken over the pictures.  I'm not in a single one.  I guess I'll finish this post so I get to participate a little.

The treats were good.  Very good.  And we each got a small sampling of the canned chicken formula and the small turkey roll.  They were tasty too.

We apologize to for being late with our post.  This is a holiday pack but it arrived the day before Little Puppy No Name did and life has been a whirlwind around here ever since. Little rest, no peace.  If you doubt, just read - or re-read - our Christmas Story by Micah post.

We enjoyed the samples we were sent but we were not paid for this post.  Any opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Wait, gifts ya are allowed ta BITE open? Oh be still our thundering hearts. ~ All of us

  2. HHehehehe, I heard little puppies are good at theivin' stuffs...not dat I would do da, I is older and more matures now...BWHAHAHAHAHA.
    Well, who could pass up chicken right?

    I is gonna has to go back and read da story.


  3. So lovely gifts , they must be so tasty :D

  4. BOL! Thieving little puppy no name!!!
    Hope you had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you! :)

  5. puppy no name...we think ya better change yur name ta puppy FFF :)

    way awesum goods ya getted from chewy !!

    hope everee one hada grate holly day !!

  6. oh! puppy no name!! are you going to have a contest to name her???

  7. You guys sure had a lot of fun with those noms!! I think it's actually a good thing that most pet food and treats do not have that "bite to open" feature. There would be three very fat cats here, MOL.

  8. That stuff sure sounds delicious, gang! Puppy No Name ... you may be on to something with that "bite to open" option! :)

  9. What ingenuity to opening up food. Puppy No Name you youngins always have the best plans.

  10. Happy 2014 to you all at the funny farm!

  11. Sounds like jummy stuff for Woffies :)



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